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June 04, 2020, 01:36:29 pm

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Soda Shoppe for February 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, February 01, 2019, 01:40:25 am

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Good afternoon Shirley, I cannot believe I am still half dressed, I have my slacks on but also my robe. JUst feel lazy. My neighbor that going in for knee surgery to morrow took me shopping, as she also will not be out for a few weeks. I walked up and down each isle, and bought a lot of stuff.  Had to stock up on cookies and hard candy you know!!! ::)

what I came in to tell you I did take pictures of Groundhog eating on my back deck.  I call him Glenwood Willie. He Also makes me mad as he pulls the siding off the bottom of my deck to sleep

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Haha, Gloria, and why haven't you make poor Glenwood Willie a proper bed?  :-[    :coolsmiley: I'm doing laundry & passed by the computer.


February 04, 2019, 03:47:08 pm #62 Last Edit: February 04, 2019, 03:53:01 pm by Denver
A good Monday HELLO. 

Sun is out today and it will be fairly warm, but the winds yesterday and today are really strong.  We drove over to Son Brian's yesterday to enjoy a nice bbq rib meal yesterday and watch the Super Boring Bowl. The company was wonderful and the food was superb, but the only enjoyable part of the gam to me was Gladys Knight singing.  She did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed it.  Half time shows are always suited for the younger generation, so they are nothing to even look forward to.  A couple of the commercials were cute, but most of them had us looking at each other with a perplexed look on our faces.  I have to agree with  you PHYLLIS, no matter what people think of Tom Brady he is a excellent quarterback. 

Dr. Dave called a bit ago to tell us it is confirmed from the pathology report the cancer Michele has now is associated to her colon cancer,  This conformation was expected, but until it was confirmed by the pathology report it was not certain.  The steroid meds have her quite anxious and very tired at the same time, so they chose as a family to stay at home and have family time yesterday.  🎼ONE DAY AT A TIME, SWEET JESUS🎼
Thanks be to all of you for your continued positive thoughts and prayers. 

I do not know if I mentioned it, but Bob has been dealing with gout again in his big toe....the bad part is he is on medication that is suppose to keep it from happening, so clearly it is not working.  I know we need to call the doctor, but he is dragging his feet.  Very lightly of course cuz it hurts his BIG TOE🤪🤣😂😂

I enjoyed reading about the RED winged Black Birds, PHYLLIS  and SHIRLEY, and your ground hog story, GLORIA de.  That Glenwood Willie sounds like he is quite destructive!  Bad boy!  I have to ask, why the name Glenwood?  GLORIA de, I worry about you....when your neighbor is in for surgery and recooperating  who will be able to help you out? 

JANE, did your son get your kitchen drawer fixed for you?  Hope so, so there are NO more droopy drawers for you!

LARRY, Mark did have to cancel the tournament as the course is just soggy as can be.  They love the moisture, and there is more on the way, but it does cause other issues.  Sure makes me happy to read that you are feeling more like your old self! 

SHIRLEY, your post about feeling a bit weird has me concerned for you, so I am happy to read that you are going to get some things checked out.  BTW, we are soaking Bob's foot in Epsom Salts, of course!

I must run, I have more to say, but I must stop taking up all the space and telling about ME this and ME THAT! Sorry🤣🤣

Enjoy your day, EVERYFRIEND!



Hi Everyone.  I have had a nice rest after my busy morning and so now have the time to go back and read what was shared since I posted yesterday.

Amy, glad seeing the bald eagles made your miserable drive more acceptable.  Thirty degree temperature and rain sounds like a recipe for more icing up your way. 

Lloyd, I am sure you welcomed the warm weather yesterday.  It sounds like you need to make another Florida trip to go fishing on the ocean.  Hope you were able to work in your workshop today. 

Jane, our soil is so sandy and clay like that we really don't have problems with mud and ruts.  I have had enough of that in other places we have lived. I hope you had short lines and smiling customers today. 

Gloria, I don't think I have ever tasted sassafras.  Brady says he had no intention of retiring even had that Patriots lost last night.  It really wasn't a very good game.  I agree with you that I wouldn't want to catch an eel but no chance of that as they didn't grow in the rivers and ponds in Missouri or other places I have lived.  Of course, I have never liked to fish. 

Sandy, what football team do you pull for?  I really didn't care who won the game but would have liked to see more scoring to have made it more interesting.  If I recall correctly the refs didn't have to resort to instant replay about calls all of the game, which is very unusual.  They should have been the cream of the crop refs as that is quite an honor for them as well and is based on performance. 

Phyllis, like you we will begin to see some of the first signs of spring this month also but haven't noticed any yet. 

Lindancer, rent and other increases seem to be pretty much an annual event.  Each time I get the coupon book for our Home Owner's Assoc. I expect to see an increase but that hasn't happened the 4 years we have lived here.  Fish and sea food were just not a part of our diets growing up in the Midwest and Pat and I don't eat much fish but do like some fish and some of the sea food.  It sounds like you stocked up on the essentials as one doesn't like to run out of cookies and hard candy.  :)

Shirley, I can relate to doctor appointment being a part of social life.  If we didn't attend Church we really wouldn't have a social life here.  We have always created our circle of friends around Church and the people I have worked with.  I remember us having squirrel and rabbit and an occasional racoon to eat.  

Jenny, I think many people also found the Super Bowl to be pretty boring and I saw the TV viewership was way down.  I thought the best commercials were the Verizon ones that honored the first responders.  I did see one Budweiser commercial with the horses and the dog that was nice.  So sorry that the test results showed cancer for Michele.  You are right all we can do it take things One Day at a Time and aren't we glad that we don't know what tomorrow brings.  I hope the doctor can find something else to help Bob with the gout problem.  Is he able to stand wearing shoes?

June Drabek

I am  here. and I am a happy camper. Had a good phone call from my son Gary. My Dr is back from a weeks vacation, and saw the results of my CT scan, and has decided I am eligeable for hospice. She told my son she feels I am intelligent and able to make my own decisions, and that is what I want. I have a have a growth on my lung, and I refuse surgery and I refuse hospitalization. God is in charge of my life and I am content. I feel a new freedom in my life, and I am very happy.

We didn't get but a spot  or two of rain early today, but more is forecast for tonite and tomorrow. I hope.

My breathing machine is waiting for me to use it, so off I go. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


June, I am sad that you have a growth in your lung and are ready to accept hospice..... but I am also praying that you will still have years to visit with us. My high school friend that we threw a party for about 3 years ago, when he was given 6 months to live.... had ATTITUDE that I am convinced, keeps him going... and I see it in you. Doesn't mean we can't pray for you to have a longer life, but that you also are at peace and pain free. You have shown us how to dance with the walker and wiggle the booty to a good tune, we do love you and your spirit. I feel sure you dreaded bringing this news to us, thank you for trusting us. Hugs from me to you.

June Drabek

Tisie, (Shirley, for others, but Tisie to me.

I was happy to relate the finding of my CT scan, and my acceptance of the result. I meant it to be an encouraging message to others that may need it, like our Jenny and her family. I think her DIL would understand, hopefully. How I pray for her healing though. She is so young with a young family. I thank God Her husband is a
Dr. and will be able to help her. G0d is with them all.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

Lloyd Hammond

well I am going to bid you all a early goodnight with plenty of built in sweet dreams.
Larry I never got to the shop today. went and picked up the repaired window glass for the garage and fed the cows filled my day.by the time I got that done the day was about shot and Shirley had blue the cold weather on us HA HA HA.oh  well we will try tomorrow again.



. Jenny what else can I say I have had a roller coaster life, but God gave me my husband for 62 years. As for being alone I do have my panic button. My DIL cannot come down from Mass. as she has been quite sick as I said before with shingle still on her face and head.  One more time I will say my prays and thought are with yo and your whole family.
I live in Glenwood Village,so that is why I call the groundhog that name. In the warm weather if I am out reading the paper, he comes and looks at me Good Night

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I do not know what happen  as I check half of my post I wrote is not there. I am tired right now so will write more to morrow, June prays and understanding

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Raining out now......everything will be so slippery come morning.
June, I agree with what Tisie said I know you have a good Dr. but can't help thinking it may be  scar tissue from having the pneumonia .......just a thought. You are a remarkable lady that we all love. You have taught us so much  and will teach us more.  Prayers for you.

Gloira de, your poor DIL.....how painful that is. Prayers for all as you must be worried about her .

Jenny, not the news one wants to hear but at least you do know. Michele  has a great team with her and she is a fighter!!

My eyes are wanting to slam shut and I don't want to wake the sleeping ppup.......so off to bed I go.

Have a good night.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

June Drabek

sleep in Peace

Sleep in Peace Amy, you are SO loved. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Hello Everyfriend!  I have much to be thankful for today! 

JUNE, you are my inspiration!  You take life and you make the best of it no matter what!  I hope I have that same attitude and that I can accept God's will as calmly as you do.  He is surely by your side every moment of your life.  I'm sure He looks at you with LOVE!

JENNY, Michele is in my prayers daily!  She has so much to live for and she is doing such  good job of living!  I know God will protect her and love her and give her what is best for her and her family.  She must be so special to all of you! 

Life interfered and my son did not get here to fix the drawers.  But he will!  I lack patience and I have to learn to find it and make use of it.  My mother used to say, "When Jane wants something done, she wants it done NOW!" And she was right.  I have a very hard time waiting for anything!  But I'm learning!

GloriaDE, don't be afraid to tell people when you need help.  Now I'm telling you to do something that I have a hard time doing.  But mostly, people are willing to help if they know you need it.  And now there are grocery stores that deliver. 

I'm going to wish you all good night now because I probably will forget to come by later.  Sleep well, wake refreshed and may God bless us, every one!

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Mary Ann

June, I am so sorry you have that diagnosis, however, I do know that Hospice will keep you comfortable.  I wonder if the spot on your lung contributed to your being told you still had pneumonia, or they wanted to have your doctor read the x-rays to be sure.  Regardless, thoughts and prayers are with you from me.  You have a while yet, but I hope you see #95. 

Speaking of #95, Gloria de is having a birthday this month - the 12th?  (I really do not know).

I'm happy for you that you have your sons relatively close by.

Mary Ann


Good morning everyone, already 38°, hard to believe when a week ago we were in the deep freeze. It was a wonderful sunny day yesterday and I did go out and enjoy it. Supposed to be even warmer today and I will get out and enjoy it.

PHYLLIS  yes Brady is talented but on local news you might think he as the whole team. He is very competitive and hates losing.

GLORIA  de  my Mom used to cook eels and I liked them when I was young but now just the thought of how they look I would not want them. You have Stop & Shop markets near you and if you cannot get there you can order from Peapod for delivery. I have done that often since that started here.

SHIRLEY  would that be quince that pucker your mouth in not ripe? Ever eat green concord grapes? now that sure puckers a mouth. When we had our house we could not see any other ones. Now on both sides and across the road there are houses. Seems like all the privacy is gone in this town.

JENNY that darn cancer. How I pray they can finally come up with something to knock it out of happening to anyone again. Hope Bob's toes feel better PDQ.

LARRY  the eel I caught was salt water, we were out on the Atlantic. My Dad used to catch fresh water ones but they were not as big.

JUNE 2 years ago I tried to talk to my oldest son about my passing and he did not want to hear it. When he was here last Sunday we finally talked about it.  First thing on the list is DNR. No being kept alive on machines so doctors and hospitals can make more money. That is no life anyway. I had talked to my daughter several times about it but she is too far away to do much for me. My other son refuses to hear anything about when I am no longer here. Prayers for you my friend and many years with us still.

JANE  I am lucky my CNA loves shopping and I send her to the market at times and if I need a lot of groceries I go online to Peapod and order what I need, some things they might not have, but usually get everything. They deliver right into my apartment.

Have a good day, hugs and prayers for everyone.

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. It is 23º and cloudy now @6:19 A M calling for high of 32º for the high today. and thunder storms tomorrow. the moisture is welcome here we have been dry all fall and winter. I am going to try to do what i planed yesterday today, go to shop and make several recipe boxes. I got the hinges and latches yesterday for four boxes. I have to go to hobby lobe and get lid stops. I free hand carve five head whet on the front and uashely a owl on one end and humming bird on the other end and some times if i who is getting it, the lade's Name on the front of the lid if I know the recipient. I also have put a horse head one end.


Good Morning Friends!  Mickie had an urgent call around 4:45 this morning so we all trooped to the door and the doggies went out and did what was necessary.  When they came back in we all crashed on the sofa until the alarm went off at 7.  We've had a decent breakfast and I have my coffee to have in the Soda Shoppe with my friends.

Today is a paper work day until I go to the eye dr. at 3:30 this afternoon.  It's just a checkup and one test....I think!

I have my final (whatever) in writing and my daughter has a copy of it as does my doctor and my church.  I didn't want any doubt or discussion when the time comes and this way everyone knows what I want!

LLoyd, do you ever sell any of your recipe boxes?  They sound lovely!

And I better get started on the paper work now or I'll be putting it off again. Enjoy the nice weather while it's here! It's a GIFT!

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Good morning everyone..

Windy here and the rain has stopped. I think after the VON has gone I will take the snow rake and get the snow off the work/storage trailer and an out building.

Jane, I was out at 4:30 with both dogs and went right back to bed. Lott'sa fun being out at the time with the wind howling in ones night gown :)

Lloyd, I hope you can accomplish what you want today.

Gloria, when Mom was in Holland  she was enjoying a dish till someone said she was eating eel and that ended that!!

Since I slept in I had better go get ready and get things out for VON.

Prayers for all.

Enjoy your day
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Mary Ann

Gloria, write your wishes, print them and give a copy to anyone in your family who might be interested (your kids). 

Mary Ann

Lloyd Hammond

February 05, 2019, 08:26:07 am #79 Last Edit: February 05, 2019, 08:31:14 am by Lloyd Hammond
JaneS haven't so far I have to many friends such as you I need to fill my friendship to to be happy. except for the lid supports I have enough material on hands to build four complete. I have enough lumber to build lots more. I have lot's of air dried Lumber of varied types, such as oak. red and white, walnut, wield cherry, spaded sycamore. eve some Osage orange or as called hedge and some I may not have thought of. as well as the patterns I mediation I do 1/8th finger joint in the corners. and roundover all around the top. Have a great day.



Hi Everyone. It is a beautiful sunny and pleasant temperature day.  I was late getting up this morning as didn't sleep well last night even though I got a lot of rest.  Our calendar is clear for today so think later today Pat and I will go to Walmart and get our last Shingles shot if they have the serum.  Pat also needs to pick up some prescriptions.  I hope to get an afternoon nap.

June, I am glad you are the one who gets to make the decision about accepting Hospice care and that doesn't fall on your sons to handle for you.  My daughter also did the same for us for which I was grateful.  Hospice is a fine organization.  I am so glad you find peace in your decision and hope it will make the remainder of your life (and we all hope that is still a long time) easier. 

Shirley, I certainly second your comments to June.  Attitude is so important and being content with our decisions is a big step in attitude.

Lloyd, it sounds like you had a full day and often what we plan is not what we accomplish.  I hope you are talking about cold weather and not cold as an illness.  It sounds like you are also artistic with your free hand carving on the recipe boxes.  You have so many talents and skills.

Lindancer, I hope your DIL will soon be through with the Shingles and will be able to come down to see you.  You are fortunate to have such good and caring neighbors.  I hope you were able to get a good nights sleep and are less tired today.  It isn't fun getting up in the morning already tired as it makes for a long day. 

Amy, I sure hope you are not iced in this morning and that you also had a good night's sleep.  It sounds like the little pup wore himself out yesterday and hope he also sleep through the night so you didn't have to get up and let him outside. It is interesting how we make up our minds about certain foods and reject even something that may taste good until we know what it is. 

Jane, I am a lot like you in not being very patient as when I make up my mind about something I want to get it accomplished.  I have never been one to window shop as find something satisfactory and that it that.  We can't expect people to know we need help if we don't let them know.  They cannot read our minds.  However, I expect that is something we all are prone to do as we don't want to bother someone else.  The Bible tells us it is "more Blessed to Give than Receive" and don't we feel good when we can help someone else.  I am not sure we have any grocery stores that actually deliver but the online ordering and then just picking up the order is sure a wonderful thing.  I hope your paperwork goes well today. 

Gloria, so happy you were able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air yesterday.  I bet that boosted your morale.  While the quarterback in football or the point guard in basketball are vital to the team they would be worthless without the rest of the team.  I don't think we have Peapod for grocery delivery.  We are getting some delivery services for restaurant orders.  However, a couple of days ago I checked out one of the local ones and they don't serve the area where we live.  I didn't realize there were fresh water eels. I am sorry that your sons have been hesitate to discuss end of life issues.  I think it takes some of the burden off at the time we reach the end of life when our family knows our wishes.  I know it did with my folks.  I know it was a shock when the Hospice nurse called me out of the blue saying she was headed my way to sign a DNR order for our daughter.  I shed some tears and then did what I knew she would want as her fight was over and she had a long one.  I am glad that at least your older son has now agreed to discuss this matter with you.


Larry, my heart skipped a beat when you mentioned the Hospice nurse called you about the DNR. I do need to take care of the legal papers but have told my kids my wishes (same as most in here), but I do want them to all agree when that time comes, not one having to carry the burden if there is a time question. I do want to make the choice of "being starved to death" versus no machines breathing for me. In my mother's case the nurse had missed the vein for the IV nourishment. When the next nurse on duty lifted Mom's arm the skin sagged to the bed with the fluid that was supposed to have been giving her nourishment. We did not do it deliberately. When Dad was dying my sister chose NO IV nourishment and that still bothers me. I was not there at the time and didn't know she made that choice.... I could not have. Better I wasn't there as she was the one in charge.  My husband's mother made the choice of having a stomach pump put in while in the hospital and then checked out to go home with Hospice. She had an agonizing death, the morphine she was given had no effect and she literally dehydrated. The Hospice nurse explained to me that after the first Ativan under her tongue that seemed to give her such peace, "she didn't have enough moisture in her mouth to dissolve another." That was a lot of years ago and it still haunts me. Don't like to talk about these situations, I sure never knew it could be so complicated.

June, I do understand your relief that the decision is made when confronted with the diagnosis... I have appointments the middle of this month that should let me know if I need to change my diet or need some kind of vitamin or supplements, or if there is a more serious problem such as heart blockages, etc. heart valve.  GP & Ophthalmologist appointments set. If they find nothing wrong, then it must be in my head or just plain lazy. I'm voting for the last opinion. I do want to know what I'm dealing with and face it head on, like you, June. Thanks to all of you a little older, you set good examples to follow.  :smitten:

Winter has smacked us so hard the cats walk out the door & spin around & want right back in. I'm so tired of cleaning litter boxes, I even walked out into the grass to encourage them but they stood by the door.  :-\  We had a lot of wrecks with freezing drizzle this morning but I had no problem getting to the tax man's office.

I get so angry at the taxes paid, nobody did without to save this money but 2 of us, why should I want to share with people that didn't do the extra work we did to make it?! Where is that fair? I know it's important to maintain streets/highways & all the schools, etc. but if everyone wants to share equally, let's share the work. I liked the idea of the WPA that gave people work to do for food. And this doesn't belong in here.... but was part of my day.  :tissue:  :angry2:  :sealedlips:


I'm back from the eye dr and my eyes are still dilated so I can't really see what I'm typing unless I squint.  If I make mistakes just overlook it this time.  I wanted to tell SHIRLEY that I agree with every word in her last paragraph.  I've also been heard to say that if we are still living when our grandchildren have graduated from the lockal school district, we shouldn't have to pay school tax any more.  We've done our duty.  We've supported them from more years than you can shake a stick at and it's our turn for some recognition.  The school district is about 8 times the size it was when I graduatedand I don't really think it needs my support any more.

I just picked up my phone and someone wanted to know if I realized that the warranty had expired and would I be interested in renewing throught their service.  When I told her I knew my warranty had expired because my car is 20 years old. she hung up on me.   :2funny:  :2funny:  :2funny:

Gotta og feed the pups....me too!

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 I figured it was about time that I contributed to this fine forum instead of languishing in the background; although I follow the posts quite dilligently.  Like most of you I've been confronting this terrible cold snap but forunately I've been able to avoid going ouside until last Thursday and when I did it was a cold shock that almost cut me in half.

There hasn't been a lot going on here in the residence, but last week there was a power failure around 8 o'clock that lasted about 2 hours. There was nothing to do so I went to bed and about half an hour later I was awakened by the night nurse who, along with the entire staff circulated the entire building to make sure all of the residents were okay. That kind of care is very reassuring.  The one thing about this place that stands out is the attention they pay to keeping the residents active and involved. Every day there is some actvity going on. A new resident who just moved in has made it her life mission to get me to write the story of my life which for some reason she finds interesting. So we'll see how that shakes out.

I guess the biggest accomplishment is that my boys and financial advisor have got my financial house in order. They have set up an annuity that will ensure my rent will be paid until I die, so I have peace of mind for the rest of my life. That's a good feeling and I can sleep easy starting now. Good night all.

June Drabek

Good afternoon everyone. We had a few early sprinkles but I think our good luck with the rain as come to a close. Sun is shining brightly now.

Amy, It was the CT scan that showed an actual Lump on the lung, and they do not know what it is without a biopsy, and I refuse that. So it is not scar tissue. I am content, dear. Have had a good long life.

Janie, thank you my loving friend. I feel as you do for Michele.....so much to live for, and I pray God makes it happen.

Mary Ann,Yes Gloria de does have a Big Birthday coming up, and I hope she has many more.

Gloria, I have had a DNR for years now. I have it pasted on the wall by my door as suggested by someone......it is in that area so the paramedics see it as they leave my home. I got mine from the doctor, and as far as I know it is the easiest way to go. In fact, it is the only way I know. Your sons don't have to be involved...it is YOUR wish to have it.

Gary called and said a lady, Rowena, from Hospice will be coming by between 5 and 5:30 to have me sign some papers, so I am eager to meet her, and find out more if anything I should know. 

Lloyd, congratulations on being a carver. That is a fine Art to have. I was given a box from my Uncle years ago that he made from a tree limb. It is round of course, hollowed out, then he glued on a base, Made a round lid, with a little round knob to open it. I value it, because her was my favorite Uncle..so kind.

It is getting close to five p.m. so I will get this posted. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Jane, I get to visit the eye doctor in less than 2 weeks, know he will be pushing for cataract removal but I'm not convinced I'm ready. Not sure it will improve more than screw up. The warning that "I may need glasses to read after".... when I don't need them NOW.... so what is it I am gaining? I still won't want to drive after dark, in the back of my mind, I remember cars breaking down & not a good thing after dark!

I'm still on that "over the top" mode after paying taxes on some I-bonds I cashed a couple months ago.... Feds got a big chunk of that interest money that we pinched pennies to invest for these later years. Why bother saving if they get such a big chunk, might as well put it in the mattress & at least I won't be bothered with paper work!  Off the soapbox, need to wind down. I hear some states have a lid on school & property taxes... I know Kansas changed some laws about death & inheritance taxes because people were leaving the state. We knew people that established residency in other states before taking the "retirement package"....
I haven't had a human on the other end of any sales calls for a long time. 

Lloyd, I sure would love to see photos of the recipe boxes when you get them done. Besides, the Photos discussion needs pictures posted to keep going. My husband made me some wooden purses when they were a fad.... I've given them to the kids now, but they were neat. One of them I painted a scene of our family out camping, the boys & Cas fishing & my daughter & I at the camp fire cooking, even had the dog & a bird cage. On the other side I had a cartoon type character of me with paintbrush in hand & canvas on an easel... One winter Cas made bird feeders or houses for everyone and then he got into making "custom" golf clubs. Even had a couple of the pros around here ask where he got his supplies. Like you, he did it for his own pleasure & satisfaction.

Gloria, I missed my chance to get outside...doesn't look like it will warm up again in the week ahead. Bitter cold, chill index really has a bite to it with the wind.

June, that reminds me when I went to a new doctor years ago & he insisted on a complete going over. When I went back the next week for the results of all the tests, he explained that he had taken my X-ray for his doctor father & brother to look at because of a "spot on my lung". I explained & then showed him what it was, from a drain hanging out of my lung when I was 2 years old & had pneumonia/empyema surgery. The tissue still is connected between the ribs to the lung. I felt it pull when pregnant & gained weight. 3 doctors couldn't figure what it was. I'll keep the prayers going, we never know what God has planned for us so don't give up the exercising just yet!

Great to see you, Don... and I totally agree that you need to write your bio. Hope you will post some tidbits as you do. When my mother wrote hers, she would tell about every detail of one day. She was surprised how many details WE would never have known about when she was finished.  Instead of trying to remember the dates, I had her put how old she was when the activity happened. I put the dates in order when I did the re-write & continuity. Took me one whole winter to shuffle the papers... that was the advantage of putting it on loose leaf notebook paper. Should be easier with a computer.  :thumbup:


I'm going to bed.  My eyes are still bothering me from the dilation and maybe if I sleep on it, they'll be betterin the morning. 

SHIRLEY, when I had the cataracts removed the big thing I noticed was the colors.  I hadn't realized how dull the colors were until I saw how bright they were without the cataracts.  That whole summer, every time I took the dog out or opened the door to let her out, I just stood there looking around.  It was an amazing feeling!

DON, I think you should write your memoirs, too!  And hurry up so I can still read when they come out!

Good night my friends.  Sleep well, wake refreshed and may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. I have wounds on both lower calves of my legs. so they got to tingling nerves ,woke me up so I doctored them and a cold drink of wetter and now back to bed. we are current @ 4:03 AM 27º cloudy and light rain, so the Ice we have is getting thicker. my four wheeler gets around good on it ,I have it in one side of the attached garage so just hop on it and go to the shop where i keep the tractor switch and go feed a big bag round bale of hay. have a bale un roller on the back of tractor that clamps in the center. pick it up and carrier it out where i feed cut the twine and take it off , not good for cattle to get in in them selves. then let down and drive un roiling it for them. see you Later.



Good morning everyone..

We made it to 5:30 am with not having to go out for a potty break!! Jesse is doing better.

Kyle wanted to head to the barber today but the weather is not going to be nice ,more freezing rain on the way so we are staying put.

I may try to get some sewing done today, I have been rather lax at it. I can bring a sewing machine upstairs and can watch the pup too.

June, thank you for the explanation. I too, have a DNR..please don't keep me on a machine. I have no fear on going home.

Jane, we go in March to get our eyes tested and at the last appointment I told the Dr. if he needs to dilate my eyes we will just stay in the mall till I can see alright. Shame to have to shop but I will try. :)

Don, you folks are also in for some nasty weather, freezing rain coming your way. Here we may get some but more prone to getting snow. I also agree with writing your memoires , we tried to get a friend to write his of the war but it just wasn't done. He could tell you stories that made you laugh and one that would make you cry.

Lloyd, hope you can post photos of the jewellery boxes.

Better get a move on.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  My eyes have cleared up as much as they are going to but he gave me a bit of bad news yesterday.  While they are keeping the pressure from the glaucoma down, the vision in my left eye is getting worse.  I asked him how long it might be until I have to give up driving completely and he said, "There's no way of telling'.  I guess I'm in a "wait and see" mode.
It's almost time to feed the doggies (and their "mother") so I will wish you all a good day.  Make it your own in every way!  Do what pleases you the most.  You've earned that right!

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