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Mar 27 2020 9:27am
Pooch1: Click on "Chat" above, Lloyd.  Nice to see you again.  How's the horses?

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get this thing to work right, so sweet dreams and good night

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get a complete paragraph all together, so good night and sweet dreams.

Mar 27 2020 12:13am
Lloyd Hammond: morning. i am struggling with this one big time. when this place gets full it post;s it on it self.

Mar 27 2020 12:08am
Lloyd Hammond: hello my regular computer is the repair shop. it is past my bedtime so i am going to shut this of for tonight. i hope to see you all in the morning. it is raining here now again light. Ihope to get my regular computer back to morrow and put this one in the

Mar 14 2020 11:18am
brian: never  knew CHAT    had appeared above------   I was the  one  who turned   him onto it !!!!

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Pooch1: As a simple courtesy to you.  If you wish to interact with chatters, click on "Chat" above instead of complaining (LOLing) that Shoutbox isn't busy.

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brian: so why are you    on it?

Soda Shoppe for March 15,2019

Started by so_P_bubble, March 14, 2019, 06:31:08 pm

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Good morning everyone, warmer today but the wind is howling so will not feel like the mid 40's outside. Had a hard time getting to sleep last night so will not be saying much this morning. I think the only reason I got out of bed this morning is because my son will be here around 10:30 and wanted to be up and dressed when he gets here. The sun is shining and a beautiful blue sky.

Like Phyllis but I really do not even want to start up the computer but don't want anyone to wonder where I am. After that one night of great sleep I have been lucky if I get 3 hours a night.

Have a good day.

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I've been up long enough to feed cats, eat an egg & toast with coffee.... (I just remembered that I heated another cup of coffee in the microwave & forgot about it). Have a load of whites in the washer so thought I'd check in while waiting to put that load in the dryer & a load of darks into the washer. I was thinking about going back to bed but saw the mailman go past the window so checked that out. The sweet ladies at the historical museum we visited sent 2 of their 2010 newsletters that had stories about my parents. How thoughtful is that???  Instead of a nap I read the newsletters. Those 2 little towns always felt like "home" to me because my parents never tired of talking about their early years and the love shared by everyone living there.

Well, switched loads of laundry so will stop & heat that cup of coffee again. Was thinking how lonesome it would be if we couldn't stop here to visit.

I hope Dori peeks in now & then to let us know how June is doing and to tell her how often we think of her. We love you, June!


March 16, 2019, 11:48:20 am #32 Last Edit: March 16, 2019, 12:00:17 pm by Sandy
Good Morning Everyone,
from the Sunny,  but still coolish,
rocky coast of Maine.

I also miss seeing June,  Shirley,
and hope that her "Dori"  will come in
and let us know how she is doing.   I bet
that June really misses dropping by
and visiting us.

I am watching the Duluth Harbor Cams:
and they are still ice fishing at two harbors,
but it looks to me like the ice is starting
to melt ...   I sure hope not too much.

All is well here.

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:

Mary Ann

Sandy, the last time I looked at Two Harbors, there were no fishermen around, no vehicles either.  I'll look again to see what is there now. 

In the Random Image picture is Fe, that darling little girl.  I am sure she brings your family much pleasure.  I don't see Tom's twin granddaughters as often as I like, but they know me so we always have a good time.

Mary Ann


March 16, 2019, 02:56:42 pm #34 Last Edit: March 16, 2019, 03:01:25 pm by CallieOK
Hello on a Sunny Saturday in Central Oklahoma,

Yesterday was the first day in the last 7 that there wasn't anywhere I needed to be at a certain time.
Only got half the laundry done so am finishing that today.
Also "put a dent" in the desk work.  I knew there was a desktop there somewhere because something had to be holding up all the "stuff" that had been tossed/stacked/etc. the past week.

Doctor changed one of my medications a week or so ago and the instructions say "may cause dizziness when first used".  So I waited to start it until yesterday after all the busy-ness was done.  Don't actually feel dizzy but do feel like my gyroscope is off.
Fortunately,  there's nowhere I really need to go for the next few days so I'm hoping things will settle down.

The Boat Launch webcam looked this morning as if the ice was melting. At least, the parking area next to the water didn't have as much snow piled up and the piers are showing..  The Depot cam showed a couple of spots out on the lake that looked like the fishing tents.  Hope they don't sink because someone forgot about them.
Edit:  Just checked the Canal cam.  Quite a few people walking along - some are out on the ice.  Guess it's still thicker than it looks.

Dryer is "yoo-hooing".  TTYL


March 16, 2019, 03:50:19 pm #35 Last Edit: March 16, 2019, 03:53:25 pm by Denver
sun is shinning brightly today and melting our snow! 

I managed to pick up a "bug" probably on the airplane....so have been quite miserable for the last couple of days.  I am starting to feel a bit better, so hopefully the end is in sight.....thought for sure my head/ears might explode, they hurt so bad. 🤣🤣

It appears we are going to start warming up a bit around here....I sure hope so.  That "Bomb Cyclone" as they are calling it sure did cause a lot of problems here, and continued to do so as it headed east. 

Like others, I, too, sure miss Our June and wish Dori would give us an update on how she is doing. HUG JUNE! We 💗and miss you❣️

I wish you all a good Saturday.



Amy, a while back I should have gone into spell check
 that was your name I spelled
AKY!!!???? :-[ sorry  Now I am trying to watch golf and write in here.  Maybe I should be knitting and watching golf. Oh! beside the robin, the chipmunk is back. We use to have a lot of red winged blackbirds, now they are very few.  I have not seen a pheasant in a couple. When I moved here Glenwood, was surrounded by woods. Stop and Shop,(large supermarket) built on our corner, and put up a stockade  fence. Then on he other corner the post office built a large new building. The first year they took down the woods we had trouble with skunks coming in our place eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  I think I just wrote more then anyone wanted know. sorry

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Gloria de, AKY is what I feel today so you hit the nail on the head!I am feeding doves,blue jays,grosebeaks and crows.The crows seem to want to get me up 6:30 am or earlier!
We also  get skunks here,along with fox ,deer,moose,wolves and all kinds of water fowl.Lots to see .
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good afternoon, or early evening.

I was up early and out of my place about 7:30 to go get blood work.  Had to wait about an hour, even tho I was early getting there
Then, my son, who took me, texted my grandson to see if he and his 2 little girls wanted to meet up for breakfast.  So , we met them at Burger King and we had almost the whole place by ourselves.  It was nice to be able to just sit and talk and I so enjoy seeing my little great-grands.  One is 7 and the other one is 4 and they are such sweet little girls.  The younger one is a great eater, but the older one is really picky.  But,  I had a great time catching up on all their activities.   The oldest one is getting glasses.   I told her not to do what her daddy used to do.  He would take his off and lay them on the roof of the parked cars and then forget about them.  Many a time we were all walking up and down the street looking for his glasses. She thought that was so funny, but assured me, that she would keep them in the case when she took them off.  We will see how long that lasts. I am thinking that I might try to meet up with them next Sat. just to see her new glasses.  He gets the girls most every week end, and they usually go out for breakfast. 

I have to start thinking about some dinner.  Since we ate a late breakfast, when I got home, I changed my clothes and started to read and fell asleep for several hours.  Not sure what I will have.

Yes, it sure would be nice to hear something from June.  Sure do miss her.

Larry, good to see your long message yesterday.  Sounded like the "ole Larry".  Hope you will continue to feel better.

I will just say a big "Hello" to all the other friends and hope you all have a nice rest of the day.



Good evening Amy. golf is over, the Players is always a fun one to watch.

I cannot walk to far out in my yard anymore so I have a plate feeder on my porch for the birds my regular birds that come every day are a pair of cardinals, 3 jays, of course sparrows the snow birds will be going soon.  The gulls circle around but do not land because of the trees the bird house always has the house wrens. I have my dinning room table in front of the sliders. My husband when he was ill sat out side on the deck, I think they got to know him as they would come to eat

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I'm off to bed.  I watched a little TV through my eyelids tonight and it felt pretty good.

The raking that I had planned to start today was put off.  The temps settled back into the high 30s with the wind chill making it feel like 22.  That wind was the kind AMY calls (dang, I forgot but it's the kind that goes right through you.)

Good night my friends.  Sleep peacefully and restfully.  And and usual, may God bless us, every one!

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Good morning everyone..

Happy St. Paddy's day to you. There is about an inch of new snow out there this morning.
Running late so will catch up later.
Jane tis a lazy wind that goes through you ,rather than around  you.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, finally got more sleep and feel better this morning. I even had a nap yesterday afternoon. Went up to mid 50's here yesterday but I did not even go outside.  Today is to sunny but only in the 30's. At least no snow so hope we have seen the last of it for now until a little for Christmas Eve. Been reading while enjoying my coffee  then watching the Flash dancing. Love those Flash things. Time for another cup of coffee and maybe really wake up.

SHIRLEY  thanks for the flash dance link.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link to the St. Patrick's day cards. All great, you and Patricia do wonderful creations.

Have a good day.

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Thinking of my Irish mother and grandfather today.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It was 38 deg. when I got up but the bright sun has warmed it up to around 45 deg.  It is a beautiful day. 

Have a good day, All.


I've got a bit of the Irish in me too, thanks to my Irish Grandmother and my half Irish Grandmother.  Thanks for the links from me, too.  Loved them!

It's warmed up all the way to 33º here, today.  By late afternoon, it's supposed to get up to 45 but I'm not holding my breath.

I've been to church and stopped at the grocery store on my way home.  Not sure what today will bring other than making doggie food.  Maybe I'll clean off the front porch and bring the chair and cushions in from the shed....if I feel like it. 

I hope you all have a lazy, happy day!

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Hi Everyone.  The day is starting out a bit cloudy but we are suppose to have partly cloudy a part of the day with a high of 65.  Yesterday turned out to be a day of great weariness for me and am beginning to wonder it if it worth the price to get out of the house as the last two times the following day I am exhausted.  I seem to be feeling better this morning although won't win any races and didn't want to get up this morning.  I will listen to our Church service from last week in a little bit.  I did watch a lot of basketball yesterday with some really good games.  There are two or three tournaments that will finish up this afternoon and then this evening they will announce the brackets for the bit NCAA tournament, which all of the vie for all year.

Bubble, what a nice array of St. Patrick Day cards you posted although with that of Patricia.  You ladies are so good with that PSP program.  It takes talent to come up with so many different delightful designs.  Augusta, GA, just across the river from our town had a big St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday and there were other event to mark the day. 

Gloria, nice to see you are feeling better this morning.  Sleep can be such a good medicine in terms of how we feel. 

Phyllis, I also have some Irish and Scottish ancestry in my background. 

Shirley, now nice of the ladies at the historical museum to send you those newsletters. 

Sandy, good morning.  I expect you are looking forward to some warmer weather up your way and all the activities to start that you can enjoy from your windows. 

Callie, I can't imagine having to go someplace for seven days in a row and hope you can rest up over the next few days without something on your calendar.  I try to keep my desk pretty well cleaned off as don't want a large amount of paperwork to tackle at once.  I usually spend most of each morning in my office, sometimes when I really don't feel like it like yesterday and then close up my office for the remainder of the day. 

Jenny, sure you are happy to see the sun and see the snow melting.  Sorry that you caught something on the plane but understand those are great places to do so.  I hope you are feeling better today. 

Lindancer, I may watch some of the golf this afternoon.  I read that the players from this area, and there are several, are doing better good.  You didn't write more than I wanted to know yesterday. 

Joy, getting that first pair of glasses is a big thing for a young person.  I very seldom eat lunch anymore as eat my breakfast pretty late plus I don't have any appetite now and my desire to eat is pretty well gone.  As of this morning I have lost a little over 20 pounds since this all started for me in January but have an adequate reserve of flesh to last quite awhile.  I just didn't want to lose the weight like this. 

Jane, I wish you could get someone to do your yard work especially the winter cleanup. 

Amy, that snow just keeps coming up your way. At least an inch isn't too bad.  I hope you can enjoy a restful day today.


Everything is green today.  We will walk over to our friend's house at 2 pm.  Her name is Pat and this is her birthday.  She is, of course, Irish.  Family has hired a bagpipe player and we will follow him up the street - surprise.  I managed to sew a little green fabric gift for her a few minutes ago.  A tissue holder for her purse.

Jenny:  Sorry you picked up a germ - it is tough to travel if there is anyone ill on the plane.  It is warming up here too.  Preparing for company in the weeks to come - it gets fairly busy this time of the year. 

I hope we hear from June very soon. 




It has been trying to snow most of the day, thank goodness it is just a light  skiff.

Took some of the garbage to the dump, didn't get the ashes taken this time but always another time.  I did get some sewing done and not much else.

Where is Lloyd??? Did he and Nancy take off to Florida?

Ohhh almost forgot, we have red winged black birds here now!!! I sure hope the robins wait a while till the snow goes. Mr and Mrs Crow were here also for their food, fun to watch all the birds.

Better go clean up the kitchen.....seems it won't do it on its own.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I didn't do any of the yard cleanup today and I didn't bring out the porch furniture, either.  It was just too cold.  The sun shone off and on most of the day but it never got above 40 with that "lazy" wind having it's way out there.  I did do some on line shopping for yard stuff.  I didn't buy anything but I did a lot of shopping.

I had one of my favorite old time lunches today....a Lebanon bologna sandwich with hot mustard and potato chips squashed in the middle.  I used to love them when  was a teenager and a young adult but I sort of forgot about them until today.  It was great!!

LARRY, I used to have lots of help with the yard cleanup.  All I had to do was announce that I was going to do it on Saturday or Sunday and my Grandson and Granddaughter would show up to help.  Now they are all grown up and granddaughter is in Houston, TX and Grandson is in Philadelphia and is courting a very sweet young lady.  My family has scattered.  So I do what I can as I can...no big pushes.

Now I'm off to clean up the kitchen, love up the puppys and vegetate for the rest of the evening!

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Isn't it funny how we read posts & think of so many different things we'd like to say to each person... and then get rushed & don't say it all....

Sandy, I was remembering the drawings/paintings you did, so much imagination & talent. Often wondered if you had a city arts studio near (like I did some years ago) to try you hand at various types of sculpture or clay throwing on a wheel. I had never had the chance to try that going up and loved it. Even had a session of the clay pouring into molds & painting. I know your eyesight is not the best these days (mine, either) but any of those things might work for your creative soul. 

Jane, I also wondering how I will make it through yard clean up this spring. SO much to do & I really don't have the energy or "breath" to do it without help this year. I do have the new leaf mulcher but have to rake & pick up the leaves that gathered in the flower beds & those darn yucca plants. Need to cut down the pampas grass & trim back some vines. No end to "need to". When Cas was alive I'd rake the leaves off the flower beds & he'd race the yard tractor around & pick up, mulch & dump into bags & haul to the street while riding.  I really love a thick sliced bologna & cheese sandwich now & then... once a year?

Amy, I walked down to the river the last couple nights & didn't hear the red winged blackbirds yet. Got a yard full of robins working like crazy looking for worms. I may need to water the yard to bring the worms closer to the surface for them. Nave not seen the females looking for nest building material yet... I usually try to find scraps of thread & some Easter grass to wind into their nests. Love to watch the wildlife...

Carol, I can't get over how green everything turned in the few days I was gone. Looks like spring & almost felt like it but wind still had a bite to it. Son, Andy, called to say he had his little pick up ready to haul a new storage unit for the pool stuff... if I wanted to pick one out. I had seen a nice one at Sam's Club not long ago so made a trip to the store, looked good to me so I called him & they already had them put together so have the new one in the pool area already. Funny part is when Andy started moving stuff out of the old he found the other half of the lid I though was blown away. I looked all over the yard for it but not good enough where it sat. Anyway, got it put back together, threw away some old parts & one more job out of the way. Andy took measurements to buy the wood to make the frames for the 2 pool gates that need to be replaced... he loves working with wood & insists HE wants to do it. I do insist paying for his time... he tries to refuse but I insist & I'm boss yet!

Larry, nobody knows as well as you, yourself, just how far to push. You do a very good job being realistic about your limits... hopefully your energy will pick up as we get into better weather. I seem to be doing a little better since my depressing Echo results. Will wait on another visit to the cardio about trying BP meds to see if I can build up more steam. I more afraid of what meds do to my body than giving myself time to get better without. It is a gamble in my case.

Phyll, I made my usual stop at Ottawa "going & coming", thought about how much it has changed in the years I've been making it a routine. The Walmart moved to the opposite side of where I get off, if you remember where it used to be behind the McDonald's? Lots of changes but still a convenient place to rest long enough for cats to use their litter box & me to grab something to eat in MickeyD's....

Joy, getting a chance to visit with the little ones is special, isn't it? I have a 4 year old that is more like me than any of my kids or grands.... I think this is how my grandmother felt about me, that she saw herself in me. I knew there was a special bond between us until the day she died & hope my great grand will feel it when she gets older. So far I have 7 grands & 7 great grands.

Callie, you lead a much busier life than I do. I'm selfish with my time anymore, don't belong to art guilds or anything that requires me to be some place at any particular time.... in case I have something more fun pop up. Terrible, huh? I am still sore from hanging onto that steering wheel across MO & KS last Thursday... wicked wind!

Gloria de... I have a bird feeder shaped like a sunflower laying flat, hangs with chain that goes through the ceramic center in 3 places & attaches to a shepherd's hook. Stuck it in the ground near the front sidewalk, right in front of my kitchen sink window so all the time I spend at the sink I get to watch birds. Today I had cardinals & snowbirds, a pair of doves scratching under the feeder & saw something else flit across but didn't recognize as fast as it was moving. The robins don't eat seeds but plenty on the ground with their ear cocked to listen for worms.

Jenny, sorry about catching a bug... my gr-daughter was in St.Louis this week on business, was to leave Friday but called her mother about the time daughter got back in town from meeting me... saying she didn't feel well all of a sudden but was going back to Seattle anyway. Little while later another phone call that she threw up on the plane as it was taking off, pilot asked if she wanted to go back (commercial plane) she thought she'd better so got picked up & spent the day & night in bed at her parents house. She was lucky to get another flight out late the following day, as so many flights have been canceled. Both she & her husband have worked with those grounded planes, as well as 4 more of my kids/grands, they are all holding their breath about the cause of the crash. Anyway, my daughter thinks she has figured the best way to keep from catching those bugs when traveling... loads up on Airborne (sp?)

Gloria, my main reason for wearing a Fitbit (besides keeping perfect time) is to know how much sleep & kind of sleep I get every night. Has made a huge difference for me, I'm back to getting 6 hours sleep at least 5 days out of 7 and when first tracking, was getting 3 & 4 hours a night. My "steps" have gone down but I don't worry about that, as I scroll through the settings I get to one spot where it says, "Excellent..for a lady your age!"  That is my reward!

Wondering where Lloyd & Nancy are, hope he didn't have another accident on that 4-wheeler.  They should think about traveling west to see those spring flowers across the desert... I'd love to do that, hear it is awesome this year.

Time to feed cats & think about bed. Got dark & I didn't notice. Sweet dreams to all... one of these days I will go find the saying that I thought so special, from June... it is on the old computer.



Morning is here!  It's going to be a strange one because when I got out the schedule for this week that I copied off the computer at work, the dates are all wrong.  First thing this morning, I have to call and make sure the time for this morning is correct even though the date is not.  If it's not one thing it's another.

SHIRLEY, Lebanon Bologna is a Pennsylvania delicacy.  It originated many years ago in the town of Lebanon, PA and you cannot buy it outside of PA so your Plain Bologna sandwiches are not the same.  And please don't ask me to explain the difference but I bet you can google it.  The taste is unique and the look of it is totally different.

I hope Everyfriend has a lovely day filled with the lov of friends and family and that you will be able to grab it and make it your own.  Around here, God has created a new day....

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Good morning everyone..

Few clouds in the sky and -10° F. Kyle has physio and needs to go give blood for the Dr. today. That is all that is on the schedule today. I hope to get back to sewing when we get back home.

 Jane, I was curious  about your bologna and did google it. Here it is for others to see...more like a salami. Bet it is tasty!! I love fried bologna too! My friend has a granddaughter that only wants fried bologna so that it cups and mashed potatoes in the cup along with creamed peas. That is her birthday treat and has been for many years.


Shirley, you hit the nail on the head about being rushed. Seems lately  that is exactly what is happening to me. I do try to come back and post more.

Hope everyone is feeling better,prayers for those I was going to say that need them but prayers for all..as we all do need them day to day.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Yep, that's it  The slices are bread size and 2 makes a good sandwich but 3 is better.  Of course, it depends on how thin you had the deli slice it!

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March 18, 2019, 08:08:28 am #55 Last Edit: March 18, 2019, 08:15:37 am by phyllis
You can buy Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna online and it will be shipped in one day.  I love Boar's Head  Lebanon Salami  but it doesn't always love me so don't eat it often.  I thought my DIL was the only one who crushed potato chips in the middle of the sandwich.  I copied her and started doing it, too, and love it that way now.  Here is an interesting link about Lebanon Bologna. 

A little cloudy here this morning but no rain expected.  It's laundry day so that is what I plan to do and maybe not much else.  We'll see what I feel like doing.

I finished and submitted (e-filed) my federal and state taxes yesterday and received an email today that they have been accepted.  For the first time in several years I am getting a refund.  Amazing!!!!

Shirley, I haven't been back to Ottawa since my mother died in 1992.  I don't think Walmart had even opened yet.  That whole area South of town was just farms and cornfields back then.

Make it a good day, All.

Lloyd Hammond

that is very instructing.I do like it,have for a long time. I also Like pickle loaf, well bottom line is I am on a seafood diet, see food and eat it. goose liver is also very good. just get a thick hunk of it eat it with out bread. nay be confused with brown swagger, you all and my self have me hungry I think while out today will crash the dilly and get some of it all.

Janes i do not know if you are ignore or missed a post But we are going to get going with the R V and Nancy wants to come through Wichita and meet you, hope I am not confused on where you Live. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.



Good Morning Everyone from the Sunny
and warming up, Rocky Coast of Maine.   

Another week is upon us.

"Lebanon Salami" sounds wonderful
and I would love to try it
someday. Problem is... like so
many other deli meats, (which I
love) there is way too much 
fat, sodium and nitrates.

Of course,  to me that is probably
why I love them sooooo much!!

Shirley...  Thanks for asking about
my drawing.   Once I lost most of my
vision,  I lost the desire to draw. 
Mainly because I used to have to
concentrate on what I was doing,  for
many long hours...  Drawing made me
feel good inside,  but the eye strain
is more than I can handle now.

I gave away most of my art supplies to
my Grand Daughter who just graduated
from Portland School of Art last year.

My love for drawing  and my lack of
good eyesight set up a conflict
for me that I couldn't resolve,
easily, so I gave it up.  What use to
be easy for me takes too mucb
concentration these days.  I do 
miss it though.. Thanks for asking. 

Have a good day,  Everyone.

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:

Lloyd Hammond

 Sandy sad it is but old age is doing it to all of us. if our physical bodies would would keep up with the thought's in our head. how great it would be. i am slowing and excepting most of it. I spent 4 & 1/2 hours yesterday trying to get a tubeless tire seated back on the rim that knocked off on too sharp and fast turn. this morning I am going to take the wheel off and take it to the tire shop and get put back on in place.

Have a great day.



Hi Everyone on a beautiful sunny day and we are to get up into the mid-60's this afternoon.  Yesterday was opposite of how I felt on Saturday and was able to enjoy the day by not being so tired.  Our afternoon was topped off by the visit of a couple from our Sunday School Class.  They are really pleasant people and we had a nice visit.  I did get a few things done yesterday.  My goal for today is to work on getting Pat's computer set up the way she had her other one and get some of the games she liked and played a lot on the computer as well.  There are no basketball games on TV today so will get to spend more time listening to my audio book as am coming down to the end of it.

Carol, we weren't out yesterday so didn't get to see any of the wearing of the green.  I hope you enjoyed the Irish birthday party.  That sounds like a nice and usable gift you made and it doesn't have to be dusted. 

Amy, perhaps some day we will all have robots to do the cleaning and keep kitchens nice. 

Jane, it sounds like you are getting some Spring fever if you are starting to look at yard stuff.  I have eaten bologna sandwiches for many years for my lunch but now have no appetite to eat lunch and lunch meat doesn't appeal to me.  I have never tried potato chips in a sandwich.  Sorry to hear you no longer have help in keeping your yard up.  Do you have a big yard?

Shirley, have you considered hiring a landscape company to care for your yard?  We had one where we lived for a number of years when I got to where I couldn't handle the yard work and here we have a HOA that takes care of the yards every week during growing season and every other week when it isn't growing but to keep each yard neat. Glad you got a new shed for your pool things and that was certainly quick action on the part of your Son. I worry about you pushing yourself too hard. Glad to read you are sleeping better. 

Amy, hope you get to enjoy doing some sewing today.  It sounds like you all may have a pretty busy morning.  I have always liked fried bologna and my mother used to make it and Pat has also done it on occasion.

Phyllis, I have purchased Boar's Head luncheon meats in the past but always found them rather blah in taste.  A few years ago I was talking to a lady at Kroger's who said she had worked in the deli department for 25 years and that bologna was the best seller they had.  That may well have been it was usually the cheapest.  However, while price was always a consideration I just simply liked it the best.  Maybe I will try to get my taxes reviewed and submitted this week but it won't be today.

Lloyd, I also liked pickle loaf but I don't see it available in the stores here in the South.  I also liked the luncheon spread in place of mayo or other salad dressing but it has also gone out of favor and no longer in our stores. 

Sandy, you are right about the contents of bologna but I still ate a lot of it over the years.  You must have a very talented grand daughter to attend and graduate art school.  How is she using her talents in that regard?