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Soda Shoppe for April 15,2019

Started by so_P_bubble, April 15, 2019, 01:51:12 AM

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Almost forgot, JENNY, my daughter and her family will be in Denver at the end of May for her nephew (on the other side of the family) wedding.  They plan to stay for the week after the wedding to do some sightseeing and take in some sports.  Do you have any "DON'T MISS" places to suggest for them to see.  If you think of something (maybe a great restaurant or a historic or particularly special place) you could just send me an email and I could pass it on to them!

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Jenny, I am so sorry that the news about Michelle is not what all of your family, and all of us here in SS, had hoped to hear.  This must be so hard for everyone.  I can only say that prayers are going up all the time for all of you.

Sunny and warmer today (87 deg. forecast) but, we've had a mostly cool spring and so now it appears that summer is coming after all.  It is what it is and my AC is serviced and ready, I hope, because I will be hugging it when the heat and humidity arrive.

I will be thinking about all of you that are dealing with such heavy challenges and hoping that today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow even better than today.


April 30, 2019, 07:45:23 AM #212 Last Edit: April 30, 2019, 07:47:09 AM by Amy
Good morning everyone..

The first post I read was from Jenny, I am so sorry that they found more  spots Jenn. Prayers for all.....and I hope that there is a good out come on all this. Stay positive.

The garage was down a man yesterday so the work will hopefully be done on Wed. Today is VON and I think this will be the last visit..it has been almost 3 years since they started coming here.

Larry, thank you I will look for the meatballs when we go to Costco next time. I am so amazed at how fast and how delicious everything it in the instant pot. There will be no heating up the kitchen this year!!

Gloria, I love lobster and crab legs too!! I picked up spme mushrooms yesterday so mushroom soup will have to do today.A far cry from lobster.oh another one I like is Scampi tails.... to me they just look like, crayfish but are so good.

Shirley, hope you are feeling much better today..

Better go get ready for the day.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Good morning Phyliss, you snuck in on me :).
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Mary Ann

Jenny, Michele's news is so heartbreaking.  I feel so sad for your entire family because they all feel the pain. 

I just got up for the second time and I don't know what's on my agenda yet.

Mary Ann

Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone. @ 7;44 A M here in MO. it is raining buckets full right along and st peter is rattling the patoe bin. well morning meal I called so best go see you later.



Good morning everyone, guess what, it is raining, now isn't that different? Yesterday was such a nice sunny and warm day but I am getting so when I see a day with a beautiful blue sky I get to thinking the calm before a storm again. Not really a storm but rain. Cold and damp 41°.

PHYLLIS  if you use just the chicken breasts with no skin the Bisquick chicken will not work right. My daughter found that out. For me I like the legs or thighs.

BUBBLE  thanks for the links to Photos, beautiful, sunny and all the flowers. Forsythia is blooming here and maybe daffodils are up but none of those are planted here. The landscapers have been here once already and cleaned up the winter mess and it looks better but no flowers in bloom. Their leaves are shooting up.

LARRY  we do miss you when you do not show up and we worry about you.

LLOYD  hope you get that dish on the RV straightened up.

JENNY  when I started reading your post from yesterday it brought instant tears to me. She has so much to live for with Dave and their family. Prayers for her and the family, especially the children.

AMY  never heard of Scampi tails but know shrimp scampi. There used to be a lot of crayfish in the streams here but these days there are none.

MARY ANN good morning.

Have a good day.

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Hi Everyone. I see that no one posted since I did yesterday but I want to check in this morning.  We are suppose to have a clear day today getting up to 90 degrees this afternoon.  I have an 11:30 routine annual appointment with lung doctor.  Scott will be here to take me.  Yesterday in trying to disconnect the old Dish box from the new I did something that caused us not to get television  from the Dish signal.  Scott will fix that when he gets here as those things are things he likes to do.  The boxes were on the floor and I tried to search out the problem but can no longer get down on the floor and gave up.  Pat and I had our audio books to listen to.  The only thing we missed seeing that we would like to have seen in Jeopardy to see if the very brilliant man won again yesterday.  I know when I get home I will crash and spend some time in bed as I didn't get a wink of sleep last night.  No particular reason but just one of those night I couldn't get to sleep regardless of what I tried.

Lloyd, can you contact the former owner of your motor home and ask him to cancel his control and then you can get your own subscription? Sure hope no tornadoes appear in your area.  Glad you haven't had any problem with your stents. 

Jenny, what terrible news or Michele from her MRI. No wonder Dave was upset and at least he has you two as a sounding board.  I am glad you are there for him and his family.  Glad he could be with her when she got the news. I will certainly continue my daily prayers for you and your family, including your father. Obviously Dave needs his mama now. 

Shirley, you are certainly right that each person must make their own decisions.  Miracles do happen so we all can continue to pray that one happens for Michelle.

Jane, after your big weekend you are probably having a bit of a letdown and need some extra rest. Hope you feel much better today.

Phyllis, we also are experiencing a very early summer with our 90 degree days.  We have been using our A/C for sometime now. 

Amy, I know you won't be too sorry to see the end of VON's visits as it sounds like a milestone has been reached in your husbands health situation.  Mushroom soup is about the last soup I would ever want to eat as don't care for mushrooms although will each them in something else such as on a pizza.

Gloria, sorry you having to endure another day of rain and damp and 41 degrees isn't very warm.  I really don't want people to worry about me and that is why I try to get here everyday if to say no more than I am checking in.


Good morning. It is a sunny morning, and supposed to go almost up to 80º.

I did not make it in here yesterday.  I was not feeling all that great and still am so tired and just don't feel like doing anything.

I did want to tell you that my son and DIL had an early surprise Birthday party for me on Sunday.   I thought we were going there for steamed crabs, but as it turned out,  they had been planning this party for several weeks.  My birthday isn't until next week, but they will be away that week. I was very much surprised and had not suspected anything like that at all.  They had managed to have my 4 sister-is-law, plus another old family friend to be there. With a lot of arranging rides for all of them,  it all turned out great.  Several nieces had been able to get everyone there.   We had such a nice time, reminiscing about so many things we all had done over the years.  We hadn't all been together for quite a few years.  We didn't have steamed crabs, but did have a delicious dinner.  We all sat at the dining room table and were waited on by the younger generation.  Then, they all went out on their deck to eat together.  It was such a fun time and it was so nice for us all to be together.  Three of them are in their 90's and do have some health issues, but they all looked great and managed to get there with the help of the nieces.  We all have always been a very close-knit family, and used to do some many nice things together. I was an only child, so when I married into this big family, they just have accepted me as just another "sister" all these years.  All of the husbands are gone now, plus 2 other sister-in-laws.   I have been very blessed to have such a loving family all these years.  There are now additional grand-children, and great-grand children.  We make up a big group when we are all together.  We rent a hall at Christmas time,  and most of the family come, except for some that live out of state.   And, they all still look for Santa to show up.

Jenny, I am so sorry to hear the news about Michele.  I will continue to keep her and all of the family in my prayers.  Hopefully, it will be just a little bump in the road.  I pray for strength for all of you.  ANd, prayers do work, so don't give up.  There are new treatments and new meds coming out every day.  And, she seems to have great doctors. 

I have been up for a while, but still need to get something to eat.

Larry, good to see your message today.  I did not sleep well last night either.

Try to have a great day.



FOR AMY,   (and anyone who might be interested)

Amy, a couple days ago, you asked about how you eat a steamed crab.  I kept forgetting to give you answer.

Here is a good video showing you just how you fix and eat a steamed crab.  I know it might seem like a lot of work and it does make a big mess, but , oh such a "delicious mess".  Lots of people get turned off, but if you are a true "Marylander"  you never tire of eating crabs.  The Maryland crabs are just starting to appear in the Chesapeake Bay and will continue being plentiful until late in the fall.   Lots of Marylanders feel that the fall crabs are so much sweeter than the earlier ones.  Most people that don't go and catch their own, usually have a favorite place to buy them fresh or already steamed, or a favorite "crab  House " to go eat them there.  We do have a favorite carry out place nearby, where we usually get them in the summer.  My oldest son has a big deck which makes it nice to eat out on.  They do make a mess, but so worth the trouble.

Here is a link just to show you what it is all about,




Good morning Everyfriend!  I've been up and attem since about 6 this morning but very busy.  I did sleep well and I feel much more rested than yesterday.

Our doggie groomer is here this morning and between baths for the doggies, I've been doing laundry.  I can't have water running both places because it takes from one to feed the other.  But I wanted to have a clean bed for all of us to climb into tonight.

When the groomer leaves, we'll have lunch and then I have to take the trash to the dumpster, stop by the bank to get some moola and ask a question, pick up some stuff at the store where I don't go often (they have it and WM doesn't).  Then the laundry should all be done and I can make up my bed and the one that put up guests this weekend and the same guests two weeks ago. 

Continued prayer for all who need them!  My heart is with you and I pray for good things to happen.

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A beautiful rainy morning in Kansas. I happened to love rainy weather all of my life and will find an excuse to go out in it, rain boots, coat with hoodie & all.  Looking out back the grass carpet matches the color of the weeds in the yard (not a lot of grass this year), blends well with the darker green of the pool cover and many shades of greens on the trees along the river. The leaves are about half filled out so that light "lime" green almost sparkles. The flowering trees are also leafed out with only a slight color of blooms left. The wet trunks & branches of the trees look black, making such pretty accents & lines. Not windy right now or raining at the moment. Radar shows we will have plenty chances for rain all day, and we do need it.

Woke up about 3:30 to find Tiger at the door, they wanted to stay out last night since they sleep all day. No sign of Tom until about 9:00 am, he hides when any lightning & thunder. Callie spent the night inside & is snoring behind my chair. Have a bed by the furnace vent that she decided it purrfect for her. All have had their breakfast so will fix me something more.

I discovered my nearly full half gallon of milk expired yesterday & a whiff while ago convinced me that it will have to go down the drain. Cats will sip a little now & then but not crazy about milk. Has not been a "normal" couple of weeks, but I do hate to waste food, at least sad not to be able to feed it to any outside critters. I was surprised that nothing drinks milk if I take it to the river in a bowl. That and the cherry tomatoes are the only thing that nothing will eat. The tub of cherry tomatoes I spread out along the sandy part of the bank I figured raccoons, opossum, birds, lots of critters would eat, but those little red tomatoes were untouched until they finally disappeared into dust. Wonder why birds & bugs find them when I tried to grow in a large pot in the berm.  >:(

What really sounds good is a skillet of fried potatoes & I do have a bag that will fill the bill. They really don't take too long to fry, been using a teflon skillet instead of the cast iron, much easier to clean. A long ago friend with heart problems explained that "you can still have fried potatoes with just Pam spray & they will brown. I find if I add about a small teaspoon of Crisco (solid) they brown a lot better. Since I can't have my gravy I'll have fresh hash browns to go with my scrambled eggs & call it brunch. I had a hard boiled egg & piece of toast at 3:30 am, cup of coffee & went back to sleep.

Job of the day is to take the elephant to top off with gas while I have a dollar off for 35 gallons. Took it out to the guys to have it "de-winterized" yesterday. My son is so busy right now I kind of sneaked away to get it done. They don't charge a lot & I always take a pan of brownies, doesn't take 2 of them long to check it out & the owner always comes out to visit. I don't know how I was so lucky to find them, but they did warranty work that first year & would talk with the people at the factory. The dealer I bought from was "selling" too many for their repairs guys to keep up.

One of these days I really do need to concentrate on getting this house in order. I was all set to use that site advertised on TV all the time "for any kind of help that you can trust".... only seems their system hasn't been flawless. Back to searching for references from someone I can trust!  Enjoy your day, Every Friend!

UnOh... you kinda slipped in Jane & Joy... My mind was whirling about missing your birthday, Joy.. until I got to the part that it is next week. Being from the mid-west, I never learned to enjoy seafood except for shrimp cocktail & I think the sauce is what I eat it for. But I do enjoy reading about the parties & families & check out how that seafood is eaten.  Jane, you put me to shame with all your house keeping jobs done so fast. This is a super lazy day for me, no excuses, just enjoying it. Larry, I also missed Jeopardy yesterday so no hint from me how he did. One smart cookie, isn't he?


Joy, thank you for the video. I had no idea on how to eat crab but oh my well worth the mess :) They look delicious!!
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I was just going to read this time in but I have something to say to SHIRLEY and anyone else who's interested.  Back in the old store our milk cases were at the front of the store across from the checkouts.  One not-too-busy day the vendor rep from the dairy was filling the cases and I asked him if he was taking all the expired stuff out.  He replied that he was because he had too.  Not because it was bad.  He added that if you buy milk, you shouldn't trust the expiration date.  If it's kept refrigerated, it's probably still good 10 days after the day.  He agreed with me that the "taste" test is the best but the "sniff" test is good too.  That was the item that I learned that day.  I learn something every day.

Today, I learned that critters don't like milk or tomatoes.  Thank you, SHIRLEY!

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I guess we jumped the gun a bit. VON will still be coming for the month of May. I think they are waiting to see how the MRI went. Sent 2 loaves of still warm bread home with the VON....

Shirley, I use sour milk to make biscuits  or muffins. Have  even froze some if I have too much to use.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Jane,   thank you for the info about the expiration dates on milk.  I am not a milk drinker, and I only buy 1/2 gal. and I try to get the date as far in advance as I can.   However, if I buy a 1/2 gal. I usually wind up throwing half of it away and if I buy a quart, I  run out most times.  So, I do try to remember to make pudding when I see it is getting close  to expiration.  And, then usually will throw it out the next day or so.  I will have to remember to taste it  first and maybe it will still be ok for pudding. 

And,  Amy,  I often wonder if I could use sour milk in biscuits.  I know recipes call for buttermilk, which taste sour to me.  So, basically, would that be the same thing as using the sour milk.  Nice to learn something new.

I do buy 1/2 gal. of chocolate milk and I do drink that up quickly.

Glad you found the crab video interesting.   They really are delicious !



Joy, I'm not a big milk drinker either but I like to hav milk on hand for certain things.  I've discovered that the Organic milk, while being a bit more expensive, actually lasts longer.  I haven't had to throw any out since I started buying the organic.  The one I have now is Stonyfield but a company called Horizon puts one out, too.  As I said, they cost a little more ($3.14 for a half gallon) but I have not thrown any away in years.

And now, good night my friends.  And may God bless us, every one!

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