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Aug 06 2020 7:20pm
Sasha:  ;D

Jul 31 2020 8:33pm
mycheal: Delphine hello, best wishes your way :)

Jul 29 2020 7:51pm
Delphineaz: Been a long tme for me too.  Belated Birthday greetings Pouch.  So many have passed away.  Blessed is their reward.

Jul 24 2020 12:14pm
Pooch1: Andie, the old days when 8-10 of us would have fun in the evenings on Senior Net or Chatback and eedy would play her music are long gone.  Hard to tell what's happened to many of our old acquaintances, but time has marched on.  Sad. old acquaintances

Jul 23 2020 8:02pm
Andie: haven't been here in a long time so I feel like a newcomer.  I have been training for this distancing for several years now.  Hope everyone is staying safe.

Jun 10 2020 4:09pm
Denver: Television

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mycheal:  ;D

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Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

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Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

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Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

Soda Shoppe for MAY 1,2019

Started by so_P_bubble, May 01, 2019, 05:59:50 am

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Hi Everyone.  We have a clear sky this morning and we are to get up into the high 80's this afternoon.  Nothing particular on my schedule for today other than seeing Scott, who will be here before long to take his mother to an routine appointment down at the hospital.  Then he will come back to spend some time with us this evening. My blood pressure is pretty low this morning being 73/48 and guess that may be why I am pretty breathless this morning and no energy.  I am going to offer a few comments this morning as got nothing done here in my office yesterday but posting to the discussion boards but want to get some other things accomplished.

Shirley, I try to be hold of something or be where I can grab onto a counter when I am up as had times when I started to fall over sideway or backwards.  The rollator has become a close friend. Unfortunately I don't have much padding on my tush.  I have been across those St. Louis bridges many times and I know what you are talking about. 

Jane, if we can't come up with an answer just prepare your posting as an email and send it to me and I will go in and add it to the this discussion indicating if it from you.  I sure don't want you to stop posting and that would take only a minute to do.  To copy just highlight what you have written and then hit the Control and "C" key and that puts your writing on

Callie, I have used the split screen for a very long time and so handy when posting and can keep the posting you are commenting on open in one tab and your posting box in a second tab and display them side by side.

Lloyd, I have been through Holden many times and had a second cousin who lived there that we visited a few times.  Do you want me to removed your phone number?

Phyllis, I have thought about the grab bar for the side of the bed as we had one for Stacey. However the precautions I put in place yesterday hopefully will prevent any more falls.  Thanks for the suggestion


Good morning everyone, another gloomy day and 48°. No rain  but listening to the weather guessers  from Friday to Monday rain is in the forecast. Think we should start building an Arch like Noah did??

LARRY  so sorry you fell yesterday. I am scared of falling. I know I would not be able to get up on my own and  the EMT's would be called and have to come and pick me up. That James seems not to push that button when he does not know the answer on Jeopardy

SHIRLEY  I have a paper with exercises on it but takes 2 people and I cannot get the CNA to help me with them. No damage from that hail but it was the first time they had it since moving to Arizona.

JANE  your post is green. They do not look any different and are the bold green you have been using. Am I the only one who sees them green? Of course I do my typing on notepad then copy/paste in the post box.

PHYLLIS  I bought a grab bar for my bed years ago when I had trouble getting out of bed. I have to use it every day to get up.

Have a good day.

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Mary Ann

Jane, I wonder if Gloria's system would work for you - type your message in Word or Notepad or whatever you use and you could use the font and size you prefer there.  Then proof and save your work, copy it and paste it in Reply.  Then even if you could not see it clearly, you would know what you wrote was OK and you could select Bold, Size and Color. 

You also could check with Oldiesman or the Computer Q&A folder here.  Rammel is very knowledgeable in that folder.

Mary Ann


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Mary Ann

Jane, it worked on this end, but how was it for you when typing?

Mary Ann


I just can't seem to figure out why it comes and goes.  I did try what PHYLLIS suggested and it worked a bit better but I really liked being able to see it in the #4 and Green as it was going to be after I posted.

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May 02, 2019, 12:00:55 pm #36 Last Edit: May 02, 2019, 12:08:53 pm by CallieOK
Good Morning,

Jane,  before I begin typing, I click B and #3 on the size link.  I type between the [ ] marks.  While I'm typing, I do not see the print in Bold or size 3.  Have to do a "Preview" to see it that way.

Larry,  I like to stack the pages horizontally instead of side by side.  Sometimes I forget to move the cursor to the page I want and wonder why nothing's happening!

I like to get several tenderized chicken cutlets and bake them all at the same time.  Had been using the "dip in egg and crumbs/flour" technique but discovered a package of Shake and Bake at the back of the pantry shelf and thought....."well, why not?"  Baking directions were the same and they turned out great.   May try the flavored S & B next time.   (Half a cutlet is enough for one meal for me so I  cut them in two and freeze - then reheat one serving in whatever I feel like at the time.....BBQ sauce, Sweet & Sour sauce, gravy <from a package>, Cream of Mushroom soup....)

Not raining at the moment so I went out to check the bird feeders and take a close look at the new flowers.  While I was in the yard - a bright light appeared in the sky for a few minutes.  Guess that "lucky old sun' is still up there somewhere.   :thumbup:
Newly planted flowers are gorgeous!  So great to see all that color on these gloomy days.

Did I already mention that this week has no Events to be Overcome By?  I'm catching up on Domestic Duties that have needed to be done but were too easy to be put off because they didn't need doing "right now".

Off to continue my project(s).......
Enjoy your day, Everyfriend

Lloyd Hammond

May 02, 2019, 04:23:42 pm #37 Last Edit: May 02, 2019, 04:26:31 pm by Lloyd Hammond
Larry that would be fine. I put it there so Shirley could give me a cal if she wanted as I don't seam to have her #. she has enough on her Plate now anyway.I have more to fix on the R  V anyway before we are ready to travel. as if i never had enough to do I clipped a sign where the road narrowed and broke the rt hand rear view off so now have it to fix also. could not fiend
bits for the drill so went and bought some more, they may show up now that seams to happen go buy more and they show up. that will be alright will have one set for the R V and one for the shop. Have a great day.



Good morning everyone.

A soggy day here. We had hoped to take away all the bags of pine needles this morning. May have to do it another day if the rain doesn't let up.

Larry, I hope you are not sore from your fall. We also have those socks from the hospital, great when hubby wasn't all that steady on his feet.

Shirley, hope you feel more tickety boo today and not woozy from your meds.

Gloria, the rain is visiting here before it gets to you. I just hope it doesn't cause more flooding in the area.

Callie, I like the Italian Shake and Bake. The last chicken  tenders I did in Panko but I didn't care for that. I really like soda cracker crumbs much better.

Better get a move on, it is a day one would rathe snuggle back down into bed but two dogs said nope!

Enjoy your day everyone.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I'm going to try this before my eyes go buggy and maybe I can see what I'm doing. 

Good Morning Everyfriend.  I've already had the doggies out, made coffee, gave them their pill, (we're waiting for the boinger) and started the dishwasher.  I meant to do it last night before I went to bed so I could put them away this morning but I forgot.  Now I'll have that to do later but at least I'll have some clean spoons.  I seem to run out of them first.

I'll be off to greet my public at Wally World today.  I don't go until 11 today so I'll probably be able to put the dishes away before I go. 

HALLELUIA!  My cleaning dynamo texted me yesterday.  She's ready to start cleaning again and she'll be here Tuesday morning!  I told her plan on DIRT!  Big time!  I did my best and I can't see it but I know it's there.  I'm going to make a deal for an extra hour each time she comes to do an extra job....wash windows, clean the cobwebs off the porch, sweep porches and whatever else enters my mind.

LARRY, I too hope you aren't suffer residual aches from your slip to the floor.  Sometimes they wait a day to attack.  Also, thanks for the offer to post for me but I think I can manage if you all don't mind the errors that I might miss later in the day.

SHIRLEY, I hope you're feeling better and adjusting the meds to suit YOU!  I do that, too and I think my Dr. has finally got used to that.  She asks questions like, "Do you want to take something for that?"  And she tells me things like, "There's a med you can take for that....if you want to."  Usually I don't want to.

I think our boinger time is just about up so I'll wish you all a good day, less rain (or more if you need it) and good friends to share your day.

Now we'll see what happens when I post.

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Jane, your message looks just as it should. 

Everything is fine here.  Expecting rain this afternoon.  That won't bother me since I have some chores to do inside.  I have to get the laundry closet cleaned out in preparation for the wash/dryer delivery tomorrow.  Fingers crossed. :excited:  I'm really tired of handwashing.

Hope it is a good day for all of us.

Lloyd Hammond

well I am batching today, Nancy went up to daughter's so babysit the great grand children. daughter fell at church steps and split the ball in one of her solders. so do be careful can happen to anyone in a fall. 54º and cloudy and light rain here calling for high of 60º today. Have a great day.



Good morning everyone, another gloomy morning and 42°. Just heard rain will start this evening. About now I want "Scotty to beam me up" to a warmer sunny place like he did with Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise.

MARY ANN way back in Bis' busy Nest Oscar who posted there is the one that told me about notepad. When I first joined SN I was jotting down remarks on paper and then when it cam to post I couldn't read what I wrote. Oscar told me about notepad and the copy/paste and have been doing that since.

CALLIE  have not see that bright spot on the sky that you mentioned. For days now the sky has been miserable shades of gray.

AMY  you send snow to us and cold temperatures but  never rain. That  mostly comes from southwest unless we get a nor'easter and that doesn't happen often.

JANE  Wish I had a cleaning dynamo like you have. My windows sure need washing, CNA's not allowed to do that. Even the housekeepers they have are not supposed to do it either and I cannot anymore.

PHYLLIS  hope the washer delivery is on schedule.

LLOYD  Nancy will enjoy being with the grands.  Hope your daughter's shoulder heals fast. Hard when shoulder is hurt. I know.

Have a good day.

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Lloyd Hammond

we may have Ben born in the wrong generation? when i was a child we started out with wash boards then got a washing machine that had a lever on the side to agitate the clothes and a hand turning wringer. Later got a Maytag electric, and after the clothes were gated enough mom had a piece of broom handle about 2 foot long to pick the cloths out of the hot water and stick them in the wringer. the machine was square so set two tubs side by each other. ran the cloths into one and then the other them catch them and put them in a basket to take out and hang on the line. now day's we put them in the washer with soap and softener in a built in container and it is despondence at the right time when they are spun out switch to drier. lot easier. and the water is ran down the sewer so do not have to pumped carried in and out or heat on stove. a decised now  neighbor used to say good old days heck only thing about the good old days you had a strong back and a weak mined. and if I hadn't used that strong back so much back it would not hurt so much now. Have a great day relaxing.



Hi Everyone.  We have a cloudy morning and it is suppose to get to 84 this afternoon with a fairly good chance of some rain, which would be welcome.  Our housekeeper is here. That is the only thing on the schedule for today so it should be a quiet afternoon and evening.  I did have a good night's sleep this morning but after I sat up on the side of the bed I felt my energy drain.  Have any of you experienced such a feeling? Pat got her second Instant Pot, the 3 quart one, on Wednesday and she and Scott had to do quite a bit of rearrangement of things in the kitchen to accommodate both of them side by side.  She is telling folks her large Instant Pot had a baby.

Gloria, this is the third day since I fell and I am hoping the soreness will lessen after today.  Pat checked this morning and said I had a whooper of a bruise on the tailbone area.  That is a small price to pay for a fall.  I understand your fear of falling and that is why I won't walk but a few steps without holding on to my rollator and when that happens there is something else I can hold onto.  I found out my floor is very hard on when I was down on it and couldn't get up.  I am surprised your CNA isn't willing to help you with your exercises.  I tried to get started on an exercise yesterday but only lasted a couple of minutes.  I am trying to get more steps in each day. Since I have an adjustable bed I put the top up as far as it will go and it provides me something to push on to help get up.

Callie, I have also used the the tabs stacked horizontally but just prefer the side by side as a litle less scrolling involved. 

Lloyd, last evening when I read your ok to remove your phone number I did go back and edit your posting and removed that one sentence.  Sorry to of the fall your daughter had.  I hope her children don't require lifting. 

Amy, as I have indicated I am very sore from my fall.  I was able to get into a position in bed last night where the tailbone didn't hurt and think that had something to do with sleeping so well. 

Jane, don't worry a whit about a typing error. 

Phyllis, like you rain here won't bother me in the least as stay in all the time anyway except to see the doctors.  Glad you will get your new washer tomorrow.


Time out to type.... I've been in & read posts 2 or 3 times but get side tracked before answering. First of all, I did copy your phone number, Lloyd, to give you a call with mine. I think it is easier to let it come up on caller ID to have it already on my phone. Trying to get organized with MY days & watching for when y'all plan to leave. I'm still not clear which direction you are heading as I am not "on the way to FL or points east! I will watch for your posts. Sorry about the side mirror... I clipped one of those tall orange cones when I had a new Subaru... was watching the ground because someone had splattered them all over the street & did not notice a tall one that had a bent top & hit the back of the driver's side mirror. Cost a whole bunch to replace it & I was angry the city had a defective one sticking out like that. I remember doing the wash like you said... Mom had a square Maytag washer & wringer & put 2 tubs for rinsing, had a bottle of bluing to make the whites whiter. Those baskets were heavy to haul out to the clothesline.

Larry, I don't remember how long my tail bone stayed sore when I stepped back off that ladder, but no bruises for me since I don't take blood thinners (except for aspirin now). I found when I was really out of shape one spring, that instead of doing any timing, what worked for me was counting times to put a foot in that stretchy band & push... would do a number on each leg for a week & then increase a few pulls the next week. Surprising how much better my legs worked for "normal" walking after that. We really do have to keep at it but I am NOT good about exercising. My 89 year old brother in law works out twie a day & amazing how well his body still works. He is the one that had the melanoma 30 years ago on top of his head & spent 9 months on Interferon which turned him into a shrunken old man, but 6 months after it was over he had reversed the damage. I do not have that kind of will power. Love Pat's crack about the Instant pot having a baby....... Oh, that energy drain you get, that is how I felt when anemic, like someone hit me in the stomach & all the wind drained out. Try to eat extra protein, maybe eggs & raisins?  I could always tell when I got low, my eyes are my "weak point" & they would not be as sharp, even just a little low. They gave Andy a new kind of iron after his heart surgery & seemed to bring him up fast. I take Fergon & do keep it on hand for when I feel the need, but don't take it all the time. I do still eat "red" meat & eggs, the yolks have the vitamins that help most.

Here comes Tom, he goes over that Dutch door to the basement & sounds like it is falling down. It started raining & he has to run to me to save him. One big scaredy cat.

Gloria, I'm still wondering why your CNA can't do windows.... not like she had to get outside on a ladder, is it?  My windows need cleaning but after living in KS for nearly 50 years I know it is a waste of time. No kidding, every time I wash windows the wind will blow dust & sprinkle rain so before I can admire clean windows they are covered with mud.

Oh, wow, I just looked down at the river & it is really up today! Don't think it is over the bike path across the river, so many trees it is hard to see from inside the house.

Is Gloria de missing?  Hope she is okay.

Have nothing to show for the morning so better get on my horse & giddy up.  Y'all behave........love ya, Shirley


Good Morning,

Amy,  I didn't like the Panko crumbs for coating, either.  I save the heels of bread loaves for crumbs and have begun toasting them before making crumbs and putting them in freezer.  I'm sure there are several S & B flavors I'm not familiar with.  Will have to look next time I'm at the grocery store.

Larry,  I hadn't thought about less need for scrolling if the split screens are side-by-side.  I usually narrow the horizontal width of the one I'm typing on.  My philosophy is "Whatever works...."  ;)

Hi, Shirley.  the screen "warned" me a new reply had been posted while I was typing and suggested I "may wish to review my post".  Consider it reviewed! 
Would gladly share some of our rain with you - particularly the amount that my home area of southeastern Oklahoma has had.
Sons went to our property there a week ago today and couldn't get across the creek that bisects the pastures because of water depth and fast flow.
 #2 son used the drone he got for Christmas to "explore" the back part. The video was interesting to watch.  He was so proud of himself because he managed to land it on the cover across the bed of his pickup.   ;D

Project du Jour is desk work and bookwork. 
"Get busy, Callie"   

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.

Lloyd Hammond

Thanks Larry It was the daughter's grand our great grands. there mother got called back to teach school they fired the teacher was teaching the since class she had took leave to be a stay at home mom.and she relay needs to be home with them they have 4 and the oldest is in kindergarten. the youngest is just a few month old. slips my mined just how old but still crawling and trying to learn to walk. he can only with someone holding his hands. still cloudy and drizzling on and off here. currently 58º



Hello Everyfriend!  I'm in for the evening!  I worked 11 - 3 and as I was leaving, there was a lady on crutches obviously having a hard time standing.  She said, "Excuse me, you wouldn't be going to Milton, would you?"  I told her that I just lived down the road a bit and asked her why she was asking.  She said she needed a ride there because someone had brought her to pick up her last pay check and then left her there.  Milton is another small town about 4 mile away and guess what?  I took her home.  I figured she was on crutces and I'd sure like it if I didn't have to stand around on crutches.  She was very nice  and thanked me profusely.

I had my first "waltz" of the season yesterday with WALLY WEED WHACKER and I'm feeling the effects today.  I have sore places on my body that I didn't even realize were "places".  Here comes the Epsom salts and heating pad!

And I was still home in time to meet Cathy to go to the Amish Store.  Busy day!  Now I'm here for the rest of the day.  Time to feed the doggies and myself.  Hope you are all feeling as well as possible.  And if you need a ride, I hope you find someone like me!

Where's Gloria De?

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Going to call it a night.

Had a good day and will likely wake up to the loons calling back and forth.

Jane Gloria de was on yesterday at 01:43:23 pm I hope she feels up to posting tomorrow. That was so kind of you to help that lady out but I already know what a big heart you have!

Nite everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good late evening. Jane I am here, the breathing seems to get worse.  I always have like to be off the oxygen during the day, but now I am back and forth. I cannot light the gas stove when the oxygen is on.    To day I am tired, my DIL from Niceville arrived last night after 10PM she was stuck in Baltimore airport because of bad storm. So we talked till Midnight.  Then to day a social worker came along with the nurse. I now have low blood pressure,use to be high. I am satisfied so far with this type of Hospite. Just one doctor and no more Hematologist. I guess it is not for everyone,but for my age and lifestyle I am satisfied what I am offered.

Larry hope you feel better. I like my 3 qt,cooker.

Gloria, I still do the jot down method. I do not know how to split screens or notebook

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Good early morning.  Just checking in.

I will be gone for most of the day, so, hopefully,  I won't be too tired to remember to post something when I get home

Gloria de, so glad to see your message this morning.  I am sure you will have a great visit with your DIL.

Jane, your helping the lady out sounds just like something we would all expect you to do.
I am sure she was very grateful.  That wasn't a very nice thing for her friend to just leave her there.  Not easy to get around on crutches.  As my aunt used to say...."you will get your crown one day."

Hope everyone will have a good Saturday.



Good morning everyone..

Cloudy here this morning...went to sleep listening to the frogs singing and woke up with the loons call echoing across the lakes.

Not sure what is happening today. Will see if Kyle wants to go to an antique cars show in a near by town if not then laundry it will be.

Gloria de, great to see your post...nice that your DIL is spending time with you.

Joy, have a fun day even if you do get tired later. I find that I know there will be a time we won't be able to go the long distances so we do it while we can. Housework can wait! Once summer gets here there is more work to do also.

Gloria, no more s*** I hope until fall.....late fall that is :)

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


May 04, 2019, 07:19:28 am #53 Last Edit: May 04, 2019, 07:21:44 am by Gloria
Good morning everyone,  52° warmed up but raining again, maybe I should say still raining.

JANE  when I type in Notepad it is black.

LARRY  like you I depend on my rollator to get around. It is hard getting it over the threshold into the kitchen so I hold  on to the counters when I go in there. I am lucky to have a CNA when others in this building could use one but their insurance will not pay for it. The one I have loves to talk. They can do light housework but not allowed to move anything. I do get started on exercises and then get lazy and stop.

SHIRLEY  I have had other CNAs who will do many things not on their list  to do but they never last long. The windows here tip in for easy washing inside and out but that is more than I can do these days. I did post yesterday.

CALLIE & AMY  I don't like the panko crumbs either. Tried them a couple of times then threw them away.

GLORIA de  I don' t do the split screen anymore. I type on notepad and it drops to the taskbar when I come back to SS.

JOY  you really posted early this morning.

AMY  no s*** till 12-24-19 hopefully not much then, just enough to be pretty.

Have a good day.

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I'm up and attem....well, I'm up!  I'm happy about your reaction to my helping the lady out with a ride.  I didn't tell my daughter because I'm afraid she would begin telling me that I took a chance and I guess I did but the feeling was worth the chance and the reaction of all of you was even better!  Thanks!

The doggies have had their pill and we're waiting for the boinger. Then breakfast and the day begins. 

AMY, you're right about doing what we feel like doing now because the time is coming when we won't feel like doing it and I'm going down to Ollie's today.  They have a couple of things that I think I'm going to buy with a special of 25% off one item.  I might stop in a discount grocery store while I'm there and maybe I'll have the car washed.  Sounds like a promising day.  If I play my cards right and the time is right, I can have lunch while the car gets clean.  There's a Wendy's right next door. 

Now I'm off to do my crossword puzzle before the boinger goes off.  I wish you all a great day.  I'm always happy to see a post from everyone and to know what's happening in your live.  It's kind of like a phone call from a friend or a chat over coffee.  Enjoy!

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I have an Ollies just a few blocks away and I've never been inside it.  I don't even know what they sell.  Maybe, I'd better check them out....I might be missing something I think I really need.  Or, maybe not.  I can't think of a thing that I really need right now.  :(

Gray day here with rain supposed to move in this afternoon. I just got a call that the washer/dryer will be delivered this afternoon.  I hope they don't let the rain put them off.  I have a basket full of laundry that will go in as soon as the washer is hooked up!

Lloyd Hammond

well good morning everyone. it is 44º here and very bright sunshine calling for high of 67º. I am going to see if I can get a new rear view mirror to replace the one i knocked off and buy a new up to date dish so we will be Abel to watch TV when parked iv R V park. the new dish they tell me will also pick up you tube like the home T V dose. I can't live with out my westerns. we also have those tip in windows.but do not have the energy to do the cleaning. Have a great day.


Lloyd Hammond

phyllis Mabye you should take a true you might fiend something you can't live without and not brake the bank. have a great day



Hi Everyone.  It is another sunny morning starting out 71 degrees and going up into the low 80's this afternoon with a 50% chance of rain.  I laid down yesterday about 10:30 and stayed their until around 3 pm. I finished listening to an audio book that I had just started the night before.  I took my shower this morning and washed my hair and it took up my days supply of energy.  I have nothing else I need to do today other than read and post here in the message boards. I did open a package of medicine I had gotten from my health insurer and got the good news that one of the expensive drug Renexa I have taken for years finally has a generic and so rather than the $80 copay I have had in the past it is now $15 for a three month supply.  Just like getting a little pay raise.  I now just have one expensive drug that is $125 co-pay for a three month supply.

Shirley, I am beginning to think I may have cracked my tail bone but know there is nothing to be done about that other than time to heal.  Pat had one of those stretch bands when she was rehabing from her hip and knee surgeries.  I think I will ask her if she still has it as that might help strengthen my legs.

Callie, that was a good use your son made of his drone.  I think many farmers are now using them as it gives them a good idea of their crops or to count their cattle. It sounds like he has become pretty skilled in its use. 

Lloyd, those little ones would require picking up and I suppose one could do that with one shoulder working well.  I have it written down as to the ages of our great grandchildren.

Jane, how kind of you to take the lady on crutches home.  That was very inconsiderate of the lady who had brought her to the store not to stay until she was ready to go home.  It is those little things we can do for others that enrich our lives.  Do you have benches at the front of your store where people can sit down.  I have utilized the ones we have in our Walmart many times as I have waited for Pat to shop after I finished my shopping.  Using a weed wacker is hard work even for a young person.  I hope you have one that has a wheel on it so you don't have to bear the beat of it as you use it.

Lindancer, as I commented in Norm's B&T is is a relief to see you posting and know you will have someone with you all of the time now for awhile. I am now using oxygen when I am in bed and while sitting in my easy chair.  Apparently it lessens the work on the heart and the lung doctor the other day said such use is helpful even if my oxygen level isn't low. 

Amy, going to an antique car show sounds better than doing laundry any day. 

Gloria, the only threshold we have in going into the garage (and I hope the new ramp will help with that problem) and at the front door.   Pat goes to the mailbox through the garage so she doesn't have to deal with the little step on onto the front porch as well as the threshold at the front door.  I also use the counters when I am in the kitchen and door jams when I am in the bathroom or master closet. 

Jane, helping the lady on crutches in your store is certainly not the same as stopping to pick up someone you don't know from the side of the road.  It sounds like you have a nice day planned. 

Phyllis, we also have an Ollies over in Augusta but I am sure we will not be going there.  I do see their weekly flyers and expect there are some good buys there.  It sounds like your washer/dryer delivery will be occurring this afternoon since you have heard from them today. 

Lloyd, hope your shopping plans go well today.  I hope you don't plan on getting on top of your motor home to install the Dish.


A good Saturday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND❣️

I am sorry to say I have not posted but have read all the post quickly and again I must say that I thank you ALL for the wonderful supportive comments.  They mean the world to me and I get strength from your support.  I MUST keep a positive attitude as MIRACLE DO HAPPEN, and Michele is going to be one for sure❣️

Doing laundry and trying to get to one of my Dads last few living relatives, 87TH Birthday Party this afternoon.

I hope to get back in and read and post later on.

Enjoy your day, EVERYFRIEND ❣️