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February 28, 2020, 09:52:51 pm

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brian: ampersands--------------   ok i see  now

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Soda Shoppe for MAY 15,2019

Started by so_P_bubble, May 14, 2019, 11:02:52 pm

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I came home from work tired right down to my toenails!  It was a very busy day and trying to find time to blow my nose, cough and get extra fluids into my system in addition to being nice to the customers and not breathing my germs on their food made for a very stressful day. 

I came home, let the doggies out, gave them their snack and hit tie sofa.  It was loaded with zzzzs and was more than willing to share. I slept for almost 2 hours and coming back to life, took some time.  I might still be sleeping if the new yard guy hadn't called to say he wants to come by and get started on my projects tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to that.  We're hoping to eliminate the mud that the dogs track in. 

CALLIE, I have vivid memories of being at Cindy's in Texas when they had a tornado warning.  Her "Hidey Hole" is a very large closet under the stairs and when I looked in, there were already two kids and two very large dogs in there.  Cindy was waiting to go in.  My claustrophobia almost caused a panic attack.  I opted for the bathroom across the hall.  It was a little guest bathroom and was also on an inside wall.  The only loose object in there was a mirror over the sink.  I set it on the floor with the glass facing the wall, removed everything from the back of the toilet and my doggie and I took up residence on the floor.  A little claustrophobia but doable.

I'm getting my "get up and go" back and it's a good thing because both dogs are going to the Vet to have teeth pulled tomorrow.  We're hoping that's their biggest problem and that both will feel better when the job is done and the they are healed.  Gonna be a busy day tomorrow with doggies and yard man. 

I hope you all had a good day and that it continues through the night.  You all deserve the best!

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May chicken out & turn the furnace back on... down right chilly here. Can't believe how dark & cloudy all day, think only a couple inches of rain but the ground was already soggy. The pool is up to the top again... so much for pretty.  >:(

Cats have had their supper, Tiger wanted out to sit under the patio table to watch it rain, Tom hunkered down by an inside wall (guess he's watched too much news about were it's safe in the house).... and Callie is under the bench by the fireplace. They are not happy with the weather.

I'm going to heat up a pot of those beans & ham, had the rest of the ribs for lunch, along with more of the grapefruit. My body is needing salads but no salad fixings in the house. Have some potatoes & fresh grease in the "fry baby" so will make some french fries for comfort food. It has been a peaceful day, did nothing but eat & sleep. Didn't watch ANY news to get upset over so hope the world got along without me. 

Sorry you are feeling rotten, Jane.... spring colds are the pits! Most of the time I get on the computer & watch radar & listen to a local radio station that has people running all around the county to watch for tornados or other weather messes.... Now & then I will gather up my purse, cameras & stuff I can't live without & take to the basement & come back up to keep watch out the doors. I am not thrilled to be in a basement where the upstairs could come down on one plus having the gas & water pipes break & either drown or explode. The trees are whipping so bad today I fully expect to see one of them topple over with roots in the air. Not a straight line wind but they go back & forth like snapping a whip. Hope the pups do well for the vet, poor babies... :smitten:

Lloyd Hammond

well I got up at 4:00 A M and went by my self down to A R V salvage on I44 and got the parts we need to fix the slide out so it will work again. and a right hand mirror to replace the one I knocked off on the sign post.so first day with out rain for a few hours will put them on. hope that will be tomorrow. so god willing we will get on the road in the next 2 0r 3 days. two or three hours will let us put the repairs in place. and same amount will let us load food and clothes in it. we are currently for the last three or so getting thunder storms and some straight line wind's. the 300 miles driving has me wore out. Nancy had turned the power off to the heat / air out of the dash and I never thought about that, looked every control on the dash except that one. started out chilly then the sun came out reversed that for a while.
i got back and stopped at Bobs, He got in on passenger side an looked and reached over and turned it on,simple fix ( showed me ) how bad my short term bran dose not work Proper. so it is time I get to bed with my BY papt Machine on wishing you all sweet dreams and goodnight. Hope to see you all tomorrow.



Good morning everyone...

Cloudy day  here,no rain as of yet and we missed both T storms that they were calling for. :thumbup:

Today is blood work for hubby, stop in and see if I can get my a/c fixed at the garage, stop at the repair fella and see if we can take the lawn mower that doesn't want to run to him. I need to phone for more wood and phone the vet for an appointment for Babe. I think an e-ray is in order on her hip and we need more meds.

Lloyd, hope you fine the parts and time to fix your motorhome..

Shirley, we have a fire on, it may go out later but in the morning it takes the chill away.

Jane, you have a busy day today. Give the puppies lots of huggies. Hope you are feeling better today.

Phyllis, thank goodness for the IP company changed their arrival time plus 4 more showed up so into the pot went the fixing for spaghetti, double the amount and in 20 min it was done>So along with other fixings on the table a group of 10 at a hearty meal.

Callie, are you ok??

Gloria de, hope you are feeling better today.

Gloria, I am with you I also don't care to fry. You just reminded me I should take the cover off of our a/c.

Joy, I would love to sleep in but with 2 dogs that want up ,out and their breakfast one doesn't get much of a chance to sleep in.

Larry, hope you are feeling better and have a great day today.

Jenny, love your new avatar. How is Michele doing?

Roley, good morning to you if your taking a moment to have a peek in.

Better get going...

Enjoy your day everyone.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Been up more than an hour, fed cats & me.... but rain won't stop so all 3 cats have gone back to sleep. They are pitiful after so many days inside. No end to rain so will watch for any short break so they can get out. They won't even go outside the pool fence unless I go with them, for fear they can't dash back inside if rain starts. They have 3 litter boxes in the house plus Callie thinks she has to have the "training" pads, so it keeps me busy cleaning up after them!

Lloyd, not sure where all this rain comes from or is heading, but hope you have weather check on your RV to warn you of flooded roads, looks like KS is one big puddle. Stay safe!  If you plan to come through Wichita I sent you my phone number to give me a "heads up". I do have a cardio appointment that can't be changed & since on the other side of town, takes up most of the day. Have a grandaughter's wedding plus daughter coming in town for that, AC man due today but will probably have to postpone because of rain.... I do want to be able to meet y'all where ever you land. I check e-mail often so it is the best way to catch me. My "Voice mail" that picks up on the phone will NOT let me retrieve the messages. No amount of complaints from me is going to change that unless I want to completely drop that account and open a new one. That would be a nightmare so just warn everyone to not bother using the voice mail. Messages go to that if a call comes in when I am on the phone, other wise, it will go to my answering machine that I can get.  Do be safe, lots of roads flooding right now & it will be heading down stream so will follow you as you go south.

Will have to put on rain boots, coat & hood, can't use umbrellas in this wind, to go pump water out of the pool & turn that pump off for a while. It has been running since Sunday & don't want to burn it out in case the skimmer basket gets too full & makes it work too hard. 

Callie, weather people warning about OK being in such a mess with flooding & wind damage. Hope you are okay, would appreciate you turning off the faucet!

Good morning, Amy. Sounds like you have a busy day/week ahead.  More wood??  :o


Good morning everyone. It got hot here yesterday 87°and lucky it was not humid. Will have to call my son and ask him to get my AC in. I dislike the portable one but we were told on moving in that we had to have that kind and no window ones. Take s a big chunk out of the room that is not too big to begin with. Just heard that the first sub-tropical storm has formed in the Atlantic.

SHIRLEY  I like pink grapefruit with NO sugar. I like it better than an orange. For years I was taking cholesterol meds and could not eat grapefruit-stops the meds from working right. Now that pill was dropped and I can enjoy grapefruit again.

JOY  like you it takes me hours to do something I used to do fast. Hate that feeling. Thank goodness I have a good CNA that does things above her job description. I used to be up early in the mornings and ready to get moving. Now I hate getting out of bed and just want to go back to sleep.

PHYLLIS  like you I have no place for anything more on my counters are small so no room anything else.

GLORIA de  hope you felt better as the day went on yesterday.

CALLIE  takes me so long to get started in the mornings I feel like I am lazy. When I say that to my CNA she tells me I am not lazy, just conserving my energy.

Have a good day.

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Good Morning All!  The doggies are at the vet and it's awfully quiet around here!  I hated having to trick them out of breakfast this morning.  But it worked out pretty good.  After we waited for the boinger, instead of going in the kitchen for breakfast, we put on the leashes, went outside and got in the car. 

I have to work on paper work this morning until the yard guy gets here then we shall see!  I hope you all dry out and the wind settles.  It's sunshiny here but a bit cooler.  Good day for yard work! 

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Amy, thank goodness I never have to feed as many as you do!  That would send me into a panic now.  Didn't use to worry about an extra plate or more on the table but now I am just not up to it.  However, I like to cook ahead and I'm so glad that my David doesn't mind leftovers so I'm getting closer to the InstaPot.  We'll see.  Still trying to think where I could put it...... :-\

Sun is up and it is a pretty morning.  Not supposed to be quite as hot today so I think it will be a good day to go have the car checked to make sure all of its "innards" are ok. I called the dealer and they said it would take about an hour and a half to two hours.  I'll take my Galaxy pad along and do some reading or surfing.  The waiting room at the dealer's has Wi-Fi.  Yay!

Gloria, when we moved to this house I was delighted to have much more counter and cupboard space than I had in our house in New York.  It didn't take me long to fill it up.  I am a terrible collector.  Every new kitchen appliance is something I think I need to have.  That isn't necessarily so.     ::)

Take special care, Everyone!


Phyllis .. 

Perhaps is it time for you you
re evaluate the "stuff" that you have
on your counters,  and leave only
the ones that you actually use.  or
expect to use in the future. 

I do that all the time and it
is amazing the amount of space
that I can free  up !! 


The furthest distance
in the world is,
between how it is, and
how you thought it would be!

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Sandy, I do that every now and then.  The problem is that then I can buy something new to fill up the empty space.  It is an addiction.    :idiot2: 


Hi Everyone.  Blistering hot days here in South Carolina in the very high 90 and Memorial Day is to be 101 or higher.  I am sorry I didn't get back here yesterday afternoon but ran into problems with my laptop computer and by afternoon was very tired.  Unfortunately I didn't get a wink of sleep last night or yesterday and am on fumes today so will just check in and perhaps make a comment or two as I go back and read the postings for the last two days.  Pat just reminded me I could take a Benedril and that should help me sleep so, even though I have several other things I want to get done here in my office, rest is more important and hope I can sleep for a few hours.

Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone. well it is 53º and light rain here calling for 64º and thunder storms rest of the day and night but is supposed to have some sun tomorrow. god knows what we need so will have what he want;s. I am not going to hit the road until the weather settles down. hope it lets up for a while today. have a great day today,



Oklahoma Weather Report: 
Statewide:  11...maybe 12 or 13...tornadoes, a few large enough to make the news,  lots of hail storms but not huge size hail stones,  LOTS of flooding that will continue as big rivers flow into smaller creeks, etc.  Noon news reported 22 water rescues along streets and highways this morning.

My immediate area: Heard thunder in the distance during the night and rain on my roof - no hail, at least none large enough to hear.
Yard is very soggy but no standing water. However, son who lives on other side of town reported 4.5 inches of rain in his gauge between 8:30 last night and 6:30 this morning.
I had errands within two miles of my house in different directions this morning and saw no standing water anywhere.
Now seeing patchy blue sky and sunshine.  Noon weather reports it will be warm and muggy but there should be no more rain "for a few days". 

All is well in my world. 

(Shirley,  sorry, I couldn't reach far enough to turn off the faucet heading in your direction.)

Hope Everyfriend Everywhere is having an Enjoyable Day.   


My rain gauge shows slightly under 4" of rain.... so that river is higher than last week because the ground was already soggy & full up!  Last week it was the highest I'd seen in over 30 years but this week topped it! Roads are flooding all over the state & I notice a flowering (HUGE) tree across the street went over, doesn't look like it damaged anything since it fell on their driveway. I can hear my trees on the river (IN the river now) hanging on by their roots & yelling for help.

I went to Menards to pick up my Shark Navigator, got it put together & charging. Boy, have I missed that cleaning tool for a couple weeks. I have a piece of poster board hanging around the new one with a piece of elastic.... will be watching these cats like a hawk. Tom & Callie are guilty of "marking" their territory when down along the river & I will make them stay out if I catch either one doing that in the house again!  Tom never did it until Callie moved in.

Weather lady is saying we still have tornado & T-storm warnings and watches in Kansas, more to come! AC man to come on Friday since he couldn't come today. I expect those poor yard guys are pulling their hair out with not being able to mow regular for a couple weeks & it being so tall it takes twice as long to do the job. I wanted them to lower their blades the last few weeks but they say they can't, it slows them down too much. I have some Bermuda grass that would like to spread if it could get more sunlight. I have a John Deere in the shed & tempted to get it out & do myself. Will have to make adjustments for my short legs. I tried to drive it when Cas was alive & discovered I couldn't reach the clutch to shut it down! My problem today was son tightened the lid on the "basket" inside the pool pump & I can't get it off to clean the leaves out that I vacuumed up. Need to vac again when the rain stops.

Better fix me something to eat. I worked up an appetite "stewin' & frettin' ".......Take care, Every Friend!


The doggies came through their visit with the vet ready to come home.  They've been mostly inactive since they got home and I've spent the time trying to make them understand that I still  love them.  I think they know because they've never left me since they got back.  Now I have to chase them outside and go to bed. 

Have a happy sleep and a good tomorrow.

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Lloyd Hammond

well it seams everyone is soggy. we had a little over 4" of rain in last 24 hours. sun did show her face a while this after noon. but weather reporter is saying more for tomorrow. I am going to bed wishing you all sweet dreams coming true, Goodnight



Hope, I can wake ]early,as the foot doctor is coming to morrow.  all of a sudden I am writing little again not sure what is happeningagaintrying to change the size.  I think my mind is going backward again

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May 22, 2019, 12:32:27 am #107 Last Edit: May 22, 2019, 12:36:08 am by Denver
Burrrr, winter is back! 🤬🤬. Crazy storm causing all kinds of plant and tree damage with heavy snow and freezing temperatures.

We enjoyed a few wonderful days spending time with our new little Grandson, Jonah and his parents. The time just passed much too quickly, so I am feeling really let down that the visit is over. 

Today is Dr. Dave's Birthday , so we had dinner together at their home tonight.  I wanted to cook a meal for them but Michele ordered out and Bob went and picked it up.  We had a cake for him and a gift.  Michele did sit at the table with us and stayed for the Happy Birthday song, but then she had to head off to bed. She has been trying so hard to be more involved but she can only be up for so long and then she must rest.  She will have a week off from her chemo treatment due to the holiday, and we are hopeful she might regain some of her strength.  🙏🙏

LARRY, I certainly hope and pray that you are sleeping tonight and will awake reste.  Nothing worse than not being able to sleep. 

Thank you, AMY, for the comment on my new avatar....I just could not resist sharing a picture of my boy!  He and his family arrived back in California this afternoon, but they did have a couple of delays leaving Denver due to the ice and snow. 

I hope you all have a good night of rest.


Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. they say 58º and clear now and heading for 78º and partly cloudy for today. if it just don't rain maybe we can get the new parts on the R V and get it loaded and ready to hit the road yet this weak.Have a great day and a better day tomorrow.



Good sunny morning to everyone...

Yesterday was a lot of hurry up and wait. Blod clinis was full so we went back later in the day for hubby's blood draw. Garage was also full to the brim and I am to phone today to see if he can get my van in. Wood order has been placed , now wait and see when he delivers. I did get an appointment at the vet for 11 am tomorrow for Babe .Stopped in at the fix all place to see if we could bring the lawn mower in and he is also full, behind he said for two weeks!!  So I stopped at a business where our friends work and asked if he had time to check on it and he stopped in after work and now the mower is going!

Today is garage ,maybe then clean up around home and pick some rhubarb to cook up with some pineapple for a sauce.

Listeneing to the loon call at the moment. went to sleep listening to them last night.  Need to get ready in case today the van can get fixed..I sure hope so as hot weather is coming and we need the a/c for the dogs.

Enjoy your day everyone
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning!  The doggies spent a good night and ate breakfast as usual this morning.

JENNY!  please do something about that weather!  My daughter and the other side of her family are trickling into Denver all this week for a wedding on Saturday.  My daughter and her immediate family will be arriving on Friday.  We're all praying for nice weather because Cathy and family decided that since they're going that far anyway, they might as well take a vacation and see the area and do some fun things.  I hope they don't have to do it all in winter coats and boots.  Worse yet, I hope they don't get snowed out!

I think the doggies want to go out again!  I'll try to get back later.  In the meantime, enjoy your day!

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The sun is coming up and I don't think it will be too hot.  Yesterday was beautiful....temp. in the mid-80's and cloudless blue sky.  Humidity was down.  It is supposed to be mostly cloudy later today and hot again on the weekend.

I got the car in for the 10,000 mile maintenance.  I kind of held my breath that they might find some problem but everything is OK.  whew!

Kind of a boring day today with only household laundry to do.  But, I deal with boring better than I do with panic these days.  :o 

Happy Birthday to Dr. Dave, Jenny.  It was nice that Michelle felt like she could join the family dinner for a little while.  Still praying for her.

Good morning, Lloyd, Jane and Amy, and all who will come along later.

Take care, Everyone.


Good morning everyone, looks like we are in for a good day with weather today with less wind than yesterday.  Weather guessers are saying a good weekend for a change with no rain. Will believe it when I see it.

PHYLLIS  like you when I think of the meals I cooked for a crowd I wonder how I did it. Now it is hard to cook even just for me. When I moved here I had to get rid of many kitchen appliances I had, no room here.

LARRY  hope you slept better last night. I have nights when I don't get any sleep and feel worn out all the next day.

CALLIE  glad those tornadoes stayed away from you and your family.

SHIRLEY  I remember once when you posted a picture of the river flooded over it's banks.

JENNY  your Jonah looks like an armful, so cute. Michele sure is a fighter, that is good.

AMY  wonder how we enjoyed driving before we got AC in our cars.

Have a good day.

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Good morning.  Pretty sunny morning here in the east.  We have had a nice reprieve from all the rain that the so many places are going through.  It is supposed to be nice throughout the holiday week end.  Maybe some very scattered thunderstorms, but not bad enough to cancel any plans.

I have no plans until Monday, when we all will go out to dinner for my middle son's birthday. 

Jenny, glad that Michele was able to join the family for a little while.  I still have her in my prayers.

Larry, hope you will have a better day.  You are in my prayers, also.

Gloria, I hope your weather is good enough that you can get outside for a little while, anyway.  I, too, do not fix any big meals anymore. I was at a shower for one of my great nieces last Sat. and the next generation, after mine, did a fantastic job with all the arrangements, food and decorations. I told one of my nieces, that our generation has turned all the parties and get togethers over to their generation now.  We did our share for so many years, and really enjoyed doing it, but it is time for us to retire.  I don't mind taking a simple dish, but they did such a great job with the shower, that it will be their jobs now.  I can remember some of the big parties that my sister-in-laws planned and put together. We all were always so afraid that we would run out of food, that we used to go overboard.  The younger ones these days, do tend to be a little less generous with what they bring.  But, they will learn.  LOL  We have such a big family that it takes a lot when we all are together.  But, it was fun, and I do miss doing all what we did.

Amy, sounds like you will be busy today.

Good morning to you, also,  Jane, Phyllis, Lloyd, Larry, Shirley and anyone that I have missed.  Hope today will be a good one for everyone.



Hi Everyone.  It is going to be another hot day today getting up to 93 this afternoon with the possibility of some popup showers. 

I am happy that last night I got 6 good hours of sleep after being awake from Monday morning until after 8 pm last evening and getting extremely tired.  I feel refreshed this morning and with a new feeling of optimism in my life. 

Things moved quickly yesterday afternoon starting about 2:30 when I called the Hospice people to inquire if they had received the papers from my cardiologist office.  She hadn't but said she would immediately contact that office and call me back in a few minutes, which she did saying she now had the papers in hand.  Things worked out that the Hospice nurse came to the house within and hour or so and spent the next two hours plus with us explaining what their program involved.  After learning what Hospice would do for me over the remaining days of my life I signed up.  She explained they try to improve the patients quality of life and don't try to fix the heart or other things that bring us to the point of going on hospice since I have already spent 30 years having done to my heart all they can do medically. 

When I asked her about the cost I was totally floored when she told me there will never be an expense to me as everything is covered 100% by the Medicare Part A.  This is such a gift to me in terms of peace of mind that what we have saved  will not be eaten up by my care and thus will be available to assure that Pat has as good a quality of life at the standard we now enjoy.  The second thing I like is that I will be able to spend my remaining days here at home with the medical caregivers coming to me rather than having to ever get out again for these never ending medical appointment.  Probably the only exception is getting to the dentists. 

Today they will be bringing some medical equipment that will help me such as a wheelchair and new medicine as they will be changing my medicines.  She said they would work on getting the fluid buildup reduced which will greatly reduce the terrible shortness of breath, get my appetite restored and having a sleeping pill to be sure I can get adequate sleep .  These things alone will improve my quality of life. Initially we will start out with just one visit a week by one of their professional nursing staff and then as needed in the future other other people will come as needed.  Pat will remain my primary care giver but if I can get to feeling stronger I will be able to help and reduce the load on her which will make me happy. 

She said I may well be able to drive again and get to Church and Sunday School and eat out sometimes in the future as they get some of these other issues taken care of.  I had given up hope of that ever being a possibility.  I know that the progression of my medical situation will continue downward but at least I can expect to feel better on the "trip".  I am one of those fortunate people who do not live with constant pain and after my tailbone heals I don't expect to have much pain other than some angina, which is well controlled by medicine. My current doctors will no longer be in the picture and my care will be handled by one of the three Hospice physicians. 

I have gone on long enough and knowing me I will be sharing my journey with you all through our discussions.  I am one fortunate man to have a loving family, many friends, and having a good home and income.  I also have no fear of death whether it be soon or many months away and being given the freedom to live the rest of my days as I want and feel able is certainly a gift. (In looking at the length of my postings so far I think I may have overdone it today and will try to be more restrained.  I know going under Hospice care is a strange thing to get excited about if but I am excited about it.) 

Lloyd, hope you have a pleasant day today and the storms are over for at least a while. 

Shirley, is your river subject to a lot of water input from other locations?  Where we live rain and snow melt North of us always impacts our rivers. You know that all that "stewin' and frettin" doesn't do a thing for you other than giving you anxiety.

Jane, dogs are very forgiving.  Glad that procedure is over for them both and they are back to normal today.  I bet you are giving them a lot of extra attention if they feel like being bothered. Did you have to work today at your register? 

Lindancer, one of these day when you feel up to it please call so we can compare notes on Hospice.  I am hoping that the nurse assistance of aid that will be coming to see me each week will be able to trim my 8 toenails (my two big toenails have been removed) as that is the only reason I need to see the foot doctor.

Jenny, I agree with you the lack of sleep really has a major impact on our outlook on life.  Flying or traveling in general those last few days in a major part of the country has been very dicey. 

Lloyd, be careful with getting your RV fixed and loaded as certainly know you are anxious to be on the road. 

Amy, nice you found someone who was able to get your mower going for you.  I have been meaning to ask you exactly what is VON.  Is it anything like our Hospice care?  Reading about your making some sauce with rhubarb sends a chill up my back as I really don't like rhubarb.  Does your husband have bad circulation in his legs and feet and thus they are always cold.  I know mine are most of the time unless they have been under the covers for awhile.  I usually put a thrown over my legs and feet when sitting in my easy chair and wear a jacket or sweater almost all the time. At the same time my wife is always hot. Fortunately our king size bed is two twins that separate a bit so we each can have the bed covers that suit us best and I want mine several layers. 

Phyllis, I always am apprehensive when I have had to have anything done on the car whether just routine maintenance or something else as they usually find something else that needs attention.  With such low mileage is your car still under warranty?  Is there something wrong with "boring days"?  I welcome them as can always find something to keep myself entertained and busy.

Gloria, as you probably read above I did get good restful sleep last night and feel renewed this morning although sense I am wearing down (probably from typing such long postings today).

Joy, it seems there are a lot of birthday this time of the year.  You have a few days to rest up before the next birthday celebration for your son.


In a rush but am so thrilled with your newsy post today, Larry, just can't wait until I shower & go to the store to comment. It is so good to hear you are pleased with the information and attention from Hospice, worry at all of our "age & stage" is not good for us. A big thank you for sharing the information, just like our buddy Gloria de.... we don't all get this type factual information from any of the medical fields and many people are not willing to talk about these things. You are thoughtful and generous with your life and I wish you a long time to share your thoughts with us. I am happy this takes a burden from you!

Be back to visit with everyone after while. Much to do today, have already run the vac in the pool & want to put on boots to go take pics of the new record high of the river.  Then a shower, trim & wash my hair and a trip to the store. Not a good time of day for picture taking but will do it anyway!  Wishing all a Wonderful Wednesday! (It ain't rainin' here, Callie).

Lloyd Hammond

good afternoon. well I think we got everything put on and or fixed on the RV. we went shopping for grocery's and got stocked up. Larry we are ready to hit the road but are going to weight for the weather to settle down. according to
the weather man just now on the T V we are set up for sever weather and possible tornadoes,I am very tired, so I think I will soon take a shower and hit the hay. wish you all sweet dreams. see you all tomorrow.



May 22, 2019, 08:03:19 pm #117 Last Edit: May 22, 2019, 08:21:47 pm by Denver

JANE, I am doing my best to get the weather to cooperate so your family will be able to enjoy their time in Colorado.  In watching the weather guesser, they are saying it will be nice on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with temps in the mid 70's.  The next couple of days a bit cooler then it will
be back in the 70's again.  AT LEAST there is no snow in the near future! 🤣🤣. I certainly hope they will enjoy their time here. 

LARRY, I really liked what I read today in your post.  I am sure you felt quite relieved after knowing the facts about being in Hospice.  I sure appreciate you sharing this information with us and hope you will continue to do so in the future. 

GLORIA, Jonah is indeed a arm full but he sure is sweet❣️ He is rolling all over the place and is able to pull himself forward, but can not stay up on his knees long enough to crawl.  It will not be long though. They just change so quickly, as you well know.

Thank you, PHYLLIS for the HB Day wishes for Dave.  On the 28th he and Michele will be celebrating 25 years of marriage.....Sadly, it won't be the celebration that we might have hoped for, but they will feel blessed to have this many years together for sure.  Glad they did not find any problems with your car when you took it in for service.

Pools were scheduled to open this weekend, but due to the recent snow and cold temperatures they all seem to be on hold.  Many of the mountain passes and camp grounds will also remain closed.  The amounts of snow pack have all surpassed many yearly averages and now the discussion of flooding is beginning. 

We did not go pick up the children today....Michele felt she could do it, so that is a positive step today.  It is a good thing it worked out that way as we both are feeling a bit under the weather.  Bob is coughing badly and feels like he has a cold....AND he woke up with pain in the big toe of his foot, so another gout attack has started.  He did get a prescription from the doctor to try the next time he has an attack, so he took the pills and he thinks it is feeling better. I hope it works.... We will see.

It is starting to rain again, so we continue with lower temps and moisture....we must not complain but the snow sure did a lot of damage to many trees in its path.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, EVERYFRIEND.



Came home from work again today totally wiped out!  It's days like this week that I think seriously of becoming a "lady of leisure"! 

The news is so good today!  LARRY, I loved your long post and your news of Hospice.  It sounds like it's going to be a great move for you.  I wish you well!

JENNY, what good news that Michele felt like picking up the kids.  I bet they were surprised....and pleased!

Also, thanks for keeping an eye on the weather.  My SIL was here this afternoon to mow my grass one more time before they leave and he and my daughter....and I'm sure my grandson and granddaughter, too....are keeping an eye on the weather via their phones.  Since I've been to Colorado a few times, I cant wait for the reports from them as to what they see and do.  They are staying all of next week to take in the sights.  First on their agenda is a baseball game.  They are ALL baseball fans!  And the boys are going to go fly fishing one afternoon

I think I'll go back and continue my job of "couch potato" until it's time to go to bed.  I have a few things planned for tomorrow but it's just "stuff"!

Have a good night and a good tomorrow!

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Lloyd Hammond

May 23, 2019, 04:12:02 am #119 Last Edit: May 23, 2019, 04:22:17 am by Lloyd Hammond
AMY I am up for a short while, Had a can of v8 a banana and some water. while doing that you came in my mined,thoughts of where do you live. can we drive to your radiance, or close. we are going to go to post office and apply for Passports,we Have kin of kin there Canada . if we can we could drive to a RV park close to you if we could have a phone # we could talk to you and set up a safe place to meet and visit if you would Like with you and your husband.
PS how far from Boise Idaho do you live? we have a grand son lives there we are planning to go to his place soon.