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Jan 26 2020 8:15pm
brian: your minnit  or snarl's?

Jan 26 2020 8:14pm
brian: what  chat  yu  talking  about  oldies?

Jan 26 2020 2:10pm
Oldiesmann: Nicknames should work properly in the chat now. I had a typo in the code that was putting a quotation mark in the wrong spot.

Jan 25 2020 3:55pm
brian: POOCH   interesting----when i leave any site  I just  go  LOL

Jan 25 2020 3:31pm
Pooch1: Oh, BTW.  Happy to see the correct time showing.  TY for that, too :)

Jan 25 2020 3:29pm
Pooch1: I just had a nice chat with Snarl.  The room needs some directions as to how to post (click Enter on your desktop) and how to exit (click on your name and scroll down to disconnect.)

Jan 24 2020 11:23am
brian: https://minnit.chat/SeniorChatZone  will   get you  to a new   chat thats looking  for    chatters -Owners user name is  SNARL-she is a nice person--since its new  few yet  go there but she  authorized me to  notify    anyone

Jan 22 2020 11:53pm
Oldiesmann: Will add a link to the menu soon

Jan 22 2020 11:52pm
Oldiesmann: Added a chatroom via Minnit Chat, and it should use your name even if you haven't registered an account with them... Let me know how it works for you. https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?page=chat

Jan 21 2020 3:00pm
Pooch1: TY, Oldies, for all your hard work. :)

Ray Franz - May 25, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, May 26, 2019, 04:09:03 am

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May 26, 2019, 04:09:03 am Last Edit: May 26, 2019, 04:11:29 am by so_P_bubble
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Ray Franz, long-time member of SeniorNet and Seniors and Friends, passed away this morning (May 25) at the age of 98.
 His grandson posted a short tribute on Facebook.

Photo from Beverly


My sincere sympathy to all of Ray's family. His smile shows the happy and fun person we enjoyed knowing. We have all grown old together so feel like we are losing part of our family. I'm so sorry we didn't know that Lynn passed away last year. Both of them shared photos of family birthday parties and gatherings, Lynn with his love of trains. I have missed them but hoped they were just busy, so now we know. God grant you wonderful memories, I thank God that we met them through Senior Net and Seniors and Friends. Sincerely, Tisie/Shirley in Kansas.


So nice to see that photo of Ray.  He used to post occasionally with Lynn's help in the photo folders.  I was so sad to hear about Lynn.  He always posted such nice photos and was often a winner in the photo contests.  It is always sad to lose one of our senior friends.  My sympathies go to their families.