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August 10, 2020, 12:32:27 am

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Aug 06 2020 7:20pm
Sasha:  ;D

Jul 31 2020 8:33pm
mycheal: Delphine hello, best wishes your way :)

Jul 29 2020 7:51pm
Delphineaz: Been a long tme for me too.  Belated Birthday greetings Pouch.  So many have passed away.  Blessed is their reward.

Jul 24 2020 12:14pm
Pooch1: Andie, the old days when 8-10 of us would have fun in the evenings on Senior Net or Chatback and eedy would play her music are long gone.  Hard to tell what's happened to many of our old acquaintances, but time has marched on.  Sad. old acquaintances

Jul 23 2020 8:02pm
Andie: haven't been here in a long time so I feel like a newcomer.  I have been training for this distancing for several years now.  Hope everyone is staying safe.

Jun 10 2020 4:09pm
Denver: Television

Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

May 26 2020 1:08am
Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

Soda Shoppe for June 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, May 31, 2019, 06:32:58 pm

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No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
 Charles Dickens


    James is walking on a downtown street one day, and he happens to see his old high school friend, Harry, a little ways up ahead. "Harry, Harry, how are you?" he greets his old buddy after getting his attention.

"Not so good," says Harry.

"Why, what happened?" James queries.

"Well," Harry says, "I just went bankrupt and I've still got to feed my family. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"Could have been worse," James replies calmly. "Could have been worse."
A month or so later, James again encounters Harry, in a restaurant. "And how are things now?" he asks.

"Terrible!" says Harry. "Our house burned down last night."

"Could have been worse," says James, again with total aplomb, and goes about his business.

A month later, James runs into Harry a third time. "Well, how goes it?" he inquires.

"Oh!" says Harry. "Things just get worse and worse. It's one tragedy after another! Now my wife has left me!"

Harry nods his head and gives his usual optimistic-seeming little smile, accompanied by his usual words: "Could've been worse."
This time, Harry grabs James by the shoulders. "Wait a minute!" he says. "I'm not gonna let you off so easy this time. Three times in the past few months we've run into one another, and every time I've told you the latest disaster in my life. Every time you say the same thing: 'Could have been worse.' This time, for God's sake, Harry, I want you to tell me: how in Heaven's name could it have been any worse?"
James looks at Harry with the same little wisp of a smile. "Could have been worse," he says. "Could have happened to me."


Old Musicians never die, they just go from bar to bar.

Old Owls never die, they just don't give a hoot.

Old PCs never die, they just cache in their chips.

Old Penguins never die, they just get hard of herring.

Old Philosophers never die, they just kant.

Old Photographers never die, they just lose their views


I lost my post.  I must have been typing at the same time as Bubble and when I went to post, it told me it was closed.  I can't redo it.  DagNabIt!

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Thanks Bubble, you make my day . Thanks for the time you take to keep us happy :thumbup:

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Well, looks like you caught 3 of us trying to post!  My said an error so I went back & then it said that I had already posted that. Not sure where it went but will have a look & try to post again if it doesn't show up.  :crazy2:  Beautiful graphics & love the funnies. I expected "could have been worse"... could not hear.

Original Post:
Callie, when I stopped at the little park in Canyon City one time, for "tourist info".... a friendly lady was telling me all the perks for living in that town.... "more sunshine than CA or FL per year, it was called the Banana Belt..." She had me convinced it was the place to live, but too hot & dry for me. Not far from the mountains but after so many years of visiting, I'm satisfied where I am for full time living.

Sorry, I am a little distracted right now, I opened the sliding door to let cats out & a black spider walked in. Have a floor vent right there & by the time I grabbed a fly swatter the spider disappeared. I got the spray out & squirted down the vent & on the slider tracks, sitting on the edge of my chair looking for it. I can handle just about anything but life time fear of spiders. Going to the other room, put on my shoes, have goose bumps on my arms, a silly way to be, huh?

Think I heard mention of rain later so need to check weather. I opened the slide on the RV & put out the awning to all dry out. Did NOT get any rain inside but can't prevent water seeping into the awning & even the top of the slide. It was hot & sunny here today, can't believe tomorrow is June 1.......

Today is the start of "RiverFest" but the water on the Arkansas river is so deep & swift it is off limits for any of the usual activities. I think it is 10 days but they eliminated having the Art & Book Fair with it... that was the original reason for the big party~~ and the only activity I was interested in, used to have up to 300 artists & craftspeople with their work.  For many years I would have my own booth, would sell nearly everything I took & enjoyed visiting with people. I will only hear the fireworks every night as they shoot over the river downtown & sound follows up stream. We used to be able to watch the aerial part but trees have grown too tall between this house & downtown.


Looks as if you'll have to go back to the former Soda Shoppe to see my conversational post.
Not the first time it's switched right after I've posted.
 Oh well....I tried....


Sorry about that Callie :(  These different time zones are difficult to manage!
Maybe you want to re-post here what you wrote?


G'morning all.A beautiful bright sunny day here, so i thought i would share these two sites with my 'Armchair Walking Friends', you probably know the story of 'Princess Pokahontas',but did you know she lies somewhere in St Georges Churchyard London, This area of London was badly bombded during the 1940 Blitz and all records of where her actual grave was sited were destroyed, this statue of her was presented to St georges by 'The National Society of The Dames of America', but her actual grave remains unknown due to the Bombing .
Interesting site about George Washington's Statue in London and the original family home 'Sulgrave Manor'.
I hope you will find these two sites interesting?,especially if you had not seen either of them before!.


Good morning everyone..

Rained during the night and we are to have more later today. Managed to get all the vegetable garden in yesterday. Just have the flower beds to deal with now.
Today is laundry  and a trip to take all the garbage to the dump, we have two huge bags of raspberry canes to go also.

Jane, pumpkin seeds are in now to wait to see what happens. I am anxious to see the shapes of these!!

Shirley, I am with you on the spiders, I can take anything but them!

Larry,hope today is a great day for you .

Joy,I do the worry bit well also only to find out in the end it wasn't needed.

Jenny, hope you have heard good/better news from your Dad.It used to be the parent worrying about the child now tis the child worrying about the parent.( I still worry about the child though )

Gloria, hope you had a chance to get outside yesterday.

Roley, good morning, how is the moving coming along?

Lloyd, I sent to an email last week, hope you got it.

Better move it, although my muscles say NOOOOO....

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, very foggy here this morning. Was surprised when I pulled the shades up.  We had our warmest day yesterday and I turned on the AC and ran it all night  but slept great. After CNA left yesterday I spent a few hours out on the porch with several others till the sun was too hot there. Just heard of another mass shooting in Virginia. So sad to hear about a person killing others like that. Has anyone been watching Jeopardy? That James -current winner-has won almost 2½ million$$.

BUBBLE  thank you for a new page for June, boy this year is moving along fast. Love the graphic of the Stars & Stripes. I get a thrill every time I see our flag flying. I am sure you feel good when you see your flag flying, too. Great quote from Dickens.

SHIRLEY  my daughter is like you with spiders. Has been since she was very young.

PETER  both sites you posted look interesting. I will watch them when I finish posting, thanks for all the trips you take us on. I have enjoyed my arm chair traveling.

AMY  I did spend a few hours outside yesterday. It wan the best spring day we have had this year.

Have a good day.

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Lloyd Hammond

AMY please forgive me. for some reason on this Laptop it has two email's address. I just looked in them both and in one was your letter.I just closed it so when g daughter comes by,can see if she can get my printer to work and print it off for me. I need all the help i can get short term dose not work well any more. see you later off to morning feed now.



Well, Shirley, I have no idea how you found your missing post because this thing did the same to me as you related and I can't/couldn't find mine.

Oh well, it's a new day.  I do remember that I thanked everyone for the nice comments about my "Tulsa Trio"....my great granddaughter and her parents.  And I mentioned that my son was on the way over to mow my grass (he did) and before he left he told me that he'd spent a large part of the night at the hospital emergency room with his wife who underwent emergency laproscopic surgery for appendicitis sometime during the night.  She's alright and home recuperating.

Also, the guy was here to try to mend the mud patches in my front yard so my fur buddies have to go out on the leashes for a while to avoid walking in certain areas.  That's a lot of fun in the dark.  And I don't get to sit on the porch and watch the sun come up in the morning.  But I keep telling myself, it's going to be better!

Roley, thank you again for the pleasant "walks" you take us on.  If I were still travelling, England would be my favorite destinations.  I've been there 3 times and there's so much I missed!  You're helping to bring some of those places to me!

Bubble, thank you for keeping us current.  You do such good work and you do stuff for us that we are too dumb to do for ourselves.  What ever would we do without you!

I hope you all have a good day!  Ours is supposed to be sunny!  I hope they're

Almost forgot...Yesterday's lost message contained a note to JENNY that I've added her father to my prayers for her family. 

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Lloyd Hammond

well girls all you have to do is scroll back to where you were on the last page usually.I don't know why you girls make such of a fuss out of simple? just rt click on the rt side of the  page where the up and down bar is and it should re appear.



Good morning.  I missed yesterday because it was a busy day and stormy.  We had a hail storm and torrential rain yesterday evening but the sun is in and out this morning so my little world seems to have gotten through all of it in pretty good condition.  I hope my new roof didn't get damaged again. I don't know if the insurance company would pay for another one so soon after the last one I had to replace because  one of last year's hurricanes caused leaks upstairs.  The weather has been so crazy the last few years and this year is even worse.  Can't do anything about the weather, though, so I just keep my fingers crossed when these storms pop up.

The deer are visiting us often now.  We watched one down in the garden happily eating Hardy Begonias and David said he saw another one near the fern bed around mid-night.  They are coming more frequently now and coming up closer to the house.  They are getting very bold.

Breakfast is calling so I must get on with the day.  Please take care and stay well, Everyone.


Hi Everyone.  Lots of progress being made here fixing things up just the way I want them here in my bedroom. My big computer is all set up and working.  Scott had picked up the wireless adapter needed for this computer as it had some without wireless installed. In the meantime I remembered that I had several of the wireless adapters and he immediately found the little plastic bag I had stored them in and he had my desk computer up and running in a couple of minutes.  This is what I am using the this morning after spending time cleaning out a drawer in my computer desk I haven't been able to use for years as had another wing of my desk up against it.  That little wing will now become my secondary computer desk so on sunny mornings, if I want to I can go to my old office, where I have shelves and plastic drawers, etc and they will now be available.

It is very nice to take things at a snails pace as find I often have to stop what I am doing, whether moving around in my wheelchair or doing little odd jobs that I can handle, and just rest for a few minutes until some of my stamina is restored.  I didn't sleep very well or very long last night but discovered two things.  The first was that I had the little mattress cover that changes pressures all the time set way to high and thus was having great difficulty moving in bed.  The second one was I was cold and when I put on my new, very warm bathrobe I became more comfortable.  I also turned down the ceiling fan that is right over my hospital bed.  I think these little twinks will help me get a better nights sleep.  I did get up at 4 am again this morning but Pat and I enjoyed a very quiet and restful afternoon after Scott was here for a couple of hours working on more things but had to leave to get ready for work.  Elizabeth emailed me saying she wouldn't be out as needed to spend a couple of days working on her college online course so that freed up the rest of the day.  I laid down to rest and asked Pat to just fix me a light supper and I ate it in bed while she joined me and we watched Wheel and Jeopardy together.  Thus we spent some time together.  My plan for today is to get started on my 35 point list, most of which involves doing things at the computer and this will be probably a spend money day and check on day, although Saturday and Sunday has limitations but most online sites are responsive 24/7.  I intend to just take things quietly and not push as we have been and hopefully no visitors today (don't mean any disrespect but the last few days have just been very hectic.  Enough rambling for this morning and while doing so I have had a chance to sort of rest. 

Yesterday I made a decision and Pat agrees that it is time to find someone to do the ironing for her.  With her back she can only do one or two blouses at a time.  We already have a lead on someone that Scott works with and has known her a long time and it is possible Elizabeth would like to earn some extra spending money, although we will likely go with the lady Scott works with if she is interested.

Shirley, I don't envy anyone who takes you on since you are armed and know how to use it.  You are a lady I hope I never forget as you have given me some good laughs and images of you speeding up the mountain, riding your new bike, your motor home, etc.  You must be one of a kind.

Callie, I have never felt so free in my life.  I have been told to eat what I want, just do what I want and go out if I feel up to it or it is alright to just stay in our nice home.  My bedroom is about done although I decided this morning I am going to get a small grab bar to put on the wall next to my computer station and a small office chair.  Trying to use either the walker or the wheelchair to get up to the keyboard just isn't working very well.  I keep thinking of small tweaks that will make things safer and more convenient for me.  I am having a great time planning all of this and then sitting back and watching my loved ones or good neighbor across the street do the actual work.  Right now Pat and I just need a couple of quiet days and things shouldn't be as hectic in the future as these last few days have been.  Our housekeeper has cleaned house for quite a few people under Hospice care but in talking with her yesterday I found there were quite a lot of things I could share, based on my own experience so far, that she didn't know particularly the way it is finished with Medicare Part A and basically no medical costs out of our pockets.  I will forever be grateful to my heart doctor who mentioned Hospice to me as the way I was going downhill another 5 months like I have had this year prior to Hospice could well have done me in and I sure hope to be around a lot longer than that to enjoy the way I am getting everything set up.  It is nice to get interested in special sporting events involving our local schools.

Bubble, thanks for another great start for our new month with your graphics and funnies.  I enjoyed them all.

Lindancer, hope this is a good day for you.  I got some great rest last night and got up feeling stronger this morning and have been able to accomplish quite a bit but have to so slowly and awhile ago just laid back down on the bed to rest for awhile.  The mornings are sure long when they start at 4 am. 

Roley, thanks for sharing the links for the "armchair" walks. 

Amy, it seems you seldom slow down.  You remind me of my Mother who always had things to do.  I have certainly never had to work as hard as my parents doing manual things as made up my mind as a youth to use my head and not my back.  I didn't like the farm but won't bore you with the reasons. Today is a great day for me.

Gloria, glad you were able to enjoy your porch and visit with other folks.  The killing of eleven people in Virginia is certainly a sad thing.  This was apparently a disgruntled city employee who did the killing. We have been watching Jeopardy every evening and James is certainly a unique person.  I expect him to reach $3 million if not more.  I respect brilliant people with such instant recall. 

Jane, isn't it great that they now do so much surgery with laproscopic and not even a nights stay is needed in the hospital (which is a good place to avoid if at all possible).  I hope your daughter-in-law has a quite healing and not much pain. I think we would be lost without Bubble and Oldiesman.  We are indeed blessed to have them as a part of these sites. 

Phyllis, I understand there was a popup or two showers around here late yesterday afternoon but not where I live.  There is an interesting thing that happens almost everyday around here that on a sunny day the sun goes under a cloud around 4 pm or on rainy days the sun pops out for awhile around that same time.  It seems that every time I pick up something to read it gets dark in the house.

Mary Ann

Larry, I'm glad to see your plans coming together as you want and need them.  Scott has been such a great help to you.  I think Pat needs help with the ironing too.  I can't remember the last time I ironed or pressed anything. 

Phyllis, I hope the more recent hail wasn't as large as the previous time.  It is hard for me to imagine large hailstones because our hail storms usually are of pea-sized hail.  A few years ago I was in Indps and there was a hail storm.  I had never heard such noise during a storm (thunder and lightning, yes, not hail) and found it was the hail hitting the siding of the house.  The hail stones were about an inch in diameter and I understand hail stones come even larger than that!  I wouldn't want the deer so close to my house and we don't have enough vegetation to entice them.

I bookmarked Roley's links and I'll watch them soon.  First I'm going to see if there are any ships in the Great Lakes, especially on the St Clair River.

Mary Ann


June 01, 2019, 03:10:14 pm #20 Last Edit: June 01, 2019, 04:51:29 pm by Amy
Phyliss, I keep forgetting to ask how you are doing with your Instant Pot? Not sure if I posted this for you before or not...so please excuse if I have already done so.

Laundry is blowing on the line, the rain that threated to fall didn't :thumbup:   I did get the grass seed on the front lawn with hopes that rain would help it .

Bubble, thank you for the new start! I guess we all have been in that position."Could have been worse "

Larry, it is a real joy to read your post and see you have everything under control and getting things done that benefit you both. I know I will nevr get rid of the walker or wheelchair as we never know when it may be needed. The neighbour has borrowed the wheelchair when he has to take his 92 yr old Mom for Dr appointments so it is getting good use.I enjoy gardening, running the tiller and smelling the fresh dirt..guess the farmer will always be in me .:)

Lloyd, no problem, don't worry, I can send another if that one doesn't open.

Roley, thank you for the stroll...even had my cuppa tea watching them.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Happy June Oneth :wave: 

Pouring rain....again. >:(  The softball tournament is on "weather delay" but I'll bet they'll have to cancel. OU won the game last night so is in the semifinals tomorrow and OSU is supposed to play a consolation game at 6:00.  We shall see....

Grandson hosting an afternoon fraternity party for prospective new members...supposed to be around their pool.  Hope they had a Plan B.

I'm trying to catch up on projects I'd intended to do while in out of the weather last winter.  "Who'd a thunk" it would turn into a summer thing ::)

That's what's going on in my little corner of the world.


The doggies and I just took a little walk between storms.  It poured and blew and thundered and ther was lightning while we had our supper and then it stopped.  So, since the doggies can't be I the yard because of the new grss, we walked down to the corner and got the mail and then poked around outside the fence until they did their thing and then we came in.  Just as we got under roof, the rain came again.  How nice to them to wait for us.

LARR, I'm so impressed with your preparations and about hearing how you will use them and I'm 100% sure that I won't be as good at it as you are.  I always have to look for things now.  At this moment, 3 out of 5 pairs of glasses are missing.  They're in the house somewhere but WHERE? You are so efficient!

CALLIE, kids always have an alternate plan when rain or whatever makes them change their minds.  I'm sure your grandson and his friends did too.

YAY for the garden, AMY!  I wish you luck.  Let me know how the pumpkins fare.  There won't be any fruit until late in the season.  They are very slow.

I made my potato salad for the church picnic tomorrow.  And everything else is laid out and ready.  I hope the weather cooperates.  It's supposed to be a nice day.  We're all going to the farm of one of our members and there's a blessing service first and then the picnic.  It's usually a pretty fun day.

I need to go get a drink.  I'm very dry!  I hope you are all having a good day.

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Jane, before I forget to mention.... when I discovered there was a problem & my post disappeared, I hit that "back" arrow on top left of my laptop... & the page I was typing came back up. I then did a copy & paste to send it on to the new site. It takes me forever to learn something, but I think it was Larry a long time ago that said to do that.  :thumbup:

I am bone tired tonight & gr-daughter's wedding tomorrow evening so won't be any napping tomorrow. Have the early get up to feed me & cats before going to church (leave my garage by 7:00 am). Going to try to get to bed early, as soon as I feed cats one more time. I've already had a shower & washed my hair, need to lay out clothes but want to check weather to see what to wear & off to dreamland. It was HOT today, Gloria, my window thermometer in the shade said 90° but it was steamy so felt worse...whine-whine.

Mary Ann, we've had hail at least baseball & softball size over the years, but when the ice balls pound in & are jagged, they do more damage. I'm not going to say how long since... (after bragging about no dings on my little red car & 24 hours later put a big boo-boo on the front fender... and still crying boo-hoo). The last major hail storm we had while living in this house, I took a video camera across the street after taping our yard & house.... to help a neighbor. We were all standing in the street talking when a car came driving slowly down the street, every window smashed & not 6" anywhere on her car without a big dent, both side mirrors were hanging from the wires. It was almost funny, even the lady driving had to give a little laugh at the wrath of Mother Nature!

I did get to watch Peter's links, very interesting! I would love to have a month to just bop around England to visit the places where we lived back in the '50s but also the places we didn't get to visit. Thank you, Peter!

Larry, had to smile at your "vision" of me. To be honest, all my life someone has been around rein me in. Now I am just a free spirit & my only stopper is I don't want to embarrass my kids. So far they just smile & roll their eyes & encourage me to be careful. My daughter showed up today with a bike helmet.... had to try it on for her. Her husband set me straight on the settings on the new bike... love it, he seemed pleased that I could keep it upright & managed to not fall.  :thumbup:

I was lucky to have a mother that allowed each of us to "be ourselves". I'm a little country & a little classic, my living room & dining rooms are formal, dressy, classic white, while the family room/ kitchen is total country & family friendly. Split personality. I loved the dances and cocktail parties when Cas worked and even happier in the woods. Most of all I do enjoy every day, even the bad ones when I wreck my car in the garage. :tissue: 

I think a lot of my openness comes from growing up in Missouri, partly because we grew up during war years where everyone cared about each other and thought of ways to help or be kind, but while my parents were opposites in religion, they proved to me that we must accept everyone without trying to change them. I knew I was loved and tried my best to make them happy & proud of me until they died. I like to think my Mom & Dad are sitting up there on that cloud rolling their eyes because, "Shirley is at it again"...

 :) One last thought, in my mind you are what you are having grown up on a farm in Missouri. You face life straight forward, don't flinch at the unknown but find a way to share what you learn to help the rest of us. You are a good balance to my wild ways, and I do thank you. If I can give you a few giggles, I'll smile right along with you. :)

Had a phone call from my brother-in-law. I feel sad that he lives so far away, but he does have very close friends and does not consider moving closer to us. We have to know when there is nothing to do to help someone, doesn't make it any easier to know they are lonely. I think I mentioned while ago that I was sleepy & had to feed cats before going to bed. Gotta go.

Wishing all sweet dreams and God Bless (from Hal), sprinkling some of Joan's Angel dust... and from June: "Have a peaceful night dear hearts...give your worries to God and sleep in peace...He will be awake all night anyway. " Shirley       

Lloyd Hammond

June 01, 2019, 11:37:46 pm #24 Last Edit: June 01, 2019, 11:40:18 pm by Lloyd Hammond
I did not think I was tired,but my eyes did I fell asleep watching a good movie. so I have my breathing machine loaded and ready to bid you all sweet dreams and good Night. hope to see you all tomorrow. AMY i got the email and thanks.if you would email me your Phone # no hurry. I have to weight to get our Passports. before we can go and come across the line. not like it was when we were hauling horses in to Canada. they have been filed but takes a while to get them back. we sure ready as soon as we get them. and want to come and go before the snow and ice fly's.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  I don't have much time this morning so I'll just wish you all a good day and I'll try to come back later and see what Y'all are doing!

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Good morning everyone..

We had rain overnight, no storm just a nice gentle rainfall.

A day of rest here,not sure what mischief I will get into. I do have a lo cabin quilt started and would love to get more done on it but we shall see how the day goes.

Jane, have a great time at the picnic today.

Shirley, I grew up a tomboy and not much has changed. Played with guns instead of dolls, yet loved teddy bears and still do.  :2funny:

Jesse, now has all his baby teeth gone, still growing into a tall lanky pup so far.

Better get moving.

Enjoy your day everyone.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, a bit foggy again this morning but not as bad as yesterday. A group of us were on the porch yesterday afternoon. I do enjoy sitting our with others. Seems like only warm days brings others out. Just heard on the weather thunder storms with possible hail this evening. Hope if it hails they are small and do not damage the fragile newly planted gardens around here.

PETER  I enjoyed both or those trips yesterday. Thank you so much for the trips through England.

PHYLLIS  at one time when one saw a deer here it was something talked about. Now there are way too many and they have hunting days for them. I have seen them go right by the front steps of my oldest son's house. He had a lot of them in his orchard, too.

LARRY  that James on Jeopardy amazes me at how fast he answers the questions. I am hoping he at least gets to the 2½ million$$. I love the way Scott is helping you get every thing set up for your comfort. I wonder how many have your amazing outlook and just give up. I am happy you are not.

AMY  I grew up in a city but my Dad always loved gardening and I think it  passed down to me and my 3 because they love planting and working in their gardens. When my daughter started sje learned how  to can t o preserve the more than they could eat.

JANE  hope you have a good sunny day today.

SHIRLEY  wish I could be like you but seldom brave enough to try something new. I like being with people but seldom say much unless I have something to say, Rather listen to others.

LLOYD one thing I cannot do is fall asleep watching a good movie. At times I wish I could.

AMY  I remember getting a new doll at Christmas but never played with them, rather get a jigsaw puzzle or a book.

PETER  thanks for the new walk. will check it out soon.

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June 02, 2019, 08:40:18 am #29 Last Edit: June 02, 2019, 08:53:25 am by phyllis

I think I must be in the summer doldrums.  Everytime I sit down to read and comment in SodaShoppe I start to fall asleep.  I've been waking very early and not able to go back to sleep so that is probably why I can't stay awake during the day.

The deer came back again.  David spotted her down in the woods while we were eating lunch.  This time she had a fawn with her.  It couldn't be more than a few days old.  Still tottering around behind Mom.  So unbelievably cute!

Shirley, our decoration tastes seem to be similar.  My formal living room and dining room are much the same as yours.  White damask wallpaper, white couch, blue velvet wing back chairs. Queen Anne style furniture.  The dining room is neutral gray patterned wallpaper and furniture is colonial with windsor chairs and colonial style hutch.  Family room is just comfortable with several pieces of turn of the century "antiques" and leather recliner and wing back couch and chair.  I've always said that the living room is formal and classic like I wish I was and the family room is casual, laid back like I actually am.  <grin>

Amy, yes you sent the link and I bookmarked it.  Also, found a bunch of other links that I have been exploring.  I have used the pot a couple of times and have been mostly impressed.  I made Mac n' Cheese and I didn't think it came out as good as I was expecting.  But, when I reheated it a day or so later and added more milk it was very good.  Today, for our main meal I intend to fix an oldie that my Mother used to make in her top of stove pressure cooker.  Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes.  I have all the ingredients so we'll see if it tastes like I remember.  But, gosh, even the economy cuts of round or sirloin aren't so economical these days, are they?

I hear David up and stirring so I must start thinking about breakfast.  I think it will be blueberry muffins and fresh fruit cup today.

Jane, I miss all of our SodaShoppe friends like June, Joan, and Hal, and others from past years.  They were all good friends.