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Aug 06 2020 7:20pm
Sasha:  ;D

Jul 31 2020 8:33pm
mycheal: Delphine hello, best wishes your way :)

Jul 29 2020 7:51pm
Delphineaz: Been a long tme for me too.  Belated Birthday greetings Pouch.  So many have passed away.  Blessed is their reward.

Jul 24 2020 12:14pm
Pooch1: Andie, the old days when 8-10 of us would have fun in the evenings on Senior Net or Chatback and eedy would play her music are long gone.  Hard to tell what's happened to many of our old acquaintances, but time has marched on.  Sad. old acquaintances

Jul 23 2020 8:02pm
Andie: haven't been here in a long time so I feel like a newcomer.  I have been training for this distancing for several years now.  Hope everyone is staying safe.

Jun 10 2020 4:09pm
Denver: Television

Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

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Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

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Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

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Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

Soda Shoppe for June 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, May 31, 2019, 06:32:58 pm

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 :angel4:  :nanadance:  :nanadance2:  :cheer:  :cheers:  :dancingdog:  :bravo:
Cheers for Jenn's dad!  Good job, buddy!


Good Morning Family!  I wasn't going to post this morning but I had to say YAY DADDY!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORk!

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Good morning everyone.
Lovely cloudy day here this morning and the robins are singing for rain. We are off to the city this morning, taking the dogs with us and appreciate the cloudy day for them.

Jenny ,that is good news..he will rest better at home and I hope be more careful getting around.

Need to get ready for town.

Take care everyone and enjoy your day.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


June 13, 2019, 07:17:55 am #153 Last Edit: June 13, 2019, 07:23:01 am by larryhanna
Hi everyone.  It is now  little after 4:30 am and have been up since about 2 am.  However, I feel like a new and refreshed man after a very busy day (for me) yesterday.  I had gotten up around 1 am yesterday and then when Scott went here we went over to the Credit Union so I could finish up some business I had started last week. I decided I would just use my walker yesterday and while there the Lasik kicked in again and their rest rooms were across a big lobby, down a couple of corridors and it seemed a mile to walk but I found it in time. 

 We were through at the Credit Union in probably an hour and then drove down to Office Depot to return the office chair.  When I got there I couldn't find the page I had saved on my phone and a nice young lady was trying to find the order on the computer without success.  Finally I realized the chair was sitting right in front of me with a big mailing label.  The manager came to the rescue and was able to locate the order from a few days earlier in the computer and to give us the refund.  I had intended to buy a couple of things, which I now know wouldn't have worked anyway but they didn't have any in their inventory.  In the meantime, as happens when you take a fairly large dose of diuretics in the morning it was necessary to find the rest room again ASAP.  Of course, it was in the very back of the store and down a couple of long corridors. Pat had gotten home from her gifts group only to find she had left her house keys in another purse and was thus locked out of the house.  Fortunately she didn't get too cold (it was in the 60's here yesterday morning) and was also able to pull one of the porch chairs into the little protected alcove to our front door and wait for us.  When we finished at Office Depot we stopped at the drive thru at Arby's and they allowed us to use three coupons for three different sandwich offers and then we came on home.  I was literally exhausted from all of the walking and after a quick lunch I laid down for a couple of hours and rested.  Then two different couples from the Church stopped by for a nice visit.  Fortunately we all knew each other and had a very nice visit.  By the time they left the girls arrived to spend a little time with us and have dinner with us for our Wednesday night get together.  By seven PM I had to excuse myself and go to bed. 

 I was able to get probably around 5 or 6 hours of good sleep last night and felt like a new person this morning.  The main thing on the schedule is the aid will be here around 8 am to help me with my bath and the rest of the day is clear. Scott was able to get the laser printers all working as they should and do a couple of other small jobs.  This morning a lot of little pieces came together, such as the return RMA's for the two ramps.  I have said all of this to say I think this is going to be a great and pretty quiet day and I will take everything at a slow and steady pace.  I decided to set a time to assure I get up and walk somewhere in the house every 45 minutes. My legs are getting stronger and some of the swelling is definitely being reduced. 

 For those of you who also read the Christian Photographers general discussion, Oldiesman has left a message that he is working on the consolidation of the site per his previous notice and the site won't accept new posting unless he can finish some test and transfer things.  He does have a job beside looking after us! 

 Jane, hope you got that new stove in and all set for some good cooking in the ahead.  Glad you can get into see your chiropractor and thanks for the heads up about the  possibility you wouldn't get in to post this morning but see you did pop in for the good news from Jenny. 

 Shirley, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but keeping your password in WordPad on your computer provides no security at all.  You would be better to get a nice little daytimer for book like that and just write them down. Some passwords we really don't care about as there really is no personal or financial info revealed on the site usually unless you store the credit car info on a website for convenience.  I am really glad to be able to eat again and at about 4 o'clock this morning I decided to have a couple of cookies and then just a few minutes ago ate my breakfast. I have always loved to eat and like Lloyd I have a real sweet tooth.  How great is it to be told to eat or not eat whatever I want in this Hospice program.  So if I want cookies in the middle of the night that is the way it is going to be.  They have asked me to restrict my fluid intake due to the advanced kidney disease but I am thirsty this morning and so am going to enjoy some nice ice water, spread out over a significant period of time.  The last few days I have carefully measured out 1 1/2 liters of water (the max I am suppose to have) and if I drink a Coke of 12 ounces I just pour out an equivalent amount of the water.  Pat and I love to eat out and have done so many, many times over the years.  I noticed as we drove by Ruby Tuesdays that it looked mighty appealing again so hope to go back soon whereas these last 5 or 6 months I didn't want to eat out or eat at all for that matter. 


You sound so good and upbeat, Larry.  I am so pleased for you and love reading your posts.

Jane, you made me remember that I have some bags of strawberries and blueberries in the freezer.  I'm going to get them out and dump them in the Instant Pot and make some jam.  I love homemade jam and it is so easy to do.  Thanks for the reminder.  I made up the last of the bag of apples into applesauce and it is delicious.  I wasn't interested in eating very much last night so had a piece of buttered toast and a small helping of applesauce.  I fixed bacon and an omelet for David but that just didn't appeal to me and the toast and applesauce were perfect.

It is gray and dreary here today but, for the moment, it is NOT raining.  I hope it will hold off while I go to the grocery store.  Maybe I should add more apples and some berries to the list.   ::)

Jenny, what good news about your Dad.  I'm sure he is happier being back home and such a relief that he is doing so well.

Shirley, we have ivy that insists on creeping up the side of the house so have to beat it back every now and then.  It is really invasive here in NC and I mentally put the hex on the man we bought the house from for planting it.  The truth is, I like to see it growing up and over tree stumps, etc. as long as it isn't growing over sidewalks and my house!  I know exactly where you live in relation to the Zoo and Cowtown!  My brother designed some of the natural habitat animal enclosures many years ago and my sister-in-law designed a lot of the landscapes. I've been to Cowtown but didn't ever make it to the Zoo.

Have a pleasant and easy day, All.


PHYLLIS, if you like the taste of cinnamon in applesauce (I do) after it gets hot, throw in a handful of cinnamon redhots.  Most stores have them in boxes like we used to get at the movies for about 80c.  It gives the applesauce and ice pinkish color and a little zest!

My stove is on the way.  I'm just waiting for them to get here.  I have one more thing to clear out of the way before they get here and I have to go change my clothes befor I do that because I need to clean behind it. 

I feel great after my trip to the chiropractor but she says "it's not all back in place.  I'll be going back again the end of next month. 

I'm off to change clothes and get to work.  I'm going to clean strawberries until they get here.  Enjoy whatever you're up to today!

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My new stove's in place and it's gorgeous!  I'm reading the info then I'm gong to use it!  The strawberries are clean and ready to go.

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June 13, 2019, 05:26:10 pm #158 Last Edit: June 13, 2019, 05:28:32 pm by Shirley
Pays to have diapered that salesman, huh, Jane! ;)  ;D


You did that so fast, Bubble, took me a second to realize that was ME!  Thank you. I really have gotten a kick out of these "kids" showing up every morning for their bath & quality time. They are so busy raising little ones & having another family being created, would never have understood if not having watched "Barbara & George" all those years ago.


SHIRLEY, that's part of it but I think it's atonement for all the nights he went to bed without telling me he had a 7 a.m. basketball practice.  I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and drove off sometimes only half dressed to get him there on time. 

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It works great.  The first batch of strawberry jam is cooling on the kitchen counter.

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Life is good, isn't it?  Just got to appreciate what we have & not what we've lost. I can smell your strawberry jam all this way, Janie, & makes my mouth water! I don't really make "jam" but when I have more strawberries than I can eat I put them in a bowl & whip them with the mixer, add plenty of sugar & cook down. I don't use anything to thicken except the sugar but it tastes wonderful on buttered toast.  :eat:

Phyllis, I am north of the river, the bike path is on the other side but I can ride my bike on my street to busy 21st & have sidewalks to ride on until I reach the bike paths. I can travel those all over town & will give it a go as soon as I get time to practice a little on my dead end street. The couple next door is having a garage sale so not a good time to be whizzing around. Our zoo gets lots of praise so thanks to your brother & wife for their part.

Larry, I don't do any banking online, I know it's crazy to keep all my passwords on a Word Pad, & did print it off once, but so many changes since so I never deleted the original & remind myself that "they gotta be desperate if they come after me". When I shop Amazon I use gift cards & the credit card I used at first is years out of date. I don't even check my medical records online. I don't trust the "black side" of computer anything. Glad you have realized how neat it is to just do what you want, when you want! Wish I had your will power to be organized, I have a bad habit of bumping into another project & taking off in a different direction, forgetting what I had started. I'll worry about it tomorrow...  :thumbup: My daughter did bring me a small book for passwords.. a Louis Vuitton to match the purses & tote she gave me. I hated to write in it since passwords have to be changed so often. She loves that stuff & just recently bought the big LV steamer trunk for her family room, sort of coffee table. Gorgeous, she can afford it, has worked hard to get those things. All 3 worked their way through college & I'm proud of them, nothing was handed to them... and they still love us.  :thumbup:

Amy, my poor little Encore has been running around with the check engine light on since I pulled out of the dealer's parking lot when they changed oil several weeks ago. Just have not had time to take it in, pretty sure not a serious problem (it's their fault). You do make me feel guilty taking such good care of your vehicle. :P

Cats have had their "midnight snack" early & laying around the pool. Tom started his howling so I looked to see what was in "their space". That black & white feral I call Tuxedo was creeping up to see if there was anything to eat. I didn't walk them down to the river to put out leftovers so guess that is who has been eating them. Now & then I see it laying in the pool area with the others, like I won't notice an extra cat. The lady down the street said she has tried to encourage it to come eat at her house so I am not trying to feed it here. I can't bring myself to throw food in the trash that some animal can eat, but do take it down to the river & not feed near the house.

It is cool again tonight, got the door wide open but screen shut. The cats recognize & keep an eye on me all the time. When I go to the bedroom they move over to that area & watch through the sliding doors. No houses behind so I don't close the drapes, don't walk around with lights on, either. I do have dusk to dawn lights that burn all night so the pool area is always bright. I'm comfortable even with the sliding door open for fresh air because there are 2 fences someone would have to get over before getting to my door, & that Ruger with it's lazer is right with me. All of the sliding doors have an extra sliding storm door so anyone breaking in would have to go through a series of 3 doors (including screen) to get inside. For sure I would hear that noise, besides the new gates on the pool area are tricky to open & padlocks on the outside fence gates. Might say "over kill" but all the safety features were in place since we were broken into the year after we moved here 30 years ago. That's my story. 

Much too long but not going to delete.... Sweet dreams to all and to all a good night!  Love ya... Shirley


June 14, 2019, 01:06:45 am #163 Last Edit: June 14, 2019, 01:09:29 am by Denver
ANOTHER good day for my Dad💞💞

I smiled when I read all the sweet comments about Dad, and then when I showed him, he smiled too!  Thank you @ll so much. We had home health here this afternoon....one RN and the OT nurse.  They were both amazed at how well he is doing, especially for his 95 years of age.  There main concern is how much weight he has lost and therefore how slim, (SKINNY) he is.  He is 6'1" and weighs 130 pounds.  He is eating pretty well now so hopefully he can put a bit of weight on. 

Bob spent the day working on Dads finances and figuring out how to sell some of his stock that is in Dad and Mom's trust. I thought mom would have been taken off the ownership of the stock years ago! But she is not so lots of extra due diligence is needed. 

Son Mark drove to Sacramento yesterday and picked out their new home today and got it all signed sealed and delivered.  He drove back to Paso Robles tonight and they will start packing for there move in a few days.

Congratulations on your new stove, JANE.  How exciting for you! 

Pleasant dreams to all.



Good morning everyone..

Rain here and again tomorrow and Sun. we may grow gills if it doesn't stop!!  Makes it difficult for farmers to get on their fields and I noticed on farmer had started to cut hay yesterday.

We had a good day yesterday, I managed to get some jeans and tops . This was a needed to do shop, as it had been a while, shopping for clothes is no fun.

Today is back to the chiropractor and we shall take the day as it comes after that.

Smiling here after reading all your post.

Jenny, I also smiled when I read your post. You tell Dad he has a lot of people rooting and praying for him. He doesn't want us all ganging up on him either,especially when one packs a Ruger!!

Shirley, I also don't do on line banking and if I buy anything  I get a prepaid credit card and use it. I take the vehicle in Mon nd hope when I get it back everything is fixed.

Jane, that stove will know what work is, as you will be cooking up a storm on it. Our strawberries are not ready yet.

Phyliss, picked up some corn yesterday and will try it in the IP. Will let you know how it turns out.

Larry, one can see in your posts that you are feeling better. You are in complete control of your surroundings ,everything within grasp and ease of use.

Joy, that is good news on the xrays. If you have any extra sunshine push a little this way please.

Gloria, hope you are ok.  We also have black bears here , you just made me aware that maybe I should put my compost out ,maybe I should bury it.

Lloyd, hope all went well with you  yesterday.

Take care everyone and enjoy your day.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Got up this morning and took the doggies out.  When we came in, I walked into the kitchen and there sat 10 beautiful half pint jar of strawberry jam just waiting to be put away or used.  One isn't quite full so it's slated for immediate use.  It'll go into the fridge so I don't forget to use it.

Doggies and I are all fed and they're resting under my feet.  When I finish here, I'll go make the bed and get ready to face my day.  It's gonna be a busy one.  First a wrap up for the seminar I attended a couple of weeks ago, then a stop at WM to replace a few canning items that have become damaged and maybe get a hair cut if the right girl is working.  Everyone thinks I don't have any ears any more.  Then home to see to the doggies needs and my own and get ready to work a 3 to 7 shift.  He was nice enough to change that one so I could get to the seminar this morning.

JENNY, I look forward to your "DAD" reports every day.  I'm so happy to hear that he's doing so well.  I'm sure part of it is your presence.  He obviously loves you very much! 

I wish you all a good day full of whatever pleases you most.  Make it your own in every way.

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Great to read the good news about your dad this morning, Jenn.... Three cheers for him!  :cheer:  :cheer:  :cheer:  I also turned in the bonds that still had Cas' name on them thinking it would be more trouble for the kids. That felt so good I turned in the bonds just in MY name since all CDs are "pay on death" for the 3 kids. Tell your dad that "a chocolate malt to gain weight is NOT BAD MEDICINE!" Years ago I bought a little malt maker & Cas loved it when I would fix him one with just ice cream, milk & a squirt of Hershey's chocolate (or strawberry) syrup. Bet it might even taste better if ice cream put into one of the choc or strawberry protein drinks. My dad's favorite food was a chocolate malt & French fries. Glad the CA kids found a new home & ready to pack up. When that little one gets in school it won't be so easy to move so hope they find their perfect place before then. Such a lot of work, don't envy them. We didn't think anything about it when that age, right?

Need to take trash out to the street. They won't pick up at the garage door except for one neighbor that was "grandfathered". I need to take my loppers & cut off the blooming stalks of yucca, they are starting to drop & so messy. All my lawn guy does is ride the mower & trim a little. He only charges $40 a week but some months there are 5 weeks & seems like a lot. When 2 of them work it takes about 15 minutes & this is just their part time earnings. Anyway, I need the exercise.

Cats had breakfast & back out to watch the sun come up. Cloudy this morning & nippy, feels good to me. ONWARD!!!

Oops, two of you snuck in while I was typing. Amy, hope you are okay, you really do time & a half every single day so hope the chiropractor is "maintenance" & not bad?  And, Jane, does it seem our hair grows faster in the spring? I looked in the mirror this morning & realize I am shaggy but have trimmed a little every time I wash it. Need a good going over, I guess. Guess I need to check out local strawberries, this is the season, isn't it?  I remember my aunt saying that she "looked for bargains the week before Memorial Day because stores didn't want to hold them over during a holiday week end." Trouble is, "they" switch holidays around & not sure when that day was 65 years ago.  ::)


June 14, 2019, 08:44:14 am #167 Last Edit: June 14, 2019, 08:46:17 am by phyllis
It is such a beautiful morning here.  I keep getting distracted and find myself gazing out the window at the sun and the woods and the patterns they are making.  Endlessly changing designs...Mother Nature is such a good artist!

My ears have disappeared, too, Jane.  I am trying to find someone who will cut my hair the way I want it.  I love my salon owner who has taken care of me for years but it is getting increasingly difficult to park near her shop and get myself in to the building.  It isn't very user friendly for old ladies who don't walk well and have to use a rollator.  I'll miss her a lot but the body dictates what can be done now.

I got a lot of fruit and fresh vegs. at the store yesterday and will probably get something in to the Pot later this morning.  I don't can anything but do like to make up a lot of delicious things that I can store in the frig and freezer.  GLORIA, my mom used to put some red hots in her homemade applesauce and the family loved it.  I haven't thought about that for a long time and wasn't even sure I could find red hots these days.  I do put in a LOT of cinnamon because it just wouldn't be applesauce without cinnamon, would it?

Amy, how did the corn turn out?  I thought it was delicious and so easy without having that big pot of boiling water going on the stove.  I am always worried about carrying a pot of scalding water from the stove to the sink.  It is pretty heavy for me to lift and David isn't always available to carry it for me.

I hear David up so I must be off to get my breakfast so I won't be in his way when he wants to fix his.  He is so good to fix his own breakfast and help in the kitchen by doing nearly all of the after-meal cleanup.  He is much more methodical on how he loads the dishwasher than I am.   I usually just want to shove it in there and get it out of the way.   ::)

Take care and I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is here this morning.


Good morning everyone, catching up on yesterday's posts. Rain all day and I was on the couch most of the day with my heating pad. Not up  to sitting here so did not even turn the PC on.

LARRY  your post on the 12th sounded so upbeat and great. So good to read you are doing so much better. As has been said before, God hears and answers prayers.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link to Shirley's photo.

SHIRLEY  glad someone is enjoying your pool.

AMY  yesterday there was a black bear sighing reported in this town.

Think I will go lay on the couch for awhile.
Have a good day.

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Good Morning Everyone, from the cool
and over cast, rocky coast of Maine.

Forecast for the next 14 days, 
10 for rain and 4 for being overcast. 

Wowzer, what a strange June!!!
Great growing season, though although
not good for people who have to work
outdoors painting and building homes.

It is always something. 

Have a good day,  Everyone.
Larry,  I hope that you feel better
and can get up and move around more
after resting. 


Twenty years from now,
you will be more; disappointed
by the things; you didn;t do
than by the ones that you did.

So throw off the;  bowlines.
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your; sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
(Mark Twain)

Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone.It is 63º and mostly cloudy,calling for thunder storms this after noon. and high of 73º.  and just being able to get up right and breath now days is good. if i get Nancy in the mood to get in the R V and travel will be great.



Good morning.  It is trying real hard to clear up. It is supposed to be a nice day, but still a little chilly for this time of the year.  I was so cold when I first woke up.  I am trying hard not to turn the heat back on.  So, I do a little bit of shivering for a while.  But, it does seem to warm up during the day,  Supposed to be a nice week end until rain rolls in Sunday evening.

I am hoping to get to a nice produce store and farm tomorrow.  The plan is for my grandson to take me, along with his 4 little ones.  It is Addy's 7th birthday this coming week, so, since I won't see her, we will stop for lunch at a local place that makes their own ice cream.  A chocolate fudge sundae sure sounds good.

The farm has a nice playground so the kids can play while I shop.  I have never been to this place, but I have seen on their website that they grow a lot of hydroponic greens.  And, they claim that they will stay fresh for over a week. I am looking forward to some good salad fixings and some local strawberries and sweet cherries.

Gloria, I usually will go back to my nice recliner after I first get up, but decided against that this morning.  If I stay up when I first wake up, I find I can get a lot done before I get so tired.  I still have some dishes in the sink to clean up and then get dressed.

Nothing special going on today.

Jennie, I am so glad that your Dad is doing so much better.  I know that makes you feel so relieved. 

Jane, I know you are enjoying your new stove.  Always  nice to get something new to make life easier.  Your strawberry jam sounds good, but as much as I love strawberries, I just prefer other kinds of jam or jelly.  I think peach is my favorite.

Amy, good luck on your trip to town.  Hope you don't run into the black bear.  I do wish I could send you some warmer weather when it finally warms up and stays awhile.

Phyllis, I still have not gotten around to using my Instant Pot. I just keep putting it off.  I really am not afraid to use it,,, it is just that I hear so many pros and cons about using it.  Just when I get my nerve up to start making something, I read all these horror stories of how things do not turn out.  I guess one of these days, I will have to bite the bullet.  My son just loves his.  I think I need to see someone actually make something that turns out. I know there are loads of videos that will walk you through the steps.

Shirley, love the picture of your little feathered friends in the pool.

Larry,  I continue to enjoy your very encouraging messages. I am so happy that you are feeling so much better.  Keep up the good work.

I will wish everyone here and those in come in later, a very good day.  And, hoping that you all will have a great weekend.



June 14, 2019, 11:16:22 am #172 Last Edit: June 14, 2019, 11:27:28 am by larryhanna
Hi everyone on this June 14th with another month about half over.  We are to have a sunny and mild day with it getting only into the mid-80/s.  I just realized that we are only about 1 week away from the official start of summer.

 I am up early again this morning and it looks like it will be a great day.  I just ate my breakfast, including a fresh South Carolina peach, some watermelon that some nice folks brought to us, a nutritional drink and the nutritional bar.  Then I topped it all with a big handful of pills. The Hospice nurse is suppose to come today for her weekly visit and the housekeeper will be here a little before 10 am.   

Yesterday a couple from out Sunday School class came and visited with us and also brought us three delicious chicken dinners from our local Wifesavers Restaurant.  Pat and I ate ours at dinnertime and Scott came out after work and enjoyed his.  He did several chores for us while here like emptying the trash, unloading the dishwasher and I don't know what else.  He is coming back over this morning to finish packaging and labeling the ramps we are returning today along with one other package to return to Amazon.  As far as I know that ends the returns for now.

 The man who was here is a lay minister and tells lots of stories from his childhood.  We gave him one yesterday when just before they arrived Pat turned on the garbage disposal and she had dropped a peach pit down it and it locked up.  As soon as the couple came in Pat said she needed a hand and the couple pitched in and got the disposal working again. That must have been a first and I am sure the man will be able to make a good story out of the event even though it was the wife who did much of the work. 

 I did do the research on the two new tires that we put on Scott's car earlier this month to see if we could find a better price and the Citi card refunds the difference.  However, after spending a bit of time trying to find a better online price I found the garage had charged the best price so that effort was scraped as a waste of time.   

 I did write to Oldiesman yesterday about us being able to post photos or graphics into our discussion posting and he told me that was just fine as we no longer have problems with limited and expensive memory on a server.  This will make our postings more interesting.  Logic told me this should no longer be a problem. I see Oldiesman has also commented on this.

 Jane, glad your chiropractor brought you relief. Glad you like your new stove. 

 Shirley, you so right that life is good.  My nurse was here a few minutes ago and think she will be my permanently assigned nurse and I like her just as I do the aid who assists me. I wondered why I needed to be using oxygen when my count is 96 0r 98 and the nurse said I didn't need to unless I am in pain or real short of breath.  Pat has gone over to Walmart to get me a twin size comforter for the bed as have been using  a double size bed spread and drowning in covers.  It makes sense to actually see what you are getting as ordering over the Internet.  If you are not keeping financial passwords and that type of thing on WordPad you should be OK.  I am just about to get everything organized the way I want it. 

 Amy, thanks for the compliment on having things in charge.  I do know how to plan and then get the plan executed.

 I seem to keep falling asleep so going to sign off for today.


The day turned out just lovely..sun is shining!
I need to go one more time to the chiropractor and that should be it. ..I hope. Then we may work on a maintenance schedule.

Phyllis, the corn was delicious!! Love doing it in the Instant Pot and will do it from now on in there.

Have a friend stopping in to pick up her chicken chests..plus a few other things that she may not be aware of :)) They cook the chicken for the dogs.

Jane, did you cook up a storm today?
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I don't know if this will work.  There are no directions in those boxes above but when I slid the cursor over them, words showed up above the boxes.  We shall see!

AMY, I didn't cook up a storm today because I had to go out in the morning and then I worked and I came home exhausted.  But I sure stared at it a lot and made a lot of plans!

Phyllis, I'm the one who mentioned the cinnamon redhots!  I know we have them a WM and I've seen the at the other two grocery stores in tow.  My daughter told me she got them at the TX WM when she wanted them.  So I think they're all over.

JOY!  get off your indecision and get that pot out and start using it.  I need something to make me ask for one for Christmas and I'm taking notes.

LLOYD!  Get in that RV!  Get Nancy in there and take off! 

LARRY Keep up the good work!  You're my inspiration!

Does anyone else need a scolding?  if they do, it will have to wait.  I'm just plain too tired to do any more yelling!

Now I'm going to go become a vegetable.  I'm tired up the gazoo!

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Lloyd Hammond

Good evening everyone. well I am ready and soon as Nancy gets in the mood we will. she has been listing to the sawbones and they like to keep you on chain gang Keeping the big $$$$$$ roiling in, not saying she is a hyperlink but some times is a close second.we started our cloudy but the sun got up courage and came out and finished the day in good shape. we have a miss pack man game machine (commercial) One from when I had the Laundromat. the point is my concordantion is not what it used to be. my brain says left r right or back up ok but brain dose not get the signal to my hands fast enough. now days 30,ooo is a good game and not often that good, a few years ago I used to get 2 0r 3 hundred thousand points. oh well I am going to bed and if i dream hope i have sweet good ones, you all do same. Hope to see you all tomorrow.



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🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 HAPPY FLAG DAY TO ALL 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
ANOTHER great day in Arizona❣️ I am so pleased with how well my Daddy is doing❣️  I am believing he is just happy to have us here, and I know I am sure happy to be here with him.  I am so blessed to be with him on Fathers Day this year💞

HAPPY 🦋 HAPPY for you continuing to do so well, LARRY😻. I love reading your newsy posts.

I hope your weekend will give you a little break so you can become aquatinted with your new stove, JANE😻

SHIRLEY,  Bob worked on the stocks nearly all day and it was a real crazy mess.  It appears every thing is lined up now BUT he could not get them to fax or email the documents, they had to be snail mailed and we will be back in Colorado when they finally arrive🙀

Pleasant dreams to EVERYFRIEND,