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Lesson 23

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By: phyllis


  • so_P_bubble: Congrats Michael and best of like for safe driving :)
    Yesterday at 04:17:48 am
  • Pooch1: Great!  But get yourself a St. Christopher medal to hang on the rear view mirror so you can hang on to this car.
    December 04, 2019, 12:26:24 pm
  • Amy: Micheal, way to go!!!
    December 03, 2019, 05:47:47 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Got the car! Came complete with a 6-month, 6000-mile warranty as well. Just need to replace the wipers and get new batteries for the keyfob.
    December 03, 2019, 04:48:32 pm
  • Amy: Micheal,  good luck today..hope it all works out for you!
    December 02, 2019, 12:38:38 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Going to look at a car on Tuesday. 2012 Hyundai Sonata with 77,000 miles (124,000 km) and slightly cheaper than the car I wrecked so hopefully I can get financing and an affordable monthly payment
    November 30, 2019, 06:24:07 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Hopefully getting a new car in the next week. GAP insurance payment finally came through on Tuesday so now I just need to call the credit union and get the rest of the loan paid off, then decide which car I want and everything
    November 29, 2019, 01:42:59 am
  • brian: you are   fortunate  bubble      most    dont live  close-------   good  luck to you (  I didnt  know  about   wheelchair)
    November 27, 2019, 11:51:16 am
  • so_P_bubble: Brian: wheelchair... It's also wheels! I live very near the clinic and the shops. As for the dentist... I prefer to forget him, I haven't been there for over three years.
    November 27, 2019, 04:31:22 am
  • brian: bubble  how   do u  get   groceries?   how u get to  doctor?how u get to  dentist?
    November 26, 2019, 11:49:40 am
  • Amy: Micheal ..Way to go! Thing are now looking up for you...
    November 26, 2019, 11:09:49 am
  • Oldiesmann: Looks like I may be able to go get a car this coming weekend. The credit union finally got the check from the GAP insurance so I just need to call or visit the credit union for a quote to pay off the loan
    November 26, 2019, 10:25:42 am
  • so_P_bubble: Michael, if you were closer I would let you use my car. I hardly go out these days, maybe only once a week when I volunteer at the library.
    November 26, 2019, 05:10:53 am
  • Oldiesmann: Insurance only covered a rental car for 30 days. The accident happened almost 2 months ago so I'm paying out of pocket at this point
    November 25, 2019, 11:49:47 pm
  • Pooch1: Ins. should pay all rental expenses. Parental counsel was good advice.  Don't start afresh until all old problems are resolved. 
    November 24, 2019, 06:19:44 pm
  • Michael: ..
    November 24, 2019, 04:47:43 pm
  • brian: I once was in accident    and insurance co paid  for  rental   but  before  my car  was fixed   general motors   was on strike  so new  parts   couldnt be ordered.I had  that  rental car  over a year   for  free!!!!!!!!
    November 24, 2019, 01:18:55 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Also getting to the point where I'm trying to decide how much longer to wait it out. My parents have been saying I shouldn't get a new car until the current one is paid off but it's been nearly 2 months since the accident and the rental car is costing me a lot of money (or will when I return it)
    November 23, 2019, 12:22:54 pm
  • Pooch1: Ouch!
    November 23, 2019, 08:56:26 am
  • Oldiesmann: Still waiting for everything to be paid off with the old car. Going to end up owing about $600 after GAP insurance
    November 22, 2019, 11:31:46 am

Soda Shoppe for June 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, May 31, 2019, 06:32:58 pm

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Lloyd Hammond

good Night and sweet dreams everyone. have another appointment at VA tomorrow, this one with the eye people to see if they think I need the catracks removed,



Good evening, EVERYFRIEND.

We have been watching all the coverage on D-Day.....hard to believe it has been 75 years ago.  My Dad always had sad stories to tell about the day. 

Today our youngest Grandson Jonah is 6 months old.  He is getting very close to crawling.  He can roll across the room in no time and thinks he is pretty funny doing so.  He is a happy little guy and we sure do love all the pictures and Face Time that we get to do with him.  Mark gave his 2 weeks notice at the golf club where he is the head pro.  It was hard to do and many are very sad to see him go, but the club is for sale and he had to make sure he had a job so had to move on.  They plan to be relocated in Rancho Cordova CA by the first of July. We hope we can help them in some way with the move, but he understands that we already have a lot on our plate😩🤣

Dad had a good day, and seemed to be accepting today of what is expected of him.  Diane did not realize she had been given a detailed report of how the different medical personnel rated my Dad for their decision yesterday.  He did not do well in ANY of the areas, so his work is cut out for him this week.  Thank you ALL for your continued comforting works and prayer for my Dad. 

SHIRLEY, I shared your thoughts for Dad with Diane and asked her if she might mention to him your thought. 
Michele continues to be just totally wiped out this week, like she always is the week of chemo😢

MARY ANN, I am glad you got to enjoy a nice lunch together today celebrating Dot's Birthday.

LARRY, how nice you and Pat gave Elizabeth the Chrome Book.  It sounded like she really appreciated it and knows it will help her with her school work.

I hope everything is OK with Jane today, as I do not see a post from her.  Maybe she will still come in to say goodnight. 

I hope you all had a good day.....sweet dreams to all.



Good morning everyone, 44  years ago today it was a beautiful warm sunny day, that was when my daughter got married. Hard to remember that day so well when I cannot remember my sons wedding days so vivid. Think it was because I was losing her to her husband and moving 3000 miles away?

MARY ANN we all see things different, bold in anything but black is blurry to me and even the black is not sharp for me. Crazy I know.

LARRY  I emailed Lloyd the code you sent me to use for posting and explained it to him but he never used it. Like most everyone else I have trouble reading his posts but I do read them.  Glad you have everything set up in your room so that it is convenient for you.

LLOYD  easy surgery for cataract removal and you will not be able to drive for a couple of days.

JENNY  my heart goes out to Michele and what she is going through. I pray all that chemo gets rid of the monster C this time.

Have a good day.

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Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone. the weather person says clear and sunny. they are rushing it a bit,sun is just trying to show it's face now. I have to leave soon for my eye check. see you all later.



Good morning.  The sun doesn't look like it wants to make an appearance right now. I think they are calling for showers later.  But, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, with more rain the first part of the week.

I didn't get  here yesterday,  I waited almost all day for the maintenance man to come back to finish fixing my A/C.  He finally came about 4 and it didn't take him very long.  He wanted to let it run for a while, and I was really getting cold, so I turned it up far enough for it to go off.  When I came back from playing cards, it was very comfortable.

Jenny, I am sorry that Michele is having a bad week.  Hopefully, that will pass when she is done with the chemo for this week.  How much longer does she have to have it?  Glad that you dad is somewhat better.  I am sure you are anxious to go see him and find out what is really going on.  Have a safe trip.

Nothing special going on for me this week end.  Hoping maybe someone will surprise me and maybe I can get out for a little while. Weekends are very quiet here where I live.  I still have not gotten to sit out most of this week, as it seemed something always turned up to detain me.  Maybe later this afternoon.

Larry, always nice to see your lengthy messages again.  I am sure that the new laptop will be very helpful for Elizabeth with her school work.  That was nice of you to give it to her. 

I hope all the friends here will have a good day, and an enjoyable weekend.



Good morning everyone..

Slept in and needed to put an egg in my boot and beat it. Went to town, picked up hubby's med, I needed mulch and tomato cages. Stopped and made an appointment for Babe to get a bath,hair and nails cut. Now to get some work done in here.

jenny, I know Michele will have good and bad days and on is more important than anything.

Need to go.Jesse is telling me it is time to go outside..

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


June 07, 2019, 01:13:30 pm #96 Last Edit: June 07, 2019, 01:15:43 pm by larryhanna
  Hi Everyone.   We are to have some showers over the next few hours and cooler temperatures.  Scott will be here later this morning to take me to our bank to take care of some business.  I had a rather strange night as was tired when I retired around 8:30 last evening and got some needed sleep in short increments.  Then about 1 am I realized I wasn't likely to get anymore sleep so I got up and good got cleaned up and dressed for the day.  I worked away at sorting out old records and getting correspondence ready and then filed away.  I got a lot done and finally around 5 am realized I was pretty tired again so laid back down and slept for another couple of hours.

I don't like to write anything too personal that others might be offended by but just can't help myself this morning.  Hospice brought in a potty chair to use in my bathroom and that is the most uncomfortable piece of equipment I think I have ever encountered.  It must have been designed by the devil to make a persons life more miserable.  I am going to ask the nurse today about getting a larger commode as don't see how anyone of much size could even fit into the one I have.  I know this isn't one of life's more serious problems but it does take on importance at these times of our lives.

I have nothing else planned for today and Scott will be working again tonight.  He has finally, at long last, decided he must have the carpal tunnel surgery.  His hand and arm has been dumb and tingling for a long time.  He tried to open a can of something last evening at dinner time and created extreme pain for himself.  He did get his car back from the shop around 4 pm and he said he didn't realize how bad it needed attention and now drove like a new car.
One last little telling on myself.  When I had been busy buying what I needed to set up this "man cave" I had picked out an office chair to use here at my big computer as the arms of the wheelchair or the rollator get in the way of typing.  I thought the chair should be here by now but yesterday when I looked at the Office Depot site where I had bought the chair I decided that I had it waiting in the shopping cart so had never placed the order.  That has now been corrected and the chair should be here soon.

We have been to the Credit Union, the medicine I need for the next two weeks has been delivered and  the nurse that she will be here shortly. 

Gloria, that was a big change in your family when your daughter got married and then moved away from you.  It is obvious that you have a great relationship and that is a blessing. 

Joy, glad you got your AC fixed so you can enjoy coolness in the hot days ahead.


Good morning EVERYFRIEND 💐💐 

Thinking about GLORIA de, as this is the time of her fur real.  I wish I had a way to pop in there and tell her family how important she was to all of us.  Just think of all the neighbors that will miss her too?

LARRY, happy to read that your and Scott's outing to the credit union went well.  Even if you did have to swing by home to retrieve the bad😻😻  I am so happy for you that you about have your "man cave" set up so perfectly for your needs now.  Sweet.  I, too, had to laugh at your description of the commode that Hospice delivered for your sounds like you definitely could us a different on to meet yours, and most everyone else's needs! 

GLORIA, HAPPY 44th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to Regina and her husband!  We ALL hope the awful chemo will get rid of that NASTY "C" 🥰🥰 I often think how blessed we are that we can be in touch with our children and or parents by telephone or face time.....Sure helps to feel connected and not so far away from each other 😻

JOY, Michele is half way through her chemo treatments. 

Oh, AMY, AMY, what every you do, do not let any grass grow under your feet🙀🙀 I know well that Jesse will for sure see to that! 

We are out of here.....errands to run and the rain is coming!  Where is our JANE. 

Enjoy your day!



The day went poooof!! Just came back from looking after the neighbours cat and dog. Callie is such a sweetheart, purrs so nice. Rex is on a few meds  and will soon be done them. He is the dog that comes to the "cookie" tree and looks for dog cookies hubby throws over for him. We tease our neighbours that they are looking after our dog.
I will go once more later tonight to let him out and give him his last days meds.

Talked with Janie and she is just taking a bit of a break....Here I was having visions of Jane and Shirley riding a never know with those two ladies just what they will be up too  ;D

Jenny, Jessie is taking to grabbing a piece of clothing out the laundry basket and running about the house!! Only saving grace no one else has seen him do this...yet!! :-[

Larry, we also got a commode for our friend and it was ok, even had arms on the side for him, not that he could use them to get up. We also got the tray on wheels, now sure of the proper  name but a real blessing to have. One morning after I gave him his orange juice, I came back into the room to find he had started to raise the bed.....both ends !!! Sending the table up on a slat and the orange juice just about ready to slide off the end, I caught it just in time!! We had a good laugh over that. He was such a joy to look after, so easy to please , had his porridge summer and winter. Just wish we had more time..

Phylis ,tomorrow I am going to DO the boiled eggs..thank you for the push :)

Better go see what the pup is up to, he is too quiet...
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


June 08, 2019, 06:20:00 am #99 Last Edit: June 08, 2019, 06:21:36 am by larryhanna
 Hi everyone.  It is now 5 am and still very dark outside.  We did have a much cooler day here yesterday and some rain on and off with some heavy rains nearby.  By midday we have a good chance of getting more rain.
 It was a very strange day and night last night.  The nurse was here around noon and after seeing my feet and legs got hold of the doctor and they put me on 60 mg of Lasik and boy did it work.  I am to keep my feet up about the height of my head.  Throughout the rest of the afternoon, evening and until 3 am when I got up to do my email and message boards I made many trips to the bathroom, about 30 minutes apart.  I also could go back to sleep, even if for such a brief time.  I did feel rested when I got an now here at my desk I apparently fell asleep sitting in my wheelchair.  I don't remember ever going to sleep at my desk nor being able to do so in my easy chair.  I guess things are now well under control or they are completed that I can truly relax, which I plan on doing all weekend. I know of nothing else on the agenda for the weekend and that is just the way I want it, although sure wouldn't turn away a friend from the door.  Pat needs a couple of days of rest as well.

Amy, thanks for letting us know that Jane is taking a bit of a break.  That dear lady works so hard and md she sure reserves a break. The commode I have does have the arms on the side and they are needed as one needs a place for a sure hand grip.  I am so looking forward to getting the grab bars delivered for more safety from falling in the bathroom and in the tub. We might as well laugh about doing some silly things as getting upset by them accomplishes nothing and a little accidents do happen.


Good morning everyone..
Larry, good morning to you, nice to see you, hope you can grab some cat naps today..!!
Just marking my spot as I need to go look after Rex and Callie.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, going to be a beautiful day here according to local weather guesser. Low humidity  and not too hot. Hope she is right. My son was here yesterday instead of today. He called and asked if I needed anything. He has to work today so came after work yesterday. Will seem odd without him here today.

LARRY  glad Scott will have the carpal tunnel surgery, I had it done 3 times, twice on my right wrist. The doctor that did it the first time should have been retired. When I told my doctor I found a different one to do my left one his remark was- hope is is good. I asked if he ever read the RI magazine, he sad yes. So I told him to make sure he got the current one because the doctor on the front page was chosen as the top of the best 50 doctors in the state. He just shut his mouth. I had to have the right one done a second time and that old dr. said it cannot be done a second time. That is when I started asking family and friends and picked the one that was mentioned the most.

JENNY  When my daughter and SIL drove down the driveway on their way to San Diego it felt like that was the last time I would ever see her. How little I knew I would go out there every year on my vacation and they came here several times.

Think I will go lay on the couch and maybe fall asleep. Really do not feel up to doing anything this morning.
Have a good day.

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Lloyd Hammond

good morning everyone. it is currently 66º and sunny calling for in the Low 80's today. yesterday got in the low 90's, sure hope it dose not do a repeat today. my recliner conked off and died. that was one of two in the sectional, so that part is going out to trash. we stopped by the large furniture store and bought me a new recliner that is electric controlled, lays back and will elevate you to a standing possession. that should be a good deal. Hope you all have a great day just as you like.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm off to the Dr. this morning.  Have a good day!

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June 08, 2019, 08:54:00 am #104 Last Edit: June 08, 2019, 09:06:53 am by phyllis
Glad to hear that Jane is just taking a break.  I was worried about her.

Amy, when your local fresh corn on the cob comes in, if it hasn't already, try that in the Pot.  2 minutes cooking time and it was perfect.  Best part is I didn't have a big pot of boiling water on the stove putting even more moisture into an already muggy kitchen and I didn't have to struggle with carrying that heavy pot to the sink to empty it.  :thumbup:

Cloudy, misty, wet and yucky this morning and it is supposed to be like this into next week.  The good news is the grass is thick and so green!

Larry, I had trouble with feet and ankles swelling last night, too.  Very uncomfortable.  Not ready to take a diuretic quite yet but maybe will pick up some cucumbers at the store today.  They are a natural diuretic for me.  I am not offended at your relaying personal information because these little tips for daily functioning that you are learning can help all of us who are, or will be, facing the same difficulties.  It is all part of this mysterious thing called "Life"!

Hi, Gloria!  I hope the rest of the day will be better for you.

Jane, there you are!  Don't blame you for taking a short break but now you understand how much you are missed when you don't follow your regular routine.  Glad you are OK.

And, for all of the SodaShoppe friends, I wish you a very good day.


    Good morning,  A pretty sunny morning, but very chilly.  I almost feel like turning the heat on.  Last night I had to put the A/c  on for a little while.  Such crazy weather.

    Gloria, I had a day like that yesterday.  I did absolutely nothing.  And, I was so tired last night. I hope today will be a more productive day.

    Larry, I can understand about taking the Lasix.  I only take 20 mg. I take it in the morning, and I have frequent trips to the bathroom, all morning.  It does ease off in the afternoon. Some days it helps and other days, not as much. When I was in the hospital last fall, they started me on it. And, they gave it to me at night.  Needless to say, I was up all night. Even the doctor apologized for not  starting it in the morning.  On days that I have to go out, I do not take it. 

    I am also missing Jane.  I know she mentioned something about taking a little break. She is missed.

    Good morning to you, also, Amy.  Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday, as usual.  I still have not used my IP. 

    I hope all the friends will have a great day.




    Checking in, one of those nights when I had a mixed up meal of snacks but not a filling "supper" so knew I was in trouble for sleeping. Up about 3:00 & had breakfast of oatmeal, 1 hard boiled egg, slice of white & one of oatnut toast & cup of coffee. Then I went back to sleep another couple hours. Tiger was at the door so came in to eat with me but Tom & Callie waited until my next breakfast.

    Larry, I'm still giggling at them bringing you a child's potty chair...(slight exaggeration) sorry about that, but "life happens". Now you & we know how our little ones feel about being put on chairs that don't fit good, right?  Have you tried the Ecco sandals (best price is Zappo's).... good support, adjustable everywhere (back heel, over toe & arch), cushy under the feet & all I wear except tennis shoes which are too hot in summer. I have fat feet & short toes, move fast & have a little fatty tumor on the bottom of one foot so can't wear hard insoles. I buy the Yucatan (for women) they make them for men, fairly expensive but think worth the price to have feet not hurt. I've pulled the same stunt about thinking I had ordered, "where is it?" but discovered still on the order page.  :-\

    Gloria, when I got married & left for England my mother admitted years later that was the hardest day. She said she knew she would have to have her sons leave to go overseas for military duty, but NOT her daughter. Back then we didn't use phones or have any means of contact except letters, so didn't hear her voice for 3 years. It was agreed when my brothers were in the service that "bad news" would never be sent until the call when on the way home. When my brother & his wife met us in NY after we got off the troop ship, it took hours of waving from the ship, with them on the dock before we could talk. The whole time I had tears streaming down my face as I held my 13 month old girl, wondering if I would get bad news about somebody missing at home. Husbands & wives were separated at that time but a wife standing next to me offered a word of sympathy so I explained my tears & that they were both happy and fearful. By the time my daughter was transferred to the NW, we had cell phones & computers to keep contact, but no Facebook or such then. My sincere sympathy for the miles between you & Regina yet, but at least you have Skype. Hugs.....

    I'll join the rest of you talking about feet swelling... but mine is from humidity & will go away if I can cool my feet down. I have the hottest feet & hands, people flinch when I shake their hand... & feet will leave a puddle if I'm barefoot. Doctor says, "good circulation"... so do nothing but have to wash them a lot.  ::)   20 Mule Team borax works great for inside shoes, have one son that got my feet & kept a salt shaker of borax handy to sprinkle in his shoes to help odor as he was growing up. Now he buys odor-eaters.  :thumbup:

    It is nearly noon & I am not dressed!  My oldest son & family headed to Branson this morning, for a week, taking their 2 little grands. The parents are coming later in the week so will be a special time for all. My daughter goes back home on Monday & the youngest son has to also go out of town for the week. Should be a quiet time but have lots to do to organize the RV. Like Lloyd, fixing it up is playing house & fun to have new toys to play with. I got some new grilling things since the boys love to grill over the wood fire, one son bought a new type projector to watch videos at night (in "their" camper, using a battery that charges all day with solar), they try to "one-up" each other with the latest gadgets. Thoroughly enjoy the time together. Almost lunch time so better get a move on, have laundry to do & a whole list of other things... and here I sit! May even work a nap in since I still don't have my 6 hours of sleep.

    Amy & Jane, my daughter & I tried to get my new e-bike up the ramp into the RV but since I want to be able to do it by myself, and can't.... I'm not going to try to take it. I'd really enjoy it at campgrounds in MO but only if not too much trouble. It is heavier & kind of awkward to get the wide handlebars through that side door & make the turn onto the floor. Not worth the trouble!  That's okay, I will certainly enjoy it around here, have bike paths to the zoo & joining park, all over town. And it is legal to ride those paths as well as sidewalks. Much safer than my little Yamaha Chappy, street legal & very short to be around cars! Anyway, at peace with knowing I can't take & not waiting until the last minute to find out.

    I'm, work!  Joan was always giving me demerits.  ::)

    Jenn, hope your father has a good day & your plans for visiting go smoothly. How can life be any busier???  Shirley


    Lloyd Hammond

    well I have been enjoying my new easy reclining between naps and watching movies. so I now bid you all sweet dreams and good night,hope to see you all here tomorrow.



    Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm off to church and the Farmer's Market this morning with a stop on the way home to pick up a few items.  Gotta "put an egg in my boot and beat it!"  Have a good day!

    Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast


    Good morning everyone..

    Another lovely day in the making here..first day that no morning fire has been put on.

    A day of rest here.I would like to sew but we shall see.

    Phyliss, I did do the eggs in the IP, Didn't do them long enough the first time so put them back in for another go. Perfect!! This is much easier to do and I will do the corn when we get some in it.

    Joy, I would take my friend to the hospital get a blood transfusion and when finished they gave him Lasix. That was the only part of the deal he didn't like.

    Shirley, I guess, just a pedal bike will have to do.

    Larry, we have grab bars  in the bathroom and grab rails when going outside. Plus the two ramps which make it easier. Hubby is feeling a lot better now and has taken the grass cutting job away from me. While he was cutting grass yesterday I made 7 1/2 doz oatmeal cookies for him.

    Gloria, our lilacs are not as good as they should be this year, maybe this is their off year. Love going to bed at night and having the smell of the lilacs drift in.

    Lloyd, happy to read you are enjoying your chair.

    Jane, good morning , enjoy your day and I hope you find lots of goodies at the market.

    Enjoy your day everyone..
    I can't change the direction of the wind,
    but I can adjust my sails
    to always reach my destination.

    Jimmy Dean

    If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


    Good morning everyone, another sunny start to the day. Just heard on local weather that is is the first dry week end with NO RAIN since the beginning of February. Four months with some rain every week end, wonder if that is a record. All I know it feels good to have a couple of days with no dampness in the air.

    JANE  hope your visit to your doctor yesterday had good news for you.

    JOY  most days are do nothing for me, mainly because there are few things I can do.

    SHIRLEY  at first my daughter and I wrote to each other twice a week. It was something we would get a letter asking a question and about the same time would get a letter with the answer even as the letters were still in transit. We have never lost that connection we have.

    AMY  living at my son's house there were lilac bushes on the side and also in the front so had the wonderful aroma coming in from 2 sides, I so miss it.

    Time to go get breakfast.
    Have a good day.

    Click for Harrisville, Rhode Island Forecast


    I can't think of much to say this morning so I'll just check in to let you know I'm still here.  Another cloudy, rainy day but, at least, it isn't abnormally hot.  Really sticky though!

    Take care, All.


    Good Morning from the sunny
    and warm rocky coast of Maine.

    Ah lilacs... The most wonderful smell, it
    just doesn't last long enough... 
    I love Lilacs.

    My AC is in now and running for
    a few minutes ... just to cool and
    dry off the apartment before
    opening the windows and enjoying
    the fresh air. 

    All is well here. 

    We don't love the people we love
     because they are perfect.
    We love them because they are.

      Duluth Harbor Cams:


    Hi everyone on what will probably be another really rainy but cooler day here in South Carolina.  Our high today is to be 82 with 100% chance of Thunderstorms around 7 pm this evening with still high chances throughout the rest of the day.  I have no plans of getting outside the house today so unless we lose power I really won't be impacted.  Yesterday afternoon around 5 pm the company that provides the medical equipment was here to deliver a claw footed cane for me to use (and it really helps assure I have good balance before taking another step.)  It was pouring rain here when he called a few minutes earlier but by the time the man got here to deliver the cane it had stopped.  He told me it had been a rough day making deliveries as he rain into many flooded roads around this area.

    I had a great Facetime call yesterday from a man I have long known and we worked together over the years.  We recalled old memories and am sure we will be talking fairly often.  The Facetime is really good.  I do hope to get to speak with my best friend over in Grayson later today as it has been several days.  I spent the day just working on small projects, writing a letter to mail ( :o who doesn't have a computer) and writing several emails.  I reworked the medicine sheet we use with my pill boxes to record all the info from the medicine bottles.  I take a lot of medicine but after some manipulations I finally got every thing to print on one sheet. I did get the new sandals I had ordered but feet still to swollen to be able to adjust the straps but am hopeful that Scott can put in another hole closer to the end of the strap.

    Sandy, my room stays warm, which is what I like, but the rest of the house seems too cool for me now but it just the way Pat likes it or a little warmer than she likes. 

    Addition: Since I posted in the Christian Photographers discussion earlier this morning I have been busy doing some things that I know will help Pat out today.  It is really amazing how much some things are to do sitting in a wheelchair (not that I would recommended that anyone do that before they need it).  I was able to take my nice size wicker basket and sit it on my lap and unload the dryer.  Most of the things were mind anyway.  I leave the hang  up clothes to Pat.  Then I went into the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher, again at wheelchair height.  I set everything out on top of the counter and then stand up and put it away in the upper cabinets or wherever it needs to go.  I then got the trash ready for today, including from my bathroom and here under my desk.  Finally I fixed and ate my breakfast.  What great satisfaction to be strong enough today to do these small things to help my wife as most of these are painful to her back and feet.  We are both looking forward to a quiet day although having a friend drop in would not be discouraged.  Now the rest of the day and evening I can rest and work on some detailed projects I am doing getting all of the info in my contacts in my iPhone for my Sunday School class so I will recognize calls from them if they call.  Right now I am sitting here enjoying some good Christian music, generally Southern Gospel.  Just how good can life be!

    Amy, I seem to be getting a lot of cat naps and that is a whole new thing for me.  I guess the sleeping pill each evening is working plus getting most of the details done in connection with getting my man cave set up and attending to a number of business affairs and purchasing things. 

    Gloria, glad you had the carpal tunnel surgery done.  I don't know why my son has put up with the tingle and loss of feeling in his hand for so long.  He probably will have to have both hands done.  I try not to push him to do things but this is one old dad will continue to stress and I think he is now ready.  Sometimes we are short sighted about seeing someone again.  With todays technology and fast transportation system we have wonderful options.  I had thought I probably would not get to see my sister and BIL again but they will be here in a few days for a nice visit.  Then Pat's sister wants to come down and my concern has been for her health.  She recently discovered that she suffers from IBS and may also have a gall bladder problem that isn't showing up on scans.  However, she will have another test this week.  She has a very high pain tolerance but has really been suffering.  My mother had a gall bladder burst and was pretty ill for awhile so hope they can rule that out before she comes down.

    Lloyd, how thoughtless of your recliner to play out on you.  You will like the electric controls in your new recliner.  Pat and I both have that in the easy chairs we bought after coming to South Carolina and just hoping I won't have to get a lift chair although already have my eye on one should such a need arise.  I see your new chair also serves as a lift chair.  What brand is it? Glad to see you are enjoying it. 

    Jane, hope your doctor's appointment went well yesterday and good to see your name pop up in yesterday's postings.

    Phyllis, Pat fixed her local fresh corn on the cob in her Instant Pot and it turned out very well. Thanks for your comments on toileting.  When you think about it we couldn't live without the ability to eliminate and there is nothing unique about it to any of us, just mores we may have been raised with.  I wonder how many here are familiar with the old outhouses?  That is all we had until I was 16 and that is what almost everyone else in our little are had.

    Joy, I take the Lasix at lunch time so get a little "break" in the mornings but the afternoon and nights make up for the mornings.  I remember when my dad was in the nursing home in Iowa and I had the call in Georgia that he likely wouldn't make it through the night.  We immediately got in our car and headed to Iowa.  When I got to the nursing home he was once again coherent as they had taken off large amounts of fluids from his body.  It sure was a relief to see him awake and eating a bite of his breakfast. 

    Shirley, I hadn't thought about being little and having to sit in a chair where your feet no where nearly met the floor.  I am glad to get the info on the good sandals.  Right now I was just trying to get something to protect my toes as seem to keep hitting them on something.  I will look into a better pair of sandals or perhaps just go back and wear my nice fairly new shoes.  I have never been a sandal wearing man.  How difficult it must have been to not hear your mother's voice for 3 years. Glad you have good circulation in your feet.  I hope your son enjoys his time at Branson and that they will have a time without a lot of storms.  We have been to Branson once but knew we could never go again where we had to drive and deal with the hilly parking lots.  Some great shows there.  Keep stalling as that work will be there when you are ready to do it. 

    Amy, I sure understand your husband wanting to do all he can do like cutting the grass.  That is the same way about the little things like I described above that I enjoy doing and know it helps Pat out.  She always tries to tell me I shouldn't have done it but in reality it is easier for me to do in the wheelchair than for her trying to stand.  I know the day will arrive when she will have to pick it all up but doing these things now help strengthen me and I have always enjoyed these little morning chores.  I hope your husband didn't try to eat that 7 1/2 dozen oatmeal cookies at one setting.  Lilacs is something I grew up around but we don't seem to have them here in the South. 

    Gloria, enjoy the rainless weekend.  Four months with rain every weekend probably sets a new record of some kind.

    Pat just went out and got the mail from yesterday before any storms move in.  I got my new shower head for my bathroom that is handheld.  Now just awaiting the grab bars, which hopefully will be here early this next week.  I also got another pair of the bifocals so I can have a pair on each side of the bed as always seem to have placed them down in the wrong place.


    Hi Everyfriend!  I've been busy since I got home from church.  Do you know how many zzzzs can hide in an old sofa?  Well, I found a few of them and I used them up. 

    All I got at the Farmer's Market this morning was some Jalapeno peppers.  Since this is a Sunday market, there are no Amish or Mennonite stands there.  I really like the Wednesday one better and I'm planning to make a short stop there for Strawberries.  I'm all out of strawberry jam and I need some for Christmas gifts.

    My Dr. appt yesterday yielded exactly the info I thought it would.  I have been having pain in my left hand and wrist beginning with the thumb joint for quite sometime.  I assumed it was arthritis and tried to ignore it but for the past two weeks, it's progressed to the point of pain bad enough to make me drop things and to bring tears to my eyes.  But it is as I thought.  Arthritis.  She gave me a prescription for some cream to rub into the area and I'm happy to say, it helps.  I also have to see a rheumatologist for an opinion and maybe a shot. 

    Now I have a question for all of you.  I read the directions and one of them says "after applying the cream be sure to wash your hands.  Have you ever tried to wash one hand while the other one has to be kept away from the water?  And if I'm supposed to wash both hands, what's the use of the cream?  (kidding, I know I don't wash it off.)

    LARRY, about grandmother lived on a farm as I was growing up and they had an outhouse.  It was waaaaaay over there!  When my sister and I visited that made 5 kids in the house sometimes all running to the outhouse at the same time.  It was a two seater so there was a lot of dancing going on outside of it.

    There were always outhouses at Girl Scout Camp and I got used to them there.  But when I took my troops camping, they thought it was something really different.  One of them named them a name that really stuck.  She called them "RUN-TOs"  Her reason...if you don't "run to" them you might be embarrassed.

    The doggies are asking to go out.  So I'm off to take them out.  I lead a very ordinary life...not much to report but I love listening to all of you!  You will always be my "family"!

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    A good Sunday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND.

    I started with a good attitude this morning that I was going to get a lot done today, and I have, but I still have more I wanted to get done, if only the ol' bod would cooperate 🙀.

    JANE,  so good to see a nice post from you today.  You commented on the arthritis pain in your hand and using the cream on it, but not being able to wash it off?  I use Valtran on both of my wrists and fatty area of my thumbs.....I use a Q-tip so I do not have to wash my hands afterwards....then finish rubbing it in using my hands rubbing together.  I do get some relief but only us it when it is really bothering me a lot as the stuff (meds) scare me. 

    Our oldest son called this morning to tell us that he is fine after finding out that he had a tiny hole in his retina, discovered at a routine eye exam last week.  He had to go to a retina specialist and they suggested he have it repaired with a laser, which he had done on Wednesday.  He did not want to call us and add to our worries. 😩🥰

    SHIRLEY, my parents felt the same way as you said your mom did.....sending their daughter off to Germany and not knowing when we would see each other again.  Never talked to them on the telephone the whole time I was there, other than a MARS call to tell them that I had lost a baby one time.  It was only snail mail, and boy did we look forward to those letters!  My time was later than yours, as it was 1967, and luckily I was able to come home one time after our first child was born, about seven months old and my mom and dad came to Germany twice for a visit and we got to take time and go on a couple of trips together. 

    AMY, our lilacs were not nearly as nice as they usually are this year. 

    GLORIA, I, too love lilacs, so I can believe you miss not having them to see and smell like you did at your sons place. 

    It has been chilly here all day....maybe it made it to 60 degrees!  Yesterday it was much warmer and we were at Dave's for dinner when a horrible hail storm came and worried us all as the golf ball size or larger were really coming down.  It did not last too long, thank goodness, and there appeared to be no damage to our car!

    I hope you all have a good evening.



    Good Morning Everyfriend! I'll try to come back and report later.  It's almost time for the "boinger" and the doggies will want to be fed.  Lots going on around here.  I wish you all a good day filled with whatever you wish!

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    I think my feet have webs!  I am so tired of rain.  Flooding all around us but we are OK. And the house hasn't slid down into the creek yet!

    Sorry about the arthritis, Jane. It is painful.  I use Aspercream with Lidocaine and that helps...for awhile.  Always comes back and especially when it is rainy.

    Nothing much to talk about today either but just wanted to check in.  It is laundry day and that is about all except I think I'll cook some more applesauce with the few Granny Smith apples I have left.  It is too wet to get outside so I expect to do some reading.


    Good morning everyone.
    Cloudy sky this morning and calling for rain. We are going to tackle the shed today,  you know, one that gets everything piled in  good and it is time for the bad/not used to go.

    Larry, we also had an outhouse, like Janie's  grandmother's it was a two seater. The ladies will understand this part, perfect in the morning when you had to "go" and morning sickness also!!

    Jenny, if it isn't one thing it is another with you folks. Happy to read the repair was done for your son.

    Gloria, the rain will likely take the blossoms off the flowering crab tree was so pretty this year. Hope there are lots of apples as the birds will eat them in the fall.

    Phyliss, good morning.. webbed feet? Rain isn't all it is quacked up to be :)

    Better get a move on..

    Enjoy your day everyone..
    I can't change the direction of the wind,
    but I can adjust my sails
    to always reach my destination.

    Jimmy Dean

    If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


    Good morning everyone. No AC yesterday, low humidity and not hot. Just had the bedroom fan going all night and slept great. Only thing with that is am stiff when I get up. Just letting you know I am still alive and kicking. Rain/thunderstorms are in the forecast for early evening.  54° now and would like it not getting any hotter than that.

    LARRY  when I found the second surgeon  for the carpal tunnel I asked about the right one and if it could be fixed again. He said yes but at that time I had the left one done first, after it healed and I could start using it again He did the right one. That was about 9 years ago and both are still doing good. Takes about a month to be OKed by doctor to use it again. I also developed a trigger finger on my right hand and he fixed that, too. It was outpatient and was awake during it, was joking with the doctor and the nurses. Better than being sedated like I was with the doctor? who did my right hand the first time.

    JANE  have you thought of those plastic gloves? Using on on the hand you use to apply the cream and then taking it off inside out? That is what my CNA's do. I have a box of those gloves but the company that hires the CNAs supplies theirs.

    JENNY  my son's lilac bushes suffered a few years ago when we had the gypsy moth caterpillars, they denuded so many trees and my other sons orchard has not been the same since then, some of his trees even died.

    Have a good day.

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