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Jan 24 2020 11:23am
brian: https://minnit.chat/SeniorChatZone  will   get you  to a new   chat thats looking  for    chatters -Owners user name is  SNARL-she is a nice person--since its new  few yet  go there but she  authorized me to  notify    anyone

Jan 22 2020 11:53pm
Oldiesmann: Will add a link to the menu soon

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Oldiesmann: Added a chatroom via Minnit Chat, and it should use your name even if you haven't registered an account with them... Let me know how it works for you. https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?page=chat

Jan 21 2020 3:00pm
Pooch1: TY, Oldies, for all your hard work. :)

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brian: yes oldies  u can use any  name--------    but  dont  forget to let people here  know   it

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Oldiesmann: brian - Minnit Chat looks nice but can you use any name you want for it? I want something where people can chat with their username on this site

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Dec 31 2019 9:06pm
brian: pOOCHERS       HAPPY   NEW  YEAR!!!!!!!!

Dec 31 2019 7:16pm
Pooch1: Wishing you all peace and contentment in 2020.  We will accept our situations, whatever they may be, and continue to be valuable parts of our communities. 

Soda Shoppe for August 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, August 01, 2019, 12:42:44 am

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Good morning!  Nothing planned for today except laundry.  And it was a quiet weekend, too, so not a lot to talk about.

I hope all is well with everyone today.


Good Morning Everyone,
from the sunny and pleasant rocky
coast of Maine.   

I am glad that the weekend  is over,  I
always like weekdays the best.   

Hopefully the bad news is behind us
for a while.  I find it all very

Good news would be a cure for the
bad news we have been suffering. 


The furthest distance
in the world is,
between how it is, and
how you thought it would be!

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Received this in an email and thought others may like it also..

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Amy, I can't think of a better way to spend time than be able to "show" someone the joys of the day. Thanks!

Don't know where I've been in my tales but #1 son came over to bail old mom out. Before he got here I went out with several paper towels to take the lid off the pool pump, clean off the "O" ring in the lid & goopy it us with Vaseline, put it back on, turned on the pump & it got pressure. One to-do down. Son arrived & had me run the 2nd zone first (sprinkler system), it came up okay, with pressure gauge going over the top, so he had me turn on zone 1 (the troublemaker). It coughed & out came some sand & the pressure gauge quit bopping back & forth. Next job to make sure I could open the new valve to put more water in the pool, dry air & wind makes it evaporate... I could & let it fill. THEN... into the house to get that darn pin out of the Fitbit... he did & we got the new band on, so I'm good to go. 

Next step is handling the roof problem. Roofer suggest we wait another day for their info to get to us.  The question is, "exactly what is the 1% deductible a per cent of??? is it the claim, is it the house policy or what they value the house, what?  The claims lady sent me a number to call to answer that question.... did not sound like a local voice & suggested I call my claims agent... told her that's who gave me THIS number!  Don't know if it is the hundreds or thousands that I pay. But with a policy waiting on the table to pay of over $3,000 this month, I need to balance a checkbook!  :o

I'm going to eat & sleep... after one more job.  Y'all behave till I get back.  Shirley

Lloyd Hammond

well the problem with the sleep today most likely will not sleep again tonight.
hope you all have a good day today.



August 05, 2019, 07:08:36 pm #65 Last Edit: August 05, 2019, 07:15:34 pm by Shirley
Guess what happened to me today???? Lloyd, I'm going to give you a run for your money with disasters.  Being grateful for my son's help this morning & fact that his wife has to return to her teaching job this week.... I called & told them I'd bring over hamburgers, drinks, fries & the dish of ice cream everyone loves... for lunch. Got it, pulled around the back of that building to come out the grocery store driveway onto a busy street, sitting there first car in the line by the street when all of a sudden I heard an explosion. Car didn't rock so I didn't think I got hit... but when I looked around I couldn't see out the passenger window. As I watched I saw a hole about the size of a golf ball opening up & the glass so shattered it looked like water dripping off... I started honking the horn so everyone would stop whatever they were doing & pay attention for fear something awful going on. I stepped out of the car & the lady behind me stepped out, we looked at the window & the person using a weed whacker with ear muffs on didn't look up, just kept on going to the end of the grass. I told the lady I would deliver my ice cream (just a block away) & return to the store to show them what happened. As I drove the glass kept dripping off, I knew I couldn't keep the AC on with the temps so high so turned it up since Buick doesn't seem to have a way to just turn OFF. Now I have no window so I rolled down the other, my purse sitting on the seat is full of glass & I am supposed to meet a friend across town at an art guild meeting tomorrow for the first time in about 30 years! I called the 2 Buick dealers, they don't replace glass, called Safelite (in New Mexico) & bless her heart, some lady managed to get me in at 10:00 am in the morning & still meet my friend because the meeting is just south of the window place. It could have been worse, if whatever shattered the window had hit a human they would have been killed. I've never seen anything like it & hope never again. I called the grocery store just now & talked to one of the managers, they have already contacted the Landscaping service & after I write Safelite a check I will take the bill to the store & let them collect for me. Only way I can have a car to drive as fast. At the end of the day, Pollyanna still says, "it could have been worse".... but for sure, this little old lady is in a state of shock.  The insurance lady called while ago to say the roof on the house was approved & sending me a copy as well as the roofer so now to get the shingles delivered & put down. Goodness, I'm almost afraid to turn around again today. After my son got the band off my Fitbit & we got the new one on, after he left I realized the time was not correct. Can't change them like a normal watch & it's never been a second off from all these electronic clocks on everything. Son explained to "sync it to your phone or the computer, Mom"... & that worked.  I explained to my friend that I now realize that when this son was born I passed on all my brains to him & that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it! :crazy2:
Do hope everyone else has had a peaceful day & Mother Nature sleeps tonight, I need CALM & so does Lloyd!


My goodness Shirley, that must have been a fright! Glad everything worked out for you.

Going to call it a night, see you in the morning.

Jane, would you turn off the light please?
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Shirley sorry you are seaming to have a dose Of My bad luck. I say if wasn't for Bad luck I would not have any. but very glad it was only your window and not you. a lick like that in your temple you would not be here with us. we need you so stick around with us. good night and sweet dreams. do not forget that is what you pay them insurance premiums for. we need you more than your money.



Lights out!  Coffee pot's off!  Tea kettle is turned off!  The milks back in the fridge and I washed up all the dishes!

Sleep peacefully and wake refreshed!  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

well Life goes on, just enjoy it the best you can. well My Passport came yesterday. it is telling a lie though it shows a good looking young Man not the old one i am. I woke up ready to get the few little things done to the r v that need to be done and hit the road, but Nancy is not feeling good. hope her shower tunes her up. the Joe dolly is hooked on to the R V ready to get the van hooked on it. we have a good Sams club membership, where we can stop and park. hope we fiend them a comfortable distance driving each day. we plan on going to Pennsylvania first and vesting My cousin for a few days. AMY you need to email us your phone number and address if you want to let us see you and yours. we have kin to kin in Canada we want to visit. we have more time than money but do have enough we wont lean on you, we will have the R V stocked with grocery's and a few dollars to eat out in a restraint and buy your lunch also. hope you all will grant us that pleasure. I plan on getting the few chores done and the cloths and food in it done today and hopeful ready to hit the road tomorrow.



Good morning everyone, another good night for sleeping, another 62° to start  the day. Yesterday went up to mid 80's but  low humidity. Getting into the sun though I could feel it  burning hot. My son brought me more fresh blueberries from the farm so yesterday my CNA helped me and we made a blueberry pie. Oh it tastes so good. No I did not eat the whole thing but did have a small slice of it.

AMY  I remember making apple jelly, grape jam from the plentiful wild grapes and also blackberry jam that a neighbor's son went to a field in back of a dairy farm to pick some for his Mom and she sent him to pick some for me. She is the one who taught me about canning. Best neighbors I could ever wish for. The house was a duplex and we lived in it.

JANE  I knew it was your BIL and not your  SIL who is the ailing. Getting so I think one thing but saying another.

PHYLLIS  I live a dull life and if I did not reply to the others who post here I would have nothing to say.

AMY  THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing.

SHIRLEY  you make me glad I no longer own a house. We always behave but YOU are the one who doesn't, YOU always do too much. About time you stop so much work and enjoy life.

LLOYD  I never sleep during the day and some nights I still have trouble getting to sleep.

SHIRLEY  no matter how safe a driver is an accident can still happen. Glad you got the window replaced so fast.

LLOYD  hope Nancy feels well enough to take off on your trip tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone.

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Good beautiful morning everyone..

I just love these cooler temperatures. Taking Kyle in town to get his blood work done then home to do what I didn't get done yesterday....I hope!!

Phyliss, I passed your custard sight onto friends they in tern passed it on to their daughter and they all loved it...especially the Dad as it is a favorite of his.

Jane, thank you for turning the lights out. Hope you have a wonderful day today..

Gloria, I also had a neighbour like that when I farmed. I hitched up the wagon and we piled on our bushel baskets and went picking wild grapes , that had to be the best grape jelly I have tasted. She also made grape juice with it.She was one heck of a cook and could cook anything g to perfection.

Lloyd, sending you an email..

Tea/coffee and muffins are in the hidey hole this morning.

Enjoy your  day..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  It's still being cooler nights and days into the low to mid 80s.  I can manage that...especially if I don't have to go anywhere. 

GLORIA, sometimes I don't really have anything to say but I say it anyway and then I think to myself, "boy they must really think I lead a boring life!"  And when I say something I think might be interesting and no one comments, I KNOW I lead a boring life!  Just say what you feel like saying.  I, for one, just want to know you are all still there!

LLOYD, if you are travelling east on Route 80, the restaurant where we met for lunch is only a couple miles off that and there's room to park your vehicle or if you'd rather, you can park it in the WM lot and I'll pick you up there and take you to Country Cupboard.  I think you have my email address and my phone number.  I could meet you almost any day for an early supper. I can't meet you Monday, Wednesday or Friday for lunch  Any other day will work.  I'd love to see you and Nancy again!  Also, people do park all night in WalMart supercenter lots.  I often see campers there.

Now I better get on the stick.  I have to clean the fridge before I can go to the dumpster and I'd really like to get that done before the day gets too hot.  I just took the doggies for their "mini-walk" and it's really nice out there right now.

Enjoy your day in every way!

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Shirley, that window breaking was terrible.  So glad it didn't hit you.  I hope when you talk to the landscaping company they don't give you any trouble.  Good luck!  You deserve things going more smoothly now.

I'm having some bad luck of my own right now.  My email program has crashed and I haven't a clue as to what to do about it.  I'm only receiving the same email from 3 days ago over and over.  I'm not getting any new messages at all.  If I delete the account I will lose all of the archived folders that I want to keep. It's maddening and I don't know what important (if any) messages I am not receiving.  I guess that I will be working on that for most of the day.

Gloria, you're days and my days sound pretty much the same.  With the heat and high humidity of late I'm pretty much staying inside and that makes the day even more dull and boring.

Amy, I'm glad that so many are enjoying the Instant Pot Custard recipe.  I made sauce from some plums yesterday. Quick, easy, and tasty.

Lloyd, hope that Nancy will feel better and you will be able to get on the road soon.

Take care, All.


Reading your notes - I wish I could help.  I could eat Rhubarb pie if that was any help. 

Such a shock for having a rock hit the glass window.  Those things are dangerous.  We had a glass door broken in the same way and the landscape guy just walked away.  Couldn't speak English and refused to acknowledge my Spanish - with a shrug of his shoulder, he just got in the truck and drove away. 

Two grandchildren left early this morning - one is playing hockey right now.  He is slim and can eat anything and never gains weight.  He works at a small airport otherwise.  His sister is just graduated and looking for a job and now is widening her search. 

Don had his hand surgery and will return tomorrow - his hand is very dark and puffy and that is what they said to expect. 

Shirley:  your picture "Happy Spring"  is lovely. 


August 06, 2019, 03:27:00 pm #75 Last Edit: August 06, 2019, 03:32:33 pm by Denver
HELLO from the air as I am flying from Boston to Denver 🛩

Thanks to Dr. Dave, I am using his WiFi, allowing me to catch up with you all.

I have been very busy with family, so I have not been on line much at all, and I have to say I have missed catching up with you all.

This is a FULL FLIGHT and the gentleman sitting next to me is a BIG GUY, so I am having a hard time typing😩🤪

I hope to catch up with the posts, but I am going to send this before I loose it.

More later,



Lights out in the East!  I'm off to bed!  It's raining here and much cooler.  Good night for sleeping!  I'm gonna go do it!

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Okay!  The lights are back on and the coffee's perking!  The tea kettle is whistling and there are cookies (chocolate chip) in the Hidey Hole.  Pull up a chair and tell us what your gonna do with your day! 

I'll be working and then the guy is supposed to come and power wash my fence and my house.  I wonder if they do that in the rain?  This is the first time I've ever had it done and it's supposed to rain this afternoon.  I guess I'll find out.

what's up in YOUR neck of the woods?

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Good morning everyone, just  listened to the forecast. Does not look good. Starting around noon today until late tomorrow afternoon there is a chance of violent thunder storms, mostly inland this time, also small chance of a tornado. If they hit here I will not be at the computer and the TV will be off, too. Better make sure I have my cellphone charged. Crazy forecast and this time I hope they are wrong like most times.
It  was another cool night for sleeping, no AC all day yesterday and was so quiet without it. The men have been painting the front of this building for 2 weeks now. I have a view of them from my windows. Saw them painting the window frames and now they are replacing them but not with wood but with plastic. Wonder if they will paint them again. Waste of time and money. Our witch is always "trying" to save the owners of the building money. Wonder if she gets a big bonus at the end of the year. One lady here cut her foot, she is almost blind and did not see the blood. Well she walked around and left blood every where she walked, even in the elevator. That brought a hazard team in to take all that carpeting out and now they have to put more in. Will be fun when they work in the elevator, wonder if we will be able to use it when they are working in it. She is now in the hospital, the rescue truck was here and took her to the hospital on last Friday. They are running different tests on her, for what I don't know. Her apartment is on the second floor and her husband is on the third floor. He also has hospice care. he is very ill. That is all that is going on around here.

AMY  like you I have enjoyed the last couple of days.  I loved the grape jam, closest in taste to me is the Welch's, even smells like grapes.

JANE  most times I don't do anything but most days say it anyway. I know I live a boring life but I am content. I love to read so do a lot of that.

PHYLLIS  I am so lucky to have my grandson who works in computers. He always helps me out when I have problems. Maybe not right away but he will get to it when he has time.

CAROL  like you I could eat rhubarb pie-minus the strawberries-every day.

JENNY  wish there was a way we could have met with you being so close. Makes me wish I was still driving.

JANE  rain has not started here yet, around noon is when the guessers say it will start. This is the first time I heard them predict a 24 hour period of possible thunder storms.

Have a good day. Almost forgot, I put a blueberry pie in the hidey hole is anyone wants some.

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August 07, 2019, 07:21:09 am #79 Last Edit: August 07, 2019, 07:23:21 am by Amy
Good foggy morning everyone..

We did have some rain which was so nice plus they are calling for more today. Lawn is burnt and not growing but the weeds are!

Jane ,not a lot going on up here other than little jobs that need doing. May get more quilting done, I have 5 rows sewn together with another 3 to go. Not sure if the length will be good enough but do have more blocks to sew together to make 2 more rows.

Love chocolate chip cookies, thank you!

Gloria, you popped in......good morning to you and love blueberry pie, thank you. Hope the lady will be ok....she has more than enough on her plate with her hubby in hospice care.

Jenny, glad your back home safe and sound.

Better get ready to meet the day.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


The sun is coming up over the neighboring ridge and it is supposed to be another hot and humid day.

I tinkered with my email program a little bit yesterday but was afraid I would make it worse so mostly left it alone.  When I checked it later it had miraculously fixed itself.  That leads me to believe that it was their problem and not mine. So all is well this morning. 

In spite of the humidity I think I will try to get out to the farm stand today.  I'm thinking I would like some good tomatoes for tomato and mayonnaise sandwich and some homemade tomato soup.  Also, I would just like to get out of the house and see if the rest of the world still exists.

Take care, All.

Lloyd Hammond

well it is cloudy. saying we are to get t storms. some may be sever. they can miss that as far as I am concerned. so many people are getting mental unbalanced. makes us scared to go out any where. on the local news every day the post one to several shootings killed and or wounded. I pray you all have a safe day.



It is either me or the computer - I cannot find S & F since the 2nd. of August.  And, I had to write in the Shout Box on one of the sites.  Pardon the shout.

Two grands came for an overnight - they do this several times a year and fix anything - we try not to overload them.  Today is another drive to the VA for Don had hand surgery two days ago.  Not a pleasant drive on the freeway anymore so we have been checking out some smaller roads - slower but much safer. 

Amy:  Mom had a Treadle Singer - it was sold by a family member.  Mom taught me to sew on it. I do have a Featherweight though and have offers but just do not want to part with it.  Still sews a perfect stitch. 

Gloria:  Lobster would be wonderful. 

Roley:  We found St. Mildred's in Canterbury - a lovely church and friendly congregation.  Don's mothers name was Mildred - he said he didn't know she was a Saint but that is was a lovely time meeting the people. 

Lloyd Hammond

well I do not reamber If I told you all or not but did get My Passport or not.
but I did day before yesterday. so when Nancy gets in the mood to travel with me we will figure out the rout to take an head east. hope that is soon.
Good Night and sweet dreams.



I'm really tired and ready for bed but I'm not going to turn out the lights.  SHIRLEY will have to do that when she comes by or maybe JENNY will take care of it.

My fence is all white again...no black smudges all over it.  I wonder how long it will last? And the house is so clean on the outside that it even smalls good.  I'm off to bed.  I wish you all a peaceful sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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I turned them out, Jane, but got back up because it is thundering. Cats were all out but Tom & Callie have already found their safe place to hide when it storms. They always come in dry. Tiger came in & is having a snack before we go back to bed. I'll have a drink of water & call it a night. 

Carol, hope Don's hand is doing okay. I do understand about "dodging traffic". The parking lot at the VA here was so crowded I would have to drop Cas off at the door & go find a place to park & walk a long way back. Seemed to me they needed a shuttle bus to run around the parking lot to help. As short winded as I am these days, I wouldn't have been able to walk in & in this heat would not have been able to wait in the car. He was terrified I would die first and knew he could not live alone. We manage the best we can, don't we?

Lloyd, hope you & Nancy have a nice trip and good weather. Stay safe!

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless.


Good morning everyone, we sure had rain lat e yesterday and during the night. 68° now at 5 am. I was in bed last night a little after 8, too sleepy to stay up longer. Going to be a long day. Sure wish my couch had some of Jane's ZZZZzzzz's in it. If I could fall asleep in the afternoon after CNA leaves, even for 30 minutes I could stay up later. Oh well.

AMY  the blueberry pie I made-with the help of CNA was from a recipe I got from a Yankee magazine about 50 years ago. Cook some blueberries with a little water and cornstarch till thick, cool a little and add raw berries, chill and serve with whipped cream. Can only make it when fresh blueberries are in season. Of course I made 2 shells so today will make a lemon meringue if I get ambitious. That lady is home now and have not seen her yet.

PHYLLIS  do you shut your computer off at night or just put it to sleep? A lot of times when having problems shutting it off and restarting solves some problems. I would love some native tomatoes and a tomato and lettuce sandwich, like that crunch in there. Local tomatoes from the farm should be ready this week and my son will bring me some on Saturday. In a hurry to sink my teeth into one and enjoy it.

LLOYD  the forecast yesterday was for severe thunder storms in this area, I heard 2 boomers and saw no lightening but we sure had rain.

CAROL  I had an old White treadle machine that was my mothers but me now ex husband gave it away. I liked it better than the electric one I bought. Seemed like I had more control the treadle one. I enjoy a lobster at home and just boiled. That way one can get all the meat out of the legs and really take it apart to get every bit out of the shell.

JANE  nothing like a clean home, inside and out.

SHIRLEY  you shut the lights off and I just turned them on. Had to see where I was going.   ;D

Have a good day.

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Good morning everyone..

No rain or storm last night and they are calling for 60 % again today. I just hope it is a cloudy day as we are off to pick up the treadle sewing machine . I know where we are going to stop for lunch too!! They serve the best fish 'n chips..plus the chocolate factory is in the area.

Gloria, I love homemade pies. I cheated and bought a pie and wish I hadn't but live and learn. I will make up some pastry and freeze pie shells and when we need a pie just whip it up.Hope you find some zzz's today for a nap.

Jane, happy to read you are happy with the washing of your home. Pressure washers are a dandy outfit to use.

Carol,I also have a featherweight and this treadle will round out my machines. My go to is my Janome 6600 and it has me spoiled with the thread cutter and easy threading.

Shirley,thank fully we have a handicap sticker and even then it is difficult to find a place to park. Now is not as bad when the RA and chemo slowed Kyle down and we won't use it if he is having a good day on the walking. You should apply for one with your heart condition. We don't have to pay for one here.Dr wrote a script and we sent it in.
I had better get a move on.

Enjoy your day everyone..

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


G'Morning all. I thought this approaching anniversary might be of interest this time, it is the story of Billy Fiske, A American Citizen who here at least, is believed to be the first American Citizen to be listed as K.I.A. in WW.2, he lies in this old Churchyard here in West Sussex, close to where he fell during the Battle of Britain in 1940 @ 'RAF.Tangmere'West Sussex. i believe there are around nine other Americans who died in the battle who also had to sign on as Canadians to enlist in the R.A.F, but Billy was the first to be killed.
If anyone is interested, i can scan a short history of how he came to enlist into the R.A.F and his subsequent death,his name is also recorded in St Paul's Cathedral London.   
Sorry to say there is no sound on this first clip but,i can remember this whole area was under attack at the same time as his Funeral, i think that perhaps that is why at the end of his service the camera pans up  into the sky, it would have been full of vapour trails and the sound of dog fighting,etc.
Billy FISKE'S grave today.
Both his parents and his wife are now interred along side with him in the one grave.
FILM  2.
                                Cheerio.  Roley.


Good Morning Everyfriend!  It was a lovely cool night just made for sleeping.  I think we had a nice gentle rain  during the night, too.  Everything was wet when I took the doggies out around 6. 

Roley, I enjoyed the film of Billy Fiske's funeral.  I remember hearing about him and other Americans who found it necessary to get into the war early and did it through joining with British forces.  There have even been a couple of movies about this.  Thanks for the "official" view!

I don't know what this day will bring.  I have no plan but lots of things begging for attention.  I'll have to see what's begging the loudest.  I do have to make a quick trip to the grocery store for a couple of things I missed on my last trip.  I've made a vow to use up what I have in the fridge and freezer before buying anything else.  However, that doesn't include "fresh from the farm" veggies.  I always need them!

I wish you all a good day!  Make it your own I every way!

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