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Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, August 31, 2019, 11:22:12 pm

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Sept 8 Grandparents Day

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   Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.
~ Henry Van Dyke


An American farmer was on holiday in Wales.  He could not resist exploring the hill farms north of Aberystwyth.  At lunch time he dropped into a pub and fell into easy conversation with a Welsh farmer.

'How big is your spread?' , asked the American. 'Well look you, it's about 20 acres he said' .  Only 20 acres the American responded, back in Texas I can get up at sunrise, saddle my horse and ride all day, when I return at supper time, I'll be lucky to cover half my farm'. 'Dew dew', said the Welshman, 'I once had horse like that, but sent him to the knackers yard.'


    From two   Seniornet members of old

Old Fred went to visit his doctor,
because his sex life was in deep decline.
He was give some little white tablets,
told to take one, with a glass of red wine.
He was asked, would he return in a fortnight,
and give the doctor a progress report.
Then if the tablets he'd got were not working,
to plan B they would have to resort.
Two weeks later he was back at the doctors,
to report how the sex had progressed.
Fred asked for some more of those tablets,
and said he was very impressed.

For the sex that he was now getting,
was really the best in his life.
Plus, he was enjoying a new added bonus,
with the house maid as well as the wife.
Richard - 16 Jan04

...and the bawdy story goes on:

Guy Talk...(re-continued)

Old Fred's pleasure was extensive,
He now knew what he'd been missing,
And his wife was apprehensive,
For the maid went beyond kissing.

So, with Fred newly enlightened,
And the maid an accomplished lass,
Fred's wife became rather frightened
That her own charms were waning fast.

She ran off to the beautician,
Hoping to boost her sex appeal,
For she'd lost much to attrition,
And her concern was very real.

A complete do-over she sought,
The hair dresser glad to comply.
Fred saw the blue haired perm she'd got,
And with maid in hand, said "Goodbye!"


Good morning everyone, a good cool night for sleeping and I think I was in the land of nod a little after 9:30 last night so am up early this morning.

SHIRLEY  since medical marijuana is now legal in this state and I looked into it and what a lot of things have to be done to sign up for it and need a license to get it, too. Crazy. I have been checking into CBD and that is from the Hemp plant not the MJ one. None of that stuff to make one "high". They have oils and capsules and food(snacks). Would cost around $100.00 a month, don't know if I can swing that yet. Looks like I will have to ask my DIL to cut my hair again. Top is getting too long and will not stay in place anymore, keeps falling into my face.

SANDY  like you I love the autumn weather. Now the orchards are picking apples and asked my son to get me some from the farm I like. My other  son's or chard is not doing good at all, only a few trees has some apples. That is thanks to 2 years of a late frost and then the gypsy moth caterpillars denuding the trees. All over the state there are a lot of dead trees from them.

AMY  love home made oatmeal cookies. My 3 liked the, too so made them often when they were still home.

SHIRLEY  like you I do not like raisins and never put them in the oatmeal cookies either. In Mass. they have had cases of Triple E from mosquitoes, one death and not there is one case in this state. Warning people to stay in from dusk till dawn when those stingers are busy.

JENNY  I noticed that Kenny, too, and thought you were on your iPad and I understand without a keyboard it is hard to type. If I sat in the sun like you did they would be calling the medics for me. Only time I can do that is in the cold months.

BUBBLE  thank you got the new page for September. Love the graphics and the jokes.

WOW I am here first for this month.

Have a good day.

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Does anyone remember who "RJM" is, from the writers corner or WREX in the old Seniornet? I wonder where she disappeared since...
Also, anyone hears from Carolyn from New Zealand with two very talented girls or grands?


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I just lost my post that I started yesterday.  I was interrupted by the arrival of daughters and granddaughters and I never got back to it yesterday.  Then when I tried to post it wouldn't take it because of our "new home" so it's out there in space somewhere. 

Since there are only minutes until the boinger goes, I won't have time to reconstruct.  However....

I wish you all a lovely day!
Make it your own in every way!

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Good morning everyone..

A cool 41° F here....lovely!!! Jays are making a racket this morning, funny that crow has slept in or has found another buffet!

A day of rest here..we do have to take the garbage away and have our coffee out.

Bubble love the new start and the jokes.

Jane, did Christy like her tomato?

Gloria, I also like chocolate chip cookies followed by ginger snaps. But the best to me are shortbread cookies that melt in your mouth. Sadly these are usually made at Christmas time..hmm now I want to bake some.

Jenny, sounds like a great coach to make sure everyone has a chance in the game...he is a keeper.

Enjoy your day everyone
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning on this first day of September.  Oh, where has the summer gone ?  I can hardly believe it is September, already.  I sure do not look forward to wintertime.  I do enjoy the fall colors, but, just wish it would fly by quickly.

It is still early for me to be wide awake yet.  I am not sure what today will bring.  Yesterday, I was up early for an eye doctor appt. and then came home and took a nap. I did get to sit outside in the afternoon for a little while.

Gloria, I know  that the CBD  oil and capsules are beginning to turn into a vey popular solution for a lot of problems.  We had a lady come to our place last week to give a talk about it, but I didn't go.  My son was taking the pills for a foot pain he was having, but I don't think it helped much.  I did hear that there are 3 stores in our area who are now selling it.  I really have not read too much about it yet.  I don't think that I am interested at all. I take too many meds now. But, I will be interested in knowing if you start taking it.  I was talking to the girl here who is our activity director, and she said she was having so much trouble with her fingers being so stiff and painful, but since she started taking the CBD pills, it has greatly improved. She was able to move her fingers around really well.

I hope everyone will have a nice Sunday.  It is a little cloudy right now, but the sun is supposed to make an appearance and it will turn into a nice day.



Amy, Bean and Bacon Soup is one of my favorite comfort foods so I was quick to copy it from your link.  Thanks a lot and I'll let you know what I think when I get around to making it.

I slid back a little bit yesterday and spent most of the time in the recliner chair but feel a little better this morning.  Shirley, my tinnitus came early in the fight with Meniere's Desease and it has never left me.  Mostly I just have gotten used to it but sometimes it is so loud I can't ignore it.  Weather pressure changes can really make it bad sometimes.  I'm dreading the approaching hurricane because it will make the Meniere's act up again.  I'll hit the meds early and hope they will get me through.

Mycheel, thank you for thinking of me.  I wish we could hear from you more often and learn more about you but even your occasional post is nice to see.

Jenny, we never drove up Evans but used to go up through Estes and on up Trail Ridge.  I loved that drive.  Once in awhile we would go up to Rattlesnake reservoir and that road is scary, too.  Narrow, gravel, and no guard rails.  I tried not to look.  I'm like you in that if I am driving I'm OK.  As a passenger...not so much!  When Tom was in college he worked for a dude ranch up in Cache le Poudre canyon.  He took me up that road once and I said I would never do that again.  It was unbelievable but when you got up to the "top" the view was amazing.  You could see clear over into Wyoming as far as Cheyenne!

Must give some thought to breakfast now that David is up.  TTYL


Good Morning on September Oneth,

Bubble, thank you for the nice new Shoppe.  Thought I'd "report in" and see if anybody recognizes me.

Jenny,  Son/dil were recently in Denver for a concert at Red Rocks.  They drove up Mt. Evans and dil's pictures are really good.  I think they saw more "wild" animals along the road than we saw in the entire time we lived in Leadville.

Last week, I bought a new brand of chocolate cookies at the supermarket that didn't have a lot of carbs. Should have read the ingredients because, when I was doing so at home, I discovered that one was "hemp seeds".  I threw them away!  Just not ready to accept that such a product is the miracle cure for everything - although I suspect the same thing was said about penicillin when it first came out.

Weather in central Oklahoma goes from terrible to pleasantly Fall-like.  Today is one of the latter so I'm off to church and OTL 0 if the Lunch Bunch is there and interested.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.



Well, DUH-ME!  What I was thinking of was the creams that tout the CDB oil to rub on. I never thought about internally. I never thought smoking it was good for anyone since "smoke is smoke" & bad for the lungs. But what do I know?  I'm too sleepy to research now, Fitbit says I only had 2 hours & 3 minutes sleep before I woke up coughing... that woke the cats up sleeping by my bedroom door so they wanted in (and out & back in). By the time I fed them & myself, I didn't dare go back to bed 'cause I knew I wouldn't wake up to get to church on time. But I will get those zzzzzzzs today!

Joy, I'll be here to cheer you on when it turns cold. Gloria & I will convert you!  :D

Thanks for the new space, graphics & funnies, Bubble. There was a Carole in Australia or NZ whose husband was an artist. He died some years ago & she moved, not sure where. I think there was a Carolyn but been too long since seeing her. I can't place RJM... So many missing.


Ha Ha Ha !!!  Shirley. You will never convert me to liking the cold !  I just hate the winter and all the snow and wind that come with it.  But, there is nothing I can do about it.  Have to put up with it and just turn up the thermostat.  I litterly get sick to my stomach when I get so cold.  Plus,  my apartment is on the north side of the building and I get very little sun.  So, in the winter, it can get very cold in here unless I turn the heat up.  This place uses heat pumps for the heat and when it first comes on, it is like the A/C  is running.  Sometimes I have to turn the thermostat up to 80 º until it warms up a little.  My electric bill is high for about 3 months, but then, my summer bills are a lot lower because I hardly have to use my A/C.

So, I don't think you will ever convert me.  LOL



Shirley and Bubble, Carolyn Stirling is still in New Zealand.  She used to post in the old SeniorNet. She left after a disagreement with another member and we emailed back and forth for several years. We are Facebook friends.  I am seldom on Facebook anymore but she does post occasionally. 

Carolyn introduced me to Carol and her artist husband Keith Corner in Australia. My maiden name was Corner.  A distant cousin of my Dad's was into genealogy and researched the family line back to the mid 1700's.  If I remember correctly, Keith several distant back cousin.  We lost contact over the years. 


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September 01, 2019, 04:55:09 pm #16 Last Edit: September 01, 2019, 04:58:23 pm by Shirley
Mary, you are right about Carol Corner... had brain freeze & couldn't think of her last name. Several of us in the Photos discussion e-mailed for a long time but maybe a month or more since I've heard from her. We started out comparing cameras. She moved after Keith died but last I heard she still had her "Max", loved knowing she was going into spring when we were into fall. Have to smile at my thinking... it was "3 plus me" so 4 of us, the others aren't posting anymore. Thanks for the memory boost!

Joy, I always liked winter even when I was anemic & cold, but appreciate being able to pile on clothes & now with warm UGGS, I find excuses to get out nearly every day in winter. I am a hermit/mole all summer & by fall not very nice to be around. I will admit that I do feel the cold more the older I get & not willing to take chances of being stranded in the cold. But I'd rather get out the snow blower & spend a few hours cleaning off the driveway than take care of yard duties in the summer. It does make a difference being on the north side of a building and having floor to ceiling windows on the south side. Winter I will open the drapes completely (storm windows have a dark tint) but in summer I keep it pretty dark in the rooms I can close the drapes, I get depressed with bright, hot sun & love cloudy, rainy days. Just a little out of whack~~

Callie, you have been missing quite a bit lately!  I never thought to check to see if the local store is selling pot laced cookies...hahaha... it shocks me to see pot stores on every corner in CO now. Makes me a little nervous to think any of those drivers on mountain roads may be "just a little high" and not caused by the altitude! I'd better get a move on, one more run to the store while gift cards are "4x".... I discovered I am down to my last $25 card for Arby's & could use points for gas in Oct, now that it is Sept 1.... had not thought about that so don't want to miss out. I wish there were gas stations in MO that shared those points like we find in CO. Not a big deal when filling the car but such a kick to save about $70 when filling the elephant. Do you get out & about to any of the lakes around there?  Will have to think about that. ???

I'd better get a move on. Gr-granddaughter has a birthday tomorrow & her mother (my oldest gr-dtr) the 4th. My brother will be 94 the 8th & his wife was 85 yesterday. It was quite a deal with her friends being concerned that he is almost 10 years older than she is.... but at her last few class reunions they were giggling that HE was the one helping everyone else get their walkers & wheel chairs out of their cars... spry as any 65 year old! Our father was the same until Mom died and he did not want to live any longer... took him 5 years of sitting before his muscles & bones gave out & a stroke took him at 95. He had nothing wrong with him that exercise couldn't have fixed. Sad but true. My 89 year old sister looks younger than I do, & still moves like always. She got Mother's skin, no wrinkles on that side of the family, but also Dad's only sister had that English light skin with no wrinkles. I've enjoyed finding all the DNA results from 23 & Me.


September 01, 2019, 06:50:56 pm #17 Last Edit: September 01, 2019, 06:54:13 pm by Denver
A great Sunday HELLO to ALL 💐

Thank you, BUBBLE for our nice new place to post and for the funnies you shared. 

GLORIA, many times I hit the wrong key on this iPad, but I generally look my post over and look for the obvious mistakes.....but I sure did not see Kenny until the following day🤪  This thing also likes to change what you are saying and sometimes that can be embarrassing!  I am with you and SHIRLEY, you can leave the raisins, better known to me as BUGS out of my cookies, or my bread pudding or anything else for that matter.  I do not necessarily dislike raisins themselves, I just do not want them in anything!

SHIRLEY, it seems marijuana is legal in many states now and I know several people that use CBD in one form or another that swear by them helping with pain.  Here in CO you can buy ANYTHING your heart desires with CBD or MJ in it. 😫  They are really covering vaping now after the discovery that it is causing lung issues😩😩. Any smoke that one is putting down their lungs can not be good....it doesn't require a genius to figure this one out😤😤

AMY, butter cookies or anything with lemon is my go to for a cookie!  I do like peanut butter and oatmeal as well, sans raisins, of course!  You can take anything chocolate too......do not dislike it per se.....just can live without it!

JOY, some folks seem to get a lot of relief from any CBD'S, oil, creams or gummies but not everyone.  Trial and error if you are willing to experiment. Many cancer patients smoke mj to help with pain, anxiety and lack of appetite.  They swear by it. 

PHYLLIS, sorry to read you had a set back.  I hope you are much better today.  Trail Ridge is another favorite....it is impossible to explain how it feels and looks from our high up places in CO.  I knew you would have been on these scary roads also.  I shared a video with a few in here  that I have email addresses  for, of a Jeep going down Black Bear Pass into Telluride.  Needless to say, MANY did not really enjoy it......those Jeep roads are not for the weary!  The drop offs on Mt. Evan's took my breath away a couple of times on the drive up, but it did not bother me at all on the way down!  You just can not control what your body does in those kind of incidents.... There were many motorcycles as well as bicycles on the road.....I can't even imagine being on either of them! 

CALLIE, happy to read son and DIL took advantage of their time here to do Mt. Evan's.  It is good DIL got some good pictures....as you know, it is hard to get good ones that show anything like the view ones eyes have.....and the "feeling" of being that high!  I once heard that when trying to explain it someone said it is like looking up and watching the Eagle soar....only when you are up that HIGH, you are looking DOWN on the Eagle soaring!  So very true! 

I, too, have contact with Carolyn Sterling ever so often on FB.  She does not post a lot, but I always ask her about the granddaughters and how they are doing?  I sure do miss many of the folks that never found their way over here!  One very active SNetter posts on FB a lot....way too political stuff for me, but I have offered to help her get here and she has never taken me up on it!  Her loss! 

I am off to finish my chicken soup I started this morning.....did not know if I wanted to put noodles in it or ??  Noodles it will be.  It sure smells wonderful....glad the A/C is pumping away as we broke a record today here in the Mile High for the highest temperature ever on this 1st day of September! 98*...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, EVERYFRIEND.


Mary Ann

Jenny, you mentioning driving and riding on the mountain roads reminded me of driving in Ten Sleep Canyon in Wyoming.  I had not been driving long, maybe five years.  My dad had lived in AZ for a while so thought he was the more experienced to do mountain driving.  After things flattened out, it was safe for me to drive.  I loved it.  It wasn't flat for long because soon we came to Ten Sleep Canyon.  There were horseshoe curves all the way down.  Dad was sitting in the passenger seat and there was no barricade to speak of.  When we got to a motel, we exchanged views of the ride.  Dad said he was not scared until the ride was over.  I was not scared at all and kept concentrating on the road.  A few years later, we took the same drive on purpose.  The road had been reconstructed and wasn't nearly as interesting or thrilling.  But after that Dad had no trouble with me driving in the mountains.

Another time I was on a tour and i don't remember where, but we got to the end of the road and at one place, the bus driver backed down to the next turn.  We knew he had done that dozens of time, but it still was scary.

I loved the mountains and always said I wanted to live where I had a view of a mountain with snow on the top.  That never happened and neither did living on a river but I do live on a pond and we see some wild life which makes it interesting.  Not as interesting as when I first moved here, but I have memories.

Mary Ann


September 01, 2019, 08:21:04 pm #19 Last Edit: September 01, 2019, 08:23:59 pm by Shirley
Mary Ann, I had forgotten all about going south on that coastal highway in CA.... Cas drove most of the time all through the years, but now & then would feel brave enough to let me drive. That time, like you said, was almost flat & straight as far as one could see, but as soon as I took over it went into hairpin turns, up & down & around. Was our first trip in the Rialta so he wasn't as comfortable driving it as I was (I'd been driving a big conversion van for years so the Rialta was not a lot bigger). Anyway, every time he would "man up" and let me drive, conditions would change & he'd be a basket case until he got back behind the wheel. Dad thought I could do anything the boys could do (some things better) but was not in his upbringing to teach a daughter to work on a car. I could shoot a gun & go fishing with him, but I was limited to "Go-fer" and to pump the brakes to "bleed them". 

When we went up to Trail Ridge Road we were driving the almost new first conversion van. When we got to the top & got out he noticed the front hub caps were red hot... actually RED... so we waited to let them cool down before going down that other side into the little town we were staying in. Turned out the calipers were not releasing when he let up on the brake so was a super scary trip down. We had our moments in the mountains.... Another time driving a 2 year old Honda Accord reverse & 2nd gear went out going UP Eisenhower Pass... could only get at best 20 mph & couldn't turn around to go down. I had a stack of papers an inch high of taking that car back to the dealer because when it got hot those gears would slip, but by the time it sat in their parking lot it cooled off & they couldn't find a problem. When we got back I went into that dealer & he didn't bat an eye about replacing... and giving me 60 days to go back to the mountains to test it. I did and that was another experience hard to believe so many things went wrong. But I keep going back. :o

Yum, Amy, I'd love a home made butter cookie... I've never made them. I've made my aunt's peanut butter cookie recipe, I could eat them all day given a chance.... During WWII we lived in the middle of a block with a bakery on the corner. They made sugar cookies as big as my head for a penny. The daughter of the owners managed the sales most of the time, she was almost as old as my mother but never married. She would see me coming & with her booming voice announce, "Here comes Sugar Cookie" and would go to the cookie case before I got all the way in. Many years later she was a member of my mother's Garden Club, bakery long gone, but never thought to ask what that special flavor was in those cookies. My sister & mother didn't think they were anything special but thought it may have been almond. I tried, not "it". Guess it was a dash of bliss or love.

And now it is time to feed cats again. They weren't hungry last meal, only one ate. Other 2 just sniffed & walked off. I do need sleep, when ever I get a chance.

Mary Ann

Shirley, I loved driving and being in the mountains and I developed a lot of confidence in my driving after Ten Sleep.  I did pick my places to drive, but most conditions did not bother me.  Tom is the same and I have no fear driving with him.  There are others in my family I'd rather not ride with, but sometimes I have to. 

My dad could hear noises in the car that others could not.  One year we were in the UP and he heard a noise.  We stopped in Manistique and I swear the owner of the repair place looked as far as he could get into the universal joint to find something.  We had to stay overnight, then drove the roughly 300-400 miles home at 35 mph, including going across Big Mac (Mackinac Bridge).  We made it OK and would pull over when we would see a lot of cars behind us.  That must have been 1956 or so. 

I haven't driven for over three years now - too old!

Mary Ann


Shirley, I just happened to see the cookies in a display at the end of the cookie aisle in Crest Supermarket.  I'm always looking for a thin chocolate cookie that doesn't have more than 20-25 carbs a serving. I checked for that but didn't think to look at the ingredients until I got home.  Don't know what company made them but they were "plant based" and had no flour, sugar or other ingredients cookies usually have.  Hemp seeds were way down on the list so I doubt it was a large amount.
I certainly didn't know anything with something like that could now be sold in "regular" stores!

There's a CDB/Medical marijuana shop on almost every corner around here.  Seems as if they sprang up overnight.

Friends and I spent a lot of time at Lake Texoma when I was growing up but no one in family is a "water/sand" person so haven't been to any of the many recreational lake parks since then.

Jenny, I remember asking the flight attendant what altitude we were flying while coming to Oklahoma from Denver.  She said (in a comforting tone),  "Oh, we're at about 8,000 feet".  She looked surprised when I told her we lived at a higher altitude than that. (Leadville is 10,200 feet above sea level).

DIL did get some spectacular pictures from the top of Mt. Evans.  Each of the boys climbed (hiked up) Mt. Elbert with their Dad when they were about 9 years old.  Those pictures are spectacular, too.

My Sooners are playing Houston tonight and half time is about over.  Back to the game....


Good morning everyone, not going to be a good holiday with the weather  here, rain in the forecast late morning and for the rest of the day. Sky is gray so could be the guessers are right. Spent most of yesterday outside, beautiful warm day with nice breeze.

BUBBLE  I remember reading posts by Carolyn from NZ. but never went to WREX.

JANE  being with family is much more important that chatting with people you never met.

AMY  I like just about all cookies as long as there are no raisins in them. Like you I like taking a bite of a shortbread and just letting it melt in my mouth and then having some cold milk.

JOY  so far nothing I have taken has helped reduce the back pain and I would be willing to try it. There is so much information online I get confused as to what I would want to try.

PHYLLIS  when my daughter and SIL took me to Arizona and driving in the mountains I loo out over the country as far as I could see and not look down close. I am just scared of heights but love the views from the heights in pictures.

CALLIE  you mean there are cookies in the market with Hemp in them? Wow. I had heard that the CVS stores are selling it now.

SHIRLEY  think we have to add AMY for preferring the colder months, too. Well maybe not winter but autumn at least.

JOY  I had to buy a heater for my bathroom to use when I take a shower. Only the outer walls have baseboard heat and I cannot get out of a war m shower into a cold room. Heat is included in the rent. I am on the southwest and get the worse of the heat in summer but in winter I do like the sun coming in.

JENNY  I try to check my posts before I post and at times the spell check will put in a word I did not type and I try to change it. With this keyboard at times it jumps a space between letters and I have to backspace to fix it. I know I do miss some. I sure would not want to even walk on those narrow high roads with no strong rails to make sure I don't fall over the side.

MARY ANN  one fall day my older son, his future wife, my daughter and I went up to Mt. Washington in NH, the highest place in New England and I was driving on the way up and down, I concentrated on the narrow road especially when we were on the outer edge and was so glad  I was. Did not look down at all.

CALLIE  one time when I visited my daughter in San Diego they took me to the SD Zoo. I remember looking out over part of the city toward the Pacific and seeing a plane going into the air port to land, we were looking down at the plane flying by. That was a weird thing to see.

Have a good day

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Thank you all for the info about Carolyn NZ. Any updates on her grand daughters? They may be married already?


Good morning.  All is going according to schedule this morning so I'm getting back to normal. I like it that way.  Laundry day and I really need to do a full wash today.  Have been "making do" for over a week.  And, the physical therapist comes this afternoon....I keep forgetting about that so must turn my brain on and be ready.

It looks like we are going to have another hurricane hit us on Wed. or Thursday.  It will impact the coast more than it does here but apparently it will bad enough and it is a big one.  I hope Florida will be OK....and Georgia, S. Carolina and us.  I'm trying to not worry about it.  It is the weather and will do what it will do.  I can't change it

Take care and have a good day, Everyone.


Good morning everyone..

The race is on for those heading back to their homes in the city, makes me thankful I can stay put!

General work about the house this morning and x my fingers get that one last border on the quilt. Need to match up the pieces so it can't be done in a minute.

Gloria, yes I too like winter..snowflakes on my face and if snow is not too deep I can hang the bedding out and it comes in smelling so nice!! Snow blowing is also a chore I look forward to. Kyle has not used this new snow blower and I have told him ...hands off :)) No heights for me either...makes me queasy. Vertigo and Meniers is not my friend in places like that.

Mary Ann, never thought I would say I too love driving, never had my licence until late in life and now I am thankful my aunt pestered me to get it.

Joy, nothing worse than being cold but at least you can put more clothing on. Here in winter the wood heat will have the house up to 80° (too hot) so we share with the outdoors and open a door. lol

Better get Babes foot done. she has had her pills not the spray and bandage.

Enjoy your day everyone

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Mary Ann

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Amy, I felt my driving was for necessity and convenience.  I think I was a pretty good driver, at least Norm told me so one day and if a group was going a short distance, I tried to be the driver.  Long distances, I let others drive.  We always got home in one piece.  Now, I miss driving only when I want to go to one store in particular and can't.  I won't say I got my license late in life, but I was not a teen-ager.  I started to learn at 18 and WW II came along with gas rationing.  Dad had an A card, which was the minimum so I waited until I was 25 to get my license.  Even so, I drove for about 65 years.

Phyllis, I hope the hurricane doesn't find its way to Cary; you've had enough troubles of late and don't need more.

Living in Michigan, we have all four seasons and I'm glad I live in Michigan.  I drove in deep snow when I had to but I also took a Personal Day when driving conditions were not good - too much snow or ice.  So I like all four seasons for different reasons.

Mary Ann


I got my driver's license the day I turned 14... legal age in Missouri back in the old days. My sister had been asked to set up the License Bureau in an auto dealership so all I had to do was go to the store on my birthday, give her my 50¢  and she took care of the paperwork. Didn't even have to know how to drive at that time. My first time to drive was when a neighbor girl talked me into sneaking out Dad's car (he was out of town), she said she knew how to shift the "4 on the floor". Turned out she did not know how to find reverse & we drove miles & miles on those country roads trying to work our way back to the house. My youngest brother was the only other sibling that ever sneaked out Dad's car & Dad's wrath was scary... this was "his transportation to work & he picked up the car full of guys that worked for him in the Signal Department of MoPac RR." Cars were hard to come by during & right after the war, but Dad & my youngest brother shopped the junk yards for all the parts it took to put a Model T together, so that brother had a car to drive in high school. Everyone in town knew that Model T, a neighbor was a sign painter & decorated the car with wild characters, it was one of a kind. Sadly, we have never found anyone that had a photo of that car. Does anyone remember that character with the bald head & big nose that would be posted peeking over a fence, I thought it was called "The Smooze" but that doesn't turn up anything. 

Mary Ann

Shirley, was that Kilroy?  "Kilroy was here".

Mary Ann


Mary Ann, you're right...


I must say Shirley I sure had a giggle when you said you drove all around trying to get back home..

Finished the quilt, laundry and ironing..happy about all of that!

My friend phoned to say her hubby was in for an operation and they removed a growth in his bladder, now it is a wait and see and a LOT of prayers.

Managed to get the tomato plants pruned and while out listened to a flock of geese go by,they were that low you could hear the wind in their wings.

Better go see why the pup is wanting out, he was just brought in but one never knows.

Wonder where Janie is???
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers