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June 01, 2020, 08:47:13 am

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Soda Shoppe for March 1, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, March 01, 2020, 02:23:44 am

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Good Morning Everyfriend!  And especially you, BUBBLE.  Thanks for posting my photos.  For everyone, if you're interested in where I am, check out the pictures.  It's my home town!  I posted some facts and stories with the pics.

I got up to 48º and rain this morning.  It's not raining right now but it must have done a bit of it during the night and we're supposed to have more up until about 1 p.m.  I have a couple of errands to do this morning....return something I bought yesterday, mail a package to Texas, drop off my tax info for my son, deliver a package to Frankie, stop at the drug store, pick up a couple things I forgot yesterday.  Boy!  I'm going to be busier than I thought! 

SHIRLEY, I know that feeling of not having room for my pocketbook when I have a passenger.  I drive a VW Golf and the gear shift is between the seats.  It's OK when I'm alone but it's waaaaay back there when I have company!

It's almost time for the boinger and the day begins.  So I'll wish you all a happy, healthy day.  Grab it!  It's yours!  And don't forget to share it.  I might not comment to everyone but I always enjoy finding out what everyfriend is up to!

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Good morning eve4ryone..

Liquid sunshine again..snow is on the run now.We were going to take garbage away but there may be a nicer day to come...will see.
Bubble , thank you for posting the photos for Jane.

Jane what are we looking at? I se you had a good rain and you have NO snow!!

Joy, baby steps will get you there just as fast. Build up your strength and you're good to go.

Shirley, I cooked up hamburg for the dogs yesterday, they really enjoy that on their dry kibble.

Phyliss, I was told that there isn't any instant potatoes either at the Costco in the city.

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone. 
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Jane. I went back over to photos and read your post. Lovely town thank you for sharing..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

March 13, 2020, 08:07:32 am #153 Last Edit: March 13, 2020, 08:10:24 am by Lloyd Hammond
good morning everyone. well it is to the tax accountant today.and see how bad the tax is after settling the lawsuits of getting rid of our star border and selling the cattle off. for the stress is cheep at twice the price.


Lloyd Hammond

back with another thought. we have one of the commercial game machines left from when we had the laundromat. it is a mrs packman. I have it set to where it is free to play so cost no money to play. my self and grand children have fun playing it,relaxing also. a good day to you all.



I like the looks of your town, Jane.  I really miss the feel of a small town.  It used to be that way here but no longer....gotten too big. Too many people everywhere, too much traffic, prices of homes, taxes, services, food, everything going higher and higher.  Some call it progress.....I don't.

Rainy day here, too.  David got the groceries yesterday and said there seemed to be a pretty good supply on most everything.  A few bare spots in paper goods and cleaning supplies.  All of the colleges have canceled sports events and my town has canceled all meetings, events, etc. that calls for an attendance of over a 100.  Some of the schools are canceling classes and having students study from home.  Lots of the companies are telling employees to work from home, too.  Restaurants and small businesses are already hurting and I suspect some of them won't survive.  It is sad.

The azaleas are coming into full bloom now and looking pretty in my yard.  The cherry trees are blossoming.  Many spring flowers have already come and gone.  Mother Nature is doing her usual thing in spite of what is going on in the human world.

Take care, All.


Good morning everyone 43 but feels like  35 and raining again. When I lef t here yesterday I laid on the couch watching the Me channel saw the beginning of Perry Mason and the end of Matlock. When my CNA left at 2 I laid on the couch again and woke after  4. Went to bed at 9 last night and got up at 6:30. I still feel sleepy. I don't think I ever slept a day away like yesterday unless I was sick and that has been seldom.

This state had some high school basket ball games last  night but no fans allowed in. Bet those kids missed the cheering. So sad to see so much of what we take for granted are closed till this coronavirus is controlled or wiped out or what  ever.

AMY  would you mind if I steal your "pet" cartoon and send to my  DIL-second daughter-she likes cats and has a black one with a bit of white under her chin.

JANE  now you would really appredciate your grands cleaning up those leaves.

PHYLLIS  at times I feel like I should get back to Schwanns if or their mac and cheese. When my CNA was out and I told her I ordered groceries online I thought she would flip her wig. The items are never the sale price in their flyer. Every thing has been good so I don't mind.  I think if she could have a job just shopping at markets for people she wouold be very happy.

LLOYD  raining here, too.

JOY  have not closed this building and the CNA's are still coming. So many of us here need their help. Some need help for a shower and dressing. So far thank God I can still do that. Happy that you are doing good now.

AMY  the way every thing is getting smaller soon that will be the size of TP if you can find any.

SHIRLEY  how I wish I had even half of your appetite. Then I am not very active anymore so guess I don't need much fuel? My back stared acting up yest erday and CNA gave me a good back massage with the Hempvana. Was raining when I woke this morning.

JANE  when I sent my CNA to the market  early in t he week I forgot to add Kleenex to the list and paper towels. I hate running out of anything and I have 1 box of Kleenex and 1 roll of paper towels left. That is when I usually get more. For a small town looks like a lot of traffic lights. This town covers a lot of territory, mostly still woods. We have 3 traffic light an a state highway that goes through part of the town. This town has about 7 different villages, the one is live in has the town hall and then on one side has the shopping center- or did where so many little markets were there. Every one has churches and used to have schools. Now schools are more centralized.

BUBBLE  thank you for the link to Photos and Jane's pictures.

AMY  another good Snoopy this morning.

PHYLLIS  no small owns aren't the same either.  Where this building sits used to be a field and pine trees. People from cities moved here for a quiet lifestyle but then started demamding things they left  in the city. Most of the  town did not have street lights that  was finally taken care of and then they started running for  town offices. My DIL's family has lived in this town for 7 generations, some are now in polatics and I will vote for them instead of the ones I never heard of before. My children are the 5th generation from my FIL's family. Of course I have only lived he for little more than 68 years.

Have a good day.

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Love the photos, Jane, you did a super job. Thank you, Bubble, for posting & the link.

Amy, don't you love Charlie Brown's general attitude of love? His creator must have been a very sweet person. Isn't it a shame we don't have a world full of Charles Schultz folks? Love to read his quotes.

Lloyd, I'm still snarling over the awful taxes I had to pay this year, because I cashed some iBonds we had worked so hard to save, and I was concerned they would be difficult for our kids to cash after I die... they had no beneficiaries listed. They took such a large portion of the interest and it put me in a different tax bracket so extra there... I am snorting & fuming about having to share it with anyone that certainly didn't do what we did, to earn & save! So, I'm hoping you had ways to write off some of your earnings, not a single thing here so took the short form. I took the cash & didn't re-invest so the gov can't get their hands on it again! No interest but seems like they take away so why save?  I am NOT playing nice these days! 

Gloria, makes me happy to read between the lines at how much different your life is now with your old CNA back. Surprising how other people affect our lives. One of the worst things I can think of that would change my life most, would be if this site shut down and we couldn't visit. I would miss all of you so much every day, think about each other's families and wonder how they are. I mourn for the loss of your son's orchard, worry about Regina & Gary... We know the families, each other's good & bad days.

Phyllis, your spring is way ahead of us! I was thrilled to see my cluster of tiny blooming jonquils yesterday and see a couple neighbors have the normal size jonquils in full bloom. The buds are getting larger on the Bradford & Cleveland pear trees, but a long way from blooming. I was shocked this morning when I went in the store to get a package of Charmin & the whole long aisle was empty of all kinds. I had a coupon for a dollar off so was just going to pick up the one (with 3 bathrooms in the house & RV, always a need for the extra roll.) I don't understand the need to stock up on paper products, doesn't come from China, do it?  ::)

Time to get busy, sleepy but want to get to bed early tonight since I need to be on the road by 6:00-6:30 in the morning so means when I wake up about 4:00 I will stay up to feed & organize cats & me. I feed my son when he gets here, he won't eat in the car.. as a baby he got car sick, he doesn't say he still does, but guessing that is the reason.


Good Morning- although it may be "Afternoon" before I finish.

It's been a busy week and I'm glad I can stay home because it's gloomy and wet today - and supposed to rain rain rain rain in the next few days.

Had planned to go to big grocery store after Bridge yesterday afternoon. I drove clear through the parking lot and didn't see even one parking place - might as well have walked from my house!

I'd turned my cell phone off while I was at Bridge so didn't see son's text about going to the grocery store after work-did I need anything? - until I walked in the door.  I replied asking if I could go with him.
He replied, "I'm there now.  Send me your list".  So I did!  :thumbup:

When he brought them, he had pictures of the empty shelves in the soup/canned meat aisle as well as in the paper goods and cleaning supply aisles. 

Don't think this area had gotten so anxious until the pro basketball game was abruptly cancelled just at tip-off because (at that time) one member of the visiting team had tested positive for the coronavirus.  That led to cancellation of the state basketball tournament, several schools closing a day early (today) for Spring Break and most of the state colleges adding a week to their Spring Breaks and having classes on-line for a while after that.

Of course, The Media went nuts over all this!!!!  One channel even preempted their entire evening schedule to broadcast from the arena where the basketball game was to have been played. Really????  :idiot2:  Annoys me no end that they always manage to find the saddest, most upset people to interview.  Are "they" totally clueless how much this is contributing to the Public Panic?     

End of  :tickedoff:

Janie,  loved the pictures of your pretty little town.  My small hometown decided to "modernize" the downtown about 30 years ago and covered up all the brick building fronts.  Ugly!!!!!!   However, within the last few years, a local couple has begun buying some of the buildings and restoring them.  Looks as if that may be inspiring others to do the same. :thumbup:

The Bradford and Cleveland Pear Trees are in full bloom and I can see some white flowering bushes and a redbud or two behind the fence.  So pretty with my daffodils in the flower beds.

Washer is "yoo-hooing".  Away I go.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.


Shirley, it's nice to see you drive an Encore!  I love mine, don't put too many miles on it.  It's a 2015 and I have about 8,700 miles on it.  I, too, hate that there's no place for my purse when I have a passenger!  Take care, stay out of crowds (if there are any, anywhere, LOL)


Haha, Tome, I have been sorting & packing already for 2 days for this trip, since I need to take winter clothes "in case", calling for snow/rain mix. Trying to find a place for those Lysol/Clorox wipes, Kleenex, my purse, bottles of water to sip, munchies, necessary stuff...that I/we can reach easy. The son riding with me has a Mustang, the sporty one, it doesn't have any more room, so I'd rather take mine. The kids are all being extra kind to me because this death has been so shocking, old Mom isn't taking it well at all. Back to cars, I traded off Cas' Enclave that just rolled over 8,000 miles plus my Escape that had 9,000 on it, and Buick paid me plus pulled this little red dude off the showroom floor...2013, few months after Cas died and time to renew tags, etc. Cas had bought me a Subaru Outback turbo for my birthday & I traded it for the Escape when Subaru had less than 7,000 miles on it. I had taken it back to the dealer several times for a problem but they insisted it was "normal"... same with the Escape, but I do know enough about cars to know what is dangerous. I hate to trade this Encore off but it will run out of it's 7 year warranty soon and I don't want to start having to pay for repairs, and eventually it will start needing. So far I have had no trouble with this little car at all.


HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! It's almost over and no major calamities have occurred!  I really wasn't expecting any but you just never know. 

This town is a college community and they've cancelled in-school classes for the rest of the semester.  They've set up on line school and that's how the kids will finish this year out.  I haven't heard anything about graduation plans.  If I'd done my four years of college, I'd really feel cheated if the graduation experience was denied.

Thanks for all the nice comments about my little town.  It's really been a good place to grow up and to raise my kids!  I love showing it off!

I'm off to bed now and I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a good tomorrow.  And, SHIRLEY, may all your shared memories be good ones!  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

Shirley you must have more $$$ than the rest of us do? we cant have all that many cars or pay for that much insurance or buy that many License. glad you do and still achoat with us poor people, that Makes a good friend for sure. well time to bid you all sweet dreams and good night. I need to get my days and nights fixed up better.



You cannot see attachments on this board.

Good morning everyone..

Very windy here ,I thought the wind would die down last night but it kept it up all night. Have some errands to do this morning then this afternoon we are going to a funeral.

School is now closing for two more weeks after the March break, a lot of events have been cancelled also. Seems most grocery stores are without a lot of products due to panic buying.

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  This will be short because the boinger just went off.  Mickie isn't as persistent as Annie used to be.  I think it's because she doesn't hear very well but that doesn't mean she isn't hungry. 

Over in photos, I mentioned that we have all the fast food, grocery stores and shopping centers that most towns do.  However, they've clustered along the highway that leads into the town so the town itself has retained it's small town appeal. 

I'm off to whatever the day brings!  Do your own thing today.  What happens is up to you! 

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Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone.we have already had rain here today.was just light, but enough to make the deck very wet, and is supposed to do it all day. that is alright, march winds bring April showers and that brings may flours. it all makes the grass grow. Have a great day.


Lloyd Hammond

AMY your picture this morning is very pretty; but your lady leading the horse has on the wrong clothe to go ridding a horse. her dress dose not look it is for ridding. if it was cut between the legs and was loose around the legs would be more appropriate. genes would be a good choice.have a good day any way.



Lloyd, thank you. Maybe the lady is riding side saddle :)
Or, going to hitch it up to a cart . :))
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Saturday afternoon.

Hope Shirley was able to get her car organized and has arrived safely at her destination.

Still wet and gloomy in central Oklahoma.  A clap of thunder awoke me about 6:00 a.m. but I just put a small pillow over my ear and went back to sleep. There were leaves from the drain pipe in the driveway so I guess we had some hard rain but I didn't hear it.
The morning paper was nicely wrapped and right up against the garage door  :thumbup: .

I went to Walgreen's and Braum's dairy store/market yesterday. There were a few customers in each place but no lines or grabbing things off shelves.   Plenty of bread and other "staples" in the market.  I mainly needed personal supplies at Walgreens but did get a few things I forgot to put on list for son.  Didn't need toilet paper (there were 5 packages on the shelf) but was able to get Kleenex, which grocery store did not have when son was there.
Other son reported he found paper products (including toilet paper) at one of the dollar stores near their house.

Plenty to do here so, between  the weather and social distancing, I'll be enjoying some "leisurely" time at home.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an "Elbow Bump" (no hugs!  :smitten: ) for an Enjoyable Day.



A good Saturday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND❣️

I had issues posting in another folder, so I am trying to be as careful as I can be to not loose another one.

I do hope you arrived safely at the family gathering today SHIRLEY. MY thoughts and prayers are with you as your family lay your beloved brother to rest. 

CALLIE, happy to read that your son did some shopping for you while he was out.  Our youngest son has asked us kindly to stay in and he will do any needed errands for us as well.  So far we have just been very careful when we go out and take all of the precautions necessary to try to be safe. 

AMY, I have sure enjoyed ALL of the fun pictures you have shared.....and I really look forward to seeing them.  Thank you. 

JANE, I loved the pictures of your town......how nice to see your Main Street.  I have lived in communities like this many years ago, but sadly even those have attempted to update themselves and ruined that comfortable homey feeling.  I am happy for you that yours has stayed the same. 

I hope you ALL are doing well.  Stay safe and healthy.



It has been a very long day, had less than 4 hours sleep and no nap, plus the draining of emotions that go with a funeral full of people that "can't believe he is gone". It is so heart warming to watch how his children took care of their mother & each other and brought their spouses and children to talk to "crazy old Aunt Shirley".... Had lots of hugs and even though they had a basket full of purell wipes, nobody seemed too concerned with family. All's well, waiting to hear the other "kids" got home safely. Thank you all for the thoughts today.

Lloyd, I only have the one car that is nearly 7 years old now... that Subaru & the Escape were top of the line lemons from the day we bought them. I usually keep my vehicles 14-16 years and Cas had to fight me to make me get a new one. When I traded  in the Enclave & the Escape they paid me a chunk of money & signed that brand new Encore with 7 year warranty, I thought that was a pretty good deal! I didn't want the big Enclave and didn't trust that Escape so I have been singing ever since!

Callie, my little red car was so nice and clean when I left this morning & is so dirty tonight it looks like we ran races in mud! Your rain pushed up & covered the whole day but we didn't see any snow or ice. Wind had a bite to it, especially on that hill where the cemetery was. Full military honors, including bag pipe. Day is done, daughter just got home & we talked a long time about all that family we got to visit with, and if he could be seen, that brother would have been the life of the party, no question.

Cats are begging for their final meal of the day and Tom wants out. He has been in & out twice since I got home, they stayed in the house all day, except Callie stayed in HER garage with door opened enough she could crawl in or out. She was here when I got home. All is well.

Sweet dreams and God Bless. Stay healthy! Love to all. Shirley

Lloyd Hammond

Shirley at Least I got you awake. well it has been a long day for me also. so I bid you all sweet dreams and good night. we have had light rain on and off all day today, not now but the deck Is wet from the last one. so I am going to hit the hay and let God do whet wants with the weather. hope to see you all tomorrow.



Stopped by to say "Good Night Everyfriend"  It's been a long day.  My fridge is a large side/by/side with a full length freezer on one side and today I went rooting for something and ended up with a lot of stuff on the kitchen counters.  I decided it was time for an inventory.  So everything came out; it got cleaned inside; and as it went back it got listed as to shelf.  Now the inventory is typed and magnetized to the side of the fridge for easy finding.  Next is the chest freezer in the back room! 

Frankie left some cash here in an envelope buried in a drawer and today she needed some and since she doggie sitting for one of her mother's long time friends, she couldn't come for it so I took it to her.  When I gave her the envelope, I said, "I bet I'm the only ATM in the area that won't ask you for ID and also the only one that delivers".  She laughed!

That's the only place I went but I'm going to make a quick trip to the grocery store tomorrow because I need milk and napkins.  I can do without the napkins but I really need milk. 

SHIRLEY, good to see you are safely home.  Get some rest and try to relax.  I'm glad you had a good gathering with your family. 

Good Night!  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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