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June 01, 2020, 08:26:42 am

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Soda Shoppe for March 1, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, March 01, 2020, 02:23:44 am

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I'm "chasing my tail" as Mother used to say when we were running in circles to get ready for something special. This time it is to meet the gr-daughter & family from Seattle to take them to lunch before they head home. Normally I'd have them over but she is SO allergic to cats I don't want to run the risk of stirring the senses up before she gets on a plane & possible other germs that could grab her. Yes, I do worry about all of them.  ::)

Thank you all for the comments about the great grands, I explained over in photos what we were all laughing about. I'll explain another time about the 2 kids holding their ears.... why.... but got to get ready to walk out the door when I get the call they are leaving the place they wanted to take the little ones before leaving Wichita. Such a busy few days! It should slow down tomorrow.

Gloria, got to tell you that just before falling asleep last night I realized you had not posted about Gary, almost got up but I had checked right before going to bed. Family is family, where ever they are, right? So far all good?


Great picture of you and the
Great Grands,  Shirley... 

Aren't they fun??

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Thanks, Sandy, hate to admit it, but I have enjoyed the greats more than I did the grands. Probably because I have more time.

I picked up my new glasses and not convinced they are a good fit. I didn't realize she was testing for glasses & thought only checking how bad the cataracts are. I do think the right glasses would prove the cataracts are not the real problem. How can vision be perfect at one point and totally wrong at a different distance if not the glasses?  If only cataracts wouldn't they be fuzzy at ALL stages??  I really don't know. Maybe a nap will help.... :D

Lloyd Hammond

March 03, 2020, 11:31:24 pm #33 Last Edit: March 03, 2020, 11:38:02 pm by Lloyd Hammond
well here I am on the slow side again. Nancy is already in there sawing ZZZZ'S
I just gave my self My shot. so came over to the computer to wish you all good Night and sweet dreams. Nancy finely gave in and went to the hearing doctor and got her hearing tested, she came out of there smiling, but yes she needs aids as I have been telling her for a long time,but the ear doctor is a young lady and knew how to tell her how bad her hearing is, but she told here she can get some good aides for around $1,600 a pair instead $3,000 each she had in here head they would cost. she had heard my brother say when they told him how much they cost his hearing got better all at once. she was geared up to do same thing. she knows the aids I have cost the VA about that much.  Good night and sweet dreams.



March 04, 2020, 01:09:15 am #34 Last Edit: March 04, 2020, 01:12:57 am by Denver
Not much to say, but I did want to at least say HELLO.

We worked in the basement again today...oh my, this going through things is not fun.  UGH🤣🤣

PHYLLIS, Bob worked more on our taxes and my Dads today as well.  He had a lot of trouble getting two out of state Turbo Tax forms, and spent a couple of hours on the telephone with Intuit.  Good luck getting yours done.

JANE, happy you and the family were able to attend Bucky's Funeral.  You know all of that laundry does not have to be done right away?  Rest up from your busy weekend.

AMY, good luck keeping Bebe toned down so the leg can heal properly!  Hope you can get that pill in her....we had to give Oliver the last few days of his pills that he was give; after he strained something in his back leg as well.  His was fairly easy to hide in his wet food! 

GLORIA, I do hope Gary continues to do well after his surgery.  I know you must miss your every day conversations with Regina.  Is she able to stay close to the hospital?  If we still lived in Scottsdale I would have had her stay with us as we were not far at all from the Mayo Clinic. 

SHIRLEY, I am sorry to read that the new glasses do not seem to be too good.

LLOYD, sorry the guy left such a mess for you to clean up.  Take it easy and spread the work time out a little.  Tell Nancy I wish her the best with getting the new hearing aids.

Tomorrow a Bob goes back for more PT for his vertigo.  He is doing about the same.  I sure hope they do not make him worse again tomorrow.

OK.....it is time to say good night, sleep tight! 


Lloyd Hammond

Denver Hello, I thank you for the good advice. Now I have a ?. on my computer the time it say's you were here were you cumming or going? and yes it is a bad deal when someone causing tour mole. Nancy had another rough night as you can see we are up. when she dose that i do to, I turn over and go to put my arm over her and she is not there,I open my eyes and she is up and already taken a shower and dressed setting in her easy chair reading daily devotional's. that is alright but should be after a better night's sleep. rather than having to take naps during the day.see you all later today to the couch I go.



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Good morning everyone..

Yesterday we had rain then snow but not enough snow that I need to dance to.
Today is take our papers into the book keeper then it is a wait and see.

Would like to put the quilt together and move on to another one today but we shall see.

Lloyd, hope all goes well with the hearing aids. As you know it takes a while to get used to them.

Jenny , working like that each day is tiring and one has to be in the right mood for it or nothing goes in the out the door bin.

Shirley, did they give you the right prescription? Maybe go back and have them check it out for you.

Phyliss, taxes are no fun but they do have to be done.

Better move to get ready for appointment.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I was already in bed for the night when I realized that I hadn't checked out here.  Right now the temp is at 39º but it's heading for a high of 51º!  I'm ready for the warmer temps and lighter clothes.  I'm so tired of so many clothes and never being warm enough that Spring can't come early enough to suit me!

I got a lot done yesterday....

5 loads of laundry, washed, dried, folded and put away;
The doggie groomer came and bathed and trimmed Mickie;
I paid all the bills for March already;
I made my list for Davy's and decided to go today not yesterday;
I have my list made up for today;
Mickie and I had 3 and a half walks;
I watched a good movie on TV last night;

I guess that's it!  But it felt good to get that feeling of accomplishment and my blood pressure was down in the safe zone all day!

Now I wish you all a happy, healthy day!
Make it your own in every way!

And don't forget to share it with your good friends here!

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I've been up for nearly 2 hours. Had my breakfast, fed Tom & Callie, Tiger always sleeps late but they all stayed outside last night. I'd like to get a couple more hours sleep but hate it when one of the cats is missing. It is 46° this morning, wind not to be bad but fire danger is high with so much dry grass & leaves. Cats are loving spring, Tom & Callie back outside.

Hugs to each & every Friend.... have a Wonderful Wednesday (Callie, thanks again for having your days of the week stick in my brain ... I used to could say the day of the week without having to think of your adjectives). I'm going back to bed. Tiger will have to wait for breakfast.


Good morning!  It started out sunny here but now the clouds are moving in.  Sort of on the warmish side but still not warm enough for me yet.  Spring is a little slow even though the flowering trees and shrubs have been in bloom for a while now.

I liked the graphic for a Worry-free Wednesday, Amy.  I would like to know how to do that.  I've always been a worry-wart even though I know it won't change anything. 

I need to catch up on the household laundry and do whatever else I can't avoid so I'll be getting on with my breakfast and start my day.

Take care, All.


Good morning everyone, finally got here with my coffee, boy am I moving slow this morning. Had rain over night and of course anyone with arthritis will tell you the dampness of rain does not help. Just heard on the weather report that it will be very windy with gusts up to 50mph.  Yesterday was like a day in early May, when my CNA left I went out with her and sat on the porch chatting with a few others sitting there enjoying it. 35 now but feels like 26 with the wind already.

Got an email from my daughter last night that my SIL was released from the hospital and when she went to the Mayo to see him in the morning he was up walking around a little and not feeling the pain he did after the surgery. The hotel they are in is not the one on the grounds of the clinic but a mile away from it and has a small kitchen so the couple who went there on Monday  for groceries so no restaurant food. That couple will be back there on Friday to get them home. My daughter will not drive in that traffic so one will drive their car and the other will drive their own car. That will be a 6 hour ride for them but they insisted in doing it. All the folks who live on that old ranch are all like people used to be, always helping each other.

AMY  you are so right, this momma hen always feels better when her chicks are where they belong. I am the warrier  in the family, oldest son is almost as bad as me.

JANE  after having overnight guests there is always a lot of laundry. I remember those days.   

PHYLLIS  looks like you have been busy with the car and now the taxes, the worse part.

SHIRLEY  looks lie my SIL is doing good. The reason they are staing til Friday is to give him time to rest before the long 3 hour uncomfortable ride home.

LLOYD  I have been thinking it is time to get my hearing tested. wonder how those $200. hearing aids I see on TV and in magazines work.

JENNY  my SIL seems to be doing good from what my daughter emailed me yesterday.

AMY  your Wednesday saying is right but I still worry anyway.

JANE  today is laundry day here for my CNA. It is a day when the town bus picks up those in senior housing to go to the market and drugstore. Not many using the washers/dyers so always free ones.

SHIRLEY  I have been up almost 3 hours already but moving very slow.

Have a good day.

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Good Morning Everyone
from the cloudy warm but windy
rocky coast of Maine. 

Shirley ... as a layman's understanding
of cataracts,  they messed up my ability
to see clearly until they get so bad that
I couldn't see well and my vision kept
getting worse. 

Once they are removed, the doctor put  in a
new lens that allowed me to see oh so
much better...clearer with out glasses
for distance... and only needing them
for computer and very close work. 

I was even able to continue my blood
thinners when they operated on
my cataract.   

I know that we are all different and
react differently to being
operated on.   

I know that decision to get
your eyes fixed is very difficult
for you.  Hopefully your eye
surgeon understands your issues
and can help you. 

Well crazy super Tuesday is over and
done with and I am thrilled at
the outcome. 

Finally the future is beginning to
look brighter for us here in the
US. And that will spill out
around the world. 

love to all

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Just checked email, my daughter sent one last hight after I shut down. the Mayo sent them the pathology report, every thing AOK. No cancer involved.

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Great news Gloria..
Congratulations !!

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Good Morning,

Janie,  so glad to see your list of positive things you did yesterday!

I also had a nice day, cumulating with son/dil bringing dinner.  She told me to go on-line and pick what I wanted from a local restaurant's menu; she would pick everything up after work.  I did so - and we had a wonderful meal and an even more wonderful visit.  The three of us decided this could become a monthly thing.

Before that, I had gotten my hair done and gone to the grocery store.
As I drove into my driveway, I saw my next-door neighbor talking with our new neighbor across the street.  I teasingly asked if we were having a "committee meeting" and that led to a nice chat.
The new neighbor has just moved in and I think she will be a nice addition to the block.

Today, I'm subbing in a Bridge group.

And that's what's going on in my world...as of now.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day (no adjectives, Shirley  :thumbup: )

Lloyd Hammond

Amy it is Nancy that is getting new aids,she has none. I do you tax payers got mine through VA, I have state of art ones, cost you tax payers lots of $$$$. and if one get lost or goes bad VA replaces it. the mistake I made and to Late now was not making a career out of it. If i had I would be drawing about at least $4,000 per month pension + social security. and farming had too many years o pay in so mine is less than $700 per month.


Lloyd Hammond

well not much went on here today,you all must been taking naps today. so good night and sweet dreams I am going to bed now see you all tomorrow I hope.



It was a beautiful day here today!  The high temp made it into the mid 50s and it felt great!  I got a lot done and now I'm ready for bed. 

I went to Davy's this morning and I got a lot of food that is supposed to help keep blood pressure down.  The rest of the time was spent cleaning and cooking all that food.  Most of it is fresh produce and Davy's has the best there is of that.  It was tempting not to stop by the in-store bakery and buy something but I held off that temptation and just bought the produce and some frozen tuna. 

Mickie and I had another 3 and a half walks and she loves it!  She snuffs everything along the way and she doesn't even mind if I stop to chat with neighbors along the way.

Now I'm off to bed to see if the zzzzs are piled up in there.  I sure hope so.  They've been gathering there most nights lately and I'm loving it!

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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You cannot see attachments on this board.

Good morning everyone.

Nothing in the agenda but as you all know there is always something to do around homme.
We had rain and snow again yesterday but nothing to worry about....phew!

Jane, sounds like you had the perfect day yesterday. Lot of fun and a lot of work but fulfilling day.

Hope Joy pops in to say hi..

I had better get going

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone. it is 39º and heading for upper 50º's Hope you all hava a good day, see you all Later.



Good morning everyone, slept good last night. Did not worry about my SIL. Today he sees the doctor and tomorrow the couple that went to Phoenix to be with my daughter so she would not be alone will be back to see them home. One will drive their car and the other their own car. My daughter will not drive the highways, she was always like that. She drives the areas she knows.

SANDY  thank you. Has it started warming up there in Portland? Tuesday it was like a spring day here and then it got cold again. More rain due tomorrow.

LLOYD  anyone who was in the service of our country deserves to get a break in medical and a lot more. I had a brother and uncle in WW1 and 2 brothers and several other family members in WW2, they all came back and only 1 wounded.

JANE  my BP has always been good. There was 2 markets I went to before moving here. One was owner owned, not a big company, for all produce. The name of that one is Dave's. Their  hamburg was always better, too.

AMY  My CNA has been busy since she came back to work. She keeps "saying what did those other do whil I was out?" I told her they made believe they were busy

Did most of our "family" take a day off yesterday?  Only  4 posted since I did yesterday.

Have a good day.

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I left a note last night to explain why I will be busier than usual this next week, but guess I didn't post it. Even if I don't stop to report in, I always check on everyone first thing.

I had a call from my sister-in-law yesterday afternoon, my brother went in for heart surgery, a new valve and blockages. He didn't make it. They were staying in FL for a few months and he was sure with 2 extremely good clinics near, they could fix his short windedness. He called me last week to ask if my surgery & procedures helped, and even though I explained it did not help, he wanted to be fixed. Losing him is almost like losing our parents again, he was the one that kept everyone (cousins, friends & family) linked together. His wife asked if I would call some of the remaining cousins and sent e-mails to a couple I don't have phone numbers for. Sadly, most of them can't make the trip back to KC, where the funeral will be, but I am sure the church will be full since this is where they raised their kids and they all had lots of friends (5 kids). The kids are all so close and will take care of their mother, but as most of you know, this is very hard.

My 3 brothers are together again and I'm sure this one will move Heaven and Earth as he is welcomed to the family reunion in Heaven. He was a character, never met a stranger. I am glad he didn't have long to suffer but he will be missed here. Don't know when the funeral will be, but I will be there and probably my kids. For this trip, the cats will have to stay home with plenty of dry food outside, they are loving the warmer weather and won't mind staying out, even all night if we stay. My one son will be driving with me if during the week, his wife is still teaching. He would rather drive at night than daytime, so will be a very long day, when ever it is.

I've got to see if I can talk to my eye doctor about this problem with the glasses. I'm pleased to be able to see so clear with each eye, but totally tilted world when I open both eyes. I kept trying them yesterday to be able to explain to the doctor, but since the girls at the desk say I need an appointment to talk to her, not sure how long that will be. She has an astigmatism in both eyes and all these years it has been in only one, so probably the trouble. She also did not get the bifocal part right, I am supposed to see the speedometer with them on but doesn't work, I can read my watch better with the top of the glasses than the bifocal. I still don't need glasses for reading or computer.

To top confusion off, I discovered yesterday when I filled the car with gas, that they neglected to reset the thingy that tells me about oil & it now says only 6% oil remaining & had it changed the end of Jan... warmest day so they could wash it & clean out for me. It has gone back to the dealer ever since I bought it. I did call to let them know & they offered to have me come back for reset... but it's on the other side of town & will take most of the day, my concern is they forgot to change oil being so busy cleaning & washing it. I have never even checked the dipstick in this little Buick Encore in the soon to be 7 years I've owned it... it reminds me when it needs something. Best little car I've ever owned, love it for around town, it will turn on a dime & with the little turbo engine, it loves to run.

Anyway, my mind is wandering so I need to fix my breakfast. Cats fed, Callie wanted to go out before she ate so is back at the door already.

3 new posts since I started typing, I'm sure why mine got lost last night, forgot to have that last look.

Gloria, so glad no cancer and hope they have a long life out on their "ranch". Good they have neighbors that help each other.

Lloyd, this brother served in the Navy during WWII, got out & went to college & decided to go back in, couldn't get rank back in Navy so joined the Army & went through OCS, did a 4 year active hitch, got married and stayed in the Reserves, retiring as a Colonel, so will have full military honors funeral.

Good morning, Amy, and everyone else that drops in. I do have to move, not sure what the day will bring, but it feels like spring.


Shirley, I am so sorry to read of your great loss, condolences to you and your family. Sounds like you have a heartful of wonderful memories, hold them tight and reflect back on them.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Mary Ann

Shirley, I am sorry to hear of your brother's death.  I know you will miss him as  you've had such a busy, active family since you were children.  My best wishes to your entire family.
Mary Ann


I was in here earlier this morning and my post last night was the last post.  I didn't feel like talking to myself so I went off and did other stuff. 

The weather is supposed to get into the 50s again today and I'm in favor of it staying there until it wants to warm up.

SHIRLEY, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.  You are such  a close family that this will affect everyone.  He sounds like he was a very special person and many people outside your family will also miss him.  My prayers go out to all of you!

Some good news on this side...my granddaughter, Courtney, has had an offer from West Chester, PA University to enter their Psychology program to work toward her PHD.  We are all happy and excited for her!  They even called her to ask what they could do so she would accept their offer.  I said she should have said, "Do you have any scholarship money available?"

This morning was to finish up the last of the bill paying, including my school taxes for this year.  That was a big chunk!  But I'm glad it's done. 

GLORIA, your daughter certainly does have good neighbors!  Not too many would drive that much for anyone else.

Now I better get busy.  There's lots to do around here and no one is doing it while I sit in front of the computer. 

I wish you all a lovely, healthy day!
Make it your own in ever way!

And if you are facing problems, may they be the kind with solutions! 

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I just checked in here and saw Shirley's sad message.  I am so sorry to read of your brother's passing.  It is hard to lose those that we spent our growing up years with.  Each loved one that goes seems to take a little bit of us with them.  My thoughts are with you and your family during the difficult days ahead.

Lloyd Hammond

Shirley sorry to here of your family's loss,But it is those left here that is hurting. He is much better off with god. my prayers is to make it easy as can be for your family.



I'm on my way to bed.  Frankie came over tonight and she's already in bed.  I wish you peace in your hearts and health in your lives.  And may tomorrow be a better day! 

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  Slipped in to check on things before heading to bed.  I thought I posted earlier but must have sent it into cyber-space.  Can't remember what I said....."out of sight, out of mind".  ???

Amy,  loved your picture with the cardinal.  There are four pairs of them that "hang out" at my bird feeder all year.  So colorful and pretty.

Shirley,  I am so sorry about your brother. I'm sure there will be many memories to share when the family is together.  My prayers and love are with all of you.

Jane, congratulations to Courtney. What a wonderful opportunity.  :) at your comment about the scholarship.  Wouldn't be surprised if she's offered one.

Sleep well, Everyfriend and have pleasant dreams.


I hate to come in here and all I say is "about me".... but I really am drained tonight. So many phone calls I hate to look at a mirror, that ear will be bright red & twice the size!  Thank you all for the sympathy messages, they do help. I am surprised at myself for taking his death so hard, but he, more than my other siblings, was always my rock. I liked him as well as loved him and miss him so much already. Thank you all for understanding. Love you... Shirley