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June 01, 2020, 08:04:34 am

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Soda Shoppe for March 15, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, March 15, 2020, 02:52:19 am

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Good morning everyone..

More rain today and it is taking away the snow!
We are to go sign our tax forms this morning  then they will e send them in.

Will do some more sewing later on after I chase dust bunnies.

Joy, so good to see you!! Glad to read you have someone there when you shower, one can never be too careful. Pop in and say hello when you are up to it.

Gloria ,we are also getting a lot of rain...puddles every where. I would imagine some rivers will be over flowin their banks if this keeps up.

Jenny, sounds like a fun time you had with your family!

Jane,  easy does it. Hope each day is a better one for you.

Better git.

Enjoy your day everyone..stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I'm sorry about Mary Ann but Hospice is so good about getting help to the patient I think it is a good decision to have them come in for her.  Prayers for her and thanks to Tom for letting us know.

Cooler here today and it is laundry day so back to the normal weekly routine.  David picked up the groceries yesterday.  I was able to get most of what I ordered (yay) but still can't get yeast.  Not even online.  Out of stock everywhere.  I'll keep trying.  I did manage to get eggs.  :thumbup:  Yes, Gloria, it's like the old WW II days of rationing.  I very well remember the ration books and how carefully we used each ration stamp.  I was 12 when the U.S. entered the war so remember it very well.   We survived that and we'll survive this, too.

Glad to see your "hunting and pecking", Jane.

Good to see you here, Jenny, and to hear about your family time.  I see so many more families out walking in our neighborhood now.  So nice to see.  More like the old days when we first moved here.  Families were always out either walking or in the yard talking or playing.  There was no Internet, no video games, and no cell phones then....almost 37 years ago.

Take care, All.

Lloyd Hammond

Good morning Gloria and everyone else. I read the post's and by time i get through them forget what i wanted to say. Gloria I did want to tell you that peter and i used to visit on Skype but have not lately it dose not seam to work good either. but if you would like and have time to work it in,would be fine with me, might even get Nancy to join in some. a million friends not a friend too many one enemy is one to meany.I use my Owen Name but if you like we can figure out a nick name for you to use, Have a great day


I just lost my post and I cant do it again prayers for all who need them and my love to all

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Lloyd Hammond

well it is that time. time to bid you all good night and sweet dreams, Good night and hope to see you all in the morning. I am now going to go take my shot and my Night time meds. and hit the hay.we had a very beautiful sunny day, a little Wendy day with some hard guests but good alle in all, good night



Good morning everyone, still raining here and  34. I have not been out since Friday and getting cabin fever. When Yvette came yesterday she said all the couched and shairs in the lobby were gone. Most likely behind one of the locked doors. Sure do not want anyone gathering.  Doesn't sound like a friendly building does it? They had taken the chairs on to porch when it got warm and now they are put away again.  I know the governor keeps saying to keep 6 feet away from anyone and the witch is making sure we do. At least they have not stopped anyone from coming into the building yet. Don't know what I would do with no CNA help.

JOY  so glad you are home at last. Just be careful and don''t try to do too much. 

AMY  according to the last forecast I saw we are to have rain on Thursday and again on Sunday. The water table must be high now with all the rain we had all winter. Will see if April has the showers it is noted for.

PHYLLIS  I was 10 when the war broke out but I remember a lot about it. I remember my father putting new so on shoes, the shoes were not too great when we had to get  a new pair.  More like cardboard than leather. 

LLOYD  I  only have my daughter on Skype, that is enough for me. Cannot sit here at the compuiter too long. I used to have several on Skype but dropped them when my back would act up when I sit here too long. 

JANE  even a few words from you every day is enough. We understand how hard it is to type with one hand.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

 Gloria I understand, but it is good to see and talk at same time. I think you and I both and a few others need to learn how to leave those afternoon naps out ans sleep better at night. I abused my bode too much In my younger days when truck driving over the road. I think my brain thinks it should stay awake and do the same now. Have a great day.



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Good morning everyone..

Dull looking day and we may get more rain.
General work around home today and more sewing.
Gloria, we are in state of emergency until April 13 and that could change if it gets worse. So far 9 people in a nursing home have passed with more with Coid-19 including staff. Grim time for sure.

Lloyd, good morning to you and Nancy, hope you both stay healthy .

Jane, take it easy. I know n, not a word in your vocabulary but try ...

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Just checking in on a cloudy day.  We are OK but staying close to home.  The state is under "shelter at home" rules.  The number of cases continues to rise rapidly.  I'm going to bake some more bread today but running out of yeast so may bake some soda bread.  I like it so it will be fine as a substitute.  I might even try making my own tortillas.  New experience for me.

Please take care, All.  Stay safe and stay well.

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. phyllis I was reading the post and sen where you said running out of yeast,and was going to make soda bread. what is soda bread? I asked Nancy and she did not know either. she is going to look in her cook book see if it is there. but if she dose not fiend it would be good to see and learn about it. we do have a bread machine in fact i think two of them. we also have some yeast in the frig if it is still good. You have me wanting some good home made bread. I will see if Nancy will make some. Have a great day.



good morning everyfriend!  my son is stopping by soon to take Mickie for a midday walk,  she misses all our walks.  I wish you all good health.  I haven't had soda bread for a long time. im another one who likes it.  have a good day!

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March 31, 2020, 08:29:17 pm #222 Last Edit: March 31, 2020, 08:36:42 pm by Shirley
I've been here a few times today, phone rings or cats need something. Just got back from the river and need to sit a second before fixing something to eat. Brought in some chives to go on a baked potato, remembered to get sour cream at Walmart this morning. Also got a fresh loaf of Italian bread & already had a couple slices of it. I do love my bread. Have some steamer corn left from last night, a little lettuce & Roma tomato and meat spread that I mixed up earlier today. I will have some fruit ice later & already had a small bowl of grapefruit. Sounds like a fairly balanced meal, yes?

Jane, you are lucky your son can walk the pup.... my kids would gladly  come feed the cats if they could, so I could be gone sometimes. Sadly, even after knowing them all their lives, the cats would disappear if they came around. No amount of years can wipe out what their mother taught them in a few short months.... and she is friendlier with my boys than they are! Glad you are able to do what you can.

Lloyd, like you, I am eager to travel but sounds like they may close the campgrounds, even the National Forest campgrounds. We have reservations (paid for, 2 sites) in mid June so not sure how they will handle that. CO is one of the states with more than normal cases of virus, I think, so will be a wait & see.

Phyllis, I love the refrigerator rolls I used to bake for every holiday. My recipe makes 3 loaves or at least I divide the dough into 3, make butterhorn rolls with 2 parts & make a loaf of cinnamon/sugar that I roll out & cut into 3 equal lengths attached at one end & braid. I add the sugar & cinnamon as I braid. When baked I make a powder sugar/butter icing to pour over. It is gone as soon as out of the oven. I have never heard of soda bread so hope you will explain in here.... I don't visit the recipe section.

Gloria, have you had any cases of the virus in your area at all?  We've had quite a few here the last day or so. I still had to get out today but was noticing that my hands that get cleaned all the time with the Clorox wipes... sure irritates my allergies. I was shocked at the deserted streets, all along the fast food places with empty parking lots. Like those movies back in the old days of germ warfare or science fiction & people living underground. Gave me the shivers.

Amy, the little white egrets aren't back yet so spring not here. I had some bread to feed the fish tonight, couple Canada geese came over for a bite. The carp kept coming up under them but don't think the catfish are back. River is up, so dirty, no sign of baby ducks or geese yet. We don't have near the wildlife as other years. The trees are starting to fill out, tiger lilies are about 6"-8" high all along the bank. Supposed to get rain again Friday. We never had ice on the river this winter or had it get high enough to clean out the banks. Doesn't seem to be any "normal" to weather anymore!

I want to put a load of darks in the washer & have it dry before going to bed, so better get a move on and put it in before fixing my supper!

Hi to all that drop by.... let's hear about your days of "confinement".  Hugs to all.  :thumbup:  :nanadance2:  :nanadance2:  :nanadance2: