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June 01, 2020, 09:40:13 am

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Soda Shoppe for March 15, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, March 15, 2020, 02:52:19 am

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I'm up and attem and waiting to see if the floor guys show up this morning.  Nothing seems to be sure these days.  I'm hoping too, that the boinger beats the floor guys otherwise, Mickie will be pretty put out about breakfast.

The said not to worry about the furniture. They move everything to one side and do that side then move it back and do the other side.  But I didn't realize I had so many knick knacks to deal with.  I had to pack up everything in my curio cabinet and all my "sitty-around" stuff in all the rooms.  I'm tired already just from that and the bad part of it is that I have to wash it all and put it all back when they're finished.  My kitchen counters are LOADED.

And now there goes the boinger!  Later friends!

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Good morning everyone..

Woke to a winter wonderland!!Snow is gracing the trees and it is so beautiful outside.

Jane, another grand baby to love and cuddle. How special is that!!

Shirley, funny how we like foods only with other ones. Seems you have your supply of healthy choices in...main stays .

Jenny, this is Janes fault, she was the one that shared her love for the fried radish and my son loves them. He does his with bacon.

Better cut this short and get a wiggle on it.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Amy, I was just getting ready to ask if your son fries his radishes with bacon and you answered me so radishes have gone on the grocery list.  Thanks for the idea.  I cooked up some hard cooked eggs in the IP yesterday so will have them on hand for egg salad and also to use as quarters in green salads.  We always try to eat as healthy as we can but am concentrating on that even more right now.  The freezer is well stocked with vegs. and fruit and fish and other nutritious food.  I plan to order a baked ham soon but I have to make space for it first.   ;D

More virus cases here.  Up to 15 in the county now with more expected.  With all the international business travel here it is unavoidable.  David insists on going out for a dental appointment today but he did call the office and they said they haven't had any reports of contact with patients who are infected so he is going.  I'm staying home.  The library is closed but still sending e books and I got a big one yesterday so I'm all set as far as reading is concerned.

Love hearing the good news about new babies. 

Take care, All.

Lloyd Hammond

well good morning everyone. i was so late yesterday getting in here I was today. I was after midnight so I guess that counts as a early post and a second. I was scheduled for a rehab appointment too morrow but am canceling it so wont get the bug bite form the virus. have a great day just as you like it.



Good day everyone!  We are getting ready to drive home this weekend and found that snow is expected in the Denver area - not surprising at all. 

Mary Ann

March 17, 2020, 09:10:46 pm #35 Last Edit: March 17, 2020, 09:13:08 pm by Mary Ann
I'm sorry about the snow, Carol.  I imagine it will get to Michigan sooner rather than later.  I have no appointments so it really doesn't matter. 

As soon as my get-up gets up and goes, I am going to bed.  With no appointments, I can stay in bed as long as I want, but then my get=up finds it has to go, so who knows what time I'll get up.  It has been a pleasant cool day here today, no rain, no snow.

Robin was here to make things look nice overnight, but then I move around and things get messed up.

Mary Ann

Lloyd Hammond

Good night and sweet dreams everyone. either I am not seeing what is posted or you all are hiding from me. sorry If i did something wrong.



I haven't been in all day because my house was full of men!  They are putting down new floors and I was pretty much restricted to one room except for trips to the bathroom and out to see what they were doing and walks with Mickie.  When they left, I was so tired you'd think I'd done all the work.  I'm trying to keep ahead of them with the getting ready and following after them with the putting things back where they belong.  And a lot of the stuff from closets isn't going back in the closets.  Some is going to the car for Goodwill and some is heading for the trash. 

And now, I'm heading for bed because they said they'll be back around 8 tomorrow morning and they are usually 5 to 10 minutes early.  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!  I KNOW he has blessed me!

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Ah, Jane, I do understand your misery right now.... and I only had one end of the house floors replaced. We had no idea what they would find underneath what we could see & it was a nightmare. The original owners had put layer after layer over, I don't remember how many now, but even the installers had never seen anything like it. Take it easy, it will be over soon and look so neat & clean..I envy you the later. :thumbup:

Carol, I check the Monarch Pass cam nearly every day. We made one trip over it during an ice storm that still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Had to stop every few minutes to help the windshield wipers scrape off because they would get packed & only a peek hole to see out. Safe trip, you know a road grader will be along as soon as possible, but my husband couldn't wait! We were the last vehicle from Durango, thru Montrose & finally by the time we got to Salida the snow stopped & it was gorgeous with the snow covered golden cottonwood trees all along the river.

It is too early to stay up, not sure what woke me but all 3 cats are sitting at the back door, insisted they wanted out to smell the fresh air. It is drizzling so they are not getting away from the over hang of the roof. 50+ degrees and to be up in the mid 70s today. That sounds like spring storm weather to me, but I'm NOT a professional weather guesser! Last summer was totally taken up with replacing the roof on the RV and house, don't want to go through that again!

I think I am already getting cabin fever, stayed home 2 days in a row....I did go to church & McDonald's Sunday, well, maybe on to Sam's Club & grocery store in the afternoon because I stopped for KFC on the way home. My kids keep telling me to stay in, they will go to the store for me, even had a couple neighbors call to offer. Makes me feel old. The pollen is awful right now, could not go 5 minutes without a Kleenex for my nose. I can't take any of the pills so just keep pockets full of Kleenex or Puffs Plus. We'll get through this, be talking about it for years, right?

Phyllis, I also boiled some eggs & think I will mix up another batch of meat spread. I sent the last batch home with #1 son. #2 son often comes by after work on Wednesdays, so now that he is working from home, maybe he can come over for lunch instead. I love feeding my kids.  :smitten:

Back to bed for me, hope you (Lloyd & Mary Ann) are dreaming happy dreams. Take care. Shirley


Good morning everyone, finally made it. Thank you BUBBLE for fixing why I could not sign in yesterday, just would not accept my password. This morning I just signed in and it went through first time.  There was supposed to be a corned beef dinner here last night but was canceled. Not company sponsored but a couple of ladies coledted the money from those going and had the corned beef and were going to get the veggies later. The big kitchen was locked the end of last week. Hope they had the corned beef in the freezer down there. The CNAs are still coming in for their clients every day. Thank God for that. Don't know what I would do with out the help I get from the one I have. Yesterday she had to go to the pharmacy to get a couple of scripts for me. There is a Subway near it so she got me a small grinder and boy did I enjoy it. All they are doing is take out. The one who made it must have been lonesome or not making many of them it was filled with as much as for a foot long one. I ate almost the whole thing. A frightening world we are living in right now.
Yesterday morning when I got up and pulled the shade in the bedroom up I looked out and just kept looking out. It was snowing. The trees were all dressed in white and so were the cars and the roof of this building. So beautiful. I sure have missed the snow this winter. It was all gone by 11am. We could sure use at least a week of below freezing temperatures to kill germs in the air. My CNA told me when she went shopping over the week end that even all the Oatmeal was off the shelves. She makes sure I am well stocked with every thing I need. Before she goes to the market for me she checks every thing I am low on. I am so glad she is back again. The almost 5 months she was on sick leave and the ones I had while she was out left much to be desired. She is like a family member in that she cares for her clients. One of the markets here is going to be opened for 2 hours at 7 am only for seniors so they have a chance to get what they need before the crowd gets there and cleans every thing out. Would be nice if more markets did that. That is the one I have gone to for years and also the one who delivers. I have received a couple of emails  apologizing for deliveries being slow. They have shortened the open hours to give staff time to stock the shelves again.
Both sons have been calling me to ask if I need anything. I tell them I have everything that Yvette-CNA- makes sure I have everything. Monday she made a batch of mac and cheese, have 3 containers of it in the freezer. Came out good and I sure enjoyed the meal I had of it.

That is what has gone on the last couple of days. Now I have had my coffee it is time to get breakfast.

Have a good day.

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March 18, 2020, 06:42:46 am #40 Last Edit: March 18, 2020, 03:41:27 pm by Amy
You cannot see attachments on this board.

Good morning everyone.

Chilly day to start with. Have friends coming over in a bit, he is going to do some work on the vehicle for us.

Not much else is on the agenda for the time being.

Gloria, great to see you got back in.  We also had that snow but by night fall it had melted off the driveway.

Lloyd, we are still here..we would never hide from you.

Jane, once everything is done you will be able to sit back and enjoy what has been done.

Shirley, that sounds like one drive I wouldn't want to make. Hair would stand straight on end!

Carol, safe drive home.

Better get ready for the day...

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm up and attem!  I have my first cup of coffee and Mickie has had her pill.  We're waiting for the boinger, breakfast and then the guys. 

I slept better last night than I have in a Month of Sundays!  Guess I was really tired!  It started with 2 deep sleep naps on the sofa and then a very good sleep in bed!  I have 2 boxes (both small) and a couple of loose items for Goodwill and one pretty good size bag for the trash.  And that's only one and a half closets.  I'm also going to have some (hard-used) bedding for Mostly Mutts (a local animal shelter) by the time they are finished.  And I have one box of books for the library.  Just think of all the nice space I'm going to have!

CAROL, I wish you safe travels!

GLORIA, you sound so much cheerier now that your favorite CNA is back!  Let's hope she doesn't do anything to hurt herself again.   

SHIRLEY, you understand what I'm going through.  Most of the carpet in this house was here when I moved in and it was new at the time.  But that was 23 years ago this coming May! And the kitchen and bathroom floors are the same.  I did replace the carpet in two bedrooms shortly after moving here but that's going on 20 years now for them. 

I better get this posted since it's almost time for the boinger and breakfast and then Mickie's (and My) first walk of the day.  I wish you all a lovely, healthy day.  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to share it with you (nosy) friends!

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Lloyd Hammond

Jaanes you may call us nose friends, but I cal us caring,sharing one's. have a great day just as you like it.


Lloyd Hammond

March 18, 2020, 09:05:26 am #43 Last Edit: March 18, 2020, 09:07:39 am by Lloyd Hammond
I have had my morning meal. Nancy really out done her self with it. she got the bacon and eggs just right. and I got a box of straw biers and a box of blue biers at sams club the other day she had a little bowel of them set out also. It is raining here and 48º calling for a high in the mid to high sixties. so I will be a couch jockey today. top of the day to you all.



It looks like we may actually have some sun today.  That will be welcome.

All is well here for now.  More restrictions for North Carolina are in place now but the new cases keep coming.  It is sad for those who are affected but it is what it is and eventually we will get through it.

Gloria, several of the grocery stores here have started the "shopping for seniors only" time...usually an hour or two when first open in the morning.  At that time the shelves are well stocked and cleaning and sanitizing has been done in the overnight hours.  It is such a good idea.

I think I can finish the taxes today and get them filed even though they have delayed the filing date.  Might as well go ahead and do it.  One more thing to cross off the list.

Take care.


LLOYD AND ANYONE ELSE WHO IS OFFENDED BY BEING CALLED "NOSY".  It's only meant to be a joke.  I really didn't mean it that way and I'll stop using that word.  SORRY  :'(  :-[

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March 18, 2020, 10:56:23 am #46 Last Edit: March 18, 2020, 10:58:50 am by CallieOK
Good Morning from a still-wet-and-gloomy central Oklahoma,

Shirley, something really needs to be done about this  :tickedoff:  weather you, Jenny and friends in Texas keep "sharing" with us Okies in the middle!!!!  :smitten:
I understand about your sniffly nose.  Love the blossoming trees but not the drip drip they cause.

Janie, one of my "pen names" with certain friends is "Nosy Rosie".  One of them once told me I'd make a good prosecuting attorney because of the questions I ask.  I think he was referring to my asking questions that require actual sentences as an answer instead of "yes", "no", "because" or "nothing".  ;)

A friend called yesterday to see if I was doing okay by myself.  I told her I was enjoying lunch with my granddaughter, the cleaning lady has just come and the Orkin man was on his way to spray the outside perimeter of the house.  We were all, however, doing "social distancing"  ::)

Didn't have much on the calendar for the next two weeks, anyway - and what was there has been cancelled or postponed. 

Every place that might attract a group of people has closed down in OKC and surrounding towns.  The state school superintendent closed all schools everywhere for two weeks.  Would really appreciate if "the media" would offer something other than endless discussions about the problems and provide us with some real entertainment.  They certainly do re-runs at other times; why not now?

Miss Ellen and her roomies have all been laid off work because of the situation in NYC.  They're "hunkering down" (her term) in their small apartment. Hope they're all still speaking when this is over.

Miss Emily will be home for two extra weeks doing classes on-line.  She rode home with a friend and says she may make a quick trip back to Kansas to get some clothes, books and her car.

Sir Carson, who lives off-campus, stayed in Stillwater to work.  He has a job with a construction company and the project is continuing...so far. 

I'm never lonely and rarely bored being alone.  Could be it's because I'm an only child and we lived just outside the city limits so I couldn't walk out the door and have neighbor kids to play with. Hubby was a h.s. coach/athletic director and then a basketball official, so I was used to him being gone a lot.

Plenty to do in my office and plenty of e-books to read and Netflix movies/programs to catch up on.

Wishing Everyfriend a safe, healthy Wonderful Wednesday.  :cheers:   


March 18, 2020, 11:12:29 am #47 Last Edit: March 18, 2020, 11:15:32 am by Shirley
hahaha, Jane, in MY world, being NOSY is actually caring about others. Right?  We also replaced carpet in 2 bedrooms, bathrooms & hall but that was at least 15 years ago, we bought this in 1988... few years back.  ::) You are younger than I am this year!

I'm going to check to see if my stores have thought of a Senior's hours since I plan to get out. I have been thinking about fixing a meal for each of the families now & then, just to give them a chance to have something different. All are used to going out often so will be hard for them to not at all.

Gloria, you are sounding so much stronger since your CNA is back & feeding you better. Tell her she gets my vote for Best Buddy of the Year!

Got to get moving. Kind of peaceful here this morning, a dove is cooing loud enough to hear through the walls. Been listening to the wrens that normally shack up in a little house across the street, but the owner died that cleaned it out every spring & his wife went to a retirement housing. She doesn't want to sell yet so her kids bring her over now & then & guess they never thought about the wren house.

Thought of you, Ms Callie, when reading breaking news about the quake in Salt Lake... those things keep pressing on around the earth & know we had another small one near Caldwell, KS.  Wonder if fracking will be blamed for this round of quakes.  Thank goodness for fracking, at least we are not dependent  on foreign oil.  We have drizzle again today, the pool cover is under water since it is full to the brim..Do hope all your children are safe, since they are in more crowded places that us. I did get a couple big bottles of V8, a large bag of oranges & my jars of grapefruit so am working on staying healthy. Sorry about all this rain, but we actually need a good soaker.


I have been posting this past week  but I'm not sure the posts ever got to the screen. I went downtown yesterday to a ghost town. The stores were closed as were the restaurants so we ordered takeout and ate at home. But at least it was nice to get out on my scooter


Shirley,  I check a web site that lists "Earthquakes in Oklahoma" and there have been small ones almost every day in one part of the state or another.  Fortunately,  none have been in this area or made the news.

The sun came out and I scooted around to the Braum's dairy/market store.  Restaurant side was closed and there was only one other customer, who was way behind me.  This, plus trip to "big" grocery store on Monday, makes me fully stocked for at least a week.
Miss Emily told me she uses Door Dash to have meals from restaurants delivered.  I may be tempted to try that.

Had to brush pear tree blossoms off the trash bin before I brought it into the garage.  That, plus being out, has made my eyes water and my nose drip.  Even so, it was really nice to be out in the fresh air.
Predictions are for possible tornadoes overnight and a freeze on Friday morning.  :uglystupid2:  Oklahoma weather!!!


Yep, Shirley, nosy is another word for interested or friendly in my book, too.  But I don't want to offend anyone.  And I think I'm only younger than you for about 6 more weeks.  I'll be 85 the end of April.

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Oh, how nice it is to sit and read the notes from almost everyone! 

Thanks for the "safe travel" notes - we were told over a week ago to travel right away and we made reservation for a Santa Fe night this Saturday.  Now, the warning is to stay in place.  Am so wanting to be near at least 3 of the 4 children.  We do this all the time by staying one night it helps so much on the drive.  Also, at each end of the trip, I have an order for Walmart groceries online.  This time, everything is messed up and I have not been able to get that online.  So it goes. 

Mary Ann, I wrote "get up and go" by your name and now have forgotten why I even thought of it.   :crazy2:   Stay safe

Jane:  I hope all that flooring is perfect.  Good for you!  What else is happening?  I have not had time to read any notes for quite a while.

Shirley:  Yes, there are some tense moments in driving through the Colorado hills - We used to go from Grand Lake to Fort Collins through the park.  Yikes!   People so scared they took up more than half of their lane - steep drops all around and then someone just has to take a picture and stop where there is no place to park.  We miss Grand Lake but it is just too hard to do that anymore.

Gloria>  mac and cheese - a good comfort food.  How nice!

Amy:  A bear!  Where was the bear? 

Radioman:  How nice to "see" you.  I have been lax about posting.  Too much going on and visiting here.  How about you?  Are you not happy to have spring around the corner?

Bubble:   Many thanks for fixing this site.  I could not get in - someone heard me knocking at the door.   


Good morning, EVERYFRIEND 💐

Another beautiful sun shinny day before a big snowstorm ❄️☃️

Safe travel home to Colorado, CAROL.  I am surprised you are headed back already! 

GLORIA, I am so happy to read about how well things are going for you now that your CNA is back and taking such good care of you.

JANE, I know going through this process of getting no your new flooring is hard on you, but how nice it will be when it is all done!  I did not think your "nosy" comment was anything to be offended by at all, in fact I smiled at it!

We did go out yesterday to our local grocery store.  I stayed in the car and Bob went in.  We needed to pick up a few prescriptions at the pharmacy and you can't afford to not get them as soon as possible as we never know if there might be a problem down the road.  One of the doctors on TV said that we all should keep 2 to 3 MONTHS of prescription drugs on hand!!!  With our insurance we can only get our scripts at one month at a time, and it sure makes it hard.  We used to get it through the mail, 3 months at a time and it sure worked out a lot better for us.  If one wants to go on vacation it is nearly impossible as you have to be at your home location to get the scrips. 

When I was sitting in the car at the store I saw so many elderly folks going in to shop.....some of them could barely walk....so sad.  So many couples going in vs just one of them doing the shopping😢 I would like to see the major grocery stores dropping their fee to do pick up shopping and help these poor folks out.  Non of our stores are doing a special time for those in need of a bit more time to shop without a crowd! 

I have been on the telephone for a bit, so I better post this now before I do something dumb and loose it.

Have a good rest of your day.



Good evening.  I am feeling very well.  Hoping to be able to go home soon.  I did 3 walks up the hall today.  I can do most things by myself.  Just need to gain some strength.  Still no visitors allowed in.  My DIL leaves things at the door for me. Hardly anybody around.  Stores here are having hours for seniors, also.  No activities at all here .  Have a good evening.  Joy


Hello Everyfriend!  I have a finished living room and dining room.  They were having some discussions as to whether the fridge would fit back under the cupboard and that's where they stopped for the day.  I LOVE what's done so far and one guy even told me if I want to take my nap on the sofa tomorrow afternoon, they'll try not to disturb me.

CAROL, I still wish you well for your trip home.  I know it's going to be difficult with all the restrictions and worrying about everyone you meet on the way.  You need to do what's best for the two of you!

JOY, great to hear you're doing well and that you might be heading home!  We miss you a lot!

JENNY, people are still shopping around here, too but the stores all have wipes and "degermers" available.  I haven't been anywhere this week because I've been entertaining the "floor guys" in my house.  They're really nice guys and I have not heard a single curse in three days we've been in close quarters. 

It's really tiring for me because I'm trying to keep all the little stuff out of their way and then put it back when they leave for the day.  I've been busy before and after they're here.  And tomorrow I have an eye dr. appointment and when I told them that, Jayme said, "Don't worry about your doggie.  We'll look after her!"  Wasn't that nice!

I guess I better wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy and healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

well my computer must be on the torment. It showed me as the last post @ about 8:oo AM. then i clicked to go fix it and it there there was nine post.I am going now to see if I can get them.

Lloyd Hammond

 JaneS you have a lot more $$$$ than i do or lot;s better credit and will to be in debt. remodeling that much of your house all at once even if I am nose. good night and sweet dreams.


Lloyd Hammond

March 18, 2020, 10:46:48 pm #57 Last Edit: March 18, 2020, 10:48:50 pm by Lloyd Hammond
well it is my bad spelling and gamer that get's me in trouble. the head knocks I have had do not help either, and I love you all friends. and I say as long as you are picking on me you are leaving alone someone alone that can not take it as good as i can. good night and sweet dreams, Hope to see you all tomorrow.



Good morning everyone, here I am with my first cup of coffee. 39 and raining. Glad I got outside for awhile yesterday, sunshine and warmer. I still had my winter jacket on and felt comfy. Several other ladies were sitting out there on the porch and joined them. Was enjoyable for a change.

I got a letter yesterday from the company my CNA works for about this virus. If I even have the sniffles I have to let them know so she will not come.  The company is going to supply them with gloves, sanitizers and 2 masks a week. I showed her the letter and she laughed and said they were supposed to supply those items all the time.

JANE  that new carpeting will make your house look different and nicer. I would like getting the cheap wood flooring this place had installed ina few apartments, it never was finished right and the finish they had on it is wearing off. You can see the tracks made where I walk most from the wheels of my rolator.

LLOYD  I call this group our Cyber Family.

PHYLLIS  you make me glad my taxes are very simple, do  them myself and send in. No paying out and nothing coming back either.

JANE  to me your nosy was always meant as a joke. Nosy ones are those who keep interrupting private conversations and ask what you are talking about or ask personal questions.

CALLIE  I never feel lonely living alone, subce I was the youngest and 7 years beween me and he next older one I was alone aowing up. As long as I have a book to read I am content.

SHIRLEY  it does feel great to have Yvette back, I never have to tell her what to do and she always keeps busy.

DON  always good seeing you here. Here right now some restaurants will only have take out and then from the doorways or take out windows.

CAROL  seems like a long time since I saw a post from you. Hope you can get food when you get back to Denver and that very scarce TP. Have a safe  trip.

JENNY  love the little Leprechaun for an avatar. There is a second market setting an hour in the mornings for senior shopping. This one is a family owned business, not a big chain.

JOY  no activities in this building now. All the public rooms on the first floor are locked up except the laundry and mail room.

LLOYD  I have not been picking on you lately. You are behaving better.

Have a good day.

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Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm up and attem and I have a few minutes to spend with friends!  I guess I have some explaining to do.  I hope you will all understand.

LLOYD, I probably have a lot less $$$$ than you or anyone else on this panel but Pennsylvania understands that some of us are in need of help in our old age.  The state has a tax-supported unit that is run locally by each county.  A person can apply for help though their local unit.  After checking your finances, a representative comes and walks through your home, looking for things that will save energy, keep down the cost of living and make it possible for Senior Citizens to remain in their own homes longer.

I applied for this program and was approved and by the upcoming end of the year they had completed most of the electrical, plumbing and carpentry projects that were on the agreement.  The local director called in December and asked if he could come do a walk through.  He did and at the end he asked me how I'd like new floors.  Of course, the answer to that was obvious. 

It seems that I was the last applicant for 2019 and they had some money left.  He said that if they let it revert back to the state, they wouldn't get as much in 2020 so it was a case of "Use it or lose it" and I got VERY LUCKY! 

And that's the whole story!  I think God is watching over me.  What do you think?

Now I have to get ready for my eye dr. appt before the guys show up! I hope you all have a great day!  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to come in and share it with your "loving, friendly, caring" friends on S&F.

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