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Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

May 26 2020 1:08am
Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

May 25 2020 6:09pm
Astro:   feel free to start a topic here. Any duplicated topics may be merged together so we don't have two topics of similar nature.  Has that been eliminated?

May 25 2020 6:07pm
Astro: Oldiesmann:  I'm not  trying to beat a dead horse here, but if you scan down this psge, you'll see  the following:   General Discussion Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board. If you don't think a topic is being talked about elsewher

May 22 2020 2:46pm
brian: never   many  in chatroom here------  poor  showing

May 14 2020 9:29pm
JeanneP: Brownies.

May 11 2020 1:02pm
Oldiesmann: I don't think we allow regular members to start new topics in most of the boards here

May 11 2020 11:54am
Astro: Oldiesmann:  I briefly brought it up with So P Bubble  and she thought you might be able to rectify my dilemma. 

Soda Shoppe for April 15,2020

Started by so_P_bubble, April 14, 2020, 11:56:07 pm

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You cannot see attachments on this board.


You cannot see attachments on this board.


I have lived through wars..
Never on homeland shores..
I always looked at refugees..
And thought to myself...
Glad, thats not me or mine..
But that was back ..Such a long long time..

Once very long ago..
I looked forward to seeing my Grandchildren, grow!

Now I wonder, to myself..
How long must this nightmare, last?

I demand ...It go away!
Yet it refuses..
It wants to stay..
It wants me to feel..
What I feel deep inside...
I do not wish..To see any child die..
To look in the eye's..Of the "Walking Dead"..

I suppose I could..
"Just take to my bed"..
Pull the covers up.. the shades all down..
But then I know
..Why I am still around!..
I am here to instill in mine..
Hope and strength..
And a "Belief" in a better time..
That will soon come again..
We just are not sure. exactly when!
So lets live and be happy and gay..
After all tomorrow is another day..

Ladybird <"V")


The horse and mule live 30 years
And nothing know of wines and beers.

The goat and sheep at 20 die
And never taste Scotch or Rye.

The cow drinks water by the ton
And at 18 is mostly done.

The dog at 15 cashes in
Without the aid of rum or gin.
The cat in milk and water soaks
And then at 12 short years it croaks.

The modest, sober, bone-dry hen
Lays eggs for noggs, then dies at 10.

All animals are strictly dry:
They sinless live and swiftly die;

But sinful, ginful, rum-soaked men
Survive for threescore years and 10.

And some of them, a very few,
Stay pickled till they are a 100 and 2.


Good Morning! I loved everything in the opening of our new place, Thank you BUBBLE for keeping us clean and happy and a bit wiser.

Enjoy your day Everyfriend!

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April 15, 2020, 08:42:17 am #6 Last Edit: April 15, 2020, 08:48:23 am by Shirley
And so it goes.... Bubble, thought provoking writings today, so very true. Thank you. First time I saw pink dogwood was about 30+ years ago when we moved to Leawood, KS. We watched for wild dogwood along the highway when driving to Grandma's house when I was very young. Such a treat to see, we knew every tree location and delighted to see each one blooming in the spring. But never knew they came in pink. Only one living tree in the whole city that I know of here, and I didn't see it bloom this year. I forgot to look. Beautiful graphic.

Don't know if I mentioned that I did get the baker's rack put together yesterday. I was so tired by the time it was done I fell into bed last night. Had 2 problems, one screw would not line up so had to loosen all the others until it could move enough, some things you can't bully. When I got to the part of adding the top half, the back square legs fit inside each other and one leg had a big glob of solder inside. I searched downstairs & in the garage for the small metal file I knew we have....somewhere... gave up & used a wood file & ground off enough of that solder so enough Vaseline it slipped into place. Wore myself out searching & pushing but got the job done. It turned out to be much sturdier than I hoped & holds more than expected so I am really happy. And vow to NEVER buy anything that needs to be assembled again!

Today is store day, need bread for the fish. They are back in full force and waiting for me when I get to the bank. I start to whistle as I go down the hill, so whatever comes to eat the table scraps I take down will know food is on the way, and the fish are circling in the water at the end of my path. I can get a large sandwich loaf for 88¢, will give them half a loaf.  One pair of geese flies over for a few bites, they recognize the whistle, are nesting on the other side. I used to by half a rack at the day old bread store but don't have a van to haul it in anymore. They don't depend on the bread to survive, don't want to do that, but they enjoy a treat every day. So that's the plan for today and even though more than 10 will gather, not a problem!  :thumbup:


Good morning everyone, boy it was so good up till after 1am last night checking out every thing this PC. Every time Cox does something my computer changes and I do not like it. My email is srill messed up and I have a heck of a time seeing photos anyone sends me. Wish I could get rid of cox and get a different carrier but no way will this building allow it.

CALLIE  my Mom had one of t hose grinders and I wish I had it. I liked  that  better than the food processor my kids gave me.

JANE  if you put a lot of coconut in that pie I will enjoy a piece of it.

CAROL  I dislike people getting too close to me, especially strangers.

AMY  a bad sprain can take longer than a break to heal. I spraind an ankle the beginning of June one year and spent the whole summer using crutches getting around with 3 young kids.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new page, beautiful graphics and especially Life. Gee maybe I should start drinking and getting "pickled" to live longer than the 89 years I am ? Nah this life has been long enough.

SHIRLEY  qwhen I tell anyone how you whistle for the fish they never belive me. Only you could do something like that.

Better go get dressed and get ready for my CNA. Today is laundry day. Hope with no bus to take them to the market the laundry room will not be busy.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Good Morning,

Bubble, thank you for the lovely art.  Talented artist!  :thumbup:  ;D at the Life description.

Shirley, bread aisles are the most empty ones at our grocery store.  You'd probably be in real trouble around here if you mentioned buying it to feed fish!

Gloria, I love my food processor for everything except slicing and grinding.

#1 son is one of the 255 OKC people laid off by Hertz yesterday.  He wasn't surprised.  He had been furloughed earlier in March and didn't expect to be hired back because he's in that age group that's too frequently let go so a younger person can be hired for less salary. 
I'm sure they'll be okay but it's still worrisome for a mom/mil/grandmother.

However, the sun is shining and I baked cookies yesterday. 
Onward and Upward.... 


You cannot see attachments on this board.

Happy Birthday Gloria!!!

:hb3:  :hb2:  :hb3:

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


April 15, 2020, 04:49:06 pm #10 Last Edit: April 15, 2020, 04:53:56 pm by Denver

COLOR ME ILL..........I just finished my post and was ready to post it when Bob handed me a wipe to clean my screen......poof, away went my post!

Quick version.....


Thank you, BUBBLE, for our new SS.

MICHELE, went in for chemo this morning and was given the report from  her PET Scan.....it is GOOD🙏  We are SO thankful to hear this news....this is the FIRST good report she has ever been given and I just want to thank you ALL for all of your positive thoughts and prayers🙏🙏 HALLELUJAH 🙏🙏

AMY, sorry to read about your nieces  fall and the severely sprained ankle....not fair with oh so much more to do with a new move in.  Hope she heals quickly🙏

CALLIE, I am sorry to read about your sons job.  We had this call a weeks or so ago from our California Son.  The only good thing is they will be returning to Colorado with my little grandson to live until he can find a new job😢. IMHO no one is safe these days.....in fact the higher up someone is the more likely hood the6. Old be let go as they are the ones with the big salaries🤬

CAROL, I am sure the security gate is a deterrent for the nice bag pipe man to come in and play for us!  Sure happy you got to see him.  It is clouding up again.....more snow coming our way 😩😩😩.

I am sorry I can not remember what all I said to all of you....

SHIRLEY, happy you got your bakers rack put together...not easy with only two hands....glad you are pleased with it. 

Have a good rest of your day, and keep up the good job of taking on a new task each day JANIE.....you are amazing what all you have done with that broken shoulder.



April 15, 2020, 09:22:17 pm #11 Last Edit: April 15, 2020, 09:53:44 pm by Shirley
Two big HAPPYS today

Happy Birthday to Gloria (I never know until someone mentions, but good wishes for a healthy year still stand)

Happy & Three Cheers for a good report for Michele! 

Callie, found the bread aisle full and now fish are full. So many tonight I gave them a whole loaf. One goose came across, guess the mate is sitting on a nest. This one ate out of my hands.

Nearly dark so will get ready for bed. Cats didn't eat half their supper, not sure why. I must try to get the flea & tick stuff on them tomorrow, pretty sure I saw a flea on Callie's white fur when we were at the river tonight. That is such a job, to hold onto each one and squeeze the stuff on the back of their neck. Will have to catch each one alone to doctor so the others don't run & hide. Always something~~

Lloyd Hammond

good evening the sun sun shined bright all today. has been a good lazy day. Hope you all have had a good day. Hope to see you all tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams.



We had a nice sunshiny day today too. I sat out on the porch for a bit with the sun on my back and it sure felt good.  Frankie stopped by on her way to work and we had a little visit out the window.  that was nice.

now i'm off to DREAMLAND and I wish you all apeaceful night's sleep and a happy, HEALTHY tomorrow. And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

April 15, 2020, 10:41:42 pm #14 Last Edit: April 15, 2020, 10:46:41 pm by Lloyd Hammond
well I am back with some bad news. In Page AZ our sons wife's mother died with,coviv-19 virus. they would not let them get out of there cars, had to stay in them and listen from In  there cars to the preacher. one of our G D 'S works at the K C V A. they have confirmed 96 cases there. some deaths i do not how many deaths there and some of them were staff member's. friends Please stay home and stay safe until they get a handle on this crises. good night and sweet dreams.



Good morning everyone, I think winter is back  this morning and I just turned the heat up.  I am ready for the upper 60' or low 70 in the daytime.

CALLIE  you are right about the bread aisle. My CNA went to the market for the client she has before me in the morning and they were just  loading the shelves with bread so she got me a loaf. I had been without bread for a week. Never thought I would miss having bread so much. My #2 son was laid off a couple of weeks ago and is already bored. He has cleaned the leaves up and the garage is once again in order. Wonder what he will tackle next.

AMY  thank you, I said nothing about  it and hoped no one would know. One more year and I will be 90. I did have a surprise las night when my grandson called me and told me to turn Skype on because he had someone who wanted to talk to me. OK I did and then there was my great grandsoing wishing me a happy birthday. He is quite a monkey. He was sitting on the couch between his parents and patting his Dads hair and then his own. He has the rosiest cheeks I ever saw on anyone. Makes me want to squeeze him. He gets that when I see him and he loves it.

JENNY  thank you.So glad Michele finally had some good news. She is a fighter to work so hard fighting to stay alive Life is so precious especially when you have young children.

SHIRLEY  I was quiet about my birthday, I don;t like a fuss made over me. Then again feels good to have my friends remember. Got phone calls from both sons and grandson and my daughter on Skype. When I answered the phone with #1 son's call he and my DIL (second daughter) started singing Happy Birthday.

LLOYD  I think we all want to see each other tomorrow. Sure do not want to lose any of our Cyber Family do we?

JANE  sad isn't it when you have to talk to a family member through a window? Our governor said yesterday she wants everyone to wear a mask when they go out.  So far I have seen 4  in this building with a mask on. My CNA wears one when she enters this building and gloves also. She takes the mask off when she comes in my door. She does wear gloves for every thing now. Yesterday the manager-the witch- came out here with some papers for me to sign for another year here. She had a mask on and waited in the hall for me to sign them. Now she will bring up the last paper for me to sign. She wants no one in her office.

LLOYD  sorry about your son's MIL. Sad to have to sit in the car while the preacher talked.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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G00d morning Everyfriend!  After a semi bad night I'm glad for morning!

JENNY,good news from Michele! HOORAY!

LLOYD, i'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your son's wife and the way they had to go through the funeral was sad!

I might not be back on today I have a drs appt to keep about my arm and its going to take a while and will be exhausting.  I wish you all a safe and happy day.  God be with you!

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Lloyd Hammond

good Morning everyone. I had a restless night dreamed wield dreams.

 JaneS it was not son's wife it was his wife's mother's, but still very sad.

it is 39º and cloudy here this A M calling for a high of 53º today.

Have a great day today everyone.



Good morning everyone..

Yesterday was busy, interesting and tiring too.
 I did manage to get grocery shopping,  Stood in line from 7:30 for 6:00 opening. We were there for 7 but I stayed in the vehicle until others started to trickle in and it didn't take long for a line up to snake out onto the parking lot.
Then it was home to put away and get started on sewing..
Talked with a friend and she told me her daughter had COVID _19. What a time she went through but lives to tell about it. The virus has hit nursing homes with a vengeance here and no let up in sight.
Today is back to the garage to get a gas cap replaced then home to sew.

Shirley, thank you I will pass the Epson salt treatment to my niece. She is one go getter and I doubt this will slow her down much. Mentioned to her that rest is better for it at moment so it will heal  but being in a new home I am sure she won't listen to everyone telling her the same thing.

Bubble ,thank you for the new start,always love your graphics and pearls of wisdom.

Gloria, no snow today!! We had snow off and on all day yesterday. Sure hope that is the end of it.

Jenny.....love hearing good news about Michele. Lets hope this is the turn around for this dreaded disease!! There is power in prayer!

Lloyd, I am so sorry to read of your son and daughter in laws loss.  Condolences to the family.

Callie, do we ever stop worrying about our children? We know they are capable of looking after themselves but we still worry.

Jane ,hope you also get good news about your arm.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning from the
Sunny and cool,  rocky coast of Maine. 

I am so happy to read that Michelle
has some good news for a change, Jenny. 
May this good news continue until she
is able to stop chemo and get back
to normal.

Shirley... You sound like me trying
to put things together and moving
things around until they are where
I like them,  at least for now.

Of course tomorrows another day
and I might  just be tempted to
re arrange again.

Right now I am up and doing as
much hand laundry as possible..
so that I don't have to go down
to the laundry room...I am trying
very hard to stay isolated... not
easy to do but worth the effort.

Have a good day everyone,
and stay safe.


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Sunny and chilly here today.  Bright but the day is even brighter with the good news about Michelle, Jenny.  So glad for her and her family and for you.

All is OK here.  We are managing to stay occupied with one thing or another.  And, most importantly, we are staying well.  I hope all of you are, too.


I got 7 hours & 21 min sleep last night but only 7 min of deep sleep, no joke to say "I sleep with one eye open". Been that way all my life so guess not going to change now that Fitbit tells me.

Chilly this morning so my yard work will wait for a few hours. I remembered to ask Andy what kind of oil to use on the hedge trimmer so will use it. Want to get the job done before the yard guys come & hope their mower picks up the little pieces of the tall grass.I also need to rake leaves off the lily of the valley, think mostly pin oak leaves but also some others that the mowers have disturbed down the street, but don't pick up. The way this house sits, all leaves gather at the 2 rail fence going up the sidewalk to my front porch! Things you don't notice when buying a house!  ::)

Lloyd, sorry about your son's mother in law.... so sad how the last days of life and funerals are right now. I am thankful my brother's funeral was before the close down because it does help to have a crowd of loving people around sharing hugs and tears.

Jane, hope the doctor has nothing but good about your arm.... yard work looms.... :-\

Amy, keep meaning to ask you how you create the graphics... do you use PSP?  Always a treat. Have you been making masks?  My daughter in law made enough for all the family, she is neat with everything she does. I carry mine in my purse, just doesn't work well with allergies & dripping nose!

Sandy, I was actually thinking of you when putting the rack together, of how you organized your van before heading cross country. How many years ago was that?  You & Bobbi, how I envied you waking up in different states.

Gloria, glad you had a nice birthday & got to see the little one (even if on Skype). How old is he now? From what I hear, my great grands are loving having Mom & Dad home all day.

Wow, Callie(cat) just came back inside and think she must have found something stinky to roll in! Yuck... and the morning went from bright sunshine to total cloud cover & wind picking up. Better have a look at radar. Will check in later.  Wishing all a Thuper Thursday...  :thumbup:

Hi, Phyllis, better not stop to talk, having a typical KS morning. No mountains to stop wind from blowing in another front so weather changes by the hour.


Good morning.  Sunny, but chilly.

Gloria,  I want to wish you a very belated birthday.  I know I am the same way about birthdays.  Don't like a big fuss made.  Mine is the first part of May, and I am sure there will be no big fuss made over it.  I am not far behind you !!!!

Jane, sure hope your appointment about your shoulder will go well.  You can take the whole rest of the evening to relax and rest.  Stop and get something special for your dinner, as a treat.  Whenever I go to most of my appointments, I will stop and usually go to Pop Eye's for their fried chicken.  That is a treat for me.

Hope everyone is still hanging in there.  I heard this morning that this keeping away from people might last until 2021.  We will all be crazy by that time. 

Glad to hear the good news about Michele.  She is a fighter !!!

Wish everyone a healthy and safe day.


Lloyd Hammond

we on this earth miss them but they are in a better place with god, I am sure she is with god she was a good christen, and a good Navajo Indian. I will miss when we go to AZ. her fry bread and Navajo tacos,as well as her. cloudy and getting colder here. snowing in north MO. now and supposed to do same here tonight and tomorrow. Have a good rest of the day.



April 16, 2020, 05:19:58 pm #24 Last Edit: April 16, 2020, 05:22:38 pm by Sandy
Sandy, I was actually thinking of you when putting the rack together, of how you organized your van before heading cross country. How many years ago was that?  You & Bobbi, how I envied you waking up in different states.

The years are flying by. 
I spent most of 2011 on the road, crossing the
country and living in Port Townsend, Washington. 

That is nine years ago..  Wow..
How the time does fly by the older
I get!!!

I never regretted that trip...
If I were to do it over again,  I
would want to go with a

I would have been able to do
more with out being afraid.   I
always felt nervous when I had
to leave the van.  Even in parking lots
as what would I have done if
someone stole it.    So I saw a lot
on the road,  and then when I got me
an apartment in Port Townsend I was
able to relax and enjoy that area
of the country, do more and  see more, 

Great Trip of my lifetime.

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


I can not believe I lost my post again today.......

Cold and snowy here in my world ❄️❄️❄️❄️  They say we are going to warm up now and I sure hope they are right🌞🌞

I thanked you ALL for your kind words of support regarding the good news from Michele's PET Scan......appreciate your support so much! 

Granddaughter Kate is dancing in a virtual contest today, and I lost my post as I attempted to change screens to see her first dance.....These are past dance competitions being redone and graded again....seems a bit crazy, but it gives the dancers something to watch and the grandma's too. 

JANE, I do hope your appointment went well at the doctor today and you did not get totally wiped out🥰

LLOYD, condolences to your son and DIL in the passing of her mother to this darn Covid virus.  How sad to have to be alone at this very sad time and not even able do do a burial. 

Very fond memories of your day son the road, SANDY😘

We just learned on of our favorite Denver Bronco player, Von Miller, has the virus.  🙏

I know I said a lot more....I always do, but I best post this now before I do something dumb again and loose it.

Have a good rest of your day, EVERYFRIEND.



Denver I finally learned my lesson after losing so many posts. Now whenever I post here I type    on my notepad first and then copy it here. It sure saves a lot of heartache and aggravation


A sad sidebar to the virus crisis happened this week when a lady in our residence put her husband in the hospital. He died a couple of days ago and the quarantine rules forbid her to go to the hospital to grieve and forbid any family members to visit her here. We are trying to console here as best we can.


Oh, DENVER , the power of prayer :) Such great news !



Good night my friends.  I'm very tired.

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