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June 01, 2020, 09:04:45 am

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Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

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Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

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Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

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May 22 2020 2:46pm
brian: never   many  in chatroom here------  poor  showing

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JeanneP: Brownies.

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Soda Shoppe for April 15,2020

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Lloyd Hammond

April 16, 2020, 10:54:04 pm #30 Last Edit: April 16, 2020, 10:59:32 pm by Lloyd Hammond
is time to bid you all good night and sweet dreams. I had a dear friend that (used to good say old days heck) the only things about them,  was I had a strong back and a week brain. I have a mis packman game Machine, I still like to play on it, but my coordination is not good any more and get very low score on it. but  i still try regulaory just get 10,000 where i used when I had the Laundromat and had it in there could get two three hundred thousand score. also I can not chew gum and walk at the same time i do trip over almost nothing and fall, but so far have not broke nothing except my pride. get up brush off and go on,good night and sweet dreams, I wanted to say something else but forgot what it was. so good night I hope to see you all tomorrow.



Good morning everyone, I rt hink winter is coming back, 32 and feels like 25. I went to sleep listening to the wind blowing again. Tomorrow night we have snow in the forecast. Weather guessers say that we will need shovels for this. Good heavens, this is what we will have for spring after a mild winter?. Maybe that is why I rather have the cold and lots of snow in winter, more normal in this New England winters.

JANE  hope your doctor visit went good yesterday and did not wear you out too much.

AMY  that COV 19 has hit a nursing home in this town, the best place around here. All the hursing homes have been closed to visitors for awhile so they are saying a staff member must have spread it. I am surprised this building is still open to visitors but not as many coming in as usual. There are notes all over in here to limit visitors.

SANDY  you sound like I used to be with moving things around and rearranging the furniture.  I have lived in 3 roo apartments for more years of my life than  I care to think about but this one is the smallest one and cannot move anything. Where it is is where it stays. Then again I am not as strong as I used to be either.

SHIRLEY  when your Lily of the Valley blooms have a good smell of them for me. I love the aroma of them but have not seen any in years. Those and lilacs in bloom tell me spring is really here. The Forsythia is all in bloom now and they are spring, too. With snow in the forecast for tomorrow night it sure doesn't seem like spring. My little one told me he is 4 when I talked to him on Skype. He will be 5 in July. My daughter lives in mountains but the wind blows from all directions. It still surprises her to be outside with a south wind to have it suddenly come in a different direction. They both spend a lot of time outside now that they can enjoy the peace and quiet.

JOY  glad someone else feels like me abot birthdays. It is just another day and only 1 day older than the day before. I have a feeling this will las all summer, wonder what the heat and humidity will do to this monster of a virus. No one knows if it will be seasonal or a year long thing.

LLOYD  so you are the one sending snow in this direction for tomorrow night. I like snow but in the right season-winter.

SANDY  you and Bobbie both spent time seeing our country and I used to long to do the same thing.

JENNY  since Cox updated and gave us all new boxes I have had computer problems, especially with email. I never had a problem wih graphics before but now it is hard getting them to open.

DON  I sued to write my replis on paper and they try to type in the post box, could not read my own writing and then Oscar  told me about using the notepa andd have used it since. Now at times I wil have all my reolies on notepad and the whole thing just is gone and I have not done anything. This virus is causisng problems for all of us all over the world. So sad.

LLOYD  oh those good old days when we were young and agile. Now I have to use a rollator to walk around and cannot even stand long enough to cook a meal for myself.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

Gloria you seam to be the first here in the morning and Janes is the one to put us to bed even with one hand. we have light rain here this A M. rain for all day here and is snowing in Shawnee KS. and up by the Iowa border. Gloria
I promos I did not wish it on you, Have a good day. I am praying for conman since to come back to the USA. and we can smile and shake hands each other with out fear of being shot. Have a great day just the way you like it.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  I have to tell you that for the first tim since I fell, I'm typing with two hans!  My fingers have been working well for a while and I found I can reach out far enough to reach the keyboard!  I'm amazed!

Yesterday was a full day.  It started with a shower while Cathy was here in the morning and then I got dressed for my appt with my chiropractor.  On our drive up there, we have to go over a small mountain and as we approached it, it began to snow.  Cathy stopped and checked the weather where we were going and it wasn't threatening so she kept going.  As we cleared the mountain top and started down the other side, the sun was shining and the road was clear.

The appt was fruitful. She was able to relieve all the pains that had been associated with the fall including the one in my neck.  Since the break is not yet healed, she didn't do anything on that arm but I have another appt the end of he month. I slept better last night than I have since I fell. (I think I already said that but bear with me)

I have my list made up of things that have to be done today and I better get started or I'll never make it.

I hope you all have a healthy, happy day!  Make it your own in every way!

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Good morning everyone..

I did try to shop but the line up said no to me. So now it is  back home and sewing. Made a pot of beef barley soup yesterday so the is one meal not to figure out the other meal.

Shirly, I just get the photos on line but now have to figure out how to make them smaller.. Yes I have been making masks....there is a call for them at the hospitals. Trying a new pattern today so we shall see how that works out.

Gloria ,we woke up to a light dusting of snow and now it is sunny and cold. Temp is 28°F at the moment.

Better get going

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning,  Gloria, Lloyd, Jane and Amy.

Jane, so glad your appointment went well and you had a good night's sleep.

Gloria,  our building still is letting family members in if they are helping  their family member with groceries or other things. They just don't want a lot of people in and out.  Delivery people and medical helpers are allowed.

I still have a nurse and the PT coming in once a week.  I get a telephone visit another day.  They just ask a lot of question's to make sure I am doing ok.  I am trying to do at least 2 walks up and down the hallway and my exercises.  I do them after lunch.  I still need to get dressed and  make the bed.  The nurse isn't due until after 3 this afternoon.

I am just so glad that I got out of the rehab place when I did.  I have not heard whether they have any problems there with patients being sick.  Someone called me the other day to see how I was doing, and I was going to ask, but thought they probably wouldn't have told me anything.

I also am so glad that I made the decision to come back to my place instead of going to an asst. living place. I keep thinking I would have been in a strange place, not knowing anybody, and probably confined to my room by myself.  I haven't mentioned that to my family.  I am making out well on my own.  I just am being very cautious.  Not trying to rush doing anything. Just will be so happy when all this mess is over with.  And, that is something nobody really knows.  It is something that none of us will ever forget. 

I better get myself up and moving.  Please have a safe day !!



Good Morning Everyone,
from the cool but partly sunny,
rocky coast of Maine. 

My biggest problem with my lower
vision is that I had to learn how
to slow down... 

Not Easy!

Using my Drive Rollator forces me
to pay attention and to go slower,
but still allows me to move right
along when I use it out in public.

I am fine around my apartment,
as long as I keep my moving
about on the floor area uncluttered.

And now that I am isolated,
I don't have to concern myself
about visitors leaving stuff
on the floor where I could
trip over them.

I only know of one person that
has covid-19 and that is my friend
Vicki's  Sister,  who is in
a Rehab facility...  As we have
heard nursing homes and such
are being very much affected
by this terrible viral pandemic. 

Best wishes to everyone. 


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


I've had a busy day!  Emptied all the trash cans in the house and had a bag full when my son came by to take Mickie for her noon walk.  When he left he took it with him to deposit in the dumpster behind his store.

Then I peeled a bunch of potatoes that were beginning to sprout and got them ready to bake with some carrots and onions for supper.  I took a meat loaf out of the freezer and supper was ready to be baked.  It all turned out pretty good!

I also did a bunch of stuff on the computer...paid some bill, placed some orders, looked up some stuff, made a shopping list...

I told Cathy to stay home this afternoon.  I think she wore herself out yesterday with the trip and some shopping on the way home.  Now I'm ready for bed.  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one.

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April 17, 2020, 09:59:55 pm #38 Last Edit: April 17, 2020, 10:02:55 pm by Shirley
Well, I have something nasty.... but think it a gall bladder attack. Up the entire night with pain under ribs & "hurled" a number of times. Only time in my life I've thrown up was when pregnant & I am pretty sure that is NOT the problem now. Of all dumb things, I got a can of tamales at Walmart this week, sounded good for the evening meal the night before but my tummy did not approve. Last night I ate the rest of the can since all I had to do was put the Pyrex bowl in the microwave. Big mistake. I never ever had the pain under the ribs like that, was up every few minutes to head to the bathroom. Usually I have to wait until food goes through my whole system but was totally blocked. Besides the tamales, I ate about half a Russell Stover chocolate bunny and made a pot of fresh coffee that is not on the recommended list for gall bladder issures. To make it worse, head aches like a couple months ago so know that is infected sinuses. Okay, too much detail. By the time I called the doctor this afternoon & he called me back, I had not eaten anything & only a few sips of water, but no throwing up since morning so think I am on the mend. He "talks me down" and suggested no more of the harsh stuff & go to liquid diet today & mild tomorrow. Reasonably sure it is gall bladder but this virus also starts with tummy issues so time will tell. I slept most of the day since no sleep at all last night, so one day at a time, right? I've been typing at this since noonish so will post & check in tomorrow.

Sandy, blowing my knee has brought a new understanding about slowing down. I am very careful how I plant each foot to make sure the knee isn't in a twist. Until I get these glasses fixed I am struggling with blurred vision where I walk (they work good for driving). Have to take them off to get on the computer or watch TV up close (like my kitchen corner one). I am thrilled to see this well without having the cataracts removed.

I have to find a can of chicken noodle soup & may need a trip to the RV. The headache is some better so maybe the caffeine withdrawal is over. I finally got down the last little corner of one soda cracker & about 2/3 of a bottle of water.  All I consumed today. Will work on that tomorrow.

Good night, Janie, so glad to see how well you are doing, proud to know you. Nice bunch of people we have in here.  :smitten:

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless... as June said, "God will be up all night so leave your worrying to Him.... something like that.

Lloyd Hammond

April 17, 2020, 11:43:05 pm #39 Last Edit: April 17, 2020, 11:48:28 pm by Lloyd Hammond
yesterday I went to Walmart they had a fence up between the in and the out door and a turn in the in side with a pretty long lane and a lady setting out side in a roped off square by her self watching so no one could go in the wrong way they had it separated inside  also not hardly many people in the store or cars on the lot. i got the big handicapped parking spot,where I could un load my scooter and leave the tail gate up and the unloading ramp out and down so all I had to do was get on it and drive in the store. i did not have to many things to buy so it worked great. if i have a lot of things to buy I grab a cart buy the front of the basket with my left hand and drive it with my rt hand, all in all worked good. Nancy Had to go get a prescription that was called in for her today. she wanted to go by her self and get out of the house,That worked good for us both I got to stay home and watch TV. good Night and sweet dreams everyone.



April 18, 2020, 01:45:07 am #40 Last Edit: April 18, 2020, 01:49:24 am by Denver
Just came in to see how everyone is doing.....

WOW, SHIRLEY, not happy to read the news in your post.  I do hope things have settled down and you do not have to find yourself headed to the ER for emergency gall bladder surgery....and most of all that you do not have the Covid virus.  Take it easy now and no more canned tamales for you girl🤣🤣

JANE, seems ou are doing more and more.....happy the doctors appointment went well. Your dinner sounded yummy.  I hope you enjoyed it.
We had quite the Snow storm yesterday with another low over night breaking the record for the low the second time this week.  Now we are to move into better temperatures. 

AMY, that beef and barley soup sure sounds good....hope you enjoyed it. 

We cut hair today......I cut the front of mine and tried todo the back last week.  I had to all but beg my hubby and he finally gave in and he did a great job.  I cut his, but that I have been doing for years.  We both look a whole lot better🥰🥰

Tomorrow the cadets at the Air Force will be graduating early, and the Thunderbirds are going to do a fly over the front range of Colorado on their way to the flyover for the graduation.  The plan has them flying nearly over our home so we are sure looking to seeing that.

I hope everyone had a good day.  Pleasant dreams to all.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  We're up and Mickie has been out and had her pill and we're waiting for the boinger while I have my coffee.

SHIRLEY, I'm so sorry that you're having some problems.  I hope, too, that it's your gall bladder and not something much worse.  Prayers are on the way.

JENNY, I sure envy you if you get to see the THUNDERBIRDS!  I got to see them once when were in Wyoming.  They put on a show at Cheyenne Frontier Days and we were lucky enough to be there when it happened.  That was the year that my Girl Scouts also got to work the stands at the rodeo and then were invited to the workers dining room for lunch.  As luck would have it, the Thunderbirds were also having lunch and they stopped at our table on the way out and introduced themselves to the girls and chatted for a bit.  If you've never been with 14 teenage girls when a bevy of handsome, young aviators stopped to chat, you're missing something in life.  Of course, I wasn't a bit excited!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm about ready to take a pair of scissors to my hair, too.  And that won't be a pretty sight.  Imagine it! Chin length sideburns and having to look through bangs....not a pretty sight. 

Can't think what's up for today except to cook up the meat for dog food to be made later today.  Cathy is braving the supermarket with her list and mine before she comes by this morning.  So I'll have groceries to deal with when she comes and after she goes.

LLOYD, sounds like you had a good trip to the store.  Hope you got everything you need.  Hope Nancy enjoyed her outing, too.

JOY, sounds like you're enjoying your time in your own place.  It's always nice to "go home", even if you have to stay there once you get there.

Guess I better go get dressed and ready to meet the groceries. Grab this day and make it your own.  And come back and share it, whatever it is.

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Good morning everyone. It is BEAUTIFUL OUT SIDE. The trees and buhes ar e covered in white. Yes it is snowing but not enough to shovel and where a car went through the parking lot it looks slushy. It is no way the forecasters yesterday said we would have 4  inches we would get. At least they were right about it snowing. Just 32 so it likely will turn to rain.

My eyes are not seeing good this morning, every thing is blurry and hard to see what I am even typing.    I forgo t  to have Yve tte put drops in my eyes yesterday and it is something I cannot do myself. ven with my yearly check up the eye doctor has trouble getting drops in, I keep shutting my eyes when I see anything coming at them. I know it will not hurt but I do i t.

JANE  you must feel great after your apppointment yesterday and using both hands to type.

AMY  My CNA gave me a mask yesterday. The company she works for is making some now. I wish I could make some but  these days I cannot get the hands and brains around anything. My Mom made the best beef barley soup and somehow when I made it it always seemed something was missing. Now I cannot cook anything.

JOY  all we have here is a poster  on the entry doors and on the boar ds near the elevator to limit visitors. My younger son comes once a week and wears a mask and then my CNA is here 5 days a week and she wears a mask and gloves. Nothing like being home to a place you know.

SHIRLEY  if I take a bite of something and it does not go down right the rest gets thrown away. I use very few canned anything Except tomatoes when I make spaghetti sauce. Most is either fresh or frozen. Hope you are feeling much better today.

LLOYD  glad you found the right parking spot to your  scooter out.

JENNY  like your new avatar, he sure is growing too fast.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

Denver I do not want to barge But we just live about 30 miles west of the Whitman air fores base and we get low fly over's often and low.  a farmer had a lot of turkeys, he was calling the air fores base and complaining that the turkeys were running and pilling up and killing some of them. they were denying it so in a fey days he called the base with the numbers from off the plane. asked to talk to the base commander. he told them looking through the scope on his rifle. so then the right person came out and watched the fly over. that fixed it no more low flying over his turkeys and they paid him for damages.
they do not bother us that much, the cattle are used to them. what we did enjoy once was a grope of hot air balloon's flying low at a angle across our yard low enough that we could talk to them from our deck and did. they were four of them flying in a line. that was neat. sun is bright here today and 35º and calling for 63º . Have a great day.


Lloyd Hammond

Gloria yes me also. my scooter has a built in storage ramp that goes out and down to ground level and back up and in with a push of a button in to the van where the third seat is. so it is not usable. we have no children at home and the grands do not come to travel with us,so we are in good shape. have a good day.



Good morning everyone..
What a beautiful day!!! We left here without our poochies to grocery shop and pick up some bags of dirt......35 bags of dirt! Shopped for us and also shopped for a friend, little does she know that I also picked up water for them. She think  I only have 2 cases but now I have 7 for them. For a while there was a limit of two on but today there was no limit.
Have laundry blowing on the line and will do some sewing in a bit.

Gloria, we didn't get the snow but it is chilly..sun will soon take the chill off.

Jane, soon everyone will be long haired and so read for the hair dressers.

Joy, I am so happy you are in your own home. much safe to!

Shirley, gall bladder attack is no fun...hope it doesn't start up again. Careful with you eat.

Better get the rest of the laundry done..

Enjoy your day and stay safe everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


For some reason, I'm really tired tonight so I'm thinking of hitting the hay a bit early.  I really didn't do much today except put the groceries away and make dog food.  Oh yes, when Cathy took Mickie for a walk I went with her but it was really cold and we hustled!

I think I'll bid you all good night and go start getting into my jammies.  It takes me somewhat longer these days to do that so I'm thinking maybe I'll be in bed by ten.  Tomorrow morning will be busy.

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy. healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

 JaneS my Brain has already gone to bed I think. so I just copied your statement., could not think of how to do a quote. so I just copied and pasted yours, so I am going to do just what you said go to bed.Good night.(JaneS For some reason, I'm really tired tonight)



Good morning everyone..
Chilly out there 32° F at the moment with the possibility of either rain or snow.

A day of rest here and friends will be dropping by later in the day to pick up their groceries..we put it on a cart and just roll it out to their van and then he loads it .

Shirley ,hope you are feeling a lot better today..

Phyllis, everything alright your way?

Jane, amazing how we adapt to doing things when we have a glitch to deal with.

Gloria, you may have this snow... it is time for warmer weather. Even the buds on the trees are slow to start.

Lloyd, hope you got a good nights sleep and feel well rested this morning.

Jenny, you avatar is so cute.. Jonah is growing up fast!

Joy, you are wise to take it slow,you don't need any set backs.

Better scoot, enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


It is Sunday morning but I am not dressing for church and cats aren't up. Tom & Callie slept out last night, Tiger decided to sleep in the basement since the last 3 nights I kept her awake being up & down every few minutes. Guess I had a fever because it broke during the night & I was wringing wet. Think I'll live but will talk to my doctor Monday to see if I should be tested to know if it was the virus before letting any of my kids come inside the house. I wouldn't want them to catch whatever this was. Have a stack of "bought" cookies & Easter candy to dispose of, do not want to start a rebellion in my tummy again if that's what this was. I'm not as sure now as before with having a fever break. End of my whining.

Hope each of you have a wonderful day (Super Sunday it, right, Callie?} Think we have rain sometime today but haven't checked weather yet. Mild out right now when I whistled for the cats. First sounds of birds stirring, such soft talk from where ever they are. That is one bad part about cats that go outside, the birds don't nest as close to the house. Oops, there is CallieCat.  

Wondered where you were, Amy, glad you are doing okay. Sorry about the late spring where you are, the leaves on most trees are about filled out, redbuds nearly done blooming and now it is tornado season. So far none around here but always dread the repairs from hail & wind damage, still one issue I didn't discover from last year, awning on the RV. Must have chipped a piece of the covering over one end because every time it rains I put it out & water has leaked inside the awning & stained. Duh, didn't think about THAT part when they replaced the whole roof last summer from hail damage. Always something, huh?

Let's get this virus over & HUGS to all!  Love ya, Shirley


A very good morning to everyone!  Whatever is wet on the grass is frozen this morning.  It was 26º when I got up this morning! It says its heading for a high of 60.  Amazing!  Winter overnight and Spring in the afternoon!

My son is supposed to be coming to mow my grass if it doesn't rain and it's not supposed to.  And Cathy will be here later to assist me with stuff I still can't do alone....like taking  bath and washing my hair.  However, this morning I do have both arms in my bathrobe and it feels good. 

Don't know what's up for today except church on the phone!  Funny how we adapt!

LLOYD, I slept pretty well.  I hope you did, too!  I'm actually looking forward to today!

JENNY, AMY reminded me...I keep watching your little one grow and he's so cute and growing up so fast.  I bet you'll be happy to have him closer to home while his daddy looks for another job!

I hope everyfriend has a lovely day!  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to share it.

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Thanks for asking, Amy.  Meniere's is back and vertigo is pretty bad.  I'll be back when it all settles down again.


Good morning everyone. Wow  2 days in a row I woke up after 7am. After waking in the middle of the night for several weeks it started to feel normal. Just heard local weather and going to be cold all week, 33 now and the cars that are srill in the shade are covered in frost. We did not get much snow yesterday and most got washed away with rain. The cars that were not cleared yesterday still have snow on them. I would not want to try getting the snow off of them now would be frozen.

LLOYD  before my daughter moved to Arizona they were out there one week and a jet flew over so low they could see the pilot. There were no other houses there at the time and I think the pilot was shocked. He must have said something when he got back to the base because no jet went over them like that since.

AMY  in a way I am glad I cannot get to the markets. Yvette-CNA loves shopping and she always asks if I need anything at the stores.

JANE  I hope you slept as good as I did last night.

AMY  I didn't asl for this cold and snow. I wanted the snow in the winter not in the spring. I want warmer temperatures now. These old bones need some warm sunshine to sit in.

SHIRLEY  hope you are OK now and it was a temporary  thing from something you ate. I miss the hugs from my sons when they come here but this too shall pass, God willing.

PHYLLIS  just get better and come back ASAP.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Good Morning Everyone..
It is very sunny here this morning
through my windows to the main street
of Portland Maine. 

I do love living overlooking the theater
district and Congress Street.  Even though
the streets have very little cars or people
on them now.

I am sorry to hear Shirley that
you are not feeling well and
running a fever..   I am
glad to hear that  you are
checking with your Doctor. 

I hope that there is a test available
for you to take.    Covid-19 is nothing
to mess around with, or ignore. 

Hugs to all! 

All is well here.  I can now go
back to ordering food to be picked
up at our local Hannafords,  so that
kelly does not have to go inside.

I do worry so much for those who have
to be out and about so that they
can pick up food for their loved ones. 

Kelly is that gal in our Family. 

Peace and good health to all.
Love Sandy

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:

Lloyd Hammond

Good morning everyone. it is partly Sunny and 56º  now heading for full sun and 66º today. Gloria must be the day for sleeping in. according to the tattle tail on my breathing machine (it lye's) I slept ten hours. no doubt it was on for ten hours but not sleeping. sun is full bright as i typed. have a great day. we are still not going to church, but our preacher is giving his sermon live on line so I am going to the easy chair and listen,see you all later.



Good Morning,

Cloudy and chilly in central Oklahoma.  This is the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the morning paper had no news stories except that and the Virus. 

Yesterday was a Good, Special Day.  #1 son came over to move some perennials around AND  Miss Ellen came with him.  :smitten:  Couldn't hug her, of course, but it was so wonderful to spend some time with her.

Also had my first Outing since April 1.  We went to a local plant place and I got plants for the patio pots. Then we went to Braum's for ice cream.  We all wore masks and gloves - and they made sure I washed my hands when we got back to my house.

Time for the church service on Facebook.  BBL

Take care, Everyfriend, and stay safe.


Nice to come by and see so many friends in here!  I'm squeaky clean today....well, at least I don't have an odor and my head isn't itchy!  Clean always feels so good!

I have some chicken cooking in the crock pot and more in the freezer for other meals.  I still have to deal with the ground turkey and the pork chops that Cathy got me yesterday.  I'll be eating well for a while.

PHYLLIS, I sure hope you feel better soon.  I had the eye stuff that sometimes precedes vertigo or a migraine headache.  Thank goodness it didn't come on.  I took a nap and when I woke up the feeling was gone.  I hope yours goes away fast

And speaking of naps.  I think I feel one coming on right now.  I better go see if there's an oversupply of zzzzs on the couch.  Keep on keeping on!

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Well, here I am, talking to myself again.  But then, aren't we all doing that, especially if we live alone! 

Anyway, I'm off to Dreamland and I've sure been having some doozies lately!  Maybe if I could knock off the dreaming, I'd sleep better. I must have has a deep sleep nap this afternoon because my son came over and mowed the grass and came in and got Mickie and took her for a walk.  I think it was the door closing as they went out that I heard.  I looked all over for Mickie and when I couldn't find her, I looked outside and saw the grass had been cut and my son's van was in the driveway.  So I figured Mickie was out with her "Walkman".  She really loves him.  She practically wags her tail off her back side when he comes in the door!

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

well I am in to sign off for today. sweet dreams and good night.



Sunday evening HELLO to EVERYFRIEND. 

I started a post earlier and forgot to get it sent.....I think this "stay at home" life is making me worse than I normally am for forgetting things 😩🙀😂🤡

WOW, SHIRLEY, not happy to read the news in your post that you are still not feeling well.  Please take care of yourself😘

JANE, I enjoyed reading your story about seeing the Thunderbirds.  Happy you are all cleaned up and ready for another week. 

AMY, thank you for noticing the new avatar of our boy ❣️

LLOYD, loved the story about the turkeys and the low flying planes🙀

CALLIE, happy to read that you got to see Miss Ellen today....I can imagine how difficult it was for you not to be able to give her a big hug.  Hopefully soon.  We hoped to go see Dave and Family today, but Michele was not feeling very good today after her chemo this week.  It was a pretty day here but not really as warm as we would like it to be for sitting outside, distanced, of course....maybe next week. 

GLORIA, your weather seems to be as fickle as ours is here.....one day so warm then the next a big ol snow storm.  Our Boston Family had snow yesterday but the; today they were swimming in their swimming pool.  Mind you, our son did turn the heater in the pool on, but it was just a beautiful day there.  He said they almost felt like they were at a resort. 

PHYLLIS, I am sure sorry that you are not doing well and dealing with all the issues.  Please take care and feel better soon.

I hope everyone had a good day.  Pleasant dreams to all.