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May 25, 2020, 01:35:10 pm

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Astro: Oldiesmann:  I briefly brought it up with So P Bubble  and she thought you might be able to rectify my dilemma. 

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mycheal: Delphine great to hear that keep it going :)

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Soda Shoppe for MAY 15,2020

Started by so_P_bubble, May 14, 2020, 11:57:51 pm

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Good morning everyone.Turned on the TV and sat here watching The Block of Silly Walking. Think we need more places with people doing things like that giving everyone a laugh. This one was from New Bedford, Mass. From what the announcer was saying this is going on around the country. Some really looked funny. Turned on the PC and started readin and not even saying anything. Think I am losing it? I am beginning to wonder. :(

SHIRLEY  I was never anygood with painting, even in 4th grade the teacher made fun of a tree we were painting. Sure embarassed me. In 8th grade the teacher was more kind. She picked me as a model for the rest of the class to paint. I thanked her after. I had to wear the same outfit every Friday for 4 weeks.

The eye doctor I went to for years retired and sold his practice to 2 young ones just out of college. When I went there the first time I was surprised at all the machines used to tell them what I see. Glasses were not good for me so took my old ones and checked them to the new ones. I have bifocals and they had the line too high. I called a different doctor in a group that my old one once was a partner in. Got the son of one of the founders of the group. Been seeing him since them, about 15 years now. His sister also works there. The one I had for years had his son there fitting one for the glasses. His Dad taught him right.

AMY  we had a big garden every year and planted rows of peas but never had enough to cook. We picked and ate them raw as soon as the pods were big eough.

JANE  it is raining here now but tomorrow and Monday are to be nice.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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I'm back, at least for awhile.  Thanks for the good wishes. We are having sun after more storms last evening.  The worst of it was south of us, however.

Oh, yes, Callie!  From this person who will read ANYTHING I agree with you...I'm a little tired of reading, too.

Rosemary, Charles Dance has always been a favorite actor and he is one of those men who age very gracefully.

I managed to bake some cookies yesterday so I felt more "back to normal".

Take care, All.


G'DAY.Just passing so thought i'd say hello,well a whole week has passed and I have not fallen over ! hope everyone else is feeling better ? all best wishes.
                                ROLEY.  AKA.Peter. :thumbup:


"WE as Americans celebrate Memorial Day,

we pause to salute our nation's fallen and the families

who bravely as well carried on without them  WE pay tribute

.......men and women whom have given their lives in our nation's wars."

A debt of gratitude that can never be re-paid.

Just in the Cemetery's avenue of flags

above are 251 Veterans we  so Honor

from the war of 1812-to date.

Memorial Day remains one of America's most cherished patriotic observances.

As a side bar this year let's  Call to order a Remembrance

of all whom have passed to be included as well.

Let us not as well forget those passing in the pandemic of 1918

Lets sadly remember the 90+ some thousand lives lost in the

Convid 19 Virus pandemic

The spirit of this day has not changed

--it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy.

Visit a Cemetery, honoring all by walking the rows of the interned,

as you pass a grave with a brass rod medallion holding an American Flag,

indicating the  branch of service , pause, give thanks.

Forever pay homage, give respect, LEARN.

Commemorate and honor the people who sacrificed

their lives for the freedom of our country.

Be war or in Service  to our Country.

Yes, have a true Memorial Day 2020, Mycheal


I honor my father, John L. Wright, who suffered the after effects of the gas used by the Germans in WWI to combat our US troops in Belgium.  Our troops were not prepared for this and many died immediately.  My father made it to his 80s and that gave me life.  But it wasn't without effort that he lived a long life.  The effects of that gas went with him through his whole life but he never gave up!  I loved him then and I love him now and I will love him forever!

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i'm cutting out early tonight because I'm just plain beat.  I'm all in but my shoestrings and that's bad because I'm not even wearing shoes right now.  It got hot and humid today and that beats me down.  I'm not ready for A/C yet.  I'm enjoying having the windows open.  If it's like this tomorrow, the ceiling fans will be running.  I prefer that to A/C.  I guess I'm just not an A/C person.  I didn't grow up with it and I don't really like it unless I'm canning!  Then I'm grateful.

Anyway, I'm bidding you all good night and I wish you a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  I really am getting tired of this isolation!

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Lloyd Hammond

well It is time to wish you all a good night and sweet dreams. to those of you traveling I pray you all have a safe trip. see you all tomorrow in good shape and spirits.



This doesn't seem like a holiday/Memorial Day. What happened to winter?  All of a sudden it is HOT in Kansas, still 79° at almost 10:00 pm. Sweet dreams to all and God Bless.

I noticed yesterday when coming home from the store, the house down the street has big bushes  of peonies blooming. My mother always had them and would cut the day before we went to visit grandparents graves, put in the refrigerator in the garage, Dad would take the shelves out. Mom thought they would last longer if chilled. She made sure all the ants were off first, so we didn't get them in the car. Summer time she would keep a huge stainless steel pitcher full of fresh squeezed lemonade for Dad, and always the extra foods, but "Decoration Day" as we called it, it held peonies. The little town they grew up in always had a picnic just down the opposite end of the road from Grandma's house. Everyone was related so all would go clean up the cemeteries (one was Protestant & other Catholic)... with a fence dividing them. My relatives were on both sides of the fence so not a problem. Everyone brought food to share after the flowers were put on the graves. Sad and happy day.

I won't be taking flowers until later in the summer, but I will be thinking of all of them. I have a sister and very few cousins left, I almost don't want to go back after so many deaths the last few years, friends and family. Tomorrow & Monday I will put the flag out, rain or shine. All 3 of my brothers and husband served: Air Corp, Army, Navy, Marine Corp and Air Force, had an uncle in the Seabees, and too many cousins to count, besides the nurses that served. I do think everyone made it through their tour of duty, some had lasting nightmares but back in those days, there wasn't any counseling.

Hope your thoughts are as loving as mine, like Jane, the love lingers on as long as we live.  :wave:

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. well it is another sleepless night,I even took the pills that are supposed to help you sleep. Laid there quite awhile before going to sleep, and it was short time. so i just got up so Nancy could get some rest. she has been having a lot of stuffy head an ear problems. hope you all have a good and safe day today.



Good morning everyone 47 now and cloudy. In a few more days it will be 80.  I am not worried about it. My children's father-my ex-died Friday night. 6 days short of his 91st birthday.  Sad when 3 children are glad at last, especially the oldest one who had calls from him in the middle of the night and then from the nursing home. He did not trust him to have power of attorney but  wanted him to do every thing.
I had a wonderful surprise yesterday, my 2 sons called from the foyer downstairs to let them in. Ok I pushed the button on the phone and heard the door open. I unlocked my door so they could come in and then I heard a knock at the door. Was surprised to see both  of them and they had a big box. The 3 of them got together for a late Mother's day present, a new window AC. They installed it and started it. quiet and wow it dried the humidity out of the air  in less than 30 minutes. Love it. Has a remote that really works too.
Now I hope the witch does no say anything. The company has no rule about window AC's but when moving in she tells everyone they need the portable ones. As soon as we found out from a company rep after loo‌king it up in a big rules book there was nothing about that. The window ones started popping out. I feel odd because no one else has an AC in yet.

PHYLLIS  add another one to the list of tired of reading. Tired of the computer, too. This ia about the only place I come to except to check email and I am away from it till Skype time. I ope you stay well for a long time now.

ROLEY-PETER  I know I have ignored your recent posts but have been very lax lately in here. It is so nice to see y our posts agsin. Stay well.

JANE  with only 2 windows in this apartment and with it facing the southwest I get a lot of heat from the sun and very little breeze from the windows. Without an AC I would pass out from the heat and humidity here. As the heat goes up so does the humidity.

SHIRLEY  I grew up getting used to Decoration Day. Took years to get used to Memorial DAY. Like calling November 11th Armistace day and now Veterans day.


Have a good day and stay safe.

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Good morning everyone...

Going to be another hot  one today..we put the air on yesterday mainly to see if it works but it stayed on. they say the weather will be just as bad if not hotter today..hope not.

Yesterday we did get a lot done and I finally got some cookies made. Laundry dried in no time on the line.

Today is a day of rest other than springing a surprise on my friend we have nothing planned. She will be turning 80 in Aug but we are giving her,her gift now........a trug. He is coming down to pick it up later in the day. She thinks he is coming down for a load of lumber  that I told her we didn't want. He is in on the surprise and quite good at keeping secrets.

Gloria, here I am. I was so tired last night that I even went to bed early ,only up once for a glass of milk and cookies. What a wonderful surprise your family did for you!! You will really enjoy the a/c!!

Mycheal, beautiful poem. I am in Canada and we also have a day thanking those that serve. I do think they should also teach the young ones just what was sacrificed during the wars past and present.

Jane and Shirley, the love of a child  never ends especially if you were "Daddy's little girl" as I was. Dad taught me how to do many things that are still used today in my life.

Better go get ready for the day..

Enjoy your day everyone..

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Even though Memorial Day isn't officially until tomorrow I think I'll ask David to put the flag out today as well.  I'm thinking of my father, too, and all three of my brothers.  I can't decorate their graves because they are all buried far away from me but I am remembering.

Sunny and warm and humid this morning.  I think I'll have to re-program the thermostat because it seemed uncomfortably hot in the bedroom last night.  More rain expected for later today...I hope "they" are wrong.

Take care, All.


Yesterday at 09:24:17 am #132 Last Edit: Yesterday at 09:26:29 am by Shirley
Let us remember and Let US NEVER FORGET. I never wore a uniform but felt every day of each tour of duty. With my husband, I served all of his time in except the first of those 8 years. 4 years active and 4 in-active. I washed and ironed the khaki uniforms and pressed the dress ones, washed, bleached, starched & ironed the white hat covers, scarf, gloves, lanyard & boot laces every single day for more than 3 years of active duty. He didn't have stripes for the military to send a wife to England to join him, but military had to allow me to go as a tourist and take care of him those years. I feel like I served my time. My flag is out already this morning, proudly waving in this Kansas wind. Woke up to 75°, rain to the south-west so very humid. Cats gave up and stayed inside last night so all laying around the pool this morning after breakfast. Looks like rain any minute. I am grateful to have all of you to share this day and tomorrow with.

Gloria, a special smile for the new AC, great kids!


Afternoon everyone!

I have been reading all your posts about Memorial Day, they are very moving, and I hope you are all able to have some time to reflect as you would like to tomorrow. We do not have Memorial Day here. Jane - my grandfather was also gassed in the First World War. He died when I was a small child so I have only fleeting memories of him, but my mother said he was never the same again - he turned to drink, and sadly caused my grandmother all kinds of hardship, as what little money he got was spent on alcohol. (This had all stopped before I was born.) As people have already said, there was no counselling then, and also no social security support - these men, who had fought in the trenches, were just thrown back into society with nothing. Officers were of course different - they were looked after in special hospitals such as the one at Craiglockart in Edinburgh where Wilfred Owen and Seigfreid Sassoon first met. It is now part of Edinburgh Napier University.

When I was a student at Cambridge I woke up early one Sunday morning and decided to cycle out to some of the villages. I came to Madingley, which has the American air force cemetery, so i walked around it in the early morning sunlight. It is the most lovely place, so peaceful, and so beautifully looked after. The crosses are all in lines,together with many Stars of David. I really enjoyed my visit.

Gloria - I am so pleased that you now have proper air conditioning, and I do hope you are not told off about it. if anyone complains maybe your sons can speak to them? - it is preposterous that you can't have something that makes your life more comfortable. The staff at my mother's sheltered housing are always happy for the residents to put in anything that they want - except toasters, which is something my mother still is not happy about, but really - as I am forever telling her - the fire brigade would be round there every 5 minutes when someone's burnt toast set of one of the alarms. Toast is served at every breakfast, and they can always ask the staff to make it at other times if they want some. Mum has a microwave and a fridge in her room.

I did not manage to post yesterday as first my laptop, which my husband spent 5 hours resetting last weekend, forced another update on me and promptly crashed (which was the very thing he was trying to fix).  So I had to close it down and wait for hours for it to get over itself.

Then my cat Gracie seemed off colour; in the morning she was just rather quiet and inactive, but as the day progressed she began to vomit, and unfortunately this was blood-streaked, so we ended up having to take her to the emergency vet. They are good but my goodness they are expensive - I am just hoping the pet insurance will cover it. Gracie was on Loxicom (pain relief for arthirtis) for a very long time in the past, and I think this has given her an ulcer - the bloodstained vomiting has happened before, but this time it seemed worse. Because of the wretched virus, we are not allowed to accompany our animals into the surgery, the vet nurse collects them from our cars, then the vet calls us and talks us through the examination. They were very kind and thorough, and concluded that indeed it probably is some kind of gastric ulcer - so they gave her some injections and sent her home. She was still very quiet until mid-morning today but now she seems a lot more cheerful. Honestly, as I said to my husband, if it's not children it's animals.

Our First Minister has published a four stage plan for ending our lockdown. She says we may not get to Stage 4 for 'many months or more'. I suppose it is encouraging that Stage 4 - which sounds like 'normal life' - is actually envisaged at some point, but it does seem a long way off just now. At least her outline is clear and sensible.

In the meantime we have the main - and entirely unelected - advisor to the English Prime Minister having been caught travelling over 200 miles when both he and his wife, with whom he travelled, were ill with the virus, to dump their child on its grandparents. We, meanwhile, are told not to visit elderly people at all, and most definitely not to ask them to look after our children, and if we are showing any symptoms we are to self isolate in our own homes for 14 days. We are only meant to travel short distances for essential things like food shopping and medical appointments. Government ministers are actually trying to defend this appalling 'them and us' behaviour, saying his 'journey was essential'. Please note, for the avoidance of doubt, that we are talking about very wealthy people here, people who can afford nannies and other help - not a desperate single parent who has no-one else to care for their child. I hope he is forced to resign. He is already credited with saying that coronavirus should just be left to run its course as 'most people who die from it would have died within two years anyway.'  I am so glad we live in Scotland, with a responsible and caring government.

It's an overcast sort of day here - I really wish it would rain, the air feels so heavy. But I am pleased to report that some of those seeds that were so rudely ejected from their pots in the great greenhouse disaster have started to sprout. Not yet sure if they are morning glory or parsley, I hope this will soon become obvious!

Phyllis, I am so glad you like Charles Dance - I was practically in love with him when he was Guy in The Jewel in the Crown. I think (though I haven't read it) that there is a later novel, Staying On, that ties up the loose ends of what happened to some of the characters, and it reveals that Guy and Sarah do eventually marry and settle down in the English Home Counties.

Last night we watched a new Michael Portillo series in which he is revisiting the countries that once formed the British Empire. He began with India, and it was so interesting - Portillo is usually quite mainstream, but this was no celebration of the empire, he interviewed a lot of Indian historians and writers about the dreadful things that the British did there - though it seemed that the worst atrocities were mainly committed by the East India Company before the state took over the ruling of the country. Clive of India and his men were really terrible thugs who had carte blanche to do whatever they liked. Of course the Raj itself wasn't exactly a good thing, but at least it was regulated in some ways, and it did build an amazing railway network.

Yesterday evening, when we were waiting outside the vet's, we thought we might as well do our grocery shopping - but needless to say I (for guess who was elected to go into Tesco's, and who was chosen to stay in the car and watch sport on his phone?!) forgot half the things we needed, so we will have to go back at some point. This is what happens when I have no list and my mind is on other things. At least I didn't forget the wine or the chocolate :) So last night David made a spinach and tomato curry and it was actually very nice. My car is due to go into the garage tomorrow morning, as they have finally re-opened and wil fit the part it has been waiting for for weeks - so I may get the chance to revisit the nearby supermarket on the way back.

I hope you are all having a good day,



I'm up and about but not thinking too clearly.  Bad night in bed!  I sure wish I could get to sleep and stay there for a while.  Last night I was in bed around 10:20, slept soundly and woke refreshed and ready to get up.....at 1:34 a.m.  Then I couldn't go back to sleep for more than a half hour at a time and Mickie decided that she had an urgent call a few minutes before 5.  Not a good night!

I'll try to get back later.  GLORIA, good for you and your A/C and how nice of the boys!

Gotta go!  Lunch is calling!

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Lloyd Hammond

AMY what day in August is your friend's day. My day is 27 th. I turned 82 last August 27 th. Have a good rest of the day everyone.



Where is Everyfriend!  I think I hear an echo in here again today!  I'll just say "Good Night My Friends" and be off to try again for a good night's sleep.  It keeps evading me!

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Good morning everyone,

I am up unusually early today as it was the morning of taking the car into the garage. So we have already done that and I'm back here with my coffee - it's only 8.36am!  But the upside is, it's a beautiful sunny day, the washing is already in the machine, and I have been out in the garden topping up the seed feeder (now hanging out over the river to placate the paranoid neighbour...) and have even planted some sunflower seeds that my daughter sent me. Everyting is starting to grow like mad out there, and two ducks swam past on the river.

Jane - I also had a dreadful night's non-sleep, not sure why but so frustrating. I try not to think about it in the day, as it only makes me feel more tired if i dwell on it. The very early light doesn't help at this time of year, and of course that sets off all the crows in the trees on the opposite bank. Needless to say they are all quiet now - probably gone back to bed. I thought about doing that but decided I would try to be more productive.

Lloyd - my mother's birthday is 6th August. She will be 93 this year, God willing. I spoke to her on the phone last night and she was very hale and hearty. I hope we will get her computer back to her on Tuesday, she is really missing that as she likes to work on her family tree on Ancestry.

Have a lovely day everyone,



Today at 05:53:55 am #138 Last Edit: Today at 06:00:02 am by Shirley
Rosemary, my grandmother's birthday was in August, the 30th, only she was born in 1871. She lived to 96 with her mind clear as a bell until the day she died. How I wish we had computers before she died. She had made little notes to herself that we found in boxes after she was gone, to remind herself of birthdays, days in history. Sadly, nobody thought about giving her notebooks or journals to write in.

My mother did "write a book" before she died. I spent one whole winter sorting and putting in chronological order the loose leaf pages. I had given her packages of notebook paper and a 3 ring notebook and suggested she write about one day on a page, every detail she could remember and put her age at the top so I could do the continuity writing without having to ask her dates all the time. I absolutely loved details that she had not even thought about being important.

Gloria, even though your "ex" was difficult/miserable, the good left behind (you have some great kids) softens the memory a little. I think God gives us a chance to make choices, good and bad, and we have to be judged by those choices. Some people leave behind few memories of choosing wisely, not that we judge them but facts are facts! Your kids had the chance to notice the differences between their parents and show their approval all the time, right?  :thumbup:

I am up too early, the mind didn't want to rest last night. I'm not even tired so will just have breakfast and start the day. With nobody else in the house I can eat or sleep when ever my body thinks it is time. I do have things I want to get done today so ON WITH IT!

Lloyd, time for you to find a smaller house in town, a group of guys to sit around and have coffee with, a workshop where you can create those wooden boxes or bird houses... and get you away from the heavy machinery. I'll bet Nancy would appreciate a nice little yard for flowers and not a huge place that needed help all the time. Think about it! This yard doesn't look nearly as nice as when Cas was taking care of it. I have a couple guys that mow & trim every week and good enough for me, takes them at most half an hour with their equipment, costs me $40, but I don't have to worry about doing maintenance on the John Deere riding mower in my shed. Time to sell it and have that space to get some extras out of the garage. haha, I'm good at giving advice, time for me to take my own!

Bet Amy and Jane will be up and attem when I go to post this... it is Memorial Day 2020. How about we start a head count. I am 85 in 2020, we should have a combined lot of years of experience if we count each of us! Who is next???


I'm here SHIRLEY and good morning Everyfriend!  I did sleep a little better last night but it was off and on and I wish I could just go through the night once for old time's sake.

SHIRLEY, I turned 85 in April and I've already outlived my Grandmother's 84 on on side and both grandparents on the other side and my father's 84.  I still have a sister who is 16 months older than I am and I hope she sticks around for a long time.  My BIL celebrated 90 last October.  He's the one I adopted as a true brother.

Don't know what today will bring except that Frankie will be here late afternoon or early evening and will spend the night then tomorrow she'll help me with some deliveries I have to make and something I want to pick up to send to my daughter in Texas and we'll drop off my mail in ballot at the office.  Busy day tomorrow!

Right now the temp is 61 and heading for a high of 78 today.  I can take that! 

Not sure what today will bring!  But I'll take whatever it is and try to make the most of it!  I wish you all a lovely day!  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to share it with all of us!

Where's JOY?

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G'Morning all. A fine  AGAIN ANOTHE DAY WITHOUT FALLING OVER,dry and warm day,no clouds a pure blue sky for a change ! hope everyone is well ?,things must be improving for me !I managed to have a shower, get dressed and down stairs with out the carers help this morning !, been feeling a lot better these past few days, if I can keep this going, I may be able to cut the carers three visits a day to just one, have to check with the nurses first !, hope to be able look in more often again , perhaps and put a few more 'Armchair Walks' for you to look at . take care all.
                              Cheerio,  Roley.


Good morning everyone..

Nice overcast morning here, ground got a nice soaking through the night. Hope we get more today and that saves me watering all the plants etc.

Our friends came yesterday to pick up the unwanted "lumber" She was so surprised ,made her eyes leak!! She has the planting already done in her mind , just needs to pick up some plants.

Spent the rest of the day sewing...nice!!

Today, we need to pick up more lumber for another trug. I am going to sew...one lady would like more masks and I need to make another one for my friend.

Happy Memorial day to you...this one will be different from the ones in the past but memories still remain in your hearts.

Lloyd, her birthday is right after yours on the 28th she will 80 yrs young.

Better get dressed ,take hubby to pick up the lumber and get on with our day.

Enjoy your day everyone.stay safe..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Way to go Roley!! :hello: You are heading in the right direction!! Keep it up!
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I'm trying to be positive here but, you know, I'm a little tired of the rain.  I'm remembering that old song...."In to each life some rain must fall, too much is falling in mine."  It is supposed to be rainy all this coming week.  David went for a walk yesterday afternoon because he is getting a little "stir crazy" and came home wet.

I think, now that June and Mary Ann are gone, that I may be the senior member here.  Not sure about that.  I'm 90 and 1/2.  My mother lived to 92 and her younger sister, my Aunt Ina, died at 100.

Laundry today.....yes, that happens even on Memorial Day/Decoration Day...and I want to bake some bread and make some potato salad for our very small holiday dinner tonight.  Potato salad, baked beans, hot dogs.  That sounds pretty American to me.  Even though this is supposed to be one of our more solemn holidays I always looked forward to it as a kid because it meant the big pool in the park was finally open. yay!  The carefree days of youth!

I'm off to get breakfast.  Take care, All.


Good morning everyoe, an overcast day. I read all the posts but not up to answering, just want to sleep. I am going back to bed. Yeas I slept good last night but just cannot seem to wake up.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Is it proper to wish others a  Merry Monday Memorial Day?  Or should it be something more solemn.

'Tis a dreary day in central Oklahoma and I'm feeling the same way - plus a bit "snarky".

Off to sit in the corner until I can behave.


Hey, Snarky Callie, would you please turn off the faucet!!! The river is as full as I'd like for now. You send it up in the sky and we send back via river. NOT a great deal.

Phyllis, we had a whole week planned for rain, got through it with sun out now & then, if you kept watching. I always found an excuse to get out when raining, not sure why, but always find a raincoat & boots ready to float me along. My daughter gave me a pair of UGGS rain boots, just slip on type but warm & dry to get out in. They are on my feet & ready to travel, have things I can't do without needed from the grocery store. Stopped to check radar & got a good inch of dry so better hurry. Just so happens I need to get out when lunch time so good excuse to "drive thru", right?

Is anyone going to keep track of the years we are adding up... experience numbers we can brag about... but I'm not good with numbers (hey, MY idea...I'm full of ideas!) ;D

Better get moving, that inch before more rain showing up will be gone soon. Got to get my flag out... I did go back to bed after all.
:walkwhistle:  :wave:


Okay, SHIRLEY, so far, with you, me and Phyllis reporting in, we have we have 260 years of experience.  Did I miss anyone's report?

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