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Feb 24 2021 8:23pm
mycheal: Spring  thaw has arrived here :)

Feb 21 2021 3:49pm
Oldiesmann: Ours is finally melting.

Feb 20 2021 8:05am
so_P_bubble: 4 inches in Jerusalem!

Feb 13 2021 11:01am
Oldiesmann: Anyone else buried in snow? We got 8 inches here Monday into Tuesday, another half inch or so Wednesday and more is coming next week

Jan 22 2021 12:28pm
Pooch1: One of these days AARP will begin flooding your mailbox, too! (IMHO it's in the business of selling things.)

Jan 21 2021 11:26pm
Oldiesmann: Reader's Digest thinks I'm a senior citizen now apparently. I got a subscription offer in the mail saying they'd approved a "special seniors discount" for me

Jan 01 2021 8:00am
Amy: Happy New Year to you also !

Dec 31 2020 11:16pm
Oldiesmann: Happy new year everyone!

Dec 18 2020 8:22am
mycheal: Ya all stay safe now  >:(

Nov 29 2020 1:51pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome. Glad you like it :)

Soda Shoppe for June 1, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, May 31, 2020, 11:23:46 PM

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You cannot see attachments on this board.


Turn Turn Turn
(Pete Seeger)

To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven
A time to be born a time to die, a time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal, a time to laugh, a time to weep

To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven
A time to build up a time to break down, a time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together

To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven
A time of love, a time of hate, a time of war a time of peace
A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing

To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven
A time to gain, a time to lose, a time to rend, a time to sew
A time of love, a time of hate, a time of peace, I swear it's not too late

To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven
To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven

(from the book of Ecclesiastes)


Only through suffering and sorrow do we acquire the wisdom not found in books.
Japanese Proverb


Abraham Joshua Heschel:
A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair.
New York Journal-American, April 5, 1963


May 31, 2020, 11:59:26 PM #6 Last Edit: June 01, 2020, 12:01:04 AM by Denver
A good Sunday Night HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

I was not able to post this, so must have been trying to do it when you were setting up this nice new folder for us.  Than you.

We had a nice morning enjoying the beautiful weather.  This afternoon we had a very nice social distancing visit with our family.  I love seeing them and being able to talk, but oh how I miss the hugs and kisses. 

JANE, I feel your frustration regarding the issue with your weed wackier.  It seems the more I try to do stuff myself these days the more troubles I have.  I can imagine you,out there wit( scissors doing your trimming🤣

GLORIA, it seems your new A/C is doing a great job for you.  I guess you did not get any grief from the "old bag"?

AMY, I need a fantastic gift for Michele's 50th Bday this coming week and I would give just about anything if I could give her one of Kyle's wonderful trugs.  She would LOVE it.  Today when we were at their home we saw all the little plantings she is going to plant tomorrow and wouldn't it be nice if she had one to plant in rather than on her knees on the ground? 😘

This is night 4 of the awful rioting here in Denver.  There is a 8PM to 5 AM curfew but here it is nearly 10 PM and there are still hordes of them out there rioting.  So sad and totally unnecessary.  They do so much damage and it is just awful.  These are not the marchers that are marching in support of the passing of Mr. Floyd...these are just no good THUGS🤬

Pleasant dreams to all.



Good Morning!  I hope this post doesn't shut us down for the day!

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Good morning everyone

Foggy out there and it is starting to warm up again. Yesterday was a good day for a day of do nothing it didn't turn out that way.
I found strawberry Jello and made two batches of jam. The neighbour came and we helped load the trug and set it in place in their garden.

Today is run into town ,pick up ink and more jello for more jam. May make a batch of rhubarb muffins .

Bubble, thank you for the new start. Hummed away while reading Turn Turn Turn :)

Jenny, sad with what is going on in this beautiful world.

Jane......enjoy your day.

Enjoy your day everyone...stay safe.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, 58 here now, not even a fan on during the night.

LLOYD  the governor here is slowly opening some things but if anyone breaks the rules she will shut them down again. Now the manager here wants us to put a mask on to answer our door if anyone knocks.

JOY  with me I think I am bored. I cannot do any cooking or cleaning anymore so what else is left but to sleep? I sure hate this. No one can socialize in here anymore and I think everyone iswating for the day she opens all the doo rs on the main floor  and gets the fur nitur e back in the lobby and on the por ches so people can get together  again. This way it does get lonesome.

JANE  at least you have Mickie for company. You can still get out when you want. I have not been away from this building since New Year's day. Glad I see both sons, one every Saturday and the other calls often, and of course the Skype chat every day.  Getting too hot walking around the parking lot on the black top with the sun beating down on it. Only time the sun does not bother me is on a cold day.

SHIRLEY  on the first hot day in spring I start looking forward to autumn. Only thing I like about summer it the fresh local fruit and tomatoes.

BUBBLE  I did not realize that today was the first of June. Wondered why you were starting a new page at the end of May. Time for me to wake up? Great graphics and stories, never knew all the wor ds of Turn Turn Turn. I like. Thank you.

JENNY  laughed at your "old bag" reference. Should be more like old WITCH. i REALLY  THINK SHE DOES NOT LIKE US ELDERLY PEOPLE.
MY  daughter was telling me yesterday that in the town of La Mesa in San Diego they had riots and burned the whole business district and all the looting going on. This is a affluent place but they  did not burn any homes. So sad these days.

JANE we are still on line.

AMY  keep your strawberry jam but the rhubarb muffins sound so good.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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G'Morning, Another great day weather wise, we could manage with some rain though, it has been a very dry spring this year, a good shower now will do the Gardens a lot of good, especially here in the South of the UK, what a surprise I had when I read 'Denvers' use of the word 'Trug' that is an old 'Sussex' word dating from Saxon times and still made and used here in Sussex, they make great display pieces filled with summer blooming plants,
especially when displayed outside of old cottages, we use one when we go 'P Y O' fruit picking around local farms, I used to grow Trailing Lobelia's in them when I was a keen gardener along with miniature Hyacinths they always made a great display hanging on the wall in the front garden.
SO good hunting Denver, I hope you find just what you are looking for, you might find some interesting facts about the 'trug' on YouTube.
                              CHEERIO.  ROLEY.


Haha, Gloria, I wondered if you were still with me, wishing for fall & winter with the first heat of summer!  It feels steamy hot today, guess we better find some safferass tea to thin our blood.

Peter, I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the latest "stroll" in your old neighborhood. It reminded me so much of where we lived in Marlow, Buckinghamshire back in the mid '50s. I turned 21 when living there so don't expect anything or anyone like it was, not even me! Thanks.

Have errands to run so better get a move on or might fall asleep. Afraid hot weather turns me into a mole and want to sleep the day away. Wishing ALL a happy day......

Hey, Bubble, thanks for the clean place to land plus gorgeous graphics & words.


I think I forgot to mark my spot. 

X  ;D

No news from this corner to add to the usual thread of conversation.

Hope Everyfriend is having an Excellent June Oneth  :thumbup:


"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."



Good Night Everyfriend!  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

 Shirley you may be teasing Gloria, But I am pretty sure i have some sassafras bark  In our pantry ready to be boiled and I know where to get some more. and thanks for reminding me i will try to reamber to hunt it up in the morning and brew some. ( come by for a cup ) good night and sweet dreams tonight. good night everyone.



Amy, how do you make jam with jello???


Good morning everyone. I am supposed to get my haircut later this morning. YIPPEE. My DIL will be coming over to do that job. It was the beginning of April last time she did that. With my shoulders getting worse it just gets harder  to make hair look OK. If I could reach up to put a wig on I think I would get my head shaved and wear a wig. Well demonstraters hit Providence last night. Don't know how much damage yet.

ROLEY-PETER  we had a very wet spring here and now we are doing fine but come hot weather we will be praying for rain. I enjoyed the stroll you gave us the other day. So interesting to see buildings that old and remember how young our country is compared to yours.

SHIRLEY  when we had our house we had a lot of sasafrass trees around. Even my 3 would break a twig off and walk around chewing on it for the flavor.

What no one else posted except Bubble this morning? Helloooo.

Have a good and safe day.

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Good rainy morning everyone..
Nice soft rain falling and I don't have to water the garden or plants :thumbup:

We are off to the cheese factory this morning, Kyle is out of his Old Sharpe cheese and a day trip will be nice.

Muffins did get made and gave rhubarb to the neighbour to make hers.

Gloria, the strawberry jello powder gives the rhubarb colour and a wee bit of flavour. I have also use raspberry (my favourite) instead. I bet orange would taste good too.

Bubble here you go. Can you get rhubarb there?

Heavenly Rhubarb Jam
5 cups of rhubarb  chopped fine
4 cups of sugar
1  -  20 oz can  of crushed pineapple
2 packages strawberry jello.   I like mine a bit thicker so add 3 pkgs.

Mix first 3 ingredients and boil 20 min.Stir in jello until dissolved and cook 5 min.
Bottle in hot sterilized jars.
Put in fridge after opening.

Better get ready to go out...

Enjoy your day and stay safe everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I wish you all a lovely day!  Make it your own in every way!

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Lloyd Hammond

June 02, 2020, 09:58:22 AM #20 Last Edit: June 02, 2020, 10:00:19 AM by Lloyd Hammond
Gloria I just got up a few Min. ago. sun is shining bright and clear here. it is 72º now and calling 84º and partly cloudy here today. a friend of our's came out yesterday and took me up to sil. and daughters place and got some pallets. I am going to cut some of them down in size and fasten them together and put the tubs from my old raised beds on them and make them a better height so Nancy and i both can work them easier. they have bows over them so to protect the plants with a venial cover on them. Gloria do not be to proud to have someone cut and fix your hair, we have paid our dues like you tell me, Have a good day.


Lloyd Hammond

well I looked in pantry and fond no sassafras bark in there. Nancy is good or bad about thoroughgoing thins away when cleaning up especially if it is not of her best taste. so i will have to soon go down south and cut some more. have a great day. and AMY thanks for the recipe. I love tart things so rhubarb pie is in good taste.



Good afternoon everyone!

First - Peter, thank you so much for the links for websites about your area, and i am so sorry not to have been able to get back to you till now (see below).  I will pass them on to my mother, I know she will be interested.

I have not been able to post for a couple of days - on Sunday my husband turned all the power off to install new extractor fans, and when it finally went back on my computer was completely confused, and it took David till last night to sort it out. Plus I needed to change my password on my gmail programme as it might have been compromised, tried to do that and all I got was more grief!  Every email address I put it was apparently wrong, every phone number 'did not exist'. In the end David sorted that as well - he said gmail and googlemail had got themselves muddled up, which was a bit rich when it was googlemail that nagged and nagged until I updated to gmail!  But at least it seems OK now.

We had some not great news on Friday - my father-in-law, who is 90, has dementia and is in a very nice care home near to my sister-in-law in Hampshire, was diagnosed as having coronavirus. He has had many chest infections and urinary infections over the last little while, but it was very strange as no one else in the entire home had any symptoms, and although I appreciate that people can be asymptomatic, these residents are mostly very old and ill, with very compromised immune systems. The GP had not been able to do a test, but as FIL was so ill and not responding, the carers were instructed only to give end of life care, it morphine. My sister-in-law was allowed one visit, for which she had to wear full protective gear. My husband and his brother are of course a long way away, and even if they had travelled, they would not have been allowed in. Then on Saturday FIL started to improve, and even ate a little. The GP finally managed to arrange a test, and it came back negative. They now think the symptoms were associated with the chest infections. It must have been such a relief to the home staff, who have worked so hard to keep the virus out. FIL is still continuing to improve, though the GP has advised that he is unlikely to live much longer. Really everyone just wants him to be comfortable and not suffering. The GP wishes to have the test repeated, but we imagine that is mainly to make extra sure for the care home - and of course this is very important.

Apart from that, I have just been trying to carry on with the reviewing, writing, reading, gardening, and walking. My elder daughter thinks she will have to be back in London by the end of July for her job, and at present she does not have anywhere to live down there, so it is a bit of a worrying time for her. My youngest was able to meet up with her best friend for a socially distanced walk this week, which they both enjoyed - she had not seen Imogen for more than 2 minutes at a time since March.

Lloyd, Gloria and Shirley - I have no idea what sassafras is!  There used to be a man in Petticoat Lane market who sold a drink called sarsparilla I think - are they related?

Amy - I love rhubarb - when i was a child we used to grow it on our allotment - but it is expensive to buy in the shops here. I don't know why, as it grows easily in the UK.

Has anyone else seen the series A Place to Call Home?  I started watching it on Prime, and was soon hooked, it is an interesting story - set in Australia in 1953.

It is cloudier here today, I think it may be raining but I will still go for a walk soon. When I looked out the window the heron was fling along just above the brook, so beautiful.

I hope everyone is having a good day,



Amy I haven't seen rhubarb here. But could you do fruit jam with jello as well? I never heard that.  Right now we have apricot, peaches, watermelon, and soon cherries.  The strawberries are finished.


Just stopping by for a few minutes.

There probably isn't many who still post here that remembers Bobbie Gould.  She had been part of the old Senior Net and I am not sure if she ever joined in the messages for the Seniors and Friends group.  She had been sick for a long time with breathing difficulties.  I met up with her not long after I first joined the  old Senior Net.  And, we became really good friends over the years.  I had not heard anything from her for a while now. She had been in a nursing home for a good while now.  Her daughter, Mandy, posted on Facebook this morning, that her mother had passed away.  And, she hadn't been able to go see her because of the nursing home restriction of no visitors.  It  is a very heartbreaking time for her.  Any of you that remember Bobbie,  will always remember her and her faithful companion, January,?She and her dog traveled all across the US in her car. She had converted her car into a very comfortable "home" and she told wonderful stores about all the people she was meeting all along the way.  Many times, it would be just her and the dog all by themselves in the woods. Some of us always encouraged to write a book about her travels, but she never got around to it. She was a very talented lady. I know those of you who remembers her will keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time for them. 

Nothing special going on today.  Same old thing !!! 

Have a good day.



JOY, thank you for the news about Bobbie.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her.  Her travels brought her through this area and she spent 2 nights and two days here with me.  Her January and my Bonnie became good doggie friends, too.  We really had a good visit and I'm so glad I didn't miss that one!  I'm sorry she's gone but she's in a better place now!  I do think of her often and I have a picture of her and January sitting in my living room.  She will be missed!

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For anyone planning to drink sassafras tea, do some research to see if you should not drink IF YOU ARE TAKING A BLOOD THINNER! Old Arthur Godfrey used to talk about drinking it every spring and that was the reason, to thin the blood after a cold winter. I think it is the roots that are boiled for the tea. We had the trees growing "down the hill" from our house when we lived in Jefferson City, MO.  I used to have a link to check meds that conflict with other meds or even foods (like never drink grapefruit juice if you take BP meds, only I think that restriction was changed to within 2 hours). Also don't take Tums or any neutralizer within a couple hours or it reduces effect of meds, aspirin, etc. My husband took a mound of pills every day and was convinced that was what kept him alive. On the other hand, I don't take any, even though my BP is high, cholesterol is high, etc... because I'm convinced it is normal for me. My heart rate is very high, usually around a 100 bpm when not doing anything. But has been all my life. I end up with terrible side effects and quit trying any different meds. We didn't try to tell each other how to take care of ourselves because we both thought WE were right.  ::)

Rosemary, I remember in old western movies talk about ordering a drink called sasaparilla, so did a quick Google & found they sell Sarsaparilla Root Tea (I don't recall hearing the "r" when they ordered the drink in a bar)... but didn't find if it is related to sassafras.

Nothing to show for my day so far. It is hot & humid, have the AC on. Have to cut back the dead iris today but will wait until evening, also need to water flowers & young trees. Have not tried my sprinkler system so far this year, know one side of the front yard has a couple heads that need to be pulled to dump sand and the line along the driveway has been driven over & broken, a curved drive & hard to back out. I bought the expandable hose that stretches to 75' but don't leave it out all the time. We have at least half a dozen of the rubber "lifetime" hoses but they are so heavy I won't mess with them. My husband loved to work in the yard, had all the equipment you could buy, but too big for me to use, he was 6'2" to my not quite 5'2".

Supposed to get near 100 degrees this week and I do have to take the RV to the place that put the new roof on last fall.... for them to reseal the skylight. I get angry every time I think of having to do that, you'd think their job would last at least a year!  :knuppel2:

Oh, Jenny, I called the Ranger Station yesterday & we are good to go! Fire ban lifted & rest rooms open!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear the news about Bobbie, Joy. I met her when she stayed overnight in one of the Walmart parking lots in Wichita many years ago. Took her some soup I'd made and a big meal for January. My husband was not up to visitors so easier for me to meet her. She left town & went through Greensburg, KS within hours before a tornado wiped out the whole little town. I tried to call her but never did get to talk to her when I learned she was in a nursing home.


June 02, 2020, 02:05:40 PM #27 Last Edit: June 02, 2020, 02:08:27 PM by Amy


Bubble ,will try and find more later. Man just phoned and its bring us our load of wood.....better get things ready.

Found another.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


FYI-----Sassafras is a plant. The root bark is used to make medicine.

Despite serious safety concerns, people use sassafras for many conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

In beverages and candy, sassafras was used in the past to flavor root beer. It was also used as a tea. But sassafras tea contains a lot of safrole, the chemical in sassafras that makes it poisonous. One cup of tea made with 2.5 grams of sassafras contains about 200 mg of safrole. This is about 4.5 times the dose that researchers think is poisonous. So, in 1976, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that sassafras could no longer be sold as sassafras tea.


Shirley -
"Fire ban lifted & rest rooms open!". What's the connection here?  :2funny:
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."