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April 20, 2021, 06:11:10 AM

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Feb 24 2021 8:23pm
mycheal: Spring  thaw has arrived here :)

Feb 21 2021 3:49pm
Oldiesmann: Ours is finally melting.

Feb 20 2021 8:05am
so_P_bubble: 4 inches in Jerusalem!

Feb 13 2021 11:01am
Oldiesmann: Anyone else buried in snow? We got 8 inches here Monday into Tuesday, another half inch or so Wednesday and more is coming next week

Jan 22 2021 12:28pm
Pooch1: One of these days AARP will begin flooding your mailbox, too! (IMHO it's in the business of selling things.)

Jan 21 2021 11:26pm
Oldiesmann: Reader's Digest thinks I'm a senior citizen now apparently. I got a subscription offer in the mail saying they'd approved a "special seniors discount" for me

Jan 01 2021 8:00am
Amy: Happy New Year to you also !

Dec 31 2020 11:16pm
Oldiesmann: Happy new year everyone!

Dec 18 2020 8:22am
mycheal: Ya all stay safe now  >:(

Nov 29 2020 1:51pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome. Glad you like it :)

Soda Shoppe for June 1, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, May 31, 2020, 11:23:46 PM

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Just passing through to bid EVERYFRIEND a GOOD NIGHT and pleasant dreams to all❣️


Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. well the weather person's is all wet again, says partly cloudy  just now when I clicked on Holden's weather and the wend is fears and old mother Hubbard is rattling the pattoe bins hard and flashing lights big time. I was resistless so I just got up so Nancy could get some rest. Hope you are all safe and sound. see you all later today.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  We're up and attem on a cloudy day.  I wish you all a lovely day.  Make it your own in every way!

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Good morning everyone..
I am up but my at'tem stayed in bed. All the wood from the first load is piled and will order another one.
Today is work about the house and I would like to make a strawberry rhubarb pie. Think it will be another day with the a/c on later.

Enjoy your day everyone..stay safe
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I hope you are not all going camping without me?
The yearly 10 days camping trips gave me my best holidays memories when the kids were young. We did that for about 15 years, on the shore of the Galilee lake. We lived in bathing suit, changing for a dry one once we were tired of being in the water. The only big job was putting the tent up and more so folding it and  loading everything on the car for the trip back home.

My scanner died last week  :( so  I can't show you photos.


I'm back with you today...mostly.  Yesterday was a lost day but doing better today....so far.

Hot here, too.  Had the bedroom ceiling fan running all night and the AC was going,too.  Supposed to be near 90 which is, thankfully, a little cooler than yesterday, but humid.  It is, after all, summer.  :'(

Sorry but I was not a camper and, thankfully, neither was my husband.  We liked our creature comforts.  Fresh daily dry sheets and towels, air conditioned rooms, restaurant prepared meals, no clean-up.  I always felt that I had housekeeping duties all year round and didn't want to do them, under more primitive conditions, while on vacation.  He felt that way, too.  He wasn't interested in setting up a tent or starting a fire or waiting for a meal to cook with tired, hungry, cranky kids.  We did a lot of hiking and country exploring and picnicking but NO camping.

David kept us fed yesterday so I guess I'd better try to take over again today.  I'm not hungry so it is hard to think of food but he needs to eat.  The freezer is full so I'm sure I can come up with something.

Please be careful, All.


Good morning everyone. This will be short. Of all mornings to sleep till almost 8. A good 9 hours of sleep. My DIL will be here at 10 to cut my hair. Have  to get a quick shower and wash my hair. This DIL -oldest son's wife- I have always called my second daughter. My daughter always got along better than some sisters do.

Have to get moving and get ready for my "second daughter"

Have a good day and stay safe.

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June 05, 2020, 11:26:40 AM #67 Last Edit: June 05, 2020, 11:28:43 AM by Shirley
Bubble, my mind went into orbit with your mention of "camping on the shore of the Galilee lake". I love history and kept that mental vision of seeing history during the years we lived in England. To touch or walk in the past like you do would keep me in awe 24/7. I would hate to waste time sleeping. I used to walk through the cemetery to read dates on the tomb stones, many dated before the US was settled. Remember, when we camp in our next life, none of us will have the aches & pains left over from this one, so "I'll race you to the water"! 

Gloria, my sleep rarely goes more than 4 hours so must nap to make up. If I get a total of 6 I am doing good. I have to trim my hair again tomorrow, this is the growing season & even though the hair is a lot thinner & finer, it still feels HOT if just half an inch too long (besides looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet).

Phyllis, sorry you had another off day, does it have to do with heat & humidity?  You sound like my sister & daughter, neither would or will consider camping as a fun thing to do. Naturally, I think they are crazy and the feeling is mutual. You don't know what you are missing.  ;D

Amy, I have yet to taste a strawberry/rhubarb pie. Dad & Mom loved rhubarb any which way but not me. I know it was all in my head but the texture made my stomach do a flip and Mother never MADE us eat anything we didn't like. She grew up without a mother so was super kind and patient with her 5 spoiled kids. I'm one that picked the lumps of cherries out of a cherry pie. Cas never realized that when I dished up our pieces of cherry pie I would spoon out the cherries & put in his piece, he loved them. I showed my daughter the trugs & do think she will find someone in her area that will build one for her. Her son that lives in Wichita married a girl that grew up on a farm & has put in a garden to teach their kids about growing things. Very nicely done. Cute couple that even after 3 kids, do a "date night" now & then. 

I do need to get busy. SO many things to do but my list is always in the wrong room & I get side tracked when I go to fetch it. Have trouble concentrating when all I want to do is stretch out & go back to sleep. That sounds good.


Good afternoon everyone,

I went for a much earlier walk today as our forecast was so dire - and predictably none of it has materialised so far. At least the walk is done, and it was lovely to have the roads and paths almost to myself - all those recently Born Again cyclists who act so keen when the sun is shining clearly did not fancy getting wet!

I have started reading a book my son gave me - The Last Hillwalker by John D Burns, which is much better and easier to read than I had feared. He is very entertaining about his childhood on suburban Merseyside and his student days in Sheffield, the start of his interest in hillwalking, his first trips to the Lake District with his equally unprepared and ill-equipped friends, and their later forays into the Highlands, where the mountains make the Lake District fells look more like afternoon strolls. He now lives in Inverness (near Aviemore, where my son works) and is a seasoned full-on climber, but so far the book is focusing on his earlier experiences on the hills. He is very funny about staying in youth hostels in the 1970s, when they were very basic and had strict rules and terrifying wardens. Now, of course, some of them are almost like hotels; the one in Edinburgh is very central and used mostly by large groups. You have to book months in advance, and it has some private rooms, a restaurant and many other facilities.

Last night we watched another Michael Portillo programme about empire. This one focused on Jamaica, the pirates, the slave trade and the sugar plantations. It was very interesting. I think the next one will be about South Africa, which will be of particular interest to my mother as her oldest sister emigrated to Queenstown after the war, and lived there until she died a few years ago now. My mother visited her twice after she had retired, and had a great time - it was a long way to go for someone who had not been out of the SE of England until she was in her 50s. The only'holidays' her parents could manage were spent hop-picking in Kent, when London families moved down for the whole summer, staying in basic farm outbuildings but at least getting away from all the smog and pollution in the city.

We are off to do our supermarket shop in an hour or so - not my favourite time of the week, but we need too many things for the local stores.

Have a good day everyone,



June 05, 2020, 11:53:12 AM #69 Last Edit: June 05, 2020, 11:55:23 AM by CallieOK
Good Morning,

Hot and humid in central Oklahoma.  Have run small sprinklers on flower beds and glad that only required stepping onto the patio and turning on/off the faucet.

Phyllis, husband and I felt exactly the same way about camping.  During the years we lived in the Colorado mountains (next town north of where Shirley goes) we could spend all day long roaming the hills and then go home to our own beds and baths.
When we moved here we bought a home with a huge back yard and pool so could enjoy time outdoors (particularly the long summer evenings) without joining the many who spend almost every weekend loading/driving/unloading/"repeat for trip home" to one of Oklahoma's many lakes.

Oh, yes, Shirley, we knew what we were missing and felt fortunate to be able to experience everything except the loading/unloading, driving long distances, cramped space (our height difference was the same as yours)....and mosquitoes!   

Miss Ellen took me to a doctor's appointment yesterday.  We brought lunch home from a local restaurant and then talked constantly for almost four hours! We covered lots of subjects from family matters to her travel and work experiences to how the pandemic has affected her theater friends.  'Twas interesting to get the viewpoints on the current situation from a 27-year-old who has lived independently in New York City for the past four years.

Nothing particularly on my agenda for today.  Did notice that two e-books have been added to my Loan list. Hmmm - which reading spot shall I pick?  ;)

Enjoy your day, Everyfriend.


I'm on my way to Dreamland!  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow!  And may God bless us, every one!

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Wishing all sweet dreams and a happy tomorrow. Pushing 100° and feels hotter so not loving the weather. Got in the RV for a few minutes this evening to clean & did a fast melt down. The outlet for power in the garage isn't the kind I can use to turn on AC in the motorhome, blew the fuse/breaker when I tried some years ago so son had to explain things to me.  ::)  I could have opened windows & turned on the ceiling fans, but pulling HOT air in doesn't help a great deal. Might have to get up early when it's only 75° out, to clean up the unit. Need to put the slide out and give it a good going over.

Callie, I even like having a place to just curl up & sleep anywhere I travel, have stayed in some of the best resorts and hotels in the US but "given a choice", will pick any kind of camping or sleeping in my own bed. BUT, the job was in Kansas and this wan't the place I ever enjoyed vacationing. We tried a few times, to visit lakes in KS, but my complaint was "the wind blows the heat from under a campfire grill". I'm sure many Kansans will think bad thoughts about me saying that, but have not found woods & water like MO or CO. Our kids grew up here so this will always be "home" to them, great jobs but they go other places to vacation! 

Jane, how is your garden growing? I wish I could have at least a couple tomato plants but guess this year will not be good in KS. My poor rose bush looked outstanding a few days ago but all of the blooms turned brown & wilted today. Don't think in the 30 years since I planted it that this has ever happened. I watered it yesterday & today but looks like August already. I think we may have had 2 days of spring, no winter to speak of (no ice on the river and NO snow), summer is blazing & I'm wishing for an early fall before I get the pool uncovered! Something wrong about the weather. We will keep on, right? 

How did the haircut turn out, Gloria?   Good night, all........

Lloyd Hammond

well I am late got in to a good western on the TV , so good noght and sweet dreams. I have gave my self mo shot and taken my night time pills. so I bid you all good night and sweet dreams. I am going to go take the pill that is supposed to help sleep, Hope it dose and i sleep in late tomorrow morning. it is a toss up whether Dinner or Shirley will tuck us in. good Night

Lloyd Hammond

well restless night not good sleep. Looks like I put us to bed and woke us up. see you all later on , I am going to couch and see if i can fiend a few more zzz's.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  The morning temp is still down somewhat but is heading for the mid-80s later today.  My Maryland daughter is coming today and my two grandnieces will be in town for the weekend.  Bethany rides for the Susquehanna University Equestrian team and they have a show here today.  It's the first since the kids were sent home in March.  I'm hoping to be able to go see it.

Gonna be a busy day around these parts because our county just went "green" and Cathy is celebrating with her first family cookout in her back yard this evening. 

I hope you all have a great day. Make it your own in every way! 

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Good morning everyone.

A lovely day here, temp is 56° at the moment but I am sure it is going to be a fry day on a Saturday. :)

The baking didn't get done yesterday but the cleaning did. Today will bake pies and cookies....not sure if bread will get done but we shall see.
Have friends coming this afternoon to pick up another trug. My friend liked hers so much she is getting one for her granddaughter.

Jane, there is going to be a lot of celebration your way!! :cheer:  :cheer:  :cheer:

Lloyd, hope you can catch a few zzs later today.

Shirley, 100.WOW way too hot for me.. hope you also have a/c

Callie, don't you just love listening to the younger generation and getting their perspective on life. They seem so wise beyond their years with the understanding of today.

Better move it...this sleeping in has become a habit....nice one too!!

Enjoy your day everyone..

Stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Any way you look at it, 75° or 76° feels HOT for the low & pushing 100° for the high again today. BUT, at least we didn't have a tornado buzz through like my little home towns of Sedalia & Jefferson City, MO had yesterday.

Lloyd, hope the rash of tornadoes didn't touch down at your place. For sure this would be a day to stay inside and watch old western movies.... but must do some outside chores that I've been putting off. Better eat breakfast and get busy before the temps go up too much higher!

Jane, I like the sound of your day, nothing better than a cook out with family...

On the other hand, your baking sounds like a winner, Amy. Got to ask, would the trug be deep enough to grow a couple tomato plants? 

My oldest son LOVES to work with wood & put in AC for his workshop last year to make it comfy for the summer. He objects to my paying him to do things, but did admit the AC was paid for by deeds he did at my house. I insist I won't ask him if he doesn't let me pay.

He helps everyone for free & I am trying to get a point across to him that it is not a disgrace to accept pay and that's the money for extras he wouldn't spend for unless. His wife tends to keep the thermostat pretty cool inside the house but he is out in his workshop a lot of hours or even outside in the sun helping someone (like me).

Wishing EVERY FRIEND a peaceful and happy day. Breakfast is calling.



I won't belabor the point but just simply say.. Another hot day today.  It is going to be a very long summer, I fear.

Rosemary, the cyclists around here lose their zeal pretty quickly in the rain, too.  ;D  BTW, I was wondering how your father-in-law is doing after his scare thinking he had the C-virus?  I hope he is much improved.

Callie....Ahhhh!  A kindred soul!  Now I don't feel so alone.

Shirley, I agree....I never considered Kansas the vacation headquarters of the world either.   ;D   

Stay well and stay safe, Everyone.


Good afternoon everyone.

It is quite sunny here today but nothing like the weather you are having, thank goodness.  I have just been in the garden, planting out some marigolds that I managed to grow from seed (I know, they are really easy, but I was still pleased!) I have also planted out some morning glory, also grown from seed, and have started off some more of those and also some sunflowers.

My husband is now putting in new fence posts so it is all bang, bang, bang and I have come indoors. I just hope he doesn't tread on any of my plants. I will go for a walk soon and while I'm out I will call my elder daughter.

Phyllis, thank you so much for asking. My father-in-law was tested twice in the end, and both tests came back negative. The doctor now thinks it was yet another chest infection - of course that is not great either, and FIL is still very frail, but at least antibiotics can help with a chest infection, and more importantly the care home remains coronavirus-free, which is so important for them. My sister-in-law still cannot visit him, but the staff are very good. Unfortunately he had another fall in his shower room a few days ago, but it seems there was no serious damage done.

Last night we went to Aldi and I was amazed to see they had baking flour in stock after all this time. I have plenty but many people have been unable to get any.

Shirley I would love to have a camper van - my husband just will not even consider it, he hates them and caravans. I have no idea why, they look such fun and so nice to be able to take everything with you and not have to worry about anything.

Lloyd - I also slept very badly. So annoying - I had been for a very long walk earlier in the day and I had hoped that would sort it out, but I was still awake by 4am. Let's hope for a better night tonight. I have not seen a Western since I was a child - one of my grandmothers was a great fan of them, and of programmes like Bonanza, The Big Valley and The Virginian. I'm not sure that our TV even shows them any more.

Amy, working in wood must be so satisfying. My younger daughter attended a Steiner school, where a lot of emphasis is placed on arts and crafts. She did do woodwork, but the most she ever made was a 'darning egg'. They also did stained glass - we do have a lovely stained glass picture of a fox that she made - knitting, metalwork, sewing and pottery. Her main interest, however, has always been fine art, and the art teacher was fantastic. The studio was right at the top of a very precarious old staircase - goodness knows how it passed any inspections - and the older students all loved it up there. Every pupil who took Advanced Higher Art always got an A grade, it was one of the school's great strengths.

Today's baking was lemon and ginger scones, and we have already eaten half of them....  I need to make a cake as well, but that will have to wait. I have a lot of oranges, so maybe a marmalade loaf or and orange wholemeal cake. I use Nigel Slater's recipe for the loaf and Mary Berry's for the cake.

Have a good day all,



Good Morning Everyone
from the getting hotter and humid
rocky coast of Maine. 

I was going to take a chance this
morning and go for a
walk down town to the CVS
and Rene's store since
they now are both opening
up for business.     

Unfortunately, it is
getting hot and way to humid
for  me to chance it today. 

Which is probably just as
well as my family really does
not want me venturing out
per chance I should run
into some Covid_19 germs...

It is really them that I
have to worry about because
should I get exposed,  I
could expose my whole
family including Fe..

Which I certainly do not
want to do.   So I only go
out when  I absolutely have to
(usually for doctors and blood
work) ... 

The thoughts of this going on
for a long long time really bugs
me ....  but as they say:
"que Sera Sera".. 

Sing like no one's listening.
Love like you've never been hurt,
Dance like nobody's watching, and
Live like it's heaven on earth.


Shirley,  it might be worth
the cost and effort to have a
special plug put in so you
can use it while cleaning out
your RV.   

Might as well make things
as easy as possible for you
to manage it.....especially in
the hot hot Summer or cold cold
Winter months. 

Always something,  isn't there?

Sing like no one's listening.
Love like you've never been hurt,
Dance like nobody's watching, and
Live like it's heaven on earth.


Shirley, noticed your comment about "something wrong about the weather". Besides the lack of any real winter, shortened Spring, and being vaulted into Summer, some things have seemed curious to me.  Seems like the positioning of the sun is kind of weird.  Rises in the East, moves across to set in the West. We all know that.  Seems to me it moves so quickly into its "noon time" position, and my backyard just stays in full sun all the rest of the afternoon, and till very late in the evening, when it finally sets.  You being in KS may not experience this, but here in TX it really seems weird.  I mean, you could almost set your clock to the positioning of the sun, but not anymore (it seems).  I'd be interested in hearing any other comments you or others might have. Suppose the heavens are having a lot to do with so many of us "not sleeping well"? :-[


Tome, Central Oklahoma gets weather fronts coming at us from all directions - sometimes several at a time!  I know that affects my sleeping/waking habits.  Hurricane Whatsitsname is supposed to "clip" the eastern edge of Oklahoma but I don't think it's supposed to get this far west. 

interesting that you would comment on the sun.  My patio is on the north side of my house and has walls on three sides. The door faces east.  From late spring through the summer, the sun rises north of the east wall and shines directly into the patio door until shortly after noon, when it's past the peak of the duplex roof.
 As Fall approaches, it begins to "move" further south until - during late Fall and the winter, it's blocked by the roof and the patio gets no direct sun at all.
Of course, I know the earth moves - not the sun - but it's been interesting to notice the difference.
Been this way for 21 years.

Amy, I sometimes have those kinds of conversations with all three Grands.  Recently had one with 22 year old grandson about which side of the political "attitude" scale we were each on.  (We decided we're both "moderate conservatives").
I wouldn't have had a clue about that or any kind of social issues when I was in my 20's - but, of course, we didn't have access to all the news sources that have always been available to them.

There's a saying about the TX panhandle that could apply to Kansas.  "There's nothing between here and the north pole but a barbed wire fence...and it runs north and south".  Translation:  it's flat and basically treeless!  Oklahoma west of I-35 is about the same.

My husband was on a year's sabbatical to do graduate work at Central MO State in Warrensburg MO (not far from Lloyd) while we lived in Colorado.  A family from Pennsylvania was there for the same reason and lived in the same apartment complex.  She asked if we were going home for Fall Break and, when I said it would take a day and a half to get to Leadville, she exclaimed, "But you only have to go across Kansas!"
We looked at a map. There wasn't that much difference in the distance we had traveled but they had come across 7 states from their home in PA - and we had "only" gone across one...and about half of another one.  ;D

I've spent most of the afternoon messing around on the computer.  Time to Get Up And Move!!!!

Hope Everyone is staying cool.


I was going to comment about the position of the sun & driving across Kansas.... but y'all know how windy I can get and afraid not enough time to tell the whole story so will see if I can remember later.  Well, maybe the cats can wait for their supper, they don't seem to be in a hurry to go out into that heat.

When we lived in Leawood, KS (heart of KC), we had a sunroom on the east side of the house with floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides. One part of the year the sun came in more to the north & later it was straight in from opposite direction. First time I ever noticed that difference (just thought it came up in East & down in West). Thanks goodness we had enough trees around to provide shade because the sun takes me out. My father went through 2 or 3 weeks in Barnes hospital in St.Louis one time because he passed out in the sun. Diagnosis was, "stay out of the sun, you are just allergic to it". I had my first heat/sun stroke at 18 & knew what to watch for ever after. I go from under tree to under tree when out in the summer. Some times you can't bully your body & have to give in.

I've learned to enjoy driving across Kansas, spend the whole time picturing wagon trains rolling along, probably the same path. I probably would have liked that, too... my own bed <grin>, but do not think I could have managed the sun. Makes me sad to think about being limited that way, but don't guess I'll make that trek during this lifetime! I will think about it, though, as I head west soon or head east later, depending on weather. When just me, I can change schedule & stay home rather than be trapped inside an RV with AC running. NOt what I go for.

Been debating whether to tell my side of this protest but I'm on a roll & cats fell asleep. One of my gr-daughters thinks of herself as "a person of color" because her father was born in Mexico. I was stunned & had a long conversation with my daughter about this. She has always been the drama queen about every issue, but she did inherit her father's curly hair and olive colored skin. BUT, I have a lighter olive skin & my oldest son has that black curly hair just like his brother in law. Actually, I am color blind, never a prejudice bone in my body, so feel hurt that my gr-daughter feels she is more her father's daughter than MY daughter's daughter. I know that is childish of me, but that's the way I feel.

Back when I was in 3rd grade the teacher was going on about America being the melting pot, asked each of us where our ancestors came from. I knew my father's mother was mostly French and Mother's one grandmother was also French, so that was my answer. The teacher said a lot of French "mingled" with Native Americans (we could call them Indians back then)... so I probably had some Indian blood in me because of my black hair & eyes. All these years I figured that was why I love animals & the woods. 23 & ME says I am 100% Northern, European. Took care of that myth.

My brother has done the genealogy & found we do have a lot of French but also one gr-father pure English, another half German, etc. So my conclusion was it didn't matter where the ancestors came from, we were 100% American. Satisfied me. I don't think anyone has the right or privilege to claim being a "minority" when we all have the right to learn & become anything we want. Sure, some kids have a harder time getting through college but manage if they have the drive. Our kids worked their way through, all earned scholarships, they worked hard and had jobs, but they insist it made them who they are today, 2 retired & all 3 sitting pretty.

My daughter was recruiting for the Engineering Dept as her "work-study" job, a little town in KS, when one of the girls in the group whined that "her parents couldn't afford to send her to college". She laughed when telling me her retort, "MY parents could have but didn't, I am working my way through".

I know I am opinionated, know I did not have the drive my kids do/did, but I'm not convinced these protests are justified. That cop & any police or other person that likes the power of making anyone struggle, should be charged and dealt with for their actions, has nothing to do with skin color. On that thought, have you ever heard of protesters or riots because a white male or female was murdered or raped by a black man? 

I don't think this belongs in the "soapbox" because I really am interested in my friends opinions about my gr-daughter thinking of herself as a "person of color". I think it's time for everyone (especially my gr-daughter) to quit wanting to be special because they inherited genes that determine a darker skin, or blue eyes. If anything, my kids had to work harder because they were ordinary. And now I will feed cats.........


SHIRLEY, back when a teacher asked us to write down where we came from (I think I was in third grade) I wrote down "347 Hastings St.".  And I still maintain that's where I came from!

And now I'm going to bed!  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

well I am like the stray dog i am hinds 57. but my great grand mother was full blood Cherokee Indian. Nancy's kin was from Scotland on dads ( was spelled mclean but later changed mcclain) that was the spelling when we got married. her ancestors had a castle is now a tourist attraction. no kinship  concocted or admitted. do not know why, Maybe a horse thief? good night and sweet dreams.



Good Evening from the cooler
but still humid,  rocky coast
of Maine.   

We have had huge demonstrations
here in Portland Maine... many which
I have observed out my windows to the

I have observed thousands of people
walking on the  main street which is down
one floor from me... I am so lucky to
live where I live and have  a corner
apartment  so I can see way down the
street while the protesters walk on
by below me.   

The majority of people who are out
protesting are white because it so
happens that Maine has a very small
multi racial population...  and most
the people are wearing masks and
many have their kids and dogs with
them...  very few problems in the
past few days.... but everyday in this
area the demonstrations are going on...

Because of Covid_19 many many people
are not working and so many  people
have been isolating inside for weeks,
so getting out to protest is very
much a relief from the boredom  of
being home bound. 

I know my grand kids are out there
now participating...  I am so proud of

I have learned the hard way,  that
for me,  regarding politics and
religion,  it is better for me "to
remain quiet and appear stupid, 
then to open my mouth and remove
all doubt"

So I wish everyone a good night
and hopefully we all will remain
free of Covid_19 ... 

Love to all

Sing like no one's listening.
Love like you've never been hurt,
Dance like nobody's watching, and
Live like it's heaven on earth.


Late Saturday night and I am just getting in to see how you all are doing 😩

We had horrible hurricane speed winds here this afternoon.  Sadly many trees did not survive, including our neighbors.  Her front yard tree is leaning quite a bit toward the street, and it is worrisome as who knows when it will fall.  We are thankful it did not fall toward her house as it would have done damage.  This is the same neighbor that lost a big pine tree between her house and ours a couple of months ago😩

This is the 10th day and night of protesting......I personally feel the point has been taken and it might be healthier for put this behind us and move on with different attitudes.  Sadly we are fearful of a spike in Covid cases with all the non social distancing😢 The old thought of "too much of anything is not good"!

I wish you all a good night of rest.



A good morning all.
I thought this is at the moment, very appropriate for all of us wheelchair users ! it at least brought a smile to my face !, hope you all smile too, Enjoy.
                               Cheerio. Roley. :thumbup: ..


Good morning everyone..

A day of rest here.. :)

I am typing listening to Roly's  music. Thank you for the smile Roly. Kyle used to play that song on his guitar.
With all that has gone on here the past week we forgot to pick up Kyles med!!! Frist thing Mon we will be at the drug store to get them. He has enough till then.

Did you see the beautiful Strawberry moon last night??

I did get my pie baked and 8 dog chocolate chip cookies didn't get the bed linen washed though. We had two down pours and gosh did it come down hard.

Really enjoyed meeting my friends granddaughter  and watching her reaction seeing her trug. She loves to garden and this will make it easier for her. Where she lives they wouldn't allow her to put a garden in but  this isn't disturbing the ground and will look neat out behind the garage.

Shirley, I have often said......let everyone...no matter the colour, prick their finger put a drop of blood on a piece of paper, mix them altogether and now pick yours out of the pile.

Jenny, your Jonah is growing up before our eyes!! I also think this has gone on far too long. Time to move on.

Sandy ,Fe is also growing up before our eyes..How are you making out with your masks?

Joy, hope all is well your way.

Better get moving..

Enjoy your day everyone..


I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers