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Feb 24 2021 8:23pm
mycheal: Spring  thaw has arrived here :)

Feb 21 2021 3:49pm
Oldiesmann: Ours is finally melting.

Feb 20 2021 8:05am
so_P_bubble: 4 inches in Jerusalem!

Feb 13 2021 11:01am
Oldiesmann: Anyone else buried in snow? We got 8 inches here Monday into Tuesday, another half inch or so Wednesday and more is coming next week

Jan 22 2021 12:28pm
Pooch1: One of these days AARP will begin flooding your mailbox, too! (IMHO it's in the business of selling things.)

Jan 21 2021 11:26pm
Oldiesmann: Reader's Digest thinks I'm a senior citizen now apparently. I got a subscription offer in the mail saying they'd approved a "special seniors discount" for me

Jan 01 2021 8:00am
Amy: Happy New Year to you also !

Dec 31 2020 11:16pm
Oldiesmann: Happy new year everyone!

Dec 18 2020 8:22am
mycheal: Ya all stay safe now  >:(

Nov 29 2020 1:51pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome. Glad you like it :)

Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, June 30, 2020, 11:43:20 PM

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Good Afternoon,

Oh, Gloria, what I do could in no way be considered "Doing The Ironing".  ;D  I have some summer tops that look better if the neckline is ironed and others that are crinkle cotton but need the cuffs and button plackets pressed into place.
 Takes about a minute to do each one.

Phyllis,  may I join you for 4th of July meal? Your menu sounds delicious.
  Lots of blackberry bushes on the acreage where I grew up....and lots of chiggers while picking them.  My mother didn't make pies because she said she could never get the crust to look nice but she made delicious cobblers, particularly with the blackberries.

Shirley,  I sometimes make a pound of hamburger into plain meat balls and bake them for the minimum time. Then freeze them (separated) and pull out 2 or maybe 3 to reheat in toaster oven with BB sauce, Spaghetti sauce, brown gravy, etc. - or -crumble them and make "Untidy Josephs" (a/k/a Sloppy Joes).

BTW, if using Hawaiian buns for the sliders, I suggest leaving the sugar out of the topping and adding a dash more Worchestershire and Honey Mustard Spread.  Those buns are really sweet!!!

Still having issues with Sneaky Squirrel getting onto the feeder.  Finally set the hose to Jet Spray and positioned it toward the feeder. I've managed to slip out 3 times and turn the water on full force so it hits SS as he/she leaps off and scurries away.  Last time I saw one on the ground under the feeder, I think it saw the hose/sprayer at the edge of the patio and thought twice about going up. <evil chuckle :lol:>.

No plans for the weekend.  Family is going fishing and I "politely declined".  ;)

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Fourth Of July.   


Just a quick stop to let you all know I'm still here.  I feel somewhat better today than I did yesterday and I'm hoping for even better tomorrow.  I still have to catch myself now and then but I did manage a walk to the mail box at the corner with Mickie along on the leash.  I only had to quick-step twice and there was nothing to hold onto all the way.  So I know it's better.  But I guess the rocks are not all back in their cave just yet.

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy,healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us every one!

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Another later night post....these days just get away from me and I have been on many telephone calls and even some FaceTime calls with my grands this evening.

We have watched a couple of 4th of July things on the TV tonight, but none too exciting. 

I had quite a bit of laundry to get done and it took me awhile.  Bob took our car to the car wash and vacuumed it out good....it has been awhile and it was very necessary. We had tacos for dinner and that was our day.

JANE, I do hope your vertigo is much better again tomorrow....sure do not like to think about you being out walking when you are having a chance of being dizzy...sure would hate to have you fall.

PHYLLIS, your 4th of a July meal sounds just perfect.  This time of the year we do have to try not to add heat or humidity to our kitchens. 

I found out today that my Dad's friend Diane sent a very generic bday card to our son....she wrote a couple of words to Brian....then had my dad sign it.  My dad has been Pepa to our family for many, many years.....clearly he did not know whom he was wishing a happy birthday as it said, "have a good one, Bob".  This was a bit upsetting to Brian as well as to to Bob and me😢😢 My dad is getting very forgetful but I feel if Diane had made it clear what the card was he would have signed appropriately.

Oh my, I am sorry...things seem to be much bigger and more upsetting that ever now during these Covid times.

  Must get to bed and give you all a rest.



Good morning everyone and Happy Fourth of July. I wll be going to my grandsons today. A small family gathering and I get to see my little greatgrand.

PHYLLIS  like you we don't  use the oven during the day unless we have good ar conditioning. Too much humidity in summer and do not need to add to it.

CALLIE  there is always something that needs a touch up with the iron. My CNA does mine now, sure cannot complain about that can I?

JANE  glad the stones are slowing dowh their dancing around. Hope today is back with them in their cave.

JENNY  there has only been a few cases of the virus in this town and our governor insists on distance and masks.

Time for breakfast and shower. Have a greatday an stay safe.

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Good morning everyone...

Happy 4th of July!

We have hazardous waste drop off today and will be contributing to that with paint cans and propane cylinders. Then it is back to the garden to wreck havoc on the weeds and grasses.

Canning sealers were on sale so off to town we went to pick up 6 cases........3 for us and 3 for my friend. We both want ot try a new to us recipe for dill pickles. I don't mind making them but will leave the eating up to Kyle. :)

Janie , good to see you!! Hope the rock soon disappear. Would it be wise to get a rollator for times like this? The pumpkins are growing by leaps and bounds so I have a good feeling this will be a year of having a bountiful harvest from them.

Phyllis, I now do my baked beans in the IP....so muc quicker and you don't even need to soak the beans. I cook mine for 90 mins...

Gloria, have fun with your family!!

Better git......enjoy your day everyone...stay safe./color]
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

July 04, 2020, 08:11:48 AM #36 Last Edit: July 04, 2020, 08:14:14 AM by Lloyd Hammond
well good Morning everyone. I am batching for two or three days. Nancy went to the Lake with our Family.  my legs hurt to much to do much walking. and it is lot of walking down at the lake now because SIL is stay home working on his truck overhauling. I went to wallmart last night at 9: p m and they were closed. a employ was walking out and away from the door he said they are closing at 8: PM now no more 24 hours now. and thet is alright with me would be alright if the went back to closing on the lords day also. would not hurt any of us to practice and honer him on his day, Have a good day.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  I feel lots better today but I wouldn't want to try to drive anywhere today.  When I get a bit dizzy, there's no warning and that' bad in a car. 

Walking is better today than yesterday but not up to par.  At least I don't need to spend the day on the sofa.  I don't know if it's the exercises, the meds or just time passing that's helping but I'm sure happy for the better feeling.  I still don't think I'm going to attempt a trip to the berr patch tomorrow or even Monday but maybe one day next week.  My friend will be doing the driving so that's a plus!

I've read all the posts and I wish you all well and happy!  Stay in out of the scorching weather.  Mickie has decided that the yard is better than the road in the sun! 

Cathy had her gathering with friends last evening so today she's doing the shopping as usual and when she gets back with my stuff I'm going to try a recipe from 1919 for "Liberty Bread".  It was developed to save flour in particular for the service men.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  It looks pretty good.

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Quiet day around here....gee, I sure miss the old days when we always had family to get together with.  The anticipation of seeing the fireworks too😩

Thank you, GLORIA, for the nice JacquieLawson Card.  Cute as always.  So happy you will be with your family today and getting to see your great grandson.  Happy, happy❣️

AMY, sounds like your day would be a busy one. 

JANE, another day of you dealing with those rocks in your head😩 Hope your Liberty Bread turns out well.

LLOYD, I am sorry you did not feel you could walk well enough to go with the family to the lake. 
We had a LOT of loud booms last night and expect there to be more tonight. It is so dry out and I sure worry about someone starting fires.  All of the commercial fireworks displays have been cancelled.

Happy 4th of July to AL. 



One more good night to all.......fireworks going on all around my house. Our gathering was at oldedst gr-son's house, only a few missing (out of towners). Tiger cat has been missing most of the day, think she found a hidey hole & staying put until fireworks over. Better go take my flag down, nearly dark, no cloud cover here & supposed to be a full moon.

Thanks for the card, Gloria, only patriotic anything this year. All years I look for something special to send the link to my brother, the one that died a couple months ago. He was in the Navy at the end of WWII and went into the regular Army (OCS) after college & after retiring from active duty, spent many more years in the reserves. Guess I have always been a flag waver, get tears when watching a parade & military bands.

Sweet dreams and God Bless.... Love ya all........Shirley :hot:  :hello:

Lloyd Hammond

Good night everyone. Nancy had a good trip she is home now. we went up our grand daughter's for a family get to gather ,feed and watch fireworks set off I do not enjoy them close. the smoke takes my breath away, Have enough trouble getting my breath with out that. see you all tomorrow, i hope in good health and spirits. good night and sweet dreams.



Hello, just finished and posted message off to the Forum but it was rejected !, just thought i'd let you know ! :thumbup: .        Cheers Roley. :thumbup:


Good morning everyone, had a wonderful day yesterday and was tired when I got home. Did not take me long to get to bed and to sleep. I have to say my grandson is a perfect host.My son is good but grandson is more like his Mom is the department. He makes sure everyone is seated before he thinks of sitting at the table. Started with tenderloin steak on the grill with all the trimmings and then with a lobster for everyone. He sat next to me and before he started his lobster he got mine ready to eat breaking it apart and cracking the claws. He knows I cannot do a lot of things anymore and he is so thoughtful.  We ate outside on his big deck ahd he shaded the tables with big umbrellas so no one sat in the sun. Weather was perfect with a light breeze at times. I was surprised how much I ate but took home most of the lobster meat and will have that later today. Of course I enjoyed hugs for my little one. He sure has a lot of energy and I wish I had just a fraction of it.He never stops. By the end of the day he started getting cranky because he was so tired. I was glad when my son thought it was time to leave I was worn out, too. All in all it was the best 4th I have had in a lot of years. About 9 last night I could hear fireworks, professional ones from the timing and sounds. Lasted half an hour and then it was quiet, of course once I fall asleep I think the roof could fall on me and I would not wake up.

One thing I was disappointed in was on the ride to my gradson's home I only saw 4 flags out. Where did the patriotic feelings go with folks these days? My grandson had his flag on the fron of his house and my son had his out, too. Sad  though on our Independance day so few had their  flags flying.

Think I will go lay on the couch and watch TV if I can find somthing to watch. Still tired from yesterday.

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

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Good morning everyone...

Another hot one again today. A day of rest here. Managed to get a lot done yesterday , only have  two items to iron and that is it for laundry.
Phyliss, you put the thought in my head about baked beans and made those in the IP,,,,we had those along with hotdogs from Costco all beef one for supper last night. Easy meal :)

Roley, great to see you!! Hope all is well with you and the Mrs.

Gloria, sounds like the perfect day you had. Along with the delicious meal too! Your grandson is a thoughtful young man.

Jane, hope you are feeling better today.

Jenny, lets hope that this will be over soon. I wish folks would pay attention and take the precautions but not many listen.

Shirley, hope Tiger cat comes home today. Babe does not like the fireworks and thankfully there wasn't many to be heard around here.

Better get ready to meet the day..

Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm feeling a little better every day but it's not fast enough to suit me.  I'm still a bit rocky on my pins and if I turn my head too fast I get a feeling of dizziness.  It's better than it was but still not good.

GLORIA, I too, enjoyed the 4th of July card.  Thank you for thinking of us.  It sounds like you had a lovely holiday with your family!

To Everyone, I read and enjoy your activities almost as much as you do!

Cathy had a very small dinner....just her and her husband Craig and me.  Frankie joined us a bit later and had a warmed up dinner and we had a nice long chat with a musical background while we sat out on their patio,  I was tired when I got home.

I wish you all a lovely day!
Make it your own in every way!

And don't forget to share it with all of us  We're interested!!!

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All's well in Kansas, too. Busy 4th with lots of fireworks everywhere, no damage as far as I've heard. 3 cats laying around the pool, had their breakfast and zonked out for the day. A cardinal is singing so not even concerned "the cats are loose". Sun is up, wind not too bad & I have a pool to vac and add some water, it evaporates so normal. I would rather go back to bed but..........

Gloria, glad you had such a great day, for sure a super meal & good care. Jane, hope the dizzies go away soon. I've had spells all my life like that but in my case, it's a tad of anemia. Soon as I take a few iron pills or eat enough red meat, I get back to normal. Don't even have to register anemia, but on the low side & I am toddling. Amy, taking stuff to the dump or recycle places here costs a bunch unless it's the once a year thing. You seem to have good services in your neck of the woods. Lloyd, glad Nancy is home. I know it is rough when legs & breathing keeps us from hanging out with the family but at least we are still breathing! Peter, happy to see you again, I always enjoy the walks with you, maybe someone was posting at the same time why yours got kicked out? Jenny, at this stage we all need to just smile when "things go wrong" and believe that everyone intended the best. Makes it easier on those of us that worry, right? And now I need to get dressed & go vac the pool, before it gets any hotter.


Good morning.  A pretty sunny morning.

Gloria, I just had to stop here for a couple minutes to tell you that it really made me feel so happy when I read your message this morning.  It sounds like your grandson is so special.  Just brought a smile to my face to hear how he took such good care of you at dinner.  I know it made you feel good, also.  So nice when the younger ones do things like that.  Your dinner sounds so good, and I am glad you got to bring some left overs home.  And, I know you were so happy to be able to spend some time with your little great-grandson.  Been a while since you have seen him.  Now, rest up today and relive your happy day from yesterday.

Have a safe day.


Lloyd Hammond

as it is still before noon so I can say good Mourning, we had a great fourth of July with family.is 82º and full sun here today. Roley sorry I missed you. my internet/computer is not working proper. and can not get skype to work. I have not forgot you, love you as a good friend yet.for now please leave a message here please I will read it and leave a reply here. I am sure it will be alright with S & F.  hope to get skype fixed so we can still visit there like we used to. If we had enough money and the right Passport we would come see you over there. for now we can visit here.



I'm off to Dreamland my friends!  I hope your day was pleasant and uneventful and I hope you found a place to stay cool.  It was in the low 90s here again and I'm very glad I didn't have to go anywhere.  Standing out on the porch and waving to my neighbor was enough to do me in.  I'm sure glad I didn't have to clean a pool!

I feel somewhat better but I'm till walking carefully and turning my head slowly and shifting my eyes only when necessary.  And I'm not walking where there's no support. 

I'm off to bed now and hoping tomorrow will be better.  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

Forgot to say, The Liberty Bread turned out good!  I'll be making that one again!

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Lloyd Hammond

well it is past my bedtime , I got interested In TV and let time get away again. so good night and sweet dreams. Hope to see you all in the morning in good health and good spirits.



Good morning everyone, yes terday was a lazy day for me. I did not do much on the 4th but enjoy the food and the company but was tired. Maybe seeing an almost 5  year old running around all day? or maybe sitting outside all afternoon? Anyway I napped on and off most of the day and slept good last night.

AMY  this grandson has always been  thoughtful and never gave his parents any trouble. He was raised right. I know my DIL was raised in a good sized family with one brother and several sisters. Her parents were great, too. She was the only one my son ever dated and that was in his last year of high school, she was a year behind him. She graduated from 4  years of college and then they got engaged. Her and my daughter hit it off from the time they met, more like close sisters. I have told her she is the second daughter I wanted.

JANE  I did enjoy the Fourth. My DIL's family has a cabin on a lake here and every year of the fourth they had a clambake there with the whole family. This was the first year they didn't have their gathering. I am glad because I enjoyed  this fourth. Hope your vertigo is just about gone now.

SHIRLEY  MY SON KEEPS BUSY WITH THEIR POOL BUT AT LEAST IT GETS USE. OOPS I look at the keyboard to type so didn't see the caps. Right now I am trying to find a place to get rid of the portable AC. Cannot wait to get rid of that thing.

JOY  the fourth was the first time I was away from here since Christmas and that was the last time I saw my little one. He is full of questions and wants to know the why of every thing. He has a tablet with his own games on it and knows them all. Wonder how he will be able to sit in school this fall. He is so full of energy.

LLOYD  my traveling days are over and I am content to stay home.

JANE  today Yvette will be here. We will catch up on the week end and I will get a good back massage. What is so different about the Liberty bread?

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone.  Gloria sorry it is that way for you, probably should be for us as well, but we are both hard headed. as soon as we get our R V repaired and the government get's nose out of our lives and lets us live like humans again we are going to get in it and re see some of the beautiful country god Made for us we are going to go see it, some for the second  or third time. as a truck driver I traveled in and picked up or delivered in 46 of our 50 states and part of Canada. but it is not good as a truck driver having to hurry up and get up and go. cant take time to smell the flowers.we will most likely even stop by as see  Gloria and either take her to dinner or get a lobster and help her eat a couple of them. also may get close enough to Amy to rattle her door. I can still drive reasonable well. I just stay right and let those in a huriey go on by. Is already 71 and clear going to high eighty's or low to mid nightie's.Have a great day.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  Right now it's 66º but it's heading for a high of 91.  Another day to stay inside! 

I'm still feeling only "middlin'" and hoping for "better" to show up.  I feel unsteady walking without something to hold onto and if I turn too quickly, I wobble.  I really don't like this feeling!  And I wish it would just go away!

I gave up on the berry picking but my friend is going to try to find the place with her husband this morning.  She said she'd go back later with me when I feel better. 

GLORIA, Liberty Bread was developed around 1919 to save flour so it could be sent to the troops in Europe.  It uses other things in place of some of the flour and it doesn't call for kneading.  You just put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then mix the wet ones together and add them, mix with beaters and put in loaf pan and bake.  It's very good and super EASY!

It's almost time for the boinger so I'll wish you all a pleasant day.  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to share it with all of us!

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Good morning everyone...

Rain went all around us , now they are calling for rain and t storms today and Tue then rain all this week. Do you think they can be right on one day??

Need to go into town to pick up a few things then home to give the weeds a new home....garbage.

Gloria, like you , our travelling days are also over. We have travelled across Canada and into 15 States in the past . Now we travel from Dr to Dr. :)

Jane good to see you are improving. Take it easy and go slow! I think I can see the pumpkins knotting up up flower buds. :thumbup:

Lloyd,going to be another hot one here also. Work will get done until melting time then inside to cool off.

Shirley, these dogs are getting fussy on eating. I don't know if it is the heat or they just don't like the food. Will bring home somethin g different for them to try. I have to entice them to eat ,scrambled eggs, peameal bacon and pieces of chicken have worked  .

Better get this message posted before I lose it again...

Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


July 06, 2020, 09:06:12 AM #54 Last Edit: July 06, 2020, 09:08:42 AM by phyllis
It was a good dinner on the 4th.  For a change, everything came together just fine.  Amy, I tried the Home Style Baked Beans in the IP but they just weren't the same.  This is a recipe that my mother used to make and it seems to need that long slow cooking in the oven to thicken the spicy and sweet sauce.  It was so good.  And, the blackberry cobbler was extra good.  I was so tired afterward, but pleased.  We had leftovers of everything on Sunday so I didn't have to cook anything....just reheat.  That was fine with me!

Jane, have you thought about a cane for the times when the rocks are bothering you?  They aren't very expensive, can be bought at any drug store and can help a lot for just that little bit of stable support.  I have used one for a long time when I don't think the Rollator is needed.

I missed the neighbor's fireworks in the circle.  I went to bed and they didn't happen until after 10:30.  I didn't even hear them.  David said they didn't last too long.  I heard other fireworks in the neighborhood but not a lot was going on.   I think most of the people on our street had left town.

Back to business as usual today...laundry.  And it is hot and humid again with rain showers this afternoon.

Take care, All.


PHYLLIS, thanks for the suggestion of a cane and thanks to the person, AMY I think, who suggested a rollator a while back.  I actually have a rollator that Cathy thought I needed back when I had the surgery on my knee and I've thought of using it from time to time.  I've also thought of a cane at times.  However, I told two of my kids recently that's one of the good things about living in a small house.  There's always a wall or a piece of furniture to hold on to.  As for using them outside, the only thing I've given up is walks with Mickie and I'm not sure I could manage either of them and a dog too.  When I go outside, I follow the fence and I can go all the way around he yard and I have 3 step and a solid railing in the front and 2 steps and a solid railing in the back.  If I go anywhere, it's always with either my daughter or my granddaughter and they stick pretty close to me.  They did even before this dizziness.

Lunch is calling!  Gotta go answer the call! 

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Jane, I just came in from working in the garden and noticed the pumpkins have tendrils reaching out on them!!! There are lots of bees out so I am sure once they blossom there will be lots of activity from the bees to pollinate them.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers



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A good Monday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND. 

I started this post around noon time and a just getting it posted at nearly 7 PM.

We recently purchased a new set of sheets for our bed, so today we opened them up to wash them, then we washed the comforter and now we are washing the old sheets.  Phew! That is a lot of sheets to deal with since it is a king size bed!  We are both worn out! 

We had a delivery of beautiful flowers a bit ago.  They are from our youngest sons, wife's parents.  How sweet of them to think of me with the funeral of my SIL this week.  It actually brought me to tears.  The fragrance is delightful and I am so appreciative🥰

Last night we watched the first half of HAMILTON. We got started a bit too late to watch the entire play. We also had the volume on super loud so we could hear the words they were saying, and with the doors open we did not want to take chance on bothering any of the neighbors.  I am anxious to start the second half tonight. 
Many interruptions so I best post this now.

JANE, sorry you are still having issues with the vertigo. Your Liberty Bread sounds interesting. 

Yippe, AMY.  Happy the pumpkins are growing well.  I think the heat does make our pets not want to eat just as many of us don't.  I hope the new food you purchased appealed to your doggies.

GLORIA, of course you had to rest up after your delightful day with your family in the 4th.  The little ones have so much energy....IF ONLY we could borrow just a little it would sure give us a boost!  I know you enjoyed your Yvette back rub😘

PHYLLIS, sorry you missed the cul de sac fireworks 💥  Good news is, it did not wake you up.  The boomers around here were very bad this year and lasted until nearly midnight🤪

Have a good evening,


Lloyd Hammond

well It is time I am going to bed. It got in the mid 90's here today and is still  82º. I am going to go take my shot and bedtime pills. see you all tomorrow, Hope in good health and spirit's,