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Feb 24 2021 8:23pm
mycheal: Spring  thaw has arrived here :)

Feb 21 2021 3:49pm
Oldiesmann: Ours is finally melting.

Feb 20 2021 8:05am
so_P_bubble: 4 inches in Jerusalem!

Feb 13 2021 11:01am
Oldiesmann: Anyone else buried in snow? We got 8 inches here Monday into Tuesday, another half inch or so Wednesday and more is coming next week

Jan 22 2021 12:28pm
Pooch1: One of these days AARP will begin flooding your mailbox, too! (IMHO it's in the business of selling things.)

Jan 21 2021 11:26pm
Oldiesmann: Reader's Digest thinks I'm a senior citizen now apparently. I got a subscription offer in the mail saying they'd approved a "special seniors discount" for me

Jan 01 2021 8:00am
Amy: Happy New Year to you also !

Dec 31 2020 11:16pm
Oldiesmann: Happy new year everyone!

Dec 18 2020 8:22am
mycheal: Ya all stay safe now  >:(

Nov 29 2020 1:51pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome. Glad you like it :)

Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2020

Started by so_P_bubble, August 15, 2020, 12:22:56 AM

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Good Morning Everyfriend!  I did NOT sleep well with Cooper in our bed!  I have already planned a major nap after his mother picks him up later today!  I hope she's feeling better this morning and it was only "tired" that was making her feel ill last night!

GLORIA, I got the idea for canning potatoes from AMY!  She says they're very good so I thought it might be handy to have some on hand for various recipes.  She encouraged me to try it.  I think she might have got the idea from her son's current girlfriend.  She and her mother have canned them for a while.

We're supposed to get more rain today, too.  The weather report says most of the day.  The temp is 70 right now and heading for a high of only 84.  Not too bad if we don't get wind with the rain.

I'm going to peel potatoes today!  And I think I might make a quick trip to Davy's to get another small basket of them.  But only if I hear from my DIL that she has extra jars.  She said she'd check when she got home and she keeps forgetting.  I ordered some from Amazon but they won't be here until Tuesday or Wed.  NOBODY in this area has jars or lids on the shelves!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to share it with your good friends in the Soda Shoppe!

Mornin' AMY, you slipped in ahead of me!

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Sing like no one's listening.
Love like you've never been hurt,
Dance like nobody's watching, and
Live like it's heaven on earth.


Well, I didn't peel any potatoes today because I didn't hear from Sarah about the jars until she got home from work this afternoon.  I did get a bunch of jars from her and they are all washed and ready for duty tomorrow.  I'll see how many jars I get from the potatoes I already bought and the maybe I'll buy more. 

Right now, I'm just about ready to collapse!  Last night approximately 2 to 3 hours of off and on sleep was not enough.  And even my morning cave-in to the couch's excess zzzzs didn't help much.  I hope tonight is a better night and I'm just about ready to check that out! 

We had lots of rain today but at least the wind wasn't blowing today.  I'm wishing you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Good morning everyone..
Overcast but no rain this morning, I think it all fell yesterday along with some background music. I did can the hamburg yesterday and it went well. We shall she how it tastes later on. Later in the day the neighbours came over for cake and ice  cream with their tea as it was her birthday.

Today, is a day of rest. I would like to get some sewing done,  so we shall see..

Jane, I hope you got a better sleep last night. Sure makes a day long when you need sleep.

Sandy ,thank you for the music video..

Phyllis has yet to peek in...hope everything is ok there.

Better get ready to meet the day..

Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe..

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, well the we a the weather guessers were  wrong again, all the  rain wind and thunderstorms did not happen. We did have some light rain for  about an hour. Today is to be a sunny day and the sun is already up and shsining, only to get to the mid 70's so I just might spend the afternoon outside with a book for company.

AMY  Yvette was telling me about the arrows in the markets now. My daughter says that at times she well start up an aisle backwards for something near the end of the aisle instead of going all around.

JANE  when I think of all the canning jars I had that my ex gave away I could scream. I don't remember how many hundreds of them I had. Hope you had a restful night's sleep last night. Now I have only a dozen jelly jars and use them for every thing but canning.

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

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I'm up and attem.  Have to make doggie food first before I can feed Mickie.  I must say, I slept a lot better last night.  I astually feel rested this moring.  And I thin Mickie slept better too.  She was up and ready for her day at 6 a.m.

As soon as she's fed and I have some breakfast, I'll start peeling the potatoes.  And that's going to be my day!

I hope you all have a lovely day!  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to share it!

Peek in Pyllis...Joy, too

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August 30, 2020, 08:35:21 AM #156 Last Edit: August 30, 2020, 08:37:01 AM by Joy
Good morning Jane, Amy and Gloria.

I am here earlier than usual today.  It is a beautiful morning and only supposed to be in the mid 80's today.  Heat and humidity due back later in the week.  That is ok with me, as I am not ready for summer to be over yet.  Seems like it just started. Most of you know that I like the hot weather. 

Jane, glad that you got a good rest last night.  I had a hard time getting to sleep, but did sleep the whole night and woke up a little before 7.  I did want to get up earlier than I have been, as I have a couple things that I want to get done this morning.  Write  a couple checks and fix a couple cards to get in the mail later.

Hope everyone will have a nice Sunday.



I am sorry to have been missing.  It was not a good week for me.  Unfortunately, I had several days of not doing so well but am doing much better now.  I have "peeked in" occasionally on my Galaxy pad but just wasn't feeling like writing anything.  Spent most of the time in bed.  I'm feeling much stronger now and eating a little bit again so things are better.

Our day of "severe weather" yesterday didn't turn out to be much either.  Cloudy with a little bits of rain and some breeziness in the afternoon.  The end of the hurricane just fizzled out by the time it got here.  I can't say I'm sorry.  Sunny today.

Take care, All.


August 30, 2020, 07:32:59 PM #158 Last Edit: August 30, 2020, 07:35:23 PM by Denver
Just dropping in to see how your Sunday is going? 

It has been a pretty laid back day here in Colorado. 

PHYLLIS, sorry to read you have not been feeling well this week.  Glad you are feeling better. 

I fixed a potato salad for our dinner and now will go and cook our chicken thighs in the Air Fryer. 

Son Mark left Colorado this morning for his long drive to their new home in Palm Desert CA. He is towing a trailer with their van on it.  It is a heavy load and he is taking it real easy. 

Have a wonderful evening. 



August 30, 2020, 10:33:53 PM #159 Last Edit: August 30, 2020, 10:36:23 PM by JaneS
JENNY, it's so hard to say goodbye when they're going so far away and it's even harder when the little guy is going with them.  But I know you'll stay in tougch and at least you had a short time with them closeby.

  I'm stopping in to say my farewells for the day!  I got 8 pints of potatoes canned, labeled and put on the shelf for "when the snow flies".  That's what my mother always said all the canning was for.  I've often wondered if she and my grandparents would have done so much work canning if the food had been so readily available in the stores back in the "Olden Days".  It was a lot more work then than it is now!

I'm going to try to get one more canner full of potatoes done tomorrow and then I want to make another batch of carrot soup and some tomato sauce.  I don't know which will come first. 

Right now, I'm too tired to even think about it.  I'm heading for Dreamland and I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Good morning everyone. Was asleep early last night. I was outside with my book yesterday for a few  hours  and I think the fresh air  tired me out, not used to it anymore. Of course I woke too early this am but well rested.

JANE  how many potatoes did you peel? These days I have trouble peeling one. Between hands and back I don't know which one gets me more mad at my body these days.

JOY  good seeing you post. I am the opposite of you, I prefere winter.

PHYLLIS  sorry you did not feel up to par last week. I hope this week is much better for you. I know I have times when I would just like to sleep my life away. Living in this place is like being in prison. No one around and sitting outside on a beautiful day like yesterday. Everyone afraid of being social anymore.

JENNY  I know how you were feeling when your son and family left for Ca. yesterday. When my daughter and her  new husband left for San Diego I cried for a week. Felt like I would never see her again.

JANE  the more you talk about the carrot soup the more it interests me. Would you send me the recipe, please? I love carrots and I always like soup even on a hot summer day.

Looks like I am the first one here to great this Monday.
Have a good day and stay safe.

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Today is an historical day for Israel: El Al is flying for the first time to the Arab Emirates, to Abu Dhabi. Officials are going there to sign for a normalization of the situation. Peace on the horizon?


Good Morning Everyfriend!

And a special Good Morning to you BUBBLE.  The places existing under conditions of war are often in my prayers.  I will keep the Middle East there now.  I do pray that things will be more normal and peaceful in the future for all of you!

I'm off to the showers and a quick trip to the Mennonite store this morning.  I'll appreciate it even more, knowing that there are people who can't do that whenever they feel like it!

GLORIA, it's hard to believe that the people who live in your building can't make a bad situation better by association with one another under the conditions that have been set up.  Anyone can go outside and 6 feet isn't that far apart for a conversation.

Well, I finished my first cup of coffee and I'm heading for the showers.  I wish you all a good day!  Make it your own in every way!  And don't forget to stop by the Soda Shoppe!  We're still allowed to visit!

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Good morning everyone...

We are off to the city to pick up a few supplies. triple mix being one of them. This is a soil mixture that really makes plants grow!! Jane, I see visions of Jack and the Beanstalk here with the pumpkins!

Bubble......pray for peace. Peace could also be used across the world too.

Jane, they will be nice to just grab a jars of potatoes and heat up or fry up with onions and eat. I was pleased with the hamburg and I am going to try eye of round next.

Gloria,I think our bodies know when we just need extra sleep and there is no hope in fighting it. Just give in and rest.

Joy, like Gloria I too prefer the cooler weather. We seem to get two seasons here it is either freeze or fry.

Phyllis ,hope you feel better each day..

Jenny. like Jane said it is difficult saying so long to our family. My friend "face timed" her grands out in BC on her birthday and loved it. Maybe you can do something like that?

Better get a move on here..

Enjoy your day everyone..stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning Jane....you tippy toed in on me!! I am also going to do more potatoes, read where they may not be plentiful and of course the price will be sky high. Enjoy your trip to the market!
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Monday morning.

I am just stopping by to greet all you early posters.  I need to get a move on, as I have some mail to go down for the mailman. Want it to go out today. So, I am ready to "jump" in the shower and get dressed.  ( not literally "jumping" . LOL

I so envy you all that is getting all that canning done.  Wish I had just a little bit of the energy. 

Have a great day.

Hi back to you, Gloria.  There are still some of us here that do still sit outside.  Usually, there is a nice breeze.

Have a good, safe day to everyone



I just had a phone call from LLOYD.  He asked me to let you all know that he's not ignoring you.  He's having computer problems and he'll be around as soon as he can.  He wishes you all a good day!

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August 31, 2020, 07:32:08 PM #167 Last Edit: August 31, 2020, 07:34:22 PM by Shirley
Gloria, I have been having trouble peeling potatoes & apples because of Arthur in the hands, so dug out a non-used potato peeler & discovered it is a BIG help. Still have to use the knife to cut out the eyes & core of apples, but a big help.

Had errands to run this morning, odds & ends, so picked up the KFC meal with chicken breast to bring home for my lunch. Tom always smells when I bring that in & begs until I share. He likes that much better than the rotisserie chicken I get them.

Bubble, so nice to hear good news for a change!  Do hope & pray for peace, one step at a time! I'm in hopes you feel good enough one of these days to give us another look at your world. Don't know why the beach scenes are such a surprise to me, not the usual photos we see of "The Holy Land".

Never in MY lifetime have I felt such a division in the US, I blame it on political parties and their puppets. I think we should "de-fund" the politicians and limit terms with NO PENSION and maybe we could get some citizens with honest hearts to run the country. Besides that, I'm in favor of re-instating what we grew up with... LIBEL LAWS. Prove what you say or pay for the insults.... does that sound good???  This does NOT go to a political discussion, I am equally disgusted with all parties.  :knuppel2:

Having a pity party today, grandson & significant other get to spend a week in the mountains and I am jealous. The aspen are starting to turn, so the National Forest ranger I talked to this morning said (I was checking on conditions for them). Fire restrictions but they won't mind since they are using a tent & will camp in one of the National Forest campgrounds. Both love to hike, but this being bears filling up for the winter season, I sort of worry about the hikes. Gr-son has hiked & camped all his life so knows all the dangers. I haven't found a solution for my oxygen problem or would be hitting the road myself.

My test drive on the RV yesterday showed a "shimmy" (I called it a chatter) when highway speeds... checked with the guy that put tires on & he said pobably one or more needs to be re-balanced. The tires come with lifetime balance. I admitted to him I tend to overload so think I should get it weighed with a full tank of gas & water along with what I normally take along (cats don't count). He suggested where I could get that done. No reason for those tires to go bad so fast (except bad tires, and these are not cheap... Michelin.. very heavy duty!... wonder if they are being made in China?)  So, that's were my mind has been today. 

I need to eat and get out to vac the pool. Had a little cooler day but kind of steamy right now. Thanks for the news from Lloyd.

Jenny, know you are sad with the kids moving back to CA but hopefully you & Bob can visit. One of the airlines is ready to offer some specials today. My daughter hopped a plane to help her daughter for a month, to get settled in, and made it back home this week without any problems. (YET).... Can you stop to visit your father along the way? My daughter often gets her tickets, when she was still working, to detour through Wichita to visit us a couple days, at little if any extra cost.

I've stalled long enough, better get busy or it will be dark. "Hi" to all... Jane & Amy, keep us cookin'... !

Does anyone know if Wheel of Fortune is doing old playbacks?  I see an audience & no masks but have not heard anyone saying for sure.  Shirley


I did get the second canner of "taters" done today.  And it was easier than the first one.  Experience counts.  I also did some other stuff that was hollering for attention and we had Cooper one more day. 

Now I'm going to go get ready for bed and, who knows, I might just crawl in.  I'm sure as heck ready to sleep.  Soooo....

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, healthy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

P.S.  GLORIA, I'll try to get the Carrot Soup recipe off to you tomorrow.  I actually forgot about it today.  Sorry about that!

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