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Jul 31 2020 8:33pm
mycheal: Delphine hello, best wishes your way :)

Jul 29 2020 7:51pm
Delphineaz: Been a long tme for me too.  Belated Birthday greetings Pouch.  So many have passed away.  Blessed is their reward.

Jul 24 2020 12:14pm
Pooch1: Andie, the old days when 8-10 of us would have fun in the evenings on Senior Net or Chatback and eedy would play her music are long gone.  Hard to tell what's happened to many of our old acquaintances, but time has marched on.  Sad. old acquaintances

Jul 23 2020 8:02pm
Andie: haven't been here in a long time so I feel like a newcomer.  I have been training for this distancing for several years now.  Hope everyone is staying safe.

Jun 10 2020 4:09pm
Denver: Television

Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

May 26 2020 1:08am
Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

May 25 2020 6:09pm
Astro:   feel free to start a topic here. Any duplicated topics may be merged together so we don't have two topics of similar nature.  Has that been eliminated?

Soda Shoppe Week of April 3

Started by JoanFL, April 03, 2016, 04:01:38 am

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Greetings Friends - KELLY do you happen to have a couple of photos of your part of the World which you could post here?  I traveled quite a bit during my childhood and adult life, then slowed down a bit when I retired from my work in Washington DC.  I focused primarily on the Middle East and Asia (particularly China), but never had the opportunity to travel to your area.

Hope all have an enjoyable weekend AND a bit of mischief.


Hi Molly
I certainly will, hopefully tomorrow.  As not home at the moment and only have my Smartphone with me.

Not sure we are allowed mischief! 



Hi everyone. It is a beautiful but bit chilly morning here in South Carolina.  We had some brisk winds yesterday and they are starting up again this morning, which effects the golfers at the Master's Tourney.  Unfortunately, most of the beautiful flowers we see at the Master's have already bloomed and gone but the course is still magnificent. I will be watching it this afternoon and the final day tomorrow.  Our company left about 9:15 this morning and plan on taking a few days on their return journey back to their home in Northern Iowa.  This was a very laid back visit and we ate out the big meals and had very simple breakfasts.  Both my sister and my brother-in-law are very thin and really don't eat much.  We did play some Spades the last two evenings and they helped Pat with her 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. 

Yesterday my BIL went with me to Walmart and I bought some planting soil and two large planters for the back porch plus a tomato plant.  We will put the tomato plant in one of the planters and we are going to put herbs in the other.  The plantings will be up high enough that we won't have to bend over very far to tend to them.  This morning I went Lowe's as forgot to get the rocks for the bottom of the planters and I also got three beautiful New Guinea Impatiens plants for our front porch.  So now I can look out my office window again at the beautiful blooms and the two low planters that had these tiny bushes that died over the window each have a blooming Impatiens plant in them.  We will have a quiet rest of the day. 

Molly, yesterday when I bought the tomato plant I wanted to buy the one that was tall but it was around $15 and I decided we will buy one that was $3.50 and let it grow as don't know whether we will be successful or not with growing tomatoes and you can buy quite a few tomatoes for $15. 

Callie, my wife can't wait to see the hummingbirds and already has her feeder put up. 

June, glad you finally have housekeeping that does all the cleaning so you can take things easy and use your time for more enjoyable activities or rest. 

Jane, I just bet no one, other than you, will care a whit if you have to wear the Crocs.  It is your being there that is important and not what you wear on your feet plus your loved ones all know you have had recent foot surgery.  Of course, I realize this is a man's perspective and we don't see things the same way you women do with regard to these matters.  However, reading further I see some of you women agree with me. When do you have to return to work?

Hal, we do not have freezing weather predicted for the Augusta area but it is suppose to ge to 36 degrees.   

Jackie, glad you are making connections with the MS folks. 

Mary Ann

Larry, looking at some of the Pre-Game Masters and the practice area, it is quite windy there.  I know it was predicted.  It's a beautiful course.

Mary Ann


Good Morning,
Once again, I shivered my way to the thermostat to turn on the heat. 

Card games:   Uno is a draw/keep or pass/discard type of card game.  Our couple friends who didn't play Bridge and we played that, Spades or Skipbo.  We also played Farkle and would have played 42 (domino game) if two of the guys (including my husband) hadn't been so good at figuring out how to take all the dominoes and leave the rest of us with nothing.
My parents played Bridge and the aunt who always spent July with us played Canasta and was a champion Hearts player (something like my husband with 42).

We tried to teach the two sons to play Bridge;  youngest one caught on but the oldest one, who has a literal/accountant type mind, never could understand the bidding.  However, he and his wife played Spades and, after I taught her a few Bridge tricks for indicating a desired lead, we usually beat the guys.

Both sons/dils enjoy table games and The Grands started playing the easy ones (Sorry, Old Maid type games, etc.) when they were still young enough to need booster seats.  Miss Ellen was a wicked little player who loved to knock the opponent off and then sweetly say,  "Saww-wee".  I'd say, "You are not!" and she'd giggle.

JaneS,  I think you should attach a sparkly bow to each clog.

Kelly,   previously, I mentioned a book I'm reading, written by Bill Bryson, about his adventures while walking around the various regions of England.   As he's doing so, he's writing about other features - including all the islands.   He referred to the Isle of Man as a "Peculiar of England".   I can't think that means what it sounds like to an American;  what is/was a "Peculiar"?

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere a lovely day. 

June Drabek

Sun, I am so sorry your hands are giving up on the keyboard. Kelly who posts here has what he calls voice mail..or something like that..perhaps your daughter could investigate that for you. I sure don't want to lose your postings. I really can't tell you much about the alert system Sun. I know mine only works within the perimeter of our property here at Rowntree village. It may depend on who your subscriber is, but I would certainly advise you to have one. Both Bis and I have Lifeline. Your avatar is the clearest one of all for me. I have given up on getting one.

Gloria, I agree with you as for what the dentist does. Mine was apologizing if I was getting tired, and I told her I was fine, all I have to do is lay here, she has to to all the hard work. I usually come awake about seven each morning, sometimes five if I need to "go", but then I doze back till seven. I like that better than a six o'clock wakeup.

Bis I seldom acknowledge the good works you do for us each day, but I too appreciate them. Thank you !

Hal we are still in cloudy weather here in Stanton. I thank you for the invite to visit there, but by the time I got myself in gear enough to travel anyplace it would be tomorrow . I am a sloooowww mover. I will pour myself another cup of weak coffee though. Just noticed, my windows have a few light drops of moisture..I hope it turns into a good rain.

Mary Ann I have had some back experience with extractions…one dentist broke the tooth in trying to get it out and left splinters in the gum. He was sweating and red in the face with his efforts..I was sweating too.  I have no problem with root canal work, and there is no bloody healing of the gum later.

Molly, I went to Google and typed in Isle of Man and got a few nice shots of the lay of the land. Lovely, really.

Larry, I still have my little light weight Lynx vacuum in case if spill something, but I surely do appreciate the fine job the girl does for me. She even moves things when she dusts, and they are not obliged to do that. This move was the nicest thing that I have ever done, thanks to my son.

Callie, the English language appears to have different meanings sometimes than ours has. It may be because it is not attached to England directly, it is still under the jurisdiction of the Queen. I'm just guessing.

I do think it is time for me to get dressed for the day. It is after 10 o'clock and I am still in sleep wear.
so off I go….. :)
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Mary Ann--You've been lots more places than I have.  I've been to Canada several times, to about 10 states, to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Egypt.

Janie--You sure are a seasoned traveler.

Molly--You, too, have done a lot of traveling.

Larry--You had a nice visit with your sister and BIL.  I hope all your plants are easy to care for.

Callie--We played several card games with friends when our kids were growing up. We usually played in someone's home.  Backed then there wasn't money to go out.

June--I am happy you appreciate the daily "stuff".  It makes me happy to hear you say your move was the best thing you ever did.

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No need to be concerned about your spelling.

I believe the majority of the members here completely understand your messages....No Problem........

Keep them coming...........

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Well, I did a little travelling today.  I just decided to go and check out the roads at the same time.  They weren't bad so I went to the Amish store and now we have coffee, dog treats, Pepperidge Farm bread, Kiran's favorite cookies and my favorite snack...potato chips.  Also got a bag of mini butterfinger bars for my desk drawer (sustenance for when I don't feel like scrounging).  I got a few more things that were nice but not necessary...some useful, some thirst quenching and some just nice to have.

It's still "precipitating" but I think it's very fine s**w mixed with rain.  Funny, I thought April showers were wet...not white.  I hope it stops soon because my daughter and SIL are planning a trip to Philadelphia to help my grandson, Kyle celebrate his 24th birthday.  I can't believe it was that long ago. 

I'm still waiting to have coffee.  I cleaned the coffee pot this morning with vinegar and I forgot to empty it and run the clean water through before I left for the store.  So now I have to wait for it to cool a bit or it will spew water all over the counter.  I'm giving it anoter 5 minutes and the it better get to work.  One cup of coffee at 6 a.m. is not enough. 

I hope you are all having a great day! 

P.S.  Lloyd, Donklan is 100% correct!  It's your message that's important...not the spelling.  You go on and challenge us.  I truly enjoy your messages!

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Mary Ann

Joan, I decided to see how many states I really had been in.  Now, this doesn't mean I stayed any length of time in many of them, but I have been in 44 states.  To get from one state to another, it is necessary to go through other states, but that means I have been IN those states.

Jim had been in 49 states, but had not been in North Dakota so I told him I would go to North Dakota with him if he'd go to Alaska with me.  At first, he said he had already been in Alaska, but then he saw a tour listed in a catalog he had, so suggested we take that the next year, which we did. 

My dad and I used to take two week trips, usually out west so I saw much of that area.  Jim and I took trips for six or seven years and most of those were in the US, however, we went to Canada on tours, also visited his sister who lives in Sooke on Vancouver Island. 

I'm better traveled than I thought!

Lloyd, don't worry about your spelling; we can tell what you mean!

Mary Ann


JOAN - I'd be really interested in some comments RE your trip to Egypt if you'd care to share them with us.  Although I worked with the Egyptian Cultural Bureau staff in Washington DC, I never had the opportunity to travel to Egypt myself.   I've always regretted that, especially when Mohamed talks about his teaching in Cairo or his family's homes in Giza (near the Pyramids).


donklan--You're right.  Welcome to the Soda Shoppe.

Janie--You did make the rounds today.  I like salty things for a snack, too.  Happy 24th birthday to Kyle.  I hope your sister and BIL have no problems getting to Philadelphia.

Mary Ann--I'd say you were well traveled.

Molly--I have company stopping by so I will tell you about our trip to Cairo tomorrow.

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Good evening Everyone
Not long home!



Joanie, it's my daughter Cathy and her husband Craig who are travelling to Phila. to celebrate with my grandson....their son.

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Kelly if right you posted Charles was in the produce isle at the Grocery store by the Potatoes :)

Does that help :) ?

Mycheal                                          Potato- Poland dude :)


LARRY  smart not buying that big tomato plant. Sometimes you do that and get it home and they don't like the change and either die or produce nothing.

JUNE  I was asleep early last night, that's why I was awake early. Lately I have not been getting to sleep till after midnight no matter how sleepy I am. I usually watch the news at 10 and then head to bed. Of course before that I am already in my nitey and robe with teeth bushed.

DONKLAN you are right. We have known Lloyd long enough to know what he is saying. He was not fortunate enough to have many years in school.

JANE  I do that vinegar cleaning in my coffee pot every 4 weeks. Ever put some baking soda in the drain and pour the hot vinegar in?  Keeps the drains clean. 

MARY ANN  I have been over a lot of states does that count?  Of course up in a plane I never knew what state we were flying over. Been to Chicago, That is where I had to change planes but stayed in the airport.

Good night everyone.

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Hi mycheal
I must be losing it as I cannot follow who you are saying.

I think my bottle is going!  :)


Lloyd Hammond

Good Night everyone. Sweet greams c you in the morning.



I'm off to Dreamland, too.  Good Night Everyfriend.  Sleep peacefully and wake rested so you can enjoy doing WHATEVER you wish, tomorrow.

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April 09, 2016, 11:06:53 pm #379 Last Edit: April 09, 2016, 11:14:48 pm by donklan
On the former S & F, some members were looking for new game sites.
Here is another one I've found entertaining...............

Click on games to see 18 choices.....................

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June Drabek

I am bushed so off to bed as soon as the teeth are brushed and the face washed. Church tomorrow, and then a quiet Sunday. My Dori is home from Idaho and had a great time with her kids and Grandkids. So my dear ones, sleep well this night, God Bless you all and I send you the usual Love, Hugs and Prayers...sincerely. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


A new week for Soda Shoppe begins HERE.

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