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Jan 09 2022 4:42pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome :)

Jan 09 2022 4:00pm
Astro: Michael, Thank you for getting the site up and running again!

Jan 09 2022 12:09am
Oldiesmann: Sorry for the extended downtime this afternoon/evening. I was busy this afternoon and didn't notice the problem until late tonight

Dec 24 2021 11:55pm
Oldiesmann: Same to you FlaJean :)

Dec 24 2021 1:29pm
FlaJean: Merry Christmas Oldiesmann!

Dec 19 2021 10:39am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond

Dec 13 2021 10:32pm
junee: shirley

Dec 04 2021 2:36am
Oldiesmann: If the colors for the holiday theme don't work well for you, you can change back to the regular theme in your profile (click your name at the top left above the logo, click "Look and Layout", click "Change" then "Use this theme" under "SMF Default Theme")

Dec 04 2021 2:34am
Oldiesmann: Lloyd: Here's the link. https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?topic=903.0

Nov 30 2021 9:04pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I can not fiend our soda shop and open the form we befor the chang of the new coler format help please.         Lloyd

Soda Shoppe for June 1, 2021

Started by so_P_bubble, June 01, 2021, 01:57:25 AM

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Lloyd Hammond

well grand children got my new computer set up so now another learning curve to learn. this one has twice as much capacity and speed also. time for me to get cleaned up and hit the hay. hope to see you all tomorrow.



Time to make my way to the haystack before the zzzzzs come to get me!  It's been another "one of those days".  Christy brought me a BIG cabbage from her garden this past weekend and I decided to try a recipe I found on line.  It called it "Canned Cole Slaw" but hen I read the ingredients it didn't sound like cole slaw....until I got to the end and it said, "You can eat it in the canning brine or empty the brine and add mayonnaise".  I canned some today and I'm going to try it as soon as I can.  If it works, I'm making more.  I only got 3 pints out of it because I was short the Apple Cider Vinegar.  But I still have half a cabbage and it will keep until I can make a trip to Davy's

After I was all in but my shoe strings I was just about to sit down and I heard a knock on my door.  It was my second cousin Patty and her husband.  It gave me an uneasy feeling because she doesn't stop here often.  And I was right.  My oldest cousin, George (her father) passed away this past week.  He was one of my favorite cousins and while we haven't got together a lot lately, we share a treasure trove of memories from our growing up years and our raising kids years.  He was a special guy and I will always love him and the times we shared! He was almost 93...his birthday is early July.

Now I'm going to head for the haystack.  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Jane, a sincere note of sympathy for loss of your cousin. Even when we haven't gotten together much the last few years, it was comforting to know they were still on this earth with us. Mine have gone from the 60s on Mom's side to less than a hand full, and only 3 remaining on Dad's. I'm sure your heart is heavy tonight. (((hugs)))

Sweet dreams to all, been a busy day here and busier tomorrow.   I need my beauty sleep,