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Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2021

Started by so_P_bubble, October 01, 2021, 12:02:32 AM

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I'm up and attem and a quick trip to Davy's was on the early agenda this morning but the weather had other plans.  We had dense fog when I got up.  It's lightened a bit but it's supposed to stick around until the sun plows through around 1.  I think I'm going to give it a go anyway.  I can take the back road and there's not much traffic on that road on Saturday.

AMY, I hope you don't find out soon when the housework and laundry ends because....well you know when that will be!

I hope you all have a good day...better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

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Jane, I ws thinking along the lines of winning big on a lottery and then the maid could do it. :2funny:

Don't think I would be happy with that as I am used to doing it "My Way"


I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, the finally got  t he parking lot  done and finished pain ting the lines on it  this morning For 2 days peopke were looking for places t o park when  they came to visit, had to start parking a lit tle down the road on the dise of the street. Cannot  park on s treet in front because we are on a bend of the road. Now my son will have a place  to park when he gets here in a couple of hours. Go t my flu shot yesterday arm not hurting from it either.

LLOYD  we would all like to see Nancy post  in here and get to meet her. No one can mess up a computer like I can and I am thankful my grandson comes  to my rescue and fixes it up for me.

SHIRLEY  how in  the world did you crack a rib and  then drive 300 miles? You are one tough woman for sure.

CALLIE  nice seeing you this morning.Been awhile since you posted here.

PATRICIA  seems this  time of year wi th the temperatures you get i t seems dumb to replace windows and doors and le t  tha t freezing weather into the apartments.

JACKIE  I watch local weather and local news and af ter  that I do not pay much attention  to the rest.

JANE  you will bea t wha tever the outcome is. Your faith will help you  through.

AMY  I am jus t looking forward  to t his cooler wea ther now. Snow can come in ano ther mon th.

Son will be here in abou t half an hour so be tter go get dressed.
Have a good day and s tay safe.   

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I think it must be cold out there.  My furnace just came on and it's set for 68 degrees.

AMY, some years ago, my daughter Christy said, "I keep hoping that you'll win the lottery some day".  I answered, "That would be nice but don't you have to buy a ticket to do that?  I've never in my life bought a lottery ticket!"  She admitted that a ticket would be necessary.  That year, for Christmas, I got about 6 lottery tickets.  2 of them hit for $2. each and one of them hit for $500.  I was in a state of shock!

Gotta get this day going.  Frankie is still sleeping and I'm getting hungry for lunch!  Continue in you groove, Everyone!

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Jane, wow  that was a good win for sure!!  We just had a tomato sandwich for lunch . I am sure going to miss the tasty tomatoes we are getting now as opposed to the hard rocks we get in the winter time.  Posted a couple of recipes in Whats for Dinner and think I am going to try the  potato and sausage soup. Sounds like a good rib sticker in this cold weather.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning from a white Interior at 28 degrees. Amy, you're ready for lunch, and it's eight here and I'm on my first cup of coffee. Remember the early October 2020 snowfall when I fell and lost my glasses? Well,


* WHAT...Snow occurring. Plan on difficult travel conditions. Additional snow accumulations of 1 to 4 inches, with localized amounts up to 8 inches, are expected.

* WHERE...Middle Tanana Valley.

* WHEN...Until 1 PM Sunday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Look for reduced visibilities at times. Heaviest snowfall will be southeast of Fairbanks.


A Winter Weather Advisory for snow means periods of snow will cause travel difficulties. The latest road conditions can be obtained by calling 5 1 1.

Gloria, I cannot foresee having everything piled in a corner of my apartment, six feet away from windows and doors, until next spring! I want this finished!

Shirley, 2021 has not been a good year for us here in S&F has it? I hope you're doing well today!


October 02, 2021, 08:19:34 PM #36 Last Edit: October 02, 2021, 08:21:58 PM by Shirley
I'm home & so tired it's hard to breathe... okay, I exaggerate.... just a little. Got most of the stuff into the house but lots to do tomorrow to clean it up. Too tired to eat but cats are looking in the door for their meal. First time EVER that neither one threw up, they were so good I look forward to another trip before snow & ice. Maybe when the trees in MO start changing color.

Gotta take my shower & get clothes out for church in the morning. Was really shocked only 14 at the luncheon & 13 stayed to eat. One of the guys just stopped by to say hello, his wife had a stroke this year & he's been fighting cancer treatments. More are still living but mostly out of state & don't travel anymore. I did get one night in a campground, have to show you when I figure how to get this one photo through the window of the RV off the new iPad. Don't know why I keep buying new toys when the just don't send the "smarts" that go with smart toys! The rib hurts worse than the others I've had, all I did this time was bend over too far & pushed it harder than it liked, gonna remind me for 6 weeks.

I bought a lottery ticket one time in MO & got $5 so put the $5 back on more & a couple had money (nothing bigger than $5 or $10, but the others were the kind that goes on for the big lottery. Dumb me, since I lived in KS I didn't think I could go for the big money so gave the tickets to the sack boy at that grocery store. Never heard that anyone from that little town made it big so don't fret about being so dumb. Have not bought a ticket since.

Gotta go feed Tom, he is staring in the door. Mama Callie hasn't shown up. She did manage to sneak into the garage before I left, I even used the leaf blower to make sure she was out. Andy came by the next day to check & sure nuff, she came trotting out & tried to sneak back in before he could close the door. Haha, think she is mad because usually she is right here withing 5 min after the motorhome shows up in the driveway. Tiger is waiting for her out front, she thinks she is a big girl when she's out front.

Sounds like y'all have been playing nice while I've been gone. I would still love to visit Alaska, Patricia, old dreams die hard. But my dream is to "mosey" around, no tour for me.  Ah, Tom is going to leave home if I don't offer him food!


A good Saturday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND 🍁🍂 So nice to see so many newsy posts.

Thursday we had our yearly physicals.  Everything went great, but the doc ALWAYS wants me to go see this doc for this and another for that.  Truth is......I am DOCTORED out for now!  We both got our flu shots and will continue to stay tuned if and when the Moderna booster will be offered.

Yesterday I saw my Endocrinologist.  I thought he might be upset with me over my A1C but he was not.  He was pleased with my slow but sure weight loss and said my higher bloodsugars are due to my extreme pain and stress🥰🥰

JANE, pleased to read that Bridget is home and doing better, however not good to read about the news from your procedure.  I will be praying for you both.

PATRICIA, no repeat for you of last October's fall.  😩🤪. It is just not right that the6 expect you to be in turmoil with things pulled away from the walls, etc.  They need to be honest and have the people that they are actually working on do this.  I knew your patio area was going to be slippery when w3t when I saw the sheen on it. 

Seems I accidentally erased the rest of my post....

Enjoy the rest of your day.

"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


October 02, 2021, 09:36:59 PM #38 Last Edit: October 02, 2021, 09:39:47 PM by patricia19
Shirley, we had three inches of snow on Friday, and it started at two PM yesterday and is still snowing. Snow's expected until Sunday afternoon, which has an 80% chance of snow.

Jenny, the leaves were still turning and are still on the branches and not the ground!

Shirley, you could mosey around in certain areas, but you need a current map and info. Bears, lynx, wolves, moose, and other animals roam freely, and it is their land. If you go to any of the parks, you can only go a few miles by car. Otherwise, it would be best if you had a required shuttle bus. We have several hot springs, but only one is civilized; the rest are rustic and need permission to access.

There are world-class mountains within one hundred miles from here, and you don't want to get lost. It's generally frowned upon by those doing the rescuing. The guy who starved to death on the bus wasn't far from here. In short, this area is wilderness and there is no statewide road system. It keeps getting voted down.

There are multiple tours, and that includes both helicopter and small plane tours.


Hey Everyfriend!  I'm about to head for the haystack but I needed to check in here first and see what Everyfriend has been up to today.

PATRICIA and SHIRLEY, Alaska is the only state in the Union that I haven't visited and I've been dying to see it.  But I would definitely want to be shown around.  I'd want to take a very good tour and see as much as I could in whatever time was available.  But I think that's a lost fantasy at this time in my life.  Therefore, I hang on every word that PATRICIA posts about her unique state.  Sometimes, what you say is so vivid, I can almost feel like I'm there! 

Frankie was here today and she spent the afternoon cleaning for me.  She really is good at that.  Everything she cleaned looks so good when she finishes.  And she's coming back tomorrow to finish up.  I try to pay her but she won't take anything so I have to be devious. 

I went out in the fog this morning and I had my headlights on for the first time in (probably) years and I forgot to turn them off.  Now I have a car sitting out there with a dead battery.  I called my son and he's coming over tomorrow to get it started and then I'll have to drive around a bit to get it fully charged.  I knew when I turned the lights on, I'd forget to turn them off.  I'm such and air head!  But one good thing came of it.  When my son called to see what I needed, he invited me to dinner at his house tomorrow.  What could be better than that?

Gotta go!  My eyes are trying to enter slam shut mode and I'm tired too.  Among other things, Cooper and I had 3 long walks today.  If I measured correctly a while back our long walks are somewhere between a quarter and a half mile.  We both need that!

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Good morning  everyone. Went to bed early last night, could not keep my eyes open and as a result here I an at  4:15  am, will need a nap before the day is over.  54 now but will be in the 70's later this afternoon. Now that the heat is on I have it set at 65 and it was running when I got up yesterday and in the afternoon I had the AC on, it was up to 85 in here with the sun hitting this side of the building, I had the shades down, too. Crazy at this time of year.

JANE  years ago I used to play the lottery when it had a big payout and never got as much as a free ticket so quit.

AMY  like you I will miss those tomato sandwicches when the native tomatoes are gone for another year. In the winter when I get a longing for a tomato I have the CNA get me one tomato on the vine as long as they are not too ripe and soft.

PATRICIA  we don't have balconies here and only 2 windows. I do wish they would put in new ones that are easier to raise and lower. I only have strength to raise them about 3 inches, others who are still strong can raise theirs all the way up.

SHIRLEY  glad you made it safely home. I don't know how you could do anything with a cracked rib. I never had that but at times when I had a bad cold with coughing too much my ribs hurt and I could not do much of anything. Yes I did stay home when I had a cold like that.

JENNY  great your yearly check ups went good. By now y ou must be tired of doc tors and having to go to different ones. How I would love to find one of those old time family doctors that took care of everything.

JANE  I always wanted  to visit Hawaii but that was a pipe dream. I always wanted to travel the 48 states. My trveling of our beaut iful country has been done at the computer. If my daughter had not moved to California I never would have flown out there on my vacation every year. Now I am worn out just going to my son's or my grandson's for a holiday dinner. Going to the doct or wears me out even more.

Since no one else is here maybe I will go back  to bed and hope I can ca tch a few more of those ZZZZ's I lost there.

Hello to all who show up later.
Have a good day and stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning Gloria and everyone else that follow today. It Is 65º Here now, do not know what the weather guesser Is saying yet. Hope you all have a geat day just as you Like it.



October 03, 2021, 08:01:25 AM #42 Last Edit: October 04, 2021, 06:32:15 AM by Amy
Good morning

Another overcast day ,temp is 59° at the moment.

A day of rest here...may end up getting the last 3 rows done on that quilt and binding sewn on.

Friends dropped off summer sausage and 2 acorn squash that they picked up at a  Mennonite market yesterday so there is part of lunch and part of supper. :thumbup:

Jane, can I borrow  Frankie???  She sounds like a cleaning dyno and I am so glad she is there to help you. Got your email and will put that in.

Gloria, the macs I bought are pink inside!! Kyle is now working on ones that I got on Fri buy one get one....so far no pink inside.

Patricia, is it still snowing there? If the rain had of been snow yesterday we would be digging our way out this morning. Rained so hard at times it put the satellite dish out. Areas that had a flood warning last bout of rain will be under a new watch I would think.

Shirley, glad you are home same and well almost sound. Cracked ribs are not nice so just take it easy if you can. Way to go on the cats not up chucking..they must have known bending over and having to clean up would hurt your ribs.

Jenny, its bad enough to deal with covid but you have health issues also. At least you have a good team of Drs and they seem pleased at how you are doing..

Lloyd, tell Nancy we are looking for her to say hello.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend.  My son said that he'd be back after he did his morning run at a place called "Dale's Ridge".  It's a trail that goes along a ridge in the base of the mountains between Williamsport and here.  It's on our side of the mountain.  They have an Alaskan Malemute that goes along with him and gets to run free.  Nice.

But I didn't know how early he goes.  He just left here and my car is running!  I have to take a little drive in about 10 minutes and make sure it keeps running. 

I hope Everyfriend is feeling better and can enjoy this day.  I wish you all WELL!

We're supposed to get showers off and on all day today and most of the coming week!  I think we already had one of them because I saw some raindrops on the car when I was out there with my son.  I'm not looking forward to a week of rainy days!

I hope you all have a good day...better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow!

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October 03, 2021, 10:24:42 AM #44 Last Edit: October 03, 2021, 12:24:22 PM by so_P_bubble
I was so messed up this morning, thought it was Monday and could not figure out why the  things I watch on TV in the mornings were not on the TV. Fianally pulled out my cell phone and saw it was Sunday.

I just got this in an email and have to share it with my cyber family. Hope you like it and have chuckles like I did.
Mallox and  nose drops

Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting,
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings,
Bundles of magazines tied up in string,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Cadillacs and cataracts and hearing aids and glasses,
Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses,
Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,
These are a few of my favorite things.
When the pipes leak,
When the bones creak,
When the knees go bad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad.
Hot tea and crumpets, and corn pads for bunions,
No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions,
Bathrobes and heat pads and hot meals they bring,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Back pains, confused brains, and no fear of sinnin,
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinin,
And we won't mention our short shrunken frames,
When we remember our favorite things.
When the joints ache, when the hips break,
When the eyes grow dim,
Then I remember the great life I've had,
And then I don't feel so bad.

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Gloria, that sure hits a lot of spots! Talked with friends this morning and asked about another friend and they said he has slowed down a lot..........doesn't that fit us all?
Passing this on for others to enjoy ,thank you.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


October 03, 2021, 12:33:39 PM #46 Last Edit: October 03, 2021, 12:44:49 PM by patricia19
Good morning from the Interior at 32 degrees this morning at 8 AM! Yes, it's still snowing, but it rained late yesterday afternoon and during the night before returning to snow. So, conditions are bad out there! My arthritis has flared, and my right shoulder, arm, and fingers are throbbing! I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow so, the heat's on, and the couch beckons.

Gloria, the soon-to-be-replaced screened bedroom window opens with a crank, but I leave it shut. As it is now, the screened balcony door is flanked by two matching long narrow windows that don't open. They will all be replaced with a screened sliding glass door, but more importantly, new weatherstripping! The new balcony doesn't drain, and the melted snow freezes, and it's icy out there.

I can identify with what you posted too well! :)

Good morning Lloyd!

Amy, do you normally have more rain in autumn? I've heard that your area doesn't have that much snow, but you know what they say about hearsay!

Jane, thank you for the kind words about my state. Here are some more unique Alaskan facts, "How big would Alaska be if it was a country? At 665,384, Alaska is twice as big as the next largest state, Texas, and nearly a quarter the size of the continental US.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, if Alaska were a country it would be the 17th largest in the world, just a tad larger than Iran." "Alaska also has the natural resources to be 100% self-sufficient." " Alaska is the least densely populated state, and one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world, at 1.2 inhabitants per square mile (0.46/km 2), with the next state, Wyoming, at 5.8 inhabitants per square mile (2.2/km 2).

Alaska is by far the largest U.S. state by area, and the tenth wealthiest (per capita income)." "Alaska, located on the extreme northwest of the North American continent, is the largest US state by size, covering an area of approximately 1.7 million square km (665,380 square miles). Despite its vastness, the state is the country's third-least populous state with only 1.26 people per square mile on average."

"The largest state (in area) of the United States, Alaska was admitted to the union as the 49th state in 1959, and lies at the extreme northwest of the North American continent. Acquired by the United States in 1867, the territory was dubbed "Seward's Folly" after U.S. Secretary of State William Seward, who arranged to purchase the land from Russia.

Critics of the purchase believed that the land had nothing to offer, but the discovery of gold in the 1890s created a stampede of prospectors and settlers. Alaska is bounded by the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean to the north; Canada's Yukon Territory and British Columbia province to the east; the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean to the south; the Bering Strait and the Bering Sea to the west; and the Chukchi Sea to the northwest. The capital is Juneau."

"Russia controlled most of the area that is now Alaska from the late 1700s until 1867, when it was purchased by U.S. Secretary of State William Seward for $7.2 million, or about two cents an acre.
During World War II, the Japanese occupied two Alaskan islands, Attu and Kiska, for 15 months.

President Roosevelt relocated many victims of the nineteen-thirties dust bowl to Alaska where they prospered.

Stalin and Roosevelt's WWII lend-lease program where the US loaned fighter planes to Russia and taught Russians to fly them was located in Fairbanks where there's a statue commemorating the event.

There are seven unique geographical and climate areas in the state.

Alaska contains 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States. At 20,320 feet, Mt. Denali is the tallest mountain in North America.

Alaska has roughly 5,000 earthquakes every year. In March of 1964, the strongest earthquake recorded in North America occurred in Prince William Sound with a magnitude of 9.2.
The most powerful volcanic explosion of the 20th century occurred in 1912 when Novarupta Volcano erupted, creating the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in Katmai National Park.

The temperature dropped to a record -80 degrees Fahrenheit at Prospect Creek Camp in 1971.
The state of Rhode Island could fit into Alaska more than 420 times.

People have inhabited Alaska since 10,000 BCE. At that time a land bridge extended from Siberia to eastern Alaska, and migrants followed herds of animals across it. Of these migrant groups, the Athabaskans, Aleuts, Inuit, Yupik, Tlingit and Haida remain in Alaska."



October 03, 2021, 07:46:27 PM #48 Last Edit: October 03, 2021, 07:50:58 PM by Denver
SUNDAY afternoon HELLO to ALL.  WE are watching the second half of my Broncos Game. Our quarter back is on concussion protocol, so we may not be able to be 4-0 today😩

We have heard on our news that many people are jumping the gun and going in for their third vaccine.  Our doc said to not even think about getting another Moderna vaccine until it is announced what the booster will be.  He sad Moderna is the stronger of the vaccines and we are better covered than other vaccines people have been given.  Glad you have had your flu shot. 

It is perfect temperatures here today.  We are not expecting any moisture for a few days, but we sure could use some.

SHIRLEY, glad you are back home safe after your drive to MO. Nice you got to see a few friends at your luncheon.  Sorry about those sore ribs.  I hope you can take it easy and give your boo-boo's some down time🙏🙏

PATRICIA, I enjoyed reading the stats that you shared about Alaska.

AMY, I have to admit I have certainly slowed down A LOT, but I am hopeful I will gain some back.  I, too, wish I could borrow Frankie.  Poor Bob has been so busy taking care of me for the last six months, our home really needs a good cleaning😩

GLORIA, a lot of us get confused about the DAY.....seems they are ALL the same🤪🤪. Loved the Malox Poem.....it pretty much covers us all‼️

Guess I best head for the kitchen and see f I c@n help Bob.

Have a good evening💞

"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


God morning...

Temp rose in the night tis now 51° and now windows and doors are open to let some cooler air in. A fire proved to be too much this morning. :2funny:

Going to make a phone call and see when an oil change on the van is available today or later on the day tomorrow. Quilt was finally done now to make binding which doesn't take long and it too can go.

Jane,as for the rain David called and said he was the cause due to washing his truck. I would have said yes it is your fault but told him I helped when I washed the van!!

Jenny, you are one that appreciates their husband's help  and I am sure he doesn't mind helping you.

Patricia, yes our Fall rains. They help bring up the rivers plus wells that may have gotten low in the summer. I enjoy the Fall rains as I know how much they are needed. Really enjoyed all the information in your post about Alaska ,thank you for sharing.

Better go feed the birds, I saw drop wing the crow in the group yesterday. For a while he was missing so nice to see him back. Geese are making more fights each day now and it has been a while since the loon call has echoed across the lake.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


October 04, 2021, 07:03:54 AM #50 Last Edit: October 04, 2021, 07:06:31 AM by JaneS
Good Morning Everyfriend!  It's been raining off and on since just after we finished eating out on my son's patio.  He made barbecued spare ribs with his own special barbecue sauce on them and they were delicious.  Sarah, his wife, made baked little red potatoes in the oven and fresh corn off the cob.  There was a choice of pie for dessert.  It was delicious but the company was even better.  Frankie joined us.

Then my son drove me in my car home (I don't drive in the dark) and Sarah picked him up.  The rest of the day was a busy one and if you've heard the expression "I'm so tired I could cry"....I WAS!  I went to bed early....around 9:30 and I slept well until 6 this morning. 

It's raining here and it's supposed to rain most of the day today, tomorrow and Friday and Saturday. 

PATRICIA, I loved our "Lesson for the Day".  Thank you for keeping us informed and up to date.  With you around, we'll never become "stupid old ladies/men"!

AMY, there have been geese forming up in this area for a month now.  The must be teaching the "newbies" to follow formation so they don't get lost on the way South.

GLORIA, I've read that poem before but I'd forgotten until you posted it.  It's a good one for us older folks!

Gotta go!  It's almost time for Cooper to show up!  I'm going to stay home and try to clean up some corners today before my cousin arrives on Wednesday.  I can't wait to see him!  It's been more than 20 years since I've seen him.  He lives in Sacramento, Calif. but he's travelling the East and he's stopping here late Wed. Afternoon and spending the night before he heads off to the Boston area. 

I wish you all a good day...better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow!

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Amy, I see you find names for the birds like I do (drop wing). Does that one migrate?  We had a Canada goose that lost a leg to fish line cutting off circulation & I would take corn a couple times a day to where it was recovering. So sad to watch, but it's mate waited with it & finally they took off for the north, with the one leg dangling by fish line to the other leg. A local bird rescurer did a video of one goose brought in with fish line around both legs. He released it before it's legs were strong enough to hold it up (behind my house), but it had trouble walking so don't know if it made it. Too bad people that enjoy fishing don't realize what can happen to the line they carelessly leave behind.

Patricia, when I was a teenager my youngest brother was sent to the military base in Anchorage & bought an Airstream to take his wife & new baby(early 1950s). She was so good about letters describing their surroundings so I really fell in love with the idea of spending a summer just looking around (not realistic). A cousin started up a trucking line that added to my interest and then another brother was assigned the job of doing an ecology study of how the pipeline affected wildlife. By then I really was ready to go BUT.. not meant to be. My joy in traveling is to meet the people and see what REAL life is like. I used to check a site online of people talking about their travels to Alaska, met Mary Zelle (she posts over in Bosom Buddies) when she & husband made a 2 & 1/2 month trip touring with a camper. They traveled everywhere.

I'd better fix my breakfast, Tom & Tiger ate but Callie still hasn't come home. I really felt bad about leaving her behind.

Jane, envy you the visit with your cousin. One of my favorites is "back east" staying with a son while taking radiation treatments for cancer. Living where I do my house could be a regular stop off if I ever got it ready for company. Most of the east-west travelers go the interstate north of where I live so I haven't put out an open invitation. I would have welcomed this cousin but expect he flew cross country. Haven't heard how he is doing for a few weeks so will e-mail when I get off here. Lunch with your son sounds delicious, I think you have a super nice family.

And now I will send wishes for everyone to have a wonderful day. It is cool enough this morning to enjoy being outside but ribs kept me awake all night & need to make up for it.


Shirley, yes, they get names. I just had a good laugh.  I was watching 3 crows at the feed ,two eating and one taking a sip of water from a rain puddle. Went on about my work when there was a commotion outside!! There was a murder of crows!! Must have been 15 for what I could count and were they raising a ruckus!! Threw out some bagels.....no cheese and all is sort of quiet for the time being.. :2funny: .
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


October 04, 2021, 08:06:52 AM #53 Last Edit: October 04, 2021, 09:05:33 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
Just had a lady from my church phone to ask if i was in, she came inside and presented me with a beautiful  bunch of flowers on behalf of my church for yesterdays church reading, i totally was not expecting that..She told me i read beautifully...I will try to post a photo of the flowers if and when possible...

" look after our planet, it is the only one we have "   

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. It Is 65º and sunny Here this morning. we Have small black birds around here all the time, But the birds we enjoy are Humming birds. Nancy keeps a feeder stoked for them. some times one or two at two or three spots around the feeder. and one dive booming them. but they have gone south already for the season. we sure get a lot of pleasure, watching them. My brother that Lives At Page AZ. Ha nest they made on his front porch they use all the time. M uncle decided  that lived in Arkansas Had them nesting on his front porch as well and they dive bomb us strangers setting out there, but not him and his wife setting there alone. Have a good day.



Lloyd, good morning. Birds are not stupid.....they know and recognize people. If I whistle once the feed is put out for the crows they are soon here to clean up on the food. Shirley whistles for her fish and they come and I am sure you must have whistled for your horse and they too come. My trick for the horses, cows and sheep was to fill a big garbage bag  full of air and rattle it......they all came thinking they were going to get donuts. Once they all came I would scurry into the barn to get some grain for them.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Ah Lloyd Blackbirds are my favourites..and a good morning to you.. :)

" look after our planet, it is the only one we have "   

Lloyd Hammond

Vanilla-Jackie that was nice of your friend bringing you flowers. I suspect they were cut flowers. if so ever three or four days, cutoff the bottom  off at a 45 degree angle. and make this formula and put them in it. take warm water about the tempter you would use as baby formula and test on your arm. ( a quart of warm water put tow t spoons of sugar and to or three drops of of bleach in it) do this every three or four days. they will last three or four times as long. Havea good day.



Good morning!  Of first importance...I'm thinking of you, Jane, and know that with your positive attitude and supportive family the medical problem you are dealing with will turn out all right.  But, I'm adding my prayers, just in case one more good thought can help.

I spend a lot of time in my big chair now and to pass the time I watch live videos from all over the world.  Some of the ones I watch are of huge flocks of migrating birds on a "flyby" in upper Wisconsin.  It is fascinating!  Also, I watch live videos of what is happening all over the world at different seaports and places that I have been and places that I wanted to see but never got to.  It keeps my brain active and informed.

I don't do much cooking now....mostly re-heating already prepared foods...but yesterday I was able to broil  steaks in the Cuisinart countertop oven/air fryer,etc. and make baked potatoes in the microwave.  They tasted so good.  Added fresh vegetables from Papa Spuds and we finished with pound cake from the deli.  It was so good but I was worn out when dinner was finished.  David did all of the clean up...but, he usually does that now, anyway.  Don't know what I would do without him and all of the convenience foods that I can have delivered to my door.  Even the steaks were from Schwan's.  With all of the modern conveniences at hand we don't need to starve even when we can no longer cook as we used to do.

Best thoughts and wishes to all who are fighting health problems of any kind.  I think of you all even though I don't get here to talk to each one of you as often as I would like to.

Take care, All


October 04, 2021, 09:53:17 AM #59 Last Edit: October 04, 2021, 09:55:01 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
Lloyd...they are potted flowers, i have posted a photo of them on our site...hm, not sure i would put bleach into a vase with flowers...

" look after our planet, it is the only one we have "