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Jan 09 2022 4:42pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome :)

Jan 09 2022 4:00pm
Astro: Michael, Thank you for getting the site up and running again!

Jan 09 2022 12:09am
Oldiesmann: Sorry for the extended downtime this afternoon/evening. I was busy this afternoon and didn't notice the problem until late tonight

Dec 24 2021 11:55pm
Oldiesmann: Same to you FlaJean :)

Dec 24 2021 1:29pm
FlaJean: Merry Christmas Oldiesmann!

Dec 19 2021 10:39am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond

Dec 13 2021 10:32pm
junee: shirley

Dec 04 2021 2:36am
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Dec 04 2021 2:34am
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Nov 30 2021 9:04pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I can not fiend our soda shop and open the form we befor the chang of the new coler format help please.         Lloyd

Soda Shoppe for October 15, 2021

Started by so_P_bubble, October 15, 2021, 12:19:10 AM

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Good morning everyone, well my AC is put away for the winter months but I missed it  last night. Rain was in the forecast so did not want to keep windows open and 2 fans going did not cool it of‭f. Don't know if we had  the " heavy thunderstorms" in the forecast but  it did rain. I t was supposed  to be a cold nt  moving in, well jus t checked and no t supposed to  above 65 today, tha t's OK with me. Go t a no tice under my door la te Friday, The nex t 3 days out apar tmen ts will be inspec ted to make sure everyt hing is in working order  then in Novemnber 20, a team from REAC -Real Estate Assessment Center will be here to really check our apartments. T hey start on those days a t 8am. Heck some days I am still sleeping at  that  time. I hope they start on the first floor like they usually do and not up here on the third one.

PHYLLIS  my winter clothes are close to me here but need help gett ing them ou t of the bins they are in. Summer ones are just about all laundered now waiting to be put away.  Like you I still miss PSP but would have to take lessons all over again and  too old  to start over.

JANE  visit with your daughter as much as you want. I woul d be doing the same if my daughter was here.

LLOYD  gosh I would like someone would wake me up to ea t.

JACKIE  so many new people have moved in here lately and wi th masks haveing  to be orn out of our apartments I know I have  talked  to some bu t canno t remember names and do not know what they look like.

MARILYNE  thanks for the update about why Rammel has not posted.

RAMMEL  my sincere condolences to you.

SHIRLEY  I cannot say I slowed down a tad, I slowed down mos t of me. Hard  to move or walk of stand, only t hing where I don't hurs is when sleeping and I get a t lea t 7 almos t every night.

JANE  yesterday was a gray day and the rain we had was over night. Woke too late to catch local news this morning.

SHIRLEY  my oldest grandson will be 46 next month. DO NOT TAKE OFF ON A TRIP TO COLORADO ALONE. If your sons are too busy  to go maybe a t a later date they will have the time.

AMY  trees here are just starting to show color, have not even had a light frost yet. The warmer than normal t emperat ures for this time of  year were no from an Indian summer either

Have a good day and be safe and healthy.

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Boy!  This place is empty today.  I can hear my voice echoing in space!  I'm off to the haystack!  Good night... night... night... night...

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October 18, 2021, 01:41:57 AM #32 Last Edit: October 18, 2021, 04:33:31 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
Almost 14 hours of emptiness , Jane S good you came along to make a noise in this room...well it got me out of bed 2 & a half hours after you posted..now there is no one around, YOU are all in bed...

" look after our planet, it is the only one we have "   


Good morning everyone-WHERE ARE YOU?
Goodness 2 posts since I was here yesterday morning, Joan and Jackie. Was the site down or some thing? Not  even Amy posted.
Not much going on here, down to 48  when I first checked this morning. About time it starts feeling normal.
Bet ter get dressed before those inspect ors get here. For 3 days they will be checking all apartments. If things go as usual this will be on Wednesday on the  third floor. Never know when they will change. I do  have any clutter-cannot stand things hanging around. After 6 years I know  the walls could s tand a washing but  I can no longer do things like that and the CNA's cannot either. Even the homemakers cannot do "heavy" cleaning.

Have a good day and be safe.

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Good Morning...especially to JACKIE and GLORIA.  At least it's not echoing this morning!

The temp was down in the low 40s overnight and is only up to 52 right now with a prediction of 57 for the high today!  I do believe we have entered Fall.

Cindy has moved in and has her office set up on my dining room table and she'll be staying until after my surgery.  She works from home and got her company manager to agree to have her work from PA for now.  I find it amazing that they can do this!

I'm off for another pre-op visit this afternoon.  I'm not sure who is taking me and who is going along.  I'm pretty sure Cathy is driving but I think Cindy might be riding along.  I guess I'll find out.  And they've discovered that it's time for my next flu shot so they notified me that if I get that at this appointment, they'll give me a dollar in cash.  Probably the easiest dollar I'll ever make!

I wish you all a good day...better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow!

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I've stopped by, got side tracked without leaving a post, been a super long day of doing nothing. The wind is howling, trees bending every direction but temps about perfect, how about low 70s for the afternoon high? Nothing to show for my day, night was almost no sleep with turning to try to get comfy with that crazy rib. Can't think of any reason it decided to be such a "pain" during the night but will be glad when the time is over!

You are all in my thoughts, the aches & pains as well as the health fears so many face. If we had NO health issues, NO limit to what we could spend, what would be your favorite place in the world to visit for maybe 2 weeks?  Think about it.

Mine would be a motorhome just mosey around Alaska, of course that motorhome would be totally maintenance free (sure, like that's gonna happen). Ideally there would be electric hook up every night to charge batteries, catch up with the family that would be traveling in separate RVs, to eat together & talk about the day. I have no interest in man-made sights but would relish the sights of wild life. My dream, oh, and I'd have a German Shepherd as co-pilot...


I don't even have to think about that.  My choice to visit would be a small town in OKla.  to hug and love my great-grands one of whom I've never seen!

This forum sure was not a busy place today.  Where is everyone!

I had another pre-op dr. appt. today and I wonder when they'll stop.  When we got back we just spent a "hang-around" day with my two daughters.  Cindy is getting ready for bed now and I'm about to do the same.  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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October 19, 2021, 01:16:45 AM #37 Last Edit: October 19, 2021, 01:18:42 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
Good night Jane S...good Tuesday morning to my S S friends..when you arrive after your sleep..

" look after our planet, it is the only one we have "   


Good morning..

I do believe we had frost overnight. I did cover up the one strawberry plant that I let a strawberry grow ,just to have a taste of the fruit of the new plants.

We took off yesterday, to the city, long drive but all in all a good day. We both had a welcomed feed of Chinese food and I found some canning lids ( 17 pkgs) at a store  on the way home.

Jane, great that Cindy is going to stay with a while. Good time to catch up on all the information on what they have been doing. Your family looks after you including your grandchildren.. :smitten:

Gloria, if we don't high tail it to the city early it gets too busy for me to enjoy. Some of the items I wanted wee just not there. I got the answer that they are sitting in ships off shore waiting to be unpacked. One lady said buy your Christmas gifts now for the kids because once the toys are gone they won't be re stocked soon.

Shirley, like you we would get a motorhome and visit all our friends. We have been to Alaska and really enjoyed what little time we had there.......been to 17 States in all and across Canada.

Patricia, how are the renos going? Are they done yet? How is Farrah with all the ruckus going on?

Lloyd, how are you? You posted on the 17th and nothing since.

Phyllis, the IP is going to get a work out today. We are to get our flu shot and Kyle gets his covid booster on Thur and I want to make some soup to have on hand ,just in case we both are not up to much.

Better get ready for the day.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  It was in the low 40s overnight and only supposed to make the mid 60s today.  But it's supposed to be clear and sunny so maybe it won't feel that cold.

AMY, with all the canning you do, you must already have soup made!

SHIRLEY, I hope your rib is feeling better!

JACKIE, Good morning to you much earlier than my morning starts.

I'm going to go get a shower and get dressed pretty soon.  Cindy's friend is picking up her and two others for a surprise of some kind this morning.  She has no idea what's going on! 

Cooper will be here around noon so I don't have to be ready for anything until then.  I wish you all a good day...better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

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Lloyd Hammond

October 19, 2021, 08:11:01 AM #40 Last Edit: October 19, 2021, 08:13:39 AM by Lloyd Hammond

amy to answer you, I had a good sleep last night, Just thinking over what I need to put as first thing to do first that I have Promised to do. first thing I have to build the new work bench. and I have promised to Bild some book holders for the back of the pews for a church. then some seeder chest's, one for Nancy and one for grad daughter. and some jewelry boxes for grand daughter's and great grand daughter's. that should keep me out of trouble for a while. our tempter Is 53 and clear.



October 19, 2021, 08:13:51 AM #41 Last Edit: October 19, 2021, 11:26:18 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
Jane S - Lloyd Hammond, good morning...Lloyd as my father often would say..." it keeps you out of mischief "

" look after our planet, it is the only one we have "   


Jane, I do have some soup already canned but my go to soup if not feeling up to par is chicken noodle and I don't have any already made:( 
I do have it on good authority that one can get both needles and feel ok. We never had a problem with the flu shots before so we shall see.
Frost is melting  and in a bit I will go peek at the strawberry plants and see how they tolerated the frost.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, a very brisk one, went down to 38 and now up to 44. sun is shining and sky a beautiful blue, windows closed no fans on and heat is on. I was surprised at how late I woke this morning almost 8 so had my 8 hours sleep and maybe a bit more last night.

JANE  how great that Cindy is there with you and can still work at her job. Like my grandson -my pc guru-works from home and it  is great for his son, no baby sitter needed after school and  that little sweetie loves his Dad. We had our flu shots here in  the building  and  got a $5.00 coupon for CVS off a $20.00 purchase. Easy to do there, Yvette has to go there today to pick up a Rx for me.  I pray nothing new  to worry about with the pre-op yesterday.

SHIRLEY  my dream would be  to have my 3 and  their kids and grands all together. Don't care where, here or in Arizona, as long as we all were together.

JACKIE  good morning to you.

AMY  I woke  too late  this morning and  the sun was already hitting t he cars so could no t t ell if i t was fros toe dew on  the windows of  them. Was cold enough for it. I s till have a bruise on my arm from the flu shot  I got on 10/1 and  that never happened before.

LLOYD  at least you are keeping busy and not  bored.

Have a good day and stay safe and happy.

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October 19, 2021, 01:37:22 PM #44 Last Edit: October 19, 2021, 01:40:33 PM by patricia19
Good morning everyone! I'm having a late start today as I was up until just after three in the morning. I would have slept longer, but the heavy machinery working on the triad of apartments below me woke me up. I spent yesterday sitting in a chair for eight hours in an opened break room, with my kindle and crosswords with no exercise, so I never had a chance to get tired!

Poor Farrah was under the bed; she only came out when I did and has wisely decided to stay away from the windows and behind me for the day. I'm bigger and would probably get caught and eaten first in her book!  :thumbup:  She moves when I do but is always a step behind me.

Last evening at four pm, I opened the bathroom door and left her to emerge independently. She took a minute to regroup and then slowly, stealthily check each room for any intruders before relaxing. I hate to see her back to hiding again. At least my window/door looks good and seals against drafts. However, no screen on the balcony doors as previously promised by management!!

When I returned at four, my apartment was freezing; the thermostat read mid-forties! I now know how cave dwellers must have felt with two six-foot by six-foot openings in my apartment for those eight hours they were in here. I reset for 85 degrees, and it has taken until this morning to warm fully. At least the two months of construction are behind me! They have only the floor below to finish and some later time to do the twenty studios, four on each floor. Somehow, they ordered the wrong-sized sliding glass doors, which are not wide enough for wheelchairs, so they're waiting on that.


Rick, my condolences, I only learned of your wife's passing and I'm so sorry.


Good Night Everyfriend!  I'm about to hit the haystack.  It's been a day of differences ending with dinner at my daughter Cathy's house.  Cindy and I took fresh corn from the freezer, cooked and ready to eat.  Cathy made ham loaf and scalloped potatoes and we had ice cream for dessert.  It was a fun evening!

Cooper is spending the night so I'll have a bedfellow tonight!  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Gloria, I do wish you could have your kids/family together for a photo to hang on your wall. We try to get one every year but now & then somebody is missing. The last gathering my youngest son & his "significant other" were on a cruise so I managed to insert their photo into a picture frame hanging on the wall behind all of us. Doesn't look like we will get one this year & didn't get one last year, covid was the excuse.

Patricia, poor Farrah must have been in agony thinking her world was falling apart. I do feel for animals when we can't explain to them. I guess this has been what Tom feels when we head out in the motorhome, wondering what's going to happen to him. I didn't have to take them until Cas died so by then they were about 4 years old, and Tom has always been a scaredy cat.

Amy, would love to meet you in a National Park or Corp of Engineer campground, we'd have a ball. I'm not up to the hiking anymore but love the cooking over a campfire or even cooking & baking inside. I do like having a real oven & frig & freezer for convenience, makes it fun to serve up really good biscuits & all the fixings.

Jane, just while ago my daughter & I talked about what happened with my year.... was about a year ago I had covid, then spring was the cataract surgery that got extended because of the meds & took 2 weeks with each eye my daughter stayed with me plus a month between, so there went a couple months. Covid was only 2 & 1/2 weeks but some time to get over. No wonder this last year seemed lost. You will look back at this trial of yours and feel the same, I think, of how this isn't our norm! If you decide to make that trip to OK, betcha we could get a few of us together for lunch! (How about it, Callie)

Lloyd, you'll have to start getting the wood to build all the stuff you planned. I had to buy a fence board last week & the quality of wood is awful compared with what I bought last (some years ago). Don't know about you but I'm having trouble getting started with the projects waiting to be done. Promised my daughter I'd paint a portrait of her daughter's dog that she can give her for Christmas & need to get out my paints to see if any dried up. I've done hundreds of dog portraits & kept going up on the price to limit the orders, kept me busy. I've had the photos of her dog since spring & still haven't dragged the paints out, time is running out to have it ready for Christmas!

Jackie, for all the years we've known each other, I believe you've finally found a place you feel at home. So happy for you.

I didn't realize it is past 10:00pm and I told myself I was going to get to bed early, have a super busy day tomorrow.  I really dread dealing with my lawn mowing guy, he speaks English & understand much better than he lets on... in other words, he hears only what he wants and does things the way HE wants. I hired him because he advertised cleaning gutters. We discussed HOW they would be cleaned. I explained I wanted the leaves & bird nests cleaned out by hand & put into buckets and not washed into the downspouts. He & his son were on the roof just blowing leaves out but didn't get out the stuff stuck, just blew all down the downspouts & with the rain last week, water poured over just like before if not worse! I took photos/videos.

Anyway, each time he mowed since he ignores what I say & does what he wants. He insists "he mows all yards to the end of October" and bills for that many weeks(5). So far he has skipped doing the routine work & "will do that next week".... so not getting what I pay for. He just ignores what I am saying & walks off like we're done talking. I hate to be bullied. Besides, he doesn't show up when we agreed so I spend the whole day waiting to unlock the fences. He made a crack last time that "nobody going to steal your pool" because I won't leave gates unlocked when I'm not here.. and finally I shouted back at him that "it's the law to have pools locked"... and repeated "it's the law" a couple more times so he didn't argue more.

Okay, got that out of my system, he won't be back next year or get the job of cleaning up leaves!!! I'll do it myself if I can't find someone else! Terrible to get so upset with someone supposed to be working for you. And now to bed. Sweet dreams to all, my heart is pounding just thinking about dealing with this guy tomorrow, crazy, huh?


Good morning..

Starting the day with a temp of 44° and sunny..

A day of catch up and cooking some liver for the dogs. May get  some outside work done while weather permits.

My friend sent a photo of fabric she picked up yesterday with dragonflies on it and it is beautiful........so ordering another 2 metres for me. She does this to me all the time.......but then again I do it to her also .. :2funny:

Need to run..

Enjoy your day and stay safe..
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, 50 now, warmer than yesterday. At least the sun warmed up  so it was a pretty nice day.

PATRICIA  was a crazy time of year to have windows gone from apartments where you are while they put  new ones in. Hope you get screens in before you want to open the slider and windows. The witch here would have a fit if she saw any thermostat set above 68 but I would freeze these cold mornings if I did not push it up to run at 80 till it shut off. Then I lower it again.  Today is laundry day and my summer spread will get washed and put  away and my quilt put on the bed. Will feel nice and cozy on the bed on these colder nights.

JANE  it has been ages since I made scalloped potatoes, wonder if I can remember how I made them. I know they have them in a package now and when I lived at my son's house he would make them and to me they tast ed like glue. I sure do not like potatoes coming from a box.

SHIRLEY  my daughter has been working on a painting of a sunset for her older son. She asked him if he would like a painting and that is what he said he wanted. She said she is having  trouble getting t he colors right but she will go it before Thanksgiving. Her o ther son has not told her wha t he would like yet. The landscapers that come here talk spanish but they are all good workers. When they live here after their mowing and trimming evey Wednesday every thing looks perfect. They do no t do gutters  They would have  to have ladders to get up  to  the roof here on the  third floor.

AMY  better get outside work done before snow flies? I have  to make a dental appointment and hope  to ge t tha t out of  the way before win ter gets here. I dislike going anywhere in win ter mont hs. Getting  too hard to get dressed warm enough in the winter months.

Have a good day and stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. It is 53º and clear here this morning. Hope you all ae having a good day.



October 20, 2021, 11:39:11 AM #51 Last Edit: October 20, 2021, 11:40:54 AM by CallieOK
Good Morning,

Shirley,  I'm about the same driving distance from Jane's family as from you. Would be happy to hostess a luncheon for the two of you - but not the cats!!!

Jane, so happy your family is there.   The meal of ham, scalloped potatoes and corn made my mouth water!

Gloria, I haven't made scalloped potatoes in years, either - and agree with you about the taste of the boxed potatoes!  :P  Have discovered already wrapped potatoes for baking in the microwave (white ones and sweet ones). Haven't tried the sweet ones but the white ones are very easy to do and taste good.

Patricia, even though the roofing project was only two weeks instead of two months - I understand how relieved you are that your construction is finally done.  Do I remember correctly that the balcony floor is slick?  If so, I hope that gets taken care of ASAP.

#2 son/dil brought Chicken Parmigiana from Olive Garden for dinner last night. Yum!!!!

Chilly and overcast today. Will probably avoid hunting for  the Domestic Duty "round tuit" ;)  and read one of the four e-books on my library loan list.

Enjoy your day, Everyfriend.


October 20, 2021, 12:29:36 PM #52 Last Edit: October 20, 2021, 12:31:40 PM by patricia19
Good morning from a 30 degree Interior with an expected high of only plus 37. Everything is frosted grey with snow expected overnight.  The construction company started September third and is finishing the left side of the third floor with the twenty studios left for another time.  At least, it's fully sealed, and no more wind and cold were coming through! Farrah is still my very close buddy, but I expect that will change.

Today will be another day of either returning items to their place or finding a new home for them. This is a time when I wish I qualified for assistance or that what I do qualify for wasn't hopelessly backlogged! None of the administration, security, or maintenance staff live on-site, so they're only here on shift.

 We used to have an entire staff 24/7, but now the admin works behind closed, locked doors, and there is only one maintenance and one security staffer at any time. There are so few people wandering the halls that the automatic lights rarely turn on. If it weren't for an occasional meal on wheels staffer or some other type of aid worker, I'd believe I was the only one living here. But then the televisions turn on.


Gloria, tell Regina I also have a problem with getting colors the way I want UNTIL, tis true, I surround myself with the colors I want.  Had to borrow some wall paper from a neighbor one time, was the colors my daughter in law wanted in their living room. I had worked & worked & was sure I could do it but not until I spread those scraps of wall paper around me. One time, when we lived in the KC area I was working on a painting for a bedroom that you could see from the entry hall. I knew what I wanted but the colors kept coming out blues & greens. Finally it dawned on me I was painting out in a "sun room" with floor to ceiling windows on 3 walls. The colors in that painting matched the colors surrounding that room. I gave up & bought a blue bedspread since you could see one corner of the bed from the entry hall (it was a 4 level house). We had a little over an acre with lots of shrubs & evergreens.

Callie, I haven't checked on the map where anyone lives but was not hinting for you to host, just to find a place we could meet. Course we gotta get Jane there first!  By the way, cats never get out of the motorhome, must be locked in the bedroom so they can't escape when I get in & out. They run free as long as I'm inside. BUT, I thought I could make this a one day trip & not take cats or motorhome, not so???

Now back to duties. Had my shower & been waiting for a call back from the pool guy for when we close the pool for the winter. Think the real heat is over & will be nice to cover before the leaves start dropping big time. Need to fill the elephant with gas, hope for an overnighter before the end of the month. I have 2 dollars off for 35 gallons of gas each way so that's a savings of $70 for a trip (fill to go & fill when I get back). I hear the trees are starting to change in MO~~. I like to have a full tank in case power goes out, can always hide out in the motorhome & run the generator.

Crazy world but do with what we have, right? Enjoy the day & hope you have this fantastic fall weather like we are having.

You snuck in, Patricia. Glad the worst is over for you & Farrah. I can tell these cats are getting a little more at ease with our life, anxious to see if we can make it thru another trip without either barffing ...


Shirley, a one-way trip would be possible - longer for you.
More or less teasing about the cats - guessing you won't go out of town without them. Unfortunately, you couldn't park the motorhome in my neighborhood - and I don't know of anyplace around here to do so.
However, we could all meet in Stillwater (ever heard of "Eskimo Joe's"?}, which would be shorter for you.  Jane's relatives near Tulsa would, of course, be included - as would any other Friends who'd like to join us.

I miss the days when Helona, GinnieB and I would get together with the "Okie Lunch Bunch" and/or meet Seniornetters traveling through OKC on I-40, I-35 or I-44.  Good times - including one with Jane, who drove up from Texas and spent the night with me.


Hello Everyfriend!  Today was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the temp was in the low 70s most of the day!  I'll take that!

CALLIE, first...the dinner wasn't just plain ham.  It was homemade ham LOAF and it was delicious and Cathy made the scalloped potatoes herself and they were delicious

Second...going to OK was my wish that SHIRLEY suggested we all think about what we'd most like to do.  At the time I posted, it was only a wish because my flying days are done.  However, when my granddaughter was here last week, I laughingly told her that if she ever decided to drive to OK again, she should let me know.  I might want to tag along and stay for a visit with my daughter.  She immediately said she's thinking of doing just that next Spring and she'd love the company. I guess we'll see how that works out!

Now I'm heading for the haystack!  My eyes are just about to enter slamshut mode and my whole body is tired.  I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Good morning...

Raining here...gentle one. Off to get my snow tires put on this morning . This afternoon Kyle gets his 3rd covid shot and we both get our flu shot.

Will make this quick and be back later.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. well If I am reading properly between the lines, you all are talking about what we called bashes, lot of us would show up at the same place and have a meal together. too bad the nation has grown apart from those good times. we used to go help a neighbor with there needs at no charge, and the would do same for us. like they said on a tv show we were watching the other day, they said we hardly do not talk to each other any more. sad but true. good we all at S&F do are ready and willing to help. I f I can get Nancy to get in the mood to traveal again I am ready to get in the RV ans come see some of you all. Have a good day and a better tomorow.


Lloyd Hammond

 Amy good morning. I do not take those shots. I make a tonic, Of honey lemon and bourbon equal parts. good for head or chest a old pharm east gave me that formula years ago. works well. and we even used on our children.



Good morning everyone,  54 now and will get into the low 70's according to local weather guesser. 

CALLIE  I still like my baked potatoes in the oven ,nice and crispy skin. I have tried  the microwave ones but the flavor is not the same.

PATRICIA  we no longer have a maintenance man living here since  that one retired. The new one has a house and family with 4 kids and the apartment here for the maintenance man is just too small for him.

JANE  cannot beat home made food for  taste and we know what we put in our food. My DIL Shirl has found a recipe for home made Bisquick, nothing GMO in it either.

AMY  no rain here and I don' t think we really need any now after all  the rain we have had. Now the leaves are getting their fall colors, love seeing the red leaves get lower in the maple trees at the last row in the parking lot.
Soon t hey will drop the leaves and sleep for the win ter and maybe get a coating of snow or ice  that will sparkle in the sunshine.

LLOYD  it would be grea t if Nancy would come here in to the SS and say hello.

Think I will go lay on  the couch and have a nap before Yvette gets here.
Have a good day and be safe and healthy.

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