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March 23, 2023, 07:14:30 PM

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Mar 20 2023 10:59am
Oldiesmann: Lloyd - the latest Soda Shoppe topic somehow got lccked, so only admins and moderators could post. I've unlocked it so everyone should be able to reply now

Mar 19 2023 2:29pm
Oldiesmann: I'm not sure what you're talking about Lloyd. Nothing has changed here in a long time

Mar 19 2023 7:50am
Lloyd Hammond: well I do not like the way things have changed here in sodia shop and senior and frienda, I may just stop comming and trying to post Lloyd

Mar 17 2023 11:02pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am here but cant fiend the regular post spot

Nov 24 2022 12:54am
Oldiesmann: That topic hasn't been locked so you should still be able to post there. You might get a warning though since nobody has posted in it for months, but you should still be able to ignore that warning and post.

Nov 14 2022 3:57pm
JeanneP: It still will not accept my postings. Trying to get into Larry Hanna Cooking Recipes that he spent so much time putting together. Had all the Bread Machine Recipes way back to Senior net. It shows up here but maybe it has been locked out now.

Aug 28 2022 10:13am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond.I mooved to garden city mo on zz hihway, I posted in on this shout yester day  Vanilla-Jackie If you can fix this thing/it it over my head what to do

Aug 27 2022 8:19pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am still the same person just turned a year older today. nancy made me some half pies/cherrie. they are easy. the are made with large round biskets from a can, so easy. just pop the cane open seprate the biskets and role them out woth your doe rolin

Aug 24 2022 5:52am
junee: Beverly


Photos Old and New

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 02:44:28 PM

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Jane, what a joy to welcome a new family member! Babies are a treasure!


Ah, Jane, precious, all of 'em!!! He looks like he'll be a little tough boy, for sure! Thanks for sharing all that happiness with us!  And, Bubble, thanks for posting!


for Shirley

wilted salad.jpg

Here's the photo of my French grandmother's wilted salad that Amy or somebody asked about.  One of the few that I got from a summer of "trug" gardening.
My gr-mother was fixing the salad when we were all at my parents home when she poured the vinegar and sugar over the lettuce/spinach/endive & any other green leaf handy, and casually mentioned that she "used a teaspoon of sugar to a tablespoon of vinegar, is that how I did it?"  I think she knew I didn't have a clue. 

Took me a long time to realize I could use 2 teaspoons of sugar to 2 tablespoons of vinegar.... and when that is stirred up good you take bacon bits and the grease they make when fried over a hot flame & pour the whole thing over to "wilt that lettuce" . 

It really is the best salad I've ever tasted.  I do add sweet onions sometimes, especially when the Vidalia onions are in. 


SHIRLEY, it sounds like the "wilted salad" my grandmother used to make.  I'm sorry to say that when I was little I never liked it but I do now!

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Shirley, thank you for explaining that....sure looks good! I am going to have to try that.
Bubble, thank you for posting Shirley's Salad.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I'm up but attem is waaaay behind.  Got my camping chair out of the RV (Big Agnes) & sat down to enjoy BUT when I went to get up I wasn't thinking about the chair being on hard wood/slick floor and not the sand in the campground... chair slid back & tipped forward and I very un-gracefully slid off to the floor. Surprised me & I hopped back up to prove to my daughter sitting near me that I was okay..... nothing sore or broken BUT, this morning my right thumb is killing me. You know how the nurses/doctors want a "1-10 scale for pain?".. this is a 9&1/2............never knew how much we use the thumb on dominate hand! Hard to hold a coffee cup, do anything!  35 years ago I hurt that thumb & had a bone chip that "might some day cause trouble"... get out the Epsom salt!!!

Thanks, Bubble, for posting. Great job. My daughter can't handle bacon anymore so I was thinking that probably a very hot olive oil would wilt & be even better... THEN I thought, well, SHE can't eat lettuce anyway! 

So, Jane, I didn't like anything but peanut butter & jelly when growing up & was already married when Grandma explained the how to.... guess our tastes grow up as well? 

Amy, with all your success growing plus guessing you've lived around French Canadians, I am surprised this wasn't familiar to you. Enough bacon bits & I can make a meal on it!

Off to move more stuff around.


Shirley, that is the same wilted lettuce salad that my mother used to make...and me, too.  The only difference is I use leaf lettuce and lots of bacon.  One of my favorites.

Heat Pump/Air Conditioner guy is here doing maintenance.  I hope he finds everything is OK. I'll probably need a new electronic filter....wonder what that will cost this time.  Everything keeps going up and up.   :(

Take care, All.


And I'll add mine did too, and no I can't eat like that anymore!


Shirley ,no French Canadians in the area. I am going to try this salad...sure sounds good and what can go wrong with anything with bacon. 
You talk of PB & J sandwiches have you tried PB and sliced tomato? I wasn't sure that I would like it but it is good!!
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


"PB and sliced tomato?" --- Haven't tried that, but it sounds interesting. Come summer and I'll give it a try.
My usual is either PB & Bananas, PB & Raisins, or PB & Marmalade.



I have not tried PB & tomatoes, I always liked the grape jam best. My sister ate her PB with bananas. Now I eat PB on Ritz crackers & down it with lemon-lime Gatorade before going to bed nearly every night. Haven't had leg cramps since everyone in here recommended Gatorade. Daughter went back to St.Louis for a week & I slept alllll day.


PB on Ritz is good.  I think the salt on the Ritz does something for it.  Yum Yum Yum



PB and sliced cucumbers. Peeled before slicing.
PB and sliced pickles.
PB and mayo.  Sounds awful, but it's really good!


Rammel, I had a PB & Orange Marmalade sandwich for supper, with a glass of cold milk.  I had other food in the fridge, especially a turkey pot pie that my neighbor made and gave to me, but I just wasn't hungry for that.

I like a scrambled or fried egg with sliced tomato sandwich.  That's good too!

Or a scrambled egg sandwich with Pace's medium Salsa.

Now I'm getting hungry.


Speaking about PB --- There's a brand around here that I like. The name on the label is "Peanut Butter & Co". Claims to have white chocolate flavoring. My son picks it up so can't say where he gets it. But it goes well with any and all the things suggested prior.



How about photos of all those delicious sandwiches?


Take a good look, look again, and enjoy!


moon see.jpg

pn the lake.jpg

double date.jpg   




Maybe detail what you see?



Thailand, outside Bangkok

Thailand, outside Bangkok.jpg


Lovely, almost mystical sunset by your son, Bubble!