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Messages - Gloria

Good morning everyone, from what I have heard on the weather reports this morning Thanksgiving day will be the coldest so far, On Wednesday night it will go down to 15 and the high will be just above freezing. Makes me think about staying home instead of going to my grandson's for the holiday.

JUNE  I am still learning Windows 10 and have forgotten how I fixed font size.

SHIRLEY  I will believe you will stop all that cooking when I see it. About time your children took over that job and it really is a big job as we get older.

JENNY  like you I will believe Shirley will not do all that coo‌king when I see it.

I have been sneezing since I got up this morning, hope a cold is not in my future this week.
JANE  till you mentioned it I paid no attention to the time here, it really is way off.
Good morning everyone. Sunny now but does not last, next minute it will be cloudy again. We ended with 8 inches of snow yesterday, surprised with so much rain when the snow stopped. Of course I had to bundle up and go out. I picked up a handful of it and thought it was perfect for snowman making. Yesterday my CNA and I made some No Bake Candy Cookies. Very easy but I had not made them since I moved here. Came out good, Think we will make another batch to take to my grandson's for Thanksgiving. Have everything I need to make some Ambrosia. Brought that to my son's at Christmas a few years ago and everyone enjoyed it. Will make more this time, a few more people will be there this year.

ROLEY  yesterday I did not know where I was when I got here. Getting too old to like changes where I am used to going.

SHIRLEY  time to tell your family that it is time for them to do the cooking for family get togethers holidays or any time.sing your pool I would not bother with it. When we had our pool it was an above ground and I was the one who took care of it. We all loved it and it was is use every day. For me it was a chance to get outside.

CALLIE  if I could sit long enough I would get a perm, Getting to the stage hard to raise both arms to brush and comb my hair.

LARRY we will be lucky to out of the 30's today. This cold has come so sudden after the warm weather we had till a few days ago. I have never used codes except for a link to the Card shop or Photos. I had them saved on the desktop but after my grandson took this lemon home in December and wiped everything out I lost many things and then had to reinstall what I use all the time. He also installed Win. 10 and I still miss t. I knew where everything was on that but things are different in 10.

JOY  so right you are. Takes longer for new things to sink into our brains tha            yard so full of a life time of evrey thing we have learned.

AMY  my daughter t old me yesterday that the ladies enjoyed the Moose farts. A few had one and said it was good, another one asked who brought them and another assked what they were called. They laughed at the name. They were the hit of the meeting. Thank you again for posting the link for them, I have the recipe printed out for me if I get ambitious to make them.

JANE years ago I made something with coconut covered in chocolate and my daughter said they were better than a Mounds bar. They were messy to make and I never made them again.

Have a good day everyone.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 15, 2018
November 16, 2018, 09:14:11 am
Good morning everyone, what a surprise when I logged in this morning. My fault because I never check other places but the SS lately. When I got here I found the font small and I went to my profile to make it larger and that choice is no longer there. Guess I am getting so old it is hard to learn changes, ya think?
Well we had snow and it is now raining. Maintenance man did not get much sleep last night and think he wanted none of us to sleep either. He is out with his small plow keeping the paths clear about every hour. Has to do that in case anyone has to get the rescue here.

LARRY  it would not bother me at all if I spent the holidays at home alone. I can feed myself and at those huge meals these days I eat very little these last few years.

GLORIA de  must be just something in us that still makes us collect recipes. Wish I could still bake like I used to.

SHIRLEY  like you I like a book in my hands to read. On line reading is OK for those who have no room for real books.

DON  I am so sorry I did not wish you a Happy Birthday. Will a Belated Birthday wish be OK?

AMY  had snow but no winter wonderland because it has already turned to rain before I got up. Love your font size this am, did not have to strain my eyes to read it.

JANE  I cannot find where to change the font on the pages like we had. I am having a problem reading here this morning.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018, 07:44:19 am
Good morning everyone, a whole 20 this morning and wind chill of 15. Starting late afternoon snow in the forecast for this area up to 3 inches. Not good for the rush hour traffic if they are right. My son and DIL are home sleeping in their own bed now. They were supposed to land around 1:30 am this morning. I know they would be glad to get home and unwind and they would not call me at that time, like I will not call in case they are sleeping.

LARRY  like Pat I am always collecting more recipes and I can no longer cook much but my CNA is a good cook and will try anything.

JANE  wish I was up to making candy, would love to make your PB cups, I love the Reese's and home made will be yummy.

CAROL  my daughter has not said anything about the smell of smoke so far. I will be going to my grandson's home for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be at my oldest son's home. Neither place has many stairs to get into, that is great for me.

AMY  my daughter made those moose farts yesterday for a ladies meeting today. Of course she had to taste one and said it was good.

JANE  at least the forecast for here is only 3 inches.

JENNY  wish Bob a belated Happy Birthday for me. My daughter  told me yesterday they have had their first freeze for this season. They are in the mountains about 4 o miles out of Kingman.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new page to fill up. Love your graphics. LOL  with the little girls with the dead batteries in her legs. 2 apples?

Have a good day and keep warm.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 14, 2018, 08:51:26 am
Good morning everyone, loo like winter in on the way. When I pulled up the shades and looked out I thought I was having eye problems seeing a bit of white flying by at times. Just heard on the news we will be having snow flurries at times before it turns to rain. At 30 I would rather see snow than rain. Rain would freeze on the road. My son and DIL will be leaving Arizona tonight and landing here at 1:30 in the morning and then driving home. They left their car in Long time parking at the airport so no one has to go pick them up. I pray the weather folks are wrong once again.

SHIRLEY  I used to be able to drink coffee and sleep but now after the morning coffee I do  drink any more after that.

LARRY  if you put an acorn squash in the microwave for about 1 minute it will soften it just enough so it is easier to cut, When I get one now I wait till one of my sons come and cut them for me. I was surprised when as soon as my little one came in he handed me 2 papers and told me they were for my fridge. Love it.

LLOYD   now you know what not to do with the water on your next trip.

JANE  when I made those PB balls and dipped them in chocolate I had a special spoon I bought for the dipping, worked great and better than the toothpicks I used at first. The recipe I had called them Buckeyes.

AMY  hope you have better luck than me getting those recipes into the binder. I have so many old ones and new ones that I want to do that with but they keep piling up and I have the plastic sleeves in the binders already but never seem to have time to do it. Just lazy mostly. I still love looking at the snow even if I no longer get out to enjoy it. Too scared of falling now.

JOY  I am lucky, all my medical appointments are in warmer months with no snow. I have a problem putting on winter coats. Too heavy not for me to handle.

Have a great day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 13, 2018, 08:24:03 am
Good morning everyone, 20 degrees warmer than yesterday but of course it is raining again. Wind is supposed to be bad later but mostly along the shore. Once again the forecast is for 1 to 2 inches of rain.
I had visitors yesterday, My grandson and great grandson. Loved it. My grandson worked on my PC once again and I now have 1 drawing on my fridge and one with different shapes glued onto a paper from my sweet little one. Been many years since I had things like that on the fridge.

GLORIA  de  my family moved so much there were no family graves where we lived when I was growing up so we never went to cemeteries and my father never had a car to go anyplace.

JUNE  nice to see they celebrate everyone's birthday like that.

CALLIE  I have not seen a cardinal since I moved here and I miss their bright color. Have seen few birds since the witch will not allow any bird feeders in the front of the building anymore. In the back it is different, feeders and big pine trees and many other trees down to the river back there so  more wild life, even deer at times and wild turkeys.

JANE  I envy you still making all those goodies for Christmas. I enjoyed doing that knowing my family enjoyed them and looked forward getting them.

LLOYD  glad you are home safe and sound. Hope you slept good last night.

AMY  if possible enjoy your dancing today. Just heard on the news that we might see the first flaked Wednesday night into Thursday morning. What a welcome home to my son and DIL.

Have a great day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 12, 2018, 09:56:57 am
Good morning everyone, a warm? 24 this am at  8:30. The cars and roofs I can see are all white. Go t an email from my grandson yesterday and he said he will be here with my greatgrand this afternoon to check out this lemon again. Yippee.

AMY  I got side racked right off when I got here with the link you posted. Hope you don't mind if I send the link to my daughter. I really had to check those recipes and my mout h was watering over some of them, the snowballs looked like what I used to  make but mine had dates inside gut with the fudge I bet it is wonderful. Nothing like home made fudge. My son had robins in his orchard all winter.

GLORIA de  we had no snow yet. Yesterday was a bright sunny day but cold. Like you with me it is Armistice and Decoration days too.

JENNY   seems like we feel the first cold of the season a lot but as winter gets here we do kind of get used to it.

SHIRLEY  I used to bake the German chocolate cake but no longer bake much is anything. Sad how they stop making things we love.

JANE  gee from a bag lady to a box lady. Hope you keep warm in that box. When I used to send the boxes to California I collected containers all year to have enough to fill for the 4 of them.

LARRY  I could call the light company to find our about the power but it would no help the power come on any faster. 

JUNE  glad you had an enjoyable time and even got a dance in.

Have a good day, stay warm.   
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 11, 2018, 10:47:04 am
Happy Armistice/Veterans' Day. Remember all who served and did not return and those who came home wounded and those who survived.

Good morning everyone, a cold morning with windchill feels like mid 20's but it is sunny for a change. A little rain overnight and on TV they are telling drivers to beware of black ice. Yep winter is showing up already. As Joan would have said, time to get the "Geemagotchees" out. Had another day of power going out at  times. Happening too often lately. The power company tells us nothing so don't know what is going on. This section of town has it's own power, not part of the National Grid. Never had so much going out before.

Terrible fires again in California, don't have to worry about my daughter there now but am relieved that my 2 grandsons there are  in San Diego and not near the fires.

LLOYD  know what you mean about the low stool. When living where I was I had that problem and went online -maybe to Walgreen, and bought a 3 inch Styrofoam thing that fit under the toilet seat. Made a big difference.

MARY ANN  with the stock I have with chicken in it I can make either rice. noodle or vegetable. What ever I am in the mood for and not too much sale and no preservatives.

JOY  like you I have Old Bay seasoning in my spices. I never liked anything too salty but like flavor.

GLORIA de  there is quite a bit of salt in bouillon cubes, that is the first thing listed in the ingredients.

DON   it is wonderful to see your post. I am glad you have your CD collection. At least you can always listen to them. Books do take up more room. I know I had to get rid of a few thousand of then when I moved here. Glad there is a library here but I cannot reach the 2 top shelves to see what it up there. I have been here more than 4 years now and it took time for me to feel Comfortable and get used to the others in the building. At times we have to push ourselves to keep going. Take care of YOU and post when you can. We all miss you.

AMY  OK want to have a snowman building contest?

SHIRLEY  Andy must be like you, will fight to get better. Still hard to believe he is back to work already. Prayers continue for him. Gee you had snow before we have here. Getting cold though.

BUBBLE  thank you for the link. Beautiful snow but glad I no longer have to go out in it.

LARRY  sunny here but might not get lighter than the low 40's. When I need paper or heavy items I order from PeaPod and pick the delivery time. My CNA can pick up smaller things at  the market for me. She loves to shop.

JUNE  sounds like my kind of songs, the music I grew up with in WW2.

Have a great day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 09, 2018, 08:22:48 am
Good morning everyone, slept great last night for a change and still did not want to get up, I was so comfortable I did not want to move.

MARY ANN  the computers down in the library do not work except to play games on, cannot  get online with them and I will not do any banking online. What is the brand of soup you told Amy about, I must have missed it. My CNA helped me make some chicken stock for soup and I have the containers in the freezer so when I get the urge I will have that to make soup, Have enough to last the winter and I know what  is in it and not too much salt.

JANE  seems like most folks cannot see well driving at night as they age. I can see that in my sons now. Only if they have to do they drive after dark.

LLOYD  know what you mean about the stool being too low. In this building they are all tall enough. At my son's house where I lived before I bought a 3 inch thick seat(?) that fit under the seat. That worked good. I looked online for something but not sure where I got it now.

AMY  when my son gave me his old computer I did not want it. My grandson set it up and was telling me how to use it. I told him to write everything down because I would never remember. I was 70 at the time and now I would be lost without it. Chopping wood you generated enough heat to work without a coat. We have another storm coming in later today with more rain.

JANE  you and I would have to split that last goody that had coconut in it. Like you I never seem to get enough  of it.

Have a good day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 08, 2018, 04:36:24 pm
Good afternoon, just got my internet back. It has been off all day from the time I turned my PC on this morning. I finally found the Cox phone number and called. I could hear different noises on the phone and then the phone went off. So tried the internet again and it is on. I talked to a few other tenants here and they had no internet either. Odd, the TV and phone worked but not the PC. Glad it is back because it is almost time for my daughter to get on Skype. Do not want to miss that.
No other news so just want you to know I am OK. Sun is out and that makes 2 days in a row. Of course we have rain in the forecast again for tomorrow. We are more than double the normal rain fall for this month. Sure glad it was not snow. we would have had about 7 feet of it and this is only the 8th of the month.
See you all tomorrow morning I hope.

Reading the posts,
  AMY  only home made sop is any good, I dislike canned ones.
  LARRY 2 days in a row of sunshine here.

JOY  not much happening in my life lately so nothing to write about. No one interested about me complain about how my back feels. That is boring even to me.

JENNY  Matt could have a good career in the boy scouts later in life. Looks like her really enjoys it.

CAROL  my older son has been at his sister's place outside of Kingman and the weather has bee great, better than all the rain here.He and my DIL will be coming home on the 14th and is is supposed to be freezing when they get here.

GLORIA  de  I did not stay up to hear the results of the voting and was disgusted in the morning when I heard the governor here was reelected even after all the lies and messes she has made, but this has always been a democratic state. Very few Republicans have held that job.

LLOYD  a vacation is always great and time away from home and all the work but it is always good to get home again.

JOY  last month we all got letters from the company what own this building that wanted us to pay rent online. I will not do that, and only a few here have computers. We have a library with books on one side of the room and 4 computers on the other side of the room, they all need a tech to work on them, only one is working and only to play games, cannot get online anymore.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 07, 2018, 06:35:36 am
Good morning everyone, well we had more rain yesterday but today is supposed to be warm and dry. Will wait and see.

LARRY I am so glad the election is over, so tired of all the phone calls and having programs on TV off because of debates. Record turnout here, too. Thankful for the absentee ballots. The 102 year old we have here was taken to a nursing home yesterday. We will all miss her. Even blind she got around great with her rollator the last 2 years.

MARY ANN  I have had KFC from different places and some were better than others, some very greasy and other dry but since the change in owner I really do not like it and the commercials are stupid IMHO.

JANE  you have a bigger family than I do so you do have to make more. I miss the days when I could do all the baking and candy making. I know everyone enjoyed what they got.

Have a good day everyone.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 06, 2018, 08:41:31 am
Good morning everyone. another day of rain here. Fell asleep last night listening to the rain hitting the windows. Yesterday the weather guessers said we were 2 inches above normal for the month already.

LARRY  I have only had KFC once since that new man took over. The taste was different and very salty.

JUNE  like you I feel tired most of the time. I get  fed up with myself because there is so much I can no longer do. You still do more than I do and I have not reached the 90's.

AMY  glad things went so good yesterday for your DH.

JENNY  congratulations to Matt. Isn't that young to become an Eagle Scout?

SHIRLEY  I hope Andy is not pushing himself and doing too much too soon. Hope he is careful being around too many people especially with flu season around.

JANE you start earlier with the making of treats for Christmas. I started the day after Thanksgiving.  Sent the box full well before Christmas to San Diego to make it there before the rush of mailing. My 2 grandsons there always waited for their goodies.

AMY  nothing like a bowl of homemade pea soup. Cannot eat the stuff that comes in cans. Have you ever made the 15 bean soup? That is good, too and freezes good.

Have a good day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 05, 2018, 08:27:18 am
Good morning everyone, another cloudy day with rain this afternoon and rain tomorrow. We are already 2 inches above normal for November. Glad it hasn't been snow.

JANE  with all the baking I used to do I never made fruitcake. I never liked it so never bothered.

AMY  any of that pea soup left? I'll be there if there is.

JENNY  I would have liked being in Arizona, too, but know my traveling days are over.

SHIRLEY  I loved that Gary Fintstone photo, too. Still have it some place on the external drive. He is so quiet most of the time I love it when he lets his humor show through. Prayers continue for Andy.

Have a good day everyone.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 04, 2018, 09:50:55 am
Good morning everyone. Finally a sunny day here. Rain and more rain lately with a lot of wind. We lost power Friday/Saturday. I woke early in the morning and it was too quiet and it was very dark. Power was out for 7 hours. Yesterday it cleared in the early afternoon and the temperature went up to 71. Now it is only 37. With all the rain there is now a lot of bare trees. Just something else on this lemon this morning, cannot get the degrees sign after the numbers. Wonder what next.

SHIRLEY  I recently read an article that some doctors are saying that Grandmothers old remedies really work better than the chemical  ones used these days. Took science a lot of years to wake up. My Mother had some remedys she learned from her Grandmother who was a full blooded Native American. These days seems like everyone runs to a doctor for every thing. I pray Andy he ts well enough to go home soon but not too soon that  he has t o go back to the hospital. Sad that the therapy has him in so much pain they have to give him pain pills to overcome the pain.

LLOYD  my oldest son and DIL will be going to Flagstaff this week, They went to visit my daughter outside of Kingman, Az. and they sure have been busy the last few days. One trip to the Hoover Dam and will be going to the Grand Canyon and a train ride near Verde Valley. My SIL cannot enjoy a vacation unless a train is in there someplace. My daughter and SIL will be worn out when my son and DIL leave there and come home.

JANE  I am tired of all the rain we have been having. Just saw the forecast and looks like this coming week we have 1 nice day and then 2 days of rain for the week.

LARRY  seems like we have been having more rainy days than sunny ones for much too long.

AMY  so sorry about Golden Girl, I know how you feel, been there. My son's last dog I always called my Shadow. Every time I drove into their yard she would come running to my door and could hardly wait for me to open it. She would try to get up in my lap while I was still behind the wheel and talking to me so it was hard getting out. When I helped him at the apple stand near the road she stayed near me. She was Australian shepherd and I guess I was her family member or something. We knew her health was fading and when my DIL took her to the vet the last time t o be put to sleep she did not tell me till it was over. I cried for a long time after she told me. Hugs for both of you and Babe, too.

JANE  I remember when I had  a bird feeder where I lived on the second floor, I s tarted seeing a squirrel there and wondered how it got there, I finally saw what it was doing to get there. It would get on the railing of my porch and jump up to it, just about getting the edge of the feeder.

LLOYD  when driving for a long distance my SIL will stop ever 2 hours or so and get out and walk around for awhile. Good idea.

SHIRLEY I could picture Red Skelton at the end of his TV shows with that God Bless. He had a good show.

AMY  will watch your link when I finish here. I remember teaching our groups that song many years ago. That one and Make new Friend but keep the Old. One is Silver and one is Gold. I love the look of snow and always loved being outside in it.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link to Amy's photo.

AMY what a beautiful pup GG was and I bet she was a beauty all her life.

LARRY  only clock I did not change is my alarm clock. Have to get the book out to check how to do it.

Have a good day everyone.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for November 1, 2018
November 01, 2018, 08:46:03 am
Good morning everyone, 30 degrees warmer this morning that yesterday at this time. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny one and today will be sunny and warmer. Then the rain returns again. seems for every sunny day we get we have 2 of rain, getting tiresome. I have read the posts but not up to sitting here replying.
Have a good day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
October 31, 2018, 10:22:06 am
Good morning, slept late and I do mean late, almost 10am.  No time to chat much before CNA gets here.

AMY  I think DD ruined their lemon DD's when they started putting a thick chocolate frosting on them, I would scrape it off.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
October 30, 2018, 07:52:41 am
Good morning everyone, boy it is dark in the mornings now. I wake and think it is still the middle of the night, already dark about 5:30 in the afternoon. Of course we have not had much sunlight in almost a week and rain just about every day for a week or more. If it was snow we would have a few feet of it by now. In less than a week we have had a few tornadoes around, very unusual here. Not big ones but still some damage from  trees and wires down, mostly along the coast. This is the first year we ever had tornado warnings here.

LARRY  just not enough if us asked for the lemon donuts at DD so they no longer make them. I have had some from different  places but not as good as the DD ones were.

CALLIE  every time you mention the Oklahoma Texas games I think of Hal. I think we all still miss him.

SANDY  I cannot believe how fast your young beauty FE has grown. She is adorable even as a devil.

SHIRLEY  so glad to read your news about Andy. Prayers continue for a rapid recovery now. Hope you can stop worrying so much and get some needed sleep.

AMY  I am hoping I can get outside for awhile today.

Have a great day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
October 29, 2018, 08:35:53 am
Good morning everyone, guess what-----------it is pouring again with a chance of thunder storms later. Enough already but still better than snow, although  I rather see snow. Another day of being stuck inside.  Weather gal is saying a tornado warning on Block Island off our shore and along the coastline. Boy on local news this morning all they are talking about is the Red Sox win of the world series. Of course I am happy the local team won but I never liked baseball.

GLORIA  de  I have been told around here, too, that DD has stopped making the lemon donuts because they had no calls for them anymore. To me they are the best and you most likely agree with me.

SHIRLEY  one thing I always loved about camping was no housework all day and cooking was much easier, everything tasted better outside. I always just washed the inside of the crock put and the lid and dried them, let both air for a few hours and then put it away. My first one did not have the removable crock and that was a horror to wash.  My prayers are going for Andy today. I pray everything goes perfect with God's help.

Have a good day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
October 28, 2018, 09:39:26 am
Good morning everyone, after all the rain yesterday I woke to more of it, very light compared to yesterday. Did not hear anything about how much fell yesterday.

LARRY  last week they said here the foliage would be late this year. I was surprised when I looked out this morning to see not many leaves fell from yesterday's Nor'easter.

MARY ANN  this kitchen is smaller than pantries I have seen. Really not much storage in here at  all.

CAROL  I thought it was next Saturday/Sunday we turn the clocks back.

GLORIA de  I have my crockpot on the floor  in my closet.Good thing I do not have a lot of long clothes hanging in there.

JANE  it was not me who mentioned the Christmas Card, don't think I ever saw that one.

JOY  glad you said it wAS YOU WHO MENTIONED THE CHRISTMAS CARD.  Oops, didn't know the cap lock was on. I don't get the Hallmark channel and I do miss it because I liked it.

Have a good day.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
October 27, 2018, 09:31:58 am
Good morning everyone. the rain has started already and it is pouring. I have turned the heat up to keep the dampness out. At least the wind has not started yet.

MARY ANN  I don't mind simmering something on the stove. My kitchen is a gallery type and very little counter space. Between my microwave and counter oven and coffee pot there is not enough room for the big crockpot. I seldom use it for that reason. My CNA is only here for 2 hours when she comes so does not leave her much time to do much. The best part is she gives me a back massage every time and that gives me some relief for a few hours.

AMY  I use the big crockpot when I make applesauce, love waking to the aroma in the morning.

LARRY  your Pat sounds like me, I can only do a little at a time and have to lay down and rest my back for awhile. My insurance got me a TENS  but a cheap one and it never worked right so it is put away. When I went for PT several years ago they used a TENS on my back and it felt so good after. I have arthritis in my back and Scoliosis. Never knew I had that till the first back orthopedic doctor had Xrays taken that I had it.

LLOYD  Skype is upgrading and for the last few days my daughter and I have not been able to get together on Skype. The new version is complicated but they claim it is better and easier to use. Baloney is all I can say about it.

JANE  the rain is here already, from what local weatherman said in some areas we could get up to 3 inches of rain. Winds along the coast can get up to 55 MPH but here in the northwest of the state we could get up to 35 MPH. Not a day I will go out for fresh air.

AMY 10 degrees warmer than you here. At 28° it would be snow or freezing rain. Rather snow than ice all over. You will never convince me you are slow getting started in the mornings with all you do every day.

JENNY  hope Bob's gout is easing up. My FIL suffered from it for a long time.

AMY  I agree with letting marijuana to be used legally in places now but I can understand the medical use of it. I know several who are using it and feel so much better. At times when the pain in my back is bad I wish I had some. From what I understand they practically have to tell them your life history to be able to get it OKed.

JANE  I have pain pills that are prescribed but I have never taken more than the 3 a day as prescribed and there are days when they do not seem to work at all but I will not take more. I do not want to be really addicted to them, I hate taking them but no over the counter pain stuff ever even touched the pain and Tylenol does no good. Aspirin works better but they can do a number on your stomach when used too often.
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October 26, 2018, 11:05:03 am
Good morning everyone, no sun today and getting ready for a nor'easter this week end. Just heard on the weather about this time last year we had one that caused a lot of damage and power  outage. Earlier this week a storm with some tornadoes  and not far from. I slept good last night and feel better today.

JANE  my crockpot is in the closet and I cannot get it out. I know I could have let my CNA do all the work but I just cannot sit and let someone do my job. She keeps scolding me, too.

AMY  I was a couch potato yesterday, was in my nightgown and robe all day. It was a good day to get out in the sunshine but I did not have the energy for it.

SHIRLEY  it took me 10 years to find a new doctor. That one I swear got his diploma from a catalog. I have no recipe for soups I make and they always taste a bit different. Prayers for Andy and all the family. Family has to think of him needing rest, they keep after patients enough that they do not rest much in a hospital as it is.

AMY  like you I like a blend of apples for pies and applesauce. Tastes better. Next week with my CNA hope to make a pie. Right now I have some Cortlands, Empires and Granny Smiths. My son picked some at a big orchard in Conn.

Have a good day
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October 25, 2018, 11:25:10 am
Good morning everyone, hope I have no reason to go anywhere for a few weeks now. Then yesterday my CNA and I made chicken stock to put in the freezer and I was on my feet too long, not smart for me. Today I will do nothing but be a couch potato but had to check in here so you know I am OK. For a change the sun is shining and the sky is blue and no humidity so hoping my back does not hurt as much. Enough about me. I dislike complainers and I find myself complaining, sorry.

LARRY  my next appointment is the end of March. At least I hope by then there is no snow but never can plan on that.

SHIRLEY  my prayers for your son. I imagine how you are feeling, no one wants to see their child so ill. Prayers for you and your family, too. I will agree, too many people when he needs rest.

LLOYD so sorry about the break in. Looks like they knew what they wanted.

Have a good day.
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October 24, 2018, 09:36:29 am
Good morning everyone, well my appointments are over for the rest of the year I hope. Next one is in March. None in the winter. Too many posts to catch up on so this will be short. I am worn out after being out for 2 days in a row. I will not let that happen again. CNA will be here soon and if I don't get dressed she will think I am either very lazy or sick. I would rather just lay on the couch with the TV on and as JANE says -"watch through my eyelids"
Have a great day.
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October 21, 2018, 09:58:53 am
Good morning everyone, raining now but should be sunny this afternoon. For the first time I just heard the weatherman talk about wind chill this fall. Also a freeze warning tonight. Just hope it is not raining tomorrow and Tuesday because I have to go out both days.

LARRY  my grandson did something on my computer that has all my email come in on the gmail, I like it that way. Of course I do not get all the email I got when I was in the different PSP groups. I miss PSP but for some reason it will not install anymore. I am wondering if the disk drive is not working right.

JOY  foliage here iss lat e this year, not  too much color yet and this should be the peak of it now. About 6 years ago I was ready to have the left shoulder replaced but the insurance I had dropped the group the doctor was in and I could not afford to pay for it. Had the right one replaced 7 years ago.

GLORIA de  last time I had a shot in my back the doctor hit a nerve at my spine and paid no attention to it. Bubble and Patricia do some wonderful creations all year. Makes me jealous because I miss doing what they do.

JUNE  glad the  Gatorade helps you. My oldest son drinks it, too. I cannot, makes me sick. My CNA massages my back and it feels so good.

SHIRLEY  I wonder if some of the doctors these days are quacks. Like the one I had for 10 years, swear he got his diploma online. I will add your son to my prayers, you, too.

Have a good day.
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October 20, 2018, 08:29:02 am
Good morning everyone, shoulder feeling a little better but st ill painful when I move the wrong way. Stayed in my nightgown and robe all day and just night do the same today. Hurts too much to get dressed. Oh well, this too will pass.

ROLEY  I finally watched the link you posted, very interesting. Amazing what they can do these days.

LARRY  will watch your link later.

SHIRLEY  Cox is not great  here either. Every Saturday for some reason it goes out and always when I am watching something I am enjoying.

JANE  I know just how you are feeling, seems like yesterday I was enjoying my first grand and then my first great grandson.

AMY  we had rain overnight and gloomy this morning.

Don't think I will be here Monday and Tuesday. Doctor appointment Monday and dentist Tuesday. Also get my flu shot Monday when I get back here, a nurse comes every year with the shots.
Have a great day.
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October 19, 2018, 08:46:41 am
Good morning everyone, On Wednesday night somehow I turned in my sleep onto my left side, I sleep on the right side. Well my left shoulder is the one I was going to have replaced but the insurance I had then dropped the group and I sure could not afford to pay for the surgery or hospital. That shoulder is bothering me but sleeping on it the other night I could hardly move my left arm so never even turned the PC on. Feels a bit better this morning but not doing much so far. It is 30° now, frosty this morning.

Hope I can do better here tomorrow.
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October 17, 2018, 09:47:01 am
Good morning everyone, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, 42° and the weather person says into the 60s today. Spring on the way back? Nope, tomorrow we will be lucky to get into the low 40's.

JUNE  have to admire your "get up and go". You do much more than I am able to.

JANE  your home is all Spick"n Span" waiting for your family to arrive. Bet you are just aching to hold Emma in your arms and cuddle her.

AMY  wonderful news from your hubby's doctor yesterday.

LARRY  the one closet here is also used for storing things so not enough room for all clothes. Winter ones are more bulky than summer ones and not it is crowed in that closet.

Have a good day.
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October 16, 2018, 09:25:07 am
Good morning everyone, sun is shining this morning, wonder how long it will shine today. So tired of the gloomy days we have been having. Finally got winter clothes out with the help of CNA and summer ones put away. First time I needed help doing that.
Nothing to add this morning and if I do not go get breakfast and dressed my CNA will be here before I know it.
Have a great day.
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October 15, 2018, 08:30:10 am
Good morning everyone 38° now but weather gal just said will be in the 60s this afternoon and by the end of the week will have out first killing frost. Big news in Providence this morning. school bus drivers went back to work this morning so kids are back to school. Odd when I lived in Providence we didn't have school buses we either walked or paid fare to ride a bus to school when the weather was bad or really freezing.

PHYLLIS  like you we don't need more rain but it is in the forecast for this afternoon and again at the end of this week.

LARRY  like you it has been years since I had sheets dried in the fresh air.

AMY  my older son's wife has been making tapioca pudding for me and sends it with my son when he comes here. She is due here this morning to cut my hair. She really is the second daughter I always wanted. Your pie is delicious with a good flaky crust.

JANE  your group of girl scouts were all good kids to help others like they did.

JENNY  we were all happy to see our maintenance man here yesterday morning. Of course the witch most likely chew him out when she comes in today.

JOY  when I had my right shoulder replaced the therapist I had made it fun. I have 2 pound weights but could not pick one up so asked if I had any cans and ended using a can of squash pie filling. At the end my daughter came from California and she made a pie and when he got to the house he was treated to pie and coffee, that was also his last time to be there.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new "book" to fill up. Oh boy, Halloween is coming fast. Great graphics and jokes.

SHIRLEY  hope you get to the job of getting ready for winter PDQ.

LLOYD  I am with you having too many sweet teeth. Have a safe trip in your motor home.

AMY  guess I am not a ghost, rather have blueberry pie instead of a BOOberry one.

Have a good day.