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March 23, 2023, 08:29:50 PM

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Mar 20 2023 10:59am
Oldiesmann: Lloyd - the latest Soda Shoppe topic somehow got lccked, so only admins and moderators could post. I've unlocked it so everyone should be able to reply now

Mar 19 2023 2:29pm
Oldiesmann: I'm not sure what you're talking about Lloyd. Nothing has changed here in a long time

Mar 19 2023 7:50am
Lloyd Hammond: well I do not like the way things have changed here in sodia shop and senior and frienda, I may just stop comming and trying to post Lloyd

Mar 17 2023 11:02pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am here but cant fiend the regular post spot

Nov 24 2022 12:54am
Oldiesmann: That topic hasn't been locked so you should still be able to post there. You might get a warning though since nobody has posted in it for months, but you should still be able to ignore that warning and post.

Nov 14 2022 3:57pm
JeanneP: It still will not accept my postings. Trying to get into Larry Hanna Cooking Recipes that he spent so much time putting together. Had all the Bread Machine Recipes way back to Senior net. It shows up here but maybe it has been locked out now.

Aug 28 2022 10:13am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond.I mooved to garden city mo on zz hihway, I posted in on this shout yester day  Vanilla-Jackie If you can fix this thing/it it over my head what to do

Aug 27 2022 8:19pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am still the same person just turned a year older today. nancy made me some half pies/cherrie. they are easy. the are made with large round biskets from a can, so easy. just pop the cane open seprate the biskets and role them out woth your doe rolin

Aug 24 2022 5:52am
junee: Beverly


Started by diglady, March 29, 2016, 03:27:58 PM

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I live in an area where we have an HOA. The Rules & Regulations committee to meet at my house. I asked for all who come to have proof of Vaccine and to wear a mask. One woman responded:
"I am German and know understand how Jews felt during WWll"

 Can you believe the idiocy?


QuoteI live in an area where we have an HOA. The Rules & Regulations committee to meet at my house. I asked for all who come to have proof of Vaccine and to wear a mask. One woman responded:
"I am German and know understand how Jews felt during WWll"

 Can you believe the idiocy?

Yes, it used to amaze me, even more, when they thought they were being cute. Now, nothing amazes me anymore. Horse dewormer, bleach drinking, and now drinking iodine? Just to avoid a quick arm jab and a lick of sense?



I saw that and posted it in Covid. Power-hungry, empty-pocketed fools lead my state. While our hospitals are overrun, primary care rationed, people dying, thousands of new cases daily, the politicians continue to bleat about personal choice because the fringe fills those empty pockets!


Speaking of that fringe, an article from The Conversation by Robert Pape, Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago

 "A recent Washington demonstration supporting those charged with crimes for the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol fizzled, with no more than 200 demonstrators showing up. The organizers had promised 700 people would turn out – or more.

But the threat from far-right insurrectionists is not over.

For months, my colleagues and I at the University of Chicago Project on Security and Threats have been tracking insurrectionist sentiments in U.S. adults, most recently in surveys in June. We have found that 47 million American adults – nearly 1 in 5 – agree with the statement that "the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president." Of those, 21 million also agree that "use of force is justified to restore Donald J. Trump to the presidency."

Our survey found that many of these 21 million people with insurrectionist sentiments have the capacity for violent mobilization. At least 7 million of them already own a gun, and at least 3 million have served in the U.S. military and so have lethal skills. Of those 21 million, 6 million said they supported right-wing militias and extremist groups, and 1 million said they are themselves or personally know a member of such a group, including the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.

Extreme beliefs
This polling found that 9% of American adults say they agree with the statement that "Use of force is justified to restore Donald J. Trump to the presidency." And 25% of adults either strongly or somewhat agree with the statement that "The 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president."

Overall, 8% of the survey participants share both of those views.

The margin of error of this survey was plus or minus 4 percentage points. So when calculating the number of the 258 million adult Americans who hold these views, we looked at the range of between 4% and 12% – which gave us between 10 million and 31 million. The best single figure is the middle of that range, 21 million.

People who said force is justified to restore Trump were consistent in their insurrectionist sentiments: Of them, 90% also see Biden as illegitimate, and 68% also think force may be needed to preserve America's traditional way of life.

The fringe moving into the mainstream
Combined with their military experience, gun ownership and connections to extremist groups and militias, this signals the existence of significant mainstream support in America for a violent insurrection.

This group of 21 million who agree both that force is justified to restore Trump and that Biden is an illegitimate president has two additional views that are also on the fringes of mainstream society:

63% agree with the statement that "African American people or Hispanic people in our country will eventually have more rights than whites" – a belief sometimes called "the Great Replacement."
54% agree that "A secret group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles is ruling the US government," which is the key belief in the QAnon movement.
Some people with insurrectionist sentiments hold one of these political views but not the other, suggesting there are multiple ways of thinking that lead a person toward the insurrectionist movement.

Broader support
This latest research reinforces our previous findings, that the Jan. 6 insurrection represents a far more mainstream movement than earlier instances of right-wing extremism across the country. Those events, mostly limited to white supremacist and militia groups, saw more than 100 individuals arrested from 2015 to 2020. But just 14% of those arrested for their actions on Jan. 6 are members of those groups. More than half are business owners or middle-aged white-collar professionals, and only 7% are unemployed.

There is no way to say for sure when – or even whether – these insurrectionists will take action. On Jan. 6, it took clear direction from Donald Trump and other political leaders to turn these dangerous sentiments into a violent reality. But the movement itself is larger and more complex than many people might like to think."


I am in the process of reading: Peril by Woodward & Costa.

Trump's craziness is worse than I imagined. We were at Peril so much of the time. Awful, awful man.

Woodward is a wonderful writer and makes this reading easy and insightful. I highly recommend the book.


Glad to heat that that book "peril" is so good ,
dig!  I will try to get it on books on disc....

So much terrible news is coming forth about
trumps yeARS  in the Whitehouse,  the problems that
he has caused  along with his hopes of taking over
the government again in 2024. 

It is so up setting to me that I have stopped listening
to the news.  I just check in a couple times a day
to see what is going on... and then spend my days
watching Netflix, Prime, hulu and othe shows
on demand.   

At least I have a choice of what passes thru my brain,
and I can skip what I don't like.   

Otherwise all is well here for me and I am
grateful for for the good things I have and the
bad things that have passed me by,  so far!!   

Hope you all are happy and well!

  "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

― Carl Sagan


Merry Christmas,
  "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

― Carl Sagan


  "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

― Carl Sagan


The Supreme court ruled against President Biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses. Shortly afterward, Starbucks announced its 200,000 employees at 9 000 locations would no longer be required to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. I'm fully vaccinated and bolstered, but Starbucks is no longer on my shopping list. We have over a thousand new cases daily, and the Midwest isn't any better. Would you shop there?

How many other businesses see this as a free pass?


So much going on since Jan.
Covid for the most part on the wane but it does rear its ugly head once in a while.
I had my 2nd booster. Arm very sore for 24 hours but no other symptoms. My Neighbor who went with me had 101* temp and chills but is now alright.
Many arrested for 6 Jan insurrection and several have been found guilty.
Trump found in contempt of court orders and is to pay $10,000/day until he turns over requested documents.
I think Biden is doing a good job and I like the way he is handling the Ukraine awful, awful situation.


Friday, the 27th, I have my second booster and fourth shot. Covid is lessening the severity, but there are four new variations so far from Omicron. If you're vaccinated and boostered, you may still have a mild case if you're in the noted three percent possible. If you're not vaccinated, good luck. This city is in the low range for the first time since March 2021 but is still under almost the same lockdown.

I agree about Biden; his jobs, infrastructure, and other bills target items long ignored or exacerbated by past presidents. Naysayers tend to run to course, complaining about him personally or ignoring his successes rather than come clean about their own agenda.


Please join in! The more, the merrier! Bubble suggested a quiz and gave me a few suggestions. The same rules apply. Two questions per person and remember I'm in a different time zone so won't be always as fast to answer as you might wish. I hope everyone enjoys the quiz and that it might induce others to bring their own quizzes, games, and riddles to play!


Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID-19



Now that they are opening up and
people are getting together,  more and
more are testing positive for Covid,  but
fortunately if they have had their shorts,
their cases are milder..  Some hardly even
know that they have it.   

My worry...
I wonder if women are still going to be able
to vote in the future.  But worst of all,  I
wonder if women really care all that much if
they are "allowed" to vote or not. 

Back when we couldn't women all got together
and fought for that right.   It meant something
to everyone.   

  "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

― Carl Sagan


We've gotten too complacent, and those wanting to control everyone and everything for their own reasons and not the people have conspired, schemed, and come in under the radar.

At this stage, who hasn't had Covid? The real news is that unvaccinated people have a 1.21 chance of catching a worse case and perhaps dying from it, while those vaccinated, perhaps 0.3-0.4%, might still catch a mild case that and is less than from the polio vaccine.


We have had another massive school shooting. Nothing has been done by R/D re: gun laws. Legislators say they care but they don't, IMO.
The one thing BIDEN could do right now is by Presidential Proclamation: LOCK down all schools (who receive Fed $) as soon as school starts each morning. Entry only in extreme emergency. At least this shooter could not have got into the school.


Just awful. I read the school was locked but a teacher had propped  open a doo and this is where the shooter entered. I have checked around my town and schools are locked. So --so much for my suggestion!