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By: donklan


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Soda Shoppe for December 1,2017

Started by so_P_bubble, December 01, 2017, 03:23:01 am

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Soda Shoppe

for December 1,2017



I was in line at a restaurant. In front of me was a mother with her college-age son and his girlfriend. It was the middle of the dinner rush, and many customers were restless at the long wait, but the young couple, holding hands and kissing, were oblivious to everything around them.
Although clearly not approving, the mother was silent, until one prolonged kiss when the young man had his face and hands buried in his girlfriend’s long, curly locks.

“Do you have to do that here?” the embarrassed mother asked.
“I’m not doing anything, Mom,” came her son’s muffled voice.
“My earring’s caught in her hair.”

Lloyd Hammond

 so_P_bubble.  do not know about you but my computer is acting up today so far.I was reading your post about the boy's ear ring cought in the girls hair/
and away it went, and it did not want to let me back, but I Finley made it.
Have a great day and thanks for posting the new place to post.



Thanks Callie I'll look for the recipes.

Good Morning to Everyfriend.  I'm in a hurry today' Have to be at my counter, smiling sweetly by 8 a.m. this morning.  I wish you all a happy day.

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Good morning everyone..

Sounds like you two ladies, Jane and Jenny had a wonderful birthday. Jane I bet your grandson would turn heads dressed in his uniform!!

We are off to the city, hubby has a test to do...we will just go in and out of the city , no shopping. They are calling for either rain or snow here again. Yesterday we had both but the snow didn't stay.

Gloria, glad to hear Reginia is doing well and happy to hear they got it all! The worry for both of you is taxing and now she can rest/heal at home.

Joy, thank you will look for it.

Mary Ann, the only reason I can think of was to cool it down quicker?? I know the fudge was so good.

Shirley, hope your sil and your daughter are doing well after their surgeries .

Larry, hope you have your computer problems all fixed by now. That job can be very frustrating for sure.

Bubble, thank you for a new page and beautiful graphics. Cute joke too!!

Jane, have a line full of happy,smiling customers today!!

Lloyd, may you have a trouble free day!

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Friday morning.  Thanks, Bubble, for getting us started on the final month of 2017.  Like the new graphic.

It is a pretty sunny morning, but chilly right now.  Supposed to warm up for the week end.

Just a reminder, since we have a new page,..........I have put the 2 recipes in the Homemaking, Food and Gardening board.

I was a long time getting to sleep last night,  I was still up at 1:30 and was posting here on Seniors and Friends.  Finally got to sleep, not too long before it was time to get up. I need to get dressed and go down to the office to pay my rent and put some bills in the mail.  Then, I am sure a nap will be needed.

Hope everyone has a great Friday.



Gloria,   I did want to tell you that I am so happy that your daughter's surgery went well and I wish her a very quick recovery.  I am sure you did sleep better knowing she was doing well.  Scary time for all of you.

I do hope that June and Jenny had a wonderful day to celebrate their birthdays. 


Mary Ann

Gloria, I am happy that Regina's surgery went well.  I had a hysterectomy many years ago, glad that I did.  I had no cancer connected with mine and I'm glad the doctor got it all for Regina.

The sun is shining so we will have a nice day, but cool.  It is less than 30 degrees now.  Brrr.

I'm going to get my Christmas cards out to see how many I have; I don't send many any more, as others don't also.  But there are some people I don't keep in touch with other than at this time of the year - and they don't have computers.

Mary Ann


  Hi Everyone. We are going to have another 70 degree day on this 1st day of December.  Our housekeeper should be here in a little while and the house is ready for her.  I don't have anything on the schedule that will require me to leave the house today.  I did get up yesterday afternoon with a scratchy throat and feared I might be coming down with a cold.  I used some cold ease type lozenges and seem to be better this morning.

Yesterday afternoon I reinstalled Windows 10 on my desktop computer as it had become unusable.  When you do this your applications and a few other things have to be reinstalled.  I have decided to give the new Edge browser a try and have my favorites set up.  Later today I will install the printers  and a few other things and I will be fully back in business.

Pat will be having another shot in her back as soon as the insurance company approves and then it can get on the schedule.  There is another area of her back that is giving her a lot of pain in her back and leg.

Joy, isn't it about time for some "white stuff" up your way and further North?  Sorry to read that you weren't feeling so well yesterday and hope today is much better.  When we feel good it is easy to overdo.  Pat did that yesterday as after her doctor's appointment she stopped at Aldi's and got some groceries and just about did herself in.  Your cookies sound good. Pat hasn't made any fudge for several years and probably won't again.  The last two years we have made the crockpot peanut clusters that are so simple and so good and we plan to do that again this year. 

May Ann, I also missed wishing a Happy Birthday to June and Jenny.  So will send belated wishes to both of you. Are your birthdays on the same date. 

Amy, your mother must have been a hardy soul to stand outside and stir the fudge.  I have reinstalled the Windows software several times so at least knew what to expect. 

Gloria, that is good news on your daughter's surgery that they got all of the cancer.  I hope she has a speedy recovery.  I remember my mother making divinity but don't remember Pat ever making it.  I can usually get a few of the right response to the Jeopardy answer. 

June, just think this time next year you will be starting on 94.  I hope this is a good and enjoyable year ahead for you.  I don't think I knew you had a policeman grandson. 

Jenny, I always seem to be a day or so late with Birthday or Anniversary good wishes but they are non the less sincere.  I hope you had a nice celebration. 

Callie, I must say I am just a wee bit envious of you in your attendance at the Philharmonic Christmas Show.  It sounds like you had a delightful evening. 

Bubble, thanks for the new start for this week.  That is a delightful graphic that you created.  A cute funny. 

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I tried to get in last night but for whatever reason, instead of coming to this date it insisted it was 3 months ago!  Really needed that confusion to end my day!!  Had that "wellness check up" that Medicare sponsors... did okay on everything except remembering those 3 little words, so intent on the visual of "dog" & "grass" I forgot the middle word, book.  She said that middle word got many.  The rest was a no-brainer but I do think it is probably a good thing after dealing with someone struggling with Alzheimer's.

Belated Happy Birthdays to birthday girls.... June & Jenny!  You are both loved so much by family & this group of family/friends, hope the whole year brings happiness. 

Got the pool winterized but still want to pump a couple more inches of water out.  The new pump made it go a lot easier but I want it
low enough that a hard rain or even snow might bring it up so water can get into the pipes.  I've griped about the pool long enough.

Sun shining, still having above normal temps for this time of year, thinking about one more trip to MO before I winterize me.

Gloria, so glad Regina came through with flying colors and it is over.  Prayers that her recovery is problem free & fast.  Tell her I said "it is a good time to get out the paints and enjoy creating while her body heals". 

My sister-in-law called last night, she is SO happy with her new knee.  She was in only 24 hours, my brother said the nurses & doctor called her "Super Woman" because she was able to perform all their requests for bending & standing beyond their expectations.  She is less than a year older than I am a has such a bubbly personality, a joy to be around.  Said she "got her house work done & 3 loads of laundry.... but couldn't remember which room she left her walker in".........  My brother absolutely worships her & so do their 5 kids, so she is being well cared for by all. 

My daughter got her "release" from her doctor, to drive, (she drove herself to the office).  Glad to have the job behind her but was telling me that she had some panic attacks recently & finally admitted to the doctor.... sounded like the Dr was glad to find she really is human & explained away the "why" for the attacks & how to avoid them.  Just knowing they are not unusual helped.  Besides just
retiring she's spent a week baby sitting 3 grands while her son & DIL enjoyed a 2nd honeymoon since it was sort of business related for her son.... then spent another 2 weeks organizing & caring for another 3 year old gr-son before & after Mommie had a little girl.  She does all the cooking, laundry & deep cleaning when she visits her 2 married kids & they love having her come.  She has 4 kids & they all get their fair share of support from her.  Her husband is still working & doesn't want to retire because he really doesn't have hobbies, but they do enjoy traveling together.  Both have done a lot of it, all over the world, so hopefully they will learn how to relax.

Wishing all a very nice day with lots of happy thoughts.  The cats have not had breakfast but still closed off so I can't hear them complain. 

You popped in, Larry, sounds like you are well organized with your day.  Hope Pat gets relief for her pain, I do remember having back pain so sharp my analogy was "it feels like biting down on an abscessed tooth".... You amaze me handling your computer.  I melt in a puddle at the thought of installing, re-installing.


Good Afternoon Everyone!
Been a busy day so far.  Balanced checkbook and we had the cleaning lady here all morning, she has gone to my daughters now and my wife and my cousin have gone out for some lunch.  I am fixing to get in the bathroom and shave.  We are going out for supper tonight, not sure where.

We have a nice sunny day here with warm temps, suppose to be that way until Tuesday when we get some arctic air coming in, but not going to be that cold, so they say, but we shall see.

Anyhow hope everyone has a great day.

June hope that cold went away taking the sore throat with it.

June Drabek

Good late afternoon dear friends. I thank you all for your very kind and loving Birthday greetings, I just gobbled them all up and praised God for giving me such loving,precious friends.

Now I am looking forward to what God has in mind for me as I paddle along the path to reaching 94 years….or not. Life is such an interesting piece of aging…..I look forward to each one of those days. My Dori has chosen a lovely light weight flannel nighty and very comfortable slippers that I will enjoy each day I use them. Dori knows me so well. She is a special blessing for sure. All the lucious home made cupcakes we shared with others were a loving gift for all who got to partake.

Unfortunately, I an still not up to par. Went down to our clinic…..temperature was O.K., breathing was o.k, it was determined I have postnasal drip that causes a lot of throat irritation and tiredness. I gargle with saltwater…it helps…..I can take Robitusin, but Nurse frowns on floanase, still have a tight chest cough, so I am having supper delivered to my apt. tonight. I will just relax and enjoy all the caring benefit we are given here and be grateful.

I love you dear ones…keep well and happy.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Well, I thought I'd get a recipe or two from Shirley as much as she cooks for groups.  But I guess she just doesnt have time to write them down. 

CALLIE, you promised and I'm waiting.

I've been alternately cooking and resting all day.  I've dealt with all the stuff I bought yesterday except for a pack of chicken breasts and a big package of hamburger.  I'll take care of that tomorrow and, hopefully get the gumdrops made.  That's all I have planned for tomorrow.  Except maybe for a trip to Barnes & Noble to pick up a gift certificate for Kiran.  And if I do that, I'll stop at the candy store for my sister's candy canes.  Aside from wrapping the Christmas gift to take to church on Sunday, that's my day.

I had lots of smiling faces through my line today but I also had a lady collapse in the lane behind me.  They called 911 and took her to the hospital in an ambulance.  I have not heard how she is doing.  I finished checking out my customer with the cordless scanner from in front of my register.  Everyone was very nice and very supportive of our actions.  And the ambulance was there in no time at all.  Of course, you can see the hospital from our parking lot.  That was a plus!

Now I'm ready to finish up my chores and get to bed a bit early.  It's been quite a day!

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June you truly are a breath of fresh air.  You always seemed to take everything in stride and bring a smile to our faces.  Thank you for being our friend.

Janey, you have had a busy and stressful day.  Hope the lady recovered and you get all your chores done.

We went out to the Cracker Barrel for supper tonight with my oldest daughter and her husband.  I had the usual, but couldn't eat but about half of it, seems we all didn't finish our plate.  The women went to check out the shop and Steve and I finish our drink, coffee for me and Steve ice tea and then after paying the bill he and I went outside and sit on the porch and enjoyed the evening and discussed the new overpass they are building.  Incidently someone really screwed up on that thing.  The got the wrong degree of angle on the last section and are having to fabricate it again.  We are wondering who got fired and who is picking up the tab, well we both agreed that the taxpayer ultimately.

I am tired tonight and heading for the bed.

Good Night, God Bless and Sweet Dreams


December 01, 2017, 10:38:41 pm #14 Last Edit: December 01, 2017, 10:41:42 pm by Shirley
Jane, I did think of what type recipes you might want to pass on but wasn't sure anything I fix would work out.  Are they interested in big meals or more snack type food?  I used to make peanutbutter/rice krispy candy that was nourishing & not too expensive to fix, and the big kids love it as much as the little ones.  Haven't fixed it for quite a while. 

Mostly these days everyone wants meals of meat & potatoes or turkey noodles or even chicken breast fixed like pheasant under glass.  Those meals, I thought, probably would not be for casual evenings.  I use a lot of herbs & spices when cooking and always check the chart to see what goes with beef, pork or chicken.  Maybe chili, but no real recipes, and soups that don't come from recipes..... give us a hint to what type foods you have in mind?  In a way I kind of envy their activities, such fun gatherings, but wears me out to think of all that work. 

You are right that this is my busy time, winter coming so must get everything ready for hard freezes.  One more step to having the pool taken care of and son is to come blow out all the hoses tomorrow.  I bought some big tarps to staple inside the storage so wind can't blow rain or snow through the cracks in the wood.  The tarps my husband had put in are all shredded and I moved a lot of tools and yard stuff in there this week & don't want it to rust. Next week we are to be hit with a serious cold front so outside jobs must be
taken care of this week end.  Don't give up on me yet.
:eat: :peepwall: :thinking: :tiredtread: :yum:

Oops, you snuck in, Hal... Wish our Cracker Barrel was closer & had better parking, takes an effort to eat there.  I love their big salads but couldn't eat half, carry out box was full and I was stuffed last time.  One time we ordered carry out for maybe 8 adults but were disappointed in the meals, much less food than we expected for the same price as eat in.  Hope you get to feeling better.


Janie,  the activities of the past two days tired me out more than I expected.  I was moving in slow motion all day today!
I've picked out a couple of recipes I think would be useful and will try my best to get them to you tomorrow.



Pleasant dreams to all.



Thanks Callie, I understand!  I've been there!

Good Morning to all.  I'm up, not quite sure if I'm attem yet. 

SHIRLEY, for clarification...Natalie and Clint are feeding young adults who are coming from jobs or graduate classes.  They don't have to but they talked it over and decided that they get more regulars if they know they will get a meal so what I'm looking for are casseroles or crockpots that can either be done ahead and warmed up or don't take a lot of time to throw together.  I want to be able to tell her they're proven by people who know.

My plans for the next few days have altered.  My daughter from Texas will be arriving on Sunday for a funeral on Monday.  This one kind of involves our whole family.  It happens in small towns.  Bob was in my sister's class and his wife grew up 2 doors down the street from me.  His son and my SIL have been best friends since kindergarten and his daughter and my daughter have been friends since kindergarten.  His grandson and my grandson are also friends.  Small town life goes on.  His son is also married to the daughter of one of my good friends.  So we will all be going to the funeral on Monday.  A sad time for this to happen but he is in a better place and no longer suffering.  He has not been well for some time.

Our temps got to the low 20s over night and will only make it to the high 30s today.  I think winter is upon us!  I hope everyfriend has a lovely day and I hope we hear from Joan today.

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Good morning everyone...

No rain nor snow that was called for fell.....but they are still calling for it today.
Yesterday went better than expected and no appointments until the 5th with the cardio Dr. Today is laundry and maybe baking we shall see.

Joy, thank you for both of those recipes, have copied them both down.

Jane, I am sorry for the loss of your friend, just know that yes, he is in a better place now.

Hal, we find we can not eat all they give you in restaurant even when we order from the senior menu. That is why we like the buffet, you can take just what you want.

June, hope you feel better today, gargling with warm salt and water was one of the remedies we did at home and still do now. Another one is if we have a cough take Buckleys mixture. Tastes like you bite into a pine tree but it stops the cough and clears the air ways.

Shirley, you tired me out just reading all that you did!! Way to go for your sister in law, sounds like a remarkable woman .

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyone!

Amy like you said I am worn out from reading what all everyone did.  I did get up a little early to put out the recycle can and put the coffee on and brought the paper in and gave my old pup her morning pet.  She wants and expects it and will wart me till she gets it.

Amy I used to use Fishermans Friend drops, they worked great but now they are either making them stronger or my taste buds have changed and they are so strong I cant stand them.

Nothing much on tap here today.  Will watch the TCU/OU game, go TCU...........ought to be a good one.  Callie is worn out so she shouldn't be any help to OU...hehehehehe.

I see Sun's avatar on the side this morning, wonder how she is doing.  I hope her hands got better.  Hopefully she will post a "howdy" one of these days. Same with Joanie, I wish we would hear something from someone on how she is doing.  Miss her.

Everyone have a great day.


Hi Everyone.  It looks like we will have a cloudy day today and only get into the mid-60's.  I did stay home all day yesterday so nothing much to write about.  Today my throat feels almost back to normal.  I am not sure yet whether I will attend a meeting this morning or not as will have to decide when the time comes.

Today is a big college football game as this afternoon it is the Championship game in the Southeastern Conference and Georgia plays Auburn.  This evening Clemson plays Miami in the Atlanta Coast Conference Championship game.  So I plan on watching quite a bit of football this afternoon and evening.  This is the last week of the regular season and then Bowl bids will go out and it will be decided what four teams will play for the National Championship in college football. 

Shirley, it sounds like you did well in your "wellness checkup".  There is apparently a standard test that is applied as have had the same test when I have gotten a physical.  It sounds like your Sister-in-Law is doing amazing well with her knee replacement.  Based on seeing my wife go through it and the recovery I am shocked that she is getting around without her walker. Glad your daughter is doing well and was released by the doctor with some advice to ease her mind on the panic attacks.  No wonder her kids love to have her come if she works like a maid.  It sounds like she might take after her mother!  :) I loved those little emotion cons you used especially the one on the treadmill. 

Amy, glad you missed the rain and snow.  I have never heard of the Buckleys mixture.

Hal, hope you enjoyed your evening out dining.  Isn't it nice to have the house all cleaned up at once.  We always enjoy it after the cleaning lady leaves.  Pat had here clean out the refrigerator yesterday and tries to space out that type of special cleaning projects over a period of time.  Does your Cracker Barrel have all of those rocking chairs on their front porch that I have seen at other Cracker Barrels?  Too bad about the error in the plans for the overpass.  There would be more than one person responsible for the error as the engineer who designed it would have had his work checked by another engineer.  However, no one is perfect and mistakes do happen. 

June, you are indeed blessed with your children and their spouses.  Sorry you are not feeling up to par and hope today finds you at least closer to par than yesterday.  You certainly live in a fine place.  Hope you enjoyed a good supper that was sent up to you. 

Jane, it sounds like a lot of excitement near you yesterday at Walmart.  You certainly had a full day.

Hal, it would be nice to hear a word from Sun.  Maybe she could get her daughter to do a short posting for her as she has many friends here.  I also hope each day to see some word from or about Joan. 

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Good Morning, Everyfriend,

  :cheer:   GO SOONERS 


Good morning everyone. Has a busy day yesterday and ir was late when I decided to turn this machine on. Talked to my daughter and she is home already she sounded good but was tired, mostly from the 3 hour ride home. Talked to my grandson last night and he asked if he could take this PC home so he could spend more time working on it. I said yes. Do not know when he will come for it so I will be without one for a few days of longer. There are 4 computers in the library and only 1 works but does not have access to the web anymore, a couple play games on it and that is all. They all worked when I moved here but no longer and this company is so cheap they will not fix them, might as well take them away. Guess it makes an impression on proseptic renters.

JUNE  thank you, from your lips to God's ears, I pray candcer does not return to my daughter. I just wish I could be there with her. I cam picture your grandson in his uniform going into your building and everyone woindering why he was there and if anyone was in trouble. Hope you feel better today.

JENNY  thank  you. I can only think that I shouild be there to help out but unfortunately I cannot even help myself these days.

JANE  thank you. I am one of those that worry about every thing and I will worry about her and praying that monster cancer never returns to her.

CALLIE  thanks, I did not know about the cancer till I talked to her after the surgery. Glad you had such a great day with your DIL.

JOY  I will have to look for that recipe forum. Lately the SS is the only place I come. No enjoyment on this PC.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new page. Love your graphic and I do miss creating with PSP. My grandson said he might have to get a new harddrive and that will have Windows 10. I still have W.7pro on this thing, my 7home he said he could partition a new hard drive and install my copy. Good joke, thanks.

AMY  thank you. My daughter knows me so well she never said anything about cancer till it was out. She always faced things as they come and never complained about anything.

JOY  thank you. This is a very caring group and I appreciate everyone here even if I never say much about how I feel.

MARY ANN  I was 33 when I had my hysterectomy. Doctor told me after I had indetermionate cells that were on the verge of cancer. My MIL died from breast cancer. They put a box  on the table in the lobby for Christmas cards and that iw where we put ours to those here we give cards to. Some will only put 1 card on the bulletin board near the elevator on the main floor.

LARRY  I dread the thought of having to install everything  after my grandson gets finished with this lemon. Living in New England all my life if I did not know those answers I would have been DUMB. Thanks. My Skype is no longer working and would love to see how she looks, would make me feel better.

SHIRLEY  thanks, I will pass your message to my daughter. She should have time to paint for a couple of weeks.

HAL  no trouble balancing your checkbook this time? Great.

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Good Saturday morning !   Pretty sunshine, but only in the low 40's.   Was in the low 30's when I first go up,

I am going to get my hair cut today.  HOORAY !  I look like a shaggy dog.  We only have 1 hairdresser who only comes 1 day a week, and with so many new people,  she is really busy.  It is so difficult to get an appointment.  So many keep a standing weekly appointment, so you just have to watch for a empty space in between all the regulars.  I know it will really make me feel better.  Nothing like getting your hair to feel better. I know most of the ladies will agree with me.

Gloria, the place where you live sounds so much like where I live.  We have had 7 o 8 managers since I moved here in 2007,  So, that kind of tells you something.  We had a man over a year ago and he only stayed less than a year.  He found a better job closer to his home.  He was the best one we ever have had.  Everybody was so sorry to see him leave.

Gloria, I always enjoy reading your messages.  I can kind of relate to the same kind of problems you have.   Hope your grandson can get your computer straightened out, 

My best wishes for a complete recovery for your daughter. I am sure it is hard for you not to be able to be with her.  She sounds like a strong gal, tho.  Prayers do work !!!   I am like you.....  I love reading everyone's " stories", and appreciate all the time spent by you all, even tho I don't always make any comments.  Sometimes, I just don't feel much like "talking" 

I need to get moving this morning.  Have been "playing" around here for too long.  Getting tired of sitting and need to move around.

Good Morning, Larry.  Glad that your throat is feeling better.  Enjoy your football games this afternoon.

Hope all the friends here will have a great Saturday.



I feel better now Callie.  finally!


Football all day long, isn't that right, Callie?  Did everyone watch the GIRL win a Dr. Pepper chance for tossing a ball into a giant can?  She won the $100,000 prize to go towards scholarship.  Better than a touchdown!

We are going out early tonight to beat the crowd.  We will pick up our friend, Pat, and treat her to a favorite Pizza place.  It is really great pizza.

Callie:  We will be in Denver on the 16th. - it looks like a change in the weather. 

A quiet day here, I spent some time making pot holders with scraps of fabric. Too much time loading two library books on my reader.  They changed the entire way of downloading and one has to be careful not to "buy" the book.  It is a library, - taxes pay for it - so I pounded out a letter to the library to show my intent is to not buy a library book.

Don looked up something on You Tube and found that there is a movie of one grandson playing the trumpet in high school.  It is great.  Now, he works full time and in school so he doesn't have much time to practice - probably not at all.


Callie, OU showed up the second half, TCU went home.  Congrats on the championship.  You won    :-*


Another day passing so quickly.  No wonder I can never get all my planned tasks taken care of. 

We went to lunch with Dr. Dave’s Family to celebrate my birthday.  They were headed to Colorado Springs afterwards to a birthday party for a friend of Kate’s at The Great Wolf Lodge.  It is a big water park with a hotel.  4 girls and families were spending the night and 4 more will join in tomorrow for the official party.  We are keeping their Doggie Lola. 

LARRY, Bob is watching the GA / Auburn Game also but he is pulling for Auburn.  It appears GA will be the inner. 

GLORIA, happy to read Regina is home.  I am sure she is tired as  I sure would not envy her that 3 hour drive home after what she has been through.  I hope she continues to feel stronger and stronger. 

CAROL, I sure hope the weather will cooperate for your drive home on the 16th.  We are to get a storm this week that may bring some moisture, but then they say it is to warm up again right away.  We need to be in Laramie a week from today for a memorial service, but if the weather is bad we for sure will not go as you know how terrible the roads can be up that way. 

JOY, I agree with you completely.....I dread going to get my hair cut but it makes me feel like a new person! 

SHIRLEY, from what you have told us about how well your SIL is doing she deserves to be called SUPERWOMAN!  I hope she continues to do as well as she is during her PT for that knee replacement.  Maybe she won’t even need PT!  Good to hear your daughter is doing well also.  She sounds like you...drove herself to the doctor to be told she can now drive! 😻

JUNE, I smiled when you told about your nice soft gown and comfy slippers that Dori chose for you....she is always so thoughtful and would know just what you would enjoy and make you happy.

Thank you, BUBBLE, for the nice new SShoppe for us to enjoy. 

Sure wish we would hear from Joan.  I have seen a few posts in Face Book by Joe, her son, but he has not mentioned Joan. 

HAL, we had a meal at Texas Roadhouse last night.  I always think of you when we go there.  We do not have a Cracker Barrel close to us here in Colorado, but did when we had a place in Arizona.  Anyway, it seemed that the meal size fluctuated quite a bit the few times we have eaten at Cracker times it seems like way too much and yet we have had it come and be very sparse.  I often wonder if it has to do with the time of the day and how busy they are or have been.  We always enjoyed sitting and chatting in the rockers. 

JANE, I have been thinking about a recipe that I might share with your for your granddaughter, but so far nothing has come to mind. 

Enjoy the rest of your evening, EVERYFRIEND.



JENNY and you too, Carol, you must have a recipe to share with me for my granddaughter.  Dont you want Colorado to be represented?

And I bet Hal's wife has one she could share.  With that big family that gathers at the drop of a hat, there has to be a favorite recipe.

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June Drabek

 Another do nothing day for me. Still in my nightgown. I'm getting better though. Salt water,gargling truly is an old time GOOD healer. Takes down the swelling and chases away the pain. I think I will stay at home yet tomorrow. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. The Devil is welcome to a good strong dose of it though. Gloria, I pray that our beloved Regina will never have to face this cancer again. The doctor seemed confident that is was all gone, and I think Drs. are pretty careful before changing a diagnosis of "healed" I feel very sure your daughter is safe in God's care. I'm sorry you both had to go the fear and worry though. Hal, you though seem to be on the mend....finally. That makes me very happy. Joy, I trim my own hair,and noticed the right side was about a quarter inch longer that the left, so gave it a quick snip. My haircuts are sort of an on going thing...something looks wrong. so off it goes. I ended up cutting Ed's hair and the boys also, as long they lived at home. I think my Dan trims his own hair now. He is a slight curl so it would be easy to handle. Larry, they sent so much supper home with me last evening, I had the second portion for lunch today. I am ready to fix something light for tonight and then off to an early bed. I thank you all for your good thoughts. I know just sharing our problems cuts them in half, as sharing our joys, doubles. them. I love you my people.
As long as we are here, let's dance.