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By: phyllis


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Soda Shoppe for January 15,2018

Started by so_P_bubble, January 15, 2018, 03:18:18 am

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January 15, 2018, 03:18:18 am Last Edit: January 15, 2018, 03:28:22 am by so_P_bubble

Soda Shoppe

for  January 15, 2018



A woman called our airline
customer-service desk asking if she could take her dog on board.

“Sure,” I said, “as long as you provide your own kennel.” I further explained that the kennel needed to be large enough for the dog to stand up, sit down, turn around, and roll over.

The customer was flummoxed:
“I’ll never be able to teach him all of that by tomorrow!”


After i-messaging back and forth with my wife, I jokingly commanded Siri to pass along this message: “You need to get back to work now; you have a husband to support.”

Here’s what Siri sent: “You need to get back to work now; you have a has-been to support.”

John Brown, Jenks, Oklahoma


Okay, it's 430 in the morning and I had to take care of some business and I have to call front desk to come escort me to the bathroom.  I have this young lady who wanted to stand in doorway while I peed in a bottle, they measure everything, I ask here is she would mind giving me a little privacy, the won't let me shut the door.  Sbe obliged me.  And escorted me back to bed, i told here I wanted to sit up for awhile.  Good thing lady came in and took vitals and the vampire came by and drew blood.

Thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers.  God has truly blessed me by giving me friends such as you.

June they are giving me breathing treatments.  Don't know what drug they are using.

Weather is suppose to make drastic change tomorrow and not for the better. Calling for cold, rain, sleet and snow.  Doubt we will get much of the latter.

I am going to try and get some more sleep.  Talk to you later.


Good morning everyone..

Hal, one doesn't get much privacy in a hospital ,you even get to wear I  C U gowns and if you don't hold the opening closed ICU!!!

We are off to the city this morning, a fun trip, no appointments. I am dropping off two quilt tops ,picking up a quilt that needs the binding sewn on and hope to meet up with David and Julie for lunch. May check out the new Marks Work Warehouse store it is to be the largest in Canada now. They opened and Sears closed.

Temp is -2  ° can live with that ,but can't wait till we get Spring. I know one shouldn't wish time away as it seems to go very fast now.

Bubble, thank you for the new page and the giggles this morning..

Jane, hope your new battery came in today.

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Hal, let the hospital take care of you.  That is what they do best when it's an emergency.  Hope that you will soon be able to come home where you are more comfortable.

I got out of bed this morning so everything must be OK.   :thumbup:  Will be very happy when Mother Nature quits messing around with the thermometer.  But, I'm grateful to have a warm house and plenty of warm clothes to put on.

Breakfast is calling and after that the washer and dryer are waiting to get started on their jobs.  It may be a holiday for schools and banks but the every day chores still need to be done and so I will get busy with that later.

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. it is 19º @6:47 AM. headed for 33º today wend chill they are saying in the single digits. we had a tad bit more  snow. must be Shirley's fault came from her direction. I have a fire in the fire place down stairs. I will feed the cows and keep the fire going down stairs and watch a good western. I have a good recliner down there. Hall glad you got in hospital taking care of you. just drool about the young laddie. like the one neighbor laddie told her friend don't worry about your husband chasing her, like old sheep chasing the car he couldn't drive if he cought it either. Have a great day.



Well, I managed to sleep in a bit this morning and then discovered that I had not made dog food last night as I should have.  So that chore is done and the dogs have had breakfast and are outside making a yard deposit.  I have a minute to say....

GOOD MORNING EVERYFRIEND!  I wish you a day full of whatever suits your fancy.  I will be calling WM Automotive as soon as I'm finished here and if my battery came in overnight, that's my plan for today.    Since there's no school today, I might pick up Kiran this afternoon so we can "hang out".  I also have the stuff set out to bake "Christmas Cookies" if I decide the time is right.  I just read back over what I wrote and I've decided this is a big "IF" day for me.  If the battery came in; if Kiran wants to come over' if I feel like baking....

Enjoy your day, feel better, stay well, breathe happy, walk slowly, think fast!

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Hi Everyone. We have a very crisp but sunny day here in South Carolina and are not to get above the mid-40's after getting down into the mid-20's last night.  I plan on staying inside and warm today.  Nothing on the calendar that demands particular attention so will just work on some non-priority projects here in my office.  Pat's congestion is breaking up a bit but she is still coughing.  It doesn't seem to have turned into a cold. 

Our men's group, with the help of some of the women in the Church, will do the annual Project Warm this coming Friday and Saturday.  They hope to work on 8 or 9 houses that need repair for people who cannot afford to handle the repairs.  The supplies needed are paid for by one of the charities here and the Church supplies the labor.  This is the 7th or 8th year are men's group has done this on an annual basis.

Joy, it sounds like you had a delightful time with your grandson and his little family.  I think kids (and adults-at least some of them) love coloring books and books to read.  It sounds like you have a good arrangement for your son picking up and delivering your groceries. 

Mycheal, very nice comments about Jeanne.

Hal, I had missed seeing your posting about the heart attack and being in the hospital.  Sure glad the second blood test came back better than the first.  I hope you will soon be out of the hospital and home to recover.  Glad to read that Steven is now out of the hospital.  I long ago learned there is no privacy in the hospital and one doesn't get much real rest.  :)

Amy, it sounds like you have a busy day planned. What does the Marks Work Warehouse store sell?

Phyllis, I found when I retired that there were really very few holidays as almost everyday seems the same, such as today. 

Jane, aren't you getting a pretty early start on your "Christmas Cookies"?  :)  Hope WM has the battery you need today and you soon have your car running. 

Jane, I am sure you are anxious to hold that new Great Granddaughter and to visit with your daughter and family in Texas.  Spring will soon be here.

June, nice to read that yesterday was a better day for you. 

Shirley, I think we need to stay with  website like the Mayo Clinic or the Cleavland Clinic or some of the other respected medical sites when reading about health problems.  I had forgotten about Jeanne Lee's involvment with the women's organization of the VFW. 

Bubble, thanks for getting us started with a fresh page for the 15th.  That is a beautiful graphic.  I liked your jokes. 


Merry Monday,  Everyfriend,

Bubble, thanks for the new page.  Fun to see a joke from an "Okie"  (the fellow from Jenks, which is a suburb of Tulsa and known for its antique shops).

Hal,  I suspect the young lady didn't like her duty any more than you did.  Hope today goes well for you.

The weather gurus say we may have snow some time in the next 48 hours. 

When I told about the good "file cabinet session" I forgot to mention that my other son stopped by with a pair of T V Ears he'd ordered for me from one of those magazine ads.   The "test run" was fantastic and I'm looking forward to starting regular use now that they've charged overnight as directed. 

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.  Stay warm.


Good morning everyone, when I pulled the shades up I stood there watching lazy snowflakes falling. Was surprised to see a dusting on the ground and then just watched how easily they were floating down. Nothing on yesterday's forecast about snow until Wednesday.

GLORIA de  I think everyone has a pity party at times as we age and remember days when we were younger and all our families were alive and well.

LLOYD  when I was driving I always gave those big 18 wheelers a lot of room. They are a lot bigger than what I was driving. Pulling a small trailer was bad enough so I always gave those drivers my respect and the room they need.

JUNE  I know about being too tired to eat. Every time I try coo‌king I am too worn out to eat.

HAL  what a shock to read y our post from yesterday. You are a tough ole guy so you will be home soon. I will be one of the many praying for you. I know you will not give the doctors and nurses a hard time even if you want to go home ASAP. Thank you for letting us know.

JUNE  thank you. Regina doesn't sound worried at all, she has faith in God to help. Of course she never told me till after the surgery that is was cancer. I just wish I could be there with her.

CALLIE  thank you. Regina and her health are about all I can think of these days.

SHIRLEY  thank GOD for Skype. At least I can see her and talk to her every day. She does look good and she is not worried about it. She never was good at hiding her feelings, at least not with me. I do not know about other papers but here one has to pay to have an obit put in the paper. I have to my family I do not want one nor any wake or hoopla.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new page and the jokes.

HAL  taking care of business is hard when you do not have privacy.

AMY  TV says 20° here and looks like the snow has stopped.

PHYLLIS  lately I feel that as long as I can get out of bed in the morning it will be a good day.

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Good day Soda Shoppers!
I see no one is sharing goodies anymore :( 
I haven't been baking lately, so have nothing to other either. Let's dream of cyber pancakes with lots of maple syrup...

Hal, sorry to hear you are making a surprise visit to the hospital. But it is good that you were quickly taken care of.  Hopefully you will be soon back to normal after that experience. Just follow the orders, try not to find the time too long and think about it as just another enriching  ;)   hurdle thrown in by life.


LARRY, you must have missed my post back in December where I said that, in the interest of saving time, I'd decided to put off the baking of Christmas cookies until January when I would have more time.  I plan to eat them as they come out of the oven.

Bubble, when I get around to it, I'll stick some in the Hidey Hole to share.

Two guys, one of them my son, came and took my car away to get a battery in it.  Then my son called to say they had to get one from another of their stores because they didn't have the right one.  I'll have my car back around 2:30.  Hopefully, it will be willing to work for a while after that.  I sure wish I could get a new battery in me! 

They also deposited a new microwave on the floor of my dining room and took my old dead one away.  I cleaned up the cubby hole and I'm ready to have it in there when they bring the car back.  In the meantime, I'll have to relearn how to boil water on top of the stove.  And how to heat stuff in the oven.  I don't think it's very hard  ;D

Gloria, we're getting some of those lazy snowflakes too but they're not laying anywhere except on the old snow in the grass.

Callie, Jenks is where my granddaughter, grandson-in-law and soon to be Great Granddaughter live.  Maybe on the way north from Dallas or South back to Dallas, we can have lunch.  Would we be passing through, around or near OKC on the way?

I have the washer ready to go so I guess I'll go throw some clothes in there.  Enjoy your day, everyone.

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Jane,  now I remember that your family lives "on the east side".   Unfortunately,  it would be about 100 miles out of the way for us to meet for lunch. 

I'm getting way too good at procrastinating!!!!!   

Get busy, Callie!!!!!!   Oh, all right!   :sulk:


Hal:  Good to see your post - I missed the part where you went in for a heart problem.  Keep on keeping on...

Bubble:  Love your beautiful flowers and that little joke is a winner! 


CALLIE, I refuse to procrastinate!  That means that you eventually have to deal with them.  I just file things in my "forgettery".

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My Car's back with a new battery and no bill and it was accompanied by a new microwave oven that was my Christmas present from my son and his family. 

And I just sat here in my nice warm house and waited!

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June Drabek

I am going to work backwards on your good posts. First of all I want to say how very, very much I appreciate and love you all. We are truly a family. One that truly loves and cares and can so easily associate all your feelings and joys and sorrows. I thank our God for all of you. I truly love you my cyber family.

Gloria. I wish you could live here as my neighbor. I know how we would get along,not living in one another's pocket, but enjoy  dining  together, and sharing our feelings. I am so confident that Regina will be just fine. God loves her and has plans for  the rest of her life here on earth.

Larry, thank you for you kind thoughts.  I pray your Pat will heal quickly and  be able to enjoy each day of her life. I can't believe how quickly a small illness can drag on for weeks.

Hal, I find the breathing treatments are really important. I had decided to quit as I felt so good…it didn't take long for me to realize my error. I do one in the morning..15 minutes, and then another before I go to bed at night. I am so glad you have your computer with you Hal. we need you.

Bubble, dear one, thank you for our new page. We had hedges of lilacs in Minn. where I grew up, so I look at your page, and take a deep breath.

Nearly time to head downstairs for lunch, so I will send a wave to you all, and see you again later.  :smitten:
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Good afternoon, just turned the heat up, I cannot seem to get warm.

Gloria, that is so nice, that you can actually see your daughter, I know that makes you feel better. Prays still going to her.

Hal, sure was surprised to read your post.  Get Well soon, I will say a pray for you.

Jane, so happy to read your good news.

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We are home and more than ready to do nothing. Gosh that is tiring going to town and we only went in Marks which is rather big and Larry it is a clothing store plus .Larry the kids gave me the rest of my Christmas gift a collection of fabric from Missouri Qulits in one of their bags. Pat will know that name if she has ordered from them Lovely dragon fly fabric!!

I went into Fabricland and came out with nothing, then we met up with the kids for lunch. Had great company and delicious food. On the way home I ran into Giant Tiger  for parsnips ,celery and found some tops for me.

Jane I am so happy to read you are up and running with your car, no not starting now for you!! A new microwave is a great gift!

I don't want any supper, too many shrimp in my tummy. ..

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Gloria de, I am the same today, can't get warm no matter how hard I try...have a good fire going but I am going to give it another poke to smarten it up :)
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Jane,  my "forgettery" is full so I had to switch to "procrastinate"    :D

Hooray for the new battery with no bill PLUS a new microwave!!!!
:clap: for your son and family!!!


CALLIE, with a little forethought, I banged a hole in my "forgettery" so it never fills up.  Of course, my practical daughter sometimes reminds of something that slipped through and wiggled it's way over to her house. 

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June Drabek

Had a good lunch downstairs, then a walk, then over to the club house for a good movie. Saw the first section of "The Best Years of our Lives". Now THAT was a good movie. Next Monday we will see the other half.

I really need to do a grocery order. My pantry shelves are showing more shelf than food stock. Nothing special to do tomorrow morning so perhaps I will do the shopping. I never promise to do anything anymore, never knowing what the body will allow. Right now it is telling me to lay down and read and sleep.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Good evening EVERYFRIEND. 

THANK YOU, BUBBLE, for our new SS and for the cute stories to start us off. 

HAL, sorry to read what is going on with you.  Feel better and get home to recoup as soon as you can! 

Yippee, JANE.  New battery at no cost to you and a new microwave oven.  I think a nice Christmas Cookie would sure taste good right about now.  Sounds like you have a good plan. 

We brought our Granddaughter Kate home to spend the night with us, last night.  It was so nice to have her here.  We took her home about 2 PM as she had to go to her dance class as she has a competition this coming Saturday.

It snowed here and the roads were very icy this morning.  There will be no melting as the temps are very low.  We need moisture so badly.  I just do not like the frigid temps with no moisture. 

I wish you all a good new get. ,pleasant dreams to all.


June Drabek

Time to say goodnight and God be with you through the night. He is always as close as a thought or a prayer. We are so

As long as we are here, let's dance.


The snow is still drifting gently down and is supposed to continue through the night and most of tomorrow.  Weatherbug says there will only be an accumulation of 3 to 4 inches.  We shall see!

Good night my friends.  Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.  My grandmother used to say that to us when we were little kids!

Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast

Lloyd Hammond

Jane S that is good all grandmothers used to have same good Night saying about the bed bugs, even tho we never had any. Had a  neighbor that had the experience with them tho. folks would not let us children go close to them for  a while when they getting rid of them. well I am back to bed got a good drink of water,fixed the dry mouth for a while. we only had a short 2" of snow. that is enough ok with me if you let it warm up and get moisture in form of rain. this old Man is tired of having to chop ice for the cattle to drink. good night and sweet dreams.


Lloyd Hammond

Jane S I went in kitchen and re filled my large drinking cup with ice and water
On the way by the table I grabbed a blue  berry Muffin Nancy had made yesterday. I drink ice water year around. got to thinking of when we were small children when grand Mother was making  cake or cookies we would grab a spoon and take a bite of the doe. she would yell at us get out of that it will give you worms,that would take care of the doe grabbing for a while, but she would let us wipe out and lick the pan. hadn't learned the same dough we had been snitching. i now think it was because the cake/cookies would have been short on
Ingredient (maybe).



:hb2: :hb3: :hb2: :hb3: :Happy birthday Shirley, may you have a wonderful day  :hugs:
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers