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Author Topic: Soda Shoppe for January 15,2018  (Read 3018 times)

Offline Shirley

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Re: Soda Shoppe for January 15,2018
« Reply #330 on: January 31, 2018, 10:54:47 AM »
Larry, your tuna casserole sounds so good, I haven't made it since the kids were little.... and then only when Cas was out of town.  He didn't eat any type fish..... how do you fix yours?  Please?

I am waiting (again) for a call back from tracfone.... that "free one day shipping" is a bunch of hooooie.... I checked on this phone on the 27th & ordered the 29th... it still is NOT in the "tube"...  can't believe anything... trying to find out how many days BEFORE they do the "one day shipping".........  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr   My daughter is in town & uses iPhones & wanted to help me set up all the choices.  I did buy the extra year (good until July of 2019) with thousands of data, text & talk minutes.... just have a lemon of a phone (Alcatel smarty) that doesn't have enough memory or space to update anything.   :tissue:

Good copies, Gloria, I'm sending to a number of people.  Got to admit that this winter has not lived up to my wishes... way too dry & the wind has not stopped, so bitter cold on those days.  My surprise lilies are out of the ground, neighbor says their jonquils are out of the ground as well.  Boy, do they have a shock coming! 

Sun is shining but was cloudy & when I woke up to see the blue/blood/super "they called it"... moon, it was pitch dark out.  Full eclipse.  Last night before I went to bed it looked huge & had a big ring around it, but I decided to wait for photos until this morning.  Bad choice~~

Jenny, the wedding & trip sounded wonderful so bring on the photos!  Nice they are living their dreams.  Guess you didn't drop by to visit your father or you'd have said, hope he is okay. 

Jane, you talked about companies "getting rid of the old timers"..... to hire cheaper labor.... happened to my father & husband ... they do know how to skirt the law.  Trouble is when they get rid of all the people that know how to run the place then they either go "belly up" or run into many problems the younger ones don't know how to fix.  Hang in there.... I'd love to check out with a smiling face.

Better get off.... supposed to call back in half an hour.... when I called earlier (& got disconnected)... was only 10 minutes.  I am short on patience this morning.

Offline Lindancer

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Re: Soda Shoppe for January 15,2018
« Reply #331 on: January 31, 2018, 02:45:31 PM »
Good afternoon, sunny shining, no wind but very cold.  I put a picture of our so called dusting of snow in pictures old and new.

Gloria, it was 15 here in the pine barrens this AM. Yesterday we got 8 inches, and it showed the city got a dusting, which they had forecast for us. the schools were even closed out here. Snow again for Friday, and I have two doctor appointments. Hope this time it is the dusting

Click for Riverhead, NY Forecast

Offline June Drabek

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Re: Soda Shoppe for January 15,2018
« Reply #332 on: January 31, 2018, 09:21:33 PM »
Good Evening dear ones. I don't know how 12 hours can just disappear so quickly.I was in earlier and read your posts, then got involved in emails and before I knew it lunch time had arrived. Oh, thats right I spent an hour at Bible study. Our resident Pastor did it today, since there are five weeks this month. He is A-1 in my book. He enjoys teaching and it shows..lots of smiles.
Then it was lunch time and of course a two hour nap, then did some much needed separating and destroying or filing of paper work. and now it is time to fix some supper. I think it will be a grilled cheese sandwich...cheddar of course......real cheese. Canned fruit for dessert. Then maybe a walk outside before getting ready for book and bed. What a wonderful life.

Amy, you asked about the patch. Never the same place two times in a row, as I break out from the nitro. I used to use my upper arm till it got to sensitive and broke out with rash like pimples, so now it is applied on my thighs..alternate days. The skin is a little thicker there...or maybe more fatty layer, and definitely
more area, and easier to remove and wash every night. I learned a lot on the computer.

Time to go fix my sandwich, and dine while the t.v. entertains me with the news.
Not very entertaining, but it does keep my brain alive. God willing I will be back to say Goodnight. HUGS
As long as we are here, let's dance.

Offline so_P_bubble

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Re: Soda Shoppe for January 15,2018
« Reply #333 on: February 01, 2018, 02:13:05 AM »
A new page for Soda Shoppe begins

« Last Edit: February 01, 2018, 02:30:04 AM by so_P_bubble »