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August 18, 2022, 01:05:11 AM

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Aug 10 2022 8:19pm
junee: Where do I post to Marilyn in Bait

Aug 03 2022 7:57pm
mycheal: Astro, ya better get a cutting some wood LOL

Jun 25 2022 11:32am
sunluver78: Thank you!  Looking forward to looking around and joining in.  Wishing everybody a happy Saturday! :)

Jun 17 2022 10:34pm
mycheal: Oh Astro, long winter, klong spring  hot cold wind and summer but for a day or two now and then :) Be well

Jun 13 2022 6:43pm
JaneS: JS3577

May 01 2022 8:01pm
Astro: Mycheal:  Anything is better than this last long winter.  They seem to get longer with each passing year.  Stay well!

Apr 22 2022 8:01pm
mycheal: Astro, hope your dancing and singing in the rain :) jj~

Apr 10 2022 8:55pm
Oldiesmann: FYI. you can now get to this site via as well as the regular .org (the .com will redirect you). Figured it might make things a bit easier to remember :)

Feb 17 2022 10:45am
Skhilled: Except for me, Oldiesmann. I'm only 60 so "almost" a senior. LMAO

Feb 08 2022 8:25am
so_P_bubble: Hi Nitah, great to see you back. Do you still do PSP? We need new creators there! or posts in the Holiday cards section...


Soda Shoppe for July 15, 2021

Started by so_P_bubble, July 15, 2021, 01:28:57 AM

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AMY, email me your decision on the canner, too!

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Good morning everyone. A beaut iful sunny morning. We did have some rain yes terday afternoon. We were supposed to be without the elevator on Thursday and Yvette was ready to come up the stairs when she found the elevato working. A new note under my door this morning, they will be checking it out on Monday now. Will be without it from 7am to 3pm. I will not be able to go out even if I wanted to. Can you picture me trying t o go down 2 floors with my rollator? I wonder which would fall down the stairs first.
Cox was out aging during the night, why this time I have no idea. TV PC and phone out when I tried getting in earlier today. Almost every month the price goes up a few dollors and the service gets worse. I sure wish we had a choice of who we want to service our machines. Enough complaining for the day, I promise.

PATRICIA  last evening I finally got to watch the train trip to Fairbanks. I sent the link to Arizona, I know my SIL will enjoy watching it, he really is into trains. He now has a train lay ou t around some of the property,  the bigger model trains, wit h bridges and tunnels and every thing to make the photos he t ook to make it look real. He has a layout in his hobby room too. That one he keeps changing.

AMY  my daughter has a good supply of those freeze dried meals in a sealed can. If that dry bed floods again like a few days ago they will not go hungry. The foods they came up wit h for the astonauts will get them through for a few years. Almost everyone there has a supply of them for emergencies. When it is self suffecient that means being prepared for anything and everything.

JANE  one time when I went to Dan Diego they  took me out to the desert and it was spring after the rains and it was in bloom. All colors of flowers and some very tiny. It  is amazing wha t grows in the dry desert. The different cacti with all those needles/spines that have such beaut iful flowers.

LLOYD  looks like we both are starting with the same temperature this morning.

Think I will have Yvette go to a local restaurant for fish and chips for our lunch today. Have not  done that lately and we both really enjoy it. Takes about 10 minutes to get there and still hot when she gets back. I try giving her money for gas because  the company gives t hem very little for gas money and she refuses to take anything but this fish and chips she will eat and enjoy . She really helps me so much in ways that are above the job description. Last week she went out almos t every day on an errand and she is allowed to go only 2 times a week. Her choice and she keeps coming up wit h t hings I might enjoy or want.

Have a good day and hope it is dry or rainy wha t ever you wan. Stay safe and happy and healthy.

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Today our family will all gather at Dave's Home to enjoy time together and celebrate our Michele's Life. 

Yesterday we celebrated our 54th Wedding Anniversary.  How blessed we are to have these many years together 💞

My little Grandson Jonah came to visit with his parents and oh boy, the hugs and kisses I received from that sweet boy were fabulous🥰🥰  I was just so happy he was so very sweet and loving to me.  I anticipated that he might runaround me and head for his GrandBob 🤪😘

I wish you ALL a wonderful Friday.

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Jenny , a belated Happy Anniversary to you and Bob!
Hope your day was special.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


October 2019

Returning the favor, Toronto to Vancouver by train.

Notice the similar landscapes and geography to Alaska.


Jenny, I hope your day with Bob was special and filled with memories!


Nothing better than having family around to celebrate!  Congratulations on the big numbers, Jenny & Bob, looks like you're gonna make it!  ;)   :congrats:  :tup:

Lloyd Hammond

Well I do not know what goes on with this computer I had a good post almost ready to post, and the grimalkin's jumped in ate it and diapered. we are at sun down, and 81º with clear sky. AC is non stop and not getting the house too cool. good Night and sweet dreams. Hope to see you all tomorrow.



JENNY And BOB, congrats and best wishes form many more years together!

I'm off to the haystack.  My eyes have already entered slamshut mode!  I'm really tired tonight and Cooper is spending the night.  He won't sleep with us but makes himself at home wherever he pleases. 

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone that follows. JaneS Looks like you put us to bed and I am the first one here this morning, Have a great day everyone, It is 76º & clear this morning here.



Good morning..

Weather is sticking with 57° at the moment. Love LOVE this cooler weather!

Busy day ahead  here. Off to a friends garage sale..then into town to pick up cucumbers then home to pickle.

Life can throw one some curves, some good and others not so good. My friend ,her husband in the hospital put their house up for sale (sold in two weeks)She had a place to go to in the city while he was going into a nursing home. She phoned to say that he had passed away...but the sale must go on as she has to be out of the house for the new owners to move in. A trying time on her part but thankfully her children, grandchildren and friends all pitched in making this a more tolerable move.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Amy, I've heard houses are selling faster than expected because so many of US haven't checked the market of today & prices are really out of whack. Can you imagine what it costs (lumber) to build a house now?  Afraid a lot of houses will go back like some years ago, because the market will drop & houses not worth the mortgage. Sad that happens & so very sorry for you friend caught in this crazy times. Thank goodness she does have family to help her thru.

Good morning to all, it is a HOT day here. Cats all outside, they don't like my cold house!  I did put the thermostat down to 76, but up during the night to 78. Everyone I talk to has theirs at 71 or 72 but that's too much difference in & out for me.

The chiggers aren't biting me since I got out the baby oil mixed with B-1 vitamin.... I just pour a little in the palm of my hand & rub my ankles to knees & what's left on my hands I wipe around my neck & ears, keeps the mosquitoes away from my head & those chiggers quit biting me. I do have the 100mg B-1 & think I may have smashed several (one this year) in the bottle of baby oil I got at the $Tree.  This is the 2nd year for that bottle & I do have another ready to open when needed.


Amy, I'm so sorry for your friend. It's good that she has family and friends close to help.


Good morning everyone, a nice cool one in the lower 50's. Last night on local news the weather guesser said it could get down to the 40's over night. That is cold after the heat and humidty we have been having, not to mention all the thunderstorms and rain almost every day  this month. I don't think August can be any worse than July has been. Sun is shining now and the sky is blue but if it is like other days this month the sky will be overcast and by late afternoon it will be plain rain or another storm.

JENNY  I know just how you felt with Jonah, that is how I feel with my great grandson. Every time I see him he comes to me with hugs that get tighter all the time as he gets stronger. He turned 6 a week ago and is still a sweetie. Happy 54 years to you and Bob.

PATRICIA  I watched the Alaska train ride yesterday and enjoyed it. That is a long ride taking 12 hours. I have only been on a train a few times but never with the luxury of that train.I sent the link to my daughter and SIL and bet he will wish they could get on it.

LLOYD  the AC I have now keeps me nice and cool, much better than the portable one I had.

JANE  hope Cooper gave you no trouble last night. Hope you were nowhere near those tonadoes tha t came t hrough your state. Saw it on the news yesterday.

AMY  I sen t that  link y ou post ed to Regina. I know she misses her big freezer and does not have too big a one in her fridge. She said she likes the idea of canning the hamburg. They canno t always ge t into town-like last week when the dry bed flooded a few days ago to at leas t 3 times it width. No one could get  out and some could not get home.

SHIRLEY  I have the temperature on my AC set at 75 and it goes off and on as needed but in the afternoons when the sun is hitting this side of the building it seems to run all the time.

Have a good day and keep cool. Better go get dressed for the day before Bill gets here for his weekly visit. I still miss the apartment I had in his house.

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Amazing Grace with more than 200 bagpipes; live in Berlin


Patricia, two of my loves. the bagpipes and the song!!! Thank you, I am passing this on.

Kyle has 40  pints of dill pickles to enjoy this winter..that should hold him. Now just need to do his beet pickles but I will help eat those :)

Looks like more rain here.....again..
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


:happybday:  :happybday: Happy birthday Patricia, hope you have a wonderful :happybday:  :happybday:  birthday..
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Is it TODAY? Patricia?  I know you are the baby of the group, want to brag now?  Hope it is the best birthday ever!

 :hb3:  :hb2:  :happybday:  :tup:  :party2:   :hb2:  :hb3:



I loved the bagpipes.  I think they might be my favorite form of music and it must be the Scottish blood that runs in my veins! 

It's been a good day here.  I hope yours were all good ones, too!

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Thanks everyone for the good wishes! I'm beginning my seventh decade, so I don't know about the baby bit  🐣

I remember the woman who had the six sons always said I was a little young at 52 to be joining SeniorNet. She started calling me the baby senior, and Norm, PJ, Glen, and Jerry from Holland (I don't remember what his name onsite was) started calling me that too. Except for working still, I wouldn't mind going back to my fifties.

I feel the get-together on the 4th will be for my birthday and Liam's, whose birthday was the 22nd. He called today about everyone has a different story on just what's happening, so now I'm suspicious too.

Jane, I also love the bagpipes. I'm 2% Norwegian, 4% Swedish, 29% Welsh, and 21% Scottish (Johnston, Black Watch), with the rest Irish according to family and So, I'm claiming the pipes too.

Amy, I've never heard of beet pickles altho I have pickled beets with a hard-boiled egg in the jar. So is that the same? I'm also a dill fan, and garlic dills are my favorite.