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May 28, 2022, 06:10:16 AM

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May 01 2022 8:01pm
Astro: Mycheal:  Anything is better than this last long winter.  They seem to get longer with each passing year.  Stay well!

Apr 22 2022 8:01pm
mycheal: Astro, hope your dancing and singing in the rain :) jj~

Apr 10 2022 8:55pm
Oldiesmann: FYI. you can now get to this site via as well as the regular .org (the .com will redirect you). Figured it might make things a bit easier to remember :)

Feb 17 2022 10:45am
Skhilled: Except for me, Oldiesmann. I'm only 60 so "almost" a senior. LMAO

Feb 08 2022 8:25am
so_P_bubble: Hi Nitah, great to see you back. Do you still do PSP? We need new creators there! or posts in the Holiday cards section...

Feb 06 2022 12:00am
NitaH: Hi, everyone.  I am back...on my laptop. :)  I was surprised to see my name mentioned since I've been gone.  It feels good.  Once I get the site figured out gain, I'll be posting.  :)

Feb 03 2022 4:19pm
Oldiesmann: Welcome janezka! I'm probably the only one here who's not a senior (I'm almost 40) but I handle the technical side of things, so if you have any questions, just ask :)

Feb 03 2022 12:57pm
so_P_bubble: Hi Janezka! welcome.  Try the forum and look around to see what might interest you. The Soda Shoppe is the place where you will meet most of the members.

Feb 03 2022 7:19am
janezka: My name is Jonas and I live in San Diego. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and attending social events.I enjoy most things if i am with the right person.  I live near Mission Trails.I like to walk on the Lake or relax in nature. Love to dance an

Jan 09 2022 4:42pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome :)


Soda Shoppe for March 15, 2021

Started by so_P_bubble, March 15, 2021, 05:33:05 AM

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Good morning...

We are to have another glorious day of warm weather and sunshine here today ..

Another day of sneaking up on the jobs that need to be done and hope I can catch and get them done. Should bake bread also.
My friend emailed me and said her rhubarb is up 2 inches!! I emailed back san said ours is under 2 inches of snow yet. Maybe today it will poke through if weather permits.

Jane, your supper sounds delicious!!Frankie is a lucky lady to have you as a Grandmom. I am betting on You're Special :)) Yes, the robin was on the ground so that is a good sign.

Patricia ,sure hop warm weather visits you and stays! Now when you do get summer will you get temps into the 80's?

Still no Gloria?? Or Joy?? Or Phyllis??

Better shake a leg and meet the day..

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I'm up, Mickie's been out and fed but she's telling me it's time for our first walk of the day and she's right.  So I better go get dressed and take her.  I'll check back later!  Hope our missing ladies show up!

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Lloyd Hammond

Tomereader1 I do not Know which is older you or me I turned 83 the 27th of august. most of life is not fun to much of the people in the world Has lost command science. But I had a uncle that is now deceased, used to say families can't get along how can you expect the world to. I try to love everyone But It gets harder all the time. It is 53º here now cloudy and on and off light rain with a  hard one ever little bit. they are saying we can possible can get some hail, they hit the rain so far all night but I Haven't heard any hale.



Good morning from a still snowed under Interior, but we have plus ten presently. My leg is better. Yesterday I committed to going down to security to get my mail and return. I managed it and spent the rest of the day resting. Going downtown will be a while longer, but I'm on the home stretch.

Amy, our average summer weather is normally in the eighties altho the last three have been unfortunately rainy. Last summer was a deluge. Our normal pre-climate change was the seventies through 104° I couldn't tell you what normal is any more.

Here is a link to the snow we still have in this Arctic Cam screengrab.


I am doing a slow  :tickedoff:  Remember when we used to get matches that you could strike anywhere?  Gosh, if you had tight jeans on you could strike it on them and the match would light. They also had a white tip on them
 Now, there is no white tip (phosphorus) on them now :(  you do need to strike on the box and with any luck it will cause a flame....maybe. Told hubby if these don't work out ,I will get a bbq lighter and we will use that to light the fire.

I did check our rhubarb and it is now clear of snow but no red shoots poking their nose through yet.

Patricia, thank you for he link, you do have a lot of snow about..ours is mainly in the  woods. Happy to read you are getting about some. Way to go on being on the home stretch, this has been a long haul for you..
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


It is a dreary day here in Springdale.  A few sprinkles here and there.  It is our last full day and I will be sad to have to say goodbye tomorrow morning as we head off to Tulsa OK to catch our airplane home😩

Once again we had another mass shooting yesterday in Colorado.  Of all the mass shootings in Colorado we head on the news that Colorado ranks 6th in the nation😩 YIKES. They did not say what the first five states are. 

Sadly, last night a dear friend and her husband were in a very bad car accident on their way home to Santa Fe NM from Colorado where they were meeting with the builder of their new home.  Thankfully they are not too seriously injured but the car is totaled.  They spent the night in the hospital but are hoping to be released today and trying to arrange a way to get home.

I wish you ALL a good rest of your day.

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Well, we've gone almost 11 hours without a post.  If this Soda Shoppe doesn't start doing a better business, we might go OUT of business.  Come on everyone, come get a soda and some snacks and join us for some chatter.

Today was very busy.  I got a lot done and all of it tood time!  Every time I thought about sitting down or closing my eyes for a few minutes, some odd job needing doing would pop into my mind.  It was one of those days.  And I also made a quick trip to Davy's and. among other things, I brought home a potted pansy!  Yep, I fell for the Spring Effect! 

Right now, I can't keep my mouth shut.  I'm yawning continuously!  I guess I better hit the haystack and check it out for ZZZZs. 

I wish you all a peaceful night sleep and a beautiful Spring day tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Sorry, Jane, I've come by to read but phone calls & cats got in the way of reporting in. Had the Dr appointment this afternoon to make sure the eye is healed enough to keep schedule for other eye surgery on April 5. Is good to go. Rainy, cloudy day and these BP pills have me so geared down I am going thru the daze in a daze. Basement is drying out nicely with the de-humidifier running so that's all to report from central Kansas. Sweet dreams & think too late to catch anyone awake to whisper that to. Sorry........... Love, Shirley


Good Morning...or Good Night SHIRLEY!  At least I don't have to talk to myself!  I'm glad to hear the eye is healed and that you're ready for the other one.  I hope this one doesn't give you so much trouble.  They should be ready for whatever happens!

We're supposed to get rain today beginning with drizzle and increasing as the day progresses.  We'll see how that goes.  I don't have to go anywhere but this Friday, my two weeks are up following my COVID shots and I'm heading for the beauty parlor.  My hair is hollering "CUT ME OR I"M GOING CRAZY!"  And it's driving ME crazy!

I hope you all have a good day....better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow!

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Good morning..

We are also to get rain here,it will help take away more snow! Maple syrup this will be not as good as other years they are saying...starting to warm up and trees are starting to bud out.

Need to attack a "catch all" drawer today,not a huge job but one that gets put by the way side. Bread baking day today also.

Jane, I was so happy to get my hair cut the other day, first with a new hairdresser and he did a great job.

Shirley, crows are eating me out of house and home here (kidding) they also like the home made bread.

Slept in so better get a move on here

Take care and stay safe!
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Perhaps I can come in here more often now that I have finally finished my taxes and filed them, along with some other household business things.

Rainy day here but warmer.  Most of the ornamental trees are in bloom and they are pretty to look at but the pollen count is high and giving me grief!

Take care, All.

Lloyd Hammond

Good Mid morning everyone. I Just got up a few min. ago. I was up for a short time in the we hours of morning watched a little TV and went back to bed and got some more zzz's. Is 47º and cloudy Here calling for 51º for high today and rain tomorrow. Nancy Is Putting Her third Jigsaw Puzzle together today. Not My bag but she enjoys it, so let her go. that way she is letting me alone and I can do my thing. as much sleep as i had i should be rested but i do not feel rested. Hope you all have a good day just as you like it, see you all later, I am going going to go test My blood sugar and eat somengting.


Lloyd Hammond

 phyllis you slipped in while I was typing it said. Have a good day'



Hello Everyfriend!  Not much activity in here today!  Everyone must be out enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.  We had the predicted drizzles all day....sometimes heavier and sometimes lighter.  I just had Mickie out for her last jaunt and it's still drizzling a bit.  It's supposed to be stopping overnight and tomorrow will be in the low 70s. 

Frankie and Cooper were in and out today.  Cooper stayed while Frankie kept a couple of appointments and then her father showed up and we dropped him at the groomer and she picked him up. 

I took the curtains in my bedroom down and washed them, dried them, ironed them and put them back up.  My plan was to wash the windows but with the rain and cloudiness, i decided I wouldn't be able to tell if them were clean so I put off the washing.

Mickie and I had two nice long walks between the showers and it was so nice and warm we didn't even need a coat....well, Mickie kept her coat on.  I didn't wear one.

I made Easter lollipops and I overnighted them to my Great grandkids in OK.  I didn't want to take a chance of having them sit around and melt somewhere.  My Granddaughter sent me movies of the opening and then Facetimed me on the phone so I could watch!  I really miss those kids!

I'm off to the haystack now.  I'm not going to close down the Shoppe tonight because sometimes SHIRLEY and JENNY pop in late.  I did turn the lights down but you can turn them up if you want more light.  Don't forget to turn them down when you leave

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy, Spring day tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Good morning..

Tis a pea soup day out there this morning!! We had a good rain in the  night and may get more this morning. Sure is taking the snow away!!

Another trug is going to a new home this morning . I didn't get the bread done or the drawers. (see how I can wiggle out of work? ) :2funny:  Instead I rearranged my cookbooks........all 107 of them and that isn't including the ones on another cupboard. I looked in some and found recipes for cooking bear meat and when I came to chipmunk pie ,I closed the book. So today will just be a day of letting it happen.

Jane, hope you have the proper footstool or 3 step ladder when putting the curtains back up.

Shirley or Jane  any word on Gloria??

Phyllis, I bet your happy that job is done. Tax time is no fun!

Lloyd, I also enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together...good for Nancy.

Best get ready, folks said they would phone and let us know when they are coming.

Enjoy your day and stay safe..

edited to add.  yayyy Joy is here!! Good morning Joy.
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning. Took me a little  longer getting back than I had planned.

I had told Jane I would check  in when I could.

I am feeling better.  Still get a little jitteryn at times, but work through it.

I am going to today to get my first vaciine shot. Only have to go to the Senior Center  about 10 min. away.  Hope it will be a quick trip.

Jane, I hope you and all the otherm friends are doing well.Kind of a foggy, drizzly dayn here.  Would like to go back to bed, but need to get moving along.

Boy, these pages sure fill up quick.  I didn't get to read them all.   Glad to see Gloria is back with us.  Hope you are doingn well, Gloria. You were missed.''

Hopem all will haven a good day.  Will try to get back again soon.


Lloyd Hammond

Good morning everyone. Joy I am sort of with you. but remember our age and we have paid our dues,just be glad we can still make the sean now and then. I know I am glad to see you and I bet the rest of the bunch is also. according to the tattle tail I got 8.5 hours of sleep. am better rested than yesterday but feel like it would been alright If  I had got a few more zzz's. Oh well a nap in front of TV will work later today. hope you all have a good day just as you like it.



Good Morning JOY, AMY, and LLOYD and anyone else who shows up later.  We've been up and out and checked the email, took a shower and got dressed, had breakfast, went for a walk and now we're ready to start the chores.

Mickie is recovering from her walk on the rug behind my chair.  It was a long one with lots of "snuffies" along the way.  She's worn out!

I'm finally going to inventory the kitchen freezer so I don't have to keep rooting to find something I know is in there!  And I think Frankie and Cooper will be by later today.  Whatever else crops up, I'll give it a chance.  If I want to tackle it, I will.  If I don't feel like it, I won't!  So there!!

I wish you all a good day! Better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow! 

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I remember something like this but was Holiday Inn... I still like the idea...

No nursing home for me.  I'll be checking into a MARRIOTT!

With the average cost for nursing home-care being $275.00 per day, there is a better way when we get old and too feeble.

I've already checked on reservations at  The FAIRFIELD:

For a combined long-term stay discount and senior discount, it's $79.00 per night.

Breakfast is included, and some have happy hours
In the afternoon.

That leaves $196.00 a day for lunch and dinner in any restaurant we want, or room service, laundry,
gratuities and special TV movies.

Plus, they provide a spa, swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and washer dryer, etc.

And most have free toothpaste and razors, and all have free shampoo and soap.

$10 worth of tips a day and you'll have the entire staff scrambling to help you.   They'll treat you like a customer, not a patient.

There's a city bus stop out front, and seniors ride free.
The handicap bus will also pick you up
(if you fake a decent limp).

To meet other nice people, call a church bus on Sundays.

For a change of scenery, take the airport shuttle bus and eat at one of the nice restaurants there.
While you're at the airport, fly somewhere....
otherwise, the cash keeps building up.

It takes months to get into decent nursing homes.  Marriott will take your reservation  today !

And you're not stuck in one place forever -- you can move from Marriott to Marriott, or even from city to city.
Want to see Hawaii? They have COURTYARD there too.

TV broken?  Light bulbs need changing?  Need a mattress replaced?  No problem... They fix everything, and apologize for the inconvenience.

The Marriott has a night security person and daily room service. The maid checks to see if you are OK.  If not, they'll call an ambulance . . .
or the undertaker!

If you fall and break a hip, Medicare will pay for the hip, and Marriott will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life.

And no worries about visits from family. They will always be glad to find you, and probably check in for a few days mini-vacation.

And the grandkids can use the pool.

What more could you ask for? So, when I reach that golden age, I'll face it with a grin.

Not forgetting HIV (Hair is Vanishing)
 Also, all politicians should serve only two terms -- one in office and one in prison.


And during your stay at the Marriot, 
for pain relief,  you can send your
grandkids out in the parking lot to
score some drugs..  preferably heroin...
or some pills OxyContin Codine , Fentanyl,
and the list goes on and on. 

in fact,  if your kids are successfull
they can start their own business which might
help you pay for your motel stay. 

I don't know...
sounds a little reckless to me... 

But we are just having fun
and joking around so we are only
limited by our imagination.. 

Enjoy and have fun!!
And I am hoping that everyone is feeling
well and at our age,   we still
have Medicare to sustain us in legitimate
hospitals with legitimate physicians.   

I am very happy with mine here
in Portland Maine.   But I do
know that we are very
fortuante here to have 
excellent heath care facilities,
and staff .. 

Have a good day Everyone !!! 

 :smitten:  :smitten:  :smitten:

We live on a blue planet that
Circles around a ball of fire
Next to a moon that moves the sea
And  YOU don't believe in miracles?


Just watched the trug go down the road. We still have 3 more to go likely closer to  May. The geese are winging their way  here and I hope they find some open lakes to land in.

Shirley that is a good one makes more sense to go there than a nursing home. Saw Mr Tom this morning. what a display he put on!! Tail fanned out and wings fanned down. Will try and get some photos of him tomorrow.

Back to work...

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Good afternoon. I got a little entrjetick and Made some fresh peanut butter from scratch. just put the blinder on the pree setting with the Knife in the bottom and let go until the nuts were ground into peanut butter. with the oil in them it is pretty thine, (delises) see you later.



Time for the haystack and I'm sure ready tonight! 

SHIRLEY, I shared your retirement idea with my kids and they like the idea!  Maybe we'll  run into each other some day1

I made my Cranberry Chicken recipe today with one slight chane.  I used the pheasant that my SIL shot and shared with me last Fall.  It turned out really good and I have enough to put a few dinners in the freezer for later and a couple more to eat now. 

Frankie came over here after her Dr. appt.  She had also stopped at the car wash and she got my shop vac and extension cord out of the shed and cleaned out the interior of her care and mine.   So the Spring cleaning of the cars is almost done.  I'll need to make a trip to the car wash to do the outside of mine.
Today was a GLORIOUS day!  The sun was out; there was a light breeze and the temperature got all the way up to 74!  I had all the windows open and the house is all aired out now.  It's wonderful!

Now I'm heading for the haystack and I hope it's loaded with zzzzzs.  I'm really tired.  It doesn't seem to take as long for that to happen as it use to take!  I wonder why! 

I wish you all a peaceful night sleep and another gorgeous Spring day tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Lloyd Hammond

JaneS when you go through the car Wash, do not forget to do the under body wash, there are more rust trash hanging under there than on the out side.cost's you more $$$worth damage under there.Look at the low rusted out places on cars. 
as they say do the Math. the couple 0f extra $$$ for it is money well spent.
Nancy will tell you that in a heart beat, and no won is a bigger pinney pingher than she is. I can tell you by the way she fusses at me when we wash the Vn and there no rust showing on it. and when you leave the car wash drive very slow the blow dry bloys dry under boddie. good Night and sweet dreams.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  We're up but I'm not sure we're attem yet.  I didn't sleep too well last night.  It was one of those nights that I went to bed too tired to sleep.  I slept pretty well for the first two hours and then fitfully the rest of the night.

We got up to 64º this morning!  I couldn't believe it!  We're supposed to hit a high of 70 but more drizzling rain all day today.

My project for today is to make AMY's hot mustard.  I emptied the last jar yesterday and I can't live without it any more!  So that's the project for today!  See what you've done, AMY?  I'm hooked!

Thank you LLOYD for the advice about the under side of the car.  I'll remember that when I go to the car wash!  And I'll think of you and Nancy when I do.

It's almost time for the boinger and breakfast so I'll wish you all a good day...better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

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Lloyd Hammond

JaneS sorry you never had a good night either. I had a total of one hour. I went to bed at at a good time but could not settle down and go to sleep at all. according to the tattle tail when i gave up and got up I had 2 hours, but it lies often. I got up shut the bedroom door so Nancy could get some rest. I dosed off about 1 hour. weather guesser says is 37º and cloudy going for 61º today. but it is also very foggey here now. Have a good day everyone.



Good morning..

Liquid sunshine out there this morning and it is a steady rain.  There are flood warnings in some areas but we are fine here. Those with sap buckets will be dumping them  on the ground. Another catch up day after picking up meds today.

Jane, you and I will be doing the same job, we are scrapping the bottom of the last jar here.

Enjoy your day and stay safe!

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyone,
from the overcast and cool,
rocky coast of Maine. 

It is going to be in the 40's and 50's
with occasional showers here in
Portland,  for the next 10 days. 
Indicating that Spring is on it's
way.   Phew what a relief.

I am getting close to the second
week after my second Covid shot and feeling
pretty good.  Just a little tired .  The
side effects have not been too bad. 

I am going to Trader Joes with my daughter
Kelly  today.   (What a treat!) ..  then I
might get her to go to the fish Market
down on Commercial street, for some fresh

Ah what a treat to actually get out of
my apartment and into a store. or two. 

As I mentioned before,  I will never go
out anythere with out my Rollator again.
My fear of falling has finally sunken in
so I shall be more careful in the future.

I shouldn't complain as I am not in any pain
these days nor have I ever been in much. 

As I am repeating,  I just must always be
more careful to cut my speed in half,
and walk behind my rollator every time I
leave my home.   
:banana2:  :yes:


We live on a blue planet that
Circles around a ball of fire
Next to a moon that moves the sea
And  YOU don't believe in miracles?


Sandy, I know you are really fearless having traveled the US alone.... so don't be so afraid of falling. I've had several falls the last few years & lucky for me, no broken bones (even when I stepped back off that ladder onto concrete). As a kid & teen I learned to go limp & roll (being built close to the ground it wasn't hard to roll).... it is surprising to get up from a "roll", just tuck your body into a ball & take the "hit" on the ground with your shoulder protecting your face, and pop up & shake off the dirt. Might want to practice on soft dirt (or not)... ;)  ;D  Seriously, I've had diagnosed osteoporosis for about 25 years & do try to stay out of trouble but this works for me & I still do ladders & most everything I did as a kid. Not as gracefully.. ::)

It is cloudy but Tom & Callie ate their breakfast & are sitting on the step by the back door. I made them all stay inside last night since it was supposed to get into the 30s. Tom has had a sore foot or leg for a couple days but he doesn't like me to hold him to check. He is such a baby, I make sympathetic noises & he actually moans back for me, yet when Andy called & stopped by with an egg biscuit from McDonald's while ago, he went over the Dutch door to the basement without a 2nd thought. Crazy cat, he's going to break a leg one of these days doing that because he has to land several steps down when he goes over. I even had some stuff piled on top of that door ledge to keep him from jumping up on it... did it anyway without knocking the stuff off. He didn't know it was Andy, just a knock on the door (he called from a few blocks away & I opened the garage door).

More laundry to do today & then a closet floor to clean out. I have a big batch of shoes to take to the thrift store, some look hardly worn. Dumb shopping & would get home to walk around & find they weren't comfy so my "bargains" weren't really a bargain. Hope someone else can get some use out of them. I haven't cleaned out closets for ages & a must do thing now.

I was hoping to hit the road by the time the red bud is in full bloom but guess it won't happen this year. It should be beautiful in another few days but from what my daughter says, we are a little ahead of central MO on greening up. We are a tad further south but guessing Callie is way ahead of us, being "souther" than we are. How about that word, Callie?

Where are you, Gloria?  Just an X will let us know you are okay........

Have a happy day where ever you are. I'm still going to paint a smiley face on my black mask!


Good Morning,

I can't possibly - nor would I want to try to - keep up with those of you whose days center around making something to eat, taking care of animals (excuse me...."fur babies"  ::) ) and going hither and yon.

However, I'm about to go farther this weekend than I've been in more than a year.  Will tell you about it when I return.

Shirley,  .  ;D at "souther"; I'll think about that the next time you send a "blue norther" our way.
 Our flowering trees and shrubs are very slow this year due to the ice storm last October and the snow/ice a month or so ago.  There are very few leaves even showing on the cottonwoods behind the fence and I'm afraid they've been damaged.

Hope Everyfriend has an Enjoyable Day and a Wonderful Weekend.