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By: Jeanne Lee


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  • Delphineaz: Question.  Other than google what search engine do you recommend?
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  • Delphineaz: Hi diglady.... been a long time.  Are you still in AZ?
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Soda Shoppe for October 15, 2017

Started by so_P_bubble, October 15, 2017, 03:48:21 am

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Good Morning Everyone, from
the sunny but cooler rocky coast of Maine.

It seem that the Fall worm has turned and headed
back underground until next spring... Sadly
to say that Summer is over and the colder, darker
Winter Months are forth coming.   

Enough of that depressing news....  For
a Fall day,  it is pretty nice here.   I still have
my windows open for fresh air (I do that most
of the Winter Months for a few hours a day), 
and all is right with in my world.   

Everyone have a good day... 


Hi Everyone.  It is predicted that we will have a cooler day, only in the lower 70's, and a possibility of some rain showers and it is overcast this morning.  My main activity for today will be seeing the Podiatrist for a followup on my toenail removal.  I am hopeful he will release me so I won't have to go back on this matter. 

The schedule for this week is light and I am thankful as have no energy.  I did start taking my Renexa medication for my heart again this morning as had the worst angina attack yesterday afternoon I can remember having in a long time.  I will contact my doctor's office this morning to advise that I have started taking it again.  She had simply asked me to suspend it for awhile to see if it would help me have more energy and less shortness of breath.  If anything things were worse without it. 

I just tried to make a cake circle to put the lemon pound cake that Pat is making today for the bazaar.  However, my efforts weren't successful as we didn't have a piece of cardboard big enough without a crease in it.  So I will have to make a stop at Walmart this afternoon to buy some (just what I want to do!)  We had some but Pat gave them away when we moved.

Shirley, I bet your daughter will be happy to be back home and get rested up.  I bet the babysitting was an act of love but an exhausting one since it lasted more than a few hours. 

Joan, I hope you send some of that rain up this way.  We are at least having a cooler spell.  I expect you are ready for a day off from the therapy when Sunday comes. 

Hal, thanks for the info on the Medicare scammers.  I think the bottom line is never give out that type of information unless you have made the call and are certain you are dealing with a reputable company or organization. 

June, as I mentioned yesterday I think your posting problem was an Internet connection problem rather than one with your computer.  Glad you were able to post. 

deAngel, sure hope you are feeling better today. 

Jane, hope you have an enjoyable afternoon with TLH. 

Gloria, I think I am ready for frost here to hopefully help take care of the allergies that are impacting so many people here this year.  The ragweed is particularly bad.  I don't think I have ever sneezed and blown my nose so much as I have this year.  However, I prefer that to a stopped up head like Pat has been experiencing.  It is interesting how we all have our own food likes and dislikes.  I very seldom need to use a SS number.  I really don't understand why doctor's offices always ask for them since they have a copy of your ID and insurance card as well as address.  We often watch Family Feud.  It does require instant answers and there are many funny things said.  What is surprising is when that answer actually appears on the board. 

Sandy, nice to see that "all is right in your world".  You must like cold air more than I do. 

Click for North Augusta, South Carolina Forecast


Hi Larry... 

I do like the cooler weather better then the hotter weather.
I lived in Florida for Seven years and hated the months of March thru October.

As a Northerner,  I am well adapted to the seasonal changes and used to "dressing for the occasion",  which
is what we have to  up here around the  "45 parallel"!

(The 45th parallel makes up most of the boundary between Montana and Wyoming. It also passes through the U.S. states of Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and through the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.)

I already have my cooler weather clothes ready to go.
Actually I tend to layer my warmer weather clothes so
they will act as "cooler weather clothes"  ...   

In the Winter months,  the only time that I wear
boots etc and winter shoes is when there is snow or
rain and ice on the ground..  other wise I wear my
summer sandals year round.   

(And people are always
making comments about it, telling me, as if I
didn't know it,  that I was wearing sandals!)
This is embarrassing and sometimes humiliating.. )

Apparently they believe that I have lost my mind!

My body tends to heat up when I wear layers of clothing,
and my sandals act like AC for me ...    (Silly girl)

Have  a good day,  everyone!

Mary Ann

Sandy, when I used to visit Tom and his family up north, I crossed the 45th parallel both coming and going.  I always took note of it.  Even though I am well south of the 45th parallel, I am still in the snow belt, have lived here most of my life and I like the four seasons.  We're getting ready for color and I think it's a bit late this year. 

Mary Ann


We went to town to pick up meds and dog food and it was SNOWING!!!! Way too soon , thankfully it didn't stay!
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Sandy, I'm the opposite end of the depression and really do dread summer like you do winter.  I don't wear sandals all winter but do take off my shoes to cool my body off, summer & winter.  I have the hottest feet & hands, asked the Dr if that was a sign of anything bad.... his answer was, "just good circulation", so I don't go looking for trouble & consider it a good sign. 

Larry, sorry about the angina attack, maybe you need half the dose, does it build up over time (the meds in your body).  Having lived with someone battling heart problems I do admire how well you manage yours, all you do every day and how you pace yourself.  Best wishes that you find a balance that works for you.

Mary Ann, I am seeing a little more color every day, even a few bright red leaves in the Cleveland Pear tree in my front yard. On the whole I don't think this will be a pretty fall, the leaves are turning brown on most trees, except some of the locust trees are a bright yellow even though many of the leaves have fallen.  One locust tree (not mine) dumps right into my pool when the wind is right.

Amy, we sometimes get our first sign of snow over Halloween, many years the kids had to wear winter coats to "trick or treat".  I am excited about you seeing snow already!

Hal, I tried to hide the pills for the cats "to calm them" in the tuna fish but they smelled & wouldn't touch, I took the pills out (had cut them into little pieces) and still wouldn't eat the tuna.  Won't try that again, cats rule.

We had the brightest sun and bluest sky today, my son was over to put the new topper over the sky light on the RV so we were out most of the morning.  Birds are migrating through, the osprey floated around before landing on a power pole, robins calling that may have come from Alaska, many other bands of robins have come & gone.  I heard a bird singing across the street, couldn't see it but recognize the melody and can't remember what kind it is. Such a marvel knowing that all of these birds travel from one end of the continent to the other, spring & fall, and remember where they find food.  Happy thoughts to all............  Shirley


Speaking of birds, we are always waiting to see the quail show up here. I call them Bobble Heads. 

I went to a fabric shop and bought 3/12 yards of extra wide cotton for a quilt backing plus the same amount for the padding in between the top and bottom cottons.  I had a coupon but that one didn't work.  Always something!

Don is in his glory, listening to his favorite music, the tenors and sometimes a soprano from Norway (Sissel) who is clear and delightful.  We were transferred from Minnesota to Dallas for 9 years and it was great and it was awful.  The kids are all back into normal winters with snow now and very happy.

Shirley:  Do you get pears from your tree?  Nice that you were told it is "good circulation" so you can like that news. 

June Drabek

My computer girl came up and put me on another program called Google Chrome. I can read your messages but can't post. Alas
As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek

I came back here to post. I will have to ask her for more assistance tomorrow.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


June, June, June..... You are posting!!!   :thumbup:  I use Google Chrome all the time, my son prefers Firefox (or Foxfire?). 

Carol, the Cleveland pear has same blossoms & "pears" as the Bradford pear trees.  Only difference I can tell is the Bradford is round like a ball and Cleveland is like an upside down ice cream cone.  I love your little quail.


Ah JUNE! I also see your posts. 

Good night everyfriend and may God bless us, every one!

Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast


Good morning Everyfriend!  I see the lights were on all night! 

It was 34º when I got up this morning but there was no frost on the "punkin".  The weatherguesser said there would be frost in the "higher elevations" but I guess we're not high enough.  We need a good frost or the leaves will all be down and color.  Lots of trees are bare around here but not very colorful. 

We're waiting out the doggies pills and I think I'll go take my shower while I wait.  Make today a good one.

Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast


Good morning everyone.
Well the frost was sure on the punkin here ,temp is 26° F and the ground is white with frost.  I would like to cut the grass on last time so I hope the sun comes out and dries it up.

We have VON coming this morning and then we can get on about our day.

June, I too can see your posts.

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning JaneS Amy and everyone else that fallow. It is strange June is having trouble seeing her posts as we all can. may be her computer acting up.
I have win 10 and it dose craze things some time. it is 45º and clear here now
going for 70º today. AMY you may keep the frosy up there for a few more days.
we are making Hay here need a few more days please. Thanks.



Good  morning everyone, it is down to 30° . Every thing outside is covered with frost. The sun is shining and it will warm up but right now I have the heat on.  Here is something to start the day, have local news on and they had a segment on wild turkeys. It was about 50 years ago when they introduced wild turkeys to this area. I have seen a big flock of them at my sons eating bird seed that dropped from the feeders he has. There was one big one that looked like it was standing guard then they would wander the orchard into the woods. Seems now those birds are attacking people who get too close, even attacked a police cruiser. Best yet was one breaking through a window in a dentist office  and made itself at home. They told people not to feed them. Wonder it thy will have a hunting season for them next month. So much for local news this morning.

HAL  why I kept saying SS card instead of the Medicare cards I don't know. Maybe because our SS number is on every thing these days.

LARRY  like you I do not understand why my SS was even on my driver's liscense.  It has been used on most things, no wonder so much stealing of identity. I used to watch Family Fued and wondered at some of the answers. I stopped watching as I cannot stand those women screaming when they get a right answer or win.

SANDY  like you I like the 4 seasons and dislike the heat and humidity of summer. Must be the Yankee in us.

SHIRLEY  not much color here yet but this morning when I pulled the shades up I looked out at the swamp maples at the end of the parking lot, the sun was shining on them and the beautiful red they get shows up about halfway down. Around here kids wear costumes over their winter coats most years at Halloween.

CAROL  my daughter was telling me she was watching Quail from a window in the mornings, mama and babies stopping at a pan of water my SIL keeps out and walking away.

JUNE  your post shows up.

JANE  we got your share of frost here. Tops of cars are all white and so are the windshields.

AMY  our temperatures are not much warmer than you this morning.

LLOYD  hope you get all that hay cut before frost.

Click for Harrisville, Rhode Island Forecast


Good Tuesday morning.

Beautiful blue sky, sunshine, no wind, but chilly.  I think it is supposed to warm up to the low 70's by the afternoon.  They were calling for maybe some frost, but if it did occur,  it is gone now.  I was a little later getting up..  I did push the thermostat up a little so the furnace did kick on. It is starting to warm up nicely now, so I will turn it back.

June, I can also see your postings.

Gloria, I am with you about watching Family Feud.   This same thing happens on so many shows.  I, too, can't stand all the screaming and hollering

Nothing much happening in my little corner of the world.  I tackled a messy  job in my kitchen last night after I was finishing up the dishes.  Wound up cleaning my toaster oven.  I did not realize what a mess it was.  But, now it is sparkly clean and ready to go. 

Miss seeing our Joan here this morning.  So happy that she has been up to letting us hear from her. 

Hope all the friends will have a great day.



Hi Everyone.
We started off this morning with a cool 46 degrees and are to only get to the low 70's later this afternoon.  I guess Fall is finally coming to South Carolina.  My calendar is clear for today so plan on a slow and restful day.  The foot doctor said my toes are coming along fine but that it takes several weeks before they are totally healed.  When I went to Walmart they were sold out of the round Wilton cake cardboard plates but they had square ones.  So I called Pat and she said that would be OK.  However, when I got home and she saw them she realized they really wouldn't work for the fresh lemon pound cake she had made in a bundt pan so I went to our local Walmart and found what she wanted.  The cake is all ready to take to the Church bazaar bake sale tomorrow.  Jennifer is planning on coming out to help her grandmother get the items she has to contribute to the bazaar to the Church in the morning and I will not have to do that.

Sandy, I have lived in States with all different types of weather and I will take the warmer weather anytime.  I like not having to deal with snow and there would be no way I could shovel walks anymore.  I spend very little time outside, usually just from the car and then back inside or going to the mailbox.  I haven't owned sandals for years and my feet seem to stay cold most of the time. You have to admit that you probably see few people in your area wearing sandals in the winter.  :) If that is what works for you pay no attention to what anyone else says as it is none of their business.
Right now I have the toe section cut out of a pair of socks so I can let the air get to my toes so they can heal more quickly.  I am still using the shoes they send you home with from the foot doctor but just here in the house.  I can wear my regular shoes when I leave the house.   

Amy, it sounds like you were getting an early taste of winter with that early snow. 

Shirley, I wasn't excited about stopping the Renexa as that and Coreg had been what had been so helpful to my feeling better for a number of years.  However, I was willing to suspend it to see if it made a difference and it did but just not a good difference.  I really don't do much anymore and often have to stop what I am doing to sit down and rest if I push too hard. Glad you got the new topper over the sky light on the RV. 

Carol, like Don I also like the singing of Sissel.  She has a beautiful voice.  At the moment I am listening to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sing Gershwin, Kern and Berlin.  She also has a beautiful voice and is an opera singer, who I just looked up and see she retired from professional singing last month at the age of 73. She is from New Zealand. I am sure this is more information that needed but I find these things interesting.

June, you have confused me in that I see your posting saying you can't post.  I have used Google Chrome for years and it is my favorite browser. 

Lloyd, do you bail the hay in those big bales?  I hope the weather holds until that job is done. 

Gloria, there are a lot of wild turkeys in the area where I live.  However, in the almost three years I have lived here I haven't seen any.  It sounds like the turkey population has gotten out of hand sort of like the deer population in many areas.  The deer can also cause a lot of damage.  Years ago I don't remember there being a problem about identity theft like we experience today.  I guess it is one of the downsides to computers.

Joy, I agree with both you and Gloria about how annoying the screaming and hollering on some of the problems can be.  I also find some of the sports color commentators to be very annoying.  However, none of these compare to how I hate the commercials with the loud and repetitive noise in the background.  I am thankful for the mute button.       

Click for North Augusta, South Carolina Forecast


Good morning Everyfriend.  I see many of you are to have a cooler day today.  Here, where it was in the high 80's yesterday, it's to only be in the 70's.  I must go to PT pretty soon.

Click for Melbourne, Florida Forecast


Good Morning Everyone!

I was up early but just got on the comuter.  Had some stuff I needed to do and some people to contact and got most of it done.

well we got pretty cool here last night.  In the 40's, not sure the exact temp.  It ought to start our leaves turning.

Gloria, I wss afraid I had not made myself clear that it was new Medicare cards.

Larry sounds like your toes are coming along just fine.  It is strange that such a tender spot, the toes are not bothering you  I hope they continue to heal nicely.

Not too much going on here, just the same old routine and doctors apmts.  I told someone the other day seems that doctors appointments are becoming my new hobby.  I sometimes wonder how I would fair without all these doctors.  It seems they don't do much but tell me to come back in a certain length of time.

Lloyd I guess I missed you saying you are putting up your hay.  Dirty, dusty old job and grunt labor.

Amy, looks like the frost would have cut the grass for you. Killed it.

June Drabek

Dear Friends, I love you so much. This morning I am using my regular Srs. and Friends, and I hope it will post. I never know, so I don't write a long message.

The Google is accepting me as a guest, and I don't know if I can use the same "stuff" as I do on Srs. and my user id and password. Now lets see if this posts here, or if it posts in Google Chrome, or if it just goes into outerspace.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek posted. Now I will see what happened at Google Chrome.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek

This is what I hear from Google Chrome, and now things are filling very slowly here. I am feeling very "unwanted". boo hoo.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek

This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 are no longer supported.   Learn more
As long as we are here, let's dance.


June, I get that same message on my computer that uses Vista and also the little, very old one using XP.  BUT... I just ignore it and do keep my Avast (anti-virus) updated 'cause it doesn't care.  This one that was updated to Windows 10 gives me a royal pain every time it updates.... for some reason my FitBit doesn't like their changes and won't let me view my stats.  Only way I can see how much sleep I got is if I turn my phone on & check.... son put an app on it for FitBit, but since I only turn my phone on when I am heading out of town or if I need to make a call to my local phone company to tell them their service is not working.... 'tis a real aggravation.   SO, can you hear/see me now?    :banghead: :bash: :dontknow: :nopity:

Mary Ann

October 17, 2017, 02:32:10 pm #54 Last Edit: October 17, 2017, 02:33:42 pm by Mary Ann
It is a delightful 65 degrees here now; I love it.

Larry, I'm not positive without looking it up, but I think Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is a Maori.  I have several CDs of hers and I like her singing too. 

Mary Ann


thanks for the tip on listening to Dame Kanawa - I think the Aborigines are such interesting people - how smart they had to be just to survive in Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand.  We watched something last night that showed Global Warming previously that divided land into separate islands in that area.  Interesting in how they can date rocks and all sorts of things. 

Had an interruption here and lost my thoughts -  :-\  so I will continue to iron.  Lots of fabric to iron for the quilt and get it ready to bring to a lady who has a large set-up in her house.   


Good afternoon, We also had a very cool start, but sun is shinning for a change.

June, I can also see what you are posting, is it that you cannot see what we are posting to you. Hang in there girl, we are all with you.

Joy,  Gloria and Larry, I use to go to a lot of TV Shows in the city, and there was always a cheer leader, who toll us when to yell, scream and clap.

Click for Riverhead, NY Forecast

Jeanne Lee

Well I'm really discouraged now.  I strongly suspect that the Walmart store where I've been able to order on line for pick up is going out of business.  Page after page of items are "out of stock".  I started an order two days ago, planning as I usually do, to go back and add more items.  I wanted to order Folgers coffee - none at all in stock.  So I went to another brand, two pages later, and added it to my order, only to find that every single item I had ordered previously was "out of stock".  No sense in even looking for the rest of things I wanted to order.

I'll wait a couple of days for them to have a chance to restock, but it doesn't look very encouraging.  I may have to go back to making explicit lists for a friend to shop for me when she does her own grocery shopping in a different store.

Click for Corinth, New York Forecast

June Drabek

Things seem to be working very well now. As long as my Safari does what I need, I won't miss that Google Chrome doesn't want me. I can't get my computer genius to help me,as I am awaiting a grocery delivery , but I will have her up as soon as it is possible. It just seems so cozy to be able to relax with all of you again.

I have been feeling my age lately..need a lot more staying at home. Body does not feel that stable or reliable. Sudden weakness, shortness of breath...last night while reading in bed it felt like a buzzing in my brain. The only other time I have had that is when I fell and  broke my small side table. It doesn't alarm me. I find it rather interesting how the body, brain, blood all work together and do what they want to do, so we calmly lay back and find the experience very interesting. We cannot control it,so we look at it as a new sentence in a book we are living in.

Oh, it feel so good to be able to just chatter on to you all. Just hoping the Lord allows it to post.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek

YAY !!!!!!! It posted. God is so kind.
As long as we are here, let's dance.