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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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July 05, 2018, 06:43:25 pm #9180 Last Edit: July 05, 2018, 06:52:29 pm by FlaJean
There are lots of young families in our housing area, but on our street are mostly middle age (except for us  :) ).  We didn’t hear any firecrackers in our neighborhood.  We could faintly hear the Niceville fireworks downtown.  A quiet neighborhood and almost no traffic on our street.  Such a change from Ocala where we had lots of traffic coming and going.

The second family of bluebirds were invaded by a house sparrow.  It stole the two eggs that had been laid and dropped them on the pavement.  Larry shooed off the house sparrow as they are very destructive.  The “house sparrow” is non-native and one of three birds not protected by the Migatory Bird Act.  However, we have another bluebird family nesting in the original house which is “house sparrow resistant”.  It has a extra wooden piece on the front which discourages them from entering.  So, Larry fixed the other birdhouse so it would also be resistant to house sparrows.  It was sad to see the two little blue eggs just smashed on the pavement.  People who put out bluebird houses take special care to watch out for the house sparrow.  There are many types of sparrow but the house sparrow was introduced in the 1850s in New York to eat the linden moths that were causing so much trouble.  They have turned out to be a foe of other birds, especially bluebirds.  Sometimes we humans cause more problems by interfering.  Farmers say the house sparrows are a big nuisance.
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Mary Ann

Jean, we have plenty of sparrows here too.  I think what we call the English sparrow is the same as the house sparrow.  Our complex put up a martin house when we were new and the sparrows took over.  My neighbor was kind of a custodian (in his 80s at the time) for this complex and eventually, he put board behind the entrances so we didn't have sparrows there.  I think I have house finches below my deck and they build every year.  If the management knew, they'd probably knock the nest down, but I'm not going to say anything.  When Kendrick is inside, the finches land on my deck railing and sing for me.

Marilyn, it's a long way from Alabama to Alaska and it would be interesting to find out how the couple fared after he was out of the service.  From what Patricia has said, in the past there wasn't a lot of snow, but it did get cold. 

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Tonight I had more fireworks, which did not surprise me - and I could see some of them, as I did last night.  I am enjoying the new loveseat I bought and it is a perfect night to sit on the deck as the temperature was just right and there was a slight breeze.  I think it is about 75 degrees out now - ought to be good sleeping.

Mary Ann


I woke up to another dull, dreary, humid morning, but after some rain today, it is supposed to sunny up. Tomorrow through Monday look like lower heat and humidity, so will be a good time for me to mow the lawn.

Sue said the orchestra concert was cancelled altogether because of street some rather extensive street flooding during the storms on the 4th. I don't know how the food trucks fared through all of that. Sue says the fireworks went off on City Island, but unusual for me, I   heard very little of it. I don't know why she could hear them and I couldn't as I am just around a bend upriver. She lives a little farther away from me and on the same side of the river as Harrisburg. Maybe Peter's Mountain, behind her, helped contain the sound (or something like that). The news had nothing on the Festival, but lots of pictures of the street flooding. By the time I went to feed George's cats on Thursday morning, the one area of flooding I recognized was dry.

Shan is getting real pesky, and Oscar had come up to add his encouragement. It must be time to feed them.


Hi Everyone.  Once again we are to be in the low 90's today.  We had an unexpected but much appreciated brief shower last night.  An hour earlier I had reset the watering system to water last night so went out and turned it off as the rain we had certainly would have been equivalent to what the sprinkler system would have been. 

Today I plan on being at Costco when they open to get flowers for Pat's birthday that I told my sister-in-law I would get.  Now I just have to find what we have done with the several vases we have.  On the way back I will stop at Walmart to pick up a prescription. The rest of the day is clear and I will rest as got a bit too tired yesterday.  I did go to coffee yesterday morning after first stopping at Walmart for a  prescription for me that wasn't ready yesterday. After I had taken the man back to his living facility I made a fast stop at Dairy Queen to pick up the ice cream cake for our family celebration of Pat's birthday, which we will do at noon tomorrow.  As soon as I got home we headed out to the Ruby Tuesday's for our main meal of the day as had a buy one get one entree coupon that was good yesterday.  Finally we went to the barbershop and got the haircuts we both really needed. 

Mary Ann, I also was impressed with the woman who sang the National Anthem and didn't embellish it until right at the end.  She also had a beautiful voice. I can't imagine sleeping with no covers.  I use a flannel blanket, a fleece cover that is doubled and the quilt over me.   

Patricia, glad you got some rain but sorry it brought on bone ache for you.  Our daughter experienced the same thing after a strike of lightning hit very close to her.  I agree that shooting off any sky displays of fireworks would be a big waste when it isn't dark.  Like you I usually enjoy the salads and other sides more than the meat. Labs are beautiful dogs but large animals. 

Joan, so sorry that Candy isn't finding the help she needs. 

Marilyne, nice to see your weather has improved.  Neighborhoods have certainly changed.  We also live on a cul-de-sac and it is quiet, except the day the yard people are hear.  Neighbors have certainly changed since years ago in terms of friendliness.  Like you I feel that my postings are way too long but that is just the way it is and folks are always free to skim or skip over them.  Personally, I find all of the postings here, whether short or long, of interest and it is sort of like when we sit with others over coffee or a meal. 

Joy, we generally buy all of our cards from the Dollar Tree store where their cards are not from Hallmark and there is a section of 2 for $1 and another section for $1 cards.  They are actually very nice.  The Capitol 4th program was on PBS and thus wasn't interrupted with commercials.  Overall it was a very good show and certainly was a tribute to our military.

Jean, we have a mixture of older and younger folks living on our street but very few children.  These patio homes are really not well suited for children as the back yards are so small.  Years ago when we lived in the Kansas City area we lived on one of the major streets and there was lots and lots of traffic.  Too bad you have to fight the house sparrows.  Here in the south they introduced Kudzu years ago to prevent erosion.  However, it grows very large very fast and wipes out other area.  I haven't seen any of it over here so guess it is not a problem.  Over around Atlanta it was a problem. 

MarsGal, too bad the orchestra concert had to be cancelled with the street flooding.  I am sure your cats won't let you forget to feed them.   

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Mary Ann

July 06, 2018, 10:40:34 am #9185 Last Edit: July 06, 2018, 10:43:06 am by Mary Ann
Larry, I imagine the people posting here sitting around a living room, or out in someone's back yard, chatting.  To me, it's a nice friendly feeling.  When I first moved here, we all were more neighborly  As a result, we got together for cookouts or we'd meet outside and chat.  I have one neighbor who takes care of my flowers under my kitchen window and is very friendly.  I hardly ever see the neighbor on the other side and would not know her if I met her in a store.  Both of those women work outside the home, but I did too when we had our cookouts.  Maybe it just takes a suggestion and I'm not as agile as I used to be.

It is about 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday, but in the 80s is still warm.  It is just I can open the door and slider and not have the a/c go on.

Today is usually the day for trash pickup but with the holiday, pickup is tomorrow.  I got confused and have been thinking today is Saturday.  Not only that, I took my Saturday shower this morning.  I finally put two and two together and got four!!!  The trash will be ready for tomorrow.

Annie stopped over on her way to work; it is always good to see her.  She has an odd relationship with her boss/boyfriend; he doesn't pay her much, but he does furnish housing and food and she is learning things that can be done in a business - things that might benefit her if she could/would break off with him. 

Tom got his car back yesterday; it had heated up on him so he quick took it in on Tuesday.  They couldn't work on it until Thursday because of the holiday.  I don't know what had to be done because I'm not that up on car needs, but it cost a lot of money.

I think Kendrick would like to go out on the deck and I think I'll go with him.  I'll be back with another epistle later.

Mary Ann


Good morning.  It is a little cloudy, and some showers are predicted, but every once in a while, it does look like the sun is trying to make an appearance.

One of the ladies here was telling me last night, that she was going to a Day Lily Farm today, with a group from her church.  I  looked it up and it is just acres and acres of all different kinds of Day Lilys.  Just beautiful pictures.  There is a historic house on the property that serve tea and scones along with the tour of the flower gardens.  She was so hoping that the rain will hold off while they were going to be there.  Sounds like it will be a nice outing.   From the pictures I saw, I don't think I could get around too well,  as the grounds looked very uneven for walking on.  But, it sure sounds like a very different way to spend a summer morning.

Larry, I am so sorry that I forgot all about the Capitol 4th of July show.  I usually watch that, but just didn't think about it.  I do miss the show that they used to show from Boston with the Boston Pops Orchestra.  That has not been on the TV for a long time now.  However, I just presume that the show still goes on.
That was a real patriotic show.....  like they should be.

The ones I did watch were  not like the shows that used to be on.  I remember some years ago, when the Travel channel used to show a whole day of all the different national parks and interesting historic shows. But, that travel channel is sure a lot different now.  But, then, again, not too many things are left anymore like in the old days.  LOL    Just doesn't seem right that so many things have to change, but that is life.  And, we have to learn to live with the changes.  I am pretty good about accepting all the changes, but sometimes it makes me sad, that the children of today can't enjoy some of the great things we all did as children.   Life just moves too fast these days.

Mary Ann, yesterday, Thursday, seemed like it was Monday, again.  A very short week this week.  We are supposed to have a nice week end and then the heat will return the middle of the week.  Glad that Tom was able to get the car back yesterday.

Guess I better get myself moving along. Not sure what I will get into today.  But, there is always something waiting for me,

Hope everyone will have a great day.




Joy - the Day Lily farm must be a gorgeous place to visit.  I'm wondering if they all bloom at once, or if they bloom slowly over a few weeks time?  I don't remember that show on the Travel Channel, where they visited the various National Parks, on July 4th.  That channel has changed into something completely opposite from what it used to be.  The same with The History Channel.  Remember when it used to be about historical events, that happened in the past?  Now, only shows like Pawn Stars, Pickers, AX Men and Swamp People!!  Nothing about "history" on any of them, unless you count Pickers, finding old junk and restoring old cars and such. ::)

Mary Ann - Like you, I think of my friends here on S&F, as my neighborhood now. I also remember the days when we would chat with the neighbors, and often have coffee in the morning, or go for walks together on warm summer evenings.  Times have changed drastically here in California.  People like to keep to themselves, and the strangest thing of all - we NEVER see children playing outside like we did, and like our kids also did.

You've mentioned before that Annie's boyfriend/boss, doesn't pay her much, but I guess that she is getting free rent, and that accounts for a lot of money.  I know that the majority of my daughter's pay check goes for rent.  I did look at Annie's Facebook a couple of times, and saw that she and her bf go on lots of vacations to very nice places.

Larry - I like ice cream cakes too!  Pat's birthday party sounds like it's going to be very nice, what with flowers and cake, and I'm sure you'll be getting her something as well.  Wish her a Happy Birthday, from me!

Mary Ann

July 06, 2018, 01:44:40 pm #9188 Last Edit: July 06, 2018, 01:49:25 pm by Mary Ann
When I looked at the Duluth site, there was a ship to go out in a few minutes so I watched until it stopped in the middle of the harbor.  I checked the speed and it was 0.0 knots so I knew it was not going anywhere.  I decided to take my shower then and by the time I got back to Duluth, the ship had left and was in the middle of Lake Superior. 

I'd say most of the "old faithful" channels we watched have changed.  Probably trying to cater to the younger generation - who aren't so faithful!  I used to love the Food Channel, especially Pioneer Woman.  Eventually I would watch the same program three times in two weeks and that was a bit much.  I look in on it now once in a while because I will notice a program I have not seen before.  But when I see Alex's 16 birthday and Todd's 8th birthday time and time again, it is time to change channels. 

I find so few posts in this folder, also in the Soda Shoppe and those are the two I look at the most.  I realize there are not the quantity of folders as we used to have, but I remember having subjects going onto a third page and now I'm lucky if there are eight or ten folders shown and I don't go to most of them.  I think that is why I go to the Duluth cams - something different for a change.

I remember, too, when I had a house that people were more neighborly.  Living in a condo now, I feel they don't have the neighborhood feeling - at least ours don't.  But we used to - why not now?  I probably am almost the oldest person living here (I know of one man older than I am, maybe by a few months) and when I moved here, I probably was one of the younger ones.  In a month I will celebrate my 37th anniversary here.  I think there are only five original owners - out of 66 units.

One of my history books in school said - "Time Is, Man Marches On" and I guess that is true.  I think the radio program "Time Marches On" was popular about the time that book was written.

Joy, I used to buy day lilies of all colors.  I don't have a good spot for them and they did not do well.  Another thing I liked was bearded iris and while they did good in my childhood home, they did not here - again no good spot for them.  What has gone well here, if my neighbor leaves them alone, is colchicum, a fall crocus.  The foliage comes up in spring, then dies down about now.  In September a crocus-like flower comes up, only much larger than crocus.  It is a perennial so i don't have to do anything with it. 

Tom had a loaner while his car was gone and it was a nice one, but he really loves his 2006 Camry.  Norm would turn over in his grave if he knew Tom (or Terry's family, too) bought "foreign" cars.  We never could convince Norm that no car is 100% from any country now and even "foreign" cars are now built in the US.  Tom's car had 150,000 miles on it when he bought it and this repair is the first major thing since he bought it.  He got it in April 2016 because that is when I sold my car to Terry's daughter and Tom had been using my car until then. 

I finally have convinced myself that today is Friday, not Saturday.  I will get the trash ready tonight for pickup tomorrow.  I haven't been so confused since I don't know when!  Age is creeping up on me.  And it's time for lunch.

Mary Ann (Blabbermouth)


July 06, 2018, 02:04:46 pm #9189 Last Edit: July 06, 2018, 02:11:09 pm by angelface555
Good morning from a cloudy, gray Interior. It is already eighty, but the real heat is expected early next week. Farrah is sulking because she didn't get a treat this morning, she follows me every time I go near that closet and has so far been disappointed. I have had the balcony door open most days with only the screen door shut.

Larry, I rarely sleep under a blanket. It usually ends up half on the floor or more when I awaken. I am in an inner apartment and rarely turn on any heat. This is the land of dog mushers and John Wayne wannabes, so most of the dogs you see are large, huskies, pit bulls and Doberman mixes predominate along with so many bird dogs and hunting dogs. Did I mention the different military bases nearby? Lots of testosterone in town with a median age of thirtyfive. So labs are relatively common.

Marilyne, the airforce bases are Ladd and Eielson or Clear. It was probably Eielson as its closest. We have an army base as well, Wainwright. Several of the military wives work in town and live off base as well. We do have long winters here in the Arctic, but last winter was an anomaly with the amount of snow we had. As MaryAnn mentioned, we rarely have that much snow as it takes moisture and humidity to make snow.

It is very dry in the valley as the three mountain ranges, and four sets of foothills stop most weather systems. You will also see sagebrush in the bush. There is a joke that in the winter you don't need to towel off after a shower, just turn around rapidly a couple of times. Now in the coastal areas, its a very wet climate, closer to Washington and Oregon. Our winters are from late October to about Easter. Winter sports, skiing, snowmobiling and dog racing are widespread here.

With the three seas bordering the state and multiple rivers, we eat a lot of seafood. Salmon, halibut and king crab are the main ones. Halibut is our main white fish served locally.  We do have daylilies here, but irises and peonies are more common locally. Peonies due to our midnight suns are becoming a new export for our area and have a longer growing season. Irises, especially breaded ones grow wild as do daises and morning glories.

The state passed a law a few years ago because of invasive species, that only seed packets from within the state may be sold. They are also very aggressive about taking down and or burning various trees, plants and flowers that have been brought in or shown up. There was a very pretty red tree, and I believe a type of Siberian Larch that F&G went after a couple of years back. People had them in their yards, and evidently, the root system traveled underground for miles similar to mushrooms and F&G took them all out. There are many plants or trees you see in catalogs that simply cannot be brought into this state. I believe Hawaii is the same.

I was one of the unfriendly ones when I was working because I generally worked varying shifts but usually a variation of one until nine and add an hour on both ends for the buses. Now I live in a senior disabled complex where everyone is either in one of the social rooms or outside at the picnic tables. Many are working or sitting around the various garden areas, however, I find I have little in common with them.

Few have or need computers and do not understand my need to take classes. One lady, each time she sees me, wants me to sit down and tell her everything I've been doing with will soon become her latest ondit with others. I don't want to sound cruel, but I feel uncomfortable just sitting around and gossiping. That seems to be everyone's idea of living in such a closed community. Now with the state a probable purchaser, we may not even stay a senior building, no one knows.

I agree about cable channels in these days of real housewives of anywhere and the Kardashians. I remember the History channel from my dad's house when he would watch John Jakes series or WWII specials. I find it suspect that all of the Kardashians had babies at the same time, ratings anyone?

My sister in Idaho watches home, and cooking shows on her television but is also becoming tired of the shows. My older sister, like me, has not had a TV for some years and I have Youtube or can watch videos or movies on my computer. Youtube, Netflix and another whose name I've forgotten also have computer television subscriptions as do some cable channels.

I hope everyone has a good day; I need to get out and pick up everything I forgot on my last outing.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.


Good afternoon.cloudy, little cooler but humidity is 95 YesterdayIndid not check in here, was our Red Hat chapter went to Hampton Bays for lunch. There were food trucks and we could  there were ubrlla tables right on the bay, where would coud set and watch the boats, and all the people in the water. I had a lobster roll and Arnold Palmer ice tea, I brought red, white and blue cup cakes

Larry, I enjoyed  the Capital 4th. tried to watch some of the Macy's, but it was to much advertisements and did not enjoy the music. I did so enjoy the beautiful voice
of Renee Fleming. I also was tapping my feet to the Beach Boys of course the band and orchestra music was very good. My age shows with some of what they call music.

Joy, I too, use to enjoy the travel channel, now I never look at it. I think it was on that that I use enjoy a program American castles.

Mary Ann. I have to say my neighborhood has a lot of changes. but still stays the same in some ways. We were called the kids on the block when we moved here, now I am the old lady.  We were both still working full time. but we did get to gether in our back yards.  All walkers  stopped for conversations, Most of my neighbor have changed several times over the years. I have been lucky as friendly people have moved in.  They still work, but they watch out for me. Someone is always bring over dinner,  My one  lady said if I make my appointments on the days she is off, she is always there to take me  One neighbor comes every two weeks to clean. the man next door sees I have my morning paper and brings my mail in, puts the garbage out. I cannot ask for more.

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Mary Ann

July 06, 2018, 03:34:01 pm #9191 Last Edit: July 06, 2018, 03:37:59 pm by Mary Ann
Gloria, you certainly are blessed with good neighbors.  My one neighbor has tended my flowers but I understand she is working seven days a week at Amway.  I have quack grass growing everywhere and neither Tom nor I can bend over to pull it.  The cat likes to eat the quack grass but I don't let him out that door very often.  I am not going to put weed killer on the grass because Kendrick does eat it.  I live in a four-unit building (side-by-side, no one above or below me) and as they all work, it is hard to be neighborly.  I can't walk to Dot's and I hate to ask Tom to take me because he is working.  Except being Friday afternoon, Tom has just left for Holland to either see a friend or James' family. 

My neighbors are not unfriendly, they're just not around.

Patricia, I have a bed with a footboard and I like to tuck my bedding under the mattress when I make it.  I do move around during the night,  It was unusual that I did not sleep under the blanket that night, usually I have at least a sheet over me and that is due a lot to the cat; he's been known to nip at my toes and I object to that.  I remember my mother saying she liked her feet covered - and we didn't have a dog at that time.  I have a fan in front of my window and that circulates the air and brings in (usually) cooler air. 

I have not watched any Kardashian show and I do not intend to.  I find it offensive (!) that there is so much in the news I read on the computer about them, also about other so-called celebrities, especially those with bad reputations. 

I should stay off my soapbox!  I can be very opinionated and sometimes express them.

Grand Haven is quite busy.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann - I've never seen a Kardashian show either, and doubt that I ever will.  It's a mystery to me, as to why the general public is so interested in them, and the things they do and the places they go?  It must be something that the media, or that TV channel thought up years ago, and it turned out to be a huge money maker, for all concerned.

I looked at the boat schedule, and see that there's one arriving at 9:30 tonight, Duluth time. That would be 7:30 my time, so I doubt I will see it.  I usually watch TV between 7:00 and 9:00, and we're planning to see a movie tonight, so that will take up lots of time.  Tomorrow, the Paul Tregurtha, is arriving again.  Can't recall what time, but I do hope to see it.  A couple of other boats tomorrow, that are also regulars. 

Patricia - There was another "Buying Alaska" show that I watched about a week ago, that was quite different.  A married couple from the lower 48, wanted to open a Bed and Breakfast, across the bay from Homer.  The houses they looked at were lovely but very pricey, and the big problem was that although there was electricity and water, there was no sewer system!   So all of these expensive places they looked at, you had to deal with composting toilets.  I thought they would opt out and decide to buy in Homer, but they picked a huge place overlooking the water.  I don't remember what it cost, but around a million I think?  The setting was spectacular, and the views gorgeous . . . but the composting toilets?  Think of the hassle, if you had lots of guests!


July 06, 2018, 07:38:58 pm #9193 Last Edit: July 06, 2018, 07:44:03 pm by angelface555
I've never seen a show with the family either but they seem to dominate the news. That's par for the course I suppose in a country where the leading magazines are People and the National Enquirer. I tried to point out to someone years ago that the National Enquirer was totally fiction but she was a diehard fan and there must be enough of them to make it head the list each year.

I was reminded while shopping today, while I like the smaller ethnic stores. I was in Safeway because my ride was and met an annoyed shopper in the spice aisle. She couldn't find her garlic parmesan spice mix for the meal she was making her granddaughter. She had the three older children while the granddaughter was home with a new baby.

After trying to help her look, I called an Italian grocery slash restaurant locally for their sources and the owner was kind enough to text me her homemade spice mix which I then texted the woman so she could make her own. The great-grandmother was totally surprised someone took the time to help her and said she really liked the people here. Score for the smaller grocery stores!

Marilyne, there are some million dollar homes around the state where for whatever reason there is no public sewer and have holding tanks or wells. There is a place here for sale that is 73 acres, 68 in forests, an airplane hanger, two houses and a site off the beaten path with offloaders and other heavy equipment available off the Elliot Highway. $1,200,000.00 price tag. It also uses a Toyo stove and wood for heat.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.


Mary Ann, you and my other friends in here are all very dear to me. As others have said we are family. I guess I am feeling a little blue to day,as my son would have been 64.

god has been good to me to give me such loving  neighbors I would not be able to stay here if it was not for their caring. It does help I belong to a few clubs

I agree with you and Marilyne about the K's and other shows.  DWTS is the only new shows I watch, but maybe not that one any more either. WE have a few new stations, like CoZ that show old shows with what I call humor, not dumb, sexy sick lines I still watch the old Johhnin Carson show, Benson, Barney Miller etc

Patricia In Stop and Shop the other day I was pushing my pushmoblie around getting groceries, it was the day it reach 90. A man came up to me and told me where there was a water fountain in the store, as I should drink water on such a hot day I smiled and thanked him. I went a little bite further and a lady wanted to know if i needed help reaching things, There still are so many nice people out there.   Lots of times when I am setting on my pushmobie (rollator) waiting for my ride, people walk up and ask me if I am OK, even young folks There is still hope for the world  Now I also will get off my soap box

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Mary Ann

Gloria, if it were not for Tom living with me, I would not be able to stay here alone.  In a way, I am alone during the day because Tom is downstairs working.  However, if I have an emergency, he would be here in an instant.  I am fortunate that I can be alone much because Tom does have a life to live and is often gone from home.  But I know his phone number and my TracFone has it programmed.  Tom also fees fortunate because of the benefits he receives by living here.  Getting old is not easy and while some people think of these years being the Golden Years, I think of them as the Rust Years because of the many ailments that come upon us as get older.

I think it is wonderful that your neighbors take such good care of you.  I am amazed when I'm with family, how they look after me and offer me help that I am unaware I need. 

Patricia, if we know nothing about an area, I think we are likely to think the worst, then when something nice happens as with the spice search, we are surprised to find people are nice after all.  I'll paraphrase this - but a man was to move to a different city and was asked about the people - nice or not.  He was concerned but someone asked how he got along with his present neighbors and he said he got along with them fine.  The other man said, "you'll get along fine in the new place, too".  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Marilyn, I wonder if the Kardashians put up some money to fund their programs.  I watch so little TV that I hardly bother watching it.  The channel I have on most is a "Music Choice" that I have on quite low and it is background music, plays constantly, no talking, no ads.

Mary Ann


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Hi Everyone.   I am writing early today as I couldn't sleep after getting up at 3:30 and so decided to sit in my easy chair until I got sleepy again.  This is going to be a busy morning if I feel up to doing what I hope to do.  Today is our 56th wedding anniversary and we will have the family here around noon to celebrate that and Pat's birthday, which is Monday.  I hope to attend a meeting this morning and then will stop by Firehouse Subs for subs to share for lunch.  Pat has good sausage, cheese and salsa recipe that she fixes in a small crock pot.  I got a couple of bags of chips at Aldis the other day to go with the dip and subs.  Then we will top it off with a slice of Ice Cream Cake that is in the freezer.  I did not feel well yesterday but did get to Costco and quickly picked up a bouquet of 24 beautiful red roses that Pat's sister asked me to get for Pat's birthday.  I thought the sign said the roses were $30 but when I checked out they were only $18 plus a few cents.  Since we are celebrating Pat's birthday today I need to get the card ready and the gift wrapped before she gets up this morning. 

Mary Ann, all day yesterday seemed like Saturday to me.  Maybe after going to Church tomorrow my weekly internal calendar will be back in place.  Our trash was picked up Thursday morning on its normal day.  However the yard people were not here until Thursday rather than the normal Tuesday. Glad you got to see Annie for a little while.  Car repairs are very expensive but they won't run forever without maintenance and occasional major maintenance.  Glad Tom has his car back.  I used to enjoy the Food Channel but now it seems they play one episode of the same series one after another.  Who wants to watch the same program  hour after hour. 

Patricia, I am sure Farrah felt you were mistreating her not giving her the treat.  It sounds like Alaska is wise in not allowing plants from other places to be brought into the State.  There is a balance of nature in each area that can be disrupted, including the lakes and oceans. I can't image having a house worth over $1 million dollars and having to heat it with wood.  Nice of you to help the lady from the spice isle. 

deAngel, glad you were up to attending your Red Hats event yesterday although it sounds like it was very hot up your way.  The lack of advertisement on the Capitol 4th program was a big plus.  So nice that you have friendly neighbors who watch out for you.  I agree with you there are many nice people still in this world who think of others and are helpful to others. 

Joy, we have a lot of day lilys here in the South. We had a few plants at the house we moved from when we came here.  I bet going to see the big gardens of them would be enjoyable.  I looked before the 4th of July to see if the Boston Pops program was going to occur and found it was but different than we remember.  The first hour was different acts and not the orchestra and then apparently the second hour was going to feature the Orchestra.  I didn't watch it.  It was never the same from Arthur Fielder wasn't there anymore.  We watched it for years. I agree with you that nothing stays the same.  I happened upon a TV channel yesterday afternoon that showed the old "What's My Line" with John Daly and then the old show with Garry Moore "I've Got a Secret".  He came out at the beginning of the show carrying a cigarette and then was smoking during the show.  I just read that he died of throat cancer.  I really enjoyed watching them in the old black and white. 

Marilyne, I guess social media, including discussions like we enjoy each day here, have replaced pretty much getting together with other people in our neighborhoods.  One of my neighbors did drop in to visit with me a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed visiting with him.  I did get Pat something I hope she will really enjoy and will speak about it tomorrow or on her actual birthday. 

Did any of you happen to watch the CBS Evening News last night and see the wonderful ending story they did of the young 15 year old, who had lost his father when he was 6 months or so old.  Someway the word got out that he would have liked to have the car his dad had but had long been gone.  A man several States away was able to track it down by the VIN number, buy it and restore it and then present it to the young man, who was astonished. It really touched the heart. 

Time to go back to bed and see if I can get another hour or so of sleep.

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Gosh, lots to read this morning.

Larry, the cats have decided that they want me up at 3:30am now-a-days, and their second wet meal at 7:30am. I don't accommodate them, but that doesn't always mean I can get back to sleep. This is an ongoing battle. Years ago, I used to get up around 6, then it was 5:30, etc. Four-thirty is the earliest I will let them push me. For a few weeks last month I actually was allowed to sleep in peace until 5 or 5:30, but now they are back pushing (and it is mostly Oscar), for earlier. Sigh! BTW, I started out feeding the second wet meal around 2:30 or 3pm. You can see where that went. Double Sigh! Cats!

Speaking of, Shan discovered a few weeks ago that he can jump onto my kitchen table. Three days ago, he decided it would be fun to start batting stuff off the table. So now I have to rethink what I keep on the table top. He has also decided he can pull stuff off my computer desk shelves while I am not around. Again, now I have to find a safer, but less convenient place for my thumb drives and office sundries.

Larry, I caught the tail end of the CBS story. Thanks for filling in the rest of it.

Lindancer, I know how you feel. Sometimes I get a bit down myself, even so, it is good to keep alive the memories of and good times with those now lost to us.

Patricia, I am also one who keeps mostly to my self. I rarely ever connected with anyone who had the same or similar interests as me. This group and those at SeniorLearn are the closest I have come in a long time to being "social" outside of family and George for any length of time. I do appreciate and enjoy my online friends.

I see it is soon time for me to get the lawn mower out and mow the weed patch again.


A quick good  morning on this beautiful sunny, calm day.  It isn't supposed to get past 80º today and for the next couple days.  A beautiful day to be outside.  No humidity !

I hope to go out front of our building this evening to a community summer concert.  The community park is right outfront of our building and there is a nice cement patio with a couple table and chairs there.  Our town has several concerts during the summer on the first Sat. of each month.  Tonight is a country group, which are always popular.  The only problem is that it is a long walk through the building as I live in the back of the building and need to walk all the way to the front of the building.  I just have to take my time and stop to rest a bit in between.  There are several steps down to the patio, but there is usually someone to help the ones who need help.  I can get down ok, just a little bit harder to get back up.  It is supposed to be a lovely evening to be outside.

Larry,  Wishing you and Pat a very happy 56th anniversary today.  The celebration that you have planned sounds wonderful.  And, that was sure a good price for the 2 doz. roses you bought.  And, all your food sounds delicious.   I know it will be an enjoyable time.  Plus a very happy birthday to Pat, on Monday. 

Gloria, it is so nice that you have such nice neighbors that look out for you.  Where I live, there are some people who really don't have any family or close relatives to kind of look after them when they need help. 

Mary Ann, I know you feel fortunate that Tom is with you and it sounds , from what you say, that things work out well for the both of you.   I, too, like the Music channels, especially the one with " Easy Listening"  music.  If I am reading, I like to keep that channel on down low.  And, sometimes when I have trouble sleeping, I will put that channel on down low and it does seem to help me sleep.  I also like the one with "Sounds of the Season". 

I have been up for a short while, and still need to get some breakfast. 

Hope everyone will have the kind of day we are having here on the east coast.  Can't get any better than it is here right now !!!! Enjoy !


Mary Ann

July 07, 2018, 11:33:03 am #9199 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 11:43:20 am by Mary Ann
Joy, I do that too with the music channel - keep it low and every once in a while I'll listen to a piece, otherwise I'm oblivious to what is playing.  Good company.  You are fortunate that you have concerts so close.  I can manage going down steps, but going up is where I need help.  I guess if push came to shove, I could make it up, but it would take longer.  If there is no railing, I'm lost.  James has just moved, but at his former place, I had to have help getting up the one step to the porch and the same in Indy at Tom Harton's where there is no railing. 

MarsGal, I do not like your cats' schedule at all.  Fortunately, Kendrick is more likely to jump on my bed about 8 am so if I want to get up before 8, I'd best do it or I'd have company.  He loves to have his back ruffled and I try to accommodate him.  The way he moves around you can see he's is seventh heaven!  I change his food and water at night before I go to bed and Kendrick knows it and he often is at my chair about 10 pm to "help" me.  He has jumped on my bed in the middle of the night, but I usually ignore him and he'll settle down at the foot of the bed and go to sleep.

Larry, Happy 56th Anniversary today to you and Pat.  And Best Birthday Wishes Monday for Pat's 77th birthday.  Your plans for the day sound good and I think you both will appreciate some quiet time.

I'm glad someone else thought yesterday seemed like Saturday.  About the middle of the afternoon, it finally felt like Friday and I know today is Saturday.  The Friday trash is out and should be picked up about 12:30 pm. 

Larry, I did watch that segment of CBS News last night.  I make it a point to watch the tail end of the News each night for that segment, however, Fridays are special because Steve Hartman always has something that is a tear-jerker.  I haven't looked at the Windows 10 news yet today, but they often have an article about Steve Hartman's Friday report.

Marilyn, the Lee A Tregurtha just went through the Soo Locks and I was able to catch it there.  A ship that left Duluth this morning is nearing the Soo but I probably will not watch it but it will be there in about 15 min to a half hour.

Mary Ann


July 07, 2018, 12:36:39 pm #9200 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 12:47:56 pm by FlaJean
Larry, happy anniversary to you and Pat.  My, the years are passing by quicklyâ€"â€"too quickly, I think.  We will be having our 62nd anniversary next month.  Also Happy Birthday to Pat.

Mary Ann, i enjoy watching those ships in Duluth.  Even had my husband watching a couple.  Love the fog horns.  I have pretty much given up on the FOOD network and HGTV.  How many times can you listen to these people complain about a kitchen without granite counters.  :)  We have found some interesting programs on Acorn, but you need the sub-titles as the British or Scottish accents are sometimes hard to understand.

The sun is shining brightly.  The handyman is here finishing up a few jobs.  A Wonderful young man who has a handyman license and does odd jobs part-time besides his regular employment. The owner of this house died and it took the family several years to settle things.  They sold it to a man who flips houses.   He was not a local man and didn’t do any hands on supervision of the workers he hired, consequently, some shoddy work was done.  After two years of settling down, we are finally getting around to correcting some of that shoddy work that was done in the bathrooms.  We had already replaced the furnace and AC, hot water heater and had new gutters installed.  The house was priced right so we have no complaints.

A beautiful dayâ€"84F.  This area gets it share of rain so no fire worries.  I feel for those people losing everything in these fires.  Terrible fires in Colorado and and Fire warnings in Calif.
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Larry, I am remiss. Happy Anniversary! And, a very Happy Birthday to Pat.


Good morning from the Interior! Another partly cloudy day with the occasional thundershower. Since I'm no longer delivering boxes my day is my own, and there are a few things like laundry on my mind.

Farrah will not eat wet food, and I put her dry in a cat's puzzle box, so she has to work at it. The battle we have is over treats. If she had her way, it would be a steady diet of treats with little else. She has the occasional bout of overloaded predatory instinct, but that is about all she gets worked up about anymore. She does sleep occasionally on my bed but generally prefers her box in the summer and her towel in the winter.

Larry, I wish you both a very happy anniversary and Pat a happy birthday! I hope she enjoys her sister's gift of roses!
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.


MarilynE and all, one thing I really like on the History Channel is The Curse of Oak Island. Like Rick Lagina, I’m in it for the history, not the treasure! In any case, I’m pleased that “history” is not always a synonym for “war stories.”

Mostly my idea of entertainment is a Youtube video on how to replace the primer bulb on a chainsaw. (Spoiler: mine wouldn’t seal.)

We had an odd diagnosis for one of our cats: asthma. A second opinion suggested an URI, with a new antibiotic: two shots that work in the body for ten days, and no additional pills or liquid. And Java does seem better 5 days on. (Just as I typed that she had another coughing spate, poor kid.)

Larry, and by extension, Pat: happy 56! That’s a respectable number.

Mary Ann, I often want to respond/add to these postings, but I’ve become scatterbrained, and have trouble keeping my mind on a conversation. Ah, me, no longer a linear thinker! Thank you for keeping us going.
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~ Dorothy Parker

"How many things there are that I do not want." ~ Socrates


I got my days all mixed up this week too.  Yesterday seemed like Saturday, and today like Sunday.  Somewhere along the line, I forgot to go grocery shopping, so today there is very little to eat in the fridge or pantry.  Nothing at all for dinner tonight, so I'll have to make a trip to Safeway, later today.

Mary Ann - I also like the Music Channel, but rarely listen to it - reason being that the TV is in the living room, which is on the other side of the house from my computer, so too far away to hear.  When I'm on the computer, I listen to the local San Francisco classical station, KDFC, or Swing Street Radio, which is music from the 30's through the 50's.  I missed the Lee Tragurtha, this morning, but I see that "Paul" will be returning either tomorrow or the next day.  I do like to watch that one, although it's almost always late.

FlaJean - Every year I'm reminded that our anniversaries are only a couple of months apart.  We will celebrate our 62nd, in October.  Our oldest daughter, just turned 60, which was kind of a shock!  Sometimes I look back at those two events, it seems like it was someone else . . . not me?  Like a story I read of another persons life?  Hard to explain.
Yes, we have fires happening all over California.  On the news last night, I think they said nine or eleven active fires going on.  The one nearest to us in Clearlake, has been burning for about two weeks now, and is finally under control.  Unfortunately, there is no chance of rain until November, so it will be an ongoing battle until then.

MarsGal - I get depressed too, when I think back at different events in my life, and the choices I made. I have lots of regrets, but I guess I did whatever I thought was right, at the time.  Most people claim they wouldn't want to do their life over, but I'm one who would, if I could.  So many things I would do differently.

Gloria de - I admire your positive attitude toward life, in spite of the sad events that have happened in your family.  You are an inspiration to me.

Mary Ann

July 07, 2018, 03:42:26 pm #9205 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 03:45:52 pm by Mary Ann
Sasha, it is so good to see a post from you.  I really am not the one who keeps this folder going; actually, it is all of us.  If others didn't bother, neither would I and the folder would disappear.  Please don't worry about posting - post what you are thinking of at the moment in response to any of us.  As you may have read this week, a few of us have had our days mixed up, thinking Friday was Saturday.  I know very well that today is not Sunday! 

I'm watching the PGA Golf Tour and I could watch the WEB Tour only I know more about the PGA players. 

I've been sitting on the deck on my new loveseat and as the weather is beautiful, I have been enjoying it very much.  I'd like to compute out there but I think the light along with need for both computer and dark glasses won't let me.  There is not a cloud in the sky around here in a bright blue sky. 

Marilyn, I watched two ships go out and another come in to Duluth and watching ships early in the morning, goofs up my computer watching.  I usually end up with news and it got to be noon before I got dressed.  Fortunately, I didn't expect anyone to come to the door, but you never know.  I think the Lee Tregurtha was at the Soo.  Another ship was headed east when I looked, but it was going to take too long to get there for me to wait.  I'll look before I shut down for the afternoon.

Jean, I wish I could find a handyman.  Tom is not one and things just don't get done.  I don't complain because he always asks about what I want to eat when he's going to be gone.  Tom doesn't care for casseroles and I do but we don't have them unless I make one, which is seldom.  He does a fairly good job. 

Patricia, Kendrick gets only dry food and seems to like it.  When he tells me it is 10 pm and I put the new food down, he's right there, even though some food was left from the previous night.  He does not get a treat and doesn't seem to miss one.  I did used to give him a treat and I don't know how I got out of the habit.  His only treat now is when he comes in the house right away and I tell him he is a "good boy". 

Grand Haven is busy now; lots of boats and I can tell the beach is crowded too.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

July 07, 2018, 07:34:40 pm #9206 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 07:46:10 pm by Mary Ann

In case you're interested in watching the Soo Locks, this is the cam for that site.  It is not as busy as Duluth, but I don't know why because most of the boats from Duluth, Superior and other ports must pass through the Soo to get to the East.  I will also post a map site that will take you from Duluth to the Atlantic Ocean if you have enough patience to travel that far.  The map shows boats with their names and only shows Duluth and other MN and WI ports as destinations even though they are leaving.

The above is the map site.  It starts in Canada, but with your cursor, you can move the screen and get to the Soo. 

Our family would sometimes take a vacation to northern Lower Michigan or to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  If we went to the UP we often would go to the Soo.  Before conditions got to the point where conditions were dangerous, we could walk across the locks.  Also we would take boat trips through the locks and stop in Canada where we would buy tins of Canadian candy.  The boat trips are still available but walking out to the locks is not.  They are thinking of building another lock on the US side because of the amount of traffic. 

In case you don't know what the locks do, Lake Superior is higher than Lake Huron and the St Marys River that runs between them was originally a rapids.  The locks make it possible to raise water in a lock to the level of Lake Superior, or lower the water to the level of Lake Huron so the boats can continue on their trips.

Mary Ann


Hi Everyone.  Yesterday was not as hot a day as we have been experiencing and I think today is to stay in the 80's.  We had a brief shower last evening, maybe five minutes.  The birthday and anniversary dinner we had planned for yesterday was just Pat and I and Scott.  The girls backed out at the last minute.  I had just placed the sub order at Firehouse Subs when I got the message from our son that the girls were not coming.  Fortunately, they hadn't made the extra large sub yet so I was able to cancel it and get a refund.  We made the decision yesterday afternoon that we are dispensing with trying to be the Wednesday night dinners as it is becoming too taxing on Pat and also a burden on me that I don't need.  I have also written the Church secretary to remove 2 of the 5 reservations for the two Wednesday evening dinners at the Church this month and have notified the girls.  I have been thinking we needed to make this change for sometime and yesterday was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.  I told them we wanted them to come visit us on Wednesday evenings or any other time as long as they call to be sure we are home.  I will be going to Sunday School in about an hour and hopefully Pat will feel up to attending Church with me.  We will not be eating out or bringing home something for our Sunday dinner as we have enough left overs from the tortillas that we had the other night.  Yesterday I did give Pat her cards and birthday gift.  I had ordered her a set of Boll and Branch sheets and pillowcase.  They are fine quality and I think she will enjoy them.

I don't have a lot of time this morning so will try to be brief with my comments, not an easy thing for me to do.  Thanks for the anniversary wishes for us and the birthday good wishes for Pat.  They are appreciated.

Joy, how nice to have a concert right outside your building and hope you don't have any problem getting outside or back to your apartment.   

Mary Ann and Joy, the Easy Listening music channel is also my favorite when I listen to music on the TV.  I hope Jame's new place will not have the steps for you to climb.  I also try to avoid steps and that is why we put the stair lift into this house when we moved here.

Jean, I certainly agree that time is passing by so quickly.  I find it hard myself that we have been married for 56 years and that I will be 78 my next birthday.  I am hoping for us to see a 60th wedding anniversary.  Getting to a 62nd anniversary will really an accomplishment.  My folks made it to their 61st but were in really bad health at that time and couldn't enjoy it as both were in the nursing home in different sections. 

Patricia, isn't it a bit unusual that Farrah doesn't eat wet cat food.  I remember we mostly fed our cat dried pet food but he would also eat the wet. 

Sasha, I wouldn't find a Youtube video about replacing something to be of much interest, although I do refer to them when I need help in doing something and usually find the help I need in a video. 

Marilyne, I hope you husband took you at to eat if you didn't have much in your house for a meal.  Forgetting to go grocery shopping sounds like a really good excuse for going out to eat.  :)  Great that you all will also be celebrating a 62nd wedding anniversary.  There are not too many couple that reach that hallmark.  Sure going to be a long summer with those fires and no rain.   

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Mary Ann - thanks for the new web cam at the Soo Locks.  I clicked on it last night around 8:00 or 9:00 here, and was surprised to see a large boat moving through.  I couldn’t read the name, but it looked much like the boats in Duluth.  This was a much closer view of a boat than I get from the Duluth Bridge or Canal Cam.  Afterwards I was interested in how the locks work, so I Googled it, and saw lots of diagrams and detailed exlanations on many websites.. We're never too old to learn something new! 

The one on Wikipedia is good, because it showed colored pictures of different locks from places all over the world, and also shows diagrams of how the locks work.
Wikipedia -

The one I got a special kick out of, was one of a drawing of the Erie Canal.  It shows a mule, pulling a boat on the canal.  It made me remember that old song from my childhood:
"I have a mule, her name is Sal -  fifteen miles on the Erie Canal"
Erie Canal -


Good morning from the Interior.

MaryAnn, I'm also glad of the new cam links. For some reason, I had the idea that there was no public access to the Soo Locks.

On the Duluth Cams, I usually go from the canal to the bridge and finally to the harbor depot. One time I watched the Paul Tregurtha go through and at the harbor depot, it took an hour and a half for it to maneuver into its slip. I admit to playing solitaire in-between cam views and had to wonder at the one in charge, (helmsman?); of those maneuvers.

Larry, Farrah is very smart but her development skewed by the hidden but evident signs of abuse she suffered. Beyond the six months spent under the bed and a couple of months of coming out but giving me at least a five-foot berth initially; she remains hyperalert to sounds from the hallway or outside the apartment as well as wanting nothing to do with either said hallway or even the balcony.

She has no fear of dogs or other cats from the vet or the hallway, has no interest in catnip, wet food or 99% of toys other than bendable staws. She did like tuna but not so much anymore, and she prefers liver in her dry food and treats. She doesn't rub against you, (scent marking); nor does she meow. She does have many sounds that with repetition meant for food, attention or play requests. Since I understand feral cats don't meow nor do mother cats, it seems to be, according to behaviorists, only for feline-human communication.

Since her original owners who gave her her first shots and chip, gave her away at two months and didn't want her back, it's an unknown how she came 400 miles north and ended up 26 miles from the closest town and on a sandbar in the middle of a glacial river four years later, starved and feral.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.