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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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Mary Ann

In case anyone is interested, two ships are leaving Duluth now.  They are in the Harbor cam.

I shall return!!!

Mary Ann


July 08, 2018, 08:29:04 pm #9211 Last Edit: July 08, 2018, 08:33:43 pm by CallieOK
I don't know what's happened but none of the Duluth cams will work and I'm being asked to "subscribe to Posts (Atom)".  What's that all about?   :(

Edit:   May have answered my own question.  Clicked on the "Home" icon and found this:
Update: 7/8/2018 - 19:00  -- Still no progress on the internet outage at the Marine Museum.  I will go down tomorrow and see what I can do.

Update: 7/8/2018 - 13:00   Internet problems at the Marine Museum is still causing the camera outage to persist.

The Canal cam and Bridge cam are down this morning. Hopefully not too long.

Is anyone else having problems?

Mary Ann

July 08, 2018, 09:23:02 pm #9212 Last Edit: July 08, 2018, 09:25:32 pm by Mary Ann
Callie, I had problems this morning with both the Canal and Bridge cams - and just as two boats were leaving and one coming in.  Frustrating.  I haven't checked since to see if they are working because there haven't been any ship activity. 

PS  I just checked and both are still out.

Mary Ann


I had an issue where the harbor and depot cams worked fine but the bridge and the canal cams kept telling me error #529. I just gave up.
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 Sorry we're all missing out but glad it isn't just me.  Maybe I'll get something useful done....or not!   :D


Larry - on your last post, you indicated that things are not going so well right now with the two girls?  If that's the case, I'm sorry.  It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence in many families, including mine.  Usually things work out sooner rather than later, and I hope that's what will happen with Jennifer and Elizabeth. 

I'm glad that you had a nice Anniversary/Birthday dinner with Scott, and that Pat liked all of her gifts and cards. I immediately looked at the Boll and Branch website. It looks like they carry a lovely selection of linens. I'm looking ahead to Christmas, and planning to buy a set of sheets for each of my daughters, as well as my daughter-in-law, so I'll definitely bookmark the site, for future reference!


Hi Everyone.  We are looking forward to another very nice day with it staying in the upper 80s but with low humidity and then typical summer weather will be back for the rest of the week. 

The only thing on our schedule for today is we are going to go out for a mid-afternoon main meal at a nice restaurant that we have enjoyed in the past but haven't been to in the last year or so.  Scott will be going with us for the final celebration of Pat's birthday, which actually is today.  Later this afternoon we expect the girls will come over and do a load of laundry as they are still awaiting the repairman to get Scott's washing machine fixed. 

I enjoyed the Sunday School and Church service yesterday and this was the second Sunday for the one combined service.  I hope this will become an annual tradition as it gives a chance for the Church to come together as one congregation.  However, by the time I got home I wasn't feeling well and spent a lot of time laying in bed yesterday afternoon.  I did have a good night's sleep and am feeling OK this morning although not peppy.  So will try not to over exert today. Pat didn't feel up to attending yesterday.

Marilyne, I remember the mule named Sal and the Erie Canal from my youth.  There is a lot of information on the song and the Erie Canal I found from a quick web search.  The popular song "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal" was written in 1905 by Thomas S. Allen after Erie Canal barge traffic was converted from mule power to engine power, raising the speed of traffic above fifteen miles per day. We just accept and love the girls as they are.  We haven't walked in their shoes.  We try not to have expectations and just go with the flow. If they get out here this afternoon we will share some of the ice cream cake with them.  I am sure you would not be disappointed with the Boll and Branch sheets.  Pat will get them washed this week so that when the housekeeper is here she can put them on the bed for her.  They are already very soft and washing should make them even softer.  They came in a nice mailing box and I just put the gift paper around it.  The linens were presented in the box in tissue paper which was a nice touch.  You might want to watch for a $50 coupon as that would help with the cost of one set anyway. 

Patricia, Farrah is one lucky cat to have ended up with you as its care keeper.  I was going to say owner but not sure anybody owns a cat and it may be the other way around.  I am surprised she isn't afraid of dogs or other cats. 

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I’m glad Larry mentioned the Boll and Branch linens.  I had never heard of them.  We’ve been looking for some really nice sheets.

A beautiful (hot) day here in northwest Florida.  Good beach weather for the young.  My preference for the beach is in Sept. or Oct.â€"just to walk along the shore and enjoy the saltwater breeze.
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Mary Ann

I ordered some sheets from Wayfair recently.  What I put on the bed is OK, but I'm not shouting out about  them.  I have another set I think I will like better.  Both sets were around $25 each.  The main reason I ordered any sheets was to fit the new mattress I bought last fall.  I saved Boll and Branch for the future.  Don't you wonder where they get those names sometimes?

It is a beautiful day here and I think the temp is just below 90 degrees.  Like yesterday, there is not a cloud in the sky!  I'm going back out on the deck and sit there until the sun gets to where I am sitting.

I took a computer to the deck to see if I could use it out there, but there is too much light.  I could barely see the screen so I know that won't work.

Mary Ann


I hope we hear from Gloria de (Linedancer) today?  Last time she posted, she said she had a hematoma in her leg, so I'm hoping it's better now.

Jean - I think I'll send for a Boll and Branch sheet for us, before I buy sets for Christmas gifts.  The word "soft", is used to describe them, and that's very important to me.  I need a top sheet, so will just buy one, and see how I like it.

Our weather is warm . .  not too hot.  It would be perfect, if it weren't for all the fires that are burning, and sending clouds of smoke our way.  Difficult to deal with, but not as difficult as all the poor people who have lost their homes, and all their belongings.  Wildfires used to happen only in the Fall, but they are year round now. 

Larry - the song, "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal", has been running through my head for a couple of days now!  It's nice though, when a long forgotten song from the past, is remembered.

Mary Ann

Callie    - FWIW - Both the Canal and Bridge cams are working OK today.  Of course, no ships are scheduled, but when they are, we should be able to see them.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann - I wondered where you were this morning. (still morning here for about 15 minutes.)  I didn't see your two messages, right before and right after mine.  I saw the tail end of boat this morning leaving through the canal.  Too late to see it's name.
Is there a schedule posted for the Soo Locks? I'm enjoying watching all the activity there, but I've only seen one ship, so far.


Thanks, Mary Ann.   I discovered that too late to see the morning boat go through.

Wish the Pete's Pond (wild life in Botswana) people would get that one fixed.  It only seems to work during the day here - which is night there.  No animals.

"15 miles on the Erie Canal" reminds me of summer camp.   And that made me think of the "states' question/answer" song we sang in the dining hall - one half singing the question and the other side the answer.  Do you know it?

What did Idaho)?
Where has Oregon?
What did Mississipp..?

Mary Ann

Marilyn, to the best of my knowledge, there is no Soo schedule.  I look at the marine map to see which ships are where and in which direction they're going.  If a ship is to the east of the bridge that goes from the US to Canada, I look to see if it comes through the lock.  Ones like Nokomis and Sugar Island are local scenic boats and they might go through, but they are not the ore boats that have come from or to Duluth. 

This morning I was either too late or too early to see any of the ships.  I've really been enjoying myself on the deck until about 3 pm when I napped.  I just woke up (I think).  I found I had a door open and I was cooling the outside so I closed the slider.

Callie, I used to watch Pete's Pond but that was several computers ago.  I am enjoying the bears now and was enjoying the eagles. 

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

At 4:35, the Roger Blough is going through the Soo, headed for Gary IN.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann- Looks like I just missed the Roger Blough.  I was sort of intimidated by the marine map, but I'll go back and try to figure it out.  Otherwise, I'm afraid I won't see any ships in the Soo Locks .. . unless I happen to take a look at just the right moment.


Good afternoon, I am here, and we are having some lovely weather/

Marilyne, I am here thanks for asking. I am suppose to keep my leg up, but no way to do it here at the PC. Right now it looks like a big blood blister. It covers about 2 inches, like a big blister, but fill of blood. I have to be sure I don't break it.  it has a couple of cotton bandages on it, and some kind of leg stocking, which I had never seen before, I have to be careful I take blood thinner

Larry, I say the same thing about Patricia's cat. it is so lucky  to have her. You are right Taffy has me at her beck and call.  Sometimes I have to set longer ina chair, because she does not want to get down. OH! I am way behind on wishing you both a Happy Anniversary and a good wishes to Pat on here birthday. I think I am a little slow

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Callie -
How much did Ioway?
What did Delaware?

Loved those camp songs!  "Oh you can't get to Heaven, on roller skates - 'cause you'll roll right past, those pearly gates"! ;D ;D



She weighed a Washington.
She wore her New Jersey.

I remember the "roller skates' song, too.


What did Mississipp?

Mary Ann

July 09, 2018, 06:34:48 pm #9229 Last Edit: July 09, 2018, 06:38:17 pm by Mary Ann
Marilyn, the Paul Tregurtha will go through the Soo locks in about 15-20 minutes.  I just spent too much time at the Soo, but it was interesting.  First the Roger Blough went through.  They go very slow through the channel and it takes a long time.  Lake Superior is higher than Lake Huron and the connector St Mary's River was once rapids.  To get from one lake to the other, the Blough goes into a lock closed at the front and the back is then closed which has the ship entirely enclosed by water.  The water in that lock is lowered to the level of Lake Huron and the Blough leaves.  All of this takes time; those ships are long.  If there was a ship waiting to go to Duluth, it would get in the lock and the water level would be raised to that of Lake Superior.  However, as it was, the St Laurent came in behind the Blough and had to wait about an hour while the Blough lowered to Lake Huron level, exited, and the lock was refilled with water so the St Laurent could commence through the locks. 

I was going to get two chairs that matched my new loveseat and Tom found Lowe's did not have them in stock.  He saw some swivel chairs made by the same company, maybe the cushions were not as thick, and suggested them as they are in stock.  I really preferred the matching chairs and Tom was set to go there tomorrow to order them.   I decided some people might like to swivel and the cushions do match the loveseat, so told Tom to get those tomorrow instead.  My deck will look very nice.  Hardly anyone visits except family, but they will enjoy the setup and the twins can be outside and play.  They would be supervised, but I think they would not be able to get through the railings.  The cat could, but he chooses to not go through them because it would be a high jump down.

Now, I'll see about something to eat.  Tom is gone for the evening.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann - It was a long wait, but I finally saw "Paul" pass through the second lock, (or is it called a lane or canal?)  The ship that I saw the other night was in the first lane or lock, so was close to the camera, and I really got a good look at it.  I think I'm finally beginning to see how it works.  I expected Paul to be in that first/close lane, because I didn't realize there were others right there.  I wonder what determines which one they go through?

Mary Ann

Marilyn, I went back and watched much of "Paul" go through the channel or whatever it is called.  The locks have gates at both ends that "lock" the boats in while the water is raised or lowered.  I kept waiting for the barricade to be raised as I knew the ship would move then.  I don't know why some ships go through the second channel and I have only seen one in the nearer channel.  It could be the width of the ship because they come in different sizes, length as well as width.  I wish the site would show more of the area, but I'm lucky that I have what I have.  Other sites are marked "corrupt" and don't show.  You can look at sites of the Soo, just not cam sites.

If you look at the map, you will see the different channels.  I've discovered when the ship is shown as a round ball, it is in the lock and the speed is shown as 0.0 kn. 

In case you wonder, the high bridge at the left of the screen and the elevated road is the route between the two countries.  The US is in the foreground and Canada in the background.  I have a site for both the US and Canada for entry into either country, but while it says it is "live", it is not. 

Mary Ann


July 09, 2018, 08:57:52 pm #9232 Last Edit: July 09, 2018, 09:02:38 pm by angelface555
Good, (warm, cloudy, plus 71); early afternoon  day in the Interior. I will have to go back and try the cams again soon to see if they work for me. Yesterday and today was rather sad for me as the Ravens are back.

They usually spend the warmer months in, the cooler mountain climes, returning in the fall. I'm hoping their earlier return doesn't signify more than a few wandering young males. I didn't see any pairs, so hopefully, that is all it is.

I am not actually Farrah's owner; Pet Pride retains that position so while I handle the long-term socialization and care, their on paper ownership allows them to legally pay for any emergency or long-term medical care.

I am what is called a permanent foster and do not have to pay any adoption or neutering fees, other than the apartment's pet fee. I do handle and pay for standard vet visits, feed and toys, and equipment.

Both Sarah and Farrah were/are permanent fosters. I deal mainly with problem felines and only one as this building only allows one twenty and under lbs. pet per apartment. We both benefit because I get a free, physically healthy cat and the organization finds a home for a troubled, nonfamily oriented feline. At one time in 2004-2006, I had six cats, and two were permanent fosters.

Callie and Marilyne, I haven't heard of either of those songs before.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.


Callie -
What did Idaho?  She hoed the Mary-land.
What did Mississipp? She sipped a Minne-soda?
Where has Oregon? That one is too long forgotten I guess?  It's not coming to me? :-\
Those camp songs are fun to remember.  I also like the old jump-rope rhymes.

Gloria -Your blood blister sounds serious. I'm glad that you're taking good care of yourself and feeling better.

Patricia - That's interesting that you're fostering Farrah. I thought you had adopted her from a foster home. Does Pet Pride stay in touch with you, as to how Farrah is doing? 

Mary Ann - I'm beginning to understand the locks much better now, I think?  Still confused about a few things.  You said that you and Norm used to walk across, or on the locks, when you would visit The Soo.  Whereabouts exactly did you walk?   Can you see where you walked, from the webcam?


Marilyne,  Where has Oregon?  She's seeing Oklahome.   :)

One more  just for you and angelface and then I'll hush.....

Why did Caliphoneya?   If you wait, Al ask a.


July 10, 2018, 12:23:45 am #9235 Last Edit: July 10, 2018, 12:25:34 am by angelface555
Callie, I'm going to Google those songs!

Marilyne, I "adopted" both cats, Sarah and Farrah from Pet Pride. They initially tried both cats in foster homes. Sarah found with a young male cat in the winter. The young male who was adopted immediately; had part of his left front paw amputated due to frostbite and Sarah had her tail two-thirds amputated again due to frostbite. Pet Pride doesn't contact me unless I contact them to initiate medical care that is out of the ordinary.

They tried putting her in a foster home with children and other animals. She attacked the other animals, (dogs and cats); and growled and hissed at the children. The foster put her in a second bathroom as she said the cat frightened her. Pet Pride asked if I would take her even though I had asked for a kitten in 12/2013 when I first moved here.

I couldn't say no when I heard the story. Other than being deathly afraid of birds and wanting no part of the outdoors via the balcony, Sarah was okay with me. I often thought it might have been the drugs she was on due to the amputation as I saw no signs of aggression unless it had been a type of fear aggression.

With Farrah, it was out and out abuse at a very young age and possibly continuous. I've spoken of this before, but so much is unknown. A permanent foster is an adoption without the usual fees. You get a cat that needs a peaceful, quiet home, with no aggressive animals or small children and the organization finds a good home for a problematic cat. Legally, for a nonprofit to pay the vet bills for an emergency or longterm care, they must retain ownership. It's a workaround.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.

Mary Ann

Marilyn, where Norm and I (and anyone else) walked at the Soo is not available to the public any more for security reasons.  Any site for the Soo that I click on shows as corrupt so you can't see any cams.  I looked for something last night to see if I could find something to show you the site, but I couldn't.  If you put Soo Locks in a search place, you might find something, but I could not.  And remember, Norm and I were kids a long time ago!  I'm just glad they show as much as they do.

I'm getting my hair cut this morning, then Tom and I will have breakfast next door to where I get my hair cut.  Later today, Tom will go to Lowe's to pick up a couple of deck chairs.  He'll put them together and we'll have a neat looking deck. 

Patricia, that is a nice way to handle cats ownership.  I'd say I (or Annie) own Kendrick, but he might own me, too.  He came into the bedroom about 6 am, lay down a few minutes, then left.  It is as if he is checking to see that I'm around, then he leaves for his own bed.

I got the idea for the loveseat on the deck because of Kendrick, realizing I do not have a place where he can sit beside me.  So far, he had gotten up on the loveseat but has really not stayed.  Oh well, I like it. 

I hit the wrong color so we're purple this time.

Mary Ann


Hi Everyone.  I just now saw the headline that the 12th boy and the soccer coach have now been rescued from the cave.  What an ordeal.

It is another beautiful and clear morning here in South Carolina.  It is 66 this morning but headed up to 98 this afternoon.  I am thankful I am staying home today where it will be cool and have only a commitment at 10 am, which will be accomplished here at the house. 

We had a delightful and delicious meal at Cheddars yesterday.  Then soon after we got home the girls came out and did a load of laundry and while it was washing the girls played some games of Farkle.

For the last several days we have noticed a very unpleasant smell in our garage and then in the car when we were out.  We couldn't locate the cause until yesterday we isolated it to the car.  On the third check of the trunk I finally located the problem.  It was a package of beef I had purchased at Costco last week that is sliced for sandwiches.  Some way it had gotten to the back of the truck entangled with the transport chair.  The packaging was black.  We were checking the truck again and I got in just the right position to see the package at the back of the trunk.  It was tightly sealed but very puffed out but that didn't stop the odor and it is now out on the patio and will go into the trash Thursday morning. 

Jean, somewhere I read or heard that two of the former Presidents of the US use these Boll and Branch sheets.  They did wash up nicely and Pat will start sleeping on them Friday night.  They are pricey but when I bought them there was a $50 off coupon code to use and you can probably find the same offer.  I sure don't want to go to the beach during the hot days of summer. 

Mary Ann, these sheets cost significantly more than $25 but I wanted something really nice for my wife and they should last the rest of her life.  I expect the names of the company were probably the ladies maiden name and the man's last name.  Computer screens and sunlight just don't work well.  The  same is true for cell phone screens that I have used. Do you have any problem with mold or mildew on your deck furniture fabrics?  There is really a problem with here in the South as it is so humid.  Your new deck furniture sounds great. 

Patricia, I am a bit envious of your 71 degree temperature.  We only see that as a low temperature early in the mornings and it is usually warmer than that but we were in the 60's early this morning.  It sounds like that Pet Pride is a wonderful organization and would relieve you of major expenses sometime in the future if Farrah needed that type of medical treatment.  It sounds like a good arrangement.  I can't even imagine dealing with six cats at once.  Does Pet Pride also handle dogs?

Marilyne, when I ordered they were out of stock on the twin sets except for one color, which I was concerned about but it is fine and it said they had only one set of them back in stock.  I am sure they must have restocked by now.  I have used flannel sheets for years summer and winter and will continue to do so.  If Pat really likes the sheets we might order a second set but that is in the future.  I spent a minute or two trying to find the vocal rendering of the Erie Canal song but didn't have any success.  So just have to remember it in my head.  I probably have the printed music and words for it in my music cabinet.  I don't think I ever heard the camp son about "can't get to Heaven". 

Callie, I also remember that "states song" you mentioned.  I think it started with What did Delaware" and went from their.  Here is a link of Perry Como signing it:

deAngel, will the hemotoma eventually absorb?  I hope you are seeing some improvement each day.  Thanks for the Anniversary and birthday wishes.  Never too late and now we go on to next year when they will happen again.   

Click for North Augusta, South Carolina Forecast

Mary Ann

July 10, 2018, 10:51:09 am #9238 Last Edit: July 10, 2018, 10:52:55 am by Mary Ann
This morning I had probably the wettest hair cut I have ever had.  I could feel the water going down my back during the shampoo and the funny part is the stylist put a "bib" on my back to prevent my getting wet.  I think the poor woman was embarrassed and she spent about five minutes trying to dry my back.  It probably bothered her more than me because i am "drip dry" and "wash and wear" as far as my clothes are concerned.  Afterward I joined Tom at the Brandywine where I had a Jr Brandywine omelet and Tom had a Greek God omelet.  The restaurant has a coupon in a monthly mailer so we get two for the price of one each time - if I include the coupon. 

It is a lovely day so far and there are some clouds in the sky today, but small white ones.  We started out at 72 degrees but are probably 80 degrees by now.

Tom is going to get the deck chairs later today and put them together.  It will give him plenty of time to cut up the cartons for Friday trash pickup.  He can't park in the garage until the packing is gone.

Mary Ann


July 10, 2018, 11:32:33 am #9239 Last Edit: July 10, 2018, 11:37:27 am by angelface555
Good morning from a partly cloudy, presently plus 53 Interior. Larry, you might wish for 73, but I had been enjoying the eighties as the last few summers have been cooler and damp. With the return of the Ravens, I suspect that might be the last we'll see of the eighties this year. The rest of the week is expecting periods of rain and highs in the late sixties or early seventies.

Pet Pride is a national cat organization. It will use permanent fosters for cats with some medical difficulty such as FIP, diabetes, old age or other long-term diseases or disabilities. In the Youtube videos of the cats from Washington state, I had posted, (Which have all been adopted); the foster there has both pregnant cats and kittens in the one room and is a permanent foster for senior or disabled cats in the rest of his house. He has six permanent fosters presently, all but one in their teens.

It can be upsetting such as last March when he had three seniors die within days of each other. He has had 61 fosters of pregnant cats or kittens and is awaiting news of a next available foster. He is affiliated with Perfect Pals another cat rescue nonprofit.

While both these organizations are feline only, I'm sure there are similar ones for canines.

MaryAnn your deck sounds nice. All I have on my balcony are two deck chairs and a small table.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.