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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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Mary Ann, I live near Harrisburg, which is about 90 miles west of Philly. My Dad was born and raised in Philly, though.

The usual mid-February warm-up used, if we were lucky, above 45 for a few days before plunging back down again. That is when I got my pruning gear out and pruned my fruit trees, bushes and grapes. I had to be very careful about timing the grapes because if it stayed above freezing too long they would start to "bleed". That isn't a good thing for grapes. I don't know what the California people and others who don't have the freezes we have here do to prevent bleeding of the sap. Maybe it is dependent on the kind of grape? Mine was a Concord.


Larry, you may be right about that.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to you .


Tis only 30 degrees this morning.   Sunny tho.


Gloria de and Larry - Happy Birthday! Hope you both enjoy your birthday today, and every single day in the coming year! :thumbup:

Mary Ann

Joan, if we were at 30 degrees, we'd be in seventh heaven - it was 0 degrees when I got up about 7 am; last night at 11 pm we were at 9 degrees.  I think we're around 20 degrees now.

MarsGal, I got the state right!  A former minister of ours went to a church in Harrisburg a few years ago and I think she's still there.

I've had a delightful time this morning with my e-mail because it contained several genealogy questions and answers from distant relatives. 

Mary Ann


Mary Ann, we have not had that low temps this Winter.  Am sure glad too.


Mary Ann, Mariah is a regular tabby if you look at her from above, but calico in the face and on her legs. She’s a sweet little lady.

We’ve been doing some ancestry for Helen’s mother. She’ about to be 95, and wanted the DNA test for her birthday. Should be fun. She got one for Helen, too. Me, I’m in charge of the family trees, and I’m here to tell you too many women died in childbirth.
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~ Dorothy Parker

"How many things there are that I do not want." ~ Socrates

Mary Ann

Sasha, Mariah is a nice looking cat. 

Healthwise things were not the same 200+ years ago as they are now.  I know women often died in childbirth, but my longest-living ancestor (born 1759), who lived to nearly 107 years, had four or five siblings die before he was born in the same year.  Of course, they had large families in those days but imagine losing five of your children within a few months of each other.  I don't know if there was an illness or not, but I've never read anything in family history that suggests anything.  I am sure they were not the only family to have that happen.

I had my DNA checked and my ancestry is just what I thought it was; no surprises.  A great-niece and great-nephew had their DNAs checked and both were said to be my second cousins.  The reason they wanted to get their DNAs is because their mother was adopted and they wanted to know about her birth family.  After the niece's info was posted, she had a hit almost immediately.  Now I'm trying to get their father (my nephew) to see about his mother's side of the family.  He has the kit, just doesn't get around "tuit"..

Genealogy is fun.

Mary Ann


Good evening, I just want to thank everyone for my good wishes. I had a surprise birthday party at the senior center to day.  All my neighbors and more were there. I will write more about it later.  I now have to go to the Walk In clinic, as I have and infection in my hand that has been getting worse in the last few days.  Have not idea where it came from

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY.  Great day to have a birthday Lincoln you and I, plus.

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  Hi Everyone.  We have an overcast morning with 49 degrees as I start to write and only to get up into the mid-50's this afternoon.  I may make a quick trip to Walmart this morning to pick up a prescription and a couple of other items in the pharmacy area.  This evening I hope to go to the United Methodist's Mens pancake supper at the Church.  So far this morning I am feeling pretty good.  Last evening we went to Diablo's for a good meal.  We had talked about going to the Texas Roadhouse but I begged off as still wasn't feeling up to par nor have my taste buds returned to normal and I wanted to be able to fully enjoy our meal there.  My SIL sent me a gift card for Texas Roadhouse so we will save it until another time.  While my birthday was yesterday we will actually celebrate it with the family tomorrow evening.  If I am still in the mood I may start on preparing our tax returns.  I still am missing one piece of information I need but can enter the other data in the Tax Act computer program and get a pretty good idea of where we stand in terms of having to pay more taxes. 

After that long book I wrote here yesterday I will try to be somewhat shorter today.  I do again want to thank you all for the kind Happy Birthday wishes.  They are appreciated.  I also heard from a number of family and friends yesterday, which helped make the day special. 

MarsGal, while not 100% yet I did feel a lot better yesterday and I think today will be the same.  I think I may have confused you in that deAngel and Linedancer are the same lovely lady named Gloria D.  She has posted under both names and I have just continued to use the one she was using before Linedancer.  My son is a big fan of movies and television shows like the Black Panther and the Marvel comics characters.  They are just not my cup of tea.  MarsGal, I made a trip or two to Harrisburg when I was working in D.C. It seemed like a nice town although I must admit it was a long time ago and my memories of specific details have faded.

Joan, with the sun out the 30 degrees doesn't seem as cold as when it is cloudy. 

Marilyne, it is my goad to enjoy each day I live to the extent I am able.  Time is too precious to waste it worrying about something that may never happen and I try to stay in the present moment. 

Mary Ann, nice that your genealogy work continues to be active and enjoyable for you. 

Sasha, interesting that the 95 year old is still interested in her ancestry.  Nice of you to care for the family trees. 

deAngel, how pleasant to have the surprise birthday party.  It sounds like you are loved by your neighbors and friends.  I hope the hand infection is nothing too serious and glad you are having it looked at.  I have always been glad my birthday was on Lincoln's birthday and that used to be a Federal holiday. 

Sue, I am on my second pacemaker/defibrillator. The battery in the first one lasted 8 years.  This second one is lasting as long, although I still have 2 1/2 years battery life on it, since it is now pacing both sides of the heart almost 100% of the time.  It is nice to know our cardiologists hope to get us into our 90's.  My parents only lived into their early 80's but I had a grandmother who lived into her 90's and that is my goal now as well. 

Mary Ann, I am very glad your doctor knew what he was talking about and I hope you are around for many more years.  I try to watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every evening.  Pat doesn't care for Jeopardy so I often use the headphones when I watch it and she will listen to her audiobook. 


Mary Ann

February 13, 2018, 10:42:16 am Last Edit: February 13, 2018, 10:45:10 am by Mary Ann #7870
Larry, while I do enjoy Jeopardy, for some reason I do not care for Alex Trebek and I can't tell why; I just don't care for him.  Of course, he is an integral part of the program so I bear with him as host.  I know he's Canadian, but I shudder when he tries to pronounce the French terms because I am sure he "murders" the words.

We are starting the day with no additional snow and radar doesn't show any for today.  I went to take a picture of my deck yesterday afternoon with the sun shining on it.  I could not find my camera, which was strange to me because if the camera is not with me and the computer, it is in my purse.  And it wasn't in either of those two places.  I searched seriously (!) and finally found it beneath my purse.  Whew!

I hope you feel well enough to attend the supper at church tonight.  It's good to read that you are feeling better each day.  I know you pace yourself but sometimes things get out of control.

Mary Ann


Sasha - I think you’ll enjoy doing the DNA research.  I got my DNA results from Ancestry, last Fall, and since then I’ve spent hours on the web site, building my family tree, and looking at the trees of my hundreds of cousins.  I've only contacted one match so far, a woman who is a 2nd or 3rd cousin. She has been friendly and helpful.  DNA is a fascinating science!


Good afternoon, sunny and cool, yesterday. yesterday was 20degrees warmer, to morrow is to be back in the 40's

Larry, When I was a kid I like my birthday, because we had the day off from school.My birthday cake was always a lincoln leg, brought from Kruge's bakery, that was a truck that come around like Dugans  home delivered bakery goods. About my three different names. I was DeAngel in the old seniornet, then here, one day I could not get in here, and had to change my name and password.  then some started calling Gloriade. About my birthday party, people kept coming over to the table to give congratulations, but remarked I had 5 men at the table and 3 women. Of course there are always more women at the center. It was Genes my next door neighbor who came up with the idea of having at the center. He also bought ice cream for everyone there.
As you know there are two Glorias. I did the DNA last year, and was surprised to find Greek, I knew about the French, English and Italian that is where the DeAngelis comes from

Marilyne, I did the DNA also, I wrote above to Larry the results, I also joined Ancestry Last year.  I think I wrote I made up three books for my grands for Christmas, it took me at lest 6 months to put them together.  I also added old pictures with titles.  Of course I added a check. My grandaughter still tells me how much she appreciated it. The boys said they liked it. I think as they get older, maybe married they will come to like it more. I still have a lot to look up on the grandmothers, as the names kept changing. of course the men keep the same names.  I got back to 1742

MaryAnn, I use to watch Jeopardy, but now at night I am generally on the PC. talking to my cyber friends or playing games.

Sasha, When i did Ancestry, I started it when I was 93 I found my grand fathers mother did in childbirth at age 29, but the twin lived.

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Mary Ann

Gloria, when I address you in Norm's folder, I call you Gloria because the other Gloria does not post in here.  In Soda Shoppe, I add the "de". 

My ancestry is mostly Western Europe (England and Germany), then Scandinavian, some Irish.
Although my grandfather was born in what was then Denmark, and he considered himself to be Danish, our name is not Danish.  I know there are people in both Belgium and England with our last name and I can go no further back than my 2nd great-grandfather who also was born in what was Denmark.  Schleswig-Holstein went to Germany in the mid 1850s so my great-grandparents moved to the Jutland peninsula of Denmark and from there to the US.  So I know they considered themselves to be Danish.

Mary Ann 


This Ancestry is the best thing since wooden jigsaw puzzles. I started it under Sue’s (mil) name, realized a day into it that I should be using maiden names, switched hers, and now on her husband’s part of the tree there are two of her!
I do need a faster internet connection, though.

MarilynE, when DonnaElinor was alive, we took trees back as far as possible, and sure nuff, discovered that we were related. There were so few people here in 1745!

Just a note: Larry, we have seven cats here; brace yourself.
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~ Dorothy Parker

"How many things there are that I do not want." ~ Socrates


My paternal ancestors arrived on Cape Cod in 1623 and some later went south by boat to New Orleans and up the Mississippi River to the Ohio River and into West Virginia.  My maternal ancestors were living in the area now known as the Ohio Valley (and now West Viriginia) during the American Revolution.  My 6th great grandfather and 3 sons were boarder guards during the French/Indian War which preceded the Revolution.  Both sides of my family had elderly relatives who researched all this and passed it on to me.  My sisters weren't interested.  And I've never been interested enough to join the DAR or other similar organizations.  I do have cousins from both families who send me information they have found.  It is interesting, but my sons aren't interested, so it won't pass beyond me.



Awww, thank you Bubbles.  You are so talented. 



  Hi Everyone. It is another overcast morning.  I didn't get up early this morning as what little I did yesterday seems to have sapped my energy.  So I will just take it easy, stay home and pretty much rest today.  I did attend the pancake supper at the Church last evening and it was good.  I was only gone for about an hour.  I had gone to Walmart as planned yesterday morning. This evening I will go down to Wifesaver's and pick up chicken dinners for us all as Pat isn't up to getting a big meal this evening.  I did remember to get Pat a pretty heart shaped box of Chocolate Truffles, a cute little lady bug vase with miniature roses in it and a pretty Valentines Day card. 

Mary Ann, I don't think Pat likes Alex Trebek either.  He obviously is a very intelligent person but sometimes can make some sort of snide remarks to the contestants although I am sure he wouldn't consider them so. 

Marilyne, I have a couple of 1st cousins who are interested in genealogy but it has never really interested me.  Years ago my Paternal Grandmother had a huge book that a member of her family had done before the days of computers.  I ended up with the book but discarded it as it just took up shelf space and few of the people mentioned in it were still living. 

deAngel, I don't remember we ever got Lincoln's Birthday off from school but it sure has made it easy to remember my birthday.  I do remember when you had to change your screen name because you had the problem of getting recognized on the website.  I bet you are a lot of fun to be around so the men like sitting at your table.  I think my mother usually made me an angel food cake from scratch and I always got to eat the crumbles from the top when it had cooled. 

Sasha, once you have a faster Internet connection you will never want to go back to a slower speed.  I really have no concept how all the information always moving on the Internet finds what you are looking for and can respond instantly.  Wow, seven cats.  I did watch the first two of the three dog show classes that were judged last evening.  Those were beautiful dogs and one has to wonder how only one dog can be picked out as the best. 

Sue, my son isn't interested in Ancestry either and we never lived close enough to any relatives, except my wife's sister and her family, that he could get to know them well.  It is amazing you can trace family heritage clear back to 1623. 

Bubble, Happy Valentine's Day to you and thanks for the beautiful and varied Valentine's Day cards you posted.  I agree with ShirleyN that you are very talented. 

Mary Ann

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm descended from two Cooks - Henry and Aaron.  Henry came in about 1638 and Aaron was on the Mary and John, along with several others of my ancestors, in 1630.  Henry's descendant, Lemuel, was in the Revolutionary War and at one time was thought to be the oldest or last survivor of the war but that has been disproved.  No bother to me, he was three months short of 107 when he died.  Aaron's descendant, Daniel Cook, also was in the Revolutionary War.  I did join the DAR and was fairly active until a few years ago.  I still am a member but I do not attend meetings any longer.  I may be the oldest member of our chapter but there may be one woman older than I am.  Henry was the ancestor of Homer Cook, a great-grandfather.  Aaron was the ancestor of Mary Ann Cook, a great-grandmother.  Homer and Mary Ann married in NY but went to Lake Mills, Wisconsin and raised their family there.

Even though your families are not interested in genealogy, somewhere down the line someone may have an interest.  Tom is not interested but he said he'll hang on to my work in case someone a generation or two after him might be interested.  Otherwise donate what you have to a library.

I think we are to get into the 40s today.  The sun is shining and radar shows no snow.

Tom brought me a small box of Russell Stover chocolates for Valentine's Day.  I did not buy any because I usually don't get any and it is hard for me to get cards anyway, but I did send Tom a Jacquie Lawson card, thanking him for all he does for me, which is a lot.

Mary Ann


it seems to be true, that most men are not particularly interested in genealogy.  There are a few, but mostly it's the women who really get into this family history stuff, and dig around for information.  Both my husband and I sent in the DNA kits at the same time, and when our results came back, he was satisfied to just find out his ethnicity.  He had no interest in looking at his matches.  He has about 15 first cousins, that he knows well, (or knew), and that's enough family connection for him.

On the other hand, I only had two first cousins . . . one recently passed, and the other vanished a long time ago, so have no idea if she is still living?  I have a number of 2nd and 3rd cousins who have always lived fairly close, and I know them well . . .  but they are all on my mother's side.  I am determined to find cousins, no matter how distant, on my father's side.  So far I haven't had much luck, but I see a few possibilities on my Ancestry matches!  :)


Regarding men and genealogy:

My son Kirk is very interested in it and so is my
Nephew Todd...  They both have questioned me about
what I remember about our family history. 



Both my sons were interested in our roots. I got a lot of info from my Mother in law for Dennis.  She died at age 97, so I found out a lot of names in Ala.  then I got interested last year. The DNA got me interested.

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I have one nephew learning to be interested.

Big haul tonight: photos of my grandparents’ siblings!
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~ Dorothy Parker

"How many things there are that I do not want." ~ Socrates

Mary Ann

My mother had a lot of family pictures and when my grandmother (paternal) came to live with us, she brought pictures too.  I copied many of them and have sent some of the originals to families.  The last two people who made contact were both men.  Norm was interested in the paternal side of our family and let me take care of Mother's family.  We couldn't go back very far on Dad's side, but we're still trying.  We shared what information we found.

Mary Ann


February 14, 2018, 11:42:16 pm Last Edit: February 14, 2018, 11:56:38 pm by FlaJean #7885
I’ve done a couple of genealogy books with the help of a local historian in my home town area.  We got back to around 1620 on my paternal side (all from England and very clannish).  Was only able to find information on my maternal side to middle 1700’s with just the possibility of Scotland.  Larry’s dad was quite interested in genealogy, and when he was a boy Larry traveled with his dad all over PA to various counties.  Those were the days of no internet and they visited many cemeteries and county offices.  Now our geneology is still packed in boxes from our move.  One of the problems with downsizing, we don’t have the space we had in Ocala.
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Happy Birthday FlaJean!

Best wishes for a wonderful day!



  Hi Everyone.  It looks like we will have a nice day as it is to get up to around 75 degrees this afternoon.  I have a fairly busy morning planned if my energy will hold out.  I plan on going to coffee this morning after picking up my friend at the assisted living home.  On the way there I will make a quick stop at the Credit Union to make a deposit that couldn't be made online.  I will then drop my friend off at coffee and head up to our Church, which is just up the street, to leave a check for a spot in the Columbarium for Pat and I as well as a plaque to honor Stacey.  I will then go back down for coffee and finally take my friend home and come home myself.  I have decided trying to go back downtown to the Wisdom group is just pushing it too much as still haven't regained much of my strength.  We had a nice chicken dinner from Wifesaver's last night and finally started on that ice cream cake.  We hadn't set it out when we started eating and my poor son had a terrible time getting it cut as it was frozen solid.  We left it out while we had dessert and he was able to cut up the rest of it while it was softer so it will be easy to deal with as we finish it up.  About half of it is left and we will have to eat it (tough job but somebody has to do it).  That was the last time our granddaughters friend will be with us as she returns to her home in Kentucky on Sunday.  She has been here a month and has been a big help to our granddaughter after her knee surgery.  I think she will be back as apparently liked it here in South Carolina.  She lives in Kentucky. 

Happy Birthday Jean.  I hope you have a most enjoyable one. 

Since I commented on Genealogy yesterday I really don't have anything else to offer on the subject so will just say I will be back tomorrow.

Mary Ann

February 15, 2018, 09:14:54 am Last Edit: February 15, 2018, 09:16:35 am by Mary Ann #7888
Happy Birthday, Jean Feller, I hope you have many more.

I've seen the burial sites of ancestors back to my 3rd greats in one case, 2nd greats in others  My dad's parents are not buried in the same cemetery and we had quite a time hunting for my grandfather's grave in Plainview MN.  We did not find it then but when I visited a cousin many years later, she knew where it was.  My grandmother's parents also are in different cemeteries and that's the way it often was done in those days. 

It's a bit foggy here this morning but I think it will clear up by noon.  On the warm side today.  It is foggy at Grand Haven.

Mary Ann


Happy Birthday,  Jean. Hope you have a special day with many more to follow !!!!