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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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Thanks Patricia.  I have all the other sites but the Soo cams were missing from my "Favorites" list.

Seattle has locks and I went thru them 50+years ago on friends boats.  I think their legal name is the "Hiram M Chrittenden Locks" or just The Ballard Locks.  They go from Puget Sound which is saltwater into the fresh water of Lake Union and Lake Washington.  There is a fish ladder and a beautiful botanical garden there and I understand they are a large tourist attraction for Seattle now.  I've been back to Seattle several times visiting, but never been back to the Locks.


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Hi Everyone.  We had a delightful half hour rain late yesterday afternoon and more rain and possible storms are in the forecast for today.  It will be in the high 80's today, which will be a relief from the high 90's we had yesterday. Yesterday Pat had a great time having the special luncheon with six other ladies in our Sunday School Class with July birthday.  It sounds like they kept each others ear busy and they visited for almost 3 hours.   I enjoyed quiet time with my lunch at the BBQ restaurant and then sitting in the library reading a couple of newspapers.  This morning the housekeeper will be here.  I have an 11:40 appointment with my new cardiologist. I am anxious to meet him.  I will stop on the way back at Costco to pick up a couple of items.  That will be it for today. 

Marilyne, the last time I checked the webcam for the bears there were none in the stream but that was several days ago. I haven't looked at the other webcam either so will have to check them out this morning or this afternoon. 

Sasha, with the cost of vets I am glad your cats only need the every three year attention.  I know whenever my son takes his small dog to the vet the bill is over $300, which seems pretty high to me.  You have quite a large group of cats.  Are they all indoor cats?  I hadn't thought about trying to use my hands when I can't immediately think of the word I want to use.  I find on the crossword puzzles that if I don't know the word immediately I just move on and often when I come back to it I can remember it or other letters have been added that help identify the proper word. 

Patricia, that is quite an array of toys for Farrah.  Cats can be very possessive or they can totally ignore what is happening.  It is always going to be the cats way.

MarsGal, that sounds like a good toy that would provide an incentive for the cats to play with it to get food.  Cats do like to chase a laser light. I wasn't looking to check out anything from the library as have probably 2,000 free ebooks that I own from Bookbuds and Book Gorilla.  In fact I stopped getting those daily offers.  I also have access to many ebooks and audio books from two libraries. We have a nice library here but it is obvious there have been many budget cuts as there were few new books and only a handful of newspapers.  I just found a comfortable easy chair and read the USA Today and the Wall Street Journal while I waited. 

Mary, the fish ladder and botanical gardens sound like they would be very interesting.  I have been to Seattle  a couple of times but never as a tourist.  The first time was when we were on our way to Alaska to live.   

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Mary Ann

Thanks, Patricia, for posting the Soo sites.  As for yesterday, I would beg to differ with you as to how busy the Soo is vs Duluth.  I sat through seven ships going through the Soo from 2 pm until 6 pm.  A couple went on the near channel, most on the second.  I checked again when I was ready for bed and there was another ship going though.  This morning I first checked Duluth and ships had either left or arrived already or were not due, but a Dutch ship was going through the Soo when I checked there.  As Marilyn has said, the Dutch ships are very colorful.  Most of the ships headed west go to the Duluth, Superior and Two Harbors area.  Since the computer is so slow (few posts), it is a relief to find the Duluth and Soo sites more active.  I used to say I am for the birds, but now I find I'm for the boats!

Mary Ann


Supposed to be 107 today.

Mary Ann

Joan, you can have it.  It's about 90 degrees here now.  Doors closed and air on. 

Mary Ann


Joan - Good to see you checking in. :) I was thinking about you earlier this morning, and wondering how you are feeling . . . Candy too?  An outside temperature of 107, is not a good thing!  I know it never got that hot in the Tri-Cities when I was living there.  That would have been about 60 years ago. :o

Mary Ann - I'm also spending more time looking at the cams. I enjoyed the Soo Locks yesterday, when it got so busy . . . a regular traffic jam!  I haven't seen anything of interest at Duluth for a few days.  This morning there were two small boats, so the bridge only went up half way.  One was a high mast sail boat, and the other looked like it might have been a tourist  boat.  I missed the Dutch boat at the Soo. 

Sasha - Do you always have about seven cats at your sanctuary?  I was thinking it was a lot more . . . way back when you started.  That's been a long time ago ( at least 12 years or more?)  Do you still use the name, "A Place in the Sun"?  Please return and post often.  :)

Patricia - The Books Falls Bear cam, is very busy right now.  I just looked at it, and there are lots of bears in the water.  One just came out with a fish, and walked up the path to the left, followed by a couple of others.  I haven't seen any cubs yet.


July 13, 2018, 01:50:27 pm #9276 Last Edit: July 13, 2018, 01:53:29 pm by angelface555
Good morning from a sunny, dry, Interior day! We seem to alternate with sunny days, then partly cloudy with afternoon showers. We've dropped to mid-seventies for highs and early fifties for lows, so I believe, (especially with seeing the Ravens); that we may have an early fall.

Farrah has gotten suspicious and now comes over each time I approach her toys.  :) She's become that kid who guards her toys against the other kids when she doesn't want them herself.

Yesterday, Dora came by with troubling news. Duchess may have developed diabetes, and Alan has become worried and frustrated while they await testing results. I don't know anything about animal diabetes, and it may not be that they're testing today.

Also, the state is going to be our new owners, so we wait through the purchase details to hear about rental increases and any other changes. It will be about ninety days or so. The previous company had buildings in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Homer, and Kenai. I do not know if the state purchased all nineteen buildings or just a portion but I'm going to miss what we had.

The air force has a new squadron moving to the air force bases here, (some new type of plane); so I know prices will go up across the public sector. We already see some price hikes in rent and groceries altho the papers said that the loss and damage to crops in the states are making its way here. So a lot of changes.

Joan, it must be miserable for you, is that a wet climate where you're at?

Larry, cats are said to be comparable to a human seven-year-old in many ways, so that helps in figuring them out. In other ways, of course, they are far smarter. Dogs are pack animals so want to please where feral female cats did all the work while males provided protection and young. The natural feline inclination is nocturnal but they change in human interaction.

MaryAnn, I am a full three hours behind Duluth and a full four hours behind the East Coast, so I have to adjust accordingly and don't always catch the boats, and then there are various changes and delays.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.

Mary Ann

Patricia, I bring up the Soo cam first to see if there is a ship going through, then I bring up the map and sometimes there will be many boats in the channel, sometimes none.  Just now (2:25 Soo time) there is a ship coming from the west but it will be 15-20 minutes before it reaches the Soo.  Yesterday, may have been unusual because it was busy about the same time as I am looking now. 

It is warm here today, about 90 degrees) and Kendrick is staying inside - his choice.  I think I'll go take a nap now and he may follow; he doesn't always.

Mary Ann


Thanks, MaryAnn; I'll try to catch one today.

Here are some more flowers from Sato in Photos, with insect/flowers photos from Bubble's friend and Farrah in the midst of a fan dance.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.


Hey, Patricia, Larry, and MarilynE, we have 7 cats here, 2 down the road, and our active fosterer has 11 at last count. Oh, and H’s mother got a cat and told us we could have him when she dies. We worked for a while with the local Animal Welfare League, but they were dog-oriented back then, so we started TNR on our own. I stopped counting at 179.

Yes, MarilynE, we’re still A Place in the Sun. But we’re not able to take in more cats here. You’ll understand if I say we limited ourselves to 6 ... that’s why we have 7.

Mary, thanks for the heads up about Brewers’ yeast. Where do you get your combo?

Larry, 6 of our cats are indoor/outdoor, and one is outdoor only, because she cannot or will not be housebroken. Midi’s a born bobtail, and the other cats all dislike her, so we’ve never decided what’s cause and what’s effect.
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~ Dorothy Parker

"How many things there are that I do not want." ~ Socrates


Marilyne, When I was a little girl I grew up in the Richmond District and it was foggy 362 days a year. LOL

Angel,I stay inside for the most part.  That works for me.  :)

Mary Ann

July 13, 2018, 05:09:45 pm #9281 Last Edit: July 13, 2018, 05:11:36 pm by Mary Ann
I'm watching boats and golf at the same time.  Two boats just went through the Soo, one in each direction.  In the meantime, a yacht from KY went through and the Soo tour boat went through - both of those were in the near channel but the freighters were in the second channel.

Years ago, Jim and I went to the UP and we visited a retired freighter - Valley West, I think it was called.  i remember standing at the wheel and looking back at the rest of the ship and now I look at the length of those ships and I am impressed by the fact that one man is steering the very long ship through those narrow channels. 

We have 90 degree temps here today and I'm so thankful for my a/c which is running and running and running.  It does shut off occasionally.  I'll probably have a good sized electric bill (no discount for retirees).

Mary Ann


Joan - One of my granddaughters lives in The Sunset, and she claims that the sun never shines . . . can't break through the fog! LOL Another granddaughter lives in North Beach, and she says it's sunny most days.  The Tri-Cities have a far different climate from SF! 

Mary Ann - I just watched the Emmsborg, on the Duluth cams.  Those Dutch boats look so clean and bright, but I think it's because they're relatively new.  The schedule said that the Emmsborg was built in 2009 or 2011?  Most of the US and Canadian boats were built 30 or 50+ years ago, so they've been around a whole lot longer.


July 13, 2018, 07:34:40 pm #9283 Last Edit: July 13, 2018, 07:36:42 pm by wjoan
Marilyn, when my Dad first started taking care of  me we llived about 3 blocks from Fisherman's Wharf.  Was always sunny there and the Bay was 3 blocks away.  No fog there.  Seems the  Richmond and Sunset Districts got it all.

Tis 106 at 4:35


Marilyne,  I watched the ship Emmsborg also.  I just happened to go to the website and saw all the people lined up and the bridge up, but didn't see the ship right away.  I guess it was behind the lighthouse when I first looked.  I noticed right away how "pretty" it was.  Bright colored.  I didn't know which country it was from,  so, I was glad to see that you mentioned it was a Dutch ship. 

There were a  lot of boats all around in the area when it was going through.  Some looked like they were going to be in the way, but I guess there is more room that we think there is.  Sure was a big group of people.

I am another one who really spends too much time watching the web cams.  LOL 



My Dan finally received his diploma from the College here.   Am proud of him.  We never had the money to send our kids to college so this is a first for us.  :)

Mary Ann

Marilyn and Joy, I think it was the Emmsborg I saw this morning at the Soo when I first went to that site.  And you saw it in Duluth!  Nothing going on there tonight.

Sunday as Dot and I were getting ready to leave the Cholesterol Pit, a couple came by and recognized Dot - or maybe it was the other way around.  Anyway, the woman did not remember me.  She is a long-time friend of Tom's and his former wife and she has been here many times, Annie would go visit her and there are a lot of connections.  When I finally told her I was Tom Tock's aunt, she did remember who I was/am.  Tonight (90 degrees) Tom called to see if I wanted to get some ice cream and I did.  We have a place not far from here where we can get cones or dishes of ice cream and there are picnic tables nearby to sit at.  We got in line and here was this couple in front of us and she smiled at me so I asked if she knew who I was this time - and she did.  She has had a couple of mini strokes that affected her memory.  Tom says it is pitiful because she is one who would join in and animate any conversation.  She talked a lot tonight, but nothing like she used to be.  I think she can't drive now because of the ailment.  She is more Tom's age, maybe a bit younger but not much.  We did have a nice visit with her and her husband.

Joan, congratulations to Dan. 

Mary Ann

Johann Mc

Joan, that's wonderful that your son Dan got his degree!  Know you are proud of him and he should feel good about himself, too!  You are a good mother!

Fla Jean, that is a touching story about your daughter's father-in-law and his WWII experiences.  I'm sure a lot of them didn't talk about them after they got home.

Larry, hope the appointment with your new cardiologist went well. I always have a little trepidation about seeing a new doctor when my older one has so satisfactory.

Mary Ann, it has been a hot humid summer here, also with our heat indeces over 100.  We are supposed to be getting a little cooler weather from a front coming through tonight but it will still be very warm during the day.  Bet you are enjoying the deck chairs that Tom bought!

Not really into the ships or the cats at this point so will just say that I hope you all have a great relaxing weekend!


Thanks all.  Tried to share it on Facebook, but there was no option to share.


July 14, 2018, 06:09:26 am #9289 Last Edit: July 14, 2018, 06:11:00 am by MarsGal
Congratulations to your Dan, WJoan. It is proud moment for the family.

I was also the first in my family to get a college degree. My parents were so proud. Dad never graduated high school, and Mom, left after achieving her basic education. I think, at the time, I calculated that was equivalent to an eight grade education here at the time. Of course, I could have calculated wrong or misunderstood what I read. Their system of test for who gets to go to higher education was different from us back then. I assume that has changed over the years.


July 14, 2018, 06:38:44 am #9290 Last Edit: July 14, 2018, 06:43:45 am by MarsGal
Sasha, I am using Immune Support: L-Lysine Supplament Powder for Cats. It is made by Tomlyn Veterinary Services, and I get it from Amazon. Here is Tomlyn's product info site. It includes a store locator for local stores who sell the brand.

There is another product that is offered on Amazon that includes amino acids for improving hair and skin, but it is more expensive. I haven't tried that one.

I know there are other companies out there that sell similar products. It always pays to to a search to compare formulations and prices.

Like I said, it doesn't cure the sinus congestion, but it does seem to help. Oscar is the worst, so he still has a runny, snotty nose, but it is not as bad as it was, and is clear or semi-clear more often. I have less window and floor cleaning to do as a result. I do keep some of my furniture covered and regularly wash the covers.


Hi Everyone. Our day starts overcast and will only be in the upper 80's today with only a small chance of rain.  We did get a few brief showers yesterday afternoon.   

I had a very busy and tiring day yesterday.  I did see my new cardiologist and liked him and he spent a lot of time with me.  He asked me to add CO-Q10 daily and lasix every other day and to begin to increase the Entresto by another half pill daily for three weeks and then add it twice a week.  He also told me to drink a small amount of red wine before bedtime each evening.  On the way home I stopped at Costco for a few things and bought a bottle of red wine.  I will have to find the cork screw before I can start that activity.  When I have to replace this bottle I will look for one with a cap rather than a cork.  To finish off the day yesterday we did go out to eat in the evening as the housekeeper and Pat had sealed the rest of our kitchen cabinets and the kitchen wasn't in a shape to try to get a meal.  I have now put everything back in its place on the cabinets after letting them dry overnight.   

I plan on staying home today as am tired and will get some extra rest.  I want to be up to going to Sunday School and Church tomorrow. 

Joan, we very seldom would see 107 degrees even here in the South.  That is a wonderful accomplishment for Dan to complete his college work and it is a proud day to receive that diploma acknowledging one's success.  It is never too late for a college degree.  I sure wish my son would show interest in getting more college.  He took a few courses online a few years ago and did very well and enjoyed it but did not pursue it. 

Patricia, I guess Farrah is guarding her toys since you switch them out occasionally and they disappear from her.  :)  My son and DIL had a dog with diabetes and had to give it insulin for a long while.  Alan hasn't had his cats long and sure that is disturbing to him.  I sure hope you new apartment ownership works out.  We have Fort Gordon right outside of Augusta and it has added the Cyberspace Command and now that is causing a lot of business activity related thereto as well as a lot of other things going on in the area so the area is growing.  Augusta is revitalizing its downtown.  Our little town is also having a housing boom and has opened the SRP Park, which houses our new Semi-Pro Giants farm team baseball park, a soon a high-end hotel will be completed, new business locations opened or already open, apartments, senior living facilities (although I wouldn't want to live next to a baseball park that will have concerts and other activities and noise), restaurants and I am probably forgetting something. It should all be done by the end of the year.  It all has a beautiful setting on the banks of the Savannah River. 

Mary Ann, Kendrick is smart to stay in where it is cool and keep his little paws from the hot surfaces.  It is always a good time to go out for ice cream. 

Sasha, I didn't realize before reading today that you were basically a cat rescue operation and that explains why you have so many cats.  You do valuable work.  do you have a lot of space for your cats to roam when they are outside?  We always had two or more outside cats on the farm when I was growing up but they were never in the house and were not very loving.  They could stay in the barn so could be warm and also get out of the summer heat. 

Marilyne, I don't think I would much enjoy living where it is generally foggy as do like to see the sunny days. 

Joy, I haven't gotten addicted to the webcams yet so am probably missing out on a lot.  I need to get the links on my laptop so I could look at them more in the afternoons.   

Johann, I was pleased with my new cardiologist although he is quite a different personality from my last one.  Now I have a GP, Cardiologist, and lung doctor who are all Indian descent although all speak perfect English. 

MarsGal, I was also the first and only one in my immediate family to get a degree.  Of course, when I did I went to a State College and the costs were reasonable so didn't end up with debt.  I remember the tuition was $70 a semester, the books were free as long as you turned them in at the end of the term and I lived at home and commuted.  My dad was a brilliant man and graduated from high school at the age of 16.  However, all he wanted to be as become a farmer.  My mother came from a large family and college wasn't in the cards for her.  My sister went to college but didn't finish her degree.  My wife attended college for two years and that is where I met her.     

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Mary Ann

I think both my uncle and my dad were firsts in college education.  I think my uncle went to Business College.  Dad got his education in  spurts - one year at Thomas Normal in Detroit, then started working.  After we settled in Grand Rapids, Dad took correspondence courses from Western State Teachers College which is now Western Michigan University.  I remember him having to go next door to take a final exam so he couldn't look at his text books and he'd have a non-family member to watch over him.  Another neighbor drove Mother, Norm and me to Kalamazoo for the graduation in 1937, so I was able to see my dad graduate from college, something that did not usually happen.  Dad had a BS degree.

It was quite humid when I got up this morning, but the air has come on and it is much more comfortable.  I am cooling the outside in front because I'm too lazy to get up and close the door.  Tom took a friend to the doctor and he'll be back soon so he can close it. 

I did see a boat leave Duluth this morning and I don't see any around the Soo. 

I haven't had breakfast yet, so I think I'll get something to eat and take it out on the deck.  I let the cat out on the deck and after 10 minutes, he was resting on a cushion and did not want to come in.  He did later.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

It is 12:42 ET and in about 20-25 minutes the Paul Tregurtha is scheduled to arrive in Duluth, Marilyn (if you check in by that time).  It is just a speck on the horizon now.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann: Thanks for reminding me . . . I got there just as the bridge was going up!  The Canal Cam, was most interesting, with so many people lined up to watch, and even standing on the benches (or wall) in back.  It looks like a beautiful sunny day in Duluth for boat watching!  I will always stop whatever I'm doing to take a look at Paul, my favorite boat!  Every time I see it, I'm amazed at the size, and at the many years that it has been in operation on the Great Lakes.  I noticed that there were lots of private pleasure boats circling around, under the bridge.  Being as it's Saturday, I suppose many boat owners like to get out on the water, and "escort" the huge ships, as they arrive and leave.


I watched Paul come in from the horizon.   Was amazed at how many boats went out as (do you call a vessel named for a man "she"? 😊) was coming in.  Didn't think some of them would make it.
Then I switched cameras and watched until Paul went down the harbor and turned into the side channel.
Wish we could see them dock.


July 14, 2018, 03:10:22 pm #9296 Last Edit: July 14, 2018, 03:13:33 pm by angelface555
Good late cloudy morning from the Interior! Nothing new here but some rescheduling and some avoided for far too long work on my PSP.

Callie, if you click on the Two Harbors Depot cam, you can watch them dock into loading slips. Altho, it takes "Paul" an hour and a half to maneuver into its slip.

I generally go through three cams, canal, bridge, and then the depot cam. There is a fourth one that is situated just beyond the harbor cam, in that one you see folks unloading their boats and sometimes see ships in the partial view of the depot.

Hi Marilyne and MaryAnn!

Both of my parents went to college, the only ones from both their large farm families. My mother before WWII and my dad afterward from the Navy. It was known to us kids very early on that it was to be our future as well. Both of my sisters went directly out of high school with parental funding, and I was a goof and thought I was going to live on "pure love." That love so pure lasted through three years of Nam and five years of trying to stabilize Nam's aftereffects before I wised up and divorced. As my parents had taken any college support off the table, I managed over some years along with full-time work.

Joan both you and Dan must be so proud of the hard work and effort Dan put in!

Larry, Alan is the type that puts everything he is in what he does and who he cares for. He built up a very successful business, and when he sold off, he had gone from one to two locations. He puts that same caring and effort into Duchess, and if she does turn out to have diabetes, he will make sure she is well cared for and probably learn as much about it as the vet does. I certainly hope the tests are either diabetes or not something worse.

I think Farrah is due for another visit as she is overweight and has bad breath on dry food. It is hard to force a cat to diet who brings you her dish in the morning and is presently sitting in front of the treat closet, observing me to see if I'm aware.
Trumper, noun: One who sells things of questionable value in an aggressive or dishonest manner.
verb tr.: To sell something of questionable value aggressively or dishonesty.
verb intr.: To haggle.

Mary Ann

Callie, I watched Paul come in from the time he/she was a speck on the horizon.  I was amazed, too, at the number of boats that were in the canal and there was one I thought was not going to move in time.  There is a ship headed for the Soo that should reach there soon.  Patricia, I often watch Superior and Two Harbors to see the ships go in or out.  In the meantime, I'm watching golf from near Chicago.  The have had a rain delay, but I think they are "live" now.

It is trying to sprinkle here.  I was going to sit on the deck with the cat but he did not want to go out and that's when I discovered it was sprinkling a bit.  I opened the doors, but the air just came on and I've cooled the outside enough so I closed the doors.  The a/c is not running at this moment.

Mary Ann


Thanks, angelface.
I do Canal, Bridge, GLA (shows the boat coming under the bridge from the harbor side - then turning ) and Harbor (shows the boat going down the harbor and turning right).  Glad to know about this one. .  I've clicked on it but never caught a ship there.  Will have to be more patient.

I've found web cams for Times Square in NYC that are great for people watching - particularly the street performers.  My granddaughter is the Hostess in a restaurant about a 5 minute walk (according to google) east of Times Square.  She says the street performers in the Disney costumes try to get people to take a picture with them and then ask for money.  I'm sooo glad she's not one of them!

I'm not having much luck with the Soo Canal cam.  Is it part of a tv station's broadcast and located on some restaurant?