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Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond.I mooved to garden city mo on zz hihway, I posted in on this shout yester day  Vanilla-Jackie If you can fix this thing/it it over my head what to do

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Lloyd Hammond: well I am still the same person just turned a year older today. nancy made me some half pies/cherrie. they are easy. the are made with large round biskets from a can, so easy. just pop the cane open seprate the biskets and role them out woth your doe rolin

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Astro: Mycheal:  Anything is better than this last long winter.  They seem to get longer with each passing year.  Stay well!

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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 AM

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Mary Page,  I agree with your post to Patricia.  WWII,  was the last war, that we, (USA), were involved in, where everyone was patriotic and in agreement.  Day in and day out, we thought about and talked about the war.  As you said, every house had a star, prominently displayed in the window.  We were so proud of all of our servicemen, and worked hard here on the Home Front to support them. No complaining.   We all worked together.

The Korean War came next, and it was controversial.  Not everyone thought it was a good idea, and most didn't understand why we were fighting and dying there.  By then I was a teen, and lots of young boys, just out of high school, joined.  Others were drafted.  I knew many young men who went, and some who didn't come home. 

After that came Vietnam.  That was the beginning of the great divide in the country. There were those who were drafted, those who got permanent deferments because they were college students,  and those who left the Country and moved to Canada.   As you all well remember, it was an extremely controversial war, lots of casualties, and politically, it was a chaotic time in the USA.


I was opposed to the change from voluntary assignment to the draft for the Vietnam "War". It was never declared by the Senate, as far as I know, as a war. To my teenaged thinking, it should have remained all volunteer.

One another related note, I saw a clip yesterday about the Supreme Court deferring reviewing draft status for men only. It seems the Congress is working on a bill to changing the draft rules to end the current gender-based draft. They want to see what the outcome of that is first. Okay with me, but I didn't know (or forgot) that, even though it has been a volunteer army since 1973 (I think), 18 year old men still have to register for the draft.


Yes, it is an all volunteer service, and I feel a little uncomfortable about that.  It is not something I have studied at all, or really know much of anything about.  But it has been my observation that a year or so of national service after High School has not been a bad thing for other nations.  In Israel, it seems to have worked out well.  Gives the kids a change of venue, a first experience of life away from home and family, and a free training in something they may well have an aptitude for.  Best of all, it introduces them to new and different people and points of view, and it trains a citizenry to be called up quickly in an emergency. That, it seems to me, is an invaluable tool for the security of any nation.


A draft is very controversial as new "wars" or conflicts are often political grandstanding. And if you check the records, you will see a preponderance of rich, famous, or politically elite's children excused from the draft. The bulk of those joining the military is those of the poor and disadvantaged.

A little-known WWII fact is that while the Nisei or Japanese Americans uprooted and sent to internment camps, losing jobs, property, and valuables, losing the vote, considered enemies of the state, yet their young men were still considered for the draft and sent to fight.

Units made separate, as were Black military units, were treated as a second class at home, yet were mostly corps troops sent to add firepower at the toughest point in the fight. As corps artillery units and non-divisional tank and tank destroyer battalions, they were attached, not assigned, and thus were not identified as participants in hundreds of battles except in their own unit histories.


I've been rambling on and on lately with my long winded opinions on any subject, so I will attempt to keep this one short and to the point.   
Yes, I believe in a mandatory two year draft, of ALL young men, at the age of 18, or after graduating from high School.  I'm talking every young man - no exceptions or exemptions for any reason whatsoever,  except serious health issues.    Not sure how I feel about young women?   Maybe best to keep them at a voluntary basis . . .  at first anyway.

Young American men today are shockingly immature and totally unprepared to step up and help defend this country, in the event of a declared war,  a deliberate attack, or a catastrophe of any kind.   The discipline of military training would make a huge difference in the character of the the men themselves, in the long run, and for future American generations. 


Patricia, here is an interesting stat page posted by the Army regarding recruitment for the years 2018 and 2019. The demographic stats are pretty interesting, and I raised my eyebrows a bit about them focusing recruiting efforts in certain "key cities". But then, I guess larger population areas mean more potential recruits, less expense and effort for better results. https://recruiting.army.mil/pao/facts_figures/


Well, as usual I have an opinion on everything! First of all, when I was told my baby boys would have to register for the draft I was totally indignant that my daughter (the oldest) was NOT required! How insulting is that? Pound for pound I figure my kids are equal and each would qualify to handly whatever job deemed proper for their size & intelligence. And that's MY stand!

I even explained to anyone willing to listen, that if my daughter refused to serve, I would volunteer in her place. Actually, she was in the ROTC program in college but when she reached a point that the females were put aside and males allowed to continue with the program, she dropped out, thought it was discriminating.

Her high school counsler advised her that "since she was a cheerleader, drill team captain & several times class queen, she probably should aim for a non technical degree, even though she was one of 8 to have top grades in the class.

So she came out of college with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. She was also homecomming queen her Soph year in college (over 17,000 enrollment), and captain of the drill team. She was also one of 5 Honor Women & 5 Honor Men in her graduating class, by then was married and had a baby that went to many classes with her.

I don't believe anyone should limit what anyone can or should do. When my kids were growing up I asked other parents why they would encourage their sons to go for degrees to earn top dollar and NOT THEIR DAUGHTERS? 

My daughter raised 4 kids, all degreed with "high power jobs". She delights in being retired with enough money to fly all over the US to baby sit her 5 grands when help is needed. Give the girls a chance, I'll bet any one of you could have been just as successful in your own right if given the same chance as my daughter. I think I might have, but I was never as driven as she was. Thank goodness her husband has no problem with a strong wife, he pitched in taking care of babies as much as she did & they are still a team that plays together and works together. I credit his parents for raising a strong man.

And all 3 of our kids worked their way thru college.... as long as they lived at home we furnished them with a car to drive to school but they earned honorary scholarships, work/study and other jobs.  And they are proud of it!

By the way, I also believe a 2 year mandatory service should be for ALL young people, whether it be military or medical fields.


Frankly, Marilyne, I love every word that you write.  This forum Should be a conversation we all share in.  Now me, I sort of kind of favor women being called up right after High School as well, and all.  Not a set in concrete opinion, but just a general sense that I am so worn down with the burden of 92 years of being a second class citizen subject to the whims of men.  It is the men who have most of the votes.  Still!!! Well, my sisters (I refer to all women.  I have never had a sister.) have been stepping up to the plate and running for office and fixing to set things right for us as soon as they can.  And I thank each and every one for that.  Yet I still resent the history of men being valued more than women.  Those of you who had fathers who treasured you, Great!  None of my husbands were chauvinistic, bless their boots, but my father showed a life-long regret I was not a male, and was really energized when my brother came along.  I am not trying to generate pity for myself regarding that situation; it was just always there, so No One can argue with ME that it has not been rampant throughout the History of our species.


Thanks, Marsgal, that tends to validate my opinion.

Okay, here are my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the subject.

One, while I realize that womens' military recruitment has always been higher than men's, I realize its cause is the same as other minorities, a reason for an education, trade, and travel, thus possible moves to distant areas for a leg up to a better life.

Two, that being said, while I agree with the idea of a one or two-year military or medical service requirement, I am EXTREMELY hesitant due to politicians using this for their current own political, not the country's, advantage. And you know they do, and they have!

Three, I sincerely believe that women should not be thought of as lacking or second-class citizens. While they face harassment in the military, Again, as do other minorities, look up the stats. They tend to rate higher in performance rankings and aptitude. Men have more upper body strength generally, but women have other compensations.

I still remember my father expecting good grades or else from his three girls but only in traditional subjects and strongly against my high school teacher's offer of a scholarship for me to study criminal justice or join the military.


Shirley, a GREAT post!  I was writing while you were posting.

Then we had a terrific, old-fashioned summer-type thunder storm.  It was great.  One moment the sun was shining hugely, and the next it was almost as dark as night and the rains came like so many buckets being poured straight down from the heavens.  The blue pots on the bayside got watered, but the kitchenside did not get touched.  Then, in an obviously great hurry, the storm moved on eastwards and the someone hit the light switch and that old sun came back stronger than ever and you would'a thunk we'd never had the rain.  Except for the pools here and there.  Most of the roadway was dry in minutes!  No great crashes of lightening or anything.  No tornado or anything bad.

Shirley, LOVED your views on things.  We are definitely in sync.  Me, I am a raging, dedicated Feminist, and that's that.

Patricia, you will be happy to hear that my great granddaughter, Bella, has just finished her first year of college, where she is studying a double major: Government & Politics is one, and CRIMINOLOGY & Criminal Justice is the other.  She plans to go on to law school and then work for the government.  She had a 4.0 for this year.  Love your posts, too.


Here's another concern. Alaska has long had a monopoly on fresh-caught wild, not farmed Pacific salmon that is inarguably better health and otherwise for human consumption. Now a "Massachusetts company is sending genetically modified salmon to dinner tables in the U.S. for the first time. AquaBounty Technologies said it's shipping five tons of bioengineered salmon to distributors this month.

It's marketed as a sustainable alternative to other kinds of salmon. But AquaBounty's fish hasn't received the warmest reception in Alaska, where it's often called "Frankenfish."'




I don't know.  I just flat out don't know enough about the reams and reams of stuff going on on our planet with all the many little things impacting all of the other things right up to US.

I do think that every food we purchase should be truthfully listed as to what precisely it is.  The informed have a right to know and to make their personal decisions.

I know that the greedy profit makers have been feeding us, and Even Our Babies, as it turns out just recently, stuff that should have been properly described and has not been.  When I read about the baby food just days ago, I wanted to throw up.  I mean, my stomach almost did.  My granddaughter that still has a baby has turned to making all of her own baby food.  My great grandchildren plan (some are in their twenties already) to do the same when they start having children.

It would seem that we cannot get away from the horrors.

The plastics and the poisons in our oceans and seas and lakes and rivers and streams are making some of our fish ill and killing too many of the rest, leaving not enough to propagate in sufficient numbers to feed us.  That, and we have way over fished so many species that they may NEVER come back!  Buyers will always want the real stuff, but I don't know.  Can they cut the lesions from the fish and sell the rest?  That scares me.  Would they?  For profit?  I have become convinced some will do Anything for profit.  You know what I heard on the network world news tonight?  Thugs are going into refugee camps and stealing children, and even their own parents are terrified to protest because when they do, they get shot to death.  The children are never seen again.  This is the world we inhabit. 

I have read and heard many times now that infinitesimal bits of Styrofoam and other plastics are getting into the marine life and animals we eat and into our bodies.  How much of that stuff can we handle?  What happens when the bits get into our organs?

You see all the questions there are?  I don't know the answers, and only have opinions on those things which have been affirmed by  Scientists with degrees who have thoroughly studied these problems.  And they are behind on trying to keep up with the problems presenting themselves.  As for the profit makers?  If we pay a little more in taxes we can save lives because we can hire more inspector/investigators.  One of the biggest problems we have is that the Congress passes laws to protect us and then they do not budget any or enough money to pay inspectors and investigators.  Seriously.  So then they brag to the people who vote for them that they have personally written up and presented such and such great legislation for their safety and well-being, and never mention they did not add in a requirement that the budget include funds to pay for oversight.  Did you know that that has been going on FOR EVER??  Seriously.

I use to feel I had all the answers.  Now the wickedness overwhelms me.  Do you read The New Yorker?  My family always subscribed, and I can remember looking through issues for the cartoons (and wondering what they said) when I was three.  Now I have a great grandson, Willem (Will) who did the same (he is the only one), and now, at age twelve, reads most of the articles.  There is one in the June 14th issue I am hoping he won't read.  It is about a female preacher in Brazil, and the journalist writes background bits describing the place.  He writes of one night when THE POLICE, and please note that I say The Police, killed a bunch of homeless children who were sleeping on public property.  Just wiped them out.  Is that legal there?  He does not say.


Mary Page and Patricia - I agree!  Who can we trust anymore, as to our food supply?    I recently found out that a restaurant fish favorite, Tilapia, is also genetically modified from some filthy species found in polluted rivers in Africa, in recent decades.  It apparently is tender and tasty, so is now being raised in "fish farms" in China, and purchased by the millions for those of us in the USA.  When it first appeared about 10 years ago, I wondered where it had come from?  You don't see it at fish markets or in grocery stores.  (At least not here in CA)  It's only a "menu fish", here  -  now very popular at medium priced restaurants.  Read more about it online, and you will likely never order or buy Tilapia again!

I've also given up on the news - all TV channels, and internet as well.  Just constant infighting between left and right.  I don't know what to believe anymore?  Neither party is always right or always wrong on every issue, but both insist that they are!   Both sides stretch the truth to the breaking point.  Sensationalism reigns on both sides, keeping us constantly worried and on high alert!  Placing blame . . . always  blaming the other party.  I don't really care anymore.


Marilyn, don't blame Africa, blame China who farms Tilapia, and feeds the farmed fish animal feces. They sell 73% of their product to the US.From Healthline, https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/tilapia-fish#TOC_TITLE_HDR_5


I think I read that Tilapia is supposed to take the place of Haddock.  Haddock is one of the popular fish that we way over fished.  I do not see it for sale in our seafood places.  We have one quite near us, and it has piles & piles of great stuff, but I do not see Haddock.  I do see some cod, but not a whole lot of it.  At the super market, there is sometimes some frozen Haddock from one of the well known brands, but no way of telling whether it really is Haddock or not.

Does anyone besides me remember a restaurant named Hot Shoppe Jr. ?  They had a Haddock sandwich: tarter sauce, lettuce, Haddock on a sesame seed roll.  Hot dog bun type roll.  The thing tasted like Heaven to me, and I must have bought a billion of them.  Always with an Orange Freeze.  The restaurant has been long gone, and I have not had that sandwich or that drink since.  Change is really hard to accept sometimes, but we have to learn.


Nov 19, 1999 The last Hot Shoppe is about to go cold. On Dec. 2, the Marriott Corp. will shutter its Hot Shoppes cafeteria at the Marlow Heights Shopping Center in Temple Hills, MD. It will be the end of a 72-year run.


That's the last Hot Shoppe.  Both were owned by the Marriotts, but the Hot Shoppe, Jr. was a totally different restaurant.  The Hot shoppe was a full restaurant, and very like the Howard Johnsons.  Remember the Howard Johnsons?  They were all along the Eastern seaboard interstate highways, and my youngest daughter used to think we were having lunch in the very same place we had breakfast.  Of course, we weren't.  The Hot Shoppe, Jr. was a fast food emporium.  You pulled your car in and ordered from a little box.  The servers brought your order out, often wearing roller skates.  You could leave the food on the tray the order box was on and eat in your car, or you could take it home.  I always took it home.


A good Wednesday HELLO to all.

I have been keeping up by reading all the wonderful subjects in your posts, but sadly I do not have much to add.....just not in a very good state of mind these days😩🥲

I did take note of the comments about Talapia and that is why my honey bought to cook for dinner tonight😩😡  I have heard negative things about it, but it is sold in all of our meat market case here!

Delay.....many interruptions and Thankful I did not loose this.

My best to you all.

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Jenny -  I'm so sorry that I spoiled your dinner tonight, with my rant about Tilapia!  I know it's a very popular fish, and I should not have ruined it for you, or anyone else who read my post.   I have heard that it's tender and tastes great, so no wonder it has caught on and is very popular.   Sometimes, we learn too much bad stuff, from looking on the internet, and it only serves to make us feel bad.    You have enough things to worry about, without adding food to the mix.  :'( 

Mary Page -   We have a small fish restaurant here in town, that started out as a chowder house, and then branched into fish sandwiches.   The one time I was there, I had the Haddock sandwich, on a large Kaiser roll!   It was delicious, and came complete with lettuce, mayo, and I can't remember what else . . . maybe tomato and pickle?  I don't know if the Haddock was caught off our coast, or if it was from the East?   Wherever it was from, it was sure good.   


The tomato & pickle would not cut it for me, Marilyne, as I fear they would spoil the taste of the haddock rather than enhance it.  And my favorite sandwich calls for tartar sauce rather than mayo.  Haddock is one of this lady's favorite things. 

Jenny, my heart wants to find a magic wand I can point in your direction and make it blow all the sadness away.  I wish for you all, collectively, a happily ever afterwards ending.


We have often touched on the subject of " i wish i had a magic wand " well if we all wish hard enough, can we make one appear...our queue for one is getting longer...
" We are all visitors to this time, this place, we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and then we return home "

~ Queen Elizabeth 11


Interesting about the Tilapia, Patricia. When I first ran across the fish I was working at Rodale Institute. On occasion they would bring in a local fish seller to make special luncheon meals for us. He grew Tilapia in a big tank above his shop. He liked the fish because it was band enough to take lots of different food/flavor combinations. When I read up about it, this was back around 1990, the article said it was a lake fish. I see now that a tilapia is a generic name for almost a hundred species of cichid fish. Tilapia are good fish for stocking ponds to control vegetation and mosquitos, but they do not survive cold. Apparently there are experiments going on using tilapia skins to treat wounds. Regarding the fish eating poop, I found these two interesting articles. The Lakeway article explains that Tilapia don't eat feces unless they are starved into it, and China, apparently, isn't the only country that does this.

The outcome of all of this is: Eat only Tilapia raised in the US.


:) Or buy Alaskan Pollock....shameless plug!  ;)  ;)


Sorry, not fond of Pollock.

The house got a bath today. Nice and clean now, including removal of all the "greenery" growing on the siding in the back of the house where it doesn't get much sun.

Looks like we are in for rain and a bit of a cool down tomorrow, then back up into the low 80's the following day.

Just taking it one day at a time right now, and looking into contractors to do some repair/remodel work on the porch and in the house. I rather suspect I will be here a while longer than I would like. One of the major problems with looking into apartment housing is that I am only allowed two cats at the most. I just can't see myself giving up one to get an apartment. And, of course, the apartment rates around here just went up again. At first I saw only one or two when I first started looking. Now it seems all of them pretty much increased their rates. I am so indecisive right now it is hard to make a plan to follow. At any rate, an HVAC guy is coming tomorrow, and next week should be the landscaper.


Oh Happy Day!
Well, it's been raining pretty steadily.  Cannot see the Eastern Shore or the Bay Bridge: just an off-white seamlessly clouded sky over a dark steel grey, very choppy expanse of water.
But the One Big Thing I am chortling over this unlovely morning is that my on line check on overnight activities in my bank account Finally shows a deposit for my income tax return.  What usually takes about three weeks from the day I mail off my return took just over three Months this year!
I attribute that to two things: the IRS operating budget was cut way back and the emergency checks sent out to save our citizens from losing everything had to be figured and sent several times.  So, other than checking each morning, I have not called or in any way bothered the employees of that overwhelmed agency.
Actually, they came through earlier than I had expected.  Not as early as I'd hoped, mind you, but I truly had not figured on them getting me seen to this soon.  My real concern was not getting the refund, but knowing whether or not they'd actually GOTTEN my return; the mails being what they are these days.  Hey, I haven't had a Christmas card in my mailbox recently!  Progress on another front!
And, because they are forced so to do by the laws concerning their operations, a small amount of interest was paid along with my refund.  Woo hoo!  Were I just a tad sprightlier than is the case, I'd be dancing a jig around this apartment.  Jackie, join me?  Might as well celebrate your new home along with my tax settlement.


Mary Page...
...you dance the " jig " I'll hum it... :)


Oh what problems with setting up my tv with BT, i am now classed as " loyalty " due to the years i have been with them, our parents grew up with them, BT was all we had known back in the day, now so many providers to choose from but it could be " out the frying pan into the fire " anyway i made sure their same electrician that was here two days ago after he phoned his people to order a part, a cable whilst in my home, anyway that arrived at my door by Royal Mail postman this morning, just in time for his arrival, even though BT said they had no appointment booked for today and went along booking one for tomorrow.... All is set up to TV-desktop computer and landline as it should be but what a palaver...

Now trying to sort out with my " Just Move In " on the other end of the phone my electricity changeover from previous supplier to my new in a week or so take over...

I have also got an envelope ( postal mail ) with several forms to fill out daily monitoring my bladder-bowel frequency and questionnaire to take with me to a booked MS incontinence clinic appointment, i have already secured my local disability transport who take us to our GP or hospital appointments as and when a driver is available on that day, so much better than booking a more expensive taxi that goes away then have to book when we are finished and ready to be taken back home, the community type disabled transport drivers often will stay with you if allowed inside the premises due to Covid restrictions...

I did go out yesterday morning in my mobility scooter to my new local church for a couple of hours for board games, knitting, cup of tea, a chat, and stting in a circle to say prayer, i was made welcome, also the vicar popped in ( plain clothes ) to welcome me, sat with me as i told him my story of my past two years, this will be a weekly...Then once a fortnight, ( this Sunday ) a car park service takes place, i shall be going...

Well i have good neighbours both sides of me and one across the road, i know i will be happy here, i feel truly blessed...

Yesterday a man was sent to fix my conservatory lock, he put a new one in so now i can lock the door and get my mobility scooter out onto the back garden rather than traips it over the living room carpet, baring in mind i am renting, plus i did not have to foot the bill.....
" We are all visitors to this time, this place, we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and then we return home "

~ Queen Elizabeth 11


Mary Page -  I'll join you in celebrating the appearance of the income tax return.   We received ours in short order this year also, which surprised me.  Like you, I figured with all the stimulus checks and other Government payouts, that tax returns would be at the last to go out!

I missed saying 'hello' to everyone yesterday, and hoped to get in late last night, but I was just too tired.  I had an appointment with The Hearing Aid Center, and it dragged on and on, and all told, we were there for over three hours!   The young lady who was my audiologist, was sweet and knowledgable, but maybe too meticulous?   Anyway, we went to the Hearing Center at a large Costco, in a nearby town.  I had heard it was good, and that they had all brands to try, which was true! 

First the hearing test, which took about an hour . . . then she tried different brands of aids, to see what felt and sounded the best.  The exhausting part,  was that with each separate set, she had me walk out into Costco, and through the store, as if I were a shopper, to see which ones sounded the most natural, as to what you would expect in a busy/noisy environment. 

Thank Heaven, AJ was with me, and I had someone to lean on, as we trudged through the massive Costco!  I dislike Costco, under the best of circumstances, and this was the worst!   However, I did as I was told, and after the third time around, I told the nice young lady that I had had enough.  I picked the set I liked best and then proceeded to order, et al.  I don't remember the brand I purchased, but I think it started with a K??  :-\

Anyway, it's over and done with, and now I have to wait two weeks before I get them.  I'm disappointed about that,  because we're going to a big Father's Day dinner at our son & dil's, on that day.  Both daughters and some of the grandkids will be there as well, so I was hoping to be able to carry on a decent conversation for a change.  Without the aids, I'll be mostly smiling and nodding, and saying - "Excuse me?", "Pardon"? or just plain, "WHAT?"       


Good Morning,

Finally!  A sunny day in central Oklahoma.  Wish it weren't so hot and muggy but - hey! -it's better than hot and gloomy.

MaryPage,  glad your deposit came through.  I always mail anything to the IRS or the state tax commission with Certified Mail.  Costs more but worth it because they have to return a card stamped that they received it.

Marilyne,  I'm glad your hearing aid aide  ;) had you walk through the store to check crowd noise.  That part of my test was computer-generated and isn't at all the same.

Jackie,  I'd say the pluses outdo the minuses with your move. 

I've been reading posts but haven't replied because I've been occupied with watching my OU Sooners win their 5th World Softball Championship plus "helping"  ;)  Sir Carson move to Texas and begin his job as a Field Engineer with Caddell Construction Company.  This is an entry-level position and his Dad described it as basically being a "go-fer"  :) .  However, he has a desk as well as a hard hat (his Mom said he was most excited about that  ;D ) so will be doing various types of work.

Miss Ellen filmed another episode of "The Amazing Mrs. Maisel" this week.  This is the fourth one in which she has been an "extra" but, this time, she was given a specific job.  She was a "Nanny" who wheeled a baby in a carriage across the scene. (She told her Mom it was "creepy" how much the fake baby looked like a real one).   She also said she may be on screen because she had to walk in front of one of the characters.   It should be easy to spot her even if she's in the background because of the carriage - and her red hair.
 No lines but she does get SAG points, which will bring her closer to the number she needs to join the Stage/Screen Actors Guild.  That membership places her in the "preferred" list at auditions.

And that's what's going on in my world.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.


Good morning, it's cloudy and 56° here this morning, heading for a high of mid-seventies. In other words, the same as the past week. Hmmm, while it says, Accuweather, that is, that we're to have a thundershower this morning, but that the probability of thundershowers is zero.

MaryPage, my tax return went right on to my doctors and the hospital. I hope they enjoyed it.

Marilyne, when I did my clinic hearing test, it was last March 2020, just before the shutdown. They did it totally by computer tests. I should go back this summer for a redo instead of the delayed results appointment that past March. We have Costco and other in-store clinics, but I've always gone to medical practices.

When I was at Sears, my office was right next to a hearing test office, but you still had to go to a medical clinic for a prescription. I think that's probably why I never think to use them now. Of course, that was in 2006, and Sears is long gone, so I'm sure that's changed.

Callie, now I know who's keeping all our sunshine!  :(

When we had our oil boom, there was no state tax, and cities decided on their own whether to have one or not. Now that the oil is decreasing, that will change.

It sounds like Sir Carson is good to go, joining Misses Ellen and Dr. Emily out in the world of wage earners. I remember how excited I was with my first adult job and, more recently, how excited to not have one and still pay my bills!  :smitten:

Sometimes I wonder how it would be to have a do-over, what changes, etc. But then I remember back and am satisfied to be right where I am.

Go, Miss Ellen on her fourth extra with "The Amazing Miss Maisel!" Being asked back should count as well for her career? I know nothing about acting other than playing Nurse in Romeo and Juliet in junior high and doing behind-the-scenes stagecraft in high school. Those experiences were enough to know I preferred being behind the scenes rather than in front!


Here's another "can't act her way out of a paper bag" person.  Fortunately, when I was a newbie in the 8th grade at my boarding school, and auditions were held for the drama club, I was urged to try out.  Now, I was already pretty sure that was not an area I was gifted in; but what I lacked in talent I made up for in chutzpah.  So I went.

The upper school girls actually chose the new members, but they included in their voting group the faculty Drama Coach.  She sat in the back row and made notes.  She noted my very loud voice, which carried clear to that back row in clarion tones. (Remind me to check out what clarion tones are.) Ethel Barrymore could not do better.  I was, however, no Ethel Barrymore.

So later, upon that coach's urging, I was on the exalted list of The Chosen!  And once there, it could not be changed, and my resume for college had an important goody on it.

They found out later I could not act.  So I helped with the sets, being one who hunted out items needed, and/or dragged things around as ordered. Before a show, not during. I helped with the tacking paper up for the artists to do back drops when required, but was not one of the artistic brigade.  What I spent MOST of my time at was I sat on the top of one of those really tall stepladders beside the spotlight over on the right of the stage on the auditorium wall.  I held in my lap a small box of frames that fit over that light.  Each frame had a different color square in its center.  I was the indispensable genius who had to know when to change those frames as the script called for. 
Despite my years of experience, I was never called upon to display my great talent after I left High School, more's the pity!
Are you impressed yet?  Awe, shucks!