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2023-11-28, 19:23:29
JeanneP: Stiil trying to let Julee know that my EM is  and that the  old Comcast on is no longer work, it was to old and they dont do EM anymore

2023-11-28, 19:20:53
JeanneP: Now I seem to be able to get into some without it going back to 2016. I have been trying to get ahold of Junnee but see her posting but can find where, Just want her to know that I will again use the EM adress she shows on Here and write, Mine in still 

2023-11-08, 19:12:15
JeanneP: Will give that a try. Sound like should work

2023-11-02, 11:36:21
Oldiesmann: It's not the best solution but it's the only thing that will prevent the forum from thinking you haven't read anything

2023-11-02, 11:35:55
Oldiesmann: Jeanne, the only thing I can suggest for you is to scroll down to the bottom of the main page of the forum and click "Mark All Messages As Read". That will make the forum think you've read all posts, so anything posted after that point will be new for you

2023-11-02, 00:58:50
junee: Callie

2023-11-02, 00:09:33
junee: Callie

2023-11-01, 21:59:19
JeanneP: I do seem to be in but still now starting out at 2016,

2023-11-01, 21:56:59
JeanneP: Now I am trying again and it is not asking me to sigh in. I seem to be able to get into current ones today. Hope I have made it.

2023-11-01, 21:54:27
JeanneP: I sent you the EM acct, that I have had for years, Only have on now.  gmjeannep2@gmail,com  Di d have one with coscast but they seem to have stopped theirs.  Something about i they were over 25 years old they are closed out.ipped


Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 AM

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Rammel, my Mom's dad was one of the ubiquitous Evanses. Grandma was a Clapham. Mom said her family was from just over the border in England. I know she had relatives in Yorkshire somewhere and in London which are a bit farther north than "just over the border". This is where old family name history gets really interesting. There is a Clapham Creek and the village of Clapham which is in the Yorkshire Dales. There is also a community named Clapham in London. Its High Street follows a Roman Road built in the 1st Century. The Claphams were given the grant of land in 965 by King Edgar. However, great, great grandson of the original ran afoul of William the Conqueror when he chose the wrong side to back. William ousted them and gave his land to some French guy. The Claphams fled north to Yorkshire, where the family may actually have originated according to a genealogy source.


MarsGal - We had a Mellor from England and Stopford from Wales. Unfortunatly as age plays with our heads, I can't recall off hand the Towns they were from. I have a couple of (distant) Cousins who are Mormons, and they are big on tracing family. I met them several years back and we spent more than a day visiting Cemeteries and local Records Building tracking down "the family". Since then I have done little. I had a program to track families but it's support was dropped. So, now I have the Data, but no program to show it.
I digress  ::)  Anyway, we got back to our first level in Wales and England but got no further. Nothing was definite. Though the name "Mellor" seemed fairly popular in an area of England.

It was fun at the time doing the research.



There appear to be a bunch of rather prominent Stopfords in Wales and England, ranging from an Earl, a musician/composer, several companies with Stopford in their name (is there a town called Stopford?), a guy in high finance, a real estate guy selling homes in London and Wales, and a politician.

Just for you Rammel:


Also, Rammel, on my Dad's side we apparently had a number of Unitarian ministers. The last man to be burned at the stake for heresy in England was an ancestor. He has a Wikipedia presence.

Our ancestors did arrive in Rhode Island, where supposedly there are relatives. It appears our family had a presence in South Carolina too. None of these, as far as I know have been tracked down. A cousin of ours picked up where my Uncle Lou left off researching family history on my Dad's side. He still works on it and sends my sister info every once in a while.


I don't know of a Stopford Town, but there was a Mellor Town - as I recall it was in England. It's been eight or so years since I've looked at any of this stuff.

Just saw your last post and will add that as I recall we had a Minister in that town of Mellor. I would guess that some of those Towns grew around a family or two.

Thank you for "A Christmas Blessing"
I am downloading "In My Fathers House" from Youtube and will listen when it is done. Enjoy the Holiday.



Rick - MarsGal..
...We have a Bishop Storpford village not far from me...
" There is no present like the time "


HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃 to all who celebrate today.  No matter what, we ALL have so much to be thankful for🙏

We are spending our day alone here in SF today.  We bought a prepared meal from Costco for our dinner.  It is a half boneless breast, stuffing, mashed taters, gravy and green beans.  We bought a pre done baby sweet potatoes.  It's going to be yummy. 

Today we are hoping to meet on Face Time,  a lady friend of Dave's who is coming over for TG and they are cooking their meal together.  We are anxious to meet her.

I wish you all the best today and always.  I have been hosting a cold
for the past couple of days.....the coughing is the worse😩😩

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Good Morning!  The Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, and then Christmas arrives!  Seems to me that in years gone by, there was a wider gap between TG and Christmas, but I'm sure it's always been about the same number of days. 

This year was a little different for us.  Son and wife and kids, spent the weekend with her family.  It's a big one, and they're  spread out all over the Bay Area, so they were very busy. 

Younger daughter Sandy, drove with her BF, to visit his family in Dallas, Texas.  From the sound of her emails, they are having a wonderful time. Tomorrow hey are driving down to San Antonio, and then back home again. 

So,  we only had our older daughter and one granddaughter here for the weekend.  Instead of cooking a turkey for only the four of us, we decided to go out to a local restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a first for us, and we enjoyed it.  Of course the bad part is . . . no leftovers!

Jenny - hope you're feeling better today, and that your son and dil are back home again??  Sorry you had to end your nice holiday with a bad cold.  Let us know how your Facetime visit was, with Dr. Dave and the kids, and his lady friend? 

Looking forward to hearing from other B&T posters today?  It's been a while since Mary Page has posted a message here?  Also others,  who seem to have vanished - but always hoping they will return??   


Here is my Welsh line.  I did not have to research it.  It was all handed down to me.


THOMAS son of JOHN WYNN was born in 1589 in Yskeivog in Wales
His son THOMAS WYNNE was born in 1627 near Caerwys in Flintshire.  As ship's doctor, he came to Pennsylvania with William Penn on the Welcome in 1682.  Wynnewood, Pennsylvania is named for him.  While still in England, Dr. Wynne married MARTHA BUTTALL

Their son JONATHAN WYNNE born in Blockley, England in 1669 married SARAH GREAVES

Their son JONATHAN WYNNE married ANN ( ? ) on June 16, 1730
Their son JONATHAN WYNNE born October 28, 1749 married LETITIA HEWITT

Their daughter RACHEL WYNNE married (1) Hugh Huston, and when he died she married SAMUEL RECTOR on July 29, 1830

Their daughter OCTAVIA ELIZABETH RECTOR married SILAS HARE on April 20, 1850.  He was a lawyer who became a Judge in Texas.

Their son LUTHER RECTOR HARE born in Noblesville, Indiana in 1851 graduated United States Military Academy at West Point, New York Class of 1874 and married AUGUSTA VIRGINIA HANCOCK June 21, 1878 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  There is a book written about Hare titled: A TEXAN WITH CUSTER.

Their daughter Mary Eula Hare born Fort Abraham Lincoln, Dakota January 28, 1882.  Married Charles Field Mason March 4, 1903 in  Washington, D.C. Mason born Richmond, Virginia February 20, 1864 was from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  He was a doctor, an army general

Their son Charles Hare Mason born San Antonio, Texas March 16, 1904, graduated United States Military Academy at West Point, New York 1925.  Married Frances Carver Derby (born Daby and corrected later) 

Their daughter Mary Page Mason born Fayetteville, North Carolina May 24, 1929.


My father's mother was a Mason. There were a few Masons here in Yonkers, NY. While doing some of my own research a few years ago I found their plot(s) in our more local Cemetery. Somewhere in the computer I have some pic's of their Grave Markers.



Mary Page,  My husband's mother was born a Hare, in Kansas.  The family was also of Welsh connection that immigrated to America.  The over-used "it's a small world" is so true.  We all seem to be connected some how.


Phyllis, we are all one family, albeit there are those of us who prefer not to admit it.

My family lines are almost infinite, as are yours.  As are those of all of us.  Look up how many of us homo sapiens lived on this planet in the year of my birth: 1929.  Then look up how many there are today.  It will take your breath away!

I and many other lines from my Virginian father, and I count myself a Virginian, too, have many illustrious forebearers in Virginia because there were so few of us.
 Now we are way too many!


Mary Page, I agree . . .  "Now we are way too many!"   
I shudder to think about what this country, and others, will look like a hundred years from now . . . or even fifty years?
When we see the homeless encampments everywhere now,  in the large cities, and  read that three million immigrants have arrived in the US in the past couple of years, I have lots of questions about the future?   It puzzles me that no one seems to be concerned or to have any answers?   


Good morning‼️

We are back home after a wonderful time in San Francisco.  Our time passed much too quickly and I could have happily stayed there forever🤪🤪🤪

Unfortunately the bug I caught sure zapped me good and it still continues. We were to go to Dr. Dave's yesterday to stay with the kiddos, but I was in no shape to go, so Bob went alone and left me here in my misery to rest on my birthday alone🤪🤪🤪. No big we all know birthdays are just another day and I can certainly celebrate at a later time.

Today we are off to see another orthopedic surgeon to see if he has any thoughts about this shoulder of mine.  Truth is, I probably should not be going but I am 10 days in with my cold, so hopefully I am well past the contagious 😷 point😩. I hope‼️. I will be masked up for sure.

MARILYN, I must tell you that our FaceTime conversation did not take place😩😩, but a wonderful time was enjoyed by the family and new friend on Thanksgiving Day.  I have just dropped the ball in keeping in touch with you and I apologize.  I owe you a email and I will get it done...soon I hope🦋

Time to get moving.

Enjoy your day.

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Just a note to say I am concerned that several of our regulars have not posted!  Hope none have health problems.VanillaJackie hasn't posted since Nov. 24th. MaryZ? Jane. These usually post in other areas of S&F.


I am back home after my 2nd opinion from an orthopedic specialist.  Unfortunately he did not give me ANY hope for my shoulder to ever get more movement 😩😩.  He is referring me to a nerve specialist just incase they might have any thoughts about it.  Since it has been over a year since the surgery he feels it is as good as it is going to get. 😥    I had to try to see IF something could be done‼️😩. The specialist thinks the surgery was done well and the reverse shoulder is in there good and tight.  I just need to be thankful for the little bit of movement I have😩😩😩Bless my poor husband. I am SO thankful for his part in my daily non functioning life😩😩. WHAT WOULD I do without him?

The best thing I can say about my birthday yesterday is that I am now old enough now that I no longer need to remove my shoes to go through security at the airport.  Guess at 75 they are afraid we might fall getting our shoes off and on again.  I am most thankful as I have a hard time walking barefoot balance stinks‼️‼️

I back to my recliner to rest after my adventure today.

Stay well my friends .
🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Jenny, sorry to hear that you had no luck with your Orthopedic specialist. I haven't flown since before my parents moved back up here from Florida, years ago. Nice to hear that the TSA gives a nod to the "privileges" of old age.

It is a bit chilly here this morning at a crisp 24oF this morning with accompanying frost. When I took the trash out earlier the night sky was very clear. Since I was a little later out than usual, Orion was already down into the trees with Mars, Policyon and Sirius following suit. Got a good view of the big dipper, which was directly overhead. Capella, and Castor and Pollux slightly to the West, and others. I didn't stay out long.


I had no idea they had an age cut off for taking shoes off!  Woo hoo!  And dang!
 I will never travel again in this life, so cannot enjoy walking through without the indignity of taking my shoes off!  How I would have loved that experience!

love to all


Good Morning‼️

I am STILL hosting this awful BUG.  Coughing like crazy....sinus head pressure and just over all feeling terrible.  It was two weeks today this whole thing started😩😩. I do not think I have ever had something hang on like this😩‼️

We did go to our grandsons 4th birthday party on Saturday.  Surprisingly enough we both felt pretty good.....and they insisted we come IF we were able and not worry about exposing anyone to our bug, as everyone there has had it or still has it....  It was so much fun.  They had it at their home....the place was all decorated in a construction theme and it was done very nicely.  Mom Megan made and decorated the cake.  I am so proud of her.....none of this buying a fancy cake for her boy..... we really enjoyed meeting their friends.  Her two best friends that she met in the neighborhood, were delightful.  One is French and the other is Austrian.  Their kiddos are all about the same age.  There were three babies there almost exactly the same age...all within a couple of weeks.  Our Baby Leon turned 6 months on the 2nd.  I can not believe he is already this  age.  He is already scouching around on the belly and can move with his feet in the little walker.  He weighs 18 pounds and cut his first tooth this past week. 

MARSGAL, thank you for your kind words.  I have to admit it was a bit deflating to hear the orthopedic doc say that my shoulder is probably never going to get any better, even though in my mind it was what I was afraid he was going to say. 

Yes, of the FEW perks we get from getting old‼️‼️ As minor as this is, it felt good to keep my shoes ON so I could walk up to the X-ray thing with stability rather than worry I might fall🤪🤪

TOMREADER, I feel very sad that our little group here just seems to be fading away.....I miss all of our posters and hope they will return and salvage this folder‼️

I wish you ALL a good day.  I am so thankful to have all of you in my daily life. 

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Looking for something to do?  Take a little trip.



Rick - That was quite a train ride!  Something very soothing about the sound of a train moving along on the tracks. Take a look at the one to the right of the video, that says Santa Cruz - Roaring Camp Railroad.  It's only about 15 miles from here.   A beautiful ride through the Redwoods. 

Jenny - Sorry you're still not feeling well. It takes a long time to get rid of a cold or flu bug during the Winter.   Hard to believe that little Jonah is four years old already, and Leon is already six months old.  :love:   

Good to hear there is now an age cut-off for shoe removal before flying!   I couldn't take my shoes off and then put them back on, without sitting down to do both.  By the time I got them both on again, the plane would most likely be long gone!  :buck2:


Good morning, all!

The temp says it is 32o outside. It sure didn't feel that bad when I took trash out two hours ago.

How odd. My computer tried to finish my last sentence (and got it right) before I completed typing. I must have hit some odd key or other. Annoying. Spooky.

Sue and I finally stopped at the new restaurant I mentioned some posts back. I have no clue why they were getting such rave reviews. Sue had turkey and mashed potatoes which she said was good, but it came with three thick slices of bread that she didn't eat. I had an omelet, which was also tasty, but a bit over cooked and dry.

This morning I saw a news item that says my water company is raising rates again - but then so have the electric company and the gas company. With the stock market down and prices going through the roof, I am feeling a bit anxious again about spending a lot of money on house fixes next year. I am looking into apartments again, but not too seriously yet. The rents for those have gone way up too. The only advantage I see in getting an apartment is that I don't have to deal with yardwork, house repairs and such.

Meanwhile, I am very slowly going through my accumulated stuff and getting rid of stuff I don't want or use anymore. I am actually beginning to see some progress, whereas before it seemed like all I was doing was moving things around. Now I can find things again when I need or want them. I've been hanging on to some things way too long.

So what has everyone been up to these last few days?


Good morning MarsGal, and all others who look in.  Typical Winter weather for Northern California.  Cold,  damp,  North wind blowing,  and more rain expected tomorrow.  No one is complaining about the rain, being as we are still in a drought, and always need more.  It will take many storms to bring us up to near normal.

Mars -  Our water company has raised rates again too.  Gas and electricity are higher than I've ever seen them,  and grocery prices are way off the charts!   Yesterday afternoon I went to a local market to get some needed items like bread, butter, milk, etc.  A loaf of the bread that I like, has gone up to $7.95!  :yikes:  It's just a white, sourdough from a local bakery in nearby Santa Cruz.  Delicious, but not worth it to me at that price.  I settled for the much cheaper Oroweat.  :(     I don't know how normal sized families are managing these inflated prices on food, utilities and gasoline?

Nothing happening today of any interest.  Like everyone else, I plan to finish doing some Christmas decorating, as well as the usual daily housework.   Seems it's taking me an hour, to get the kitchen cleaned up every morning!    Then I'm worn out,  and want to just sit here at the computer for the rest of the day.   ::)

Hope you're all looking forward to a nice Wintery weekend? :)     


A Good Friday HELLO to all🦋🦋

It is a beautiful day here in the Mile High City.  MARILYN your storms are headed our way so we will have a couple of snow events soon ⛄️

MARILYN, this cold or whatever it is STILL continues.  I am feeding a bit better one day and then the next day it seems to be worse😩😩

Yesterday I went to be fitted for and pick up the new CPAP machine I spent a few hours with last night 😩😩. I am not very pleased with this whole process, but will do my best to adjust to it🤪🤪  They do not let you try on the different just have to choose one from your visual assessment 😡. I was fitted and given instructions and off we went.  The way it fit sitting up was very different than what it felt like laying down.  I was constantly moving something to keep the air from escaping......great night of sleep😩😩 NOT‼️ I lasted 4 hours and said "that's enough for tonight"‼️‼️.

Last night we attended a religious Christmas gathering at one of the private golf clubs in this area.  The building and views were spectacular.  We thought it would be a program done for us to view, but ended up being a Christmas Carol sing along with refreshments and a few words by a pastor.  It ended by going along a path to an outside area with a fireplace...a fire pit and many hanging heaters installed on a huge  covered area.  We were all given candles to light and we sang SILENT NIGHT.  It was beautiful.  This club was built by the owner of ReMax, Dave Liniger and not many are invited there unless you attend a charity event or a wedding.

Everyone here are also complaining about the utilities going up also.  Most everyone found their natural gas $ amounts to triple🤪🤪 Groceries are unbelievably high....not sure how some families / seniors are able to survive😩😥😡. Very concerning.

I wish you all a good day.

🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


My sister talked to her mailman this morning. Mail around here has been very erratic. Some people have been waiting almost a whole week to get mail. Anyway, the mail man told her he has been doing 10 hrs. a day, and only that because he is on medical restrictions. The Post Office has been desperately trying to get people to apply for jobs, but not many are interested. He also said that the PO is looking to build another processing facility. Of course, the obvious question Sue had was if they can't find people to hire for current jobs, then who do they expect to find people to operate a new facility? I don't think he could answer that.

A good bit of my day was watching the FIFA games. I was a bit disappointed that Brazil didn't make the cut for the semifinals. However, the game between Argentina and the Netherlands sure made up for it. What an exciting game that was. Can hardly wait for Argentina and Croatia to pair up next Tuesday. Tomorrow I will be watching the England vs France match.



The Postal Service here very bad at present.  I had notice from Verizon I had not paid my October bill.  I had.  Sat down and wrote the check the very day the bill came in, as I always do.  It was well marked.  So they said with my history there will be no late fees or anything like that.  They said they are having a TERRIBLE time with the Post Office.  So I sat down and wrote them a check for two months and Becky mailed it.  So sad to see so much going wrong these days.


Mary Page,
If you can use "on-line Bill Pay" from your bank, you can avoid the Post Office,their delays, and cost. Your payment would be transferred electronically and fast.. The method is secure (Likely more secure than USPS Mail). All steps encrypted.



I do know about that, and my son almost cries because I do not adjust my ways and habits; but I just cannot.  I do not like learning all these new ways of doing these things.  My sense of confusion actually makes me feel ill.  I'll just leave it all to those who relish that stuff.  I sort of parked my person at email, and have flunked the rest.


The best way is what you are most comfortable with.



Well Thanks to you, Rick...I've riding the rails for the past two days...
Thoroughly enjoying it...

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