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April 23, 2024, 12:16:25 AM

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2024-03-22, 14:15:18
Domestic Goddess: Pollock Fillets seasoned with Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper, Bush's Best Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Green Grapes and Chocolate Chip Cookies that my husband prepared.  Sorry about the previous type error with my last post.

2024-03-22, 14:03:04
Domestic Goddess: Pollock Fillets seasoned with Mrs. Dash

2024-03-22, 09:31:45
Domestic Goddess: Is this correct, if one would like to post/share a recipe, we do so here?  If so, was searching to see if there were separate recipe categories?

2024-02-21, 22:30:59
Oldiesmann: The chat can be accessed from the menu but I don't kow how often anyone is in there

2024-02-20, 23:18:48
alpiner1: Is the chat live ?

2024-02-19, 23:20:20
junee: Junee

2024-01-30, 11:45:01
Astro: Periodically I use it.

2024-01-29, 20:17:44
mycheal: Love the chat  off and on

2024-01-14, 21:12:20
Oldiesmann: Just curious. Does anyone still use the chat? It doesn't make any difference to me since it's a free service. Just wondering

2023-11-28, 19:23:29
JeanneP: Stiil trying to let Julee know that my EM is   gmjeannep2@gmail.com  and that the  old Comcast on is no longer work, it was to old and they dont do EM anymore


Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 AM

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I am saving my Haagen-Dazs for after my tooth extraction tomorrow afternoon. My choice will be Dulce de Leche or Vanilla Caramel Pecan....What no chocolate this time? How remiss of me!

Today I had help to clear the house --- mostly. Now I have a car full of stuff I was to beat to take into the apartment, a whole bunch of stuff sitting in the kitchen packed, and still there are boxes upstairs to move and the porch to clear. Alan cleared out what I didn't want in the basement and two rooms along with some of the throw aways from the back bedroom. The porch was mostly untouched for another day. Bob decided that we should leave the books that I don't want, there are a lot, and he or Alan will pick them up later to take to the Friends of the Library bookstore or to Community Aid or Goodwill. He hates books getting thrown away almost as much as me. Meanwhile I have three boxes of stuffed animals, not including the ones I brought with me that I plan on taking up to Community Aid. Some of the books I brought with me will go back into the pile for the guys to take care of. I've decided there is no point in saving many of the books I've already read since, at this point, I very much doubt I will ever get to read them again. There oh so many to read that I have yet to touch. I am very sad to have to leave much of my huge mug collection behind. I went through my Christmas decorations and pulled only the ones for my mini tree and a few specials, like the blown glass ones a bought at the Corning Glassworks Museum. Alan has a niece that is into cats, so I sent him off with a few of my cat ornaments, etc.

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as they say.


I had the Chocolate, prior to opening the Vanilla!


Well, I've never been to a Costco, either.  I assume we have one of those here in Annapolis, but I do not actually know that to be so.  We are, basically, a small college town. This is where the United States Naval Academy is.

Our groceries are Giant and CVS.  I do not do our shopping;  my Caregiver of the Day does all of that now.  I cannot see well enough, for one thing.  Have never heard of Albertson's or Tom Thumb, but then again, we are a long, long way from Dallas.  I think everyone in my own family is long gone to their eternal rest by now.
There are no doubt kinfolk down there, but they would be of younger generations. Delmore (Chip} and Abigail will go away this weekend, and Debi will come to take care of me.  All 8 of my children take turn about.  I have 4 biologicals and 4 step.  I have known the step children all of their lives, and my children used to play with them.
If someone had told me when I was a teenager that I would be married THREE times, I would have been HORRIFIED!  Turns out, they were all three nice guys.  Married to number ONE 12 years, number TWO (the Dallas native) 34 years, and the last, who was the Love of my life, for just under two years; albeit, I had known him for over fifty years! Bob One and David were both deceased when Bob Two and I got married; otherwise the first two would have been amazed.  My two stepsons were here with me last weekend, or the one before, bless their boots. complete with fancy Valentines.  It was so heartwarming to see these addressed to "Mom".


I have to add my two cents worth on the grocery stores and the ice cream.  Our two biggest chain stores are Safeway, and Raley's.   The two smaller chains are Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Mkt.   We also have a locally owned super market that's my favorite . . . probably because of their wonderful deli and bakery, and the friendly personal service.   All five stores are within a mile of my house, so easy access.

My favorite ice cream brands are Tillimook, and Umpqua.  Both companies are located in our neighboring state of Oregon, so maybe not available back East or in Texas?  If you ever happen to spot those two brands in your grocery store, take a chance and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Mary Page - I remember back in Senior Net, when you were married to Bob Two. I didn't know you well back then, and we didn't post in the same discussions, but I do remember when he passed away.    Hoping you have a nice weekend, with Debi there to keep you company. Good that Chip and Abigail will have a little vacation time. 

Mars - Looks like you got a lot done this week at your house, and especially nice to have help.  Sorry to see that you're having a dental appointment tomorrow for an extraction.  My older daughter had one extracted today!  I talked to her tonight, and she's feeling great.   You mentioned Dulce de Leche flavor ice cream!  My favorite, along with any other Caramel flavor.  I prefer smooth ice cream without any nuts, fruits or chips of any kind. 

Joanne - We used to have Albertson's Market, and I liked it.  I think it was bought out by Safeway?  I have the same complaint you have about the drastic rise in prices at all grocery stores! I don't know how families with two to three children are managing?    Just the two of us here, and it's shocking how much more our grocery bill is, compared to last year. 

More tomorrow . . . I'm starting to fall asleep here at the computer, and it's not even 10:00 yet.  Wish I could say I had a busy day and I'm worn out, but I never left the house so I have no excuse!


My two cents on groceries and grocery stores: There is a Trader Joe's not far from me. They opened a year or so ago, but Sue and I have yet to stop in. With my move, it is now only two or three miles from me. Thanks for reminding me it is there. Our main grocery stores here are Giant Foods, Weis, a Wegman's, several Aldi's and Karns (local but has been spreading). I have heard of Albertson's but we don't have any here. Never heard of Umpqua.

I have to agree about Tillimook, it you all can get it, try it. They sell more than ice cream, but I haven't tried any of their cheeses or butter yet. This week I bought something out of New Hampshire called Brown Cow Yogurt (Cram on Top, Whole Milk). The only choices were Cherry Vannila and Maple. I ordered both but only got the Maple.

Speaking of ordering groceries, the driver who delivered my last grocery order told me that Giant Foods is discontinuing their Giant Direct (and I suspect Peapod, since they merged), delivery service. I have not been able to find a word of it on the net, not even in Supermarket News. The driver was visibly upset, suspecting something was not right for the last few years. I gave him a bid hug and wished him luck with his afternoon interview to see if there was a place for him within the company.

Well, I am certainly glad I live closer to the grocery stores now. Weis is just up the street and Giant's a mile away, all on a straight, flat, well traveled road. Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it before, there is a Turkey Hill on the corner next to Weis and a Sheetz catty-corner from them, so lots of gas station choices.


I have not driven in over 10 years now, and so distances and directions no longer concern me.
 Trader Joe's is my favorite grocery, and I buy, or my child does, boxes and boxes of their frozen oatmeal, which I take with lots of frozen DOLE brand blueberries.  Oh, do I love that breakfast!  Trader Joe's also has a heavenly brioche frozen French Toast and simply heaps of other exclusive delectables.

Like you, Marilyne, I do not like "bumpx" in my ice cream, albeit I have of late become fond of my coffee ice cream with chocolate chips.
 I too am particularly fond of anything with caramel.  The best local food place here is a catering shop called Palate Pleasers located in the Eastport Shopping Center.  They make Everything fresh and delicious every day.  It is neither a grocery nor a restaurant:
 you cannot eat there.  But the food you can bring home to devour is made in Heaven, I swear!  Google Palate Pleasers Annapolis MD Menu to get an idea.


Interested in Albertson's, and it is interesting. See   https://www.albertsonscompanies.com/home/default.aspx    Among others they own Safeway.



Thank you Rick!  That answers the age old question, "What's in a name"?  🤔   I did have a vague recollection that Albertson's and Safeway were connected in some way, but I had it turned around the wrong way.  I guess they decided to keep the name "Safeway", up here in Northern CA, because it has been a well known California supermarket since the 1940's.   However, they don't have Safeway (the name) in Southern CA.  Two others on the list, Von's and Pavillion's are in Southern CA, but not up here.


I forgot that I was working up to saying that Palate Pleasers makes heaps of little containers of Creme Caramel every day; and I get at least one of these, if not more, every visit one of us makes.  If you have never had a creme caramel, you caramel lovers have not truly lived, and that is an indisputable fact!


I only purchased the Haagen-Das because they had those little thingys for .99 cents, about the size of a DixieCup.  That way I can try out flavors without busting my budget!  When I buy ice cream, I'd have to say the Tillamook is my favorite, and yes, Kroger stocks it.  My very favorite is a seasonal one, I think it's called Oregon Black Cherry.  It is a flavor that will knock your socks off! If you try it, you will always want it, but like I said, seasonal so not always available. As for the stores, we also have a Tom Thumb, which is a Randall's affiliate. I cant find my Key chain thing from Kroger, which used to list all its affiliates on the back.
Having a beautiful day here, sunshine,
62, supposed to get to 70.
Hope all are doing well.  As for me, it is allergy season, so you know what that's like, weather changes making arthritis present itself, both knees. And to top that off, been having flare-ups of my eczema. Didn't mean to wander off into the medical arena!  Later, friends!  Ooops on the Font change.


The Kroger Co. Family of Stores includes:

City Market
Food 4 Less
Foods Co
Fred Meyer
Jay C Food Store
King Soopers
Metro Market
Pay-Less Super Markets
Pick'n Save
Smith's Food and Drug


Hi Joanne!  Only one store out of your list is located here in Northern California, and that's Food-For-Less. There are a couple of them in San Jose, and both of my daughters shop there.  None out here in the smaller towns outside of SJ, so I've never been to one.  Ralph's is a large chain of grocery stores in Southern Cal, but none up here.

Hope you're having an OK weekend so far?  We've been getting lots of news about the terrible fires in the Texas Panhandle.  So sad to see herds of cattle, running to escape the flames.

I also like the Tillamook  Oregon Black Cherry ice cream!   Creamy and delicious.  My favorite is the one called Malted Moo.  I love the flavor of malt -  as in an old fashioned malted milkshake.   This is flavored with malt, and has chunks of chocolate in it.   I'm not fond of stuff in ice cream, but the black cherries and the chocolate in these two flavors are both acceptable to me! 


Soon off to church ( mobility scooter, ) i am doing the morning bible reading this Sunday...they bring the microphone to me at my seat..
" There is no present like the time "


Hi Jackie. Nice to see your post this morning. What great people your church group are.

Today, Sue and I are off to Red Lobster for Lobster Fest. We are celebrating her birthday a few days late this year. Tomorrow I want to get back over to the house to pick through what remains of the back bedroom, and take the three boxes of stuffed animals to Community Aid. Then, I think my clearance guys can finish clearing out the house.

I started working on my taxes yesterday, but before I got very far, the cats decided I did enough for the day and got to pesty to continue. Yesterday, I also put the new printer stand together. It has two shelves, but no drawers. But never fear, I have four small plastic drawers that will fit in the stand and/or on the bookshelf next to my computer that will do just fine. I still need to find homes for stuff and five bookshelves to finish filling. I've lost shelf space in the apartment kitchen, not because of lack of shelves, but because I can't reach the upper shelves. The top of the kitchen shelves will be perfect for my basket collection, IF, I can reach far enough to get that high. I think it is going to require a step ladder I have no room to store.

The tooth extraction, BTW, never happened. I am a bit miffed at this. First, I had to cancel the original appointment because of snow. Then I discover that when they set up the new appointment, they set it up for an implant, not an extraction and consult on an implant. I had to correct them which got me an earlier appointment. BUT, after I got there early for my appointment, while waiting, a girl and her parents had come in just prior to my set time, by about 10 minutes. During their conversation together I gathered they expected to be a while. They were ushered in to see the same doctor. About five minutes later, they called me in. The assistant started in about an implant, and I had to correct her again that I only came in for a tooth extraction. Oh! Doctor came in and, after a quick look, told me he did not want to do the extraction with me awake. He said the tooth would have to be "chiseled" out and a bone graft inserted before doing the implant. Well, that is the first time anyone said anything about a bone graft. Okay, once again, I had to explain that the appointment was supposed to be just for the tooth extraction for now. Well, that wasn't going to happen. Dr. reiterated that I could have the tooth extracted and a bone graft inserted, or have the tooth extracted, the bone graft, and the implant done, before being sent back to my dentist to do the actual tooth and crown. What? I thought the implant was the whole works, tooth and all. The whole conversation gave me the impression that the doctor had no intention of doing any extraction on Friday. What I got was a consultation pushing the implant, for $90. The whole works, not including the dentist's further work, will cost around $3,500. Oh, and apparently regardless of whether I get an implant or not, I get a bone graft with the extraction. I am very much not happy with getting bone grafts from a dead person. I heard about the people who died from contaminated bone grafts. Well, I guess it isn't any different than organ donations. I just have to get used to the idea and do more investigating. Yeah, I am wound up again.


My son in London U.K. had to have that bone graft but it was not from a dead person, it was animal, cow or pig -I can't remember which. It worked perfectly, he is very happy with the result.


I seem to get overly excited much more easily than I used to. Sigh!


Mars -  I think  you're entitled to get "overly excited" after that  mix-up at your dentist's office!  I would have been extremely upset!   Since I'm no good at confrontation, I probably would have left immediately, never to return again!

As Bubble said, the bone graft will most likely be from a pig.  My younger daughter had a successful implant a few years ago, and the graft was from  pig.  My older daughter, Shelley, had a miserable dental experience this past week also. A failed root canal procedure a few weeks ago from an endodontist.  The tooth was fractured, (apparently during the procedure.)  Long story short, she  was in terrible pain by this week, and he sent her to an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted.   The expense for this whole mess is adding up, and isn't finished yet.   She will have to have either an implant or a bridge.   Right now she is recuperating from the extraction, and doesn't know what she will do next.
Hoping all goes well for you this week.  Enjoy your dinner at Red Lobster!

Jackie -  How nice that you will be doing the weekly Bible reading at Church this morning.  I admire you for being able to do it.  I'm no good at speaking in a large group or public setting, so I'm always impressed with those who can.  Great that you're getting around town on your mobility scooter!         


I do not understand why Shelley will be expected to pay for a tooth that was fractured BY THE DENTIST!  SCHEESCH!


...and our service goes out live via youtube each week...i try to block that out when i do my bible reading..
" There is no present like the time "


Merry March Monday!  I don't usually copy posts from one folder to another so I hope those of you who also read The Soda Shoppe will forgive me.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  The year didn't start out well; Spirit and Mind (most of the time  ;))  were fine but Body wasn't!  Both sides of my neck from my ears down to my elbows were painful and diagnosis was osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.  Both hands were affected, too.
Still not 100% better (except for hands- which are 98% okay) but I can take care of necessities and am finally able to type on the computer.  Home Health care was contacted by doctor last week and I've had the first "evaluation".  Now waiting for physical therapist to contact me about coming for p.t.
Fortunately, my lab reports were all within normal range last week - except Sodium, which was low.  Doctor said "Eat more salt".  :o   (Who gets told that nowadays!!!!).

Oklahoma wildfires burned more than a million acres across western counties of the state but none were close enough to OKC to cause a problem.  Our weather has bounced from below freezing to the 80's - which I'm sure didn't help my Squeaks/Creaks.

I've spent most of the time reading in the recliner - including your posts.


I was interested in the grocery store lists.   Crest is the closest supermarket to me and I've ordered groceries delivered from there since Covid hit.  They use Shipt delivery service and it's great!  Shoppers will bring deliveries into kitchen and are well trained not to "tarry".
Most of the others sounded familiar and are in OKC if not in our suburb.
Braum's is a state-owned Dairy Store and has the most delicious ice cream you could imagine.  Also seven different fruit=flavored yogurts.  I eat a carton of that on my cereal every morning.

Mars, my goodness! You have more issues "than you can say Grace over" (as my Aunt used to say)!  Red Lobster has the most interesting tv ads and I'd love to go there but am pretty well house-bound (requrement for Home Health Care).  Maybe I can talk son into bringing me dinner.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day
Lovingly, Callie



Goodness, Callie! I am glad to here that you are improving some and hope it continues. I hope I don't ever have to deal with Fibromyalgia. My sisters and I all have osteoarthritis. Sue and Barb have already had back surgeries, and Barb has had knee surgery. I've managed to avoid it just yet, but that is probably because I've avoided seeing a specialist.

Marilyne, I guess I am not the only one with dental "adventures". I hope Shelley does well with the oral surgeon.

It is raining here, so I don't plan on going over to the house today. I have plenty to do here getting more stuff stashed on shelves, etc. Yesterday I vacuumed. I really love my little stick vacuum. It gives my back no trouble, does a good job, and I am done with the whole apartment in about 15-20 minutes.

Sue had her lobster yesterday and I had the Admiral's Feast, half of which I bought home. I upgraded to the lobster stuffed baked potato. The broccoli and potato were good, but the flounder and shellfish seemed mostly over-cooked and dry. The clams and scallops were tiny. The shrimp was good, though. This is the second time I had fried fish there and was disappointed. I don't think I will order it again. For some reason, the waitress did not replenish our drinks or biscuits like usual. Red Lobster and Lyn's Wok (across the street) are both favorites, so I was pleased to discover that the trip from my apartment took about half the time it takes from the house.

It is awful quiet here just now. I guess the cats have gone into their major morning nap mode.



Callie - Good to hear from you, but sorry you've had a flare-up of both osteo and fibro!   Two conditions that cause lots of misery for older women.  (Do men get either one?  I don't think so?) 🤔  Good that your lab report was okay, but "eat more salt" is a surprise.  Something that we never hear from our doctors.   I'm thinking that you likely don't have a problem with high BP?   I haven't seen any news stories about Oklahoma wildfires, but those fires are a problem throughout the Southwest.   I read an article yesterday about the terrible fires in the Texas panhandle. The land is now scorched, with no grazing land for the displaced herds of cattle.   
Hope you continue to feel better as Spring approaches?  We've had warmer daytime temperatures, but still the rain continues and the heavy gray clouds linger overhead.

Mars - I wish I could say that Shelley had no problems with her tooth extraction.  She seems to be caught up in a "Murphy's law" situation, with all of her medical and dental problems.  If there is anything that can go wrong, it does.   She now has a painful complication with the oral surgery, called  dry socket, and is on antibiotics and prescription pain killers.   :(   
Glad you enjoyed most of your Red Lobster feast.  I keep seeing those delicious looking RL ads on TV, and wishing we still had one near us.  I think I mentioned that they all closed down over this past year.?


Have never (yet) had a bad experience at Red Lobster.  It is my favorite place to eat when I feel like spending more than usual for a dine-out experience.  My hubby always liked the steak & lobster. (They could never get my steak to my liking...he liked his cooked to shoe leather...I like mine just a bit short of still mooing - actually medium or medium rare). At a real steak house, I order medium rare cause I know they'll get it right!  Now I'm hungry again, after Ijust finished lunch! Darn!


I have taken to checking DVD's out from my library; no fees and 7 day rental.  My latest rent was something out of the ordinary, the 3 part "Cancer - The Emperor of All Maladies"a Ken Burns production taken from the Pulitzer prize-winning book by Siddartha Mukherjee.  It is so sad, but thought provoking, going into the earliest practices, scientists, physicians in efforts to find a cure.  Cancer was studied in Ancient Egypt. I am still awaiting Volume 3, but it should be here soon.  This may, probably be a downer, but there is so much we don't know about how long and how much effort has been put into research toward finding causes, treatments (good & bad) etc.  If you've lost anyone to this vile disease, this is something you may want to watch. If you've experienced it yourself and had whichever treatments were/are available, still illuminating. I have a BFF that is now in hospice care, which is breaking my heart.


I remember when the book came out, Tomereader. I didn't know they made a video of it.


Joanne - I also had heard of the book, but didn't know it had been adapted as a documentary.  If Ken Burns produced it, then I'm sure it's well done.  Such an important subject, but it's difficult to read about, talk about, or even watch a movie about it.  Yes, my family has been touched by it also.  My Mother and my brother both died from the evil cancer.

Mars - I think tomorrow is your tooth extraction?  Hoping it will be uncomplicated,  and will heal quickly, so you can get back to finishing up your move. Sounds like you still have some loose ends hanging out at your house.   

Still raining here, and is to continue on through the weekend and beyond. Gloomy and cold and soggy.  Spring is very slow in arriving is year.


Quote from: Marilyne on March 05, 2024, 12:02:56 PMCallie - Good to hear from you, but sorry you've had a flare-up of both osteo and fibro!  Two conditions that cause lots of misery for older women.  (Do men get either one?  I don't think so?) 🤔  Good that your lab report was okay, but "eat more salt" is a surprise.  Something that we never hear from our doctors.  I'm thinking that you likely don't have a problem with high BP?     
Hope you continue to feel better as Spring approaches?  We've had warmer daytime temperatures, but still the rain continues and the heavy gray clouds linger overhead.

Marilyne, thanks for your kind words.  I do have high blood pressure and am on two different medicines for it.  The first diagnosis was in 1959 and it was "it's the safety valve on your pressure cooker; when you get stressed, it goes up". Now, my 'normal' is higher than usual but if we try to get it to the "norm", I can't function.  Just one of those "aging things"!!!  :(

I haven't seen any news stories about Oklahoma wildfires, but those fires are a problem throughout the Southwest.  I read an article yesterday about the terrible fires in the Texas panhandle. The land is now scorched, with no grazing land for the displaced herds of cattle.
  The Texas panhandle fires spilled over into Oklahoma but didn't do as much physical damage - probably because the Oklahoma ones were basically in open country. Lots of hay/cattle feed being hauled in to both Texas and Oklahoma areas.

I have a new issue to deal with  ::)  Home Health Care has contacted me and is setting up P.T. appointments.  Apparently, they don't feel it necessary to give you much warning about coming to "evaluate" and I've had to adjust each time someone wants to come.  Still don't know when p.t. sessions will begin.  I've requested Wed. and Fri. afternoons and hoping "they" pay attention!

Grocery delivery scheduled this afternoon.  Better go clear a space on the kitchen counter for sacks.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.


No, Marilyne. That is not happening. I called with a question and found out they had me scheduled for an implant. I told them the tooth needed removed first. It has been a merry-go-round with those people. The gal said Oh! In that case we can get you in earlier, so last week I went for the extraction and what I got was a consultation instead. The doctor had no intention of extracting my tooth yet. He even had another person scheduled the same time as me for a procedure. I assume my consultation was squeezed in while she was getting prepped. But the whole episode gave me a poor impression of their communication skills. Day before yesterday, I asked my regular dentist for a referral to another surgeon in the area. They should have the referral by now, but I will need to call and find out I since I have yet to hear anything.

Today, I took two boxes of stuffed animals, three or four Garfield children's small lunch pails, and some more crafty materials over to Community Aid. I also brought a few more things back to the apartment, including the HEPA air cleaner. I thought I might not need it because the forced hot air ducts should have filters. Well, if they do, it isn't enough.

I had thought about getting a few new pans, but I nearly choked on most of the prices. So I brought over my old stock pot without the lid. I found a few "rust" spots on the lid, which surprised me. I like my small ceramic coated frying pan, but the coating on that is beginning to fail.

My neighbor at the house told me that about a dozen cars, hers included, got their tires slashed the other night. Her husband's car, which sits in the driveway didn't get touched, just the ones parked on the street. We haven't had any trouble like that in a while. It used to be cars getting keyed and/or the rearview mirrors getting ripped off. The tire slashings were confined to a block down on the other side of the highway, but that was years ago.


I sent MaryPage an email, letting her know that people were asking about her. She replied thus, "MARYPAGE DRAKE
3:05 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Thank you, Patricia.  I am just very old and very tired.  I sleep a lot.  But scheesch!  I'll be 95 in May, if I make it that far.  One of the energy drainers is that several of my family members are having difficulties.  All is quite normal, though, and I welcome and thank you for your sweet remembrances.  It boosts me up considerably.  Blessings on you, with my love.  MaryPage


 Hi MaryPage!

Miss You!!

Love Sandy
  "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

― Carl Sagan