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March 23, 2023, 07:45:18 PM

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Mar 20 2023 10:59am
Oldiesmann: Lloyd - the latest Soda Shoppe topic somehow got lccked, so only admins and moderators could post. I've unlocked it so everyone should be able to reply now

Mar 19 2023 2:29pm
Oldiesmann: I'm not sure what you're talking about Lloyd. Nothing has changed here in a long time

Mar 19 2023 7:50am
Lloyd Hammond: well I do not like the way things have changed here in sodia shop and senior and frienda, I may just stop comming and trying to post Lloyd

Mar 17 2023 11:02pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am here but cant fiend the regular post spot

Nov 24 2022 12:54am
Oldiesmann: That topic hasn't been locked so you should still be able to post there. You might get a warning though since nobody has posted in it for months, but you should still be able to ignore that warning and post.

Nov 14 2022 3:57pm
JeanneP: It still will not accept my postings. Trying to get into Larry Hanna Cooking Recipes that he spent so much time putting together. Had all the Bread Machine Recipes way back to Senior net. It shows up here but maybe it has been locked out now.

Aug 28 2022 10:13am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond.I mooved to garden city mo on zz hihway, I posted in on this shout yester day  Vanilla-Jackie If you can fix this thing/it it over my head what to do

Aug 27 2022 8:19pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am still the same person just turned a year older today. nancy made me some half pies/cherrie. they are easy. the are made with large round biskets from a can, so easy. just pop the cane open seprate the biskets and role them out woth your doe rolin

Aug 24 2022 5:52am
junee: Beverly


FlaJean - September 30, 2022

Started by so_P_bubble, October 02, 2022, 03:32:38 AM

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From Marilyne:

More sad news this morning of the passing of Jean Feller, one of our long time members here in Seniors and Friends.
Today I received a message from Jean's husband Larry, that she passed away yesterday afternoon, September 30.

She posted many beautiful pictures in "Photos Old and New", over the years, of her garden, her house, and the birds that came to their feeder. Many of you knew her from her posts here in  "Bait and Tackle", and also in "Library~Bookshelf, Movies and Television".


Rest In Peace condolences to Larry and family...
Jackie UK...

" Never fear shadows...They simply mean there's a light shining nearby "
~ Ruth E Renkel


Larry and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Jean has always been special, how she saw the beauty in this world and shared with us, the joy in her words. Sincere sympathy from a friend in Kansas.


I miss all the Vimeo videos Jean would publish along with Jack in Photo Slide Shows and Home Videos; it's what started our email friendship long ago, talking about the differences between our coastal areas. Then she was often a participant in all the word games we used to play and in photos, "Show me a photo of."

I'll miss her, and I miss so many of the people in past video and photo discussions. It was like a class reunion, meeting up with many from the past in those discussions yesterday.


My condolences to Larry and to the family of Jean.   We will miss Jean in our senior groups that have all learned to love and respect her during the many years we have communicated together.  She was always so supportive and kind to those of us that needed some extra care and understanding.  RIP DEAR JEAN🦋
Jenny Hardin in Colorado
🦋 Jenny
"Love many, trust few; learn to paddle your own canoe"


Not been on in awhil,sad just reading about Jean.  We had been on here for many years. She and Larry made us in daily just to see their photos and enjoy reading how busy they kept themselves. Lost so many on / and F past few years. .
Stay well every one.


JeanneP, so glad to see your face again. Glad you posted.  Is all Okay with you lately?  I was just wondering about you the other day!  Take care.