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May 27, 2024, 08:44:11 PM

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2024-05-17, 16:34:48
Cottoncandy: HI Lloyd

2024-05-16, 18:52:09
Lloyd Hammond: I am trying to get him set up on a new computer, and would like to see if you can reply to me.

2024-05-16, 18:50:51
Lloyd Hammond: Helo, this is Lloyd's great granddaughter.

2024-05-06, 01:46:51
junee: Bubble

2024-05-06, 01:46:39
junee: b

2024-05-02, 00:44:41
Oldiesmann: Relevant links can be found in topics in the Homemaking, Food & Garden board. I'll see about moving them over to articles here when I get a chance.

2024-05-02, 00:07:54
Oldiesmann: Found them. They're on the CP site: https://www.christianphotographers.com/recipes/recipeindex.html

2024-05-01, 23:57:58
Oldiesmann: I'm not finding anything related to recipes on the site. I'll do some digging through the Internet Archive and see if I can dig them up. It's possible that got lost in the big server crash back in 2016

2024-05-01, 17:21:56
JeanneP: I am trying to get into the Archives of the Recipes that where moved over from Senior net few years ago, Can't find them

2024-03-22, 14:15:18
Domestic Goddess: Pollock Fillets seasoned with Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper, Bush's Best Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Green Grapes and Chocolate Chip Cookies that my husband prepared.  Sorry about the previous type error with my last post.


My new mode of transport

Started by Chocky, September 13, 2016, 04:46:43 PM

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My scooter
It is road legal and has to be taxed and insured. 8 mph on the road and 4 mph on the sidewalk

A true friend
Is the best possession

Jeanne Lee

Looks like there's no holding you back now, Beryl!   :thumbup:

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Well................The weather. Rain was coming down here today with crashing thunder. It was very noisy all day but no. If the weather is nice I can get out and being in a mobility scooter I can hold the camera steady  :)
A true friend
Is the best possession

Jeanne Lee

OK, we can make allowances for the weather - but no other excuses!   ;D

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Oh! I would like one of those. No problem walking but look would be fun just to play around on.  Bet a little expensive to be a toy.Much nicer than most of what many people use that have a health need for  one


Chocy it would do for me....I wouldn't say no to it....
I have been thinking seriously lately, along those lines of getting one...Like me, if getting out means using one of these, so be it....


Jackie. Would be perfect for you. You could fall from walking in some areas.  Check and see if Gov. will help pay for one. Have you seen them in the UK.
My Friend with MS who can no long walk had his van all fixed thinking he would be able to pull the machine he uses up to the steering wheel. Didnt work so has sold the van.  One of those like the above would be great for him. They don't look as big as the one he uses.


That's so classy, Chocky.  I can just imagine you scooting along at 8mph with the wind in your hair. ;)


Hi! I am sorry to intrude but I got deleted by Microsoft and I am trying to find my way back into Seniors and Friends.


Jeanne P...
...apologies just only seen your post to me posted 20 months ago...
...I bought a manual fold-up travel mobility scooter a couple of months ago...it fits its purpose and has gotten me out and about along our local esplanade-promenade overlooking the sea...


Vanilla, you should post/show that to Don (radioman), he is thinking of buying one since walking a distance  is getting harder and harder.


Bubble-Don...the main thing that drew me to this was...it manually folds, no separate pieces to dismantle then have to put back together...its negatives...this doesn't have drop-down armrests, nor a too comfortable padded leather seat and backrest but...the pluses are...it has a non slip foot surface and plenty of outstretched leg room....It fits my purpose...Hope Don makes the right choice to fit his needs...If Don wants its name and make I can PM him...


What is the trade name of the scooter? Its weight?


Bubble...I have pm'd you with its details... :thumbup:

Edited to add, as its name suggests " travel, " it would be Ideal for Don to take it on the plane, it is safe, re, its battery...



I have seem lots of women taking them out of their cars. look handy for small women but don't think large men could use them.