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By: phyllis


  • brian: not   everyone  would   take trouble to tell  chatters  Lindancer
    June 04, 2019, 12:48:22 am
  • brian: thanx  lindancer
    June 04, 2019, 12:47:23 am
  • Lindancer: Good morning, This is a message from one of Gloria's neighbors. I am sorry to tell everyone that Gloria passed away yesterday.  I am sure this is not the correct place to post, but I am not familiar with this site,but know that Gloria spent many hours talking to everyone here.
    June 03, 2019, 11:25:02 am
  • brian: better   do more  research  Poochers
    May 09, 2019, 11:30:48 am
  • brian: snip·ing /ˈsnīpiNG/ noun 1. the action of shooting at someone from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range. "sniping assumed great importance during WWI, especially where trench warfare was prevalent" 2. the action of verbally attacking someone in a sly or petty way. "there has been
    May 09, 2019, 11:29:42 am
  • Pooch1: "Sniper" is a noun.  "Snip" is a verb.  Not funny to be unknowing of the difference in how the two words are treated.
    May 09, 2019, 09:03:06 am
  • brian: so military  snipers   just   snip  LOL
    May 08, 2019, 11:22:01 am
  • Pooch1: 3rd graders learn to double a final consonant preceded by a single vowel before adding 'ing.'  Snipping refers to cutting remarks.  A snipe is a bird.
    May 07, 2019, 06:46:46 am
  • brian: its  sniping  not  snipping poocharooni lol
    May 06, 2019, 11:02:33 pm
  • Pooch1: Well said, Oldiesmann.  Perhaps brian can devote his time to other chat rooms instead of constantly snipping at you.
    May 01, 2019, 10:49:02 am
  • Oldiesmann: brian: If/when I find a suitable solution, I will install it here. I run this site in my spare time and do not have an unlimited amount of time to develop/find a proper solution.
    April 29, 2019, 04:58:04 pm
  • brian: wellmycheal  looks  like its not  going to happen--------   doesnt  seem to be  a problem in my 20 years   senior  chatting with other rooms!!!!!
    April 21, 2019, 11:34:37 am
  • mycheal: Chatroom would sure be nice
    April 17, 2019, 08:11:25 pm
  • brian: almost  every  site   on the Net  has a  chat room--------  now  why is  that? I suggest you  go to a room  like [link]   and   ask  them!
    March 18, 2019, 12:24:02 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Finding one that will integrate with the forum system is not easy. If you've got some ideas please send me a PM or email with links and I will investigate further.
    March 17, 2019, 09:12:31 pm
  • brian: chat  systems  are a  dime a   dozen
    March 11, 2019, 11:53:11 pm
  • Oldiesmann: brian: The chat system we used to have on this site stopped working and I haven't found a good replacement. If/when I do I'll put one in again.
    March 10, 2019, 02:00:43 pm
  • brian: no chat  still?must  be  to technical      LOL
    March 09, 2019, 04:20:34 pm
  • joyous: Cold weather has arrived in Louisiana!  It is 30 degrees now at 8:00 A. M.  and prediction is for no higher than 49 today..  Certainly  BAD fir our traditional Mardi-Gras , but it WILL go on.------JOY
    March 05, 2019, 09:00:27 am
  • Oldiesmann: Glad it's working for you again. I didn't actually change anything though so I'm not sure what the issue was
    February 21, 2019, 12:22:09 am


Started by diglady, March 29, 2016, 03:27:58 pm

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Sue, sorry I have not answered your post. I am not a regular poster right now, perhaps later when I have more time.

Without Hal, this discussion may just die on the vine. Perhaps you could enliven it with your posts.




I just got notified today that medicare is changing the medicare card.  The new card will NOT have the SS # but will have an assigned number. New cards will be distributed April 2018 thur April 2019


Diglady, thanks for the information about the new Medicare card for 2018/2019.  I'll be on the lookout.

I am hoping that this terrible disaster at the school in Florida will bring some common sense to the sale of guns with bumpstocks and other automatic weaponry.  We do not NEED those guns available to all in this county!  I am proud of the young people who have gone to the capitol of Florida and protested the sale of those weapons.



Alert New scam:

This is pretty important to get to people with Medicare, their families, and friends or adult kids who help parents with Medicare
Have just gotten word about the newest Medicare scam from an organization I educate for, Texas Senior Medicare Patrol, a division within the Better Business Bureau.
Here's what you need to know to protect yourself, family and friends, throughout the US.
Starting  4/1/18  Medicare will start a year-long project to replace all current Medicare cards for beneficiaries to convert to alphanumeric ID numbers. Currently, the ID number is your social security number. This is starting to hit the media.
Scammers are opportunistic .
First of all the new Medicare card will come to you in the mail.  You don't need to request it or do anything. It will show up.

Somebody from "MEDICARE " will call to tell you-you are getting a new Medicare card. But until it comes you will need a temporary card. Fee for the card is between $5-50 dollars. They want personal information, bank account or credit card so they can process your temporary card.

Medicare will never call you unless you ask them to.
Medicare does all communications by mail unless you ask them to call.
Ditto for anybody saying they "work with Medicare to make sure you get everything you are entitled to" .

Scammer   A lert
First of all, spread the word. Feel free to share these notes.
Use your answering machine to screen calls or just don't even answer a number you don't recognize.
If it has happened to you or your friends or loved ones and personal info had been given out (happens considerably more often than you think so don't feel bad or stupid) immediately take action to protect yourself against identity


Good Information Dig!

Thanks for sharing.   

I already monitor all of my phone calls
and much of my emails.   

We can't be too careful about how much
we communicate via our phones and computers.

Best wishes and thanks again.

Sandy    :-X


You are welcome Sandy.  Good to see you posting.


I also thank you, diglady.  This is important information and helpful to all who see it.


Ray Franz

Things haven't changed from way back when I last posted here.
Did women actually vote for the "groper in chief" in the White House? 


Hi Ray. No things have not changed. Roosevelt w/girlfriend, Kennedy w/many girls, Clinton w/Monica-I think have extra martial is all part of the Presidency unfortunately.  Only thing different, Trump is not WDC  or party establishment so he gets nailed (for everything!)

I do hate tweets and Face book so I stay clear of all that mess.  Trump knows how to play the press!

June Drabek

We at Rountree Gardens received a notice for NCEA (National Center on Elder Abuse) on the Medicare Scam. I say, NEVER send anyone any money without thorough investigation.

We had a lady speak to us this week, from NCEA on Elder abuse. There are many types of Elder abuse....not just physical or mental...If you want to learn more. call 1-855-500-3537 . They say they are here for us to"Ensure that older Americans live with dignity and honor and are free from abuse,neglect, and exploitation." It was a very enlightening meeting, and should be passed on to friends and relatives.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Have any of you been watching the PBS special "And Now We Rise"  written and edited by Henry Louis Gates?  The last segment was on this evening--very enlightening about the struggles of Black Americans.



Show hasn't been on here yet.

I remember the south in the forties.  We had a black maid, Lee. My mother in trouble with the locals as she had a room with SHOWER built for Lee. Locals said my mother was coddling a black! My mother told them she wanted Lee clean as she cooked for us! That shut them up! I remember so much more!


April 10, 2018, 01:29:32 pm #583 Last Edit: April 10, 2018, 01:49:31 pm by SCFSue
We had a black lady who brought her young granddaughter with her when she cleaned.  She was the same age as my youngest sister and Mozelle often put them in the same bathtub together.  We thought nothing of it!  Mozelle was like a member of our family.


P.S.  A few years ago there was a great movie (IMO) about a young white woman with "airs" who had a black cleaning lady/nursemaid who was more of a mother to her young daughter than she was.  She was terribly rude and obnoxious to the maid who stayed because she loved the little girl.  Olympia somebody was the friend of the maid and another well known black actress was the maid who loved the child. I can't remember Olympia's name, but she is a graduate of Auburn University here in Auburn.  Olympia was one of the women who portrayed the black women who cracked WWII codes for the FBI or CIA. 

I also enjoyed the 2 night series about the career and assassination of M.L. King on PBS last week.  Very accurate as to happenings in Alabama.  I didn't live here at the time as my husband was still training for  active duty as a Navy pilot, but of course we heard about it.  His mother was a secretary at a firm in downtown Montgomery and had been riding a bus to work, but resigned her position after the Rosa Parks incident because white men/women attacked the busses with rocks.

A friend from our church was related to the prominent white lawyer who represented Mrs. Parks in her suit.



Hi All. I have finally found my way back here. Microsoft did in my computer with their automatic 'updates'. I have a letter into the CEO of Microsoft. Doubt if he will reply. I claimed elder abuse by Microsoft  and asked for a remit of the cost to repair my computer. I really should claim theft as in mu=y opinion that is what Microsoft commits -they have no right to steal from me.  Lost all installed soft ware, photos,-more plus time and $$.


Good luck with your claim of elder abuse, Diglady!  I agree that Microsoft has no right to steal from you--or any of their customers.  I hope you are compensated for your loss--but I'm afraid they will probably disregard your complaint,  IMO, we seniors don't count for much when we're up against corporations.  They seem to have government collusion on their side.



Thank you Sue. I think Microsoft is anti people. Period. Unlike most companies that we have known they believe the customer is WRONG.

The thing I find interesting is that many companies have the same problem as I do re: automatic updates but they rely on another program to get around the problem. Wish we could all sue!   :tickedoff:

I would sue for loss of freedom, false entry into my space and theft of my personnel property.


Microsoft ruined Seattle - we are so happy that Amazon is NOT choosing Denver.  It could not get any more crowded.

We could not vote this year because the ballots cannot be forwarded.  The city of Denver always rules the entire state anyway. 

Finally, tomorrow the television ads will be over here in Tucson.  It has been so overwhelming and nasty - really must be millions of dollars wasted on t.v. posts.  Wishing they could have given that money to a real crisis here within the state - many super problems. 

I hope I have not confused you with three cities.  Seattle - my home town.  Denver - children are there as well as our home - Tucson, we come here for a few months in the winter (which is pretty mild this year). 

Sue and Dig:  Agreeing with you on loss of privacy for sure.  We are being herded and it will be even more so with the younger generation.   


Hello......I am having a hard time posting....don't know what the problem is, but did the site go down again??   Emma


Hi Emma.  I see your post, so it worked.  I don't know if there is anything wrong with the site.  Try e-mailing Bubble who often knows how to fix things like this.



Hi all, Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season.

Politics has taken the place of Barnum Baily Circus as entertainment! Mother nature does not like a vacuum.  B&B gone soo


This has become very political: Abortion.

IMO, it is not about abortion it is about control over women. Abortion per se is secondary. Women need to stand up for the total control of their bodies. I would also suggest that women start legislation re: ED medication (Viagra, Cialis (sp?) etc . No man over 25 years of age eligible to receive any ED medication.

 IMO This is not a party issue-it is a female having power over their own bodies.

Nor is it a religious issue. Catholics Church has claimed power over the female body for years and years. And the far religious right is doing the same.

Stand up women! Own yourself.


Dig, this is a big problem in Alabama now.  The Religious Right Wing controls our legislature and they have criminalized Abortion for all women, despite the reasons for it.  The case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court, but who knows what the outcome will be--and the case also refuses abortion to women who have been raped and/or are victims of incest!  Unfortunately our legislature is dominated by extremely conservative men.  I doubt seriously that the legislature will take individual cases into consideration.  This is totally disgusting IMO!



Women need to stand up for ownership and control of their bodies. I still say it is about control. So how do we turn the tables on them? A confused thought: Limit the ED medications they like-Cialis, Viagra. It is a US war ( Uterus vs Sperm war)