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Mar 27 2020 9:27am
Pooch1: Click on "Chat" above, Lloyd.  Nice to see you again.  How's the horses?

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get this thing to work right, so sweet dreams and good night

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get a complete paragraph all together, so good night and sweet dreams.

Mar 27 2020 12:13am
Lloyd Hammond: morning. i am struggling with this one big time. when this place gets full it post;s it on it self.

Mar 27 2020 12:08am
Lloyd Hammond: hello my regular computer is the repair shop. it is past my bedtime so i am going to shut this of for tonight. i hope to see you all in the morning. it is raining here now again light. Ihope to get my regular computer back to morrow and put this one in the

Mar 14 2020 11:18am
brian: never  knew CHAT    had appeared above------   I was the  one  who turned   him onto it !!!!

Mar 14 2020 9:50am
Pooch1: As a simple courtesy to you.  If you wish to interact with chatters, click on "Chat" above instead of complaining (LOLing) that Shoutbox isn't busy.

Mar 13 2020 11:52pm
brian: so why are you    on it?

Tell us about Yourself!

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 10:54:58 am

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Molly, glad you found us, glad to see you.  Prays still go to your family

Gloria de (deAngel)

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Hi Lindancer
Just realised your name change.

How are you?



Hi Molly good to see you made the transition.
Come to US again? I'm afraid now it is  in the realm of dreams.
Too far, too difficult I am afraid.
I would love better to go back to Egypt and find some traces of my grand mother/father who came to Cairo as  young  couple and are buried there. We tried in vain to find their resting place when we visited in '83.  My mother was born there and studied  in The Alliance School.


Hi Bubble - Thanks for your welcome to this new site!  As I began to read your message, the phone rang and Mohamed was calling from Egypt.  I smiled as I read your post to him and asked "are you ready to meet one of our long-time friends?"  His Family home is in Giza (near the Pyramids), but he recently bought a new apartment in Cairo and teaches at a small university there.

It's really great to have this site working for all of us.  I truly missed not being able to interact with SN Friends.  Now if I could only figure out how to get a photo alongside my posts!  I seem to recall that many years ago I sent a photograph in the regular Mail to one of the SN Ladies and she added it to my posts, then returned the photo to me.  Perhaps I could do that again.

Jeanne Lee

Molly, no need for that.  If you have a photo on your computer you want to use with your name, just attach it to an email to me and I'll be glad to take care of it for you.

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It's nice to see so many familiar names.  Thanks, Pat, and Oldiesman, for all your work in setting up this site again.

I usually post on "Talk About Politics."   Politics in the country has been so heated that I have taken a break from getting the latest information.

Hope all of you are well and cheerful.  I'm in California, and we've had enough rain to green up the grass and enough snow on the Sierra to help the water table some.

Greetings to all!


Hi MeriJo
Good to see your post and see you on the new seniors and friends



Mary, welcome home.  Now get yourself over to Politics where you belong.... ;D


Hi Hal
Your right the politics site is not the same without Mary.



Glad to be back with Seniors & Friends. I posted under the name Emily, but since I had trouble signing in I changed to Emma and it was excepted, so Emma it is.



Hi Emma, welcome back!  I hope to "see" you in some of our interesting discussion. It's fun.


Hi Emma
Welcome back to seniors & friends



Just wanted to check in. I see some names have been changed; my old one seemed to have made it, and even my password! I'm still most interested in photography, but have been posting mostly in the Mini-challenges. Otherwise I'm doing a lot of archeological (read: genealogical) work, hitting brick walls  :crazy2: often, but in between I like to see what's going on the games section (words, words, words!  :smitten:).

Love "listening" to all you cool people, and would miss that terribly if this site were irreparably gone!
Kats are krazy, kalm or kollected, but mostly kôôl


Hi rutumi
Good to see your post.

Will you post in the word games?



Hi rutumi -
Good to have you back with us.  I've enjoyed seeing the unique photos you've posted in the various challenges, over the years.  Looking forward to more! :thumbup:


I just got in after one of S&Fs regular posters told of your crash in March.  I asked about Persian and told me that she now goes by Molly and is usually in BB.  Now I can't find that discussion on your list of links. I was in this morning and posted to Molly , MaryZ and MaryPage.
I posted on the Back Porch and a prayer site plus Organic Living which I assume has been joined with Diane's discussion which belong together anyway.
I was Adoannie and Ann Alden on SN and here.  So now I am AnnieA here, Adoannie on SL.
Thanks to Pat and Oldiesman for bringing S&Fs back to life!  I missed all the warmth and friendliness that  I felt here.
Ann Alden


Annie...Bosom Buddies (BB) is in the Medical folder as most of us there are breast cancer survivors.

Here's a link:

Lloyd Hammond

well Last evening my G D ran a clean up ? on this computer took out all old stuff. is faster again but it took out lot of stuff I knew how to go and do.

Hope I reply again. seen Denver late post but cant do reply,another learning curve.


Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. wish you all a great day.


Lloyd Hammond

I can view soda shop today but have no reply there?