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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 PM

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The storm we had is now making its way through the US, 90 million people and 37 states are feeling the effects.


Darlene, how wonderful that Johnny doesn't need treatment now and that they will just keep checking him. What a blessing to you and your family. It's not gone, but the next best thing.

Jane & Mary, it's cold here too. Down to 29 last night. High of 40 + today. Not as bad as both of you have and no snow. Still able to get out. Took Bunny on her walk at noon.

No real news here. Just getting caught up on some things. Decs down on Monday. Cleaning girl Wed. Bridge Tues. etc.  Same ole.

Patricia, you have had a time this winter. I hope it evens out for you now.

Stay warm and stay healthy everyone. Sharon


Saturday morning greetings!

A nicer 17 degrees here, but I'm not getting out!🤭

I woke up early for me, but lolled around in bed for a bit.  Finally got up, showered, and put away the folded laundry from yesterday. 

Good to see Sharon is here.  I thought of you as I went around Indianapolis and saw signs for Martinsville.  There's all kinds of construction in downtown Indy and Columbus, so I got the scenic route around the south of both cities!🤪

Hope everyone is ok... MaryPage, Patricia, Darlene, Maryz, Marilyn, Alpiner, Tome



It's continuing to take me endless minutes for a forum to load.  I hope Michael can get that fixed today.

I've emailed the Buddies I have emails for and hope everyone stays healthy.

It's a crisp 4 degrees here this morning, and I'm staying INSIDE again....big surprise, huh. 



Finally able to sign in today...hope everyone is doing OK have a good rest of day


Hi, Darlene,
I think Michael fixed the problem with a reset of the server. 

Quiet day here.



Jane, I'm back after two days, finally back on after one and a half days You don't realize what something means until it's gone. I'm a grouch these days, so bear with me.

With Covid raging (Wednesday and Thursday past), saw 1000 new cases in 48 hours... plus most of December's snow is still sitting where it fell (They collected only where necessary, leaving narrow lanes in roads and highways), so I spent my time on email and Youtube.

My sister emailed a couple of days ago; my niece and her husband caught Covid from a friend. They both were in the hospital, but he quickly was sent home while she was still there with Covid and now pneumonia. Idaho is another place inundated with Covid. I don't understand how some people care nothing for their fellow humans.

We've had minus thirty to minus forty since Thursday evening, but they say next week will warm up. I need to get out there, even if it's only to walk around one of the parking lots!


We're to also warm up but the NW wind is keeping it chilly here.  I did get out in the car to the shop to get my hair cut and cut and thinned.  I asked Kristal is I was her only old lady who needed her hair thinned and she laughed and said "YES!"  I always get tired of the short "do" and let it grow and then realize I can't really handle it anymore so go in for a "shearing" as I did today.  You'd think I'd learn...but I don't.   :o

I then decided to stop and get lunch (and dinner) at the Pub nearby, so I'm set for tonight too with a crispy chicken white meat salad.  Off then to WalMart, but it was crowded and I decided not to venture in...will wait until it warms up and I can go earlier in the day.  Back home and will try to make a list so I can do a pickup in a few days. 

Take care, Friends, and stay safe and healthy,



Good morning from an Interior that has warmed up from a week of minuses to a week or two of pluses. Of course, that means we have another snow advisory, blowing snow and wind chills. That must be the meaning of what is happening outside my window today.

A large grader with military markings has a small fleet of seven city dump trucks following it as it scrapes its way along the street. It's a coordinated action as when the dump truck fills and leaves; another one moves up on the left. Of course, the four feet or so of filled sidewalks remain.

Wednesday, management will clear our parking lots and hopefully our sidewalks. Taxis, mail, and delivery trucks have issued a ban on entering our parking lots, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with it...

This year's paradox is that it both slammed the record books in Interior's snow amount and climate changes.

Tomorrow, I'll be going outside for the first since the third as the unnecessary travel ban has lifted.


Patricia, it would have to warm up an awful lot for me to take a walk at your place.  Hang in there. Thaws will come.

Jane, I'm glad you got out some today. I have thick hair too and keep mine short, but I like it that way. Right now, it is a little shorter than I want, but it's getting better.  We've had rain and below freezing temps at night and 40's in the daytime and that is unusual for us. 50's are the average in Jan. here. However, I did take Bunny for her noon walk today.Not as long as sometimes but longer than yesterday.

Nothing going on today. Bridge tomorrow.  We are understaffed in our kitchen due to people out with Covid, so  our meals have been a little weird. Not much choice. Our minister here at Brookdale and his wife have both had Covid but wasn't back yesterday because they could find a place to get tests! And of course, can't come back till they get a negative test.

Oh, one bright note, my grandson, Scottie, who is studying for his PhD in English Lit took his Orals Friday and passed with flying colors! He had to read over 200 books and comprehend them to prepare over 214 days. Now he can begin his dissertation.  He teaches Eng Lit at a community college nearby to pay his way. This is at U of MI.

Jane, the reason for all the construction around Indy is that they are extending the new interstate 69 from KY to MI. They took it right through the edge of Martinsville, so I won't even recognize the area when I go back.

They've been working on it forever.

Stay well and stay warm and Hi to all I didn't mention.  Sharon


CONGRATULATIONS to Scottie, Sharon!  That's  one big hurtle over.



I agree, good for Scottie! My second cousin is a professor in Kansas and has had to jump through many hurdles in an expensive education, so  I know a little about how daunting and expensive such a career goal may be.


Wow, Sharon!  Your grandson had to read almost a book a day!  Wow!  Well, I could, and did, do that when I was very young.  I have the bad habit of falling asleep over my reading these days!

Seriously, you must be very proud of him.  I'M proud of him!

We are cold, but clear.


January 11, 2022, 05:45:07 PM #11083 Last Edit: January 11, 2022, 05:50:06 PM by Marilyn
Well here I am. I didn't realize it had been a week since I ws last here.

I fell yesterday morning and notified Sonya that I needed to see a Dr and get x-rays, the next thing i hear is Gilbert  calling that he is on his way here to take me to the Hospital ER. We the  triage nurse finally came outside where they had us waiting and said she could take my information but it would be  a long wai, So I left telling them I m not going to wait.

I called my dr office to try for a referral to get x-ray;s but was told to go to Eureka urget care.  Gilbert stayed here with Keith and Sonya's mom Jeanie took me.  TThe knee is NOT broken all bones are intact. Arthritis and pulled ligament and tendons. Go home and Ice for 48 hours then heat, Got it wrapped in and Ace wrap.

Today I am doing better but I still can't drive I don't know if I could switch to the brake if necessary in a hurry.

Please excuse any errors as I am n ot ging to go back to correct them at this time.


Marilyn...glad the knee wasn't broken.  I saw a woman I know from the bank who was in a full leg brace thing like football players wear sometimes.  She said she broke her kneecap and had to have surgery...pins and screws and other hardware. 

I heard from a friend this morning who said the hospital here is full ... again...and there's no place to send patients who need extra care.  One guy coded while she was there, but they got him back...but no bed for him anywhere.   ::)

Also heard from her that a man, 74, who'd died a few days ago was suffering from Covid.  He was a big dairy farmer here...and his wife had told me before Christmas he wouldn't get the vaccine...a very conservative whatever....and so he's dead.  Yep...his body...his choice...but why are they going to the hospitals if they don't believe the science?  :uglystupid2:    OK>>>stepping off my soapbox. 

Much warmer today...low 30s and some melting of ice.  Snow to come.  I'm waiting on the water conditioner man with bags of salt.  The time is between 9 and 3!  I HATE that kind of "time line"...but no choice.  Then I want to take some big cardboard boxes to a dumpster that our garbage/recycle people have for cardboard.  My recycle bin is full and this box won't fit.

Hope everyone is healthy and warm and safe!



Marilyn, I'm so sorry about your knee. I know how it can hurt as I spent thirteen weeks after my February fall, lying mainly flat on my back. Take it easy, and don't push yourself. Ask for help if you need to.

Jane, I have no answers. They're even turning on themselves. The US is last on a ranking of healthcare systems among 11 of the wealthiest countries in the world, despite spending the highest percentage of its GDP on healthcare, according to a new report via the Guardian, and is ranked 46th in life expectancy.

Alaska's surpassing last year in the number of new cases but deaths are down due to more vaccinated.


Marilyn, sorry about the fall, but glad there was no fracture to deal with. Take it easy and hope for quick healing.

Our temps have moderated here, and the sun is shining - at least for the next few days. Then they're talking about a rain/snow mix over the weekend.  More of the usual, I'm afraid.

I haven't heard anything about overcrowding in our local hospital, and didn't notice or hear anything from staff while I was there over Christmas. I hate hearing all those horror stories, though, and don't even want to get into it.

Stay warm and dry, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Jane, I just received a free upgrade to my lifeline which can go anywhere, in or out of the water and uses the cellular towers and GPS to communicate. The system is assumed to always be on except when taking it on an airplane.

I don't wear my device while sleeping, it sets off false alarms, but it's placed nearby within reach. It's alerted twice when I've had a fall, including the one in February.

You cannot see attachments on this board.



I just don't "get it."  When I was a child, you could not get into kindergarten, let alone First Grade, without a scar shown of a smallpox vaccination.  And yes, that program did away with Smallpox in our entire country!

So I am not figuring out how the difference in attitudes came about between then and now.  I am told it is a whole building full of Russians who use Facebook and other of our Social Media to fill our heads with untruths about our vaccines.  Well, I have no trouble believing that.

Patricia, I have read quite recently that the PermaFrost is melting and that there is a lot of stuff in it that, when it does melt, will actually increase the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.  What know you about this/


MaryPage, this is our latest, "Alaska recorded back-to-back record-breaking daily COVID-19 case counts on Monday and Tuesday as the omicron variant squeezes hospital capacity and staffing in Anchorage, where most of the infections have been reported.

The state health department tallied 1,967 new COVID cases on Monday and 2,414 cases on Tuesday, smashing records set last week.

So far, the state hasn't reported a similar spike in hospitalizations, but some Anchorage hospitals say they are seeing more COVID patients, and more staff are calling in sick, forcing them to make tough decisions about patient care and visitors."

While many nations such as Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans see no problem with helping push misinformation, the most prominent perpetrators are our politicians! The hubris they push is only equaled by their greed.

Yes, that's true about the carbon, has been true for many years, and nothing has been done, so now we wait and see what comes next. It's too late to change what will come; we can only hope to alleviate disasters.


Afternoon, Buddies!

Patricia...the one I signed up for is also called "On the Go," and I'll carry a small (soapbar size) GPS monitor in my purse when I leave the house.  I also elected to buy the wrist band as well as the necklace...sometimes necklaces bother me...and I also have the fall protection and a "button" for the shower.  It still came to less than the plain On the Go with my discount because I have ADT home alarm.  I also liked that there's no contract...month to month  but price is locked in...and all who monitor the calls are ADT people IN the United States. 

MaryPage...I don't get it either, but, as my Dermatologist said when talking about why people won't get vaccinated, "You can't fix stupid." 

 It's warmed up to 40, so I took myself out for a very short walk...only on sidewalk that was clear and dry.  Not far, but a start.  I also filled my largest bird feeder and went out to Farm Fleet and got more seed for the coming cold weather...and maybe snow??? 

I got worried I'd forgotten someone in my new will...and was fretting about it when I thought...so go down to the file cabinet and look, You Goofy Person!  AND, no I hadn't forgetten one of Ray's nieces...all listed there.  BIG relief.  I worry about the weirdest things at times. Too much time here alone, I guess.   :o

On YouTube, I've been watching some of the Super Nanny episodes.  HOW people live with their children so out of control is incredible.  It sure wasn't like that when I grew up.  ONE look from Mom was enough to curb any even thinking about doing something.  Same speech whenever we went into a store..."DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!"  In those clips, kids are running wild and grabbing whatever they want.

Enough rambling from me.



A potent winter storm is forecast to wallop tens of millions of people across the central, southern and eastern USA with snow, ice, wind and rain over the next few days.

"Get ready, a major snowstorm is coming," AccuWeather meteorologist Bernie Rayno warned.

The Weather Channel, which named the sprawling storm Izzy, said it is likely to produce "major travel headaches" from North Dakota down to northern Georgia and up to Maine.

The first area to see snow Friday will be the upper Midwest, where winter storm warnings, watches and weather advisories were issued by the National Weather Service. A wide swath of 6 to 12 inches of snowfall is expected to encompass the eastern Dakotas to western Minnesota and Iowa, AccuWeather said.

"There will be a band of heavy snow that generally extends from the eastern Dakotas and Minnesota southward to at least much of Missouri and maybe the Ozarks in Arkansas," said AccuWeather meteorologist Matt Benz. Minneapolis, Des Moines, St. Louis and Kansas City are all in the path of the storm.

On Friday and into Saturday, "difficult driving conditions are likely throughout this region as roads become snow covered," according to the weather service.



January 13, 2022, 07:01:15 PM #11093 Last Edit: January 13, 2022, 07:19:05 PM by Marilyn
I am with all y'all. I DON"T GET IT either!!! Gilbert and Sonja  refuse to get the shot. Sonja works at the High school and said she would quit if they mandated the shots. A friend of mine is in the hospital in Arizona on a ventilator with some of his organs shutting down and his wife told me they refuse the shots as well WHAT the HELL IS WRONG With people. Like you said Jane "You can't fix Stupid".  Not to be political but both  Dems and Repbs are refusing to get shots. What about all the little children in the hospitals now. Their parents are  so stupid. Off my soapbox noe.

I am seriously thinking of getting  one of those On The Go  monitors. I can't take any more falls. So I will look into it forthwith.

My leg is getting better. the pain is behind the knee and down my leg. However, I did manage to take the dogs on one walk today on our usual route around on of the park blocks( where I live. mobile home park) I even drove myself to the store for a bottle of wine. LOL

Tomorrow I will be going to lunch with Jeannie, sice oue power will be off from 9 to 5 tomorrow while some electrical work is one in the park she will not be sewing all day. WQe usually manage  all but one Friday a month to go to lunch.

I will be talking with a group that does respite and also zoom meetings for the caregivers (me) So maybe I can get someone to sit with Keith on Sundays while I am at church for 4 hours.  I have to be there at 9 am for an hour  music  practice.  The Sunday school after that befreo the service starts. Then we sing  for 45 minutes for the Pastor give his message. It is actually respite for me.


I've gotten very good about wearing my pendant all the time (even in the shower). I was keeping it nearby all the time on my walker, but this last episode convinced me otherwise

We're due to get accumulating snow on Sunday, beginning on rain and rain/snow mix on Saturday. Hooray!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Marilyn...lots of companies out there...hard to choose, I found.

Maryz...my sister and niece Patricia  both were 100% in agreement since both are so far away. 

Patricia...forecast right on!

At 8:00 am, I went out to store 1/2 mile away for salads I like for the weekend, and all was clear.  I only had 3 items, so out in 20 minutes.  Snow coming down and by return 1/2 mile trip, everything is covered!  For snow experts...it's the tiny little flakes and strong wind.  That's what usually piles up.  It was supposed to start this afternoon. Guess snow didn't get the memo!



Our power will be off all day while some electrical work in being done in the park.


Back in the Long Ago & Far Away, when I was still hale & hearty, I liked doing volunteer work.  For years, I drove for two sisters I called "The Old Darlings."  I often spoke of them in here.

Emma, the younger, lost her driving license when she was about ninety.  I drove her down to Glen Burnie to the Motor Vehicle headquarters several times so she could take the tests again, but she flunked every time, and after a while, she ran out of times.  Mina, the elder, never did drive!

So they were able to stay in their apartment.  Like me, they shuddered at the thought of institutional living.  Hey, it isn't for everyone!

They had been doing volunteer work at the hospital for years & years by then, and the group there worked out drivers to keep them going with that.  Several other friends of theirs picked them up and brought them home from various organizational doings they attended mutually; especially Bingo at the VFW Hall!

Emma died at age 93, but I kept on with Mina.  It got so that I was taking her lots of places where they'd had driving support before.  I slightly resented these groups being so remiss, but hung in there.  Mina lived in her apartment until her death, at age 103!

I notice groups working with the aged have taken to bragging lately that "the first humans who will live to 150 years of age have already been born."  No, I tend to doubt that.

No Scientist, I; but I love reading Scientific books written for laypeople such as I.  My musings are not based upon statistics or studies.  I go by personal observations and my own body.  I come from a number of lines of long-living women.  I will be 93 in May.  My mother had a sister who lived to 101; she is the oldest related to me I know about.

The thing is, EVERYthing in the body falls apart.  We can almost see and hear the various sections dropping off bits & pieces, from tiny to chunks, on a daily basis.  There is no such thing as these returning to their former duties, or the body parts being restored to blooming health again.  It just don't work that way, Folks!

So my mind just cannot wrap around that "we're all going to see 150 years of Life" slogan.  Mebbe with a lot more remodeling from Evolution.  Not from normal wear & tear.  Me, I'm aiming for my century, and the Big Celebration every last soul related to me has promised to be present at.  My 90th, just before Covid came to command the stage, was barrels of fun.  We'll see.

Winterish-looking, but pretty day here on the bay.  We are in, they are telling us, for some fairly nasty weather.  Oh, and the reason for all my ruminations on The Old Darlings: all the comments about your Alarm arrangements.  Mina had something similar, and I am hoping they have better plans now.  Hers had a call center answer, and when she said she was on the floor, they called from a list they had.  I was 1st on the list.  I would drop what I was doing and drive over to Mina's and let myself in with a key she had provided me.  Then I would assess the situation and call 911, or not.  Mostly, I called, and then waited until they came.  I did not much like that routine, and I hope they have improved upon it now.  As for myself, I have my son Chip living with me and checking on me constantly.  Also, we have invested in Baby Monitors.  I can pick one up in several places where I spend a lot of time and push the button and he is right with me almost instantly.

Works for us!  Whatever works for you is the BEST for you!

love & hugs


January 14, 2022, 12:52:41 PM #11098 Last Edit: January 14, 2022, 12:59:53 PM by patricia19
MaryPage, I can't say if I could or would like to live to or over one hundred. I'm disabled, balance and eyes, always have been since a serious illness directly after birth. My family, both sides, have an odd tendency of dying at age eighty-seven although my paternal uncle, oldest of sixteen outlived them all and died at age one hundred and one! Up until a generation past mine, everyone on both sides other than my family were farmers. None were rich but all needed to be hard working.

My unit alerts a  local hospital. If I don't answer their response, an ambulance is sent to my location per the included GPS. I can go anywhere there is GPS and cell towers and I can go into the water. And mine is far from the top of the line.


Marilyn, so glad the knee isn't broken and that you're beginning to get around some. Have you tried Voltaren on the knee and tendons to reduce the pain? It really helps mine.  There's a generic out that's cheaper too.

I agree with all of you about those that refuse to get vaccinated. They just have a screw loose in my opinion. Maybe this pandemic is God's way of thinning out the population like the plague did in the middle ages.

Jane, your life line thingy looks like it is top of the line. I do hope it works well for you.  Patricia, yours looks good too.

I took Bunny for her walk this noon. It was still chilly, but I figured I better walk her a little farther since we're due to get all the bad weather over the weekend. Possibility of snow, sleet, and ice even here! But also possibly just a cold rain.

I have no desire to live to 100 unless I am no worse than I am now and I can't believe that. My mother lived to 90 1/2 and her last 2 years were sad.

No other news here. Stay in and stay warm and safe.  Sharon