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May 28, 2022, 06:33:38 AM

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May 01 2022 8:01pm
Astro: Mycheal:  Anything is better than this last long winter.  They seem to get longer with each passing year.  Stay well!

Apr 22 2022 8:01pm
mycheal: Astro, hope your dancing and singing in the rain :) jj~

Apr 10 2022 8:55pm
Oldiesmann: FYI. you can now get to this site via seniorsandfriends.com as well as the regular .org (the .com will redirect you). Figured it might make things a bit easier to remember :)

Feb 17 2022 10:45am
Skhilled: Except for me, Oldiesmann. I'm only 60 so "almost" a senior. LMAO

Feb 08 2022 8:25am
so_P_bubble: Hi Nitah, great to see you back. Do you still do PSP? We need new creators there! or posts in the Holiday cards section...

Feb 06 2022 12:00am
NitaH: Hi, everyone.  I am back...on my laptop. :)  I was surprised to see my name mentioned since I've been gone.  It feels good.  Once I get the site figured out gain, I'll be posting.  :)

Feb 03 2022 4:19pm
Oldiesmann: Welcome janezka! I'm probably the only one here who's not a senior (I'm almost 40) but I handle the technical side of things, so if you have any questions, just ask :)

Feb 03 2022 12:57pm
so_P_bubble: Hi Janezka! welcome.  Try the forum and look around to see what might interest you. The Soda Shoppe is the place where you will meet most of the members.

Feb 03 2022 7:19am
janezka: My name is Jonas and I live in San Diego. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and attending social events.I enjoy most things if i am with the right person.  I live near Mission Trails.I like to walk on the Lake or relax in nature. Love to dance an

Jan 09 2022 4:42pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome :)


Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 PM

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I know what you mean, Jane. First, we had a week of blue skies and sunny weather, and then yesterday afternoon, and today, it's been a steady drizzle.


Here's wishing everyone a Happy Mothers Day....I. Will be sharing a meal with son and DIL..as for the weather...Texas HOT...99 to 100 next 2 days


Now that's hot, CC! Have a great time with family!


Happy Mother's Day to all, even us Honorary Mothers!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."



I've been very indulged today.  Visits, calls, more flowers, then more flowers, goodies to eat, and more flowers.  I love it when this apartment smells like a flower shoppe. 

One of the advantages, perhaps the best one, of owning a Keurig one-cup coffee maker is that you can blissfully ignore the packages of pods for it in the groceries and other stores and go on line to see what's out there.  Thus I discovered wonderful cartons full of mixtures of coffees from the world over and here in the Americas, giving me a chance to sample them all!  Or at least most of them.  Now I am going to make a blatantly positive statement, not that I've never been accused of doing that before:  PEET'S is the best.

A lot of people have told me that, and they were right on!

Another thing:  you can bring your calculator up to your computer and check out the cost per cup of the various collected offerings.  My latest box has cost me thirty-three cents per cup of coffee.  33¢  You can't beat that ANYwhere today, albeit I can remember going to soda fountains where they charged a nickel.  Yes, five cents.  A cup!  5¢

I do this with hot chocolates, as well.  I have decided I really don't like the white ones, but have discovered some others that must have been created by the angels in Heaven.

Chip likes to make cups of tea with pods, but I likes me tea the way I likes to drink me tea, so I stick with bags and do not order the pods.  I believe the English have not yet gotten over the shock of the depravity of teabags versus the real stuff on the loose. 

We all, every single one of us including identical twins, differ by at least a sliver; so when I tell you Peet's is the best, that is what my senses tell me.  Just try that brand, if and when you get an opportunity so to do.  And yes, I use Decaf, always; yet it always tastes of a full roast and fills my mouth with intense pleasure.


Yes, ma'am MaryPage.  Peets is the best, and have both pods and the ground kind. My ground kind is De-Caf, but like you say, the flavor is like full roast.  Ran across a pod that I like real well, it was on sale in the grocery store, Community Coffee, New Orleans Blend.  Not for everyone I'm sure 'cause it is a "dark roast" coffee, and really wakes you up in the A.M.  But it is a nice change-of-pace since I do drink my Peet's every morning.


When I lived in Louisiana, most of the coffee they drank had chicory in it.  I do not know whether they still drink it that way, or not; as that was clear back in 1945!


Hi Gals. We are free of Covid now! Thurs, my first day out of isolation, I got a manicure, bought groceries (my goodness, the price now) then home to put away stuff, have lunch, then over to the clubhouse to finish the newsletter. Erica printed the proofs on Friday, we met and consolidated proofs, Sat, then I corrected the draft and Erica is supposed to print it today! I also got my hair cut and styled Friday.Went to church yesterday and talked to all 3 kids. Brian sent me beautiful flowers! Temps down in low 60's yesterday, but to be in 70's the rest of this week.

Marilyn, I never use my debit card except at the ATM. If it is skimmed, they can empty your whole bank account. Sorry K watches the news all the time. I watch it at night and that's all, but John watches it frequently during the day, but in his den so it doesn't bother me. Glad K is doing better otherwise.

Mary Page, I'm with you, I love fresh flowers. John also loves Peets, but it is too strong for me. I drink Folgers instant decaf with Coffeemate in it. So you can see, I'm not wild about coffee. One cup in the AM and that's it for me.

Jane, sorry your lawn person didn't show. Take it easy.

Thank you, Darlene, for your concern. Because we had the vaccines, ours was just like a bad head cold.

Alpiner, I put my hearing aids in the charger when I go to bed and they are fully charged in the morning. If yours aren't, go back to where you got them. They must be faulty.

Patricia, if your Dr. recommended hearing aids, I would definitely get them. They make a wonderful difference.

Mary, I hope you had a good mother's day too.

If we ever hear back from our auto insurance authorizing a rental car, we can go get it and leave our car at the body shop. They finally have time for us.

Have a good day, everyone & stay safe.  Sharon


Good morning, it's been a rainy Friday and weekend, continuing this morning. Here, this means, besides flooding from moving ice jams along the rivers, that green-up is close. There's a reason that Green up and Breakup are capitalized in the Arctic

Since our already short but intense summer has started so late, I'm hoping this means that fall and winter will also be late.

Sharon, we recently,  came out of a twenty-six-month-long lockdown as a city because of high pandemic levels and medical care other than emergencies was scarce. This building is still in lockdown but I suspect that's more on laziness. All rec rooms and amenities remain closed and staff is minimal. Our first apartment inspections, mine is on Thursday, will be the first in those twenty-six months.



Good hot and windy Monday!

I see Texas is roasting...112 at the border and over 100 almost everywhere else.  WAY too early for those temps, to me.  We're to get that heat wave this week, too. 

Nothing else new here. 

Stay safe and healthy,



I'm jealous, Jane. We're in the midst of our fourth rainy day, and even though it brings flowers, I wish all that rain would go away! And take with it our current 36 degrees!

Mitchell Expressway at the corner where it joins Richardson HWY is closed due to flooding, as is Barnette Street and Cushman, both located close by rivers.


When I have trouble falling asleep, which is most nights, I pretend I'm a coma patient who can hear those speaking around me. Sometimes this helps and often not if used too often in succession.

I just watched this Ted Talk where a man has used light drumming to tapping exercise nightly and gone from perhaps four hours to seven and a half hours of sleep nightly. He explains that the brain recognizes, likes, and follows regular rhymic patterns. He used nodding your head to music as an example. Perhaps his actions might help you sleep.

I want to see if it works for me.




We have just passed out of 3 or 4 days of constant rain & drizzle, with everything turned to shades of grey and all the world in darkest dis pair.  It was not stormy right outside, though.  Only the waters of the great bay itself were in a disturbed mood, with frothy waves from shore to shore, as opposed to a clear and quiet middle channel bordered by waves just for beach embroidery.  Today was to go up into the fifties, and I do believe. at least in the blazing sun, we have exceeded those numbers.  During the Great Grey no boats ventured out whatsoever, but today white sails are frolicking all about the place.  Yay Sun!  Yay sailboats!  Yay COLORS!  The colors of shiny emerald green lawns, blue-blue skies, pinks and whites and yellows of Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Tra-la! 


Patricia...sorry about the flooding...scary stuff.

MaryPage...the colors you describe sound gorgeous. 

Just HOT here...84 for us now seems very hot, though Darlene will chuckle, I'm sure. 

I was reading of the high temps in TX and in India.  I've never been to India...but I've seen enough pictures to know I DON'T want to be there in 100+ temps or probably any temps, if I'm honest.   

Not much accomplished today...the usual laundry that's folded and put away.

I did drive down to mail a sympathy card to a high school friend whose husband (also a classmate) had passed this morning. 

Stay healthy and safe,



Jane, now it's snowing...


Unbelievable, Patricia.

 80 here at 9:00 am and humid! 

I'm back from errands at the grocery store, Walmart, bank, card store, farm and fleet.  The AC here feels wonderful.

 First time inside the bank since Covid started.  Lots of new faces.



When I woke this morning at seven, there was white on the roofs and lawns. By eight-thirty, the white was melted, and we're back to rain and 43 again. Today's forecast is for mixed snow and rain, and the skies aren't cloudy; they're white.

Today is part of a deeper clean for my first apartment inspection, Thursday. I don't know if they'll start at the top or the bottom of the building, but I expect my turn will be on Friday or Monday if they run into issues elsewhere. It's the first return to regular biyearly structural inspections since early 2020.

They're also attempting a termed soft opening of the rec rooms on each floor. They stress in their notice that "The social rooms are for residents and employees only." And "ask that residents continue to practice safe behavior in the common areas."They further ask that the "number of residents congregating in the first-floor social room to no more than ten residents or staff at one time." I hope this means they're returning to pre-pandemic staffing.

They further stress that those using the rec rooms make use of  provided hand sanitizers, "Practice social distancing and be respectful of your neighbor's wishes regarding social distancing." They finish by adding if you feel sick, please do not enter the community spaces.

On the one hand, there's management, staff, and residents. If residents want something, then the term independent residency is stressed.


Greetings from the sweltering heartland!  93.6 now and tomorrow to be hotter.  We're to get a break on Friday. 

I picked up 5 prescriptions this morning, and was again astounded by 2 that were cheaper without my Part D prescription insurance.  90 Evista = $54.97 cash. ($376.09 if the use my insurance.) My new one Leflunomide is $19.77 for 30 ...$140.16 if run thru my insurance.  I suggest you make sure your pharmacy checks both ways.   :(

That's all I did downtown.  Came home and switched into a loose top and shorts. 

I do need to fill my oriole feeder with grape jelly.  They are so beautiful.

Covid cases on the rise...be careful!



Supposed to be near 90 here today. And the building a/c is not working properly. At least the individual ones in the rooms seem to be okay...so far.

I'm going for my mani/pedi/haircut tomorrow. Yea!!  I'm always ready for that.

Hope everybody is having a good week.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Mary...YIKES on the AC not working in the bldg.  Glad your individual unit is ok though. 

Stay safe,



Hello Buddies....yes we are roasting in my part of Texas....AC running non stop....we so need rain...Sharon glad you and hubby give over the Covid ok....I'm sure the vaccines helped...Jane sounds like it's hot in your area...be safe......I'm having to fill up my bird baths more often...the birds drink from it then jumpin and bathe....hi to everyone reading


Have all my Buddies been toasted by high temps like me?  96 and 98 the last two days in the middle of May has me approaching "well done" on the meat thermometer! 
This kind of heat absolutely wears me out.   :-\  ::)

Today is cooler...temp at 85 now and we're promised a break by Sunday. 

Eating cool things seems to help...salads and strawberries with milk, etc.

Stay safe, Buddies!



We have not had to endure any high temps here as yet this year.  But then again, we are on the shores of the humongous Chesapeake Bay.  We have temps about ten degrees cooler than Washington, D.C. and Baltimore in the warm months, and about ten degrees warmer in the cold months.  We almost always have a breeze.


You could be having our temps...

"Special Weather Statement issued May 12 at 1:23 PM AKDT by NWS Fairbanks


A weather front will move across the Interior today through Friday, bringing a mix of rain and snow to the area. Expect generally less than one inch of snow at valley level in the Fairbanks Area, 2 to 4 inches over higher terrain, and 6 to 10 inches in the Alaska Range. This front will continue to bring cool temperatures across the area with lows in the 20s to lower 30s, and highs in the 40s to around 50.

Rivers levels across the area remain elevated as breakup continues.

Breakup conditions can change rapidly so residents near rivers should remain vigilant and be prepared to move to higher ground."


Good morning, MaryPage and Patricia and all who come in later....

MaryPage...weather sounds ideal for you in such a beautiful setting.

Patricia...and I know river breakup is a very big deal in AK. 

All of the beautiful blooming of trees and plants has caused my allergies to explode. 

85 here at 11:30 am, but humidity is lower so a bit more bearable. 

Not much will be happening here, for sure!

Stay safe,



This day dawned foggy and misty and totally grey.  The fog has pretty much, not totally, but pretty much disbursed, but it is still very grey out there.  Whey are telling us we might see the sun before the afternoon is over.  Sure doesn't look like that at the moment, but anything can happen.  Our temps are in the seventies.  The waters are fairly calm, yet there is little boating activity.



Well, whad'da ya know!  The sun has come out!  Miracles happen.


Hi, Patricia...love the emojies (?)

and hurrah, MaryPage, for the sun after a grey afternoon!



Hi everyone...still roasting here...and very dry...it's going to be a long summer...but on a happy note will be going to my gdaughter high school graduation this Friday and a BBQ party for her on Sat....so exciting..she received a scholarship to go to college...not sure her major...hope everybody reading is having a great day...hopefully with cooler temps.....stay safe