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February 08, 2023, 09:23:44 PM

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Nov 24 2022 12:54am
Oldiesmann: That topic hasn't been locked so you should still be able to post there. You might get a warning though since nobody has posted in it for months, but you should still be able to ignore that warning and post.

Nov 14 2022 3:57pm
JeanneP: It still will not accept my postings. Trying to get into Larry Hanna Cooking Recipes that he spent so much time putting together. Had all the Bread Machine Recipes way back to Senior net. It shows up here but maybe it has been locked out now.

Aug 28 2022 10:13am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd Hammond.I mooved to garden city mo on zz hihway, I posted in on this shout yester day  Vanilla-Jackie If you can fix this thing/it it over my head what to do

Aug 27 2022 8:19pm
Lloyd Hammond: well I am still the same person just turned a year older today. nancy made me some half pies/cherrie. they are easy. the are made with large round biskets from a can, so easy. just pop the cane open seprate the biskets and role them out woth your doe rolin

Aug 24 2022 5:52am
junee: Beverly

Aug 10 2022 8:19pm
junee: Where do I post to Marilyn in Bait

Aug 03 2022 7:57pm
mycheal: Astro, ya better get a cutting some wood LOL

Jun 25 2022 11:32am
sunluver78: Thank you!  Looking forward to looking around and joining in.  Wishing everybody a happy Saturday! :)

Jun 17 2022 10:34pm
mycheal: Oh Astro, long winter, klong spring  hot cold wind and summer but for a day or two now and then :) Be well

Jun 13 2022 6:43pm
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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 PM

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I was watching TV last night when Chip came in my room and told me it was midnight in London and I should turn on the BBC.  Well, I did; and it was a GLORIOUS display!  I perked up like mad, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Hope most of you caught it, as well.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, Dear Friends!


It seems a lot of businesses are closed in our little town...but the eye glass place was open and they finally have my new lenses in....and I can SEE!Now to get down to the Drivers' License Bureau...at our Court House in the place where you pay your taxes. 

So, I dropped off my frames and put on my other pair of glasses and did my run to Walmart. 

The weatherguessers are talking about an ice storm coming in....but maybe it'll go north or maybe it'll to south.  Helpful, no?  :2funny:

I didn't see any of the NYE celebrations...I was safely in my bed and snoozing away....as Ray and I always were on this holiday. 

Stay safe and healthy.  I was the ONLY one in WalMart with a mask on, and another gentlemen of the "senior age" sort commented...saying he should be wearing one too, that there was so much covid and flu around. 

Stay safe and healthy in our New Year!!



Rainy, dreary day here...and sleet to move into the area...so I got myself down to the Court House...and hurrah...NO line...and I whizzed through the eye exam so all set for the next two years.
With no family near and no taxi/uber/whatever here, it's vital I have my license.

Now in for the day and let the weather do whatever.   :smiley6600:

Stay safe and healthy,



Just checking in....warm weather the next few days...then another round of cold...I'm cleaning today and bagging clothes to take to thrift shop....hope all are well and have a great week...stay well and safe


Very slow improvement - still exhausted after just a little effort. Baby steps!  We're supposed to have "normal" weather the rest of the week - after our super cold and unseasonably warm.  We'll see.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


For the curious among you and for those wanting a refresher;

Story by 365Traveler • Yesterday 5:11 AM



Mary...so glad you're slowly crawling out of the sick hole!  I just read an article that says this new variant will get those of us who haven't had Covid yet. 

Good to see Darlene and Patricia.

The weather guessers said sunny and warmer.  This morning was colder and a bit of snow. 
I did go out early (for me) to get my prescriptions and my rheumatologist's office denied my prednisone refill.  Not sure how I'm supposed to take it if I don't have any pills!  So, made a call to the office, and I left a message, so they'll "get back to me"...probably after the office closes at 5:00. 

I also got some groceries and stopped for breakfast of biscuits and gravy and bacon. 

I'm now watching the 13th vote for a Speaker of the House. 

Stay safe and healthy,



Jane, I love biscuits and gravy, especially if it's sausage gravy!

It was a favorite after-church Sunday breakfast growing up. Most of the time, my dad used milk gravy because it was simpler and went further.


Patricia...yes, sausage gravy...and a side order of bacon!  I was soooo hungry for it, I did my grocery shopping, then stopped at nearby restaurant and treated myself!

It was cold here again this am.  7 when I got up, and I got my Christmas village packed away for another year, my Christmas pillows, and put together a real gourmet casserole  :2funny:  :2funny:  :2funny:  :2funny:
Hamburger (cooked), thinly sliced potatoes,onions diced,  a combo of mushroom soup and milk and layered potatoes, some of the soup mix, hamburger, potatoes, soup mix, etc.  Recipe ends with cheese on top (I skip that).  Then baked ...gourmet ingredients and fancy put together, I'm sure you'll agree!   :2funny:

Take care!



I certainly do agree, as my midwestern parents would have!   :thumbup: 

Actually it sounds like last night's dinner, except sliced rather than diced!  :)


I love bread and gravy.
 Any time, any where, any how!


Yes, that's good, old-fashioned comfort food for me. 
Nothing much going on here (at least here in my house). 
I had a nice long call with my sister in Ohio this morning. 

I had a "fight" with my rheumatologist's office ...starting when they denied my prescription for 1 mg prednisone.  Apparently his notes and my remembrance of our conversation in his office don't agree.  [I later checked with niece who was with me in his exam room, and this old girl's memory of his directions was the same as hers....decreasing the prednisone by 1 mg per month]  After another call to the nurse line and actually speaking to someone and a couple messages via the "portal"...they renewed the 'script...except for 5 mg and 1 mg.  The pharmacist removed the 5 mg and said I had enough to get to March when I see him again.  I hate these hassles.  If I have more problems like this, I'll try to find a new rheumatologist or something.   :idiot2:

I feel so bad for those in California....drought and now the "monsoon" season.  The same seems true in the south. 

Stay safe and healthy,



Jane, from what I've seen on the news, the entire world has unusually deadly weather, but California brings it home.

All the predictions and forecasts for climate change have come to pass, including widespread weather disasters, large global refugee movements, and the rise of fascism. It was predicted, and no one challenged it, but we all ignored it.


Hi everyone...I love biscuits and gravy..I like just about any food...My weight stays around 118lbs...would like to gain about 10 lbs.,but just can't seem too..but have always been thin...the wind is blowing here today and much cooler..I plan to go see my daughter in a couple days if I can..have some gift cards need to spend...hope all are doing well..stay warm and safe



Darlene...Enjoy the time with your daughter and spending those gift cards!!

Patricia...You're sure right on the climate change and its horrific weather.   

I went out to attempt a short walk, but the 23 degree weather and bitter wind made it a verrry short walk.   :2funny:   I came back and filled some of my bird feeder.  The deer clean it  out at night, so I ration what I put in so the birds may get some.

I'm setting up my pill box for the next two weeks and found a larger pill in one bottle than the others, so will go to the Gov pill ID spot and see what it is.

The dishwasher is whirling away after last night when I was "host" for our after. We went to Chinese restaurant and I found an old bridge buddy I hadn't seen in 4 yrs or so...it was so good to see her. 

I think I'll read this afternoon.  That's as exciting as my afternoons become. 

Take care and stay safe and healthy,



My days are similar; Jane, I do chores, including feeding the cat and cleaning her litter box, and participate in our local email, text and call checking; I started in 2020 with Covid and continued due to ice and other reasons. Then it's on to email and here.

Not an exciting life other than the occasional foray outside for whatever reasons.

Yes, the situation is dire, and many in government seem to believe that solving those issues means getting rid of the people causing those issues.

Darlene, I know what you mean per weight.


My big excitement was yesterday when Margaret took me for a LONG overdue haircut/mani/pedi.  It was wonderful!

Our weather is doing its crazy Tennessee stuff we had gobs of snow on Thursday and Friday. Fortunately for most, the ground was too warm for any of it to stick. And my daughter in upstate South Carolina sent me a picture her first daffodils blooming. Then today we got to around 40, and we'll be up near 60 in a couple more days. I'm so sorry for those folks who had the lines of tornadoes - but have to admit I'm glad it wasn't us.

We all just hang in there!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Daffodils in JANUARY!  Now that has to let Everyone know something is not right!  Except the men in suits and ties who think they know Everything, and did not grow up noticing when the daffodils came up and bloomed.  That was "women's business!"  Good thing women are filling up the offices and boardrooms now!


Hi Gals. Haven't been in for a while fpr no particular reason.  Darlene, I have a serious issue with people who can't gain weight! I was like that till I was 18, but have fought it ever since. You're so lucky! Biscuits and gravy are not something I even think about eating.

I agree with all of you about the weather. We had a really, really cold spell after NY's which froze all my pansy blossoms. However they are recovering again. We've been up and down, really cold for Charlotte in the 40's and low's below freezing. That's not normal for us, but they say we will be up to 67 by Thurs. I've frozen all day today.  No snow though except in the mtns.

I finished the Feb issue last week. I used a Valentine theme and featured our 90+ neighbors who celebrated their 70th anniversary right after Christmas.  I'm really early getting it done but won't have it printed and put out till the 1st of Feb.

John finally got over his cold and I managed to avoid catching it. I'm fine except cold.

Mary, I'm glad you're improving, but it sounds like a slow haul.

Thank you, Patricia, for the link. I will pass it on to my daughter. They had planned a cruise and land trip to AK last August, but had to cancel it due to her cancer. Maybe she will be able to rebook one day. God willing.

I have bridge tomorrow and will do a little exercise in the gym before hand. I am so cold blooded, I don't want to walk in this weather.

I went to the Dr for my eyes last week to try and solve my dry eye problem. He gave me a sample of a new eye drop, but not sure it's helping much.

Went to the library and got a bunch of books. We have a fantastic modern library not too far from us.  I also got a manicure last Tuesday, but that's all the excitement around here.

Everyone stay safe and warm. Sharon


Good morning buddies...I'm kinda sad today..today was my anniversary..God gave us 54 years together..took him home 10 years ago ....sure do miss him..but thankful for the time HE allowed us...life goes on....hope everyone is staying warm and well...have a great day


Morning, Friends!

Darlene...birthdays and anniversaries of our loved ones are sad now that they're gone.

Sharon...wow...the Feb newsletter ready to go.  Good job!

MaryPage...finally some women braking the glass ceiling.

Mary...oooohhh...beautiful feet and fingers now.

Patricia...your schedule sounds like mine. :smiley6600:

Does anyone hear from Marilyn?  I hope she's well.

Yesterday was thunderstorm, including nasty lightning, and rain all day long.  Today is a winter storm warning for Wed. to end of week.   :idiot2:  :uglystupid2:  :o

Nothing exciting here...going to podiatrist to get a big callus thingy taken off one toe.  I'll probably run by the grocery for a few things for the rest of the week.

Take care and stay safe and healthy!



And it's Wednesday!  We're in a winter storm warning area, so I got myself out of my nice warm bed and got to the store to get a few treats for a snowy couple of days.   :2funny:

My first ever podiatrist visit went well.  His Dad was one of my oncologists, so that was nice.  He did a good job of paring down the callus and I can walk much better now. 

I've got some computer stuff to do this morning, and then some reading and relaxing...i.e., no work planned.   :thumbup:

Stay safe and healthy,



Good morning; it's dropped to minus 19 and is sunny, so there are no clouds to hold the heat in. That's okay because I need to stay home and finish some chores.

Darlene,  Jane said it best sometimes those memories may be bittersweet.


Good morning, Friends.

As Patricia said, it's good to stay inside these days.

 We've got a light snow this morning and I'm glad I did my shopping yesterday.  More to come "they" say and the temps to dive into the single digits and below starting tomorrow.  Brrrr.

I'm not very motivated this morning, but that's not unusual for me.  Thank heavens I don't have to get up and go to a job. 

Take care of YOURSELVES and stay healthy and safe,



Sorry about your snow, jane - but I guess it is still Winter.  :)

It's been quiet in here lately. Guess everybody is hibernating. I keep getting better, and guess I'm almost back to my "normal".

Our temps keep ranging from highs in the 30s to highs in the 60s. Pretty usual for winter in Tennessee.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Just dropping by to say hello...have had kids here...good times visiting...but am tired..hi to everyone looking in...will try to write more next time


Evening, Buddies.

It has snowed all day...light and fluffy, so it'll blow around as the wind increases.  Our temps are quickly dropping.

My email is so messed up.  And Google won't send me a link to reset password for 2 days!  I am not a happy person. :knuppel2:



Good Suncay Morning....

from sunny and crisp 6 degree Iowa.  The snow has stopped and everything has a pretty glaze to  it. 

Niece Patricia is packing up to leave for N. Wisc.  It's been a nice visit. 

Stay safe and healthy!