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Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018

Started by so_P_bubble, June 30, 2018, 11:50:17 pm

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Good beautiful morning!
I love this cooler, no humidity  weather!! Yesterday was a productive day, had a line of laundry dry in no time, weeded some of the garden and sewed...perfect day. :)

Today I am doing more laundry, have a load on the line now with two more to follow. On load is the dogs bedding. Then to the store that has canned soup on 2/1.00 and I need mushroom as I use it in a lot of casseroles. Will bake bread in this cooler temp, owe the neighbour some for the kindling he gave us.

Jane, I would love to go with you, don't forget your hat and sunscreen and water !!

June, my goodness that is hot!! When I first got up temp was 45 and now up to 48 I am sitting here listening to the loons again.:)

Bubble, any word on how Don is doing?

Jenny, I do think it will ease your mind being with your Dad, if only for a few days,

Larry, happy birthday to Pat, enjoy the special day.

Gloria, I hope you are getting this nice weather now with no humidity. I can't take the heat anymore. :(

Laundry is ready to go on line.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Hi Everyone.  We are going to have a bit cooler day getting to 86 degrees with a 50% chance of rain.    This is going to be a busy morning if I feel up to doing what I hope to do.  Today is our 56th wedding anniversary and we will have the family here around noon to celebrate that and Pat's birthday, which is Monday.  I hope to attend a meeting this morning and then will stop by Firehouse Subs for subs to share for lunch.  Pat has good sausage, cheese and salsa recipe that she fixes in a small crock pot.  I got a couple of bags of chips at Aldis the other day to go with the dip and subs.  Then we will top it off with a slice of Ice Cream Cake that is in the freezer.  I did not feel well yesterday but did get to Costco and quickly picked up a bouquet of 24 beautiful red roses that Pat's sister asked me to get for Pat's birthday.  I thought the sign said the roses were $30 but when I checked out they were only $18 plus a few cents.  Since we are celebrating Pat's birthday today I need to get the card ready and the gift wrapped. However, she is up before I could get it wrapped so will have to be quiet doing so.

Sandy, our windows are not too large and there isn't a problem of dealing with other curtains as there aren't any put up anywhere in this house.  Pat decided she wasn't up to keeping them clean and we have the nice looking slated blinds, which the housekeeper cleans every time she is here.  However, I keep in mind your recommendation if Pat brings up the subject again. 

Jenny, hope the car trip isn't too tiring for you both but know you have a very comfortable car.  I hope you find your dad doing well.  Too bad about the bedsore but if they found it before it has gotten too bad hopefully it will heal up quickly.  You are correct about the anniversary and Pat's 77th birthday.  We are having a family gathering today to celebrate both and then Pat and I will go out to a nice restaurant on Monday for a private celebration of her birthday. 

Jane, sorry to read you had a very busy and hard day at your cash register yesterday.  I hope you have today off to rest up.  I unload the dishwasher in the same way you describe as a lot of the dishes go into cupboards above where the dishwasher is placed.  I have accomplished that task for today and have set the table for the noon meal rather than put those dishes back on the shelf. 

June, hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday.  Like you mornings are the time of day I need to do things if I am going to get them done.  I just completed my kitchen chores for this morning and fixed Pat's breakfast.  I had to sit down for a few minutes and eat my breakfast before I went back and fixed hers.  The gel inserts I mentioned are fitted to your specific feet on a machine in the Dr. Shoal's display at Walmart or drug store.  However, I know you don't get out so another type is probably available you could try. It sounds like you had a miserably hot day that exceeded the capacity of your AC to keep you cool. 

Jane, hope you get a lot of good berries this morning and then the fun begins to work them up. 

Amy, it has been a long time since we made any homemade bread and just have to settle for the good fresh bread we get from Costco occasionally.  I can't buy it too often as it is too good and I eat to much of it.  Enjoy your day. 

Lloyd, certainly glad you didn't have to wait a long time to get your AC fixed.  I know you have a big house so understand why it would take 4 hours.  We have found that the heat pump we have will either heat or cool very quickly but our house is about half as large as you have described yours.  So far this year we have not had a humidity problem in the house so haven't needed to use the dehumidifier but expect to have to get it out any day now as don't want the house to get too humid. 

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Good morning everyone, I am awake and feeling good, we had rain yesterday with little thunder and lightening in early afternoon. No AC last night and window open with the fan going. Down to 52°, ahh my kind of weather, can breathe again. Having a good cup of coffee from a new coffee pot. My son 2 took the rest of the week off after the 4th to use some vacation days. I had asked him to check on the Keurigs for me and he brought it yesterday. I am actually having a cup of HOT coffee after adding milk to it. Much better than lukewarm to start the day. The sun is shining and the sky a beautiful bright blue this morning. Guess you know I will be speding most of the week end outside enjoying it. Heat and humidity will return next week.

Yesterday while on Skype with my daughter she got a text from my oldest grandson. there is a new fire in the area where he has a house and they have already been alerted they may have to evacuate, that is in San Diego. He bought a house that he has been fixing up to the way he wants it and it is in the country in a canyon. Fires like canyons from what I understand.

LARRY  I am still being careful how I use my left arm, trying not to move it fast or reaching for something but at least it is not hurting like it did.

JENNY  I have been mixed up on the days this week with the holiday on Wednesday. With my son here yesterday instead of today that threw me off today thinking it was Sunday. With so many seniors living in Arizona there must be some home healthcare services. I am lucky my medical insurance pays for the help I get. Have a safe trip to your Dad.

JANE  maybe there was good sales yesterday and that is why so many came through you register with so many purchases?

JUNE  I laugh every time I hear a younger person talk about the "Golden Years".

LLOYD  not a good time for the AC to quit. Mine has kept me cool in here for 4 years but we have not had heat like this since I lived here and it could not keep it cool this time. Enjoy the wedding today.

JANE  it cooled here too and I love it.

AMY great to wake this morning to cool temperatures. Actually finally slept in bed last night and sure feel better this morning. I never could take heat and humidity, first warm/hot day in spring I look forward to the fall and cool weather.

Keep cool.

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Mary Ann

July 07, 2018, 11:03:14 am #93 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 11:05:12 am by Mary Ann
Gloria and June, I refer to the so-called Golden Years as the Rust Years.  I think I've gotten so many of the ailments for the older population and take the pills to prove it!  Gloria, I did not have the surgery on my shoulder as you did and I treat that shoulder gingerly.  I can reach only so far and sometimes it pains me, other times it isn't so bad.  I take Arthritis 650 and that helps a lot.

I am so thankful for my a/c and I think of all the years I did not have it in other homes.  Open windows just didn't do it. 

Larry, Happy 56th anniversary today to you and Pat.  Each year is a milestone.  And happy 77th birthday Monday to Pat.  I was 77 a long time ago.

Amy, I can't complain about the weather so far today.  At 11 am, it is about 75 degrees and I think the forecast is for the low to mid 80s, in fact we'll be in the 80s all week. 

Incidentally, if I wrote about my thinking yesterday was Saturday, it took until mid afternoon for it to really sink in that it was Friday.  So, if anyone was concerned that I was losing it, I know today is Saturday and the Friday trash is out today because of the July 4 holiday. 

There was a lot to read this morning.  I was able to watch two ships leave and one ship arrive at Duluth this morning so a lot of activity there too.  People already are on the beach and in the water at Grand Haven.

Mary Ann


July 07, 2018, 01:32:26 pm #94 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 01:34:18 pm by JaneS
Hello!!  I got to the berry fields around 7:30 this morning and it was a perfect day to be out in the fields.  The sun was shining but there was a lovely breeze and it was not hot.  Our high for today is only to be 78º and that's not bad for this time of year! 

I love being there when it's a busy day.  On Saturdays especially, there are lots of families and you can hear muffled voices from every direction.  sometimes the youngsters giggle and while you can't understand what anyone is saying, the voices are all happy.

I came home with enough more red raspberries to have a couple of dishes with milk on them, enough black ones to can for later consumption and some blueberries to freeze for doggie snacks.  I got that idea from a website that Patricia sent me about cool snacks for your pets.  I'd never have though of it on my own.

Now I'm going to go see what I can get into.  A while back, I thought I heard the couch calling my name but it seems to have stopped now and the weight was lifted off my eyelids.  Maybe later.

I hope you are all having a special Saturday today.  You deserve it!  I know the Hanna family is and I'm sure they are enjoying it. 

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LARRY  :balloons:   PAT

Best wishes for many more years together❣️

Good Saturday Morning HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

JANE, smiling for you getting to the Amish Store and getting out to pick you fresh berries! 

GLORIA, there are so many fires burning all is truly frightening.  I certainly hope your grandsons place will not become one of the many that have been lost. 

MARYANN......having to chuckle about the “rust years”!  Sadly, I think this is a much more honest description vs the “Golden Years”! 

LARRY, happy to read about the plans for your anniversary celebration today. 

Last night they lost power at my Dads rehab place.  He was stuck in the bathroom for a short period of time, in the dark of course.  It took a bit of time for the back up power to come on.  It lasted an hour or so.  Not too bad.  It is the weekend again, so no PT for today and tomorrow.  I just do not understand that. Seems a rehab would have PT every day....that is what you are there for.  I know you all will  sure be happy when I stop writing/complaining all the time!  My biggest concern is that my Dad is is not allowed to walk on his own with the walker.  Nurses are not allowed to let him, it has to be the PT.  I was in the hospital for 3 days with my hip, then my L then my R knee, and I walked all around the BIG circle many times before I was discharged.  They put on his paperwork that he is capable of walking 200 feet.  That is nothing, as far as I am concerned.  Did I already tell you that his hip wound has never been looked at by anyone since he has been in rehab.  When Diane talked to the surgeons office yesterday morning, trying to find out IF someone was going to come remove the sutures or staples, (they had no idea of what he even has), the office had no record of him being a patient of his surgeons.....and they said that the surgeon would never have sent him to the rehab center he is at!  I am just totally blown away by all of yes, we are very anxious to get down there and see this all first hand! 

I thank you all for your positive comments to me.....

Enjoy a wonderful Saturday.



July 07, 2018, 02:26:55 pm #96 Last Edit: July 07, 2018, 02:29:23 pm by CallieOK
Good Afternoon,


:hb3:, PAT

This doesn't seem like Saturday to me, either.  Probably because I'm not usually as busy right away as I've been this morning.
Miss Emily has been home for the holiday from graduate school and texted me about 9:00 last night that she would like to stop by on her way back to Kansas today.
Of course, I offered lunch and, of course, she accepted!

I had things out to make sliders for the freezer but had nothing to go with them.  So, instead of "leisurely" reading the paper,  I ate breakfast, got dressed and went to Braum's.
Got a salad bowl to go plus a pint of vanilla ice cream, some baked potato chips and some cookies (pints have to be hand-packed),

Came home, made a dessert of cherry Jello dissolved in boiling water with the ice cream stirred in.  Recipe called for crushed Oreos added but Braum's didn't have those or any kind of "crushable" chocolate cookies.  So I added a few mini chocolate chips.  Only problem was that they sunk to the bottom.  I put the mixture in some parfait glasses.  It was exactly enough for four - and will be a nice dessert if I get around to having a Bridge foursome some time this summer. 
Then I made the sliders.  Had just taken them out of the oven when she arrived.
We visited a bit,  then had a lovely lunch - and she was on her way north.

I'm enjoying watching the ships along with the rest of the Duluth Harbor fans.  By clicking the tabs more or less in order, I've been able to follow an arriving ship all the way down the harbor after it goes under the bridge.

I've also found some webcams for New York Harbor and have been able to watch a cruise ship leave the pier and sail past the Statue of Liberty.  I was able to see the PBS fireworks going up behind the buildings on July 4th.
Another webcam is for Times Square.  It's high on a building at the main intersection and switches from corner to corner at about  3 minutes intervals.
Miss E. was able to explain some of the Disney characters I saw talking to tourists.   Seems they walk up and ask if the tourist(s) would like to have a picture made with them - and then ask for payment. She said she/friends just walked on by and were not "accosted".    They may be connected to a Disney store that's right across the street.

I'm becoming addicted to webcam watching!!!!!! 

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.

Jenny,  you posted while I was typing.  I am SO glad you and Bob are going to Phoenix.  Something is NOT right with your Dad's situation and needs to be questioned and fixed ASAP!
Have you seen reports on the wildfire on Weston Pass?   Our news info. is very sketchy and most of mine is coming from the Leadville Facebook page.  Sounds scary!   We went over Weston Pass to Fairplay a couple of times while exploring in our Bronco.


Good afternoon, my good friends

Callie, I also enjoy watching the NYC web cam, I followed a big cruise ship to to the Narrows the other day.

Jenny, I do not know what to say. We old folks need someone to speak up for us, seems the surgeon should also have kept track of his patient. My prays are also going with you.  I went to a walk in clinic as I have a huge  hematoma on my leg that filled up with blood. I take a blood thinner so thought I had better check out. they put thick gazue on it and a stockinette bandage on it,so I do not hit it again.

Click for Riverhead, NY Forecast

Mary Ann

Callie, a lot of us look at the Duluth cams.  I too follow the ships as they come in and go to the Harbor cam and around the corner.  I like to watch the Superior cam too.  I'll have info about Two Harbors and I'll find the ship is in port by the time I get there, even though I'm looking at it before it is supposed to be there.  You look at a lot more cams than I do.  Your dessert sounds delicious.

Jenny, I'm surprised about the lack of attention  your dad is getting following his surgery.  I'm glad you are going down to see him and check on the situation.

Mary Ann


Happy Birthday to Pat... :hb3: :hb2: and a congratulations on the anniversary!  Sounds like y'all have a wonderful week of joy planned. God Bless, and HE has done that, Larry & Pat!  :couple: :congrats:

Jenny, I am so glad you are going to take control of those neglectful care givers!  So sorry they don't seem to be watching out for your father.  Terrible, and it happens way too often.  When Cas was in for the original by-passes I noticed he was the only one without the elastic stockings after he got moved to the cardio floor.  I asked the nurse why & was stunned by her response.... "he threw up on them when they moved him out of recovery and I just haven't had time to wash them".  This was several days after the surgery.  I could not stop myself & blurted out, "with what this operation cost do you think we would not have paid for another pair of hose?  Or you could have given them to me to bring home & wash & would have had them back immediately!"  After that I was on alert and ask questions any time there seemed to be something different or wrong.  Safe trip for you and take care in the heat & fires as you travel that direction. 

Always fun to come here & see what everyone is doing..... I have nothing to report on "doing" so far today.  A lazy lady for sure, just ate a couple times, fed cats & slept.  Too hot to even look outside.
:banghead: :bonk: :dontknow: :eat: :sleep:


Happy Anniversary Pat and Larry, may you be blessed with many more!

Today was productive, laundry lined dried and put away, 2 batches of bread made, 3 loaves delivered to the neighbours. and a pot of beef barley soup made.

Now I am going to do a whole lotta nuthin :)
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I just got finished doin' nuthin.  Then I made dog food and fed the doggies and now I'm casting around for something els to do.

I have a bunch of potatoes that have to be used so maybe I'll skip over to Idaho in my recipes and see if they have a recipe that uses potatoes.  Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to can the black raspberries that I won't be enough and I'm hoping I can make it when the second field comes in at the berry farm.  I'll probably only have about 6 little jars.  But I had such a nice time getting them that I'll savor each one!

JENNY, I wish you a safe trip and quick solutions to all your dad's problems.  I have to say that all you references to your dad bring me lots of lovely memories of my own father. 

I've fed the doggies but I'm not hungry yet myself.  Maybe later I'll finish off the red raspberries.  Enjoy your evening, Everyfriend!

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Was here while ago but was locked out & wouldn't take my password.  Working fine again, I do believe computers love to drive us nuts.

Jane, my mouth waters just thinking of potatoes, any which way, I love 'em, soul food.  I really enjoyed Bubble's lemon potato recipe, fixed enough to have left overs & while some don't "left over" very nice, these did.  Glad you found the berry patch fun, do you have chiggers there?  The bugs are awful here because we didn't have a cold enough winter.... can't imagine how bad August will be.

Callie, I keep meaning to tell you that "should Emily ever have any problems in the Wichita area, give her my phone number (I think I sent it to you one time, if not, I will).... I don't drive after dark but can offer suggestions of how to solve problems.  I'm guessing she usually drives during the day & I'd be happy to help a grand.  :-*

Time to give cats one more meal & get myself to bed.  My sleep has been more daytime than night this past week... those darn cats!

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless.  Some times I sit and think about all the Friends no longer here.... how nice it was to know them.   


Somebody send me the lemon potato recipe.  I'm a potato addict, too.

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July 08, 2018, 12:05:27 am #104 Last Edit: July 08, 2018, 12:41:13 am by Denver
I LOVE potatoes and lemon, so I would like this recipe also, please! 

SHIRLEY, how sweet of you to offer your telephone number for a grand or child in need.....I , too, would be more than willing to help out anyone in this group that has a need.  Your story about Cas not having his stockings on sounds as rediculous as what has been going on with my Dad.

Thanks to all who wished us safe travels to Arizona.  I have to be honest and say I am not looking forward to the long drive, but we will be fine and will be as safe as we can be.  The fires are a concern as they are popping out all over the West, and of course the extreme heat we are all having.

AMY, yummmm, beef barley soup! 

GLORIA de, take care of that hematoma.  Glad you went in to see about it.  It is quite appalling for sure, the sub level of care that my Dad has received.  I would like to think this might be a isolated case, but sadly, I think it might be the norm, and that is frightening.

CALLIE, the news is about to come on and I will be paying close attention to the news on all of the fires.  They did not say a lot about
The Weston Fire on the early news.  Seems the big story tonight is that they are starting the attempt to get the young boys out of that cave....I certainly hope and pray they can get them all out safely.

EDIT: not much new on Weston Fire.....13K acres and is 34% contained.

I wish you all a good night of rest.  Pleasant dreams to all.



July 08, 2018, 04:51:44 am #105 Last Edit: July 08, 2018, 05:48:54 am by roley
Denver. Just read your letter and thought this might interest you, 'Pie n Mash' shops are quite common, like everything there are good and bad, the good ones use fresh potatoes for their Mash, the bad one's use commercialy made mash, they do not last long !.
Two Americans in London try 'Bangers n Mash' for first time !. what do you think of their opinions, i like the way the lady is struggling with her knife and fork !... 

                                                                            From Roley...  :thumbup:


Good Morning Everyfriend!  We're up and the doggies have had their pills and we're waiting for the boing so we can have breakfast.  In the meantime, I'll be getting ready for church.

Roley, that was a very interesting bit about the typical food.  I have to say that back in the days when we travelled a lot, I tried to eat at local restaurants and have typical foods of the areas where we travelled.  One of the best meals we had on a trip was the day we took off from the group and took a train to Brighton.  That day we ate lunch in a little restaurant in a side street that had been recommended by a shopkeeper.  It was the best! 

Now I'm going to begin getting ready for church.  Take care my friends!

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Good morning everyone.

Another beautiful day, it will warm up but right now we are enjoying the 50° and no humidity!

I will join you spud eaters as I also love them any way they are prepared.

A day of rest here,will just take the day as it comes.

Jenny safe traveling to see your Dad.

Roley, thank you that was interesting. I love bangers and mash .

Shirley, what Fit bit do you have and do you find it easy to use?

MaryAnn, I am sure we will go from this lovely cool weather to frying soon.

Enjoy your day everyone.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers



Hi Everyone.  Yesterday was not as hot a day as we have been experiencing and I think today is to stay in the 80's.  We had a brief shower last evening, maybe five minutes.  The birthday and anniversary dinner we had planned for yesterday was just Pat and I and Scott.  The girls backed out at the last minute.  I had just placed the sub order at Firehouse Subs when I got the message from our son that the girls were not coming.  Fortunately, they hadn't made the extra large sub yet so I was able to cancel it and get a refund.  We made the decision yesterday afternoon that we are dispensing with trying to be the Wednesday night dinners as it is becoming too taxing on Pat and also a burden on me that I don't need.  I have also written the Church secretary to remove 2 of the 5 reservations for the two Wednesday evening dinners at the Church this month and have notified the girls.  I have been thinking we needed to make this change for sometime and yesterday was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.  I told them we wanted them to come visit us on Wednesday evenings or any other time as long as they call to be sure we are home.  I will be going to Sunday School in about an hour and hopefully Pat will feel up to attending Church with me.  We will not be eating out or bringing home something for our Sunday dinner as we have enough left overs from the totillas that we had the other night.  Yesterday I did give Pat her cards and birthday gift.  I had ordered her a set of Boll and Branch sheets and pillowcase.  They are fine quality and I think she will enjoy them.

Thank you all for the Anniversary good wishes and the Happy Birthday greetings for Pat.  They are appreciated. 

Jane it sounds like you lucked out with a beautiful and enjoyable day for the berry picking.  I am surprised the dogs like blueberries.

Jenny, unfortunately our celebration yesterday was not what we had expected but we sure enjoyed the time with just our son as the girls dominate the conversation when they are around. 

Callie, nice to see that Miss Emily was able to spend a little time with you yesterday.  I also had baked potato chips with the dip that Pat fixed yesterday.  I really liked them baked.  That sounds like an interesting dessert.  Chocolate chips are good where ever they end up in a dish. 

deAngel, glad you had the hematoma checked out and now can protect it. 

Shirley, as you can see from what I wrote above our planned celebration didn't turn out as anticipated.  We sure have a lot of that ice cream cake left in the freezer, not that I am complaining.  Every older person needs an advocate when in the hospital.  Fortunately, Pat is a good advocate for me as she worked as a nurse many years ago and isn't hesitate to question and speak up when needed. 

Amy, you must have had an oven full of bread.  Some of that bread and the soup would make a wonderful meal.  In fact, the bread would have made a wonderful meal.  :)

Jane, did you find a potato recipe? 

Roley, good morning and hope it has cooled off in your area a bit at least. 

Bubble, thanks for sharing the link on the potato recipe.  I will have to share it with Pat. 

Gloria, sure was good to see you were feeling good yesterday when you woke up and hope it stayed that way all day and you more of the same today.  You will enjoy the Keurig coffee maker.  It is so easy to use and no cleanup.  Sure hope your grandson doesn't have to evaulate from his house. 

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Good morning everyone. Just  heard on the news that they have taken 2 boys out of that cave and are on their way to a hospital. I pray they can get the rest of them out today.
it is 58° and another good night for sleeping witn no AC.  I was outside about 4 hours yesterday, perfect day for it.

LARRY  wish you and Pat a wonderful anniversary. I know I am a day late but that's me-a day late as usual. Happy Birthday to PAT.

MARY ANN   I had my right shoulder replaced but it is the left one I twisted somehow that I am being careful with now. Still aches so am very careful what I do with it. Trying to hold that arm close to my body but still have to use it at times. With the heat we have just broken here I have been thinking about when I was a youngster and my Mom would start canning on the big old cast iron oil stove we had. Not even a fan back then.  I have had the days mixed up this week. My son usually comes on the week end and with him coming on Thursday it messed me up even more. Doesn't take much to do that these days.  Yestterday I was wondering why my CNA didn't come, she comes Monday not Saturday.

JANE  you have my mouth wa tering for some of the raspberries you picked. Local blueberries will be ready here in about 2 more weeks. Will freeze some of them and just eat the rest. I have at least 2 quarts of strawberries in the freezer already.

JENNY  my daughter heard from her son that the fire close to him was almost  out and he could rest from the threat of getting out. What your Dad is going through makes one wonder about the medical profession and hospitals today.

CALLIE  your dessert sounds like something I would enjoy.

GLORIA de  Getting so all we do these days is see a doctor or go to emergency rooms.

SHIRLEY  I seldom have anything "going on". I think my life is just plain  routine here.

AMY  I do do a lot of "nuttin". Beef Barley soup is a favorite of mine. Most any home made soup I love.

SHIRLEY  Bubble sent you a lemon potato recope? Can you send it to me? Like you I love potatoes and could make a meal of just them.

PETER  like the link you posted. I would like t he potat oes but keep the sausage. I would never want someone to use their fork in my plat e and I would never put mine in anyone's either.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link to the lemon potatoes. I know my daughter would love them. She used to eat a lemon like one would eat an orange.

LARRY as of last evening the fire near my grandson only had 10% more to be put. Thank God.

Have a cool day.

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Lloyd Hammond

 so_P_bubble you are wasting the healthy's part of the Patoe ,the skin is where the vitems are. have a great day everyone.



July 08, 2018, 11:58:55 am #112 Last Edit: July 08, 2018, 12:00:42 pm by Shirley
Thank you, Bubble, for that link.... I was trying to remember all the steps without getting out my recipe!  Takes me a few tries before I dare fix anything without the recipe card laying in front of me!  Any news to share about Don? 

Lloyd, I've only fixed the potatoes once like this but don't see why "new" potatoes with skins wouldn't be good...yummy, in fact!  I did buy new potatoes but after the par-boiling I did slip the skins off.  I was surprised just now nice they kept as left overs. 

Larry, good for Pat & you that she isn't afraid to speak up!  I felt like my cardiologist (not surgeon) earned his pay by visiting every day to check & visit with me to make sure I was doing okay.  He was the one that allowed me to not be force fed pills..... The surgeon stopped by now & then but hardly seemed interested in the "whole me", if you know what I mean.  Good surgeon that retired not long after doing mine.  Maybe a burn out on his part.  Some times it is really nice to have our kids to ourselves....  :thumbup:

Glad your grandson's place is out of danger, Gloria.... even if it is an on going danger, right? 

Amy, I have the FitBit HR 2.........wore out the first one but keeping track of my sleep is really important at this stage.  I can't judge how much sleep I get without so now I know if I NEED to add hours during the day or just being lazy.  My kids helped set up & get it connected to the computer & phone.... but don't have this one connected to my iPhone yet, waiting to catch one of the kids here & has the time.  When the band broke on my first one they sent a new & online help walked me through setting it up. That was with a different cell phone & the basic was already on computer & phone.  First of all, this is the most accurate watch I ever owned... I don't bother counting calories, my weight hasn't changed in 30 years.  I'll bet you would be amazed how many steps you take during a normal day.... I don't try to keep up with my kids.


Well, I saved the potatoes!  Idaho came through!  I made both recipes (the one I had bookmarked and the one Patricia sent me and they both look good! 

However, there are some potatoes left and I think I'll do them like BUBBLE'S recipe.  I checked and I have all the ingredients and the oven is already going so....why not!

Any of you potato-holics want to join me this week?  We'll get our potato fix!

I have McCormick's paprika from the grocery store and Smoked Paprika Spanish Style from Penzey's.  I think I'll be adventurous and use the Spanish one.

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Lloyd Hammond

Shirley I am surprised more of you Ladies don't know that the best way to fix new Patois Is with skins on and boil until tender to fork and then put them in creamed peas. where you girls raised ? HA HA HA.



Good Afternoon,

The Church Ladies went to Pepperoni Grill today.  We each had an item from their Sunday Brunch menu and everything was delicious!   The mixed melon chunks were the best I've had in a very long time.

Shirley,  if you have sent me your phone number....I've lost it.  :-[   Please e-mail me again.
I think Emily takes the I-35 cutoff at Derby so goes around Wichita.  She's not good about calling people she doesn't know (wouldn't even call the cousin she didn't know well when her flight to NYC was stranded overnight in Nashville!) but it won't hurt for her to have the information.  Thank you.

Jenny, thanks for the wildfire information via Facebook messenger.  I didn't realize there were so many.

Larry,  I don't blame you for cancelling the scheduled get-togethers with the girls.  All of the plans sounded lovely

Roley,  my husband, two sons and I were in London when the boys were teens.  I remember the chef at a buffet telling my very tall skinny younger son he was getting an extra helping of  roast beef and Yorkshire pudding because he "needed some meat on his bones."   Son was very skeptical because he had no idea what Yorkshire pudding was.
I also remember the manager of a small hotel where we stayed asking our tour guide how many in the group would want a full English breakfast and being a bit shocked when he said,  "All of them".
We Okies aren't used to a bun and tea being called Breakfast.   :)

Off to finish reading the paper and hoping the evening news will report more - if not all- of the boys have been rescued from the Thailand cave.

Hoping Everyfriend Everywhere is having an Enjoyable Day.


BUBBLE....HELP!  I can't find anywhere that you said what temp to set the oven for the lemon potatoes.  I have them ready to go in and I don't know how hot!

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Jane, I found this and it says 400 but I don't think you would need the 40 min if yours are parboiled.

Shirley, thank you for the information. I am going to look into one as I don't think I am sleeping all that great at night.

Speaking of sleeping, I did get a good cat nap this afternoon. :) Managed to get some sewing done too.
So far a great day.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Thanks, AMY!  It never occurred to me to google them.  I made them (Bubble's way) with your oven temp and I think you need the time to get them crispy on the outside.  I checked them at 30 minutes then at 36 and took them out at 40.  They're goooooood!

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We thought we had everything pretty much done so we would be ready to head out for AZ very early in the morning, but as always there is always something more to do!  Tonight is our get the trash together for a Monday morning pickup....of course we can not leave our trash can out, sohad to make a few choices about what could be shared with neighbors cans, (we asked before we did it) and wha5 can wait until the first pickup after our return.  I had to clip a lot of my yard plants as they have bee; growing like weeds with the occasional showers and hot temps we have been having lately. 

LARRY, I do believe I picked up on a bit of hurt in your comments about the girls, and rightfully so.  I know you and Pat try to do things nice for the girls to spend time and sometimes it just doesn’t go the way we hope for.  I am sorry.  Happy you both enjoyed the time you had with your son.  Please wish Pat a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me, tomorrow, please. 

ROLEY, I enjoyed the pie and mash story you shared.  It was very informative.  When we spent 3 weeks in London a couple of years ago we did enjoy some different types of mash, that we did not remember being available 50 years ago, the last time we spent a few months there.  Our son was living in London the last time we were there, so we stayed in his flat while he was on the continent and we had the chance to enjoy a LOT of special meals.  When we were there 50 years ago we were in the military and could not afford to eat out very much. 

GLORIA, I am happy to read the Grandson’s place is no longer threatened by the fire.  Thank goodness they were able to get it under control so quickly. 

CALLIE, sadly there are way too many fires burning all over the is very frightening.  The big super tanker that is housed in Colorado Springs is out in California fighting fires now because Colorado law did not allow it to fly here in the state.....I am not sure why.  Now they have that corrected but the navigation system has to be updated to match the forest services, before it can  fly here....DUH, what is wrong with this picture?  It set on a runway here with all of the huge fires burning!

I must get to bed.....thank you for the safe travel wishes.....we plan to be as careful as can be! 

Pleasant dreams to all.